i eat way too much for a girl

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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"Okay next question for all of you...if you had the chance would you do it with Chat Noir?"

“Okay next question for all of you… if you had the chance would you do it with Chat Noir?” Alya’s eyes scanned the circle as she tried to suppress her giggles. Adrien nearly choked on the popcorn he was eating, as he began to think that sneaking away to a boy girl sleepover at Marinette’s might not have been his best idea…

“Yup!” Nino said without hesitation. A strangled sound escaped Adrien’s throat. I so did not need to know that dude! Adrien thought to himself.

“No way! Way too much leather.” Rose stuck out her tongue in disgust. The leather is actually quite comfortable and formfitting thank you very much!

“Well if I had to pick a dude I guess I would do it with Chat Noir,” Kim said uncertainly.

“Excuse you!” Max squeaked indignantly.

“What about you Marinette? Would you do it with Chat Noir?” Alya said pointedly. Marinette rolled her eyes.

“Please, he’s not my type,” Marinette snickered.

“Not your type!?!” Adrien practically shrieked causing Marinette to nearly jump out of her skin.

“N-n-no not r-r-really,” Marinette stammered.

“What is blonde not your type?! Is heroism not your type? Nice smiles aren’t your type?!?” Adrien continued to screech.

“Sounds like someone has a crush on Chat Noir,” Alya teased

“WHY AREN’T I YOUR TYPE?!” Adrien shouted.

“WHAT?!!?” The group shouted in unison all heads swiveling to face the blonde boy. Marinette stared back at him in stunned silence. Shit!

I’m not accepting any more sentence prompts just finishing up the ones I have.

Made with Love (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Your friendship with Peter from the beginning to the end. Because the end doesn’t always have to be something bad, it could just be the beginning of something even better. 

Or the one where you become friends with Peter, Ned, and Michelle, meet Spiderman, and have the best birthday of your life. 

Word Count: 4113

Author’s Note: This isn’t a request moreso a present because I’m trash. It was my best friend’s birthday and he loves peter parker so hERE WE ARE OKAY I LVOE YOUC AM also im working on like two cheryl requests and a general riverdale one.Requests are still open! Hope you enjoy! (Sorry for any mistakes)

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Bucky is always daddy in bed. We all know how much he suffered with being himself again, so he’d always be the dominant in bed. 

We all know he likes eating pussy, and I think he likes to get messy down there. Like shaking his head from side to side hard, making as many sloppy sounds because Bucky is so fucking extra. 

Bucky is a conqueror, what better way to conquer your girl than doggy style. ;) And he’s into the whole whispering-in-the-ear type, too. The chin grabbing, choking, that’s all Daddy Bucky ;) I can just hear him saying “You’re mine now.” 

We know Bucky likes ass, but he’s got a thing for boobs, too. He likes his girls to ride him, but to an extent where he’s in control still. He’d give praise, but I think he’d be into kissing more in this position. Oh, and his praise mostly consists of him growling. 

“Harder, fuck me harder, princess.” Can’t you just hear him saying that all rough? I can. 

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girl, please give me some hc's of penny eating out a puss

Omfg yes. I think about this way too fucking much.

- Other than actual sex, this is his most favorite thing.

- He thinks you always taste really good, but he does it even more when you’re on your period. Not only because of the blood, but because he knows how sensitive you are down there.

- He’d suck on your clit a lot since he knows how much you love it, sometimes even let his two big front teeth scratch against it.

- His long ass tongue could press against your g-spot perfectly.

- You are constantly moaning and screaming his name which he LOVES.

- He growls when you try grabbing or pulling his hair, he doesn’t ever want you to think you’re the one in control.

- You always cum more than once when he goes down on you.

- When you get oversensitive, you start squirming away or squeeze your thighs together. This makes him glare up at you and holds your thighs apart tightly. His eyes change from yellow to red, and sometimes he’ll show you his various rows of teeth. So you sit back and take it, knowing better than to deny him of what he wants.

- Your thighs would always be marked up afterward. Mostly scratch marks from his claws, but also bruises from him grabbing too roughly. And sometimes he’d bite you, he’d gulp on your blood if his teeth pierced through your skin (which almost always happened, and he’d always bandage you up afterward)

- Also, the boy would drool like fucking crazy. Not only from the taste, but from the smell of your arousal. He loves that shit

Halsey “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” Starters

100 Letters
“ I find myself alone at night unless I’m having sex.”
“ I don’t let him touch me anymore. “
“ I’m not something to butter up and taste when you get bored. “
“ ‘Cause I have spent too many nights on dirty bathroom floors. “
“ Please don’t go away “
“ I said ‘It’s too late’ “
“ I can’t stop thinking that I almost gave you everything. “
“ I can’t stop wishing that I never gave you anything. “
“ You wrote 100 letters just for me “
“ Now I’m constantly reminded of the time I was 19. “

Eyes Closed
“ It’s all the same. “
“ I know how to play “
“ Now if I keep my eyes closed he looks just like you “
“ But you’ve been replaced “
“ I’m face to face with someone new “
“ So tell me where I went wrong “
“ Would’ve gave it all for you, cared for you “
“ So tell me how to move on “
“ They don’t realize that I’m thinking about you “

Heaven in hiding
“ Can you hear my heartbeat fucking kickin’? “
“ I push up on my toes, you call me 'sweet thing’ “
“ And you thought that you were the boss tonight “
“ I flip the script like I can take a beating “
“ You’ll know I can put on a show “
“ Don’t you see what you’re finding? “
“ I don’t have no time for conversation “
“ Said this ain’t what you usually do and a girl like me is new for you “
“  I can tell you mean it cause you’re shakin’ “

“ He tried to phone me but I never have time “
“ He said that I never listen but I don’t even try “
“ She asked if I recognized her and I told her I might “
“ But I’m still alone in my mind “
“ I know you’re dying to meet me “
“ Baby, as soon as you meet me you’ll wish that you never did “
“ I can never say sorry 'cause I won’t take the blame “
“ I know I always go missing “

Now or Never
“ I don’t wanna fight right now “
“ You know we’re runnin’ out of time “
“ Now I gotta draw a line “
“ I want you to hold me down “
“ I want you to love me now “
“ I’m callin’ it a night now “
“ We’ve been through it all “
“ I need you to make your mind up “

“ I gave you the messiest head “
“ You give me the messiest head “
“ I’m tryna’ give the impression that I get the message you wish I was dead “
“ I won’t let us finish yet “
“ Please don’t take this as a threat “
“ All I’m sayin’ is if you don’t love me no more then lie “
“ You notice that we in love “
“ Treat her right and she won’t complain “
“ There’s no need to lie no more “

Walls could talk
“ I’m about four minutes from a heart attack “
“ I think you make me a maniac “
“ Shit is crazy right? “
“ I ain’t your baby no more “

Bad at Love
“ I believe that we’re meant to be “
“ Look, I don’t mean to frustrate “
“ But I always make the same mistakes “
“ I’m bad at love “
“ You know I’d be lyin’ sayin’ you were the one that could finally fix me “
“ I know that you’re afraid “
“ I’m gonna walk away “

Don’t Play
“ I don’t give a damn what you say to me “
“ I’m moving on “
“ I had some space to deal with it “
“ Yeah, don’t even try “
“ Motherfucker, don’t play with me “

Angel on Fire
“ 'Cause nobody seems to ask about me anymore “
“ Nobody seems to care 'bout anything I think “
“ I’m faded away, you know, I used to be on fire “
“ I’m standin’ in the ashes of who I used to be “
“ 'Cause I’d laugh and drink and talk 'bout things “
“ Now it’s my own anxiety that makes the conversation hard “

Devil in me
“ You said I would’ve hit the ceiling “
“ You said I should eat my feelings “
“ I scream too loud if I speak my mind “
“ I don’t wanna wake it up “
“ You said I’m too much to handle “
“ I won’t take anyone down if I crawl tonight “

“ Boy, you make it look so easy “
“ Promise that I’m gonna call you back in five “
“ Sorry baby girl, but I can’t tonight “
“ I’ve known that girl for like my whole life “
“ 'Cause you know the truth hurts but secrets kill “
“ There must be something real “
“ You and all your friends all hate me “
“ I can’t help the way you made me “

Past the black where sirens sing

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Siren!Au / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of blood and mature themes (nothing too heavy tho)

Word count: 3.8k

Synopsis: Two in the morning, during this moonless night, as Yoongi is playing his demons away with slender fingers above the white and black of a piano keys.

And nothing would be different than usual, really, if it wasn’t for the strange girl sitting at his window, claiming to be a siren in love with his music.

Author’s note: for my loved @yoongihime, even tho it’s a couple of days late and she deserves so much more than this <3 

I love you, sweetie ❤

Yoongi doesn’t consider himself a believer. He never fell for the shining lure of myths and tales, nor for the solace of a higher being molding the universe – the hell, he didn’t even believe in the monsters under his bed when he was only a naïve tiny child.

These days some people would call him a cynical man, yet Yoongi knows that this is not really the case, for he simply holds his faith closer to the rational state of his mind rather than to the realm of pointless delirium. If the eyes can’t see it, then why should he presume it real, after all?

Just use the damn brain you had the luck to born with, for God’s sake.

So, Yoongi is well aware that all these people always ready to raise their finger at him and mark him as a crude, cold human being would now be left astonished, if they saw him in his room with a completely unamused expression as he stills his fingers above the piano keys and asks “so, what exactly are you?” to the beautiful, strange girl perched on his windowsill.

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When Their Plus Size S/O Feels Insecure

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon would find you unbelievably sexy. The curve of your hips, your bust, everything about you sat him on edge. Whenever he found you upset about your size, scowling at the mirror, Joonie would be at your side, rubbing every inch of your body with a seductive grin.

“Damn, baby you look good. Daddy loves his baby girl AND all of her curves.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin would see you watching the skinny girl idols on T.V, your face suddenly dropping. You’d put down the chips you were eating and look down at your stomach. It wasn’t flat like those idols, and you didn’t have the slim jaw they possessed. Jin turned off the channel and nuzzled his face in your neck.

“You are so much better than them Y/n. I love your body and you should too. Now pass me the cheese dip.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi found you gorgeous just the way you were. He loved the fact you had meat on your bones. He never had to worry about the fact that he might hurt you accidentally, even if he still treated you like a porcelain doll.

When he took you out a nice dinner date and saw you looking at the skinny woman in the next table over, he rolled his eyes.

“You have the nicest body out of anyone here Y/n. I’ll make sure you remember that when we get home.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi loved to watch you move. The way your hips moved and the way your thighs were shaped. It drove him crazy. He loved to show you off.

Two hours before his award show, you had changed into the dress you would be wearing. Hoseok walked in and nearly lost his breath. You on the other hand could barely stand to look at yourself.

“Baby do you see what I see? I see a Goddess who is going to rock everyone’s world tonight.”

~Park Jimin~

You loved to dance. Jimin loved to watch you dance. This relationship worked quite nicely. You could shake it better than anyone of these toned and toughened girl groups. You had enough curves to work with.

When you visited the studio to bring Jimin lunch, you passed by the dance studio where trainees were practicing. Jimin met you in the hall just staring through the glass.

“My Y/n can move so much better than that. That split right there, you would have nailed that.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae loved that you had a little more weight to you. He found it so nice to cuddle with and wasn’t scared to play around with you. To him, you were still a precious item that was meant to be cared for.

So when he was sitting across from you at lunch and saw you picking at your food, he raised an eyebrow.

“Eat baby, I don’t want you looking like those models. I want you looking like Y/n. Here, have my rice.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

You were a little bigger, but that never slowed you down. You wanted to hike up a hill, no problem. Eating an entire steak, so what? Jungkook loved the fact that nothing stopped you. He adored your determination.

That was until he saw you struggling to find a good angle to look at yourself in the crop top. It was yellow and had frills on the bottom. You shook your head at yourself and reached down to take it off.

“No, no Y/n. Keep it on. Although I’m worried someone might try to take you from me.”

•Y'all better loves y'alls self or I stg mommy’s gonna beat some sexy ass•

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To Be Young, Gifted and Black (While Battling Bulimia)

The first time that I told my mother that I had an eating disorder was during a therapy session while I was in treatment. I shared that I had been fasting and purging since I was 12 and how hard its all been dealing with everything…. I was raw and vulnerable, pouring out my guts and telling all of my painful secrets. Meanwhile, my mother maintained her “we’re in front of company” voice… you know the one you might hear had she been on a job interview or conducting business over the phone. I could tell how hard it was for her to hear these things for the first time, in front of a stranger, but I had to say the words. I had to tell her “I’m not okay” over and over so that it could be real for the both of us. But we were there in front of my nice therapist (read nice white girl that seemed a little young) in a nice room, so the best that I could get from my mom was nice. I ugly cried and she was nice, I screamed at her at the top of my lungs (because I clearly must have forgotten myself ) and she continued to be nice, barely raising her voice.

Black girls don’t have eating disorders, at least not in my family. We may eat too much or feel insecure about our weight, but its not really that big of a problem, certainly not an illness. No one ever said those words to me but somehow they were an unspoken part of my narrative, so much so that when I started binging and purging as a preteen I didn’t think anything of it. I was a chubby black girl in a family full of appropriately curvy women and according to my mom “ I was beautiful no matter how much I weighed”

Bulimia just about destroyed my life in every way. I dropped out of high school because I was always “sick" and couldn’t keep up with my advanced classes. By the time I was 17 I had my GED and resolved to make up for my failure by excelling in community college… But bulimia prevailed yet again. And again when I was in my early 20s and could barely keep a job. I lived a secret life of shame, even after I began sharing a home with my now husband, I kept my other life hidden. Thats what it had become, a second life where I hid food like like a junky stashing heroine and binged until I couldn’t move all so I could feel that release. Purging was like a drug and I stayed high as a bird. Until one day I found myself standing on the ledge of a building with no wings preparing to leap. It wasn’t until I came crashing to the ground that day (because a stranger grabbed me before I could jump) that I truly knew I was sick.

Im sharing this because when I was 12 or 16 or 22, reading the story of an actual black girl that not only had an eating disorder but fought for her life and won could have changed things for me. I won because I’m still alive and fighting every single day. I have real problems and stress and hard times but I never disappear back into the secret shame. I talk about it, I air it out so that it doesn’t grow like mold in the familiar darkness and and infect my entire life again. I’m a magical Black girl, a unicorn, an artist and entrepreneur a creative thinker and a survivor and I am in my 6th year of recovery from bulimia.

If you can relate to any of this, please don’t give up. Please don’t let the shame convince you that this is your fault. This is an illness and a deadly one that thrives in the darkness.  Air it out, let some light in… If I can do it, I know you can too.

Life of the Zodiacs #2 (unedited)

Didn’t Get a Chance to Read Part One? Go Read it Here :)

“What do you mean the wait is forty minutes?!“ Aries screeched at the frightened waiter facing opposite of her.

He gulped and nervously tapped his fingers against the podium in front of him, "W-Well, we’re very busy tonight ma'am, and your group is just so large we don’t have the room for all of you at the moment.”

“Let’s just go Aries,” Taurus leaned against Libra. “I’m hungry and we obviously aren’t going to be able to eat here. Let’s just go somewhere else.”

“Fine,” Aries glared at the waiter one last time before storming out of the restaurant.

Cancer sighed, “Where are we going to eat now? That was the only place left with decent food.”

Everyone stood in silence. They had already visited multiple restaurants that night, but to no avail. Everywhere was either full or the wait time was too long. Capricorn had been so busy that day he hadn’t had the time to make a reservation anywhere, something he was cursing himself for.

Aries’ face lit up, “How about-”

She was cut off by an unanimous “No” by everyone else. Despite what her fit figure would suggest, the only places Aries ate at were fast food restaurants.

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Freshman 15: Part 1

Reagan and her friend Lila, high school seniors, perused Instagram together while eating in the local mall food court. “Oh my god, look how fat Jenny looks in this picture Alyssa posted of her!” Reagan exclaimed. “No wonder she asked her to untag her,” smirked Lila. Reagan continued scrolling, noticing more girls who had graduated the year before looking more bloated and softer than she remembered them. “There is no way I will let myself go that much in college. Like they say everyone gains the freshman 15 but I have way too much self-control for that, girl.” “Me fuckin’ too. You will never catch me stuffed into a pair of high waisted shorts that fit perfectly 3 months ago with a roll hanging over the top,” Lila scoffed.

Fast forward one year later. Reagan awoke on the first day of her first spring semester, glad she didn’t have class until 10. Lila was across the small dorm room from her, rushing to get ready for her 9am. Reagan was enjoying college so far. She had made some friends in class, got invited to parties, and occasionally hooked up with a boy named Ryan. So far, she had kept her promise to herself that she wouldn’t gain the freshman 15, although she did overindulge a bit over Christmas break and she was feeling a tiny bit softer than she would have preferred. A couple intense workouts should bring her back to where she wanted to be, though.

She watched Lila struggle to button her jeans. “Goddammit! I ate so fucking much while I was home for break. All I did was lay around.” It showed, honestly. Reagan had noticed that Lila had definitely gained some weight during their first semester, though it wasn’t super noticeable because she was good at dressing in a flattering manner. Plus, she didn’t start by getting a beer belly; she was lucky and gained weight mostly in her butt and hips, giving her just a slightly more dramatic hourglass figure, as well as larger breasts. In the month she was home, Reagan had barely seen her, as Reagan worked retail and also had been on vacation with her family. Watching her attempt to close the button on her size 3 jeans, though, it was obvious Lila was getting a bit of a tummy. She jumped, shimmying into the pants a bit, pulling them up to her more narrow natural waist. Her belly jiggled as she did so, but she sucked it in and was able to fasted the jeans. She relaxed, and a small muffin top formed. Lila looked down at it, annoyed. “Fuck my life. I’m gonna be late.” She threw on a loose sweatshirt, grabbed her books, and bolted out the door.

Reagan got out of bed and peeled off her sweatpants, examining her own body in their mirror. The strings on her thong were cutting into her sides a bit, creating faint love handles. She turned to the side. Her belly was bulging a bit, though not anymore than it would be if she was just bloated. “I’ll just make sure I eat really healthy this week,” she thought. She didn’t wanna be like Lila, barely able to fasten her pants. How embarrassing.

If she was being honest, she was actually a little turned on at the idea of Lila getting chubby. Reagan was pretty, with long dark hair, green eyes, and freckles. Lila, however, gave off more of a sexy vibe, with her naturally curvaceous shape and beachy blond hair. Boys always gave Lila attention, and her first semester gain had only accentuated her best assets. Her boobs were bulging out of her 34D bra by the time it was finals week. Reagan looked down at her more modest B-cups, sighed, and put her oversize tee back on, paired with some yoga leggings.

Two months later, the weather was warming up and Reagan and Lila were at their first outdoor party of the year. By only 10pm, Lila had already had 2 beers, a shot of tequila, and was nursing a mixed drink. She was wearing a black bodycon dress that Reagan had bought with her sometime in the summer between high school and college, and it was certainly….bodycon. Her curves were in full display, but so was her growing belly. Reagan could not take her eyes off it. Lila was still, all things considered, pretty small. A random person off the street wouldn’t describe her as chubby, but Reagan estimated she had probably put on maybe twenty pounds since the year started. Her thighs used to barely touch, and they had visible muscle tone, but now they were thick and pressed together in the middle. Her butt had lost its muscle tone as well, but remained round. Reagan hadn’t seen her try to wear jeans since the first day of the semester. She knew Lila had chosen the dress because there was no way her shorts were going to fit her. Her upper arms were doughy and her face had filled out, but it honestly suited her, making her features softer and more delicate-looking. Her belly was really more accurately a pooch of fat below her belly button, accompanied by a set of love handles, accentuated by the thong she had to wear under her tight dress.

Reagan was trying to stick to shots with low-calorie chasers, but if she was being honest with herself, she had not lost the few pounds of holiday weight she’d gained and instead had put on several more. She hadn’t weighed herself, and her clothes still fit, but unlike Lila, her weight all went straight to her midsection. It wasn’t quite a potbelly yet, but she had expanded. She was wearing a baggy shirt because she knew she would get bloated from drinking, and that combined with the excess fat she was rapidly accumulating around her midsection was a recipe for some embarrassing party pictures of her to appear.

“Rea! Let’s dance, girl!” yelled Lila, approaching her with two red cups. “What’s in that?” Reagan asked. “It’s rum and coke.” She handed it to her, but Reagan appeared hesitant. “Relax, girly. I know you’re trying to watch your calories or whatever but live a little. We’re underage and it’s free alcohol. Ya take what ya can get, ya know?” Lila said, grabbing Reagan’s hand and dragging her to the makeshift dancefloor. Regan took a few sips. It was good.

The two girls joined the crowd of drunk twentysomethings, jokingly attempting to twerk to the trap beat the DJ was playing. Lila bent Reagan over and pretended to slap her ass. When she stood back up, she could feel the bottom of Lila’s protruding tummy against the small of her back.

To be continued…

Psychologist Pixi Is Back With Some MV Explanation

Ok I’m gonna make a post explaining mental illness in b.a.p’s mv bc I think lots of y'all are missing that all of that was mental illness (schi//////zophrenia, anx/////iety/dep//////ression w suicide ideation, body dysm/////orphic disorder, sub//////stance use disorder, and ano////rexia) I’m sorry about the slashes, if just rather not have this post in tags where people are seeking out help and recovery as it’s off topic

Sch////izophrenia: the guys seeming oblivious to the world around him, conducting even though there was no band? That’s what this disorder looks like frequently in severe cases. He’s caught up in hallu////cinations that keep him from reality. Everyone keeps mentioning him as murder and in that I think they’re missing a lot of the point. While more mentally ill people are more likely to suffer from violent crimes than to commit them, it still stands that violent crime by mentally ill people exists. (I’ll admit I’m a little bit iffy about this part of the mv bc of fear of violent crime being part of the stigma of mental illness, especially ps////ychotic illnesses, but I think bap addressed it in an appropriate way bc it wasn’t the point they were trying to make) the point they were making with this man and the bodies around him so a long standing legal debate, can we really hold this man accountable when he’s not aware of his actions? He keeps conducting, not knowing what he’s done. A lot of you are actually playing into this, reacting the way people normally would: you only notice the bodies, not the unaware man. He makes you uncomfortable because he is strange and different. But is he really at fault when he doesn’t know? That’s what bap is trying to say.

An/////xiety and de/////pression w suicide ideation: y'all have generally figured out the man in the bathroom, but in general that’s what he represents. He’s someone at the end of their line, frustrated, hopeless, and stressed. I feel like we’re used to seeing this disorder portrayed, so most people understood, so I’ll leave it there. Feel free to message me if you need further explanation.

Body dys//////morphic disorder: people keep labeling the girl looking in the mirror as just “insecurities” and i just want to clarify that it’s further than that. This is a woman doing anything she can to convince herself that she looks alright (which she does) but her appearance is never right to her. Likely what she’s seeing in the mirror is different from what we’re seeing, which is why she smashes it. She doesn’t want to see her reflection when it’s something so terrible to her. Baps making a good point here, bc we typically look down on people who hate the way they look and call them shallow and vain for obsessing over their looks, while bap is pointing out how much they really are hurting

Su/////bstance use disorder: the girl in the hall, holding her head, taking pills, is a clear representation of this disorder. We find her first in the withdrawal state, trying to resist what she’s addicted too, but she gives in despite the negative side effects (i.e. vomiting). I really like the way they approached this, because a lot of media dehumanizes and demonizes people with this disorder, but bap did the opposite, reminding their audience that these people are human, are suffering, and are mentally ill

Ano////rexia: I think people generally understand the girl in the kitchen, but here’s a little clarification. She’s cutting the food smaller because it’s a common rhetoric that if you eat smaller bite you’ll eat less. Even the one sliver of carrot feels like too much for her tho, bc like a lot of people with this disorder, it’s like she’s become afraid of food. She thinks eating anything is disgusting and will increase her weight, that’s why she’s hallucinating worms in the food. It’s a metaphor for how she views food. I really appreciate the way they approached this, instead of just putting a sad skinny girl in front of a mirror and maybe having her faint. Showing the really an//////xiety and ps//////ychosis of this disorder instead of standard, not really effective portrayals

Finally, emotion revolution is a summit held by mental health professionals every couple of years, focusing on creating a conversation about mental illness and lowering stigma

All of this to say, B.A.P - Wake Me Up is entirely and wholly about mental illness. It’s a music video that displays mental illnesses accurately while addressing the stigma surrounding them. It focuses on humanizing something we’ve demonized, and on showing mental illness not only in its reality, but without looking down on the people that have it. I really want people to understand this, because their message was really important

(so) far away; myg

pre-note; hello, this is een and this oneshot is going to be the very first one i upload on tumblr !! for all of you that wants a touch of angst in their lives, here you go. ♥

also! i really love cactus boy so i wanted to dedicate this oneshot to @sau-na for writing such an amazing au soBS ♥ please notice my love for you-//slapped

(so) far away; min yoongi x reader

genre; angst, soulmate au. 

word count; 5640.

recommended list of songs to listen to while reading; (bts) spring day, (bts)just one day, (bts) first love, (vhope) hug me, (bts) goyeob, (bts) wishing on a star, & (agust d ft. suran) so far away. trust me, these songs will make your reading experience at least 3 times better. :’)

note; the ones in italics and in big quotation marks (blockquoted) are lines of the letter c:


❝add a ‘so’ before you say 'far away’. it hurts less.❞

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Benevolence 3

3/20 Can’t say much about this chapter, I’m sorry Y/N about your fucked up birthday. There will be light smut towards the end and Zhang Yixing will appear.

Word count: 5,372

  How can I hate you this much?

Why don’t you want me to leave?

What is it that she’s giving you that I’m not?

Questions I continue to ask myself each time I look directly into his face. Do I even love him anymore at this point? His hair parted straight down the middle with the ends flipped out. Part of his chest exposed underneath the jacket that was being held by a belt. It took me ages trying to find a print to match his pants.

“Y/N, Once again a job well done. Come to my office later we many things to discuss.”, The head fashion designer of SM spoke to me.

“Yes, Ma’am I’ll see you upstairs.”

Once she turned away I felt arms wrap themselves around my torso. The feeling of soft hair upon my shoulder made me chuckle. He was so corny constantly trying to do things that made us seem more like a couple to other people.

“Hello Boyfriend.”, I sighed 

“Hello Girlfriend.”, He answer cheerfully.

“What are you doing Baekhyun, you have to shoot another scene soon.”

“I just wanted to say hi, you weren’t beside me when I woke up this morning.”, I could feel the pout on his face. Baekhyun has a habit of laying directly on top of me whenever we sleep together so, when I wasn’t lay directly underneath him this morning he probably got upset.

“I’m sorry I got called in early to make the finishes touches on your outfits. You look sexy by the way.”, I muttered turning around in his arms.

“I didn’t think you’d want my sexy chest out for everyone to see though.”, He laughed spreading the top open even more to expose his chest.

“It’s not for them to see, it’s something nice for me to look at while I sew.”, I joked.

“But not you okay.”, His voice suddenly got extremely low.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll walk around in the nude if it makes you feel better but, I don’t want you showing anyone your body except me.”, His voice darkened. 

Baekhyun let’s not be ridiculous why would I-” 

“Y/N, no matter what my love for you will never die. Please forgive me for whatever I do in the future that hurts you. I’ll always have you in my mind even if I’m doing the worst thing ever.” He leaned down closer to my ear.  “Never forget our love.”

My eyes fluttered open instantly getting hit by the ray of sun. That was the corniest dream ever, except the fact that it wasn’t just a dream it was a memory. All of those cheesy words being said in that dream were once said to me in real life by Baekhyun. “Please forgive me for whatever I do that hurts in the future.” How could I possibly do that now, I couldn’t, could I? Remembering that day now makes me wonder when exactly Baekhyun and Taeyeon started seeing each other again.

                     I felt small hands push on my back as if, they were trying to shuffle me awake. Turning around to face the person I saw Taeyeon dressed in casual attire. Her cheeks began to darken from the shock of me turning towards so suddenly.

“Happy Birthday Y/N.”, She cheered a smile gracing her face.

“Thank you.”, The sides of my lips tugged up as I sat in a sitting position.

I had almost forgotten today was my birthday. After finding out what my punishment was I say no enjoyment in it. I honestly thought about just telling Baekhyun to go on that dinner with Taeyeon however, I didn’t spend so much time on that dress to not wear. So for the first time just this one night I’ll try not to be so bitter about her being around. Am I accepting the situation? Hell no, I just don’t want to be the buzzkill on my own birthday. My birthday actually isn’t that important to me, at least before this year. I never liked having the attention on me too much because, I wasn’t very enthusiastic when it came to presents. I never screamed whenever I got one it was a simple “Thank you” then on to the next one. It wasn’t that I was ungrateful in fact I make sure to take extra care towards gifts given to me, I just never saw the point in screaming and crying over every single one. Turning 21 in Korea isn’t anything special I was technically already 21 if we’re going by Korean age, but I just say the year of my birth so people don’t get confused.

“Is something wrong?”, Taeyeon asked me furrowing her eyebrows, snatching me out of my thoughts.

“No, I was just thinking about something.”

“Was it Baekhyun? He told me tell you left early for the studio and that you needed to be ready a three so we can leave.”, She spoke

“Okay, what are you doing?”, I asked noticing that she was wearing shoes and preparing to throw on a sun hat. Her outfit was casual like I said before but, the sun hat seemed off.

“I’m going to meet some fans for lunch and then I’m going to SM to see about preparations for a solo album.”, Her eyes twinkled as she spoke the words. “I’m sorry that you’ll be alone for most of the day, I didn’t think you’d want me around while Baekhyun was gone.”

“It’s fine I planned on hanging out with some friends to make the time go by.”, I muttered getting off of the bed.

“I really hope you’re okay with me coming with you and Baekhyun today. He kind of insisted on letting me come so we could get closer.”

Did you ask me if I was okay with you stepping back into to Baekhyun’s love life fully aware that he had a girlfriend?

No, it’s fine it’s not that big of a deal.”, I assured walking over to the closet grabbing some towels for a bath.

“But….it is to you.”, Taeyeon struggled to get the words out not knowing my reaction. My hand froze as I was grabbing a wash cloth, it’s like she was trying to upset me. It’s not even anything she said it’s like she wants be to be said or angry with her and Baekhyun. I decided not to get too much into it, turning around from the closet to face her.

“Don’t you have to leave soon?”, I asked ignoring her last statement. Her eyes continued to look at my face for a few more seconds before she responded.

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.”, She muttered throwing the sun hat over her head rushing towards the door. There was just one thing that I had to ask her before she left.

“Taeyeon” She froze as the last letter of her name came out of my mouth. Her head slowly turned towards mine.


“What did you tell Baekhyun about what happened yesterday?”, It was either she said something different or Baekhyun just really liked upsetting me.

“Oh, I told him I slipped and that I wanted to apologize for taking a shower with you when you weren’t completely comfortable with it.”, Her eyes soon began to fill with sorrow. I didn’t know Taeyeon well enough or at all really, to tell if she was lying.

“It’s fine it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before, goodbye.”, I finished rushing into the bathroom before she could get anything more out.

 For some reason it bugged me why she never demanded more respect, she was the oldest out of all three of us. Neither Baekhyun or I really gave her the proper “politeness” level. Did she really care that much about making other people happy or did she just not pay much attention to it?

 Turning the knob on the bathtub I removed my clothes trying to figure out what I was going to do today. I didn’t want to call Lisa and work on the ballroom dresses I wouldn’t be in the right mood. All of my other friends either were out of South Korea or had work to do. If I stayed at home I’d only find a reason to piss myself off. I had some things I wanted to do with Baekhyun today, I’d rather not do them by myself. I’ll think about it later right now I just needed to soak in this bathtub.

              “Hey Y/N, Happy Birthday!”, A male voice screamed into my ear

“Yixing, what are you doing here?”, My voice raised a little from the shock. I  was currently at a cupcake store buying their giant cupcake special. I really wasn’t in the mood for sweets but, knowing myself If I stared at it long enough I’d end up eating it.

  “I saw you walk in, I was actually getting ready to call you to see what you were up to.”, He giggle sitting in the chair across from me. We were the only ones besides the employees in the store. The store wasn’t very popular, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. I was always able to just get in and get out of it.

“You still can’t practice?”, I asked him my eyes traveling back to the giant cupcake on the table between the two of us. His back and hip injury never got to heal. I always liked Yixing he was one of the three members I was associated with. I admired his ability to never stop working.

“No, but let’s not talk about me I’m sorry Baekhyun couldn’t be here with you on your birthday. Since he couldn’t come I thought I’d fill in for him.”, He smiled at me picking up one of the plastic forks on the table. “Do you mind?”

“No, you didn’t really think I’d be able to eat this whole thing by myself.” Yes I would have, I ate way too much when I was frustrated. Being 5′1′, I’m actually a little overweight but, people mistook it as me being ‘curvy’. I never really cared because I’ve never compared myself to other girls too often.

“Great do you want to go bowling, that new placed just opened up a couple blocks down.” He asked me stuffing some of the cupcake into his mouth.

“I’m wearing a skirt.”, I chuckled digging my own plastic fork into the the abnormally large cupcake. I wasn’t wearing my dress now it was just a mini jean skirt, some thighs and ankle boots with a white sweater. I guess it was possible for me to go bowling with my skirt on but, I still didn’t want to accidentally flash anyone.

“Ah, I see it’s all good we call still go to China town.”, He spoke eyeing my outfit up and down.

Giving him a small smile I replied.

“That sounds fine.” I’ve actually wanted to live in China a few years after I moved to Korea. I’ve never really told anyone except,Taeyeon when she asked where else I’d want to live one day. Suddenly I felt something poking at my lips. Looking down at the object, Yixing had his plastic fork with cupcake on it, pressed against my lips.


Giggling a little before opening my mouth to let him feed me the cupcake. It was a little hard to do since he decided to smash some of it onto my upper lip, causing him to go into a fit of laughter.

“Haha very fun, why the hell did you put so much on the fork.”, I said pretending to be angry and upset.

“It’s not my fault your mouth is so small.”, He stopped laughing to speak out before giggling once again. 

Raising one of my eyebrows as he threw his head back as he laughed, I grabbed a handful of the cupcake while stalking over to his side of the table. My plan was to smash the cupcake into his face however, it quickly backfired when he caught my arm. As he was catching my arm my boot slipped on the floor causing me to knock my cupcake filled hand into….. a woman. 

What the hell? Nobody ever comes in here let alone a lady dressed in a damn suit. You can tell she was the uptight type, they didn’t let anything go.

A horrifying screech left her lips while she gripped the cup of coffee held in her hands, “Did this pathetic excuse for a human being just mess up my $30,000 suit?” What the fuck was wrong with her?

“Ma’am I’ll apologize for you suit but the disrespect was not necessary.”, I spoke through gritted teeth. Yixing was now standing next to me holding my shoulders.

“I’m sorry Ma’am it was my fault please don’t be upset with her it’s her birthday.”, He tried to reason with her.

“I wouldn’t care if it was Buddha’s birthday your stupid whore messed my suit up.”

“Who the fuck are you talking to, you uptight bit-” Before the words can leave my mouth a hand connected with my face. 

She fucking slapped me. I couldn’t hit her back because for one my days of getting violent were over, two you can tell by just looking at her she’s, the type to press charges.

“Women like you will go straight to hell.”, Yixing hissed cupping the cheek she slapped me on.

“I’d stick my foot up your ass but, you’d run straight to the police wouldn’t you?”, I hissed towards her. Of course something had to happen then as well. I suddenly felt her scorching hot coffee running down my white sweater.

“Get the hell away from her!”, He shouted inches the two of us towards the door. “You’ll get what’s coming to you, you rude bitch.” I was shocked honestly Yixing’s respect for women was too much for him to ever raise his voice at one.

“I’m so sorry Y/N.”, He apologized to me once we were outside. He took off his blazer placing it over my shoulders. It didn’t do me any harm honestly the slap was bullshit, the coffee was what really hurt. Thankfully the sweater soaked up most of it.

“I’m sorry Y/N, please don’t let this ruin your birthday.”, He begged me using his sleeve to try and soak some of the coffee up.

“It’s fine Yixing let’s just go to China town. It’’ll be fun.”, I tried to cheer him up.

“Okay”, He spoke grabbing my hand “Let’s go to China town.”

                China town with Yixing was fun I didn’t really care much for the actually place but seeing Yixing get so happy about his home country was. “Y/N my grandparents were born there.” “Let’s visit this shrine we have the original one back in China.” It was very refreshing to see someone be so enthusiastic about something. When it got closer to three he took the train with me home, I felt bad because he had to pay extra just to make sure I got home safely. His present to me was a diamond ring with a mermaid on it. I was obsessed with the ocean, I’d live on it if I could. Unfortunately that train ride caused me to be two hours late.

  Walking into the apartment I saw Taeyeon sitting at the Island on her phone, while Baekhyun was pacing around the room. His eyes locking with mine as soon as I clicked the door shut.

“Where the hell have you been?”, He growled at me. Damn, can I get a hello?

Hey jagi, sorry I wasn’t here this morning how was your day?”, I said in a mocking voice.

“Don’t be cute I was worried since you weren’t here.”, He snapped causing me to scoff.

“Well what was I supposed to do Baekhyun wait on you all day?”,

“What happened to your shirt?”, Taeyeon gasped

“I spilled coffee on it let me change my outfit then we can leave.”

“Hurry up miss wants to be two hours late.”, He scoffed at me.

“I was stuck on a train Baekhyun I texted you twice but never got a response.”, I gritted my teeth already going up the stairs not wanting to be bothered with his bullshit right now.

Walking into the the spare bedroom which I turned into my work room I sighed. Looking at the dress I worked so hard on for this day was beautifully untouched. I didn’t want to put it on in case it got ruined but what’s the worst that could happened we’re going to dinner.

“I’m coming damn.”, I huffed as Baekhyun honked the car another time to get me into the car. Looking into the car I could see Taeyeon was already in the passenger seat. Usually we bickered on who got to sit in the passenger sit because, Baekhyun had to drive because he was ‘the man’. But lately I just haven’t had the energy to care.

 Getting into the car of course it was on the side where Baekhyun and Taeyeon could both look directly at me through the rear view mirror. I could move of  course but, then it would be obvious why I moved and start and unnecessarily argument.

“Your dress looks nice I could tell you worked hard on it.”, Taeyeon commented. She just loves to talk to me whenever Baekhyun is around because, then I have to respond unless I’m trying to piss him off.

“Thanks.’, I deadpanned looking out the window as Baekhyun pulled out on to the street. Just as I happened to look up into the rear view mirror I caught him giving Taeyeon a quick glance before looking at me.

“Yeah Jagi, you look nice.”, He spoke to me turning on the street getting closer to our desired restaurant. I didn’t get a chance to respond because Taeyeon started going on about her solo gig. I never cared much for her music just because I wasn’t really into kpop.  I hear her songs in shops all the time but that’s all they are to me songs I, happen to hear that happen to be Taeyeon’s.

            We pulled up to the restaurant it was one of the top restaurants in Korea because, it was so old. It went back so many years and had so much history to it. At least Baekhyun remembered that, that I’ve wanted to visit this place for awhile now. While we were getting out the car I dropped my phone under the seat and had to fish it out from under it. Baekhyun and Taeyeon were walking side by side while I jogged to catch up to them.

“Hello to all, Good evening table for two?”, The waitress asked as soon we walked through the door.

“Three.”, Taeyeon and I spoke at the same time.

“Ah, you brought a friend along.”, The waitress whispered quietly not thinking anyone heard him but, if I did then I’m sure they did. “Come this way we have a free both for you.”

Walking us towards this red velvet booth the waitress spoke.”Here’s your booth. My name is Woojong and I will be your waitress for tonight. Have a seat and may I get you any drinks?”

I slide onto one side of the booth alone while Taeyeon and Baekhyun slide on the other. “I’d like sprite please.”, I said to the waiter.

“Diet Coke.”, Baekhyun nodded at him. 

“Just water please.”, Taeyeon smiled as the waiter nodded at us before heading off.

“What did you do today?”, Baekhyun asked to I’m assuming me because Taeyeon already told him what  she did in the car. We each picked up our menus and browsed the selections.

“I went to China town with Yixing.”, I explained going straight to the main course section. A good portion of their options had steak in them and I physically could’t keep steak down. Thankfully I found a dish that had the steak removed that appealed to me.

“Yixing?”, He asked surprised that I was with his best friend.

“Yeah he said he wanted to spend time with me on my birthday since you were busy today.”, I replied closing my menu down.

The waitress came back before he could respond handing us our drinks.

“Now, what can I get you for today?”, He asked taking out his notepad. Giving him our orders I happened to drop my menu as I handed it to him. As I was picking up my menu I saw Baekhyun fingering Taeyeon under the booth. Of fucking course he would be. Did he even say happy birthday today? Pretending not to notice I lean against the wall by the booth. They pretended to have a conversation while I pretended to be interested.

When we got our orders mine was all fucked up. It was a full blown steak sitting in front of me. It’s not even about me being picky if I could swallow it and keep it down I’d eat it but I can’t.

“They messed my order up.”, I sighed getting ready to call the waiter over.

‘Just wait he’ll come over.”, Baekhyun spoke through a mouth stuffed full of food. The waitress Woojong had already moved on to his next costumers.

“It’s fine I’ll just ask for my correct order quickly.”, I spoke getting ready to call him over again while they enjoyed their meals.

“Of course your needy ass would find a problem with the meal.”, He mocked me through a stuffed mouth.

“You know I can’t eat steak Baekhyun.”, I growled at him trying to keep my voice down making sure not to draw attention to myself.

“Just stop being a bitch for once you begged for this now eat.”

“Stop being a dick just let me ask him for my original order.”, I scoffed at him.

 His hand slammed against the table cracking the corner of it. By now a few people were staring here and there nothing I couldn’t handle.

“This is exactly why I need Taeyeon around. You’re a fucking brat!”, He shouted. “All you do is complain all the damn time about everything. You complain when I don’t fuck you enough. You complain when I drag myself out to this dinner that you asked for,. You do realize you’re nothing I could just be with Taeyeon if I wanted to? But I’m not because I happen to love you both but, you’re making it very hard for me to feel that way Y/N.”

By the time he was finished the entire restaurant was staring at us. If you know me you know I hate being directly stared at in embarrassing situations. I’ve had to pause or turn off countless movies because of second hand embarrassment. This was too much I hear people snickering and whispering.

“Are they in a polyamorous relationship?”

“She’s stupid as hell for staying with him.”

“He just snapped on her.”

All I wanted to do was crawl under a rock in hide. Grabbing my cell phone off of the table I try and rush towards the door however, my plan backfired when an entire bowel of red and brown noodle dish fell onto my dress.

The dress I worked so many weeks on.

The dress I made to specifically wear on this day.

The dress I didn’t want ruined because of today.

Here it is covered in noodles and sauce giving people even more reason to think I’m pathetic I am.

“Oh my god that beautiful dressed is ruined.”

“She’s definitively not going to forget this birthday.”

“Baekhyun what the hell is wrong with you.”, I heard an unfamiliar shout escape Taeyeon’s lips.

She never raised her voice for anything I would’ve smiled but I was too focused on getting out of that place.

A warm jacket was placed onto my shoulders, looking up I saw a handsome male who was now missing his blazer.

“You don’t deserve this leave them.”, He whispered in my ear rubbing my back before walking off glaring at Baekhyun.

This wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own, I’ll make sure to never ask for anything again. I saw a side of Baekhyun I thought he’d never show in public. I don’t even understand what I had did to upset him so much.

 Sitting in the backseat head pressed against the window as a stunk up the car. Taeyeon got into the car shouting at Baekhyun who only held his head down as he put the keys into the car.

“I’m so sorry Y/N”, She spoke tears gathering in her eyes as she apologized for Baekhyun who at this point clearly didn’t care.

“It’s fine.”

I wasn’t crying or screaming because there wasn’t a point this was my fault no one else’s.

“I’m touching my makeup up before I go back to the studio.”, she growled at Baekhyun as he simple nodded his head. I just wanted to hurry up and get back to the apartment to sleep. I felt her hand reach back to hand him me some paper towels?

Was she pitying me?

I sat on the edge of the bed in our bedroom, today was shitty and embarrassing and I’m just ready to sleep it off. Taeyeon was gone and I was stuck her with Baekhyun. Some of the shit that happened today was too much, Baekhyun embarrassing me in front of that restaurant topped it off. The worst thing I realized today was that my love for him was surely fading away.

“Baby, I’m sorry I messed up your birthday.”, His voice attempted to whisper innocently.

“I don’t care.”, I mumbled leaning back on the large bed. “Stop pretending to care anyways.”

I could feel him inching closer towards me, what does he want? I think I’m more than clearly pissed off. I might just go sleep in the guest bedroom, I don’t want to hear them having sex later on anyways.

“I’m sorry there’s no excuse for my asshole behavior. I didn’t realize how bad it was until tonight. I messed everything up jagi, the looks on those people’s faces when I yelled at you.”,His voice had cracked, I ignored it thinking it was in my imagination. Soon I felt his body laying next to mine on the the large bed.

“I’m not bothered at this point, Baekhyun nothing you do will ever surprise me again.”, I chuckled bitterly.

“Let me make it up to you, I haven’t touched you in awhile. I know you’re not in the mood for it but please let me at least make you feel good.”, He begged his hand already slipping up my thigh and under my stained dress.

But then I felt something I had felt in ages, one of Baekhyun’s tears fell onto my face. My eyes snapped open to see the sight I hadn’t seen in what felt like years. Baekhyun was full blown crying over my face, out of guilt… or was he looking for pity?

“Please Jagi, I feel awful.”

“Fine do whatever you want to.” Once the words left my mouth his lips pressed tightly against mine. Baekhyun’s tears that were once rolling down his cheeks were now going down my neck. His lips moved swiftly against mine trying to convince me to accept his apologize through kiss. His lips moved down my jaw and onto my neck.

 Light sucking and biting was placed onto my neck leaving light bruising. Hands rubbed lightly against my panties grabbing and groping whatever he could grab. Kicking my legs open with his foot he got on top of me, sucking on my collarbone I heard him undo his belt. Wow, I was really going to have sex with him. Usually he’d only make out with me before calling Taeyeon into the room. If this were under any other circumstances I would’ve been petty and pushed him off of me but, today was stressful so why not let him have sex with me.

“Hurry up.”, I grumbled pushing his blazer off of his torso.

“Please don’t be mad, I love you.”, He sobbed after pushing his zipper down and pulling his shirt over his head. “Y/N, I’ll die if I ever cause you to leave me.”, He choked out while pulling his pants and boxers down at the same time.

“Shh Baekhyun, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”, I was trying my best not to pay attention to his constant sobs and apologies because, at this point I didn’t care. They meant nothing to be at this point, all I could think about was fucking him.

His hand cupped my cheek “I don’t deserve you Y/N, I can’t make myself feel good.”

Smacking his hand off of my face I lifted the upper part of my body up so he could unzip my dress, 

“What the hell are you talking about? I want to have sex do this for me this is what I want.”, I snapped as he pushed the dress down while I managed to kick it off of my legs. I haven’t gotten him to fuck me without Taeyeon in the room for weeks and, I don’t like touching myself.

“But I don’t want you to think I’m just trying to get myself off, I don’t deserve to get myself off after how I treated tonight.”, His fingers finding themselves on the waistband of my panties tugging them down.

“I don’t care Baek, I don’t care. Tell me all about your forgiveness bullshit tomorrow but, right now I want to have sex.”, I spoke grabbing his base gently pumping him to full hardness.

“Baby…Ah…Okay, I’ll do whatever you want.”, He whimpered pushing my legs open further. He dipped his index finger into my core, feeling my wetness.

“Why are you so wet already?”, He exclaimed rubbing his free hand up and down my thigh.

“It’s been a good few weeks since we’ve done anything and I have to listen to you fucking Taeyeon 24/7.”, I mumbled arching my back trying to push myself deeper onto his fingers.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t start.”, I hissed sinking my nails into his sides as he positioned himself fully over me.

“Are you ready?”, He panted above pumping himself with my hand, letting go of him I placed my hand his shoulder.

“Just hurry up.”, I moaned out right as he pushed inside of me.

  The next morning I woke up with his arms wrapped around me for the first time in a long time. Tugging one of my legs from underneath the blanket, I saw marks covering up and down my leg. Getting my eyes to focus on my thigh I was able to see teeth marks. “How hard did he fucking go last night?”, I asked myself turning to face him. His sleeping form was relaxed and calm yet, his face was stained with tear drops and underneath his eyes were puffy. I still don’t understand exactly why he was crying and I really wasn’t looking forward to all of his excuses.

Turning over again I went to grab my phone off of the nightstand why I saw a box with a smaller box on top attached to a piece of paper. Removing Baekhyun’s arm from around my waist to see what was in the boxes as I placed them on my lap. Snatching the note off of the box to see who this was from.

“I’m sorry I messed up your birthday Y/N, I love you”

“Did he really take the time to hand type this small piece of paper?”, I mumbled fiddling with the strings on the boxing to get them open. The smaller box had the necklace that matched the ring Yixing gave me. I chuckled as I thought about how they must’ve planned getting the gifts together out. The larger one had my dress… the same dress that was completely ruined last night, not a spec of dust was on it. How did he get the stains out without ruining the lace?

Placing the boxes back down on the nightstand I turn to face Baekhyun. “I’m still pissed and I still know my love for you is gone.”, I whispered loud enough only for myself to hear before burying my face into the crook of his neck and falling back asleep.

Happy  birthday Min yoongi and Taeyeon!!!

Next chapter will be up in a few days its mainly just getting more into the oc’s fashion life and more flashbacks. Chapter 5 is what I’m excited for because Baekhyun, Y/N and Taeyeon go fishing together.

Gray - A Little Change in Plans (Requested)

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Request: I’d like to request! You’re dating Gray and you will be celebrating your anniversary with him. You guys were supposed to go on a date but he didn’t show up, causing you to go angrily call him, asking where he was. Instead of hearing Gray’s voice, you hear his niece (Eunchae) on the other line. It turns out that he had to babysit his niece on the day of your anniversary.

You checked your phone again, but there was no new message. Sunghwa should have been here about half an hour ago, but you haven’t heard anything from him since his early good morning text. He told you how he couldn’t wait to see you; yet, now there was no sign of him. He couldn’t already have forgotten about it, could he?

You decided to give him a few more minutes, but eventually you got sick of waiting so you dialed his number angrily. The moment he picked up the phone you took the word.

“Lee Sunghwa, where the fuck are you?”

“Uncle Sunghwa is making lunch right now,” a squeaky adorable voice said on the other line. You were startled at first, but then you figured out the voice must have belonged to his little niece. Before you could respond, you heard Sunghwa’s voice in the background.

“Eunchae, please give me the phone,” he said in a demanding, yet friendly manner.

“Hey baby, I’m so sorry for not calling earlier. My brother suddenly showed up and left his daughter with me, because he had to go somewhere and his wife is out of town and then Eunchae began whining that she was hungry and I didn’t know what to do…” he complained in a cute way without taking a break to breath.

“Sunghwa…breathe!” You reminded him teasingly as you let out a chuckle.  “Don’t worry. I’m coming over.”

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Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going go back to something basic that we ALL do. Today’s #NutritionTalkTuesday topic is EATING. I know that sounds silly, but when you eat and how you eat can play a major role in weight loss or weight gain. Studies show that “Mindful Eating” (focusing on eating only) has many benefits that include lifespan and digestion. Think about your last meal, were you at your desk? Looking at your phone? Or eating out a bag? Distracted eating can lead to eating too fast, which can reduce how long we feel full after a meal.
1. Eat at a table, not at your desk or in front of a tv. Don’t look at your phone or computer. Eat alone or over conversation
2. Eat from a plate/or food prep container. Not from a package or bag
3. Put your eating utensil down in between bites
4. Chew your food 25 times
5. Eat with your non-dominant hand
1. Increased attention span
2. Helps regulate binge eating & emotional eating
3. Increased Satiety (feeling fuller longer)
4. Increased digestion & absorption
5. Increased immune function
6. Reduces indigestion
Try these practices at your next meal, see how much longer it takes you to eat. Note if you feel fuller sooner with a meal you can usually finish. I know these things seem minor but they can go a long way! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions please leave them below!


Was at my parents’ house when Kendra came and dropped off Haz. She ran past me to go hug her “Neh-ta”. Ain’t even gonna lie, that hurt like a mf lmao.😒 ‘Bout to take them out to eat and then off to the aquarium.🐠 Hopefully that’ll wear baby girl out, she always has way too much energy. Y’all have a good Saturday👌🏾