i dwell on the past

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Now I'm really sad it's almost the end of the promotions, when they go on their world tour I'll be left all alone, dwelling on past mistakes, and feeling like shit again. I don't even know what I'm doing with my life, if it wasn't for BTS I would be gone by now

Ohhh no don’t think that even if they will go on tour they will post on twitter and on fancafe and post videos on youtube you will not even think they are in tour trust me

I can’t tell you things will be ok i  can just tell you that you are a warrior if you survived till now you can do anything.. … we are so focused on knowing exactly what to do in life and we forget the fact that life is not about that… you don’t really need to do anything just breathe … look outside lately i’ve been feeling even worse than i do on a daily basis so i look up at the sky or go for a walk (the weather here was really nice) so i went out…you are never alone you actually have yourself ..i am not there yet i hate myself with my entire being but i am trying to actually be better and when you will feel good about being just with you than nothing will matter anymore

i am sorry hahaha for this little rant 

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Hi Newt. Is there anything you regret about your life so far? Sorry, this is such a downhearted question. In any case, send my regards to your Niffler (he is a cutie) and all the other critters.

There are a few regrets I have yes, but I try not to dwell on them.  Worrying might mean you suffer twice, but dwelling on the past means you suffer constantly.  I would much rather look forward and move on, if I can.  

And of course, I’ll pass that along- thank you.  

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Why can't I simply move on and live in the present rather than dwelling on the past constantly? I have the impression that everybody around me finds easy to be in peace with themselves while the inner me is unbalanced. I find it hard to focus on the future and stop thinking about the past. What should I do?

There is something that need your attention in your past. The past will remind us of work we still need to do. The past lives in our thoughts and in our strong emotions and it will stay until what need to be released is released. Releasing is the way to lightness and to the centered and balanced feeling.

Get a sense of this moment now, how does it feel, how do you feel now? Be with those feelings. Feel the space around you and the stillness that lies within it all. Feel, breathe and begin to go into those old familiar feelings. Don’t push them away. Welcome them and welcome the past you that needs your attention. Shine your light on that younger you, breathe life into it and resolve what need to be resolved. Let that past you have life. Question your old long held beliefs about yourself and about life. Feel the feelings of the past that maybe you’ve neglected or suppressed. Allow yourself to feel all of those. You can do this slowly and you can go into all of this slowly. But this is the way out. Go into your past and get to know it, not in the story, but in the feelings and beliefs that linger there. This is the way out of the past and into the present.

Let others be, they have their life and you have yours, entwined, but separate. Let your focus lie on and in you. That is the way to further yourself and to grow.

Take care and I hope this helps


‘I never really dwelled on this in the past, but I do believe it is something that people should know — this is who I am, this is where I’ve come from. It’s not so much that it hurts — it’s what builds you as a person. What you learn from that. I have an understanding of certain issues. Just because I don’t dwell on those issues, doesn’t mean I don’t know. I am aware of what things go on. I am aware that people grow up in racially segregated communities.
—  Zayn for Evening Standard Magazine. 
  • Caroline: *actively seeks out everyone she has wronged and apologizes and takes responsibility for her actions*
  • Elena: i cant dwell on the past or else ill get sad again and no one wants that right i mean my pain is more important than yours also u cant rlly blame me for all the terrible things ive done im elena after all arent u supposed to be worshiping at my altar or something =)

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hey tordy boy can i get a happy valentines hug i just got lied to and lead on and everything hurts right now

Tord: *hug* everything’s gonna be alright shit happens you know and you gotta like, not be me and dwell on the past, i suppose.

Well yeah, I did feel like dying. I mean, come on, this world is bitter and cold. But hey, I got better. Yes, I still spend some days curled up in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about every mistake I’ve made for the past seventeen years or all the things I’d do differently. And yeah, darkness is still within me. Its within us all. But you just have to open your eyes, your mind and your heart and stop dwelling in the past. I get it, believe me I do. That’s why I know you’ll be okay. Sadness will still knock on your door at midnight every once in a while and sometimes you will let it stay for days. But I promise you will learn. You will learn to make it feel unwelcome. No darling, you don’t really want to die. You want to feel alive. And to feel alive, you’ve got to start living.
—  words i recall from last night’s dream.

Dearest Saudade, 

It is now February 2017 and the weather is unbelievably warm compared to the winters we once knew, the thought of spring seems to bring back memories of you; and as much as I wished for a brittle cold winter instead I have been immersed in rainstorms and the reminder of life. Do you remember back when you used to snuggle within my arms and whisper, practically cooing that my furry body reminded you of piel de oso and that it was so warm? I think you would never have expected that my soft exterior would have transformed into concha de armadillo. Even the songs that they play on the radio bring back memories of you, I tried to stay modern and not dwell in the past but they remake the songs of a time when we were a “we”. Saudade, I thought closure would come with news of you moving on and yet even in the darkest of nights, with a surrounding compared only to resting within a closed velvet lined coffin , I find thoughts of escape leading to a past, a chance, a voyage, a destiny never pursued. I just walked in from the rain Saudade, and I refused to peel off my wet clothes because somehow, within this chill and as my blood pressure drops I know, that tomorrow I will wake with a fever, and the maddening warmth and rage, will also be dedicated to you.

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