i eat out every night

Lena: I appreciate the rescue but not necessary


Lena: I appreciate Supergirl hand-delivering a bouquet of violets but not necessary..


Lena: I appreciate the handwritten letters of affection but not necessary.


Lena: I appreciate you taking me out to eat every night but not necessary


Lena: I appreciate you eating me out but it’s not-


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Make out session with Levi story/headcannon thing?

This got so out of control, omg. And the best thing about writing for Levi is not only making y’all happy, but making mod Spookzz happy as well since Levi is her bae. Anyways, takes place in a modern AU where Levi is a lawyer. Enjoy, anon! 

The sound of the lock turning and the jingle of a set of keys forcefully shoved you out of the reverie you had fallen into and you glanced at the door in anticipation. A large stack of papers sat untouched on the coffee table, but you paid no heed to it, too invested in your apartment door opening; or, rather, just who was walking through it.

It was fairly obvious that Levi was exhausted. The bags beneath his eyes were dark violet in color, which only indicated that he probably hadn’t slept on his ten hour plane ride despite having his own private quarters. “Tough flight?” you asked rhetorically, taking his jacket from over his arm in order to hang it up in the coat closet.

 “A shit show,” replied Levi as he wheeled his suitcase off to a corner and walked into the kitchen area. If he was in no hurry to unpack his clothes in case they were wrinkled, then it was super obvious that he had a hell of a time getting home. You watched in silent awe for a split second as Levi’s arm muscles stretched against his shirt’s fabric, the sleeves rolled over his forearms while he rummaged through a cabinet, searching for something that you could only guess was tea. It wasn’t uncommon for you to step back and admire your boyfriend’s physique because you were fairly positive he was, single-handedly, the most attractive man you ever laid eyes on in your entire life, but this was only amplified by the fact that you had gone for two whole months without being able to see him save for infrequent Skype calls.

 You crossed your arms over your chest and reluctantly pried your eyes away from his ass in favor of looking him in the eye. “Crying baby? Turbulence?” you offered in slight amusement.

 When Levi finished placing the kettle on the stove, he braced his back on the counter and revealed, “No. Every time the flight attendant saw me placing the cushion down on the chair to try and get some sleep, she’d insist on doing it and tucking me in like a fucking five year old.”

 A chuckle escaped through your lips, only to grow into pure laughter at the thought of how grumpy Levi must have been at the poor woman who was only trying to do her job. Levi hated being touched by strangers, after all. “That’s what you get when you fly first class on a flight that’s longer than seven hours.”

 “Erwin can shove it up his ass next time he forces me to go out of the country,” Levi humorously stated, even if he wasn’t trying to be funny, intentionally.

 You rolled your eyes at his typical antics and motioned towards the microwave. “I made you lunch a little while ago, but it should still be warm.”

 “…You cooked and didn’t burn down the entire apartment?” Although it was a question, Levi had worded it more like a statement, much to you annoyance. Huffing, you pushed past him and opened the microwave, revealing the plate you had made. While you weren’t the most spectacular chef to ever live, your best friend had been delicately coaching you on how to make simple things when Levi wasn’t home to cook. While your arrangement of cooking and cleaning duties worked just fine, you had wanted to do something nice for him since he had been eating out every night for the last two months.

“I already ate some earlier, you ass. It’s fine.”

In lieu of firing back and bruising your ego over its lackluster presentation, Levi merely sighed and placed the plate back into the microwave, heading towards the couch where he sat down with his freshly brewed mug. “I’ll shower then eat. There’s some stuff I need to get taken care of at the office.”

 Of all the things Levi could have said, the last thing you had been expecting was for him to head back to work. He was tired and you were deprived for eight whole weeks; like hell was Erwin stealing anymore of your time with him.

 Before he could even protest, you marched towards the couch and straddled his lap. Leaning in just a few centimeters from his lips, you restrained yourself from tasting him in order to declare, “No way. I haven’t seen you in two months. Erwin can handle paperwork or whatever the hell he has to do on his own.”

 Levi sighed and placed his mug off to the side, those gunmetal gray eyes that you had come to know and love inching down to the shape of your lips. Angling his head, his mouth brushed against your own and, just for a moment, you reciprocated and melted against him. Just as one of his hands carded in your hair and the other inched down to your waist, you reluctantly pulled away from him and smirked. “Nice try, but you’re not getting anything until you tell me you’re not going anywhere.”

 “You goddamn tease,” he muttered underneath his breath, which did a lot to inflate your ego even if it was just by a fraction. The defeat in his voice sang true of your minor victory, but nothing could have prepared you for the way he crashed his mouth back to your own in a desperate, heated kiss. Turning your head to the side, you shivered as soon as his hand began to trace down your spine, lingering close to the curve and dip of your lower back. It was hot and it was needy, but you could tell just in that moment that Levi had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

 When his tongue traced your bottom lip, you complied with vigor, your hands moving down to settle against the rigid muscles of his chest. Against your lips, you felt Levi smirk as his tongue explored your mouth, earning him a quiet noise of approval as his hand brushed across your thigh. Wanting the upper-hand for just a minute, you playfully nipped at his lip after he retracted his tongue before you braced your hands on his shoulders and pushed down, using all of your weight to hover over him to grind your hips into his own.

 “Fuck,” he groaned into your lips, breaking away from you in order to latch his mouth to your neck. Bracing his hand on the back of your head, he pulled you down and continued to pepper a line of hot kisses until he reached the junction of your neck where he ran his hot tongue across the area where shoulder met collarbone.

 You sighed in complete bliss, dark and lustful eyes meeting his own underneath you. “You are not allowed to leave the country ever again,” you declared, tilting your head back down in order to meet his lips for yet another mind-blowing kiss. He parted and took a moment to hold the side of your face in an almost uncharacteristically tender manner, studying your features as if trying to map them into the back of his subconscious.

 Tilting your cheek into his palm, you sighed and quietly confessed, “I missed you.”

 “Yeah. Me too.”

Scribbled-Out Shopping Lists

Reigen stretched, yawned, and rubbed at the knots in his back as he stood to shut the office window.

“Alright, I’m calling it, Mob. We’re closing early today. No new clients are walking in, and I still have errands to run before I fall asleep here.”

Mob startled at the bang and latch of the window. The last huff of crisp fall air blew past him. He nodded. “Okay.”

“You got someone at home who can let you in, yeah?” Reigen moved across the row of windows, testing the lock on each of them.

“Um, I can let myself in.”

Reigen paused at the coatrack, eyeing Mob over his shoulder. “…Does that mean no one’s home?”

Mob shook his head. “Ritsu is staying at a friend’s house tonight. Mom and Dad are both working late.”

Reigen hesitated, shrugged on his coat. He watched as Mob pushed things back into his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. Mob pulled a key out of the smallest pocket, just to check it was there, before zipping it back in. Reigen handed Mob his coat as Mob approached the door.

“You know…second thought. I could use a couple extra hands. You’re still on the clock.”

Mob took his coat in silence and followed Reigen into the hall. Reigen locked the door behind them, stuffed the keys into his pocket, and motioned forward. When they left the building, they headed in the direction opposite Mob’s house.

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I totally agree!!!! One of my roommates eats out every night (i'm dead serious) and then whines about how broke she is all the time. It's so fucking annoying. Meanwhile I spend about 2hrs in grocery stores every week looking for the cheapest (healthy) foods I can afford. Of course I'll also be coming out of college with wayy less debt and a decent cushion if I can't find a job right away. Honestly I've made so many life changes lately (especially around money) and I'm so much happier.

You are awesome!

It’s not easy to stay within a budget, but it’s also not rocket science. The hard part is keeping yourself honest about what you can afford.

Across the Hall

A/N: This is for the requests I got for the reader who just moved across the hall :) it got a little long so it’ll be a 2 parter lol. I hope you enjoy it!!


It was late – like, middle of the night, end of a double shift kind of late.

You had a terrible day. Not only were your feet tired and sore from standing all day, you had gotten drink after drink spilled on you, were yelled at from some customers more than usual, and told that you were going to have to be let go from your job as a bartender. Something about not having enough business to keep the bar you worked at open.

On top of that, you had just moved and nothing was in your apartment yet so you’d have to sleep on the floor.

Now, you were standing in front of your door frantically searching through your purse for your keys.

You let out a frustrated huff when you realized that you must have lost it on your way to work. Pressing your back against the door, you slowly slid all the way down until you were laying on your back in the middle of the hallway. You didn’t even care at this point, you were over your day.

Continuing to lay on the ground, you called a locksmith – at this hour, it would take at least 2 hours for him to get there. After hanging up, you rolled onto your stomach and shoved your face into the rough carpet of your hallway. If you were going to be waiting so long, you might as well take a nap.

“Erm… ma’am, are you okay?” you heard a soft voice ask and felt a hand on your shoulder.

Instincts kicking in, you shot up from your sleeping position. “AGHH! STAY BACK, I HAVE MACE!” you screamed as you immediately scooted away from the person that touched you.

You looked up to see that it was a harmless looking, scrawny young man. He was wearing a wrinkly collared shirt that was covered with a cardigan. You had to admit that he was cute, but not exactly the normal type of guy you would go for.

He immediately jumped back. “Woah woah, hey it’s okay I’m not going to hurt you… I’m assuming you just moved into 4C? I’m Spencer at 4D, right across the hall from you” he said gently to try to calm you down as he gestured to the door behind him.

You looked down at your purse you were holding defensively in front of you and laughed. You stood up and scratched the back of your head, embarrassed. “Sorry about that… I’m Y/N. I lost my key so I’m just waiting for a locksmith. And I don’t actually have mace that I’m going to be spraying you with…” you smiled.

He let out a nervous laugh as he rolled back on his heels and put his hands in his pockets. “Well maybe if you’re going to continue to take naps in the hallway, I suggest you do actually invest in some mace”

His attempt to joke around with you made you smile. You were about to make a witty comeback when you got a call from the locksmith letting you know that he was there. “Oh, that’s the locksmith. I’ll see you around, Spencer Reid” you said lightly as you ran off down the stairs.

You didn’t see it, but his gaze never broke from you until you had gotten out of sight. He put his head down and smiled as he pushed through the threshold of his apartment door.

You continued to see Spencer for the next few months off and on. Mostly you just saw him in the hallways and would give him a small hello here and there. One evening, you happened to get off of work at the same time and he caught you on the way into your apartment complex.

“Hi Y/N!” He said with a smile as he held the door open for you.

Your face lit up when you saw him. “Oh hey, Spencer” Although you didn’t know him very well, you had always enjoyed the little conversations and fun facts he would tell you whenever you would walk with him in and out of your apartment.

As you walked up the stairs, you noticed that Spencer seemed more fidgety than normal. He wasn’t rambling as much and gave you shorter answers. You approached your apartment doors and right before you knew he was going to say goodbye and go inside, you grabbed his arm.

“Hey Spence wait… do you think you’d maybe… like to come in and hang out for a little while – maybe order some take-out? I just… it gets kind of lonely eating by myself every night…” you looked up at him through your eyelashes.

His demeanor immediately changed and his face lit up with excitement. “Yeah… yeah, I would love to! Just let me go change out of my work clothes and I’ll be over in… 5 minutes?”

The enthusiasm in his voice made you smile. “I’ll see you then”

After you both changed in to comfier clothes, you ordered Chinese food from the nearest restaurant to your apartment complex. At first, the two of you ate in silence with the television being the only thing making any noise. But to your surprise, Spencer was the one to break the silence.

“I’ve never been one to get very close to people, or really have any friends at all… I just wanted to tell you how much it means to me that you asked me to come over for dinner. And although there isn’t a lot of talking…” you both chuckled at his pointing out of the awkwardness. “I’m still having a great time just being in your company”

You beamed at his sincerity. “Spencer, you are welcome here any time. I was never one to have a lot of friends, either… I’ve always been a little different” you looked down at yourself and let out a soft chuckle.

You were not exactly the most traditional looking person. In public, you let yourself off as any normal civilian, but when you became more relaxed, your true self came out. You wore clothing that showed your normally hidden tattoos and you put in all of your nose and ear piercings in when you were at home. Your hair was normally an out of the ordinary color (your favorite was always an icy blue), but as of now it was light brown while you searched for new jobs.

He smiled and took another bite of his noodles. “You have some really nice artwork around here” he said as he looked around your heavily decorated apartment. Countless books, paintings, sculptures, and plants were scattered all around your living room.

You blushed. “Thanks… I’ve actually done all of these”

A shocked but amazed look crossed his face as he stood up to take a closer look at your work, taking interest in a particularly intriguing watercolor painting you had done of your sister. Well, it was a rough outline of her face but instead of her normal features, you filled with the galaxy.

“This one is amazing…” he said as he leaned in closer to study it. “By looking at the facial structure and especially the shape of the eyes and mouth, I’m assuming this is your sister?”

It was your turn to look at him in amazement. “Wow, you’re good” you said with a smile.

You spent the rest of the evening really getting to know Spencer. There was something about him that just made you open up freely – you both even started to dig into your childhood (a topic you didn’t exactly like to go into). It was amazing how comfortable he made you feel.

Spencer happened to look down at his watch then his head shot up. “Oh wow Y/N, it’s almost 3 in the morning…”

Your eyes grew bigger in surprise then both started laughing at how long you had been talking. You stood up to lead him to the door then opened it.

“Spencer, I had a really great time and I hope we can do this again more often”

“Y/N, I would like nothing more”

You closed the door behind you as you rested your back against the door with a smile spread across your face. You weren’t sure where this was going, but all you knew is that you were glad that you had made a great friend in this new place.

You’re All I Need (J.B)

So, I got my first request today, and I just wanted to write. I hope you guys enjoy! Request: Can you do just a JB imagine where (Y/N) has like, low self esteem and Justin reassures her and idk, something like that?

I sighed as I started to mess around with my stomach. It wasn’t flat, and that was something I didn’t like. I tried my hardest to look the best I could, but yet all my efforts seemed to fail. I throw my hands to my side, giving up on the idea that they could fix my imperfections. 

“(Y/N)? Babe, I’m home!” I hear my boyfriend, Justin, as he comes through the front door. His footsteps come running up the stairs, and into the room, with a big smile on his face. “(Y/N), I have great news!” he exclaims, his voice dripping with excitement. I smile softly at him as I sit on the bed, and then he plops down next to me. 

“What is it, J?” I ask, curious and happy for my boyfriend. He just continues grinning, and then finally says his good news, “I finished the album today! We’re having a congratulatory party tomorrow night.” A smile soon bursts onto my face, extremely excited for him. 

“Justin, that’s so great! I know how long and hard you’ve been working on the album. I’m so proud of you!” I throw my arms around him, and he pulls me close into his chest. “I’d like you to be my date to the party tomorrow.” He then mumbled against my head. I pulled back, and bit my lip.

“U-uh I don’t know about that,” I stuttered. I didn’t look okay, at all. My stomach wasn’t flat, and I had a muffin top. I ran out of makeup earlier today, and the MAC store was too far of a drive. “I-I don’t have anything to wear.” I straight out lied, biting my lip hoping he didn’t catch on. 

He furrowed his eyebrows together, giving me a perplexed look. “What do you mean? You take up ¾ of our closet, plus you and Cat just went out last week and bought a shit ton of clothes. Stop lying to me (Y/N), and give me a real answer.” He grumbled, and I could the annoyance in his voice. 

“Well, I don’t have anything to wear that looks good.” I muttered, looking down. This was a side of me that I hated showing to Justin. I was so insecure about my body, because I didn’t feel like I was beautiful enough for him. He has so many girls throwing themselves at him, and he chose me out of all the girls. 

I’m no stick, I had curves that I had to maintain. It meant not being able to eat out every night, making sure my carb and calorie intake was right and that I don’t over do it. I bend over backwards for my body, and yet it still doesn’t look right. 

“(Y/N), really? You look good in everything that you wear.” Justin started to say. I went to interject but he shook his head. “I’m not lying to you, princess. Would I ever lie to you?” 

I sigh, and shake my head standing up. “Justin you don’t get it. I’m not like every other girl you’ve been with. I’m not a stick, I’m not flat stomached. I’m not pretty enough for you, skinny enough for you.” I say, and my voice falls flat. 

Justin just looks at me, his mouth wide open. I bit my lip, hoping that he didn’t agree with me, but another hoped he did, so that I was right to be worried. 

“Baby girl, don’t you ever say that about yourself.” He said, getting up. “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You’re amazing. You are skinny. You are the perfect size for me darling, and I never want you to diss yourself ever again. You’re perfect the way you are, and you’re all I want, you’re all that I need.” Justin slowly wrapped his arms around me again, and rocked us back and forth, while kissing my head. “I love you, princess.”

“I love you too, J.”


(A/N): Okay, so wow. Its not my best imagine, but I really do like it a lot. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Request some more!

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I've known this guy for two years, he's one of my best friends and I have a crush on him. At a party we were dancing and he kissed me, we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves. I've thought about it for the last months and I've come to the conclusion that I want him to be my first, I want him to fuck me against the wall so hard the neighbors will hear and I want him to eat me out so bad, I masturbate almost every night thinking about him.

The Spoon
  • Sherlock: *desperately ruffles his hair, waving a plastic spoon* Okay. How about I pretend it's a police car racing to the scene of a crime?
  • Baby Holmes: *in her high-chair, blinking at him*
  • Sherlock: *hopeful* Or Dad-da and Uncle John running to solve a crime?
  • Baby Holmes: *giggles*
  • Sherlock: *pouts; defeated* Mama and Dad-da working?
  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *exasperated* Oh come on, you eat for your mother! *talking to himself* How? How does she do it? *glances at the baby food* Substitute it for chocolate? Sprinkle it with fairy dust?
  • Baby Holmes: *lifts her arms* Dad-da...
  • Sherlock: *hesitates* No, you need to eat this or you'll get me into trouble.
  • Baby Holmes: *pouts* Cuddles, Dad-da.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • *LATER*
  • *lying in bed*
  • Sherlock: *smug* I figured out your secret. How you get Scarlett to eat her dinner every night. And you thought I wouldn't get it.
  • Molly: *snuggles up to him* Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted. I thought I hid it well, too.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Hid...it?
  • Molly: *yawns* Scarlett's favourite spoon. The only one she'll eat from.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Ah.
  • Molly: *sleepy* What?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Well, unless baby food is harmful to adults, we have nothing to worry about.

starter for the amazingest lexa ever @hxdaleksakomtrigedakru

Olivia groaned. She huffed. She groaned some more. Angrily, she twisted in her chair. Food was practically shoveled into her mouth without abandon as they sat in the cafeteria. It was all she could do to not punch some chick (actually she wouldn’t because she wasn’t violent but that was beside the point). If she had to guess, her face was red as hell. The blonde just could not let it go. That girl was blatantly checking out her girlfriend. She could tell she was undressing Lexa with her eyes. There was no questioning it because Olivia knew that look better than anyone. It’s how she looked at Lexa before they’d gotten together. “Are you going to tell her that I’m the one that eats you out every night, or should I,” she barked with a mouth full of spaghetti.

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My bf & I were supposed to go out & watch movies, but we made a quick stop at his place so he could grab his wallet. We walked into his room & next thing I knew he picked me up & pinned me against the wall all while still kissing me. He carried me to the bed & started pulling my pants off. His "let me eat you out for 10 minutes" turned into eating me out all night long. Every time I heard him moan & say "mmm" I completely melted. His head game is just omg. Returned the fav & gave him sloppy head

How did I come to write a tiny sequel to my Smoaking Canarrow smut fic you ask?

A couple reasons. First, because of everything I’ve written, that fic is still the one people most ask me to continue. Second, because there was a discussion on Tumblr a few weeks back where someone (ohmypreciousgirl) posited that Oliver was a selfish lover pre-island and only now thinks it’s worthwhile to spend any time with his head between Felicity’s legs. This meshed well with my personal headcanon that pre-island Oliver was in fact TERRIBLE in bed. Thus this scene was born.

Read the original fic here.

“So, is Oliver different now?” Felicity asks as she uncorks their second bottle of wine.

“How do you mean?” Sara asks and holds out her glass.

“Like, in bed?” she explains and pours her a hearty glass. “Compared to before the island or during it or whatever. I mean, I know he’s probably stronger now, definitely has better stamina, but I’m talking about overall experience. Is he more controlling? Rougher?”

“Mm,” Sara hums says and points with the hand holding her glass, nearly spilling its contents in the process. “Definitely rougher,” Sara explains and then lifts the glass to her lips again, but stops just short. “Although I’m probably rougher now too.”

“You both have your moments,” Felicity interjects and sips her wine demurely.

“That doesn’t bother you, right?” Sara asks, flinching.

Felicity bites her bottom lip and smiles. “It’s a little overwhelming sometimes,” she admits, “but my brain’s pretty sharp. I welcome the challenge.” Sara smiles predatorily and Felicity blushes.

“What else?” she asks and leans back on the couch’s armrest, putting her feet in Sara’s lap. Sara takes a moment to run her hands over her legs before answering.

“I think the biggest difference is that he’s just better,” she says with a shrug.

“Really?” Felicity says incredulously. “Was he bad before?”

“Kinda,” she responds with a laugh and Felicity throws her head back and laughs too. “I mean, he always had a nice body, and good size,” she adds and Felicity raises her eyebrows knowingly. “He just wasn’t very good at it, you know? No finesse. All jack-hammering and ‘you like that?’ and definitely no cuddling after.”

“Whoa,” Felicity says and shakes her head in disbelief.

“Honestly, back then, his version of pillow talk was repeatedly asking if we could try anal next time.” Felicity chokes on her wine then, the red liquid spilling onto her shirt as she laughs.

“Damn it,” she says when she manages to catch her breath.

“Let me help you clean that up,” Sara says and sets her glass down on the coffee table. She smiles as she crawls up the couch, spreading Felicity’s legs to kneel between them and then leaning down to lick the wine dappling her neck and chin.

“I can’t believe he used to be that bad,” Felicity mutters and then sighs as Sara kisses her.

“He wasn’t so much bad as selfish,” Sara says after a moment. “I used to have to beg him to go down on me.”

“Wait, seriously?” Felicity interrupts, sitting up. “That’s like his favorite thing.”

“Not then and he was terrible at it,” Sara says. “Not that I realized that at the time. But my first time with Nyssa…wow,” she says and shivers at the memory.

“Well, he’s amazing at it now,” Felicity says and sets her wine glass down so she can place her hands on Sara’s hips. “Like, mind-blowing.”

“Better than me?” Sara asks, smiling mischievously. Felicity blushes and looks away.

“I don’t know if I’d go that far,” she admits. Sara smiles and leans down to kiss her and she’s just slipping her hands under Felicity’s skirt when the sound of the front door opening draws their attention.

“Hey,” Oliver says and smiles, always pleased when he finds them in a compromising position. “Thought we could make dinner tonight,” he says and lifts a bag onto the kitchen island. “I was getting sick of eating out every night.”

It’s a long time before Felicity and Sara stop laughing long enough to tell him what’s so funny.

seriously whenever i imagine makoto alone in his apartment in tokyo, all my thoughts go to;

save tachibana makoto from starvation xoxo

like how does the boy feed himself i am really worried

I’m so proud of myself

I’ve made so much progress since the last time I traveled

I haven’t felt the need to workout and going out to eat every night really hasn’t bothered me

It’s so much fun to try new foods - The cinnybun Oreos, Dunkin Donuts, SMORES cereal, waffle crunch, loaded nachos!!!!!

I’m really happy with how much I’m enjoying myself!!!!

Also blaming @aubernutter for all of the food recommendations omg so good