i dyed my hair !!!

I know what I'm being for Halloween!

I know what you’re thinking. “Dream, its March!” “How can you possibly know already?!” Well, let me tell you! First off, last year I wanted to be this. I didn’t know what I was being at the time, but it was too late to change my idea because I was already getting things for the original costume. Second, It’ll be fun! I should tell you what I’m doing for Halloween. I’m being everyone’s favourite tv senior reporter, Wilford Warfstache! It’ll be so much fun! I just need to get some things! I’ll also be dying my hair pink again just for this! I’ll keep you guys updated!

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Shirtless, Senior year, ok-about-his-scars, bandanna-wearing Captain Neil.
Here we see the results of Neil having possibly channeled all his nervous energy- re:Andrew being away- into gym time and runs.

Idk I drew this at work. Stealthily. So my coworkers can’t guess how gay I am.

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