i eat when i'm upset okay

it’s like this really big curse of dreamworks on tumblr that if ever you want to find something related to one of their specific films you must first scroll through a sea of stupid as hell teenagers repost the same damn gif a million times instead of just reblogging it

distastefulgoods  asked:

Hey, my five year old kitten had to be put down today, and I'm really upset we couldn't do anything for him? Could I have some good Les Mis vibes please? Enjoltaire, the ot3, jeparnasse, anything, just some good vibes you lovely human being <3

Oh no I’m so sorry :( I hope you’re okay :( ♥ How about some seasonal Enjoltaire?

  • Enjolras is more of a Spring or Summer person but Grantaire is full on Autumn, he’ll eat fallen leaves for breakfast, “shove a whole pumpkin up my ass” kind of way
  • Their apartment smells like cinnamon from September to late November. Grantaire will literally put it on everything edible. Enjolras drew the line when he starts adding it to savoury foods 
  • Grantaire sings “Uptown Spooks You Up” which is like his seasonal version of “Uptown Funk”
  • Enjolras wears his red sweaters and Grantaire trades his usual green for orange and yellow jumpers. If they’re knitted with seasonal pattern, he’ll wear those even MORE
  • He can also show off his whole beanie collection once it gets real chilly outside
  • Enjolras likes the weather a lot. It goes from rain to sunshine and it smells amazing outside. Also he loves reading while there’s a storm raging outside
  • Grantaire is a great pumpking carver pass it on
  • Their halloween costume plans take them 6 months of reflexion. Enjolras wants to make a statement through his and Grantaire just loves costumes and the whole ambiance surrounding Halloween 

anonymous asked:

Hey Sharee :) I find it hard to stick to healthy eating. I binge eat, and I don't know why. I feel like I'm always regretting my food choices and it's driving me insane. I feel so stupid, why can't I control myself and just eat well?!! Any suggestions? I'm sick of my unhealthy habits. I'm trying to make new habits with a star chart (lame I know) and I think it's helping. Thanks!

Star charts are NOT lame! They are a great visual reminder to keep pushing and moving toward your goals. I love star charts <3

Overcoming poor eating habits is not something that is tackled overnight, or goes away when you decide you want to make healthier food choices. It takes time and consistency. You’re creating entirely new habits, not changing your socks. So don’t be discouraged when you feel down. It will be hard! And that is okay. It’s okay to be upset and angry with the process…..this just means you’re trying <3

So lets talk about binge eating first. Most people have a time in their life when they eat too much (some people it’s just around the holidays like on Thanksgiving or Christmas). And other people overeat more regularly, like when chips and dip are on the table or at a girls/guys nights with lots of junk food around. Binging or overeating is NOT uncommon. When it because is issue is when the D (disorder) is added. Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

I personally overeat around chips. it’s a weakness and I’ve come to accept it. I have 1-2 cheats a week and I dedicate one of them to chips.  What helped me develop healthier eating habits on a daily basis was that I limited my opportunities to the foods that I could eat 1000 of and STILL want more. I stopped having chips in the house or I was not in control of the foods that entered the house (i.e. when I stayed with my parents during school breaks), I kept my healthy foods in a separate cupboard in the kitchen so I wouldn’t have to stare at all my brothers junk food. Take the initiative and create environments that will set you up for success. Limit the opportunities you have to make poor food choices. The longer you are able to avoid them, the more you realize that you CAN do this. 

Along with these lines, there will be people who don’t understand your struggles. People will read this message and think “ this girl is crazy, it’s JUST food!” and that is okay. Not everyone experiences problems with overeating. I was 256 pounds at 17 years old, that does not come from having a healthy relationship with food. While I never had a disorder. I did have extremely unhealthy eating habits. I did not have the D (disorder) in my eating habits, but I had a little more of the overeating compared to the norm, hence the obesity. Soo…don’t feel bad. There are lots of people out in the world in the same place as you. I’ve been there too! And you can overcome it <3

To help you develop attainable healthy eating goals. Check out my “clean eating 101″ page. I have some easy to follow steps along with a great (in my opinion lol) video that has some practical tips to creating a life with healthy eating. 


you can do this <3