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things I'm looking forward to in the new Shatter Me books
  • ok well obviously Warner and Juliette fking these murder babies will literally be the death of me
  • more adorable Warner x James moments with James putting him on the spot in front of everybody
  • Kenji Kishimoto just in general
  • Seeing more of the Shatter Me world- we don’t really get to visit any of the Reestablishment out of our little sector. How are the other sectors run?? Are all the regents like Warner? Like his dad? Do they know what’s happening in 45??
  • Juliette kicking ass
  • Juliette and Warner kicking ass together #powercouple
  • Speaking of asses, Adam being less of one (hopefully)
  • Mayb eventually a Warner x Adam brotp??? I don’t rly mind if it happens or doesn’t happen but Adam needs to get over himself bc how cool would it be for Warner to have a family that doesn’t suck for once
  • I really would love a Kenji x Warner training fight the whole “I’ll gladly kick your ass if Juliette isn’t interested” thing needs to be canon
  • Juliette probably learning more about her powers and doing more awesome things (maybe she can fly who even knows at this point Juliette can do whatever she wants she can punch me in the face and I’d say thank you)
  • seriously we haven’t had a Warner pov since the beginning of unravel me so what we he thinking all throughout ignite me?? when all the craziest shit was happening? ? i need Answers
  • I m ean can u BeliEve we’ll be seei ng how mych he just lov s Julie tte??? from his acTUAL vIEWPOint
  • like
  • this is finee
  • i ll be fin e
  • (i won’t b ifne)

this is just what i thought of off the top of my head but yeah i guess u could say i’m Pumped

boyfriend~ yongguk
  • texts you good morning texts.
  • and they’re different every morning.
  • “good morning beautiful” or “it’s a beautiful day. i hope you have a BANGing day!” 
  • he tries really hard with puns.
  • likes to surprise you often and is extremely nonchalant about it.
  • like he’ll make you dinner before you get home from work and it’ll all be set up and ready, still hot, on the table and he’ll just be sitting at the tv, “not noticing you came it,” and just be like “oh you’re home? dinner’s ready. let’s eat.”
  • and he’ll do this whenever he feels like it (and ofc for special occasions!)
  • also the kind to buy you really large stuff toys and just brings one home on a random day.
  • he doesn’t even tell you he got one. he just places it on the bed and waits for you to enter the room to see it.
  • honestly byg you kill me.
  • lowkey smiles when you see all his surprises tho bc he loves it.
  • very very romantic.
  • he isn’t the type to publicly display it (even if he’s alone with you), but it’s through the little things that make him extremely romantic.
  • he keeps a hold of your hand in crowded places.
  • likes intertwining his hands with yours when you walk on the streets.
  • makes sure you’re on the inside of the sidewalk.
  • likes whispering things in your ears while walking.
  • they’re random like “look at the dog over there.”
  • if he sees you eyeing something, he’ll lowkey buy it for you.
  • always asks if you’re okay in any circumstances.
  • loves giving you back hugs.
  • and resting his head on your shoulders.
  • and sometimes he’d turn and kiss the corner of your jaw.
  • TT-TT
  • speaking of kisses, when you two do kiss, you can always feel his smile.
  • but then he gets really into them and starts pressing his lips closer to yours.
  • has a habit of trailing his hands from your back to your waist to your hips to your back again.
  • things get heated really quick whenever this happens
  • aNYWAY. when he’s really tired, he snuggling up against you and hugs you from behind and falls asleep like that.
  • he gave you one of his tigger plushies on your birthday.
  • he’s the only one he will share his full tigger collection with.
  • sometimes he stays at the studio and tries to pull and all nighter so you’d visit him when it’s really late but find him asleep on a bench.
  • when you try to put a blanket over him, he grabs your hand and pulls you down next to him.
  • in his groggy voice he’ll ask what you’re doing here and that it’s really late.
  • but he slowly falls back into slumber before you can say anything.
  • he gets a real scolding the next day because he’s not taking care of himself for staying up all night and skipping meals to make music and so he promises to eat all his meals and come home at a reasonable time.
  • he keeps his promise!!! he get’s home by eleven and send you pictures of him eating.
  • gets a lot of encouragement when you text him.
  • he’s super sweet and thoughtful. a man to his words. he is forever loyal and kind. he knows what’s right from wrong and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. he might get too caught up in his work but when someone sets him straight, he’ll start seeing clearly again.
  • he needs someone to guide him, push him, and pull him so he doesn’t lose sight, lose motivation, or get too caught up on his work.
Fairy Tail Chapter 521 Review

Let’s not waste time and dive right into FT chapter 521: The Strongest Mage

Oh god damn that’s cute. Hiro stop teasing the shippers, its going to end bad.

So we opened up with the newly restored Magnolia but the battle isn’t over-Wait What? Freed and Bickslow?! Where were you two during all this? Does Hiro just hate the Thunder God Tribe? Why aren’t you guys doing more stuff?

Um anyway another question I have, though this just may be a lot of nitpicking, why are all of them in Magnolia? Universe One was used to move Zeref to Fairy Heart. But it resulted in every one else getting moved around, so if Universe One is canceled shouldn’t everybody go back to where they were before hand, we see Lucy and Natsu get moved to her house which granted they weren’t there when universe one was activated but you see what I mean.

Mavis, shut up. You’ve proven you don’t have the right to act like the strategist a long time ago, stop trying to act like one now

Yes Laxus please keep coating on the message. But food for thought, why don’t you help fight instead of carrying the corpse? I mean you are heavily injured and recovered from cancer, Wahl’s fight, and the historia Hades fight. But clearly you have enough in you to walk and carry Makarov so maybe you should, I don’t know punch a fodder soldier.

MIRJANE BEAT JACOB!! yeah that’s not a surprise. Seriously, Mira is the second strongest woman in Fairy Tail and Jacob… Well Jacob is just awfuls so this fight wasn’t one I wanted to see.

Hiro are you self aware how stupid that quirk is? I mean just cause you acknowledge something is stupid or unfunny doesn’t automatically make it not stupid or unfunny.

Also “Strong”? Look Jacob’s magic, Stealth is transparency and that can be used in many cool ways. But Jacob didn’t use it to his fullest extent, I mean if you want to see someone use transparency to it’s fullest, check out Absalom from One Piece or if you want a Mashima character…

Ltangle from Rave used transparency amazingly against Musica. (Actually side trivia Ltangle is still the hardest character Mashima ever had to draw)

Umm where was I oh yeah Mira and Jacob are finished, next scene.

And Elfman and Lisanna beat Ajeel. OH COME ON, I WOULD’VE LOVED TO SEE THAT! I love Elfman and while I’m not the biggest fan of Lisanna, I totally could believe they could beat Ajeel. He’s even one of the more grounded in terms of magic, this would’ve been good.

Yajeel, when did you get here? No seriously when and actually how did you get here. Also Elfman thank you for having common sense.

And here’s also why I would’ve loved to see the Strauss siblings vs Ajeel because I get what this ending is trying to do, show both sides have families in this war, but this moment comes out of nowhere. We know Ajeel is the only spriggan with a shown family member that’s also on Alvarez’s side so have not only this fight be between Ajeel and the Strauss’s but also dive into Ajeel’s backstory, why is he fighting this war aside from being a Spriggan? He’s got family maybe he feels the need to prove himself. We never see Ajeel’s parents, maybe he lost them like Mira and Elfman lost Lisanna, Create some parallels between the Strauss and Ramal families that makes sense and earns this moment.

Again thanks for pointing out how selective this universe one thing is. I guess maybe they restoration just moved them outside the house. Also Brandish, Points for being smart enough to neutralize a potential threat. (Another side bar but is the outfit Lucy’s wearing looks just like the one she wore in the eclipse part of the GMG, I mean guys like Natsu and Laxus usually have the same outfit but Lucy’s clothing horse. It’s odd seeing her wear the same outfit)

No lie, this got a laugh out of me.

No ally? Brandish at this point I’m surprised you don’t have a fairy tail mark.

Wait Gray is still injured? Did you not heal him Porylusica? I ean you could say she has not magic and didn’t have the proper materials to perform healing but still you found blankets and bandages. Actually Lucy and Natsu are still prett banged up, were you going to fight Zeref in this condition?

Okay. Not going to lie but the imagery of standing atop Kardia cathedral with all this magic energy just shaking is pretty badass.

This just reminding why August is best Spriggan. His speech, his blood knight personality, and level of dread. It’s all so good.

He’s attacking with a meteor, well lets get Erza in on this right away

OR we go the route that makes sense and have Gildarts take it.

Oh don’t feel bad Laxus and Natsu broke that thing way before you did. Granted they didn’t utterly demolish it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gildarts vs August

Originally posted by achingtentacles

No lie my reaction.

So with Gildarts handling this Natsu runs off to search for Gray.

Um Zeref I could kinda understand you knowing Jellal, kinda, but Laxus? You’ve never met him or heard of him. Do you just know every member of FT who was on Tenrou Island. As for Jellal he’s somewhere in a ditch right now, away from the plot.

And it’s Gray. So our next chapter will be “Gray’s Trump Card”. Which knowing Zeref it really seems the best option would be Iced Shell and lock up Zeref away from everyone.

Also before I get into the post chapter follow up, there’s an announcement for next week having a color front page, okay. AN article on the “Dragon Cry” Movie, I don’t really care I just hope it’s a good movie. And it’s a double chapter, oh no. Look Hiro Mashima is an amazing artist and puts out material at an amazing rate, but that’s not a good thing for the story. Remember the Avatar arc and it’s constant double chapters? He was trying to zoom past it much as we wanted to. But this right Here is big, Zeref and Gray, Gildarts vs August, this is stuff you want to slow down for and give the proper time to.

Post Chapter Follow up: I want to like this chapter. It has a lot in it that I liked but also disliked.

Pros first, The set up with this is keeping me on the edge of my seat, it’s been awhile since I’ve been so eager to see some action, and unlike Erza and Irene where my standards for Erza fights were low, I have nothing but excitement for this.

GIldarts vs August, thank you Mashima for making a match up that makes total sense. Now this is going to sound odd but Honestly I’d be happy if they don’t show us the fight. What I mean is if they just cut to the fight ever now and then but no one’s winning or losing and have Zeref’s defeat or Acnologia arrival stop the fight because these two are so strong I don’t know if there is a way to make this truly satisfying.

Cons time now, for a build up chapter It really doesn’t do that till the ending pages. So in the beginning, were in this stretched out bit of recapping, that really nothing is going on.

But, it reaches this loss of momentum when we do the Strauss and Ajeel thing that makes everything stop for a moment that really doesn’t have enough foreshadowing and effort to make it as big as Hiro intended it to.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • Just breaks even
  • Slow first half followed up by an impressive second half
  • Nothing terribly stupid but nothing of that much worth

lizardprincess  asked:

I had a dream i adopted a lesbian betta and a lesbian "rainbow fish" and they were dating and in love and u were like they arent compatible theyll hurt each other!! And i was like ypu fool theyre in love!!