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“It’s Evangeline. Though, I’m not surprised you never heard anyone call me that. Only close friends should know that. It’s Schatz or any varient of that or nothing with Seb.”

“How’s that Leafeon of yours doing, anyway, Florence? Still kicking? I could play with her if you’d like~.”


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(COMMUNICATIONS KIN ANON) Who would you kin me with? I'm depressed, anxious, sleepy 24/7, big kid, hungry and hate school. I really want to know who people (or you) would kim me with. Please and thank you.

i m ean, kin is kinda something you figure out yourself??? @ kin ppl correct me if im wrong but

How do I even begin to explain Ahren Schreave?
  • Camille: Ahren Schreave is flawless.
  • Hale: He has two crowns AND a limousine.
  • Kile: I hear his hair's insured for $10,000.
  • Ean: I hear he does car commercials. In New Asia.
  • Henri: Favorite movie ees Notebook.
  • Fox: One time, he met Tessa Tamble on a plane.
  • Erik: And she told him he was hot.
  • Jack Ranger: One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.
boyfriend~ yongguk
  • texts you good morning texts.
  • and they’re different every morning.
  • “good morning beautiful” or “it’s a beautiful day. i hope you have a BANGing day!” 
  • he tries really hard with puns.
  • likes to surprise you often and is extremely nonchalant about it.
  • like he’ll make you dinner before you get home from work and it’ll all be set up and ready, still hot, on the table and he’ll just be sitting at the tv, “not noticing you came it,” and just be like “oh you’re home? dinner’s ready. let’s eat.”
  • and he’ll do this whenever he feels like it (and ofc for special occasions!)
  • also the kind to buy you really large stuff toys and just brings one home on a random day.
  • he doesn’t even tell you he got one. he just places it on the bed and waits for you to enter the room to see it.
  • honestly byg you kill me.
  • lowkey smiles when you see all his surprises tho bc he loves it.
  • very very romantic.
  • he isn’t the type to publicly display it (even if he’s alone with you), but it’s through the little things that make him extremely romantic.
  • he keeps a hold of your hand in crowded places.
  • likes intertwining his hands with yours when you walk on the streets.
  • makes sure you’re on the inside of the sidewalk.
  • likes whispering things in your ears while walking.
  • they’re random like “look at the dog over there.”
  • if he sees you eyeing something, he’ll lowkey buy it for you.
  • always asks if you’re okay in any circumstances.
  • loves giving you back hugs.
  • and resting his head on your shoulders.
  • and sometimes he’d turn and kiss the corner of your jaw.
  • TT-TT
  • speaking of kisses, when you two do kiss, you can always feel his smile.
  • but then he gets really into them and starts pressing his lips closer to yours.
  • has a habit of trailing his hands from your back to your waist to your hips to your back again.
  • things get heated really quick whenever this happens
  • aNYWAY. when he’s really tired, he snuggling up against you and hugs you from behind and falls asleep like that.
  • he gave you one of his tigger plushies on your birthday.
  • he’s the only one he will share his full tigger collection with.
  • sometimes he stays at the studio and tries to pull and all nighter so you’d visit him when it’s really late but find him asleep on a bench.
  • when you try to put a blanket over him, he grabs your hand and pulls you down next to him.
  • in his groggy voice he’ll ask what you’re doing here and that it’s really late.
  • but he slowly falls back into slumber before you can say anything.
  • he gets a real scolding the next day because he’s not taking care of himself for staying up all night and skipping meals to make music and so he promises to eat all his meals and come home at a reasonable time.
  • he keeps his promise!!! he get’s home by eleven and send you pictures of him eating.
  • gets a lot of encouragement when you text him.
  • he’s super sweet and thoughtful. a man to his words. he is forever loyal and kind. he knows what’s right from wrong and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. he might get too caught up in his work but when someone sets him straight, he’ll start seeing clearly again.
  • he needs someone to guide him, push him, and pull him so he doesn’t lose sight, lose motivation, or get too caught up on his work.

my lil brother asked me if it’s okay to marry a boy when he grows up he’s so
cu teee


Attack On Titan Challenge (that i totally didn’t just make up)

1/8 Relationships: Reiner & Bertholdt