i dunno where i was going with this picture

Soo.. these guys seem to have some daddy issues. In this picture they are referring to Zeref and Gildarts, where Cana wants to prove herself as independent and Rahkeid wants to be accepted by his father. I dunno, this idea came to me after I read an analysis on chapter 525 by the lovely @keiid so I made some art showing the comparison between these two characters. I guess you could also see this as Larcana, so here you go. x3

(Draco Malfoy x Reader)  She Drew Me

        She draws. Oh my god she draws.

  That was Draco’s only coherent thought as he flipped through your sketchbook. As to how its in his possession; well, he didn’t exactly steal it per se. He just happened to be in the area when you dropped it and then he also just happened to pick it up and, uh, didn’t yet get around to returning it, yeah. 

  He is planning to return it of course but we mustn’t forget that he is also a Slytherin after all and you didn’t even put any wards on the thing so it’s technically your fault that he is now lying in his bed carefully examining each page.

  He’s got to admit that you have talent though. Each drawing seems to leap out of the page. They look almost real enough to be able to touch. As for what you draw, Draco hasn’t yet been able to discern any pattern in your objects of inspiration. You seem to draw everything; the Whomping Willow, the quidditch pitch, a hippogryff, a teapot?, a basket of fruit, treacle tart, a birthday cake etc. Turning to the next page he’s surprised to see a full body portrait of Blaise Zabini. 

 Ah yeah, they’re friends now, aren’t they.

  This is a development his isn’t all that happy about but seeing as he can’t seem to gather enough courage to talk to you himself there is literally nothing he can do about it.

  Something at the bottom left corner catches his attention and he realizes that it’s a caption:

  ‘This guy isn’t as funny as he likes to think he is’

  Draco raises his eyebrow in amusement and turns to the next page. This time he greeted with a very realistic Harry Potter and he’s already rolling his eyes before he can stop himself. Of course you would draw him, best friends and all that. This picture had a caption too:

‘Harry, your hair alone took me 4 hours. Fucking fix it’

  He snorted out loud this time and covered his mouth in horror. Mother would not be proud. All of the pages after that were drawings of people with little captions underneath;


‘The day you stop eating is the day Professor McGonagall dies her hair pink.’


‘When in doubt, go to The Hermibrary’


‘I will not apologize for saying I despise your frog, Neville.’


‘Please stop telling me that my head is full of wrackspurts’


‘Stop blowing things up my dude’

  There was even one of Pansy and the caption underneath made him laugh out loud.

‘I will never get back the full 40 minutes it took me to shade your cleavage, Parkinson.’

  The next page made Draco stop in his tracks and his eyes widen almost comically.

 She drew me. She actually fucking drew me. Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

  It was a simple picture. All he seemed to be doing was standing and staring off into the distance. He really doesn’t want to read the caption. What will it say? That he’s a git? That you hate his guts?

  After what felt like forever he managed to gather up his wits and like a true and proper Malfoy he looked at the caption head on.

  ‘I wish he would smile more’


Bewildered, Draco read it again. Smile more? Why would you want him to smile more? Malfoys don’t smile. At least not in public.

  Ignoring how abnormally fast his heart was now beating he turned to the next page and let out a noise that sounded suspiciously like a squeak because it was another drawing of him. This time he was in the library hunched over a book. His eyes flickered to the caption; ‘Well well well, he does study’

  He traced it with his finger. “Of course I study” He scoffed but his words held no bite. He flipped to the next sketch……. another drawing of him? 

  This one was of him in Potions class, carefully measuring out an ingredient.

  ‘He’s quite good at this class’

The next one was of him in quidditch uniform.

‘Fucking smile already, you git’

 Refusing to acknowledge the butterfies that now occupied his stomach Draco quickly flipped through all the pages. They were all drawings of him. He snapped the book shut and buried his face in his hands.

 Oh god oh god oh god. He’s definitely blushing.

 Up until now he hasn’t dared to let himself think about it. Hasn’t allowed himself to hope. But what if-oh merlin what if - no, it can’t be.

 Slowly, Draco reopened the sketchbook and turned to the very last page. His breath caught in his throat as he took it all in. It was a strange picture. The lines seemed rough and hurried as if you were in a rush when you drew it, in fact you seem to have given all the details to his face. His heart clenched suddenly when he saw why. In this picture, he was smiling.                         

‘He’s smiling. Took you a whole fucking book too, you prick’

 Draco let the book fall into his lap as he put his face back in hands his brain going a hundred million miles an hour because what if, just what if-

  What if she likes me too?


Should I do a continuation of this? Like one where Draco gives the sketchbook back or something…. I dunno. I don’t even know what made me write this hahaha.

Before It’s Too Late (part 5)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just some good ol’ fluff

A/N: gonna put some pictures in here, hope ya don’t mind :)

“What did you get Nat?”

“These earrings she’s been dying to have.” You say. “I got them a while back for her. They’re in my bag at home.”

Bucky sighed. “What do I get her? She’s so picky.”

“I dunno. Something she likes?”

“That’s the problem; I don’t know what she likes.” He lets out a groan. “Fuck it, I’m just gonna get her a cheap ass necklace.”

You shake your head, following him to the jewelry section.

“Which one should I get… hmm…” he scanned the necklaces. “Should I get her an elephant one or the one with the letter ‘N’ on it?” before you could share your thoughts he hummed. “I’m gonna get the one with the ‘N’ on it. Maybe she’ll think it’s meaningful or something.”

You laugh and look down at your list of names while Bucky tosses the necklace into his cart.

“Hey, what’d you get Sam?” you ask, looking up at your friend.

He grinned. “Shampoo and conditioner.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yeah I did.” He reaches into his cart and shows the bottles to you. “Sam always complains about how we don’t have any ‘manly’ shampoo and conditioner in our apartment so I got him some.”

You snort. “You don’t have any manly shampoo and conditioner?”

“Nope. Steve and I use the one you use. You know, the one that smells really good?”

“Oh my god why.”

Bucky shrugs. “We like how it smells. Plus the ladies like how it smells too.”

You playfully roll your eyes and start walking away.

“What’d you get him?” Bucky questioned, coming up next to you.

“Ima get it right now.”

“Well what is it?”

“You’ll see.”

Bucky looks at his list as well before biting his bottom lip. “Alright well you go get that and I’m gonna get Peggy, Wanda, Tony, Clint and Vision’s gifts.”

“What’re you gonna get Vis?”

“Eh, I dunno. I heard he likes to paint so maybe I’ll get him some paints.” He shrugged.

“Ooo! We can go to Michaels for that and I can get him some canvases there!” you exclaim.

“Alright. Where are you gonna be so I can find you when I’m done?” he asked.

“Probably where the picture frames are.”

Bucky nods and with a salute he turns and walks in the opposite direction. You continue your way until you reach the photo printer and you smiled as you turned on your Bluetooth.

Bucky had just got done getting Clint’s gift and stretched before heading over to the picture frames where you said you’d be. He casually walked through the store in search for the isle which held the picture frames and smiled when he found it and you who was looking at some of them.

“Hey.” Bucky greeted.

“Hey.” You acknowledge him.

“So what’d you get Sam?”

“It’s in that little envelope thing.” You nod over to your cart and Bucky strolls over to it. He picks up the envelope and pulls out the pictures that were in it.

Bucky chuckled. “Aww this is the one I took.” he goes through the other two and his eyebrows knit together before looking up at you. “Y/N, you do know these three pictures are the same, right?”

You grab a picture frame and put it in your cart before smiling. “I know. One’s for Sam, one’s for Tony and one’s for Clint.”

“You’re a horrible gift-giver.” Bucky laughed as he put away the pictures.
“Getting a picture of me is the best gift of all.” You tell him. “You gotta admit, I’m pretty cute.”

The brunette smiled. “You are pretty cute, huh?”

That wasn’t the response you thought he’d give you. You were thinking more along the lines of “you’re sadly mistaken” or “actually I’m pretty cute, not you”. Taken aback you stare at him, not knowing what to say or how to continue that conversation. Bucky stares at you as well, a shy smile on his face like he realized what he had just said. The tall man looks away and you clear your throat.

“Alright so I’m pretty much done here. I ran and got Bruce some science-y looking shirt now all I need is Steve and Vision.” You change the subject.
“What about Wanda and Peggy?”

“I got Wanda a gift card to Forever 21 yesterday when we went shopping and when we get home I have to order Peggy’s.” you respond.

“What’re you getting her?”

“The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. She’s been dying for it.”

Bucky made a face. “The who?”

You roll your eyes. “It’s makeup.”

“Oh.” He scoffed. “You should’ve just said that to begin with.”

You chuckle and shake your head before nodding over to his cart. “What’d you get?”

Bucky grinned. “Well I got Wanda a pretty headband and I got Peggy red lipstick because she always wears red lipstick – oh! I got Tony a telescope but a cheap one and I got Clint a bow and arrow from the toy section.”

“You really don’t like spending money on your friends, huh Bucky?” you giggle, picking up the toy bow and arrow and examining it.

“What? I do. I’m just low on cash.”

“What’d you spend it on? Unnecessary things?”

Bucky puts his hands on his hips. “It’s none of your business.”

“Whatever, cheapskate. Let’s go and pay so we can go to Michaels and get Vis his things.”

After getting Vision his gifts you and Bucky went to Best Buy to get Steve his gift. Bucky was shocked when he saw you pick up a box with a record player on it.

“You didn’t.” he gasped as you turned to face him.

“I did.” You smiled.

After paying for it you both head home and carry everything up to your room. The two of you set everything in the corner before falling onto your bed.

“I still can’t believe you actually got him a record player.” Bucky breathed, turning to you.

“He’s been wanting one and I know he collects records so why not?” you shrug, turning Bucky’s way.

“I feel like a shitty friend now. I’ve known the punk basically my whole life and all I got him was socks.” He frowned.

“That’s what happens when you’re a cheapskate.” You murmur.

“Shut up.”

You laugh and Bucky breaks out in a smile. The two of you continue to look at each other, much similar to earlier in the store but it wasn’t long until Bucky broke the staring and silence.

“So, what’d you get me?”

You scoff. “I’m not telling you.”

“Why not?” he pouted.

“Because it’s a surprise.”

“But I wanna know now.”

“Fine. Tell me what you got me and then I’ll tell you.”


“Then I’m not telling you.” You shrug.

“Whatever, we’re staying here together so I’ll figure out what it is eventually.” He replied.

“I doubt it.”
Bucky hummed and stared at you, looking from your eyes to your nose then down to your lips where his gaze lingered longer. You shift and lay your head on your bed, causing a strand of hair to fall in your face but before you could move it, Bucky reached up and tucked it behind your ear. You inhaled sharply, his eyes piercing you and you tried to look away but you couldn’t.

His fingers slid down until they were on your cheek and his thumb caressed the skin under it. His eyes went back to your lips and he bit his own before slowly leaning in. You exhale slowly, watching him get closer and closer, your lips nearly touching and they would have if you hadn’t gasped and sat up.

“I uh… I have to go order the makeup for Peggy!” you exclaim, jumping up from the bed.

“Y/N.” he spoke softly, sitting up but you brushed him aside.

“The laptop’s downstairs and I’ll probably be down there until dinner’s ready so I’ll come get you when it’s done.” And awkward pause sets in and you grab your phone and rush to the door. “Alright, bye.”

And with that, you leave your room.

Bucky stares at the door before laying back down and letting out a much needed sigh.

A/N: oh man, oh man, oh man. Hope ya liked this part, tell me what ya think! And as always, I’ll edit when I wake up!


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Alright, I dunno what’s messing up my posts… :,,,v but I took precaution and took a picture :3 Anyway, here is the original post… exactly like it was supposed to be uploaded:))

Hello, and thank you very much for your request. It’s great! I sometimes get those moments too ( where I’m feeling clingy, y'know :,v) so I guess it’s kinda relatable??? Welp, hope you enjoy guys!! <3

1 year. You had been together 1 year, and until now, you were sure everything was going great. Although it had taken time for Todoroki to get past your shy personality, you eventually became comfortable with each other and could talk about absolutely everything. That was until you heard two fellow classmates talking about your relationship. How they thought that you were a little too clingy towards Todoroki, and that you were often a burden to him during gatherings and social events.

You weren’t supposed to be hearing, of course, and even though it wasn’t stated directly at you, it hurt… It was not their intention to do so, but it did. It never even crossed your mind, but thinking about it… maybe you were too clingy. He ate lunch at your table, instead of at his friends’, spent the weekend with you, studied with you… wow. Thinking about it, it seemed as if you had forced him to be with you all the time.

When you were just friends it was different, it was obvious, and evidently, people had picked up on that. But, did he think the same way?

The ringing of the school bell disrupted your thoughts. Lunch time.

You decided to not give it any more thought. It was only someone’s opinion. So, as usual, you sat with your boyfriend.

“You seem quiet, is something bothering you?” He asked while inching closer. Usually, you wouldn’t react to it, the both of you had become more affectionate towards each other, and this was just normal, being close. However, you backed away. Both consciously and unconsciously.

“Uh… yeah. Everything is alright ”
You tried giving him a reassuring smile, but it didn’t convince him. He knew you, and you were clearly lying.

“I know something’s up [name]. I can see it in your face. Now spill.” There he was, asking about your issues, but you couldn’t bring yourself to speak! It was embarrassing to say the least. So you made up another lie.

“Well, now that you noticed, I am worried about the test, maybe it’s best if I study,” yeah, that should work, you were often worried about school, so it was believable. But… perhaps you could use this to give him some space. “ all week. Someone is already tutoring me. So don’t worry about that” you smiled a more believable smile this time. And he bought it.

“Alright, good luck with it” he took your hand and smiled before giving you a peck on the cheek. You were so lucky to be with him. That’s more the reason why you should give him a little space for himself, to have fun and hang with the guys. So you gave him one last reassuring squeeze and retired your plate.

After classes you headed to your room and plopped yourself on the bed. You didn’t know it could feel this relaxing, and your pillow had just the right amount of fluffiness. For some strange reason, bad thoughts came to your mind. Again.

You began thinking about your relationship with Todoroki. Both of you shared a sweet and innocent love you wouldn’t trade for anything in the universe. He was your world, hope, and light. And if you had to change a little bit about you for his sake, there was no doubt you’d do it. Without noticing, warm tears began streaming down your gentle face. Sobbing came later… were you annoying? Was your relationship as great as you thought or were you just delusional? You cried and cried, until a gentle knock was heard.

“Hey, [name]. It’s me. You left your notebook at my room. Thought you might need it” It was Todoroki, you could hear his voice clearly through the door.

You dashed to the bathroom and cleaned yourself up as quickly as you could, your eyes still notably red from the crying. Still, you had to open.

“Uh, yeah, coming.” You shouted in a singsong voice.

You open the door and encountered his tired eyes, notebook in hand.

“I don’t mean to be rude but mind if I come in?” He asked. As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t deny him the entrance. So you let him.

“Look, I didn’t want to discuss it in the hallway but clearly something IS bothering you” he put a loud emphasis on the ‘is’. “ I mean, your eyes tell me you’ve been crying!” He raised his voice, which was a very weird sight, even for you.

“Oh” you laughed a little “ it’s just some allergies, y'know, because of spring? Don’t mind them”

A pair of soft hands reached your own and pulled you towards Todoroki as he sat on the edge of your bed.

“I can see you are hurting. I don’t know why, but you are. You have me, you can talk to me. It hurts me too, and I can’t bear watching you like this. So, do me a favor and speak to me so that I can help you.” His voice was desperate, yet calm. He was genuinely concerned about you.

You sat down beside him. And spoke your mind. After that, he ran his fingers through your hair comfortingly, and embraced you tightly. You could feel his warmth and his hair lightly tickling the side of your face.

“If I thought you were clingy… do you think I’d like to spend most of my time with you? It is my decision to do so, so you can be sure I enjoy every second I spend with you. And what other people think is there problem. Alright?” He held your face gently and showed you a shy smile. “Now let me show you how much I love you” he began tickling you, making you laugh and let out all your worries while tenderly kissing every bit of your face.

You could be sure you loved him, and he loved you back.

Polaroid AU 4

part one, part two, part three

the majority of this story is based on these bts pictures

William had been having weird dreams since he was a kid, padding down the hall and crawling into bed with his parents after a nightmare for years until it seemed too babyish. And the worst part was that most of the time, the dreams seemed to come true, in one way or another. He’d dreamed about the cat getting hit by a car three days before it had happened, and the time his dad had gotten really sick and had to have surgery. Once or twice, he’d dreamed the contents of an upcoming test and found his dream to be accurate. (He hadn’t minded those too much.) But the ones that had probably been the scariest were the ones in the smoke-choked office and the scary older man sitting in the chair. He hadn’t had one of those since he was ten, but they always terrified him for some reason he couldn’t explain. The office was full of pictures of people who looked like him, files with long, Sharpied-out passages and CLASSIFIED written in bold letters across the top, ashtrays among ashtrays. He’d had the first one when he was four and had crawled under the desk and refused to come out. The smoking man had called out in a melodic voice and he put his hands over his ears and shut his eyes until everything faded into the familiarity of his bedroom. (He did that a lot in dreams.)

Two weeks after arriving at Mulder and Scully’s, he had the dream again. He was lying on the floor of the nicotine-smelling office, his cheek plastered to the rug. He scrambled to his feet clumsily, looking around. The room was empty. On the desk in front of him was a pile of cigarettes beside an ashtray and a slew of pictures spread across the table.

William drew closer and held in a gasp. He recognized Scully’s SUV, parked in front of a sprawling hospital. Covert shots of Monica Reyes and Scully in a lab, Scully in various hospital rooms, Scully and that one guy Skinner in a conference room. William held his breath and flipped further through the photos. An immaculate apartment, the house he was sleeping in right now, hotel rooms. A picture of her with a baby–him. Taking him out of the car, years ago, a stupid hat on his head. He tensed all over, holding his breath.

“William,” said a voice behind him. The smoker. When he turned around, he couldn’t see the smoker; there was a blinding flash of light and the screech of bending metal.

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I can’t find the exact page, but I remember @whore4batfam had a headcanon that Damian was a great rapper and that this was yet another reason he thought Drake should fear him. 

And ever since, I’m like. Picturing him in the mansion, looking around. Alone. Alfred’s out. It’s midday. So he goes down to the Batcave with the best speakers, turns it up-

“I am not throwing away my - shot! I am not throwing away my- shot! Y’know I’m just just like my country, I’m young, scrappy, and hungry-”

Vital: Part One - Terra (A Yondu x Reader Fic): Chapter Nine: Nightswimming

Click here for: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight

Rated M for language and future NSFW chapters (these will be marked as such).

Yondu walks out the deck door, and is greeted by crisp night air and the sounds of animals he doesn’t recognize – quiet chirpings and croaks. There’s a soft breeze blowing that sends ripples across the water. He takes a deep breath of fresh air; it’s calm and peaceful, so different than his constant brushes with death and danger as a Ravager. He hears a faint string of music carried to him on the wind, and looking around sees you down below, seated in the middle of the dock out on the lake. You’re just sitting there, looking up. The little speaker you brought with you is tucked safely away from the edge of the water.

He makes his way down the stairs and onto the beach, sighing at the soft, cold sand in his toes. This far down from the house, he realizes how dark it is, and he follows your gaze upward. The galaxy streams like a river of diamonds above him, twinkling. Every so often, he sees a meteor streak across the sky, burning bright for a fleeting moment.

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I want a Supergirl/Legends crossover event

Where the Waverider crew comes to Kara and the DEO with the information that someone else with a time ship had visited earth 38 and majorly fucked with the timeline by killing a woman in the 80s– and that somehow that one change in earth 38 had “the very fabric of time and space!” ramifications.

So Kara and Alex go with the Legends to the 80s where they save the lady. Moira Lancaster is bright and bubbly and pregnant. There’s no father in the picture (“just a one night stand” she tells them), and the attempts on her life keep coming, despite the fact that she’s just an average, utterly ordinary shopworker.

Gideon can only tell them limited information, maybe because it’s damaged or with the timeline unable to firm up there’s no information to get (time travel is weird and gives me a headache), so all they can do is try to keep Moira alive and try to figure out who is trying to kill her and why.

They never figure out the why, except that it might have something to do with her unborn child, but they manage to not only kill the assassins targeting Moira, but also scuttle their timeship so no one else can use it. With Gideon’s blessing and Moira’s gratitude, the team goes home. They arrive back at Kara’s apartment to find a fuming Lena Luthor pacing anxiously.

Lena whirls to start in on Kara for not telling her where she was going (and not bringing her with), but pauses when she sees everyone staring frozen at her in shock. Kara shares a look with Alex to confirm she too is seeing the spitting image of Moira Lancaster.

Sara is the first to break the stunned silence.

“Well, I’ll be damned.”

niallspringsteen  asked:

maybe things you said after the end for lilo, or things you said with miles between us for nouis? lOVE U

things you said with miles between us for nouis

The first text Louis gets from Niall in two months is a selfie of him looking sunburnt all to hell, with a generous helping of stubble on his face and the stiff hair he gets from saltwater. He looks at it for fifteen straight minutes, memorizing the blue of his eyes, the cut of his bare collarbones, the dark roots peeking out more than they’ve any right to.

Then he shoots off, looks great lad ! and throws his phone to the side.

He meant to sleep in this morning, snatch a few couple of precious hours of sleep before he goes over to Bria’s to get the little lad. But instead he’s up at 8 am, hating himself and thinking about Niall.

Not hating himself because he’s thinking about Niall. He thinks about Niall often. In a friendly sort of way, in that way where you think about your mates because they’re your mates and you like thinking about them.

He thinks.

It makes sense, in a way, Niall’s fucked off somewhere and not told anyone where he’s gone. Or at least he’s not told Louis. He said he’d do that, he’d lose himself out in some small corner of the world where no one’s going to take his picture.

I’ll come looking for you, Louis had promised. He hasn’t even made it out of LA yet.

He doesn’t need to follow Niall around anymore, really. He’s traveled the damn planet with Niall three times over, and he’s got to settle down now. He’s got to grow some roots for a while, tend to his family. Become a homebody for the first time in his life. Even if that does sound more exhausting than touring.

He doesn’t expect his phone to start ringing, but it does.

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Okay, but can we talk about this? This episode? The Trial?

It was established in this episode that Yellow Diamond had the means and possibly the opportunity to shatter Pink Diamond. I mean, depending on whether she was there or not, of course.

But what, might I ask, was the motive? What motive would Yellow Diamond have to shatter a fellow Diamond and destroy her colony? Was she attempting to end a war she saw as a waste of time and resources? Were there no other options in that regard? Did she have some sort of personal grudge against Pink Diamond for some reason? Are we just scratching the surface of something that goes way deeper here?

Am I the only person here more interested in unraveling the details of this case than in Zombie Lars?

Also, where WAS her Pearl? Judging by the fact that Blue Diamond has been on the receiving end of CG Pearl attempting to attack her (alongside Rose Quartz herself), it can reasonably be assumed that Pink Diamond’s Pearl is not the Pearl we know and love. Blue Diamond likely would not be surprised at this point that a Pearl who is well known to be a traitor and a rebel would not be looking out for the best interests of whoever she served.

So, Eyeball. Is she in on this? She does serve under Yellow Diamond, after all. She gave the account about Rose shattering Pink Diamond with the sword, despite the fact that the sword was only designed to destabilize.

And yet, what the fuck was all that talk in Bubbled about closure? Am I the only person interested in seeing this witness questioned further? In seeing this case pursued?

Did Yellow Diamond compromise Pink Diamond’s security, allowing Rose Quartz to attack and destabilize Pink Diamond, with the intention of hiding her away and shattering her later? Or shattering her there? Is Pink Diamond shattered?

Also, what is this expression? Is Yellow’s Pearl in on this, or is this the expression of a gem who is just finding this out now? I mean, we don’t have any sort of age on Yellow Pearl, so it’s possible she could have not even have been around yet when all this had happened.

It’s also worth noting that she holds on that expression for quite a while. It starts just after Zircon asks where Pink Diamond’s Pearl was, and she is still frozen in that exact expression as Zircon continues to  ask how Rose Quartz could have gotten close enough to attack (see top picture).

I dunno. Maybe I’m the only person to focus on this part of things rather than on Zombie Lars, but I want to see the conclusion of this. Something big is going on here.

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tara! you are one of my og tumblr buds. i feel like you are the popular girl at school who doesn't know she's popular and that's why you still sit with the nerds and the geeks. you are just a shining beacon of talent and positivity. ♥

You are an actual human marshmallow of sweetness and adorableness and I love you to bits and pieces (in a non-creepy, non-actual-dismemberment way) <3

(But everyone knows hanging out with the nerds and geeks is always the best. Where else are you going to get into random conversations about BioWare love interests and Trek vs Wars and which characters to ship with each other and what books have the best worldbuilding and character development and love story arcs???Just how much bigger on the inside is the Tardis? JUST HOW WONDERFUL IS GARRUS VAKARIAN? ((I typo that as “Garrus Cakarian” so often, guys, it’s the worst because I end up picturing some weird AU where Garrus is one of those singing telegram type people who like, jumps out of cakes? I dunno brain.)) 

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16, 23, 82, analogical pls :))

16. Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.
23. If we get caught I’m blaming you.
82. My back’s a bit sore from when you stabbed me with your knife.

That little face you put there is making me imagine a face with two mouths now. It’s not pretty. It’s kind of disturbing, actually. Anyways, platonic analogical is fun. Let’s focus on that. Let’s do teenage sides. Roman likes writing teenage sides. Roman also like talking about himself in the third person.

Logan adjusted his wire rimmed glasses nervously out of habit. He felt practically naked without his backpack, but Anxiety had insisted it would only slow them down. He and Anxiety were going through the twisting passageways of the mindspace, looking for Patton’s room.

“Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now,” Logic said. “This is absurd,”

Anxiety was nervously fidgeting with his eyeliner case that he normally kept in his pocket, and was nervously messing with his lip piercing with his teeth. “I dunno, man. You’re the one that noticed we’d never pulled a prank on the other two, and I’m getting real tired of the royal doofus messing with my stuff,”

“But there is a reason we’ve never done it,” Logic hissed. “I see no reason for it, and you, you’re too afraid of consequences! We won’t be able to handle it,”

“I think I can handle it,” Anxiety said. “It’s pretty simple, assuming we can even find Morality’s room. He should be easier than Prince. But just know that if we get caught, I’m blaming you,”

“Why would we get caught?” Logic asked as they continued to search. “Once we know where we are, we can snap our fingers and go anywhere as long as we know where it is. How would we get caught?”

Anxiety continued to fidget with the eyeliner pen. “I dunno. I’ve just got a feeling it’s gonna go wrong,”

Logic groaned. “You’re always convinced things will go wrong. You’re Anxiety,”

Anxiety sighed. “It’s kind of my job, Logan. It’s the entire side of Thomas’ personality I represent. Emo and worried. It’s not that hard to remember,”

Finally, they came across a door that was covered in school spirit things and pictures of Thomas’ friends, close family members, and a few celebrity crushes. It also had an embroidered name plate that said “PATTON” in blue capital letters.

“I believe this is his room,” Logic said.

Anxiety rolled his eyes. “What was your first clue? The picture of Shea, or the giant hand-stitched name tag?”

They carefully opened the door only to find the inside was decorated in a similar way, with school spirit banners and framed pictures of people lining the walls. Everything was neat for the most part, but just messy enough to be charming and feel lived in. The two invading personality traits took a deep breath and got to work.

Since this was all in the mind, it didn’t take too long, but Patton did have a bit of an attachment to his room, so moving things wasn’t as easy as it would normally be.

When they were almost done, they heard a whoosh. Logic reacted before Anxiety and left the room.

Later, Logic was reading in his room, when Anxiety came in, soaking wet with his makeup running.

“My back’s a bit sore from where you stabbed me with your knife, Logan,” Anxiety said dangerously.

“I didn’t… I didn’t… What happened to you?” Logic asked.

Anxiety wiped some makeup out of his eyes, making it look even worse. “Well, you didn’t take me with you, and I panicked. I panicked, logic. I am panic. And turns out, Morality didn’t want everything in his room turned upside down and moved to the ceiling. Who’d have guessed it?”

Logic looked confused. “You were the one that suggested doing that prank on that assumption,” He said.

“Oh, for crying out, it’s sarcasm. Anyways, he grabbed me, opened a memory of the school pool, and dumped me in,”

Logic smiled. “Well, it’s not like you look much worse than normal. That could be a good look for you,”

“You’re dead to me,” Anxiety said before slamming Logic’s door closed.

Logic smiled. That actually was kind of fun.


Okay so I did some basic investigation on these things because I thought they looked cool and it turns out that they are actually pretty interesting! I dunno if any of my followers are interested in background stuff about some plants that may not be widely found in regions where the game came out, but just in case… Here you go.

The part of the fern shown in the picture isn’t a “stem” per se, but something called a “fiddlehead,” a leaf that hasn’t fully unrolled itself yet. (Picture 2 shows what they look like IRL.) They’re considered vegetables and are used in cooking in many parts of the world, especially Asia. Unfortunately, certain fiddleheads contain chemicals that can be toxic and all fiddleheads must be cooked thoroughly to avoid substances that may be toxic, so these cool-looking vegetables may be more trouble than they’re worth, unless (like me) you really like spiral shapes. They are pretty rare where I’m from though so I dunno if I’ll ever get to try ‘em.

I especially like that someone made a statue of a fiddlehead because that’s something I would do.

(All my info came from Google and Wikipedia, go there for more info.)

Hey guys! So it’s that time of the year again, ten days to Ramadan (on the 26th or 27th May). I’m seeing a lot of posts reminding people, so thanks so much for taking us into consideration. c:

Personally i dont think you need to tag food and drinks, and probably not swearing unless it’s something super graphic? Like we won’t think much of the F word on its own, but if you’re going to describe exactly what you intend to do with [insert object here] and where you intend to stick it… yeah, that’s not something we wanna be visualising.

You should ABSOLUTELY tag #NSFW. Pictures of food and drink won’t break our fast, but NSFW will, or anything bordering on such. So this will probably also include artistic nudes, even if you don’t think they count as sexual content.

Personally I have #NSFW blacklisted all year round so I dunno. But yes, if you don’t normally tag your NSFW for some reason, now would be a good time to start.

I will probably stay off my phone till sunset anyways; some people seem to think it’s funny to reblog stuff that will break people’s fast, and I can’t really blacklist things here.if you see any posts from me, that will mean either it’s past sunset, or I’m on a computer.

…also please don’t tease Muslim Game of Thrones fans if anything new comes up. I don’t watch it myself, but my co-workers are already sighing wistfully. |D

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Tendou. I absolutely love him and just want some random relationship headcanons.

- He’s a tease, but that’s a given. PDA is practically a normality to him, and he has absolutely no shame in kissing, hugging or cuddling his s/o in public areas. Although, he knows he has restrictions, and if his s/o isn’t comfortable with it, he’ll definitely back off, but only a little bit. He will always hug his s/o in public, no matter the time or place.

- I can’t see him being very date oriented at all. He’s the type of guy who engages a back and forth war between, “Where do you wanna go?” and “I dunno, where do you wanna go?”. This usually results in the couple just staying home and binge watching anime, not that Tendou really minds…

-Prom with him was absolutely amazing. Of course, him and his s/o both primped themselves up and showed up in lavish clothes that they would only wear once in their lives, took pictures, slow-danced, and all that. But, since crowds weren’t either one’s forte, they left a good two hours early and went laser tagging. In a ball gown and tuxedo. It would be a night they would never forget… for different reasons, of course.

- He doesn’t know diddly squat when it comes down to cheering up his s/o. Of course he’ll be there, but they might as well replace him with a sack of potatoes, because they would undoubtedly have more of a positive effect then he would. He’ll just sit there with his arm around their shoulder and occasionally pat, not knowing what else to say or do when his s/o is bawling their eyes out.

- Nine times out of ten, if his s/o is over at his house, sex will happen. It’s rare for his parents and older sister to be home before 8:00 PM, so Tendou always takes advantage of that. Although, even if his family happens to be home, nothing’s really going to stop him.

- His favorite place to be kissed is his chest, and his favorite place to kiss is his s/o’s neck.

- He’s a huge fan of texting late at night. His s/o will have to get used to it, because at 3:00 AM it’s not rare for this boy to spam his s/o with bad memes until they respond. When they do (and if they do), he’ll immediately switch the topic from memes to something really deep and sentimental. It’s pretty scary, actually.

- He’d like it if his s/o had longer nails because he just adores back scratches, and not in a kinky way either. He’s honestly so touch deprived, and the slightest brush to the back throws him into a state of fabricated Nirvana. If his s/o wants him to to calm down, or get cuddly, or both, all they have to do is scratch him, and he’s done.

-He’d love it if his s/o were to wear his clothes, but all his clothes are awkward because he’s tall and lanky. So, his shirts always end up looking like a form-fitting dress on his s/o. Although, it’s not like thats exactly a bad thing…

- He has the tendency to be very, very clingy, and it can get just a tad bit annoying sometimes. He expects his s/o’s focus to be on him 95% percent of the time, and when it isn’t he practically turns into a whining toddler, doing anything while vying for his s/o’s attention. This has started several fights between them in the past, but Tendou has started to learn how to control his jealousy.

- If or when his s/o gets periods, Tendou will always, for some reason, develop mood swings as well. He knows there’s definitely some scientific aspect behind it, something to do with the brain and his hormones, but little part of him wants to believe that they’re soulmates or something because of it.

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happy steggy headcanons: peggy has some sort of keepsake that is akin to steve's compass with his face on it (probably a locket or something discreet), they have really lame nicknames that they call each other only in private, peggy sits on steves back while he does like 800 pushups bc he needs the extra weight, they hold hands under the table at briefings, peggy doesn't sleep when steve's on a mission so when he finally gets back they just have a super long nap session (hope u feel better soon)

Thanks Nonny. These are excellent!

Awww. That’s cute. I like her having the photo from Project Rebirth in Agent Carter, though, so I dunno what she’d have that she’d carry around, because I think she’d intentionally avoid all the promotion materials from before Azzano. Maybe it’s slightly more symbolic, and isn’t actually a picture of him? IDK. I do like the implications of a sort of token exchange going on, where he gets her picture for his compass and has something to carry around to remind her of him.

I kind of love the idea of lame nicknames, especially if it was really just them trolling the shit out of each other, because they are both seem like the kind to do that. Like it starts with Steve trying to find a pet name or something to call her sort of like she calls him ‘darling’, but Peggy being Peggy indicates she doesn’t like the name by both a wrinkled nose and a ‘Really, Steve?’ From there it just devolves into increasingly ridiculous nicknames. 

Seriously, I am here for Peggy sitting on Steve’s back while he does push ups. Honestly, now I’m just picturing her sitting there reading some sort of briefing file like it was nothing. It’s super cute. Lol though, her sitting there and telling him to be smoother in his motion because it’s jarring the pages. And Steve eyerolling and intentionally doing them twice as fast as before.

MODERN! STEGGY. Yes. Just saying. Give me 8 thousand fics of them both working for SHIELD and holding hands under the briefing table. Give them all to me. Because it means so many things, and I LOVE IT.

OK Yes. A) I love them cuddling up and just sleeping for like ever, her curled up against his chest, and B) I kind of like Peggy worrying about him while he’s gone? And the whole time telling herself, it’s stupid, she shouldn’t, because he’ll be FINE, but she can’t help it. Especially in a scenario where the plane did crash and he either managed to get out before the crash, or Howard found him quickly. And she spends her time doing work to distract herself, but when Steve gets back there’s not even any conversation, he just takes her hand and they go to the bedroom and cuddle up and nap, because they both feel safer and happier when they’re together.

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Hi Faith! I saw what you wrote on hours spent on writing vs. drawing comics and I realized I've never actually seen a comic book script before. Does it look like a movie script? Could you tell us a bit about what scripting a comic is like?

I started writing the script for Nameless City book 2 this week, so I am totally prepared to talk about this! 

DISCLAIMER! I’m going to give you a peek into how I write comics. This is a method that works for me, but it may not work for you. You don’t have to write this particular way, this is just how I do it. I’m friends with many people who work in the comic book industry and what I’ve discovered by talking to them about process is that we all make comics differently. 

So, this is me, working away on the script for Nameless City book 2 this week:

(Your bowls, kitchen table and beverage choice may vary.) The typed pages on the right are my outline. For me, an outline is important. It’s how I keep track of what needs to happen in the story. Mine tend to also have emotional beats (Kai is feeling angry because [reason], Rat is hungry because she’s always hungry) and some important dialogue thrown in. On the left is a spiral notebook purchased from a drugstore. That’s where I draw my rough draft of the book. When making my first draft of a graphic novel, I thumbnail and write dialogue by hand beside the thumbnails. 

Why? Because this allows me to think about the artwork and pacing of the comic while writing dialogue. Comics are both art and writing (one does not take precedence before the other), and this thumbnail-and-script method allows me to keep the balance of both at the beginning. 

When I’m done my very rough thumbnail draft, I end up with something that looks like this:

lol! That’s the first draft of The Nameless City book 1. All the loose paper is scenes I’ve added or altered, and I wasn’t able to fit them into the spiral notebook. If I was smart, I’d do these early drafts on loose paper or notebooks that allow you to add and remove pages, but I dunno, I just like these cheap spiral notebooks for some reason. XD

Then, when I’m satisfied with this early draft of the comic, I go and type the whole sucker up. It looks approximately like this:

So here’s where we get into the whole thing of “I am both the writer and artist of this comic, so I work a little differently than if I was just the writer.” As both the writer and artist, I have a mental picture of what will be going on in each scene in my head (I’ve also done those thumbnails). So I’m not very detailed when describing what’s going on in each panel. I tend to include only basic, important information in addition to the dialogue, so my editor can understand what’s going on. 

In contrast, here’s a page from the script for Bigfoot Boy 3, a kids’ comic series I did with the writer J. Torres. J, by the way, is an experienced and skilled writer, and very good to work with. As an artist, I recommend him! 

J is a LOT more detailed in his writing than I am, and there’s a reason for that: he’s not the artist of the comic, I am. And I can’t see into his head. So he has to effectively communicate what he wants drawn in each scene. That’s super important! J also formats his pages properly, which is something I can’t be bothered with if I’m writing for myself (my editor at First Second doesn’t seem to mind). I believe this is a format you can get from that writing program Final Draft (which I do not own but should probably buy at some point). I do all my writing in Open Office, a free program.

So that’s pretty much it, I think! I do a bit of revising when I type up my script, tightening the dialogue and just trying to give things a final polish, and then I hand it into my editor. She gets back to me with notes, we revise, and then I’m off to draw the sucker. 

Watchdog Plush Tutorial

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m here to try, my guys. 

Alright! Let’s start with what you need! 

Felt (or fleece also works if you want to use that!): Red(1), White(2), Black(2), Yellow(1)

Paper (to trace your template)

Thread: Red, White, Black, Yellow (or similar colors if you’re not picky)

A pencil (for sketchy endeavors) 

Scissors (to beat the paper)

You’re gonna NEEDle those needles!

You might want to use pins to hold things in place while you sew or cut, but I didn’t use those because I am a fool. 

You can also use a white crayon or pen for tracing if you don’t want to use pins! 

and don’t forget the plush stuff!

You can get everything you need at Walmart (where I went), your local craft store, or, of course, the internet!

These materials will be enough to make a 12 inch plush. If you want to go BIGGER. I’d suggest getting more felt!

Alright cool, let’s move to the template! 

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