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#Alec went from grabbing Magnus Bane by the lapels to cupping his boyfriend’s face when kissing him passionately #Alec Lightwood is wild as hell

When I find myself in times of trouble

Rhys comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

Imagine playing hard to get with Chris.

A/N: This is a request from a wonderfully loyal reader @m-a-t-91, I don’t really know if I lived up to your request ‘cause when I write- I kinda go into a state where I just write what comes to me. I think I wrote what you asked for, I dunno. Enjoy anyway. X

You could feel your best friend, Chris watching you from across the bar as you politely chatted with the third guy to hit on you in one night. You weren’t actually interested, you were just too nice to shoot him down. At least he was slightly better looking than the first two, it helped but he still wasn’t the one you wanted to be with. The one you wanted, the one you were in-love with- had been in-love with since the moment you met him was the blue eyed, brown haired Bostonian that you called a best friend. You didn’t know but he was in-love with you too, just waiting for the right time to tell you.

“Do you want me to get rid of him?” Chris mouthed at you and you bit back your smile, nodding ever so subtly. “Wear the ring,” he mouthed and tapped his ring finger on his left hand; a gesture to the bid the two of you had performed numerous times.

You did as you were told, watching him rise from his stool and disappear into the crowd. You continued to nod at the blond, faking a smile as he talked you through his gym regime. You could’ve listened to Chris talk about his gym regime all day but you couldn’t with this guy, with this guy- all you wanted to do was roll your eyes.

“There you are, my love.” You heard Chris’ voice and felt his warm hand touch the small of your back. “I’m sorry,” his gaze fell onto the blond gentleman who was stunned by the presence of the actor, Chris Evans. “Can I help you? Is there a reason you’re talking to my fiancée?” He asked, grabbing your left hand and holding it up to reveal your ring.

“Uh- no, um-” He stammered, swallowing his nerves as he got up. “I had no idea- I’m sorry, Cap. I didn’t notice the ring and- Have a good night,” he nodded at the both of you and rushed off, leaving you and Chris in stitches.

“I’m sorry, Cap?” You laughed, trying to ignore the butterflies forming in your stomach from Chris’ touch. “That’s fucking hilarious. I have never seen a guy bigger than you so terrified of you,” you said and Chris scoffed. “The role of Captain America has given you a few benefits.”

“First of all, he was not bigger than me. And even if he was, I’m much better looking than that doofus.” He argued and you rolled your eyes; the feeling of disappointment washed over him when he took his hand away. “And yes, the role of Captain America has given me a few benefits. You’re one of them, without it- I probably wouldn’t have met you.”

“But we met at your dad’s dentistry,” you narrowed your eyes in confusion.

“Yes, but you wouldn’t have been interested in talking to me if I wasn’t Captain America.” You rolled your eyes at that. “Please,” he chuckled softly. “Don’t act like you would’ve given me the time of day if I wasn’t Captain America, even after you knew who I was- you barely paid me any attention. All you did was ask for a selfie, you wouldn’t even give me your phone number.”

“I was raised not to trust random strangers, even if said random stranger was Captain America.”

“Bull-fucking-shit,” he laughed. “You just like playing hard to get, you’re like that with every guy.”

“Fuck you, Evans.” You playfully shoved him and he laughed harder, touching his left boob. “I do not like playing hard to get, I’m just not one of those girls who gives her number away willy nilly. Even if I knew who you were, you were still just some random guy. I couldn’t just give you my number, I had to know you were a guy worth trusting.” You told him and he chuckled. “And you are,” you patted his cheek gently and his heart fluttered at your touch, “'cause here we are now, best of friends.”

“I want more than friends,” you thought you heard him mutter under his breath. Your heart skipped a beat but you remained indifferent, just in case you heard him wrongly. “Y/N,” Chris moved in front of you, taking one of your hands in his. “Have you ever thought about dating a friend?”

Your breath hitched in your throat because you knew you had in fact heard what you heard; he was referring to himself and the possibility of him becoming something more to you. You had been wishing for something like that since- God, since before you met him. But like he said, you were prone to playing hard to get; you didn’t know why, you did do it with every guy. It probably had to do with the string of bad boyfriends, after the last one- you were done getting hurt. You knew Chris was a good guy but you couldn’t risk going through another heartbreak and you definitely didn’t want to lose him as a friend.

“Never,” you lied and shook your head.

“I see,” Chris mumbled; his heart sunk as you pulled your hand away. “Yeah, neither.” He forced a smile on his face but you could see the pain in his eyes; you suffered immediate guilt and regret. “I think it’s stupid to ruin a good friendship, I just- I was asking for a friend.”

“Yeah, sure.” You nodded, smiling even though you were dying on the inside. “This is why we’re best friends, we share a similar form of thinking.” You said and he nodded, chuckling with very limited humor. “I’m starving, do you want to go grab some Leone’s?”

“You know I do.” He smiled more genuinely; he couldn’t be with you but at least he could be around you. “Let’s go,” he held out his arm for you to take and you took it without hesitation. “What are we thinking? Eat in or take it back to my place?”

“Anything as long as I get to eat with you,” you told him and his smile widened a little bit. “You know I love you, right?” You asked and he nodded, pressing a quick kiss to the side of your head. “Good,” you managed a small smile, ignoring your aching heart. “Now let’s go get some pizza.”
• • • • • • • •
“I will never ever get sick of pizza,” you grinned as you took another slice from the box. Chris chuckled and took a sip of his beer, smiling as he watched you devour the slice. “Thank you so much for introducing me to Leone’s, it is honestly- the best.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled and lowered his beer onto the hardwood floor. “You know something, Y/N?” He quizzed, crawling across to sit next to you. “I think you’re amazing.” He told you when your facials prompted a continuation. “I think you’re beautiful and funny and talented and- perfect. I think you’re perfect,” he whispered and brushed your hair out of your face.

“I think I’m all of those things too,” you joked because you knew where he was going with all of that. “What can I say?” You dropped your slice back into the box and brushed the crumbs from your hands by swiping them together. “My parents made a masterpiece when they had me.”

“Can you please be serious for once in your life?” Chris narrowed his eyes at you; he was buzzed enough not to care about the consequences. “I’m trying to tell you I like you, Y/N. I’ve been trying to tell you all night,” he said and you sighed. “I know we’re best friends and you don’t want to ruin our friendship by giving this a shot, I don’t either- the last thing I want is to lose you.”

“Then stop,” you told him.

“I can’t,” he shook his head. “I can’t keep pretending I’m okay with just being friends anymore. I know you’re sick of it too, I’m not crazy- I can see the way you look at me. You want this too, you’re just too afraid of getting hurt again which is why you’re constantly playing hard to get.” He took your hands and pressed it to his heart. “But I would never hurt you, Y/N. I would never ever because- you do this to me, you make my heart beat- you make each day worth more than it should. There has never been a day with you that has been bad,” he told you.

“Chris, stop-” you tried to pull your hands away but he tightened his grip. “I can’t lose you, I can’t lose this. Maybe we try this out, maybe it works but- what if it doesn’t?” You felt your eyes well with tears. “What are we going to do then? Who am I going to have in my life?”

“Me,” he answered. “Because you’re never going to lose me, Y/N. You’re the love of my life, I didn’t realize it until now but- I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. As long as you’re around, you’re the one I’m going to love until my final breath.” You felt a smile stretch across your face; the tears that welled from the fear of losing him, fell out of joy. “Even as a ghost, I’ll still love you.”

“Shut up,” you managed a soft laugh and he smiled, leaning in to press his forehead against yours. “Fine,” you huffed and his breath hitched in his throat when he realized what you were about to agree to. “We can try this, but if things don’t work-”

“It will,” he interrupted excitedly.

“If it doesn’t,” you continued your previous sentence. “You don’t get to run out on me. You are going to stay my best friend until the end of time, even if you hate my guts- you’re going to be there for me. Those are my terms, otherwise- it’s a no.”

“More time with my best friend who is also the love of my life?” He quizzed rhetorically and smirked when you bit back your smile. “How could I possibly disagree to those terms?”

“Good,” you smiled. He released your wrists so he could caress your face; you wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned in. “Because I was getting a little sick of playing hard to get.” He chuckled then smiled when you pressed your lips against his.


sorry for not posting art very much lately!! ive been in scotland visiting my boyfriend….ive been doodling stuff but its mostly uhhh *coughs* an AU ive been cooking up with some pals!!

the plot is actually kind of huge so ive started writing fic for it but the basics are: Black Doom is Satan, Eclipse is one of his demons, Mephiles is another demon who was banished from Hell and wanders the mortal plane, Shadow is a priest who doesn’t know he’s a demon. the story starts when Doom sends Eclipse to the monastery where Shadow practices in order to “collect what’s rightfully his”, basically

some explanations for these pics:

  1. designs for Shadow and Eclipse
  2. Eclipse antagonizes Shadow a lot hgfhdhgf
  3. Doom/Satan, and Eclipse for size comparison
  4. Shadow doesn’t believe it when Eclipse tells him he’s a demon, but over time he starts getting alarming physical transformations that make it hard to ignore
  5. Doom’s goat-like Mobian form
  6. rough idea of how i want Mephiles to look but ill prob end up changing this a bit
  • First off, he’s the sexiest motherfucker to ever grace the fictional world in the history of literature so props to J.K Rowling…
  • He borrows your hair ties…
  • You like to run your hands through his hair…
  • He’s moody and clingy and doesn’t like being away from you…
  • You talk to James about it when you first start dating…

“Pads is fucked up for sure but he’s the greatest man I’ve ever known. Dunno where I’d be if he hadn’t come along, so you gotta stick to him, nobody else will.”

  • He’s really big on PDA because it pisses off his brother…
  • Everyday he has something interesting to share…
  • He sneaks food for you almost every day…
  • You both utilize the secret passage ways until the care taker almost catches you…

“Did you know that there are only three words in the entire English language that begin with the letters d and w?”
"I know." 
“Dwindle, dwell and-?”

  • He likes your signature matching couples bedhead… 
  • He likes falling asleep using your stomach as a pillow… 
  • You’ve never felt unloved around him… 
  • When girls try to flirt with him he’ll make a big show of kissing you dramatically so they’ll go away… 

“Your breath smells, get off me!”
“My breath does not smell.”
“Pads, for the love of Merlin brush your teeth before kissing me.”
“What are you? My mother?”
“Snogging your mother now, are we?”

  • Sometimes he gives your bum a little squeeze because it makes you squeal and he thinks it’s cute… 
  • You braid his hair a lot when he falls asleep… 
  • He goes through a photography phase and is constantly claiming you as his ‘muse’… 
  • When it’s cold out he’ll come up behind you to slip his hands into your front pants pocket 'for warmth’… 
  • You kiss his hands when he’s stressed… 

“Love you, y’know?”
“I know, baby. Go to sleep now, go on.”

Kuromyu Vincent

I planned to write this post like 300 years ago but I somehow forgot about it until now lol

So Vincent’s debut in Kuromyu was in Lycoris 2014 where he looked like this:

And his debut turned out to be a bit controversial, as Editor Kuma recalled in a tweet, when fans sent messages complaining how Vincent’s hair looks different from the manga. Here, Vincent’s voice was also different (probably by someone from the musical cast but he was uncredited).

So in Lycoris 2015, they got Vincent’s anime voice actor Okitsu Kazuyuki to read his lines.
And they also found someone else to play him.

Someone new from the Lyrocis 2015 musical cast.


And in Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus, where Vincent had an even more crucial role to play in the flashbacks, Furukawa Yuta again played Vincent Phantomhive(’s silhouette) while taking on the lead role as Sebastian Michaelis. Do check him out when the DVD comes out in April.

I Got This - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: omg the pic with terry is so cuutee! And I totally agree with the anon the pic gives off a strong Jaybird vibe lmao could you write something or like short drabble about it? (dunno if it’s just me but I could really feel it with Older!Damian too tbh) + There’s a piece of fanart by @nanihoosartblog where it features Terry McGinnis and Dana Tan and he’s ready to fight someone when she stops him and says ‘i got this one babe’ and it really reminded me of Jason and his S/O 😂😂😂 (requested by anon)

“I’m going to get another drink Jay, you want me to get you one too?” You asked getting up from the booth you were sharing with your glass in hand.

“I’m good but thanks babe.” Jason said gesturing to his half full glass.

“Sure. I’ll be right back.” You say walking over to the bar and ordering another drink. While you were waiting for the bartender to make your drink an intoxicated meathead walked up behind you and attempted to start feelin you up.

“Hey suga’ how ‘bout we head back to my place and I can show you the best night of your life.” He slurred his hands moved to brush against your arms.

“Doubt it.” You said roughly pushing him away from you.

“Hey now don’t be like that sweetie! You should feel honored. Any girl here would feel lucky to spend a night with me.” He bragged his eyes devouring you like a piece of meat.

“Then why don’t you go bother one of them.” You ground out between your teeth trying to control your growing anger. Luckily the bartender arrived with your drink. You grabbed it and tried to walk away back towards the direction of your table but the douche wonder didn’t catch the hint and caught you roughly by the arm.

“I don’t want any of them.” He purred lewdly. He attempted to lean down and force he lips on yours but before he could a hand reached out to his shoulder to rip him away from you. Your savior was none other than your boyfriend Jason, who by the look on his face is just about ready to shoot this bastard in the face and throw his body into the river. Jason raised his fist and was just about to beat your ambitious admirer to a bloody pulp before you

“Jay no!” You said stopping him dead in his tracks. “I got this one, babe.” You said confidently, turning your back to your dumbfounded boyfriend to give this asshole a piece of your mind. Without wasting a beat you landed a swift, powerful punch to his nose, feeling bones crunch under your fist. Whoops.

He hunched over cradling his bleeding broken nose and howling out in pain.

“Learn to take no for an answer asshole!” You seethed before pouring your drink over him. “Come on Jay, let’s leave.” You said grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the bar but not before slipping the bartender a couple of twenties for the trouble you caused.

“Babe?” Jason asked hesitantly, seeing that you were still a little worked up over that encounter.

“Yeah?” You encouraged.

“What you did was actually kind of hot.”

“Thanks, babe.”

Devil in your Smile

 (it’s chasing me)… A series by awriterwrites

The Devil You Know

“They found another body.” Ed’s voice brought Harry out of his fuzzy happy daydream.

“Yeah? Where at?” Niall asked, polishing off his roast in one huge bite.

“About a block from the last one.”

Harry grimaced, pushing his plate back. “That’s 4 now since Halloween.” Ed nodded while Niall just took a long drink of his beer to wash down the remnants of his meal. Harry finally spoke again, because someone had to. “Same as the others?”

“Dunno. Radio just said that the cops are treating it like a serial killer case now.”

“Well, fuck,” Niall muttered, “I knew this neighborhood was a bit dodgy when we moved in but never thought it’d be home to a serial killer.”

Summary: There’s a mysterious stranger down the hall from Harry’s flat, a killer on the loose and Harry’s obsessed with vampires. 

Morning Has Broken

The way Louis whispered his name, urging him to hurry up — it was all just this side of too much.  And this was how it was always going to be.  From now on. Incredible.

 Harry had never felt more alive.  As a dead man.  A vampire.

Summary:  The missing sex scene from The Devil You Know.

Stay tuned!  More to come in this series in 2017.

Hanahaki Disease - An illness born from one-sided love. Where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

You should know better than to fall for a Demon.

anonymous asked:

yoonkook 90


My intention was to make this super domestic and soft and fluffy, butーI WAS GOADED. OK. THIS IS JUST SIN, but like soft sin? Dunno. Anyways, this is kinda long and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for requesting :D

90. “You can tell me anything.” + yoonkook

When Yoongi came stomping into the house, slamming the door behind him so fiercely that the surrounding walls shook afterwards, Jeongguk was closing the oven door on their dinner. He wiped his hands on his apron and turned to face an irritated Min Yoongi who’d just gotten back from work and marched his way towards his boyfriend.

“Hi, honey.” Jeongguk decided that he should speak first before Yoongi exploded where he stood.

Instead of responding, Yoongi pressed himself as closely as he could against the younger and brought their lips together in a clash of teeth that made Jeongguk shiver. The back of Jeongguk’s thighs met the cold, silver handlebar on the oven door behind him and Yoongi maneuvered them so they were against the counter. They hadn’t came up for air, but Jeongguk didn’t think he’d need it anytime soon if Yoongi’s soft lips kept moving with his own so that he felt he was permanently attached to the elder by the lips. Yoongi’s hands grasped his waist and before Jeongguk knew it, he was being lifted onto the kitchen counter.

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This means War

olicity || ao3 || teen || fluff & humor || 469 || more fics

summary: prompt: olicity + repainting the loft (thank you @stydiasredstring)
a/n: hope you like it!

Felicity carefully moved her paintbrush over the green trim in the loft.

“Why are we doing this again?” Oliver asked from behind her.

“Because it needs some freshening up before we sell it,” she said, dipping her brush into the red paint again, “This’ll brighten it up too.”

“What’s wrong with the green?”

“Nothing is wrong with it,” she laughed, “Now get over here and help me, oh tall one.”

“I dunno,” he said where he was, “I have a nice view back here.”

She gave a long dramatic sigh as she whipped around, “Look….” she barely got the word out when she started laughing.

Oliver’s face had just been splattered with red paint from her quick movements. The red was all over his face and on his shirt. Little drips and longer lines.

“This means war, Smoak,” he muttered, blinking his eyes open.

She shook her head, “No way, we have a job to do.”

“Mhmm,” he walked towards her and took the paintbrush right out of her hand.

“No don’t,” she didn’t get to finish before he was flicking her with paint.

She stood there for a moment, eyes closed, and trying to pretend she didn’t just get a speck of paint on her tongue.

“You’re dead,” she looked up at him, “Dead!”

She couldn’t even pretend like she was mad at him. Her shirt was trashed and her face covered in paint, but who was she to turn down a paint fight.

They both dove for the paint. Hands squeezed into the bucket and flew at each other.

“You know that red has always been one of my favorite colors on you,” Oliver laughed.

“Oh shut up,” she slathered paint on his shirt.

“Hey!” he reached forward and did the same to her, except it was more like he was cupping her boob over her clothes.

“Oliver,” she said after he didn’t move his hand.



“Oh sorry, the other one needs it too,” he put his hand on her other breast.

“Really?” she laughed and put her hand on his crotch, just long enough to leave a handprint.

“You made it sound like you wanted ‘em to match,” he laughed in return.

She rolled her eyes, “You’re full of shit.”

“Maybe,” he moved his hand to grip her ass cheek this time, pulling her closer, “You really do look good in red.”

“We still have a job to do,” she poked his chest.

“Do we, though?” he leaned in closer.

“Yes and now we have to clean too,” she was starting to feel like she didn’t want to do either of those things.

Damn Oliver and his sneaky ways.

He leaned in the rest of the way and pressed his lips to hers. Mhmm they weren’t going get any actual work done that day.

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RFA+V+SAERAN: If they’re a doodler or a writer

Spoilers: Maybe slight NSFW-ish mention? Again (and most likely always), name reveal! Also, some after story spoilers!

A/N: Omg I left for the night and came back to people actually following our blog, I dunno where y'all came from but i loVE YOU ALL, THANK ~Admin 404



           -IT’S EVERYWHERE

           -His homework? DOODLES! School book? DOODLES! Letter that MC is making him write to his mother? DOODLES!

           -He’ll doodle his LOLOL character, him and MC, or just some random cute animal faces!

           -You know, every single piece of paper he’s ever come across has a star on it somewhere

           -His signature has a star incorporated into it!

           -Takes this habit with him when he graduates and gets a job as a vet

           -“Yoosung, you can’t keep drawing dogs on the patients charts.” “Why not! I work with animals all day!! It works out!” “This chart’s for a bird, not a dog”



           -He works with stories all the time as an actor! It’s only natural to want to make a few of his own!

           -Despite dropping out of school and all, he isn’t half bad

           - Never finished writing an actual story in his life

           -He’s the type to start a story, but lose interest in it fairly quickly

           -You’ll find all the stories and vague ideas written nicely in a notebook or two

           -“ONCE UPON A TIME-” “Zen, please, that line’s so overused.” “But princess :(”

           -Even tries to write his own play a few different times!

           - No, Zen, you can’t play every character


           -As much as she loves Zen’s plays and good literature…

           -DOODLER! (bitch you thoUGHT)

           -She’s always having to rewrite reports for Jumin because she mindlessly doodles all over them when she’s trying to think

           -Another boring presentation done by Jumin, another dozen reports have doodles on them

           -She’ll doodle simple things, like coffee cups, flowers, that water bottle in front of her…

           -She’d rather be dead than doodle little kitties though (Damn Elizabeth)

           -Never keeps the doodles though, so if you see one, you’re very lucky

           -It’s probably when you decide to help her with her ridiculous work load every now and then and organize her papers for her



           -He reads enough romance novels, might as well write his own, too

           -“He trapped her against the wall, carefully tying the silk tie around her wrists as his tongue paid careful attention to her-” “JUMIN PLEASE CAN YOU NOT READ WHAT YOU WRITE OUT LOUD?!”

           -He puts work before his writing though, so he makes sure everything is done before switching gears to write

           -Sometimes he’s in his home office for hours, and you assume he’s just working very hard for an upcoming project

           -You make him some tea, and come in to find he’s typing away on his laptop like no tomorrow

           -“Oh wow, you’re working really hard! What is the project on this ti- Jumin, that’s not work” “Ah, yes, MC, I’m very aware. Would you like to proofread it? Or perhaps reenact the scene?”



           -He’s writing code all day long, why would he want to write MORE?

           -Therefore, DOODLER!

           -You can find pages and post-it notes all around the house with doodles on them

           -Doodles stars, space ships, and kitties!

           -You found a dickbutt on the milk carton once and threatened to throw it at him and all he did was snicker in response

           -“Saeyoung, care to explain why I walked around today with a sticky note with a diCK DRAWN ON IT STUCK TO MY JACKET?” “I was letting people know that your jacket was riDICKulous!” “Get away from me”

           -One time, you gathered all of his doodles of stars and spaceships, and spent the day sticking them all over the ceiling of your shared bedroom

           -He didn’t notice until he came in way after you had fallen asleep waiting for him

           -You know this lil tomato shed a few happy tears once he saw that you had spelt “I love you” in the stars



           -Hello, “a picture is worth a thousand words”????

           -He likes to write little stories for each one of his photographs

           -Usually, he makes a story out of the events that happened on that day

           -Rreeaallllyy good at description words, and can paint a picture in your mind of how everything looked, felt, sounded, he had it ALL

           -If you request it, he’ll take a favourite photograph of yours and make up a story for it on the spot

           -“V, can you add dinosaurs into the story?” “If that’s what you want, sure sweetheart” (help me this is my sunshine)

           -If you’re having a bad day, he’ll pull out some of the stories and help you relive a happy moment with him

           -Sometimes he makes it into a game- He’ll read the description and you have to guess what the picture is of!


           -Okay, this little baby has to be a doodler

           -He’s not very good at expressing his emotions with words, so he finds that doodling helps him to get it out

           -Like Saeyoung, you’ll find doodles in random places, but you’ll realize that from time to time, it’s a game of hide and seek

           -He’ll leave these doodles as clues to where he is, or what he wants

           -Sometimes he’ll just stick a post-it note on your forehead with a face on it to show how he’s feeling

           -Most of the time he just likes to stick the post-it notes on your face to watch you pout at him afterwards

           -A lot of doodles of ice cream cones

           -*Dumps a purse-full of post-it’s with ice creams drawn on them onto the floor* “Saeran?” “Hm?” “Do you….do you want to go get ice cream?” “Well since you’re offering, yes, yes I do.”

breaking norms

Genre:A/B/O drabble, alphaYoongi/omegareader. 

Rating: Teen and Up

A/N: i have no idea where this came from this morning… I haven’t seen very many of these, but it was kinda fun.

“Gotta go to the restroom,” you say as you stand up and press a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek. “Be right back.”

“Mmkay,” he murmurs, smiling as he drinks his coffee, glancing after you as you weave through the cafe’s patio seating. Several alphas seated at other tables turn when you glide by, interest glinting in their eyes, drawing the ghost of a growl from Yoongi’s chest, but he subsides easily. You can take care of yourself.


“What.” He’d started checking his email on his phone but looks up when Namjoon doesn’t answer. “What?”

The other man is gaping at him, Jimin sitting on his left and staring at Yoongi with wide eyes. He looks between the two in confusion. “What?” He asks again impatiently, narrowing his eyes in warning. 

“Y/N’s an omega.”

He shrugs. “Yeah? So?”

Namjoon’s mouth opens and shuts several times, like he’s struggling to form a coherent sentence. “But–but you said that she likes to–that she–” he glances around at the surrounding tables before lowering his voice “–you said she doms you.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Yoongi drawls with a self-satisfied smirk. The bruises from where you’d sucked your claim into his skin last night still ache pleasantly whenever he turns his head or rolls his shoulders. You’d strapped him down and teased the fuck out of him for hours before finally riding him until you both passed out from exhaustion…. Damn, that was good. He’d have to see how soon he could convince you to do it again.

When the other two continue to stare at him expectantly, he frowns. “The fuck’s your problem? It’s 2016–omegas can dom alphas if they want. Wouldn’t expect this kinda shit from you two.”

Namjoon spills his coffee in his haste to explain himself. “No! No, I don’t have a problem with that. Really. I just…um… I’ve never met an omega that liked that before, and Y/N’s… really hot.”

Jimin nods immediately after, his eyes looking a bit glazed.

Yoongi kicks Namjoon’s shin under the table. “She’s your noona. Watch it.”

“Right, yeah…um…” The other man bites his lip, hesitantly. “So–uh….how exclusive are you–”

“Joon-ah, I will gut you.”

“Right. Got it.”

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someone help me out I have a very specific scene from a movie (TV show??) stuck in my head where there’s like a fuckn…deserted dirt back road in the desert and some sorta old man just fuckin sitting in a lawnchair charging people twenty bucks to use his shitty little wooden outhouse but the outhouse is like a giant fancy sauna when u enter it??? Was this a fever dream or a scene in an early 2000’s music video help me I’m losing sleep over this

Okay but imagine a world where Luna didn’t let go of Regis’ hand in Tenebrae.

Imagine a world where she escaped with Regis and Noctis, and grew up in Insomnia away from power-crazy Ravus and the Empire. Imagine a world where she grew up helping Noctis prepare to become King, imagine a world where she was always there to help Regis when he was sickly or weak because of the Wall. Imagine a world where she was adored by all the Lucian people and an arranged marriage wasn’t necessary for them to want her as their Queen, and even though her life had been lived outside of Tenebrae, her royal blood forced an agreement of peace. Imagine a world where she was a fierce protector of her kingdom and her king, where she was a brilliant diplomat who tried her damnedest to cease Niflheim’s invasions.

Luna, okay?

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Eternal@Melissa: Ohh, I don't see many Vulpix like you often! Are there others here too, maybe your family? Are they all as super fluffy as you too?

Melissa “She also said that it didn’t pass down a long ways at all, so it didn’t really affect me much, but I still got extrasensory from mom…”

Melissa “My grandmother is an ice/fairy type, too, it’s what happens when we evolve.”

-Aside- Constance “I gotta talk to you real quick, Mewboy”

Mom “Forgive me for intruding, My name is Astrid, I just heard the excitement outside. And Melissa, seems like you made a friend or two, too?”

*At Asami* “Maybe you can join us for tonight’s feast, it is certainly good timing.”
Melissa *still laughing* “Yeah! Today was a good day, ‘Dunno where Constance went off to though.”
Astrid “I think I saw her just a second ago, Melissa -v-” *papping INTENSIFIES* “Im sure she’ll be back soon.”

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okay so there was this line i constantly said as a kid and my mom claims i got it from some disney movie/cartoon?

like when i was little i always said: “da da da da i focus i win” or something like that

other family members even remember me saying it all the time that our NCAA march madness bracket’s family tournament thing is titled that since 2001 and i can’t remember the origin of that line? at this point i just think it was something i made up when i was little and was the only thing my family could understand as i had my own language (my family called my own blabbing ‘sydnese’ lolol) and they couldn’t understand me besides that one line lol

its still a mystery to this day xD

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Out of curiosity (which can lead to very silly questions so I apologize in advance) what do you think would have happened if Naruto had stopped Sasuke from walking away when they were kids? You know the one scene where he watches Sasuke leave and wants to call out to him but doesn't? (Oh gosh I hope that made sense.) But what if he had called out? Or chased after him and pestered him until Sasuke went out to eat or something. I dunno. Just a thought that's been in my head all day... ^^'

I imagine Naruto and Sasuke taking care of each other, no longer being alone (while still neglected though), trusting each other with everything, sharing their money for meals, ‘cleaning’ (as much as a kid can) their homes together, moving in together eventually, soothing each other on bad days, making forts at home, being excited about being put on the same team together, defending each other at all costs. I still think Sasuke would end up leaving konoha but perhaps some things would have been different, it’s too broad to guess and the possibilities are endless. It would have been a lot better though, that’s for sure.

Sonic Skyline: Marine the Raccoon!

I’m still not quite sure.. but even when i tried making her a sailor outfit.. it didn’t look too much like herself.. so i did this! ^_^

she lives on Blaze’s kingdom; a city on the same dimention of Skyline Sonic but looks like its from another dimention because the clouds there are kinda strange.. clouds with other colors, shapes etc… (i still need to design) , Marine dreams with having a flying ship where she can travel through the sky and the stars!  ( on the highest distance when the clouds just ends, she wishes one day to go even further than that;  its something i had though for Sonic’s chilhood dream XD something like he wanted to scape to the space and to the stars, but the idea of being alone there on perhaps nothing its kinda creepy so dunno)

hope u like it!