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➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader

➤ Genre/word count: Angst, Future Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU / 7,174 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

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“What’s it like?” Bittle asked one evening as they settled on Jack’s couch with their nightcaps: red wine for Bittle, chamomile tea for Jack. “Being bi?”

Jack chuckled. “That’s a complicated questions, Bits.”

“Oh, c’mon,” Bittle said, taking a small sip of the petite syrah Jack’s parents had sent them after Jack announced their relationship. “You’ve heard all my bellyachin’ about growing up gay in Georgia-” He was cut off momentarily by the beginnings of Jack’s protests, but waved him off. “Fine, my completely legitimate struggles. Better?”

Jack grinned and nodded. Bittle rolled his eyes fondly.

“But you rarely talk about your experiences. When did you know you weren’t straight? How did you realize you liked girls and boys? Was it harder or easier or just different being bi in Juniors?”

“You’ve thought about this a lot,” Jack said mildly, blowing at the steam rising from his mug.

“Of course I have,” Bittle said with an exasperated look. “I think about you a lot.”

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Never Would Have

Requests: “Could you do an imagine where the reader is also a witch and with Kai. Just after he died the reader found out she was pregnant. She had twins (whatever genders). When Kai came back in the latest episode, Damon calls her to tell her that he’s back when him and Kai are in the car and Kai hears the twins in the background (maybe they call her mom or something and he knows she’s their mother). Then the reader brings the twins to see him? Thanks xx” (Credits to gif owners!)

“You guys be good, Damon is calling.” Y/N gave a stern look to her son who was about to tackle his sister. The twins stopped, nodded and sat on the floor together to watch cartoons. The ringing phone reminded Y/N that she had to answer soon or else it would go straight to voicemail. Lately when Damon called it was important. She gave it a second after pressing the answer button, “Hello?”

Damon was in the car. She knew that much. A window was down and there was heavy breathing. “Y/N!” She knew the vampire was smiling. “How is my favorite…household?” Y/N wiped her forehead. What? “Uh look, you don’t have to answer that.” He was struggling. “Can uh…can you stop by my place? Say, ten minutes?”

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Doubt (reader x Bucky Drabble)

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha

Summary: A competition about who loves the other more reveals a deeper, sadder truth. 

Warnings: some fluff, then the angst. Sorry. 

Word Count: 1082

A/N: I don’t know where this came from but my brain wanted some late-night angst, so here you go. Perhaps I shouldn’t dwell on past relationships and their pitfalls late at night. Hm…

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You paused for a moment, tangled in an impossible dress that Natasha insisted you try on. Where the hell were the sleeves in this thing?!? Defeated, you decided to pull the dress off over your head and reassess the sleeves/neck hole/straps situation. Only Nat would find interest in such a complicated article of clothing.


Freed from the cloth, you smoothed down your hair and took another look at the dress.


“If you don’t answer that damn phone, I’m gonna smash it,” the redhead bellowed from the changing room next door.

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Sophia takes on the role of Beverly, the only girl in the group of kids who discover the shapeshifting clown, Pennywise. “Beverly is strong, brave, and loyal,” she describes. “She has lived–literally in the same house–with her fears for a long time.” She continues, “We certainly have very different lives, but I think both of us basically don’t dwell on the past and try to learn from our mistakes.”

I guess I shouldn’t pretend that I didn’t feel the end coming, some words come easier than the truth. I’ve been saving my thoughts for a rainy day, but it’s everyday. I’ve been saving my feelings for a better day, there’s no better day than today, right? I’ve been saving every dime to buy myself a new smile, I’d go broke just to see it happen. I’ve been saving my heart for someone special, I really should just look into the fucking mirror. and the only thing distance has taught me is how far my feelings can travel, how breaking windows with loose change only makes my pockets deeper. they will tell you that distance is why we love harder - we’re always stretching for words to find the meaning our hands close on alone, trying to find ways to hold on while borrowing breaths we don’t have. After a while, it’ll feel like I never even knew you… but loving you was worth losing you. I guess I really shouldn’t write about you anymore, but I will. I guess I really shouldn’t love you anymore, but I will. I guess I really shouldn’t dwell on the past anymore, but I will. The drugs will sound a little softer the next time my heart decides to sound out your name in a rhythm of hey, i remember you like it was yesterday, the way your smile invited my lips over for a conversation, the way your body language said we’ll be just fine, you and i, the way your heart doesn’t beat like it used to, the way my eyes looks when it’s past 24 hours of no sleep, the way my words seem like a maze, the way that i’ve wronged you, the way that i write about it in every metaphor, the way that we weren’t meant to work, but we did and that’s the worst part, isn’t it? even love turns its back on you.
—  The Ate & The Bunso
Sigil List of thesigilwitch

This post is an attempt for me to compile all the sigils I created during my time as thesigilwitch, as well as the sigils that were made and posted by me at thesigilworkshop. For (what I hope is) convenience’s sake, they will be sorted by intent / purpose, alphabetically.

Some of these are so, so old, and I’m so ashamed of them, but here they are.


Animals and Pets


Communication and Speech


Courage and Bravery


Deities and Worship


Employment and Business


Focus and Concentration


Habits and Addictions

Health and Healing

Home and Hearth

Invisibility and Concealment


Magic and Spellwork

Memory and Clear Mindedness

Mental Health


Money and Finances


Moving On

Plants and Gardening




Relationships and Love

Self Love


Spirit Work




Truth and Honesty

Joke Sigils

why i love the dialogue in dghda

It’s so different from the dialogue of other shows I’ve watched and liked. The dialogue in something like Doctor Who, for example, is mostly (aside from basic things like moving the plot forward, character development, etc) focused on being clever. The Doctor gives lots of inspiring and awesome speeches, everybody banters a lot and gets to make lots of witty remarks. And it works for Doctor Who.

But Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a totally different kind of show. And you can tell that the writers are really clever and good at writing dialogue, but you can see it the most when the characters are saying really stupid shit.

Some examples (that I wrote down from memory so there’s probably a bunch of mistakes):

– The entire conversation about the “same day termination” in Horizons

– Highlights include: “When things happen they happen immediately, that’s what ‘happening’ is.” “No, Todd. Sometimes when things happen, they don’t happen.”

– The entire ‘hostage exchange’

– Gordon Rimmer’s ‘monologue’ in episode 6

– “What the hell is a potahto?”

– “Something I’ve learned is that when I’m looking behind me, I can’t see ahead of me.” “Are you saying that dwelling on my past is holding me back?” “No, I mean I literally can’t see over here when I’m looking back there. That’s why it’s good to have you here. Together we can see in two places at once.” “Want to dig up more weird crap buried by a dead guy?” “More than anything else in the world.”

– “You’re a person of interest. Permanently. Even though you’re not necessarily an interesting person.” “That feels unnecessarily rude.”

– “Mnishkin Parambulars”

– Anything Friedkin says tbh

– “Fat people???”

– Anything to do with Friedkin tbh (even his lines in the last episode but I’m not gonna quote those)

– “How much [money] do you have?” “Seventeen thousand dollars.” *pulls out fucking giant wad of bills*

– “How did you do that?” “With my hand!”

– “Yes. No. M- Maybe. I don’t know.” “Are you aware you just gave every possible response to that question?”

– “It’s a… Bad News Calendar Machine.”

– “Maybe life is like that. Just an endless series of rooms with puzzles and eventually one of them kills you.” “That’s… dark and depressing.”

– “Hope you’re not claustrophobic.” “No, I don’t even like coffee.”

– “Let’s move back to Kansas and be farmers.”

– “We’re the police, Todd. We investigate shit!”

– “There’s a lot of wording happening, should me no talk good ‘cause blood aaaaaall gone. Arrow have.”

– “…When a kitten went off and set off a shark explosion.”

– “Sometimes you say things and it’s like you’re just… saying things.”

This is just becoming a list of my favorite lines, but there’s a reason they’re my favorites, and it’s this. It gives me the feeling that the characters are just letting their thoughts become words as they happen, especially when they’re emotional or having an argument with someone. It’s actually like they’re just saying things.

Aside from that, the dialogue in serious and important moments tends to be very simple language. Dirk is just verbose as a person, especially at the beginning when he’s rolling out all his prepared speeches about the interconnectedness of all things (when Bart makes this same speech to Ken, it’s a lot more natural sounding, A+ dialogue-as-character-development), but when he talks to Todd in the woods in episode 5, the language he uses is much simpler. The whole “it’s just you making excuses for your excuses” bit hit me like a punch in the gut, and I think how simple it is is a huge reason for its effectiveness.

The “together we can see two places at once” bit above is another example of this that is both profound and very silly.

Also, both Dirk and Todd, and Estevez and the police chief guy, get into That Kind Of Fight where you both just yell the same thing at each other over and over, which is hilarious and also very real.

tl;dr the dialogue in this show fits perfectly with the tone, and I love all of it, whether it’s stupid or profound or both.

No More Sad Songs [Sad Songs pt2]

A/N: It’s up!!! Part 2 of Sad Songs! I tried to make this as interesting as the first part, but I’m not sure if it’s good. I hope you guys like it! Send me some requests okay? 

Word Count: 1, 337

Pairings: Tom Holland x reader, Harrison Osterfield x reader

Warnings: None


You can read Part 1 here

Three months later

The morning sunshine peeked into your room, causing you to squint. You rubbed your eyes and pushed the covers off your body.

“Morning babe.”

You turned around and saw a tired Harrison lying in your bed. You stared into his striking blue eyes and smiled.

It had been three months since your break up with Tom, and somehow you ended up with Harrison. Harrison had been an absolute saint for the past three months. The day after your break up with Tom, he came over with Chinese takeout, chocolates and movies.

“What are you doing here?” You hissed, “here to do Tom’s dirty work?”

Harrison frowned, he knew you were hurting. You were always down and crushed the day after a breakup.

“No… I’m here to make you feel better. I’m sor-”

“Harrison,” You sighed. “You don’t have to do what Tom asked you to. I’m fine. Zendaya will be here for me tomorrow. You can tell Tom to give these to his new girlfriend.”

Harrison furrowed his brows again. He knew that you’d think Tom wanted this, but in actual fact, he wanted to be a good friend for you.

“I’m here because I want to make you feel better. I want to be a good best friend. I know I haven’t been that great, but let me make it up to you by being here for you now.” He said and stepped into your house.

You smiled. You were touched by his actions and words. You thought that by breaking up with Tom, you were going to lose both your boyfriend and best friend.

“Alright, but we’re watching Confessions of a Shopaholic first.”  

A smiled crept up onto his face.

Harrison had been amazing. He showered love on you for the past two months, and he made you forget about Tom. He made you his girlfriend within a month.

You were sitting on the sofa. With his arm draped around your waist, you leaned on Harrison. He turned to you, smiling at how focused you were on the movie. You tore your eyes from the screen and looked up at him. You smiled.

“What is your take on us?” He blurted out. His eyes widened to the size of saucers. He shouldn’t have said. He thought he had killed the mood.

“What?” You were stunned by his question. In all honestly, you considered dating Harrison.

He gathered all his courage.

“Would you give us a chance?” He gulped.

With no hesitation, you answered.

You were attending the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as Harrison’s plus one. You were on the red carpet with him. You were in a coral chiffon dress, to match Harrison’s Tiffany blue suit.

You looked around the red carpet, looking for your favourite Star Wars actors, until your eyes met his. Tom Holland. You took a deep breath and looked at Harrison. You knew that he was going to be here, and you were hoping to avoid him for the whole premiere. You looked up, trying to spot where he was. He was walking towards you. You held onto Harrison’s arm a little tighter.

“Babe what’s wro-”

“Harrison! It’s been a while mate.” Tom smiled at Harrison and offered a hug. Harrison let go of your arm and embraced Tom. You stiffened.

“Hello Y/N.” Tom flashed a smile at you. You nodded and avoided his gaze. You were afraid of lashing out in anger and sadness.

“Are you alone tonight? No date?” Harrison asked. Tom shook his head.

“Is your girlfriend not free?” You hissed.

“Actually… We’re not together anymore. Anyways, could I steal you for a second Y/N?” Tom used his puppy eyes to plead with you.

You agreed after Harrison nudged you slightly.

You walked with Tom to a dressing room. You were nervous. You were afraid that you’d snap at him and storm out in tears.

“Tom you better not make me cry. My mascara is not waterproof.” You warned. He laughed.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” He started. “I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I know what I did was horrible. I just feel so shitty about it and I want to have yo-”

“It’s alright Tom.”

“What? How can it be alright? What I did was unforgivable. It was terrible. I shouldn’t have done it.” He ran his hand through his gelled hair. His hair was in a mess now. You stood up and moved to him. You helped him to tame his mane.

“It’s fine Thomas. I’ve healed. I forgotten the past. I forgive you.” You reassured as you combed his hair. His eyes lit up.

“Does this mean you’ll give us another chance?” He pleaded.

You longed to say yes. You wanted to run into his arms again. You wanted the comfort of him being there. You wanted to feel loved by him again. You knew that you still loved him. But you were with Harrison. You couldn’t break Harrison’s heart. You couldn’t break Tom’s heart.

“I…” You started. You couldn’t do this.

“There you are. Premiere’s starting. Let’s go.” Harrison poked his head through the door. Thank God for Harrison.

You couldn’t focus. You couldn’t pay attention to the movie. All you could think of was how torn you were between the two. You had to make a decision. It would be bad to break Tom’s heart. It would be ruthless to break Harrison’s. Harrison had been perfect. He never wronged you. You excused yourself from your seat. You felt uneasy.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Tom.

“Tom… I…” You didn’t know what to say.

Tom held your arm and looked at you. His gaze was filled with concern. He squeezed your arms. His hands firmly planted on them. You looked away from him.

“Babe… What’s going on?” Harrison asked.

You didn’t expect him to follow you out. You thought that he’d be too caught up with the movie. You sighed. You knew you had to face this sooner or later.

“Harrison… it’s nothing.” You fell away from Tom’s grip and looked at your boyfriend.

“No… something is bothering you. Talk to me Y/N.” Harrison hardly called you by your name when you were together. He only called you by your name when he was serious or angry. And he was serious.

“Mate… relax. She’s fine.” Tom rested a hand on Harrison’s shoulder.

“No, Tom. she’s not.” Harrison glared at Tom. “She hasn’t been okay? For three months. She hasn’t been fine. I’ve been there for her. I’ve been there to comfort her. Where were you? Where were you when she was broken? Busy snogging your girlfriend?” Harrison spat.

“I haven’t. I broke up with her the day Y/N left me. For thr-” Tom started but you interrupted.

“Stop it. Stop it Tom.” You sighed. You didn’t want trouble. You wanted to be at peace with him and whatever feelings there were.

“I’m sorry Tom,” You started. “I forgive you for what you did. I need you to understand that. Yes, you made a mistake, but you need to learn from it and move on.  I hope that you can be at peace. Don’t dwell on our love. Find someone new.  I realised that I shouldn’t dwell on the past. I should be putting it behind me and moving forward. And I’ve done that Tom. I’ve moved on. I’m sorry Tom. I still love you. But I have Harrison, and I love him. So I’m really sorry. I hope that you can understand.”

You looked at Tom. He bowed his head a little, thinking. You knew that you had to do this. You were with Harrison and you love him. Tom had to move on. He needed to let go of you, to stop holding you back.

Tom walked up to you and looked into you eyes. You gazed at the familiar pair of brown eyes and smiled. He inched closer to you, your noses touched. Then he lifted his head and planted a kiss on your forehead.

“I understand. I love you Y/N. Thank you.”  

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March 31, 1997 - 20 years ago Dylan began his journal

Life existence


AH yes, this is me writing… just writing, nobody technically did anything, just i felt like throwing out my thoughts - this is a wierd time, wierd life, wierd existence. As i sit here (partially drunk w. a screwdriver) i think a lot. Think… Think… that’s all my life is, just shitloads of thinking… all the time… my mind never stops… music runs 24/7 (xpt for sleep), just songs i hear, not necessarily good or bad, & thinking… about the asshole [edited] in Gym class, how he worries me, about driving, & my family, about friends & doings with them, about girls i kno (mainly [edited] & [edited]), how i kno i can never have them, yet i can still dream… I do shit to supposedly ‘cleanse’ myself in a spiritual, moral sort of way (deleting the 'limits’ on my comp, not getting drunk for periods of time, trying not to ridicule/make fun of people ([edited]) at school, yet it does nothing to help my life - moraly. My existence is shit. To me - how i feel that i am in eternal suffering. in infinite directions in infinite realities - yet these [Dylan scribble] realities are fake- artificial, induced by thought, how everything connects, yet it’s all so far apart…. & i sit & think… Science is the way to find solutions to everything, right? I still think that, yet i see different views of shit now like the mind - yet if the mind is viewed scientifically… HMM I dwell in the past… thinking of good & bad movies

a lot on the past though… ive always had a thing for the past - how it reacts to the present & the future - or rather vice versa. I wonder how/when i got so fucked up… my mind, existence, problem - when Dylan Benet Klebold got covered up by this entity containing Dylan’s body… as i see the people at school - some good, some bad - I see how different i am (aren’t we all you’ll say) yet i’m on such a greater scale of difference (as far as I kno, or guess) I see jocks having fun, friends, woman, LIVEZ
[two drawn arrows pointing down to the text below]
or rather shallow existences compared to mine (maybe). Like ignorance = bliss - they don’t know this world (how I do in my mind or in reality, or in this existence) yet we each are lacking something that the other possesses – i lack the true human nature that Dylan owned, & they lack the overdeveloped mind/ imagination/ knowledge tool I don’t sit in here thinking of suicide gives me hope, that i’ll be in my place wherever I go after this life. that ill finally not be at war w. myself, the world, the universe - my mind, body, everywhere, everything at PEACE… me- my soul (existence). & the rotine - is still monotonous, go to school, be scared & nervous, somewhat hoping that people can accept me… that i can accept them… the NIN song Piggy is good for thought writing… The lost Highway sounds like a movie about me… im gonna write later, bye - <<-VoDkA->>

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Do you know any good noragami fanfiction i should read?

ohohohohohhooooo, you have come to the right place.

In Spring I Said I Love You by @fushiginokunino​ has yet to be dethroned as the fic that gave me the most feels, and if you read I dare you not to get misty. It’s very sweet and very well-written and I can’t recommend it enough.

In the Darkness is the published fruits of @yatorihell​‘s labor on a Harry Potter AU. Good luck surviving it. Everything in her collection so far has been very humorous, in-character, and well-written.

May Our Fates Intertwine by 79AuRa88 is a poignant fic with a gorgeous, melancholic, fairy-tale-esque narrative style. It’s been one of my favorites for a very long time.

Now and Forever is an ongoing fic by @leopah​ about what would happen if Yato made Hiyori his shinki after the hospital arc. Ina is an astounding writer and has meticulously shaped her speculation in this fic so as to make it feel basically canon. It’s also a trainwreck of emotions, OTL. (She also updates regularly every Saturday. Go forth.)

Red by pseudocitrus is a classic bittersweet Yatori fic. Their writing is incomparable.

reverse by songs is a short, sucker-punch of a fic that kind of broke me…forever. blight is a bit longer, and had much the same effect.

Solstice by threesmallcrows is one of the staples on my rec list, simply because it’s phenomenal. It’s also one of the first norafics I read, and very near and dear to my heart. (It does get rather dark in moments, so keep that in mind.)

Swing For the Fences by @eerna is an amazing fighter AU that is very cleverly and beautifully written. (AND IT HAS ART!! Seriously, who told her she could be good at art and writing.) I’m not personally caught up on this fic yet, but that’s going to change very soon (I swear).

@sinemoras09 is another incredible author who walks the line between hilarity and heartbreak in a lot of their fics. Thousand-Year-Old Virgins exemplifies the former, A Blessing the latter. Their AO3 page is here, and it’s basically Kazubisha heaven.

@the-delivery-god has a ton of amazing Noragami fics on her AO3. A lot of them are super heartwarming and fluffy, which is great for the current state of the manga. :’) I really love It Started With a Text and Dwelling in the Past.

7 Years: Part 5

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been 7 years since you walked away from the love of your life.

Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Belle was excited about her tournament today. She was ready to “kick some butt” as she liked to say. 

Bucky actually surprised you and showed up at your house in the morning, “How-”

“Steve.” Bucky said with a smile.

You rolled your eyes, “Remember to kick his a-”

“Daddy!” Belle came running into Bucky’s arms wearing her all black gi and a white belt.

“There’s my lil fighter! Look at you! You ready to win the gold today?”

“Yeah! I’m gonna kick their butts!” The little 7 year old exclaimed as Bucky set her back on the floor.

You giggled, “Alright my little butt kicker. Go finish your breakfast.” Belle ran back into the kitchen and you looked at Bucky, “You wanna eat? I made pancakes?”

“Your chocolate chip and strawberry ones?”

“Of course.” You said smiling.

“How can I say no to that?” He walked into the house and closed the door. “Oh,” he picked out a rose from the back of his pocket and held it out to you, “This is for you,” You took it and he gave you a kiss on the cheek. You couldn’t help but smell the rose and blush. 

“You better not finish all of the pancakes!” You hollered at him.

“No promises!” Bucky yelled back.

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I guess Im just a really nostalgic person. I just really miss the memories we shared. From staying up until 3am cuddling and saying sweet nothings to each other to confessing how much we both loved one another. Now I just look at old pictures and dwell too much into past moments that made me the happiest.

4.18.17 // 9:30pm // april 17-23 weekly spread

remember when i said i’d post more regularly since my busy week is over? yeah its still busy… i’m trying though, i promise

here’s my spread for the week! i messed up about a billion times on the quote part on the left, so i covered it up twice (the page is now very stiff). i also messed up the numbers until i realized once i got to saturday. not the prettiest spread i’ve done, but the quote on the right is one of my favorites from rent. i tend to dwell on the past and past mistakes, so i have to constantly remind myself not to… -m

“Say” | a critical role fan song (demo)

In Whitestone, Kima and Allura sort out their feelings. (takes place sometime between Critical Role episodes 57 and 58) 

Here’s the FIRST DEMO of my Kima and Allura duet! I love these two so much, and wanted to explore what they might have happened between them in their past and while they were waiting for Vox Machina to return.

Scene Premise: Allura is meditating, working on the arcane barrier protecting Whitestone, and Kima is impatiently waiting in the room.

Now that the demo is done, I’d really love to flesh this out into a more polished musical number. If you’d like to help at all (piano transposing, adding other instruments, redoing the composition, lyric change suggestions, singing for either singing part!) PM or message me!

FINAL DEMO (with updated lyrics!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FodxC8vl2ns

final lyrics after the cut

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