i dunno why but i teared up at this scene

Well, I apparently lied again. I said the next chapter would be angsty-ish, but it’s getting kinda heavy. Dunno everyone else’s tolerance, but I’ve already teared up twice while writing this scene. Ugh. Why do I keep doing this? I just want the emotions to be as real as possible but it just ends up hurting me. T-T Got 5.3K words so far but I’m on the final scenes. Pretty sure I’ll be able to update this Friday, but we’ll see. 


These photos are late, but better late than never! I had such an amazing time at ConnectiCon with @thegirlinthestartrekdress!! She did an absolutely amazing job on her USS Enterprise cosplay!

I also got to debut fem!Scotty! Scotty’s uniform was made by the amazing @boldlysewn!! I had a fun time asking people to choose between keychain phaser Scotty and drunk Scotty; everyone but one guy with his young daughter asked for drunk Scotty xD

Gaila was a ton of fun as usual! I’m glad I got to run into a Jim Kirk while I was cosplaying her this time around!

I got to do another warp core photo with Jamie, this time with a Spock hand! I don’t think I ever actually posted the other warp core photos I did, but oh well.

Some of the photos have added captions, feel free to check them out :)

Next up on the convention docket is Star Trek Las Vegas! I’ll be doing all of these cosplays there! I was gonna do a TOS!Jamie with the fatskant, but things happened and I wasn’t able to put that together in time. That’ll happen eventually though.

I also acquired both a TOS and AOS phaser at CTCon, so I’ll be able to do some photos with those at STLV and other future cons! That’ll be fun to play with. I might try to throw together a merchant Jamie cosplay (like Jim in STID for the Klingon scene) for STLV. I dunno if the leather jacket I own works well for that, but I’ll try it out.