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How do you headcanon Hide's face right now? Can you do a drawing about it? (If you want)

Sure! I’m not that good at drawing scars but I kind of still wanted to draw it. I feel like his face is probably more mutilated than this but I didn’t have the heart to ruin his face anymore than this rip

He might have brown hair now but I kind of forgot to colour it darker, and I’m still not totally convinced that his hair is dyed so just take this blond Hide. I’m also not sure if Hide might have just patches of his hair left, but again, this is wishful thinking on my part.

I’m still hell bent on the idea of Hide losing one of his eyes (preferably the left) so that he and Kaneki have an eye each to make up the two One Eyed Kings (you can tell I have a very heavy bias for this theory lmao)

As for his mouth, I think the cheek would probably be the best place to eat from since it’s more fleshy so I think Kaneki most likely took the most from there, but I’m not entirely convinced of Hide having no mouth because he was able to say “Aghmon” and you need lips to be able to pronounce an “m” sound.

I left the right side of his face intact because… wishful thinking, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And, of course, the canonical neck scar.

You're Different || Buttercream Squad Imagine

 I knocked on the door, an address that was sent to me when he had moved.
“Oh my god,” Joe mumbles out. 

“Hi, can I come in?” I ask.

Joe opens the door wider letting me into his flat. I make my way to where I can hear the sound of the other boys. Their eyes all immediately were drawn to me, all talking stopped.

“You’re different,” Oli is the first to say anything. 

“Yeah, heartbreak can do that to a person,” I say. My eyes rake over the group of boys that I used to call my friends.

“It’s not just that,” Joe pipes up, “You look different.”

“Yeah,” I nod my head, “Like a said heartbreak can do that to a person.”

“What happened? Your hair is darker, you dress different, you’re completely different,” Caspar asks.

“Well the clothes are easy, I’m not eighteen anymore, so I dress like an adult rather than a kid. I dyed my hair darker I was bored of my normal boring H/C hair, ” I shrug hoping they would drop it but they didn’t.

“Caspar was trying to ask what happened between you and Him,” Jack asks not wanting to say the name of the man that took you from them.

“I know,” I say, “He and I moved to New york after he told me to choose between you or him and then he humped and dumped my ass in New York alone, Now let’s get drunk.”

“But Y/N/N, it’s been two years since then, you’ve only just come back?” Mikey asks.

“I know, I was ashamed of myself and what happened so I stayed in New York,” I sign.

“You could have come back to us,” Joe says softly placing his hand on my knee.

“No I couldn’t,” I say standing up in front of the group, “I hurt you guys, badly, I chose him over you, I couldn’t just come running home.”

“We all make mistakes,” Conor say standing up and wrapping one arm around my neck.

“Now let’s get drunk,” Jack says laughing.

I laugh, “Welcome back Y/N.” Josh says softly.

And get drunk they did.

Cuddles of Many - Conor Maynard



I twisted and turned in my bed feeling so alone and so scared something would happen to me. I got up grabbed my keys and didn’t even bother to put on a coat or shoes. I just kept my bunny slippers on and headed towards my car. I jumped in and pulled towards Jack’s apartment complex. As I headed to the apartment I got out of my car and headed towards the door. I knocked multiple times and waited. The door opened and I saw Jack looking slightly annoyed.

“Why the hell are you here at four in the morning?” He asked resting his head against the door frame. “I was alone and scared and wanted to cuddle.” I answered. He chuckled at me. “This is why I love you, showing up at my flat at four in the morning just to cuddle.” He said. “What can I say, I just love my boyfriend.” I responded. “I can tell now come on Ms. bunny slippers.” He laughed moving out of the way so I can enter.

I rolled my eyes at him and let myself enter his flat and he closed the door behind me. “Now bed.” Jack said tired. I walked towards his room and fell onto his bed. Jack laid beside me and pulled me closer to him and kissed the top of my head. “Better?” He asked. “Way better.” I smiled turning so that I was facing his bare chest. “Night beautiful.” He whispered kissing the top of my head. “Night.” I hummed closing my eyes.


I heard a knock on the door and woke up and saw Jack groaning. “Don’t worry babe I’ll get it.” I whispered kissing his cheek. He mumbled a thank you and let go of me. I got up and left my feet bare footed because my slippers were probably still wet. I went to the door and looked through the peephole and saw a blond girl. I rolled my eyes and unlocked the door opening it.

“Oh did I come to the wrong door?” She asked. “Depends.” I responded still holding onto the door frame. “Who you looking for?” I asked. “Jack, Jack Maynard.” She responded. “Why are you looking for him?” I asked.  “Well you may think it’s stupid but I wanted to cuddle.” She smiled. “Who are you again?” I asked as politely as I could. “Oh sorry I’m Lana, Jack’s girlfriend.” She smiled.

“Jack!” I yelled for him as my heart broke in a million pieces. I heard Jack groan but he came around and wrapped his arms around me laying his chin on my shoulder with his eyes closed. “Who is Lana?” I asked. “Hmm?” He said and opened his eyes. “Shit.” He said. “I’m leaving.” I commented not even bothering to grab any of my shit. I brushed pass Lana and moved towards my car and realized that it wasn’t going to work. I mentally cursed at myself and leaned up against it closing my eyes.

MInutes passed and I heard a girl. “Need a lift?” I looked up and saw Lana. I wanted nothing more than talk to her. “You might be mad at me I get it, but why be mad at each other if we didn’t know about the other. It’s Jack’s fault.” She explained. “Yeah, I guess.” I said wiping some tears from my eyes. “What time is it anyways?” I asked. She lifted her phone out of her pocket and looked. “Like about five thirty.” She answered.

“So that lift?” I asked. “Yeah where are you going?” She asked. I gave her the address and she nodded. I got in her car and realized how cold I was. I mean I was only wearing a long shirt and only panties under. I was freezing. Lana on the other hand was all warmed up with a fluffy jacket and boots and all. She was a very beautiful girl and I understood why Jack wanted to be with her. We didn’t talk much in the car until she stopped in front of the building.

“Here let me give you my number.” She smiled pulling out her phone. I sighed. “I don’t have my phone. It’s at Jack’s but I’ll give you my number.” I smiled as she handed me her phone. I entered my number and gave her back her phone. “Text you later.” She smiled. I nodded at Lana and got out of the car running towards the door and entering the code. As I entered I headed towards the elevator to just see a piece of paper reading ‘Not Working’

Just my luck. I thought to myself. I headed towards the stairs and found myself walking all the way up the flights and flights of stairs. Reminder my feet were still bare and were now freezing making it hard for me to walk or do anything. As I made it to the door I opened it and let myself in heading to the couch and laid down and curled into a ball trying to warm up. That’s when all hell broke loose. Tears fell down from my eyes warming up my face.

I heard shuffling around and saw Conor looking at me. “Y/n?” He asked confused. Conor was my best friend and is always there for me. And I needed him more than anything at the minute. I looked at him and he rushed to my side. “Y/n are you okay?!” SHe asked concerned. I shook my head and shivered. He picked me up and cursed at me. “Y/n you’re so goddamn cold. Why aren’t you wearing any clothes.” He asked.

“J-jack.” I responded as he placed me down on his bed pulling the covers over me. “What did he do this time?” He asked annoyed. “Ch-cheat.” I answered. “That fucker.” He said about to leave. “No Conor d-don’t go.” I said through my tears. He turned and smiled at me. He laid next to me and turned to his side. “You’re most likely going to get sick you know.” He said. “I know.” I replied as my stomach did a jump. Every time I was around Conor it did it and I never understood why.

“Get some sleep.” He commented kissing my forehead. He always did that and it made me feel all warm and better inside. “Can you Get m-my stuff fr-from Jack’s?” I asked. Conor nodded at me and stroke my hair which he knew made me fall asleep faster. And I did. I feel asleep in less than five minutes.


I yawned opening my eyes and stretched out my body. I rolled over so I was laying on my back and sighed remembering what has happened. I was dying. Well inside. My mom has always said that it took nine months to make my heart don’t let someone go breaking it in fifteen seconds. Me and Jack had been dating littler under six months and me and Conor have been friends ever since I was about a newborn baby. He was there when I was born. He was there when I had my ups and downs. He was there when I had my very first period. And I could never ask for any other best friend.

I got up and found my car keys and phone next to me with my bunny slippers looking like shit on the floor. I got up on my feet and smelt the most amazing smell in the world. I walked out of Conor’s room and made it towards the smell and found Conor over the stove. “Did you really make my favorite?” I asked with a sweet smile. “Pizza pancakes? Most definitely I saw my girl in pain and I knew her pizza pancakes made her smile.” He smiled at me. I laughed and moved towards him wrapping my arms around Conor. “Thank you Conor.” I whispered laying my head on his back.

“You don’t need to say thank for anything I do. I do it because I love you and can’t bare to see you hurt.” He explained. I smiled and moved away swiping my finger in the mix and placed it in my finger. “Hey hey you get your dirty little monster fingers away from the batter.” He hissed swatting me away. I laughed at him. “I have clothes here?” I asked. “Yup, yin the draw with the rest of your clothes.” He explained. “Thanks Conor.” I sung walking back to the room.

I was feeling a lot better from smelling the pancakes. Now to the fact I had clothes here. It was normal because I always had my depressed days and I always had clothes here. So yeah. I grabbed a pair of leggings and long tie dye shirt saying good fines with a peace sign. I grabbed a black bra along with black matching pantoes and black socks and made my way into the bathroom starting the water to the shower. I dressed out of my pajamas and jumped into the shower. I felt my short hair from just above my shoulders get wet as the warm water fell down my back. I needed this.

I finished in about less than twenty minutes mostly because I couldn’t shave or that I wanted to. I hopped out of the shower and started to dry off and put on my clean clothes. By time I came back into the kitchen Conor was just placing the plate of pizza pancakes done. “Yay they’re done!” I beamed. Conor chuckled at me and I sat down biting into the pancake and fell onto the table. “They are way better than my moms.” I moaned against the table. “Weird cause I can’t cook for shit.” Conor laughed.

“I know, you burnt a frozen pizza.” I laughed. Conor laughed along with me. I continue eating my pancakes dying every time I took a bite and heard a knock on the door. “I’ll get it, continue eating.” He said getting up. “Can I eat your pancakes!” I asked as he went into the hallway. “No keep your damn monster hands away.” He hissed before opening the door.  I laughed and sneakily grabbed one of his pancakes out of the two he had left. I had that quickly and heard the door close. Conor walked back with something in his hand.

“What you got there?” I asked him as I place the plate in the sink. “Just something Jack gave me to give to you.” He commented throwing it on the table annoyed but then looked at me. “You dirty little monster!” He yelled. I giggled at him and he ran towards me. I basically had nowhere to go because I was stuck in the kitchen. He ran towards me and wrapped his arms around me attacking me. “Conor!” I whined. “Your such a little monster!” He hissed. “I ain’t little!” I whined. “You’re smaller than Mr.” He confirmed. “Yeah yeah no shoo.” I said pushing him away. He chuckled but let me go. I ran towards his room once again grabbing his last slice. “Y/n!” He yelled towards me. I giggled once again and closed his door locking it. I heard the door knob jiggle and I heard him groan.

“Come on babe, open up.” I felt weak in my knees as I heard that nickname. Not going to lie I never felt this way when Jack called me that. I fell to the back of the door and smiled to myself. “Come on let me in. I promise I won’t kill you.” His sweet voice said. I smiled and moved away opening the door. His body must of been against the door cause once I opened it he feel on top of me. I giggled as he picked himself up.

“Hey there.” He smiles at me. I smiled at him resting my hands on his shoulders. “Hi.” I responded laughing. He smirked sr me. “God you’re so beautiful.” He said in awe. I smiled at him feeling my stomach do the thing. “Your not so bad yourself Maynard.” I smiled. “Am I the only one who feels my stomach fall every time I’m around you?” He asked. “I feel it also.” I commented. “Good.” He smiles. I smiles back at him and pulled his head closer to mine so I can kiss his beautiful lips. I placed mine on top of his and he smiled against my lips.

He later and pulled away and smiled. “So beautiful.” He said again kissing my lips and pulling away. “So fucking beautiful.” He responded kissing my lips once again. “I love you Y/n.” Conor said. “I love you too.” I responded connecting our lips. “I just can’t keep my lips away from you.” Conor commented as he kissed my neck then my lips. “Conor.” I whined giggling. “I’m sorry, I just realized that I loved you all this time and my brother got to you but lost you and now all I want to do is kiss you all over and fuck your beautiful vagina.” He whispered in my ear. I laughed at him. “You horny male.” I laughed. “Sorry love.” He laughed.

“Can we cuddle.” I asked with puppy eyes. He smiled and nodded getting up and off me and pulled me up and placed me on the bed. He laid next to me and pulled me into his side. “Beautiful.”

Engraved pt. 13

<– Engraved 12 | Engraved 14 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 7992 
Warnings: nothing???? maybe like a sexual innuendo, and fraud
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: Sorry for not updating in so long! I hope you guys like it, share this please. I want it to read 40 notes before I update the next one. thank you for reading!

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A week later
Kyungsoo pov

He found you in the bathroom, after he’d gotten up to find the bed empty next to him. Your bed. He’d come home at 3am from a job, you hadn’t asked. All you had done was open up the covers and welcomed him in, where he pulled your back against his chest and dozed off easily.
But now he followed you to the bathroom, bare feet, clad in boxers and a shirt. You were leaning over the sink splashing water in your face. He wasn’t sure whether he should reply, but the bunching of the muscles in your shoulders were clear under the top you were wearing. Your legs shaking, bare apart from shorts.
“Go back to bed.” You whispered, finding his eyes in the mirror. Yours were sleepy, but wide awake. He immediately knew. 

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Coffee Shop.

               Ashley and I have always been rivals. At least in work. We’re both baristas and to make it worse our boss changed her shift since she and I made most money of the coffee shop and decided to put us together. Which was a bad decision.

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Hirose Tomoki 110916 Ameblo (extract)

Osaka! Thank you! (^O^)

With the members from today’s (talk show)!
The number of members have increased since the event for (Daiya no Ace THE LIVE) 1 haven’t they!


Fast forward time…
On the bullet train back, when I came back from the toilet there was a meat bun on top of my table…… (;▽;)ノ


He bought everybody’s share~ Wonderful (^O^)

But but when I was playing love live, “you’re play~ing that aga~in” he said to me but ever since then, Takuma has been attacking castles the whooooooole time, seriously!

Well but thank you for feeding me ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ (T/N: the word he used is actually in the context of how humans feed food to animals)

I took a photo of Suparu ( ´ ▽ ` )
Suparu purposely dyed his hair again for this event ( ´ ▽ ` ) You’re pretty good~!

This family head gives off the feel of a policeman from the west (laughs).

This photo gives of an indecent (fan) service feel….. and

Yes yes yeeeeees


I took some ref screenshots of Commander Osmia, and I figured I’d post them here too since I don’t think I’ve shown my idea for her final look yet.

The top images are the new hair color she’s getting eventually, and the bottom is her final outfit, including some skins I don’t have yet.

Please put Magnus’s Eyepatch back in the gem store anet, my crops are dying ;.;

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Sormik prompt number nine pretty please! Thanks!

(I’m assuming you mean from the dialogue prompts list? If not, I’m sorry! I went off prompt to “You’re amazing” and “Mikleo is amazing” and so on because baby Sorey thinks baby Mikleo is just the best ever. This is what happened when I started typing and I like it anyway so. Hope that’s okay!) 

Prompt - “Isn’t this amazing?”

No warnings, nothing but childhood floof.

Mikleo had been gone all day and Sorey didn’t like that one bit.

Gramps had stolen him and they’d been at the ruins and Sorey wasn’t allowed to come with them. Which was stupid because Sorey was always with Mikleo and nothing at all was fun without him. Even reading the Celestial Record was boring if Mikleo wasn’t there.

But Gramps had said that Mikleo needed to go away just for the day to do something very important, and something very private. Something just for seraphim. Sorey wouldn’t disturb them if it was important, but he was going to spend all day sulking until Mikleo was back.

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Halloween prompt maybe? Skimmons + car breaks down (or gets sabotaged, knowing these ladies' lives) in the middle of nowhere and it's getting dark

Halloween Prompt #1!

AO3 Link 

Daisy tried to appear calm as they drove deeper into the woods. Jemma, in the passenger seat, was completely at ease, and Daisy knew she would be teased relentless (and in really big words) if Jemma could see how nervous she was. 

I mean, who has a bonfire on Halloween night in the middle of the woods? That was when all the crazy murderers were out, if the spooky movies Daisy had been watching every night for a month were any indication. Also ghosts. Daisy peered out the side window and saw the moon creeping up the horizon. It was a full moon so, great! Werewolves too.

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I'm a grey with sort of yellowy hair, kind of a straw color, and I'm way too disabled to keep it dyed. When I've been outside a lot or I'm at work (I judge gymnastics competitions since my injury took me off the floor) people don't mistake me for yellow, but if I'm paler and just buying a sandwich I get treated really differently. I think talking about policy is kind of beside the point when most of people's lived experience of caste is day to day social stuff.

I’d be really interested in a project to collect peoples’ experiences of being read as a different caste. 

Body Shots (Michael Clifford AU)

“You have got to be kidding me?” those slipped my mouth as my best friend ditched me at a frat party for some guy. I didn’t even want to be here, I just wanted to curl up and watch 80’s movies but b/f/n had other ideas and dragged me with her. I sighed, the music was blaring some pop song, lights were flashing different colors in every direction and college students half naked dancing.

Somehow I managed to get past the sea of sweaty bodies to the kitchen where everyone is playing some kind of drinking game. Some were playing never have I ever in a circle on the floor, beer pong on the dinner table, and body shots were happening on the island in the middle of the kitchen. I walked over to the island where all the alcohol was located and took a bottle of beer. I took the lid off and started to drink.

“Hey! New girl, you’re next.” some guy said while picking me up and placing me on the island.

“What the hell!?”

“Body shots babe.” the guy who said this had dyed blue hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin. “Do you not want to do this? I just kind of thought you did since you were right by the crowd of people doing body shots.” I thought and grabbed the bottle of tequila in his hand and took two giant gulps and handed it back to him. I  rubbed some salt on my neck, layed down and lifted the end of my shirt above my navel.

“Alright, let’s do this.” and put the lime wedge in my mouth. I might as well attempt to be a normal college student and do this. The boy with blue hair smirked and poured some tequila in my navel. He licked and sucked the salt from my neck, went down and licked the tequila from my navel, came back up and took the lime wedge from my mouth. The whole time this was happening everyone around was whistling and shouting.

I sat up took the bottle from the boy’s hand and got close to his ear and said, “Your turn.” I hopped down from the island and he then took the spot I was just a second ago. He took off his jean jacket then his band-shirt, and if it was even possible he was paler. He laid down, placed the salt on his chest and said, “I’m ready.” he sang and placed another lime wedge in his mouth. I laughed and poured the tequila in his navel. I licked and sucked on his chest, and ended up leaving a bit of a mark in the process, drank the tequila from his navel and came back up for the lime wedge.

I sucked on the wedge, placed it on the island and said, “Well that was fun.”

“Very.” the  boy replied. And all the sudden everyone was screaming and running in all different directions.

“The cops are here!” someone yelled. Shit, I started to run towards the back doors and made it outside, b/f/n probably got lost in the crowd. Last time this happened we agreed to call each other once we were away from the party. Luckily my dorm wasn’t to far from here. I was about to start running towards the dorms when a hand grabbed my hand. I turned and looked at the blue haired boy the I was taking body shots off of.

“Babe, what’s your name?” his eyes showed so many emotions; anxiety, fear, and determination.

“I’m in a hurry.” I replied and ran to my dorms. Little did I know that I would meet this strange blue haired boy again.

~A/N: Hey, this is my first imagine, sorry if it’s crappy. This a College AU kind of thing, Not sure if I should do more parts to it or not. I hope you like it and please tell me what you think and give me some ideas for other imagines, preferences, etc.~

I was tagged by @karolinawunsche to do the selfie challenge thingy, but since I’m admittedly a vain hoe I took it a step further with this crappy snapchat video-turned-gif that I took right after I dyed my hair last month.
I know not everyone is comfortable posting selfies on here, so I’m not gonna tag anyone specifically, I’ll just invite anyone who feels comfortable to do it & tag me 😄

Momiplier Finding Out About Mark's Pink Hair
  • Momiplier: *calls Mark*
  • Mark: *picks up the phone* Hi mom, what's up?
  • Momiplier: I heard you're dying your hair pink.
  • Mark: Yeah... But it was for charity.
  • Momiplier: I'm flying out to LA and I'm gonna whoop yo ass.
  • Mark: Mom no! I promise I'll go back to my regular black hair after a month! I only took the dare as a challenge! It was only for charity!
  • Momiplier: .....When you come home to Cincinnati, I'll whoop yo damn ass then, but I will let you off this time since it was for charity... *hangs up*
  • Mark: *hangs up and sighs* I'm so dead...

Hello friends!! Well, I took my break from social media for about a good month, and man did that help. I was really able to focus on things that actually matter to me. Since then, I wanted to make a few changes! I dyed my hair darker and got bangs, decided to get gauges in my ears, and lost a bit of weight. I have never really been this happy EVER in my life. I am finally at a point where I can say “life is good”. 😊….and the fact that @taylorswift has a new album coming out in T-24 days is INSANE. I am so EXCITED [ok, that’s a bit of an understatement]. As you all know, I am one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans, and would do ANYTHING to hug that woman. I have looked up to her for so many years now (11+ but whose counting?!) and I do not plan on stopping. Taylor is a woman who literally has the biggest heart. She gives, she gives her money and support to well-rounded charities and to those who are less fortunate. Taylor continuously ‘lurks👀’ her fans’ social media pages, and isn’t afraid to drop off a sweet lil message…please y’all, name one big celebrity who does that?! The only one that comes to mind is @taylorswift.
Taylor is actually my PRIDE and JOY, along with many, MANY others. I can’t even fathom my life without her, and the kind of impact which she has had on so so SO many! Her music is ART. Literal ART. That gal rules the world. Her kindness, braveness, music, outstanding talent, and INSANELY beautiful looks really got her somewhere. And with that, that means that YOU can get there too. Please, you guys, never EVER give up on your hopes and dreams and be the exact person who you want to be. Just think- it’s all worth it in the end, and it pays off tremendously well. I cannot stress this enough but LOVE YOURSELF, BE FREE, LIVE EVERYDAY AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST, DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO IN LIFE, BECAUSE THERE IS NO STOPPING YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’m having a natural crisis ! Ever since I got my hair styled with layers it’s been a little rough having those perfect hairstyles. With the help of a local Dallas hairstylist, I took some hair extensions that I had from a previous style and dyed it to match my hair color. Let’s just say I’m getting pretty darn good with this hair stuff lol. In the pictures above are examples of different ways I can wear my hair with the vixen sewin. This is yet another protective hairstyle that I love to revert to. It gives me the same diversity of my hair as well as adding that extra length I had been waiting for. Updates will be coming soon and I will probably start some YouTube videos….the world may never know.



Derek Hale-The next great adventure

Imagine: Imagine going with Derek when he leaves Beacon Hills.

Pairings: Derek Hale/Reader

Warnings: Nothing

Word Count: 1522

Reader Gender: Female

Author: b-chocolatelover

Your name: submit What is this?

I laid my head on Derek’s chest and he had one arm around my shoulders keeping me close to him. I was listening to his steady heartbeats, thing that really relaxed me. Knowing that he is right there, near me, was enough to calm me down. After years of dangers I realised how lucky we are to be together at the end of the day.

But something happened to him. Since we have saved him from  Mexico, his powers were almost gone. His eyes became yellow again, he lost his speed and his force. He was nearly human.

“How far would you go with me?” I heard him.

I propped up on one elbow so I could look at him.

“What?” I asked.

“How far would you go with me?” He repeated.

“I don’t understand.” I furrowed my brows in confusion.

“Nothing, Y/N. Let’s sleep.” He said.

I had my back pressed against his chest and his  arm around my waist. I could fall asleep but I was still thinking. What did he want to say with that? How far I would go with him. In a holiday, maybe? No, we don’t have time for that. Especially now when we have to deal with a band of assasins. Does he want us to run? If yes, then how far, and when will come back? Will we ever come back? I wondered if I will be able to leave Beacon Hills behind; to leave my memories, my friends, my whole past behind. Then I wondered if I could live my life without Derek. Without those gorgeous green eyes which were looking at me like I am the most important person in his life. To sleep without his arms wrapped around me keeping me warm. Without telling him all the things that happened to me in a day. Being tormented by these thoughts and the fact that I was exhausted, lead me to falling asleep.


The next morning

“Promise me you will take Y/N back home.” Derek told Braeden.

She was looking at him, worry all over her face. “You will do that, Derek.” She said.

“I come to terms with the fact that I will die, you have to do the same.” He said.

“I will keep her safe.” Braeden said.

“Hey, Der!” I said descending the stairs. I went to him and pecked his lips.

“Hi” I said to Braeden.

“Hi, Y/N.” she mumbled.

“What happened?” I asked, seeing that she is a little distracted.

“Nothing. I’m just tired.” She answered.

I shrugged “Shouldn’t we get ready for the big Scott’s and Kira’s rescue mission?” I said.

“Yeah, let’s get ready.” Derek said.


I was standing on the passenger seat, and Braeden was driving to Mexico. Derek was with Stiles helping Liam, in the back of the car.

“Derek is not going to die.” I told Braeden out of the blue.

“What?” She tried to mask her nervousness.

“I heard you this morning. I am sure he will be fine.” I said.

“Lydia said…” She tried to say but I cut her off.

“I don’t care what Lydia said. Last night, he asked me how far I would go with him. That means he still believes in a future where we are far from that town.” I explained.

“I hope you are right.” Braeden said.

When we arrived and we got out of the car, Derek was attacked by a berserker. The others went to save our friends while me and Braeden stood with Derek. I already had tears in my eyes and my voice was trembling.

“You are not going to die, Der. You aren’t.” I cried, as I softly stroked his hair.

“Well, sweetheart, this wound is mortal and right now I feel pretty mortal.” He answered and tried to laugh.

“Remember what you promised.” he turned to Braeden as she slowly nodded.

“I guess this is goodbye.” Derek told me.

“No! Please, Derek, you can’t do this. We have future together. I can’t live without you.” I cried.

I pressed my forehead against his but he was gone. I wanted to stay there with him but Braeden pulled me up and lead me towards the van.
I tried to protest but she was stronger than me. I yelled and screamed to let me go but she locked me inside of the van. I punched the walls and searched for any way of getting out. From outside I heared horrible noises, I think they were made by those creatures. I wanted to help everyone but I was stuck there with no changes of escaping until the battle was over. The waiting was unbearable. I gave up because the only one who could set me free was Braeden. But anyway, I didn’t think I would have been able to fight after what happened to Derek. The reason I wanted to escape was to go to him. I wanted to stay with him, even though he is not here anymore. I wanted to kiss his lips one more time. If I knew that today was our last day together, I would have done something special.

I sat down on the car’s floor and had my arms tightly wrapped around my knees. “He can’t be dead.” I mumbled without stopping. “He is there. Derek is there and saves the day like he usually does.” I said ,trying to convince myself that he only pretended the whole thing and that he is actually alive. I heard the van’s back doors opening but I didn’t open my eyes. I didn’t care if it’s one of my friends or an enemy. It could have been a berserker but I really didn’t care.

“Whoever you are, you can kill me. I won’t do anything to protect myself. I just want to be with Derek.” I cried. I felt that person getting in and standing on the seat near me.

“Open your eyes, Y/N.” I heard the familiar voice of my boyfriend.

I felt shivers running down my spine. I slowly raised my head and turned in his direction. I furrowed my brows when I saw Derek. I raised one hand and stroked his cheek, wanting to see if he is really there or if is just an illusion. He leaned into my touch, closing his eyes for a moment.

“You were dead. I saw you dying.” I cried.

He took my hand and kissed it. “I was evolving. I reached the full wolf form.”

I shook my head in disbelief, and looked into his beautiful green eyes. “I can’t believe you are here. You are alive.”

“Maybe this is enough to prove you I am not a halucination.” He cupped my face and kissed me.

I ran my fingers through his hair and I slowly tug on it. Since there were one or two hours until morning, Derek wrapped his arms around me and I snuggle into his chest. In a few minutes I fell asleep. When the first rays of sun appeared, Derek woke me up with a few kisses on my forehead, my cheeks and, finally, on my lips. I slowly opened my eyes and smiled when I saw him.

“You are really here.” I said.

“I told you.Let’s see how are the others.” Derek said.

We get out and saw Peter being carried inside a car by Eichen house’s stuff. There was Argent and another group of hunters. He was saying goodbye to the pack and left. We were gathering around Braeden’s car while she was putting back all the guns.

“What are you going to do next?” Scott asked Derek.

“Leaving… First I will go with Braeden and then I don’t know” Derek said.

I turned to look at him. “What?” I whispered.

“That’s what I wanted to ask you the other night, Y/N. I felt that something is going to change and I started thinking about leaving. Would you like to come with me? ” he asked.

“Wh-Where? When are we going to return?” I asked.

“I don’t know the answer to neither of your questions. The only think I know is that I need to find myself and learn to control my new powers. And I want you to be with me. But I understand if you don’t want to. Beacon Hills is your home and I can’t force you to leave it.” He said.

I stood for a moment to think. I remember how destroyed I felt when I thought Derek died. When I was kneeling beside him and begging him to stay with me I knew the answer to his question. And I didn’t changed my mind.

“I would love to leave with you and help you find yourself. Find ourselves. I would love to travel with you. I want to be with you forever. You are my home, Derek. Yes I might have a past in Beacon Hills but I want a future with you.” I said.

“Until we meet again, then.” Scott said and smiled. We said goodbye to our friends and then get in the car ready to start our next great adventure together.

I Will Love And Protect You... [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

~ An imagine when Daryl witnesses Pete hitting you, and gets his revenge. You then confess your feelings to one another after holding them back for so long. ~


- requested by @musermallate

“Pete, I don’t understand why you’re being like this. Rick is a good guy! Why are you acting this way?” I spoke sternly, trying my hardest not to raise my voice as I attempted to reason with the man who believes our leader is trying to hit on his wife, Jessie.


Pete and I stood outside, just in front of the gates as I tried to tell him that Rick has no intentions of stealing his wife. Although I know that Rick and Jessie have chemistry, I also happen to know that Rick has too much respect for people and wouldn’t just wreck their marriage for the sake of his own happiness or satisfaction. It’s hard to keep up a relationship now, especially as you never know how long you’re going to get with someone before something happens and they die or you die. I guess that’s why Pete’s so afraid, but he’s a tough guy, we’ve seen the way he hauls Jessie around like he owns her. Occasionally it seems controlling and possessive, so I doubt Rick would go out of his way to challenge him.


I don’t know how I got into this conversation with Pete in the first place, but he doesn’t seem to be taking it too well. One minute I was with Daryl discussing the armoury, the next minute I was battling it out with a (most likely) abusive husband and obsessive control-freak who hates us. I wish Daryl hadn’t walked off to go help Aaron, he’d have so much to say to Pete. I’m no match to how tough Daryl is… I guess that’s why I admire him so much. Where is he when you need him?


“Rick and your group and you, you’re all trying to steal her. You’re trying to steal everyone here! You think you’re so much stronger than us, all because you’ve had to kill a few dozen walkers. Well unlike you, we’re civilised, we don’t pick a fight for no God damn reason!” He yelled, taking a couple of steps forward and getting too close to me. I swallowed a lump in my throat before looking the sadistic bastard dead in the eyes.


“You say that again…” I spat, teeth gritted as I balled my hands into fists and tried not to punch him square in the face for raising his voice at me, “Go on… I dare you. Say we’re not civilised. Say we’re killers… Go ahead.”


He chuckled slightly, shaking his head before sighing, “I don’t think so,” he said, before raising his arm and hitting me across the face. I fell back with shock, collapsing to the floor as my hand immediately flew up to my cheek as I pressed at the sore skin from the sudden blow. He looked down at me, his eyes boring into mine evilly as I breathed heavily, fear overtaking my body as I attempted to find the energy to stand up. My legs wouldn’t move, and I certainly couldn’t take my hand off of my face as I felt the heat from the already developing bruise on my cheek.


I heard a rustle behind me before something dropped onto the ground beside me. I looked down and saw Daryl’s crossbow sat on the grass, before he appeared above me, “HEY!” He shouted at Pete. Pete looked at Daryl and his eyes widened. I couldn’t tell what he was feeling but he began to back away, stumbling a little over his own feet, “Don’t you dare walk away from me. Come here… Come back if you think you’re so damn tough!”


Daryl stormed towards Pete, grabbing him by the shirt and holding him directly in front of him as they glared at one another, “Are you gonna tell me why you just hit her? Why you just hit her across the face, sending her flying onto the ground? Huh?!” Daryl shoved Pete hard, causing him to fall onto the ground opposite me. He glanced over at me and for a moment I thought I saw an apology in his eyes before Daryl leant down and grabbed him by the chin, “Don’t you even look at her you son of a bitch!” He landed a punch beside Pete’s eye, and I could almost feel the pain rushing through my own body as the sound of Daryl’s fist colliding with Pete’s cheekbone made my spine tingle.


“Daryl…” I whimpered. He turned to look at me, and I could see the sheer hatred in his eyes for Pete as his eyebrows were furrowed and his pupils were dilated. His mouth hung open as he panted, his hair sticking to his forehead as beads of sweat trickled down his face. He walked over to me slowly before crouching down and moving my hand away from my face. He grazed the skin with the back of his fingers, making me wince from the pain, “What are you gonna do?” I whispered, leaning towards him so our faces were inches apart. I desperately wanted to kiss him in that moment, not only to thank him for protecting me, but to show him what I’ve been dying to tell him since we met.


He took in a deep breath before exhaling. His breath hit my face, making my body shiver as he stood up and wiped his face on his shirt.


“Wait and see,” He smirked, before going straight back over to Pete and kicking him. Pete cried out in pain as Daryl thrashed him in the side with his foot, his boot colliding with Pete’s ribcage over and over again, making the man writhe around on the floor and beg for him to stop, “This… Is what you get… For hurting… Y/N!” He squatted to the ground and grabbed Pete by the throat, pushing him into the dirt, “You don’t know how much I wanna kill you right now…” Daryl almost laughed before standing up and kicking Pete one last time, “You hit anyone else here and I swear the next time we talk I’ll shoot an arrow through your skull, you got that?!… Come on Y/N.”


Daryl helped me up off of the floor before grabbing his crossbow and slinging it over his shoulder. We walked to my house, leaving a bloody and whimpering Pete on the floor. Daryl put his arm around me and helped me inside, sitting me down on the couch before disappearing.


He came back into the room with a towel and some ice. He wrapped the ice up inside the towel before he gently pressed it to my face, making me flinch and cringe as he moved it over my cheekbone, trying to prevent a giant bruise from forming anytime soon. We sat there in a comfortable silence, his heavy breathing the only sound in the room as he looked after me. I watched as the perfectly rugged man took care of me, softly pressing the ice to my wounded face, and hushing me whenever I whined at the pain. He finally pulled the towel away as the ice began to melt and became ineffective. He left it on the coffee table as he shuffled on the couch to get closer to me.


He placed his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him for a one-armed hug. I wrapped my body around his, craving his touch as I forced everything in me to not cry or show weakness. I need to show that Pete can’t get to me… “Daryl, why did you defend me?” I asked suddenly, not controlling the words spilling out of my mouth as he tilted his head to look at me. I looked up at him as he raised his eyebrows, thinking of a reply.


“Why wouldn’t I?” He simply asked as if it was obvious.


“I… I don’t know. I just thought that -”


“You thought I’d just walk past and watch him beat the shit out of you? Y/N… You know I’m no passer-by, he wasn’t gonna get away with that…”


I looked at him for a moment, taking in his every feature as I searched for an answer in my mind but couldn’t find one. I sighed before sinking into his grasp again, burying my face in his chest and breathing in his scent. He coughed loudly, and I instantly saw it as a sign of discomfort, so I pulled away and moved to the side, away from him, “No… I didn’t mean -” He started and I just shook my head.


“It’s fine Daryl. I get it.”


“No you don’t,” He stood up and began to pace the room in front of me, his finger and thumb squeezing the bridge of his nose before he stopped and stood directly opposite me, staring at me, “I didn’t just protect you because I thought you needed my help… I did it because, well… I was scared. I was scared he was going to seriously harm you or even worse - kill you. I couldn’t let that happen! I’d feel empty for the rest of my life without you here. I wouldn’t be able to cope, everything happened so fast over there. I knew I had to show him that he’s not the boss or I would’ve regretted it until the end of time. You don’t know how hard life would be without you Y/N… You don’t know. That’s why you don’t get it.”


“I… I don’t understand. Daryl, y… You’re so strong what do you mean life would be difficult without me?”


“Because I love you!” He blurted out, his eyes widening as he obviously realised what he’d just said. I was relieved I hadn’t stood up from the couch or I would’ve fallen straight back onto it after hearing those words leave Daryl Dixon’s mouth… “Well, there! Now you know.”


“Daryl… I…”


“I get it, you don’t feel the same. Spare me the sympathy speech Y/N, I kind of saved your life let’s just leave it at that, yeah?”






“I said no. We’re not leaving it at that, we’re not leaving it at anything. If you would just give me a second to speak you’d know that I was about to say I love you too.”


“Y… You do?


“Yeah, I do. And you don’t know how terrifying it was for me to watch you fight with the guy! He could’ve hurt you too but he didn’t which I’m so glad of but… I don’t know, the same things you’ve just said were the exact same things that went through my head too.”


I stood up from the couch and walked over to him, placing my hand on his shoulder, “You really do love me?” He asked, and I nodded. I pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek before feeling his arms wrap around my back and pull me close, as he too kissed me, his lips softly brushing my temple, before he whispered, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear that…”




Hey everyone! Sorry for not writing any imagines lately, school work is totally killing me at the moment! I hope you like this imagine!