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Fanart Monday!

Huh, I don’t feel so hot today. I dunno why. Maybe it’s because it’s one of those days where nothing goes according to plan. I don’t wanna do anything… uuuuhhhh….

Well, at least I’ll put the fanarts up.

Fanart of the week by @ellie-miuneko-chan​! [You drew the nightmare!! I feel so flattered <3 <3 Glad to see you liked it that much!! <3]

More under the sexy cut!

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honestly i think one of the reasons sirica’s episode is my favorite episode from the kirby anime is because the show is generally about a tiny marshmallow that gains powers from whatever he eats to destroy evil monsters, and everyone else fights with swords or abilities kirby can copy from, and the setting appears to be somewhat medieval with some modern day elements mixed into it, but not much.


just. straight up barges into the show with a fucking GUN. this young little girl just put up her middle finger and said “fuck that sword i’m just getting a fucking gun”

but then





and not only that, she knows how to fucking USE IT. She knows how to fight with a sword, a flamethrower, and two kinds of guns AT THE SAME TIME. She manages to take down one of the strongest characters in the show with this thing, not once, but TWICE. 

how did she get this gun? how does she know how to use it? who gives a shit about that? she just walks in and OWNS EVERYONE with this out of nowhere weapon and we’re all just supposed to accept that a child managed to do that with no real explanation. 



I was at Goodwill the other day buying pictures to cannibalize for their frames (fun fact- the mat in this one originally cost twice what the frame cost me) and normally I just toss what’s inside… but not this time. This is Sandy, I guess. The painting’s an original watercolor of a dog. I’m not sure how it ended up at Goodwill. It’s not old, it was done in 2014 according to the back, and it just… I dunno, it feels kind of wrong to throw away a painting that somebody did of either their beloved pet or somebody else’s beloved pet. Whoever Dpisano (D. Pisano? Pisono?) is, they put a ton of work into this and it just feels… weird to toss it. 

So this is my new fake dog. I’m eventually going to come up with some kind of absolutely over the top backstory for why I own a painting of this dog. Did “Sandy” save my life? Is she a famous dog actor? Is she the dog my estranged great-grandmother, the eccentric one with the unplaceable accent, left her vast estate to? WHO KNOWS. That’s the beauty of Sandy.

(And for the curious, the picture that’s going IN there… i’m super stoked about it, it’s this gorgeous painting of a unicorn and girl, third from the top on the left here.)


I used to have a different style but it looked horrible so I made up a different style for when I post stuff. I’ve always hated doing realistic stuff though. I used to tell my art teacher that if I wanted to look at something realistic then I would take a picture because I was awful at it.

like I get that Martin and Ben obviously did a great job with what they were given and they were the ones who created pining, the love and the heartbreak in every choice they made, but at the same time so did the editing team, so did the composers, so did the costume designer, so did literally everyone involved with the show. and if that wasn’t the story Mark and Steven wanted to tell, why the fuck didn’t they stop literally everyone else involved in the show from doing all this??? I don’t think it works to have script writing indicate supposedly ‘just bros’ (which tbh I don’t think it really does anyway) when everyone else makes the conscious effort to make it obviously more than that. I dunno. this just doesn’t add up to me. all I can do now is sit back, put my feet up and ride this train to fuckville. 

Book Collage based on ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by naturallysteph (Stephanie Perkins)

Lola/Isla will hopefully come at some point, hopefully.

You can see the rest of my book collages HERE

A random array of thoughts of NDRV3 before I go to bed:

1.wonder why Tenko where’s that lil bell around her neck. Is that an Aikido thing? Reminds me of lil collars you put around a cat :0  I mean it could be a fashion thing, but, I dunno, it just, throws me off for some reason >.>;;??

2.Saihara’s really… into this first trial, huh? I mean, everyone’s throwing Saihara’s name out in the debates, huh?

Wonder what Saihara’s been doing…? I mean, in that screenshot up there with Hoshi, it’s been pointed out that Kaede counters Hoshi with a lie bullet, so… what’s up with that Saihara? Why you getting Kaede to cover for you…? Is there something going on boy? :pp

3.I can appreciate how Shinguuji knows that he’s suspicious as fuck XD At least he’s acknowledging it… so… yay?

4.Just a thought here, but, what if Kaede and Maki don’t get along? I mean, I ship them as much as the next person, but, I unno, Maki’s not very sociable, and they clearly aren’t having fun with this convo here. It’d be kinda cool if she was sort of against Kaede but slowly warms up to her or something like that, I dunno. 

I dunno. Just me spitting out ideas. Saihara especially though, can’t wait to see how much he has fun in that first trial, ahaha XD

Regrets Almost Made

Words: 7774

Warnings: alcohol, implied panic attack, implied depression, swearing

Genre: ftm!dan, fluff, angst, coming out, comfort

Synopsis: Dan ends up coming out to Phil not in the way he would have preferred.

Read on AO3: x

A/N: Holy fuck this took weeks, I hope you guys like this, this is the first phanfic I’ve posted on here. I apologize if there are any typos as I’m horrible at catching those kind of things. I kinda just wanted to write some ftm!dan since I am trans and I dunno I just love these sort of AUs. Enjoy!

Edit: I’ve gone back and edited for typos (a second time because my laptop is shit and didn’t save the first time), so it should be all good now!

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Beck: Daddy, why do I have to wear this abomination around my neck?

Dylan: It’s your mother’s birthday. We’re all dressing up to show her that we love her.

Beck: Why does putting on fancy clothes tell her we love her? And why is this stupid tie considered “fancy?”

Dylan: I dunno, but my mother forced me to wear a tie for her birthdays so I promised myself I’d force my son to, too.

Beck: Ugh, parents are so annoying!

long term relationship with michael would include
  • having the dumbest nicknames for each other
  • anything from ‘beautiful golden sunflower’ to ‘fuckface’
  • sex
  • just lots and lots of sex several times a day
  • going on tour with him and being very touristy
  • constantly nudging each other for elbow space on an arm rest
  • going to restaurants and eating off of each others plates
  • constantly being close
  • not even in an annoying touchy feely way
  • but just sitting next to him and your arms touching and being instantly comfortable
  • getting a job that allows you to work from home/travel so you can go on tour with michael
  • dying your hair together
  • or accidentally dying your hair the same exact color
  • “we didn’t even plan this”
  • sexting in a room full of people
  • bubble baths
  • “what would happen if we put all the bubble soap in?”
  • “I dunno…. do it”
  • trying weird kinks cos why not?
  • trying weird kinks and finding one you both really like
  • “holy shit that was so much sexier than i thought it would be”
  • the two of you only taking up one seat by sitting on each other
  • owning an apartment together
  • “eat your vegetables”
  • “i am a grown man you can’t tell me what to eat”
  • “i’m gonna call ur mom”
  • your parents loving him/his parents loving you
  • michael coming home from a writing session and him being so proud of the song he wrote
  • the songs obviously about you
  • taking sneaky pics of him and luke cos ur lowkey muke af
  • days off consisting of delivery food, pjs and only getting out of bed when you need too
  • lazy handjob/fingering while watching pirates of the carribbean marathon
  • talking about your future and agreeing that you wanna get married and have kids but not for a few more years
  • attempting to have an adult dinner party
  • you and him attempting to cook food that isn’t grilled cheese or instant ramen
  • “babe this food tastes so bad, keep them occupied and i’ll sneak out and buy prepared food”
  • so many animals that you didn’t even mean to get??
  • buying a puppy, and a stray cat wandering in during the winter, and winning some fish at a carnival and finding a lost parakeet until you basically have a small zoo
—  I’m trying to keep this blog active, so that’s why I reblog a ton of undertale stuff. As I said before, my motivation is dead, so I can’t think of anything to draw or just do anything. I do have other interest than undertale, but I try not to put it in this blog. I haven’t left the undertale fandom

Yeah, looking at the two side-by-side it really shows the backtracking from CAWS in terms of empathy for Bucky. I mean we are still horrified, of course, because it’s still pure horror, but somehow the sequence in CAWS is worse. Partly because the shot of Bucky’s reflection in the glass with the hand in the first picture still fucks me up, but mostly because the tone is so very different. In CAWS he was vulnerable and confused, in CACW he’s something between a wild animal and a machine.

And, I dunno, I know why it had to look happen, because if they maintained the tone from CAWS the whole “is Steve ever going to get his friend back? Is there anything left to save? Or will he have to put him down?”” would fall apart in thirty seconds (and it’s wobbly even so).


Dresden Codak’s Zelda: Clockwork Empire. I wanted to keep my skills sharp between projects so I started what was going to be a very small fanart project, which turned into this. I have even more unfinished stuff, but I don’t have time to get it all polished right now. I debated even putting up the inventory menu, but whatever, I like the icons.

I am a big fan of older zelda games from a design perspective, although I’m not really up on what’s happening in the continuity or the fandom these days. I also very much like Mr. Diaz’s ideas about replacing the tools usually found in these games with spells and having more of a battle-mage character. It’s a fun idea to tool around with!

I dunno why I made it a side-scroller, sorry if that’s a zelda no-no.


“some fiddauthor-as-vampires comic” -PAGE 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4

i dunno if its a good idea to post this so soon before the new ep airs, but i already put too much work into this first page of the newest fiddauthor ghoul AU thing i’m making–

this takes place in the canon timeline, Stanley just got called up by Ford to come to gravity falls and has no idea why his brother is a glowing green goblin. – more on this story as it develops – 


For @senator-sprinkles :3 I’m late but here. Take the gay meep morps!

I had a little too much fun with this and ended up making my first Gif ever while I was at it oops ^^” I hope you like it. :3

(Apologies I accidentally made the drawings too big again aaaa)


Wanna Bet?  || Tom Holland Imagine

 Hi Guys!  Sorry this is so crappy and it probably makes NO sense whatsoever because it was 1 AM when I wrote this so…enjoy?  I dunno why you guys put up with me.  I really enjoy your comments by the way, they make my day.  :) Xx Lots of love.  Emm.

 "Two more,“ Y/N shouted, her hands raised as targets for Tom’s wrapped fists. "And stop pulling your punches, you’ll only do more damage then good. I’m a big girl, I can take a hit.”

She was something else for sure. She was like deep dark waters, mysterious yet so intriguing. Her body was trained for anything. She has never backed down from a fight, nor would she ever.  So, when she was offered the job for training the Tom Holland for the role of Spiderman…she took it without hesitation.

Y/N’s particular skill was martial arts and boxing. She had been doing this since she could remember. Her father was a champion kick boxer and she was to follow in his steps when she graduated high school, and she did just that. Y/N had countless titles that adorned her. She was the world champion in her field.

The Russo Brothers were good friends with her father before she was born and had managed to get a hold of her to offer the position as Tom’s trainer. Tom, of course, was star struck. He had been following Y/N’s kick boxing career for quite some time, so when he was informed she was going to train him, he nearly lost it.

“I just don’t feel right hitting a g-” Tom was interrupted by Y/N’s leg knocking him off his feet. The wind was knocked out of his lungs, leaving him breathless on the mat.

Y/N lowers herself onto him, straddling his waist and pinning him down. She holds her forearm against his throat, just enough to make him uncomfortable.

“You were saying?” Y/N challenged, a small smirk playing on her lips.

Tom grunts, flicking her over onto her back. A small groan escapes her lips at the sudden impact.

“Forget it.” Tom grunts, adrenaline suddenly pumping through his veins.

Y/N raised her legs and locked her knees around his ribs. In one swift practiced move she flicked him onto his back and had him pinned down once more. He did his best to escape her grasp, but failed miserably each time.

“We need to work on your agility,” Y/N noted, jumping to her feet and offering a hand to Tom. “You have the strength and the skill but you are far too stiff.”

“Stiff?” Tom retorted, taking short staggered breaths.

Y/N holds up her hands once more, causing Tom to returning to his punching stance and begin.

“When you were a dancer, you have to make your moves rigid and meaningful.” Y/N explained, pointing at his body. “You’re far too stiff. When you fight, you want to let your body feel each punch and flow into the next kick or combo. But also, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are too loose you could injure yourself if you are too careless. You have to find that happy medium between stiff and flexible.”

“How do I know when I’ve found it?” Tom pants, hitting her hands with a bit more force than previously.

“You’ll feel it.”


The weeks that followed were intense for both parties. Tom was used to being pushed to his limits and gladly accepted the challenge. Y/N pushed him harder than any other trainer he’s had and he noticed the improvements in his fighting techniques after each session together.

Today was different though. Today was their last day of training together. This was the day when Y/N would evaluate his status. Was he ready to move forward to the intense fight sequences in the movies or would he have to start over with a new trainer.

“You ready for this, Holland?” Y/N asks him, her eyes focused on wrapping her knuckles.

He desperately wanted to say yes but he couldn’t help dreading this day. The two had become so close. They spent countless hours together in the past weeks. Training had slowly turned into unofficial lunch dates and small tours around set. Y/N slowly worked her way into his every day thoughts. Every chance he got to speak with her, he would take it with no remorse. His feelings towards Y/N had gradually gone from schoolyard crush to something he couldn’t even recognise. The thought of losing the very thing he had come to cherish plagued him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Tom shoots her a weak smile.

“Good,” Y/N smiles back. “I just wanted to tell you, Tom, you’ve come a long way and I’m very proud of you. I mean, from a boy that could barely throw a punch to a guy that can take me on, you’ve come a long way. Whatever the outcome, I’ll still be proud of you.”

“I’m still trying to understand whether the whole weak punch thing is a compliment or an insult.” Tom rebuts.

“You’ll never know, Holland.”

Y/N twists and turns, warming up her muscles for the fight to come. Tom watches, caught up in her calm collected aura. His attention is caught by her every move.

“You enjoying the view there, Holland?” Y/N smirks at him, quirking an eyebrow.

“Do you have a body of water? Because dam.” Tom winks before realising his mistake and wincing at his awkward pick up line.

Y/N raises an eyebrow clearly amused before letting a small chuckle escape her lips. “Using my own pickup lines against me, I have to admit, that’s a pretty impressive tactic.”

“What can I say, I had an amazing teacher.” Tom shoots her a cheeky smile.

“Oh, honey, I know.” Y/N flicks her hair over her shoulder and shoots him a wink.

“Hey, Y/N?” Tom pauses, catching her attention.

She hums for him to continue as she starts to warm up.

“Would you like to make things interesting and place a little bet on this fight?”

Y/N cocks a brow, clearly intrigued. “You’ve got me biting, Holland. Proceed.”

“If I win this fight, you have to go on a proper date with me,” Tom begins, his voice confident and strong.

“And if you lose?” Y/N crosses her arms, a small smirk playing on her lips.

“I’ll let you wear the suit.”

Y/N’s smile widens, shooting Tom a breathtaking grin. “Well, then, Holland, I believe you’ve got yourself a deal. Oh, and before I forget…”

Tom pauses mid-stretch to let her finish her sentence.

“Are you an ox? Because you’re a very buf-falo.”


“Well, I must say I’m impressed, Holland.” Y/N pants out, her breath stolen from the intense fight the two had just finished.

“Not so bad yourself, Y/N,” Tom compliments, running a hand through his damp hair.

“So, about that bet,” Y/N begins, collecting her things and starting for the door. “I’ll be over tonight to collect.”

“Wait!” Tom calls after her. “But it was a tie!”

“Exactly, Tom,” She glances over her shoulder, a smirk playing on her lips. “I’ll be over at 8.”

anonymous asked:

﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿? How old are you? (Only if you feel comftrable answering ;u;)

I dunno why but any time I put up personal info like that, I delete the post(s) a day later o3o So, some ppl know, others don’t. Doesn’t really matter anyway though…


silverliningslurk: I keep thinking about how Holster called the lax bros something suspiciously close to ‘hot’ once on the Twitter, and keep thinking about SMH playing Never Have I Ever and Whiskey says ‘had a crush on a lax bro’ and it turns out most of the hockey team have… except Whiskey. He vehemently denies having a crush on any of them. Dunno, it amuses me.

Bitty decides on Never Have I Ever, and to no one’s surprise, the game is predictably hilarious. But to everyone’s surprise, Chowder, of all people, is losing the game.

Whiskey’s glad he isn’t the only one amazed by this. His mind only gets blown further when Chowder puts down his second-to-last finger in response to Tango’s, “Never have I ever skydived.”

“Bro,” Ransom says, gazing at the single finger Chowder is holding up—compared to Bitty’s seven left, “Why have you done everything?”

Chowder blushes a little, shrugging. “I dunno. My family is, like, adventurous, you know?”

“No,” Dex intones flatly. Somehow, he’s still sitting pretty at a perfect ten.

“Okay, your turn, Whiskey,” Holster says as all eyes turn to him. “Get Chowder out of this game.”

Across the circle they’d formed on the floor of the Haus kitchen, Chowder cringes at Whiskey, mouthing, “Help me.” And you know what? Whiskey would. Chowder is a good guy—a little talkative for Whiskey’s taste, but he’s always been nothing but nice to him.

Whiskey thinks long and hard before coming up with something that couldn’t possibly knock Chowder out of the game. “Never have I ever had a crush on a lax bro.”

Chaos immediately ensues.

“I TRUSTED YOU,” Chowder wails as he puts down his last finger. And to Whiskey’s utter amazement, every single person in the room puts a finger down. Whether proudly (Holster) or quietly (Dex), every person puts down a finger.

Every. Person.

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