i eat pizza with a fork so what

When I was a kid, I didn’t know how to eat with a spoon and a fork. I didn’t even know what the bread knife was for.
Ever since my friend mentioned it earlier, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
It’s common here in southeast Asia to eat with your hands. I think it’s common in the middle east and some parts of Africa as well.
“So what, lots of people eat with their hands here in America?”
Yeah, but eating with your hands here isn’t exclusive to finger food and pizzas. You eat rice with your hands. You can eat cake with your hands, icing and everything.
You peel chicken with your hands. Almost anything here, you can eat with your hands, except, you know. Soup. I actually thought eating with your hands was normal until I started seeing people online say how unsanitary it is to touch your food, some even so far as calling someone “uncivilised” ironically over a guy eating a pizza with his hands.
I know I struggled with a spoon and fork at a restaurant when they served and I didn’t know how to cut the food up proper, but I was trying to impress my white relatives, and food came flying everywhere.
Like I remember white people laughing, discreetly, but laughing nontheless at my dad for being clumsy with a knife and fork and my mind was immediately??
Did you know how gracefully my dad can eat a fish with his fingers? Thats the only effective way you can remove the fishbones. Yeah, we eat fish whole here, head, tails, fins. Nothing goes to waste except the bones.
You will not survive an hour in this island.
You like tandoori chicken? Okay, but you gotta respect Indians eating it with their hands. Hummus? Shawarma? Spring rolls? Banana fritters?
Don’t be rude when you see someone eating with their hands.

Okay, we all know that adorable scene with Weyoun 6 eating pizza during his sampling of the replicator menu, nibbling on a bit of pepperoni he’s stabbed off with a chopstick.

What an endearing poof.

But then I did a double take today when I remembered something eating my own pizza (the RIGHT way). In Weyoun’s first episode, in the mess hall, he clearly has some idea on how to use human eating utensils. He seems to get what a fork is, at least, being able to hold it perfectly in the correct hand.

So one would think, given that he can use a fork, that he gets the concept of knives, of cutting food. He’s eating chopped food there, which you need a sharp utensil to get. Either he did it himself or became aware of the concept through the replicators if, by some miracle, he didn’t know already. And we know that the Weyouns share memories, so Weyoun 6 should have some idea from this one if he had no idea before how to eat your food right. You can cut up pizza if you don’t want to eat it with your hands, but…

Oh, now that’s just ridiculous, you are literally using chopsticks like a knife and fork, Weyoun! Why? 

Is he that screwed up from his defect dreams he can’t tell these chopsticks from cutlery? Did he jab himself with a fork or something by accident during the occupation and decide never to use sharp utensils again? Did he decide not to waste them after eating the noodle dish he must have gotten them from and resolve to eat the rest of that replicator menu with those chopsticks? Or is this some little dare he’s come up with to impress Odo?

Food for thought, I guess.

“So I went out by myself yesterday to get some pizza and the waiter gave me just the pizza, like, what am I supposed to do with this? So I asked him for a plate, fork and knife and he looked at me like I was an alien. So I looked around and everyone was eating with their bare hands. Do people even know what hygiene is? Did they even wash their hands?”

Our Love Story – Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine

Prompt by trumoo-foryou - Can you do just a quick story about how reader and parrish met and fell in love. It doesnt have to be me necesarily but id love it if you could. Thank you :)

Note: Not exactly short.  I couldn’t help myself. I hope you like it anyways.

My Teen Wolf Master List

Originally posted by showandwrite

I walked into the break room with the new officer following right behind me. It was her second day with the force and she was shadowing me for the day to learn the ropes around the office since she can’t go out on the field just yet. I’m a deputy, just like my husband, but since I’m about 6 months pregnant Sheriff Stilinski has me doing paper work until I’m back from maternity leave after the baby is born, which I’m grateful for. I’ve been with the Beacon Hills Police Department for five years and it’s nice to have a boss who’s not only great and understanding, but also caring.

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fuckign witches part 10

holy shit!!!!! 10 parts im so proud this fic is my pride n joy

ALSO: DRUG MENTION ahead, it’s at the end with Pidge and Keith, so if you don’t want to see it, stop reading at :  “Yup, perfect.” They sat, continuing to week for a while until Pidge piped up again.


PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 - PART 9 - PART 10 (you r here) - PART 11

“I’m so fucking screwed.” Keith whispered quietly to a sleeping Red. “So screwed.”

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Y/N: “I can´t believe that douchebag suspended me for reading a book during class. I mean is it my fault that he is the most boring teacher on the planet?”

Matt: "Tell me about it.. I learned to sleep with open eyes in his class.“

Y/N: "But the thing that disturbed me most was Principal weber. He was eating a birthday cake out of the box with a fork while he handed down my suspension. This school makes me crazy.”

Matt: *starts laughing uncontrollably* "wait what ? Birthday cake really?“

Y/N: "Yes Birthday cake. He even got some on my suspension. Idiot.”

Matt: “Well I know what will cheer you up. Today is Pizza day at the Grill. You want some food?”

Y/N: “Matt…You know me so well." 

Tasty love

Written by: lydiasfears (klarostydia)

Prompt: Caitlin must be good in something that don’t use brain, no? by Raquel

Characters: Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon

Caitlin was upset. Not just because Barry had an important mission which implied a huge risk and quite possibly would put him in danger of dying, she had to get used to the constant worrying about him and waiting for his return. Nothing new, to be honest.

But this time, she felt more fear than ever before. She was afraid of the moment when she had to finally look him in the eyes and say what she had been planning in her head since early thatmorning.

“Yes!” Cisco exclaimed with undisguised joy, his voice breaking into her thoughts. “He did it! I never doubted it, really,” he added, raising his hands in a defensive gesture as Caitlin looked at him with disbelief.

“This isn’t quite what you said five minutes ago,” she reminded him with a relieved grin on her lips. She tried to mimic his tone as she repeated what he had said only a while earlier, “Oh no, he’s going to destroy my costume or even worse, his own head!”

“I appreciate your faith in me guys, I truly do,” Barry mocked, suddenly appearing in the room.

Caitlin absently ran a hand along her hair to fix the strands that had flown out of place at Barry’s arrival. She tried to pretend to be relaxed, but as usual it wasn’t as easy as she wished it could be. Actually, she couldn’t understand why she felt so nervous. She wasn’t going to propose or anything crazy like that. It just was going to be a harmless, ordinary…

“You know you can always count on us,” Cisco asserted, hurriedly getting up from his chair. “I need to go if I don’t want to miss the concert. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye buddy!” Barry seemed to be in a good mood, maybe because he was proud of himself. It was good to see him like that but it didn’t help Caitlin feel any more confident.

She didn’t know how to express her thoughts out loud. So she pretended that she had been absorbed in something vitally important on her computer. Ugh, she definitely was behaving like a child and eventually had to get a grip.

“Cait? Are you okay?”

She immediately raised her head, hearing the gentle voice of Barry. His watchful eyes were intently waiting for her reaction. She still hadn’t gotten used to the fact that he sometimes spoke to her affectionately, like they were more than just friends.

Caitlin would never say it loud, but she really enjoyed it.

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m fine,” she mumbled. Why was it so difficult to just say what she wanted to say? “You did a good job. Of course it was very dangerous and reckless, but I guess I’m used to that. Kind of.”

Barry laughed, so Caitlin relaxed a little bit. Slowly she pulled away from the computer and moved closer to the amused companion. She noticed that Barry looked really sweet - or should she say sexy? - with a genuine smile on his lips, slightly unbuttoned suit and disheveled hair.

She needed to focus!

“I think that my mission isn’t what’s really on your mind. There has to be something else. What’s going on?”

Caitlin bit her lip nervously, trying to not look into his eyes.

“Do you remember our conversation about me having no life?” She started hesitantly. Barry nodded in response. “I told you that I cook and I eat. So when I said that I cook, I didn’t mean reheating food from cans or ordering a pizza. I really cook and I think I’m good at it, or at least not as bad as I am at singing,” she promised, prompting a smile to form on Barry’s lips. “What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to make lasagna tonight and I thought that maybe you would want to come over and give it a try?”

She discreetly breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that the worst was already behind her. Barry seemed pleasantly surprised by her suggestion, enough that he eventually became speechless, just like she was a moment ago.

It was what they had in common. When it came to showing affection to people they simply lost faith in themselves. Both of them had no experience, especially when it came to flirting. It just wasn’t in their skill set.

“Sounds good,” he admitted. “I love lasagna.”

They chuckled at the same time, both aware of their own stupidity and shyness.

Barry stood in the stairwell, staring blindly at the mahogany door. He was sure that his heart would jump out of his chest and fall on to Caitlin’s colorful doormat, he was so nervous. His stress level was through the roof.

After all, this was supposed to be only an ordinary meeting. Eating lasagna together – nothing that should prompt this kind of reaction. He wasn’t going to propose, that’s for sure. Upset by his own foolishness, he slowly raised his hand and knocked. He still had time to back out at that point. He could tell her that he felt…

The door opened and Caitlin stood in the doorway, dressed in a lovely blue dress. Her eyes were decorated with some subtle makeup and she flashed him a smile that made him weak in the knees.


Because of how breathtaking she looked, Barry felt like he should’ve become stressed even more, but that view had caused him to actually feel more confident. It had been just Caitlin. She looked amazing, he could not deny it, but it was still Catlin, and there was just something about her that made him feel at ease.

“You brought champagne,” she said, glancing at his hand. Unconsciously he followed her gaze and frankly he was surprised by the sight of alcohol. He had completely forgotten about it.

“Indeed. I mean it’s for you, I mean we’ll drink it together. Ugh, I’m an idiot.”

Caitlin took the bottle from Barry and laughing, closed the door behind him. Her laugh sounded so melodious that after a while Barry joined in. When they calmed down, the woman led him into the living room, which currently smelled like a heavenly combination of cheese and tomato sauce emanating from the kitchen.

Barry also smelled the delicate scent of perfume for women when Caitlin passed him with two glasses in her hands.

“Smells good,” he commented, referring to both odors. His eyes followed the movements of Caitlin as she gracefully began to set the table. “By the way, you look beautiful.”

She shot him a glance, and her lips flickered upwards in a smile, her cheeks flushing. She ran a hand through her loose hair. Barry thought absently that he would like to touch those strands, too.

“Thank you.” Caitlin sent him another friendly smile, then she disappeared into the kitchen. “Make yourself comfortable. Food will be ready soon,” she added loudly.

Not knowing what to do, he went to the radio and turned on some music. A quiet, slow melody filled the room. Then quickly he opened the champagne and poured it into the two glasses.

He looked around, coming to the conclusion that this place was just wonderful. It was cozy, even romantic. Music, food, champagne, candles. It was true that he didn’t know anything about dating, but it seemed like an ideal setting for people in love.

Caitlin interrupted his thoughts, entering the dining room with a casserole dish filled with steaming lasagna. When she put it on the table, Barry moved a chair and waited as she sat down. She thanked him with a smile, so he took a seat.

“You never said you learned how to cook,” Barry said, gathering some lasagna on his fork. Feeling his stomach growl, he took a bite, and immediately grinned. “Mmm!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Caitlin giggled. She started to eat her portion. “You know that I am not a person who likes to brag. Besides, so far I’ve cooked only for myself.”

“And I lived in ignorance, compulsively ordering a pizza,” he babbled regretfully between mouthfuls. “If I had known, I would have come to you every day.”

“That’s what I wanted to avoid,” she said ironically. “Now you can come over whenever without an invitation. There will always be something to eat.”

“Good to know, I never refuse food.”

They smiled to each other. For a moment they ate in silence, sipping champagne and enjoying a pleasant time.

After Barry had finished eating, he gazed at Caitlin uncertainly. She met his gaze and looked confused.

“What? Am I dirty?” She instinctively wiped her mouth with a napkin. “Or do you want some more lasagna?”

“Is it a date, Cait?” he asked bluntly.

The woman was surprised by the question. She slowly put down her napkin, bravely maintaining eye contact with Barry.

How should she reply? She wasn’t sure what their relationship was, and then this meeting and her feelings were certainly complicating matters. She only knew that in the company of Barry she felt wonderful and wanted to spend more time with him. She could both tell him everything and be silent for a long time without feeling awkward. She could laugh and cry, get angry and enjoy everything.

Caitlin felt something she hadn’t felt with Cisco. Something that the presence of Felicity or Iris could not give her. Something that had been missing in her relationship with Ronnie.

She felt genuine. With him she was herself more than at any time.

Barry waited for an answer, wondering what the meeting meant to him. He wasn’t nervous before it for no reason. Subconsciously he knew that this dinner could be a great step in a new direction. He wanted to go there, wherever there was, as long as Caitlin accompanied him.

“Do you want it to be?” she whispered.

He had to take a deep breath before he could respond.

Quietly, with a smile, Barry crouched down beside her chair and took her hands in his.

“I want you, Cait. And your lasagna. I could marry it.”

Caitlin laughed happily. Without hesitation, she kissed him gently.

“I see that cooking isn’t your only skill, Dr. Snow,” he mumbled warmly.

“I think I have a few more in store, Mr. Allen.”

Ohhhhh, man, I’ve got the perfect one!  I call it—DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNN…

The Day Mabel Got Her Braces Put On And It Hurt Like a Million Hammer-Monsters Slamming Her Face: The Saga!

But trust me, it turns into a happy story.  And a hungry one! But moving on, vwoop!

So yeah, I got my braces on quite a while ago, but I still remember that day like it was yesterday.  The orthodontist-guy’s light was super bright, I found some blue gum under the dentist’s chair, and my mouth was RIPPING MY TEETH OUT STRAIGHT FROM MY GUMS!

Or at least, that’s what it felt like.

On the drive home Dipper let me smoosh my face into his vest, but it only helped a little.  See, on the pain-ness meter, braces are like, a 72. Out of 74!  74 is like, death or something.

And nobody in my family had braces, so they didn’t really know how bad it hurt, but like Mom said, when I stopped talking for that long, you knew something was wrong.

Finally, I guess Dipper got tired of me being all mopey—the breaking point was when I couldn’t eat any gummy koalas without my mouth hurting—and decided to do something about it.  So you know what we did?


We’re talking applesauce and mashed bananas.  We’re talking yogurt and honey.  We’re talking pizza—with a FORK!!!  Basically any combination of foods that ended up mega soft, we tried it out. That way, even in my toothy turmoil (Tooth-oil!  Ew, wait, that sounds gross), I could still eat something delicious and—well—not painful!

Best of all, Dipper always joined in—whatever I had to try out, he would try it too!  Eventually we had so much fun that I just kinda forgot about the pain for that day.  And as the time continued, we just kept trying out more and more crazy foods until soon enough I could eat just like a normal human again! Nom-nom!

Eventually I got used to having braces and stuff of course, but now every time I have to get them tightened, Dipper and I make that day a little awesomer by having the zany-bonkers-food fest!

So yeah, there’s my childhood memory, even though it still lives on today!  Now, It’s super fun coming up with new foods to baffle my teeth—and Dipper.

I wonder how he’d feel about a mango marshmallow milkshake next time…


lancemcclaine replied to your post:does anyone in voltron eat pizza with a fork 

ok but what if hunk made a pizza like thing somehow and coran & allura were like ??? so they had knives and forks there u go its the aliens that eat it weird. the one thing keith & lance agree on. (see: keith thinking pineapple on pizza is decent (which it is) and lance being offended)

i believe alteans use sporks which is even more offensive if you ask… but as hunk said, it proves that they’re a progressive species. two in one, right? coran and allura eat pizza with sporks and consider the humans dirty barbarians for using their hands. keith and lance have a discourse over pineapple on pizza. pidge agrees with lance and hunk with keith. they can’t even eat pizza in peace… there’s constant fighting over this and then shiro is like “ENOUGH”, they all go quiet and then he continues “besides, spinach is the best topping”. they don’t want him as a leader anymore. 

exerciseindisguise  asked:

SHoot prompt. "Are you eating pizza with a knife and fork?"

Root looked up, a glaze of confusion on her face, “What else am I supposed to do?”

“Pick it up with your hands and eat it like a human,” Shaw took a sip of her beer. She looked over at the stove in the small cabin and knew she was going to have to put more wood in it before night fell. 

Root shook her head, “With what I’ve been handling today, I’m not eating anything with my hands.” She cut another piece off and put it into her mouth. 

“So,” Shaw picked up another slice of pizza and put it in her mouth. She bit down on it so it would hang in her mouth while she moved to the stove and put more wood from the neat pile next to it into the stove. When she was done, she took a bite and grabbed the pizza as it dropped, “Whose place is this and why are we here?”

“I don’t know and I don’t know yet,” Root answered, “I didn’t get that far.”

“So you ambushed a Samaritan caravan without John, without Harold, and without The Machine, without a plan,” Shaw kicked out her chair against and sat down across from Root, “But with a rather impressive grenade launcher.”

“When I do rescues,” Root grinned, “I go all out.”

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anonymous asked:

I HOPE I MAKE IT IN ON TIME! OKAY OKAY OKAY how would Aomine and his s/o spend on a nice day? Like, what would they do from start to finish?

This turned a bit long, I hope that’s okay! -Admin Fyre

Accompanying soundtrack: Sound of Sunset (Free! OST) PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS WHEN YOU READ THIS IT FITS VERY WELL PLS

It was rare for Aomine to finally get a day off, and despite the fact that you knew it was hard to come by and you wanted to do something special, you also knew that it was very likely Aomine would simply spend the whole day playing basketball with his friends. True, he didn’t get to play with them often since he got promoted a couple of months ago and got even more responsibilities and duties in the police department, but it wasn’t like he spent a lot of time with you, either.

You just wished you had him to yourself all day, even just for one day.

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The Roommate - Chapter One (Valdaya)

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! I’m gonna be honest and just say I’ve been procrastinating. Again, I’m sorry!! But here’s a funny story: I went to Starbucks the other day and the cashier that served me was named Ryan. It was so awkward and I kept laughing while he was taking my order!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter and thank you all for your positive feedback! :) -Em

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Under The Table // J.G.

requested by anon.

You laughed at another thing that Nate says, his stories always sounding historical. “So then my grandad was like, ‘why don’t you just fuck her?’ I literally spit out of my drink when he told me that,” he finishes.

You laugh, picking at your phone with your fork, eating some of your rice. You and the guys decided to go out to eat for once instead of always eating pizza at one you guy'houses.

Suddenly you felt some body heat in your inner thigh, then a hand. Your head snaps up, turning towards Gilinsky. “Jack…,"you say in a low voice. "What,” he asks innocently, smirking down at you, his hand gently caressing your thigh up and down.

You suck in your breath, the boys watching you two. “Nothing. I just wanted to ask if I could have some of your drink.” “Yeah sure. Take whatever you like,"he says, pushing his drink towards you. You smile at him, leaning up to place your hand near his crotch as you sucked on his straw, your eyes locking with his.

You feel him tense under your hand. You finish taking a sip, going back down your seat, your hand remaining near his crotch.
Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jack trying to control himself. He then slides his hand up towards your crotch, his hand only centimeters away from your heat. You bite your lip and mentally curse him.

You move your hand along with him, your hand firmly grasping him. He tenses, then turns to look you in the hand as you completely ignore him, getting into one of Sam’s stories.

Johnson however, raises his eyebrow at you two, looking from you, to gilinsky, and then under the table. "What the hell you guys?!” Johnson exclaimed, causing Sam and Nate to stop their conversation.

You both quickly released yourselves, Jack with a boner, and you a bit..moist.

“Nothing,” you both say at the same time. Johnson the tells them what you two were doing. Nate then shakes his head, as does Sam. “Even in public, you two still can’t control yourselves.”