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Everytime I read the part where Fireheart brings Cloudkit to camp, and they're like "but he's so white he'll stick out like a sore thumb" I always sit there like, isn't Whitestorm completely white? I dunno I might be wrong but I never got that.

tbh i always pictured whitestorm and frostfur to either have silver shading or small patches of color (esp w the shading, hence their names -storm + frost), so that they’re not pure white. i’ve also seen a lot of examples of people drawing whitestorm with blue van markings, which would make sense with his mother too, who has gray ears

i also love the idea of cloudtail being persian or PART persian, and for him to have a squished face and really long white fur, which helps make him stick out. like as a kit he is literally nothing but a ball of fluff (here’s a kit @ 4 moons)

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

Request: I don’t know if you’ve done one already like this, but could you do one where the reader is in the glade when Thomas comes up, and she’s the one that shows him around and such? And also, could you maybe include it where the reader is a really good fire, and on every bone fire night, she and gally fight because when she first got in the maze she beat gally? I dunno, just an idea that that’s when Thomas first really, really notices her.. Xxx

Warnings: none

You stood set down the planks of wood you’d been carrying and stretched, arching your back, before heading off to retrieve more. Gally jogged past you, a smug grin on his face. You rolled your eyes and called out after him, “Seriously?”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little friendly competition,” he yelled back as he hefted four planks onto his shoulders. You shook your head, sprinted over, and picked up five.

“Nothing at all,” you huffed, jogging to keep up with your keeper’s long stride. Maybe you and Gally acted under the facade of ‘friendly competition’ but everyone knew that both of you were dead set on winning anything and everything and the only thing you hated more than losing was losing to him. You had just set down your five planks and jumped out of the way of the four Gally nearly dropped on your foot when the siren announcing the coming of the box sounded through the glade. Without even exchanging a glance, you and Gally raced off to the box. You were always faster than Gally, but he was stronger. When you finally arrived, you put your hands on your knees, gasping for breath, but grinned all the same when Gally came huffing behind you.

Just as you heard the box screech to a stop, Newt and the other gladers gathered around. Gally pulled open the top hatch and jumped in before you had the chance. Peering over the edge, you caught sight of the new greenie. He was dark haired and handsome with pretty brown eyes.

“Day one, Greenie. Rise and shine,” you heard Gally say as he reached out to help the newbie to his feet. You rolled your eyes. Gally usually spent all month coming up with something dramatic to say to the new greenie. As soon as he got up out of the box and on solid ground, the green bean took off running. You stood by, mildly impressed by his speed. Cringing as his foot caught and he plummeted to the ground in a face plant, you jogged over with the others to watch Newt and Alby make introductions.
“This here is the glade. Don’t worry, your memory loss is completely normal, it happens to all of us. I’m Alby, and this is Newt, my second in command.” the new kid nodded numbly, still craning his neck to get a good look at the place. You remembered your first day and how scared you were. It was only ten months ago, but it felt like an eternity. “Y/n!” Alby called, motioning for you to come over. “Why don’t you show greenie here around?”

You grinned and stuck out your hand to shake the Greenie’s. He took it tentatively, but shook it all the same. “Welcome home, Greenie. My name’s Y/n. Follow me, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

As you guided him around the glade, explaining everything you could, you couldn’t help but like the new guy. He was quiet at first, yes, but as the tour went on, he began asking good questions and you got the feeling that this guy was smarter than he looked. Not that there was anything wrong with how he looked- he was actually extremely handsome.

“So listen, there are a bunch of different jobs to choose from. Starting tomorrow, for the next week or so you’ll be testing them out and seeing what you’re good at,” you explained as you walked past the homestead.

“What kind of jobs are there?” he asked, pausing for a moment to glance inside one of the windows.

“Well, there’s lots. You’ve got your track hoes, who tend to the crops, you’ve got your builders, that one’s obvious, you’ve got your sloppers, pretty much anyone living and breathing could do that job, your slicers, nasty work that is, and your runners to name a few.”

“Runners?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow. You put forth conscious effort to keep from rolling your eyes.

“Runners. They spend their days running the maze, looking for a way out. Now don’t be getting any ideas, got it shank? Only the best and brightest can survive out there in the maze,” you added sternly, cutting him a sharp look.

“Well then why aren’t you a runner?” he asked, looking up at you with his dark handsome eyes. Ducking your head and blushing, you mumbled out a response.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, newbie. And besides, someone has to keep all these shanks in line.”

The rest of the tour went well even though he asked torrents of questions, and then you were off to work again, leaving the newbie under the care of Chuck. You couldn’t help but get distracted as you worked, watching the greenie follow Chuck around the glade, retrieving a sleeping bag for him and other odds and ends that made life here more comfortable. Chuck was sweet, but he could be incredibly annoying. However, the greenie seemed to handle him well. You smiled as Chuck laughed out loud at something the greenie said, a smile creeping onto his own lips.

“Oh, come on, Y/n. You didn’t strike me as the type,” Gally called, snapping you out of a daze. You rolled your eyes and turned to face him.

“The type to what, pray tell?”

“The type to get the hots for the greenie,” he teased, eyes glinting with mirth and a smirk on his face. You cocked your hip and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Oh please, I’m just curious. He seems to be handling it better than most. I want to know what’s different.”
“Yeah, sure, you’re just curious,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, guaffing at your indignant expression.

~Thomas POV~

“Come on, dude, it’s time for the bonfire!” Chuck squealed, pulling Thomas by the arm towards a congregation of gladers surrounding a tall structure of wood.

“Bonfire?” he asked, glancing at Chuck with a furrowed brow. He kept jabbering on about things Thomas obviously didn’t know about, and it was driving him mad.

“Yeah, every time the box comes up with supplies and a new greenie we have a bonfire to celebrate,” he chirped. Thomas shrugged, glancing around the darkening glade. He’d rather go to sleep and try to process what had happened thus far, but got the feeling that that wasn’t exactly an option. As they approached, someone lit the wooden structure, creating a blazing fire. He caught sight of Y/n among the crowd, her face illuminated in the orange light, her eyes shining.

“Alright shanks, who’s next?” a harsh voice hollered from beside the fire. He spun around to see Gally standing over another glader lying prone on the ground, coughing up sand. His stomach clenched uncomfortably.

“Chuck, I thought one of the rules was to never harm another glader,” Thomas murmured, pointing to Gally as the boy scrambled to his feet with a groan. Chuck opened his mouth to respond when a large hand slapped Thomas’s back.

“Ahh, this is different. All fun and games, yeah?” a voice nearly shouted in his ear over the chatter of the other gladers. The asian kid, Minho, gave a devilish grin and pointed back to Gally. Thomas noticed with a jolt that Y/n was approaching him, a determined glint in her eye. “Oh, now you’re in for a show. See, when Y/n came up in the box, being the first girl ‘n all, she was a little…”

“Defensive,” Newt chimed in, sidling over and standing on my other side, a jar full of some unknown liquid in his right hand.

Minho nodded appreciatively. “Yes, defensive. Anyway, we always have these fights for fun at the bonfires, and Gally always dominates, but her first night, that tough little shank stepped up to the plate and kicked his pony lovin’ butt. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.”

“So, now,” Newt said, picking up where Minho left off. “She fights Gally every bonfire because neither of them can end on a loss. Her record is 4 and 6, so we’re all hoping she can bring home another win tonight,” he said, a grin on his face.

Thomas watched in awe as Y/n cracked her knuckles and bared her teeth in a grin at Gally, who smirked. They circled around each other threateningly. He looked like a pitbull in a dogfight, but Y/n looked like a lioness closing in for the kill. Gally attacked first, lunging forward and swinging at her head, but Y/n was fast. She ducked out of the way and maneuvered herself so that she was behind him, batting him upside the head before he could even turn around. When he did turn, he faked going for her midsection, but at the last second bent down and swept her legs out from under her. Y/n fell to the floor, Gally following after her, pinning her to the ground by the shoulders. A collective groan went up from the gladers, but Minho shook his head, patting Thomas on the chest distractedly, never taking his eyes off of the fight. “Nah, she’s got it- just watch.”

Just when he thought it was over for Y/n and that she couldn’t unseat Gally, she wrapped her legs around his waist and used all of her strength to flip him under her. Gally huffed in surprise as his own shoulders were slammed to the ground. Y/n sat on top of him and held him down, grinning triumphantly. “Better luck next time,” she taunted, hopping to her feet and offering Gally a hand to help him up. He brushed off her help and rolled his eyes, stalking away and muttering.

“Whoa,” Thomas muttered, watching Y/n tie back her hair and laugh at something one of the boys had said to her. She was gorgeous. Not just pretty or attractive, but absolutely gorgeous, with sparkling eyes and glossy hair and the most radiant smile. Minho caught her eye and waved her over, and Thomas’s stomach instantly squirmed.

“Easy there, Greenie, I promise she won’t bite,” Newt chuckled, making Thomas’s face turn red.

~Y/n POV~

you approached your friends and the greenie, wiping a bead of sweat from your forehead. “So that makes it 5 and 6, yeah? I’m catching up!” you said, putting your hands on your hips.

“Nice!” Minho exclaimed, high fiving you as Newt slapped you on the back. “Our favorite girl is back in business!”

You laughed and rolled your eyes, ruffling Chuck’s hair, and then turned to the newbie, who had fallen strangely quiet. “Enjoying the party, Greenie?” you asked kindly. The greenie looked up in surprise at being addressed.

“My name’s Thomas,” he corrected smoothly, as though without a second thought. You froze, looking at Minho and Newt with wide eyes. Once Thomas realized what he’d just said, his eyes lit up. “I remember!”

“Yeah you do! Well, welcome to the glade, Thomas. I’m sure we’ll be the very best of friends,” you told him with a wink that made his face turn an even darker shade of red.

“You were awesome in the fight, by the way,” Thomas added, trying not to meet your eyes. You stared him dead on anyways, chuckling and saying,

“Flattery will get you nowhere, shank.”

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good thing it didn’t happen because I WOULD HAVE AN EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN

And it would HAVE to have been something dramatic. Like, I play with a bunch of ideas because I wanted it so bad. 

Aang jumping into the fight with Unalaq, because he’s PISSED about Jinora and, you know, the whole trying to screw the world thing. 

OR with Zaheer, because he thinks ZAHEER KILLED ALL THREE OF HIS CHILDREN. 

OOORRR some crazy other side plot, where governments are, like, I dunno, claiming Aang and Zuko messed something up, they got Zuko on trial or someone on trial, and they literally don’t know what’s going down, because only Aang knew, and in the middle of trial BAM Aang’s there and clears shit up. 

I just… I wanted it so bad. 

One of the great tragedies of Star Wars is that there is no longer anyone around to tell Luke and Leia which twin is older.

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(Dunno if you answered these already but) 1, 18, 29 & 45 for the ask meme <3

> (did I say 45? I meant 44***)

Haha, got it, 45 doesn’t excist anyway 😂
And thanks for askinggg 😁

1. Any Scars?
Let’s see…

  •  I’ve got a small scar on my forehead where I once banged my head against the heater when I was two.
  • I’ve got a small, U/J-shaped scar on my left middlefinger where my brother once accidentally cut my finger with scissors
  • Got two small scars on my left index-finger and I have no Idea how I got those
  • Got a small scar close to my right knee, again, no idea how I got it
  • and a very narrow almost invisible scar on my belly where I once cut myself when I fell out of a tree😂
  • And I think that’s it…

18. Obsession?
Currently I am a little bit obsessed with lindsey stirlings album “brave enough” because I went to her concert this friday and it was really awesomeee. 
I also have a smol sims-obsession atm but I have no time to play it T-T

29. Worst Mistake?
Not starting my transition sooner. I should have contacted the hospital as soon as I even realised I might want to medically transition, even though I wasn’t sure or ready at the time, and not only when I was sure I wanted transition. Because now I’m 100% sure and ready but I still have to wait…

44. Selfie?

Made this one just for u (And a lot of other selfies but they all turned out terrible whoops)

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My How You’ve Grown (Part 1)

Hi! I’m prety new but ya got my full atention!(sorry if I write wrong :3 )
Could you please write a Pan x Reader where when the Reader was a kid (around 4-5 ) got to Neverland and the others took a big like to her, even Peter. Then…dunno what happened and went back to the real world. When she’s around…..17 she somehow goes back, they remember her but Peter starts to have feelings for her.
…..I don’t care how you do it…in 1 or 2 parts….But I wanna have lots, lots and LOTS of huggs, kisses and flufyness XD
I hope ya get this and thank ahead!

So I'm really excited for this vic cause the idea is very cute, also dearies, this will be the last fic before i start writing the spooky ones! then ill get back to all my other requests i promise everything will get finished <3


You ran through the bright forest, the sun shining through the green coloured leaves which caused a beautiful light to shine down on you. You giggled softly as you ran towards the clearing you knew all so well. Neverland was you home since you remembered how to walk, and you loved living here with all your big brothers.

Once you finally reached the enternace you almost tumbled over a small branch, your arms flailing out at your sides as a small gasp escaped your lips. But before you tumbled over, a hand came down and grabbed onto your shoulder, pulling you back up on to your feet. Your heart beat slowed down as you realized you were no longer falling towards the ground. You glanced behind you to see one of your older brothers, Felix, holding onto your shoulder with annoyed look on his face. You in return gave him a large grin, grounding yourself once again and giving your brothers waist a big hug.

“Hehe~ thanks Big Brother Felix~!”

The male just nodded, giving your back a gentle pat, out of comfort and to let you know to let go of him. Felix was always watching your back, even when it seemed like you were alone, as soon as you fell into trouble Felix would be there to help you out and save you from danger. You released Felix with a giggle, and then ran off from his side. You skipped off into the camp site, waving and yelling out a hello or good morning to all the boys you passed, for these were your brothers, and they had always been here to take of you and your needs. For as long as you could remember (which wasn’t much, since you were still quiet young) these boys had taught you everything, from how to tie up your boots, how to collect the right berries, to how to defend yourself from danger in case one of them weren’t around. The boys had been the only family you had ever known, and so far they had done a great job keeping you as the happy little girl that you were. 

While you were distracted in your happy thoughts you bumped into another large body, letting out a soft grunt as you well back onto your rear. The larger person turned around on his heel quickly, placing down at your small form. When he saw the pout etched on your lips he chuckled softly, kneeling down in front of you. 

“Aye dearie, are you alright?”

Your head shot up as the voice the British voice belonging to your favourite brother ran through your ears, Your eyes met with that of forest green, and Peters lips curled into a smirk when he saw the happiness fill into your eyes. 

“Brother Peter~!”

You shriek out, jumping up and into the males arms. He quickly reacted and caught you, holding you to his chest with the smirk still plastered on his fcae. You giggled, nuzzling your face into the crook of the males neck as he held you. Peter had always been your favourite brother, for he was the one who had definitely cared for you the most. Peter had been the one to introduce you to all the other lost boys, he had been the one who was by your side from the very start. Peter placed a soft kiss on the crown of your head before walking up to the middle of the camp, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around you as he spoke. 

“Listen up lads! Today is a special day, can any of you tell me why~?”

You giggled softly, knowing exactly what Peter was talking about. You raised your hand with excitement, the other boys around chuckling softly as they watched the joy fill up in your eyes as you wanted oh so bad to answer Peter’s question. Peter looked up at your arm and shook his head playfully, giving your nose a gentle poke with the tip of his finger. 

“Yes (Y/N), why is today so special?”

“Because it’s my birthday! My birthday brother Peter!”

“That’s right! Today is (Y/N)’s fourth birthday! This calls for a celebration, don’t you think boys?!”

In a loud cry, sounding almost like a battle cry the boys cheered in unison, some of them already beginning to dance while others clapped their hands loudly in approval. You blushed slightly from the attention, leaning your face closer to Peter’s shoulder with a shy smile on your face, Peter glanced down at you and chuckled, brining his lips down to your nose to give it a playful nibble. 

“Don’t get shy on me now little one~ let’s have some fun!” 

You squealed at Peter’s playfulness, laughing loudly as he began to join in no the lost boys dance, spinning you around with him in his arms. 

The night was young, and all was well in Neverland this night.

But it didn’t last, it never did.

Most of the lost boys now laid asleep in their tents, some even had passed out on the ground around the now burnt out fire, for the boys had parties the night away, and now they bodies needed rest for the long day ahead. Peter let out a yawn himself as he walked slowly back towards his tree house. Within his arms he held your sleeping form. You were curled up against Peter’s chest, your head laying on his shoulder as you breathed slowly against his neck. You had so much fun at your wonderful birthday party that you had driven yourself to sleep. Peter looked down at your sleeping form and smiled, rubbing your back softly as he reached the stairs leading to his cabin home. 

The boy was about to step onto the first stair when he suddenly felt a dark presence creep up behind him. The boy turned around as fast as a bolt of lightning, pulling out a dagger that was hidden within his belt. You whimpered in your sleep from the sudden jolt, Holding onto to Peter tightly as he did the same to your small form. His eyes narrowed as he glanced around in the dark, his ears straining to ear any type of movement. 

In a flash, a dark form appered in front of Peter, its eyes glowing brightly in the dark night as a hiss escaped its floating form. Peter took a step back, his eyes widening a bit from the surprise attack. 

“Shadow! What do you want from me!”

Pan growled out fiercely, holding your form closer to his chest. He knew that shadow only came around when he wanted to share bad news, and on this night, a dark and disturbing feeling filled Peter’s gut as shadow began to speak in his errie tone. 

“You know why I am here Pan, or have you already forgot nth destiny of the little girl? Tonight is the night of her fourth birthday, that means its time for her to go away.”

Peter’s eyes widened as memories began to fill up in his brain. The prophecy, the deal he had to make with shadow, and the fate his little one was about to endure. Peter growled, swinging his arm roughly in the direction of shadow with his dagger in hand. 

“NO! Its too soon! She’s to young to go away all on her own! She’ll never forgive me! She won’t understand when she returns!”

The shadow hissed at Peter’s vile attempt to strike it, as the blade only went straight through the blackness that was shadow. In one sweep the shadow had flown towards Peter and ripped the sleeping girl from his arms, hissing loudly at the fallen boy before him. In the commotion you had woken up from your sleep, a shiver running down your spin as you felt darkness spill over your body, clutching onto you tightly that you couldn’t even squirm. You looked down to see Peter getting farther and farther away, as this dark creature lifted you up into the air and away from your home. You screamed out loudly, one of your little hands reaching down towards Peter as tears fell freely from your eyes. 


The shadow laughed darkly in your ear, lifting you farther away from Peter. Now you could see the whole island, and how beautiful it looked at nighttime, how ironic that you were being ripped away from it. You cried out one last time towards your brother, before you were swept away into the clouds, your vision becoming black as you passed out.

Peter still stood at the edge of his treehouse, watching your crying form become nothing but a blur as you disappeared into the dark sky with shadow. He fell to his knees, his hands roughly grabbing at his chest from the pain that had started to form there. This was happening to fast, it wasn’t fair that you had to be thrown away into the awful world at such a young age. The idea of you hating Peter filtered through his mind and he shut his eyes tightly, hot tears spilling from his cheeks. His emotions were all out of whack, and before the moon disappeared behind the trees Peter let out a monster like scream that rang out through the dark Neverland.

You walked down the alley way that led to your small apartment. You had a black hoodie pulled over your head and you kept your eyes on the ground as you walked. You had learned over the years to block out the noises of people screaming, crying and swearing as you walked, and the occasional siren. You glared at the bums you gave you cat calls, learning from past experiences that if you showed fear it only made them attack. Finally you had reached the building where you lived. You walked through the unlocked door and started up the stairs to the fifth floor where your tiny home was. This place must have been over fifty years old, but it was the only place you could afford. As you reached your door a droplet of liquid - hopefully water - feel onto your head and you let out a curse, they still hadn’t fixed this damn leak.

You stepped into your room, and flicked on the one light. It had a dim yellowy tinge that barley lit up your home, but that was okay, since you weren’t to found of the light anyway. You pulled out the small box that you had been hiding in your sweater and sat down on your old boxspring couch, hearing the rusty springs moan under your weight. You opened up the small box and inside as a small cupcake. There was pink icing swirled on it, with the number ‘16’ written on it in a light blue font. You gave a small smile, sticking a candle in the top of it. Pulling out a lighter from your pocket, you lit the candle, your eyes sparkling dimly from the warm light the candle gave off. You closed your eyes and let out a soft sigh, wishing for the same thing you did each and every year.

“I wish… For a family…”

And with that you blew out the candle, letting out another sigh as you placed the cupcake on the floor, your stomach suddenly feeling queasy at the idea of eating it. You fell back on to the couch, allowing your eyes to flutter shut as you tried your best to think happy thoughts, so the nightmares wouldn’t rad your mind. Yet another birthday, spent alone.

Someone was definitely in your room. For their presences was strong, and dark. You shoot up from your place on the couch, your eyes widening as adrenaline began to fill up your senses you. You had always had very keen senses, you didn’t know how you got them, probably cause you lived alone, but you knew when you felt something, it was right. The light in your room was off, and the one window you had was open just an inch, the wind blowing through it making an eerie sound. A shiver ran through your spin as you stood up slowly, the couch creaking from the loss of weight as you walked towards the window. You were on high alert as you walked, your hand reaching out to close the window. It must have blown open you thought kept telling yourself as you held your breath. Once the window was closed, the noise had stopped, and your room was left in dead silence once again. Your senses began to dull ever so slightly, and your muscles relaxed as you turned back towards your couch. It had just been the wind.

You had let yourself feel safe too soon. A hand suddenly wrapped around your lips, and you let out a scream. This was the easiest hold you get out of, so you thrusted your elbow out behind you and kicked your heel back, planning on hitting your assailants chest and sheen. But your eyes widened in fear when your hits never connected with a body. A hiss entered your ear as you realized a dark aura had surrounded your body, and was holding you tightly as it pushed you back towards the window. Was this… A shadow? Fear began to full up in your gut, a feeling you hadn’t felt in a long time. In this moment all your functions stopped working and you were to scared to even fight back. You just shook nervously in the dark bounds and let out a whimper, hoping this monster would free you from his clutches. The shadow hissed once again, it’s eyes glowing within the dark room as it lifted you out of your windows and into the night sky.

“Time for you to go home, little one.”

Home? The word echoed through your mind as the darkness took over you, and you passed out within the clutches of the shadow.

Faint noises could be heard as you started to come back to your senses. 

You let out a groan, the blackness and numbness finally fading away from your body. Your senses began to heighten as you slowly blinked open your eyes. You hissed and quickly closed them when the bright sun pierced them, your eyes still to sensitive. Your hands lay at your side, and they felt the damp ground beneath you. it felt bumpy, grainy… sand?

Suddenly your body shot up from the ground. In a swift movement you stood up, ignoring the head rush you felt as you stared off at your surroundings. Your eyes were wide with shock and your mouth hung slightly open. You were on the beach, a beach that belonged to your home.


You didn’t even realized you had started running. Wildly you ran through the thick greens and browns that made up the Neverland forest. Branches were slapping you in the face, whizzing by you and causing stings against your cheeks but you ignored it all. Your heart was beating so fast in your chest. This couldn’t be real, this must have been a dream, you always had these kind of dreams on your birthday, but this…

Everything was so real. 

From the smell of the lusious green trees, to the sound of hidden crickets, it was all real. Your mind was trying to process the idea of being home while your body just continued to move. You didn’t even realize the sound of a crackling fire, or the sound of yelling boys. Your heart beat was the only thing you heard as its beat rang through your ears. 

You stumbled through the over growth into a clearing, only then did your body command you to stop running. There in front of you was a large fire, one that whined and crackled in the afternoon sun. And there were boys. Tons of them all stopped in place as they started you down. Some had familiar features, while others were complete strangers. Your eyes then landed on the eyes that you had been wishing for for every birthday. His eyes widened with shock when yours did, his head whipping in your direction to get a better look at you. 

His green eyes stayed locked on yours as he took in your new looks. So much had changed, you were no longer the little girl he used to take care of. No more baby fat covered your cheeks, instead your body had gotten taller and slimed out, small muscles covering your bare arms. Different… you looked so much different. The said male chuckled darkly, his eyes never leaving yours as he stepped towards your fallen form.

The rest of the boys were now looking at their leader as he walked towards you, his eyes sparkling with an unknown emotion. You on the other hand were frozen in place, your lower lip trembling as you finally found your voice. It came out soft, more like a breath of air rather than words. 

“B-Brother… Peter.”

Peter smirked, a snake like grin curling up on his handsome yet boyish features as he now stood directly before you. He reached a hand down to you, his voice sounding exactly the same as it did the day you were whisked away. 

“My how you’ve grown”

okai so I wanted to try and fit the whole story in here but my ideas were getting  way to jumbled so I’m gunna have to split it in two parts! Hope you enjoy this one dearies!

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Where are you guys living? Like what region?

(wheezes because i’ve not thought about this nearly as much as i should tbh rip in pieces me

i’ve thought about having them just somewhere in the middle of america, but not really much else into that detail. i got a good idea about the area in which they live, somewhere in a city that’s not overly gigantic that’s got a few parks and nature around but big enough. i briefly thought putting them somewhere in europe once, but i really dunno about that tbh (also that would kinda negate what he just said about being in an area not really near the ocean whoops)) 

black-rose4 replied to your post: My relationship with the MEA CC is a bit of a…

I dunno what happened to Alec on mine, but his profile was all sorts of weird. Think it was thanks to Scott, but god knows what happened. Also Scott was a pain to make too

It’s just… weird. I haven’t figured out yet if his change in appearance is tied to which preset head we pick for our main Ryder or what but… yeah it’s odd. Strikes me as acting like the CC did in DA2, actually? Where certain presets got different looks… I just wish we had an idea of what Alec would look like based on what preset we pick. 


Regarding the post about kalon 838, 
The reason I enjoy being a species artist is because,, watching people make something out of a basic design that I create is fascinating to me (especially if i’m disappointed in the design). I think that may be why a lot of artists do it. For this reason I don’t typically put limits on my competitions because I want to see where people’s ideas travel. I dunno, but the feeling that someone likes something that I helped create enough to create a digital entity out of it, just makes me proud of myself.

I don’t mean to sound self centered, but I find a lot of joy in judging competitions. Even if reading takes me some time, and i’m a horrible decision maker, the pride is so rewarding. Seeing people happy that they won, or got runner ups, or even a little critique and a honorable mention means a lot to me, because I know i’m doing people some good.

Not to mention, compared to other people, my stories are drastically different. I rarely happen to think up a similar character to what my contestants brainstorm. In my opinion, adopts are not about pumping about a lot of designs to please people, but it’s to please myself as well. That’s why I do it.

So please do not discourage writing, art, or creativity. I adore seeing what the community creates, you guys are really cool and deserve to feel proud of your effort, big or small. Even if you loose, your form is still worth reading, and you’ll know what to do next time around… so please don’t let these competitions discourage you.


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I'm huge pervert as you can clearly tell but I'm also into dark stuff. I saw this thing of Nate where he looks like well DEATH and it got me thinking. Deathan. Not Natemare but a much more doesn't give two shits about anything, doesn't kill anyone but rather brings bad luck to anyone around him. I dunno, it was cool picture and the idea of another version of Nate was cool. - Unknown.

Oh I know what picture you’re talking about! Hm…Deathan? Another pun name I see. I like that idea! Nate could use more versions of him other than the well known Natemare.

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no offence but. did u know i would offer up three of my best cabbages to know more abt ur dark!jarchie. just. just sayin. three cabbages. that' s a big offer..,

Oh, anon. I do like cabbages, but I also like potatoes so I will take two cabbages and maybe throw in a few potatoes… unless of course that seems unfair for the rambly answer I am about to give you (I’ll at least let you keep your soul)……

There are many dark!jarchie variations that I’m just a bit obsessed with.  They all involve muurrrrrderrr committed by either Jughead or Archie or both of them together.  I made one video that kind of hinted at the idea that Jughead had gotten into Archie’s head (dunno how..just..go with it..) and made him believe he had killed Jason, but really Jughead was the guilty one.  

I’m not exactly sure where the latest dark!jarchie videos are headed.  I’ve got one where Archie and Jughead are serial killers (lots of blood and bodies in this video..eek!) and Jughead gets locked up in a psych ward at some point… 
I dunno.  I don’t really plot stuff out… it just kinda… happens.

Then the other video I am working on is one I really like.  Lots of dialogue from the show works so well for dark!jarchie so I’m playing around with that. Fred Andrews knows Archie and Jughead are killers and., well.. he covers for them. 

Recent episodes have especially piqued my interest in this twist.  Like when Fred fakes that alibi for Jug.  Ooooh yesss.  Gimmie!  

Of course I don’t think any of these guys actually had anything to do with Jason’s death.  It’s all totally out of character for them, but that’s part of why it’s so fun. ;-p

This may or may not be the answer you were looking for.  Basically, I like jarchie murder boyfriends. (my love for Hannigram is showing) 

The gorier and more effed up the better.

P.S. Jughead writing a novel about the murder he committed. Nice.

Jug moves into the Andrews’ house.  Murder family? Oops. Another Hannibal-style au.

Jason’s jacket…………… 

I’m just rambling.  I put a dark!jarchie twist on everything in this show.  *shrug*

slithering-saccharine replied to your post: ⋆ …is. anythin’ not goin’ to hell right…

-I’m- having a wonderful night myself. Surely that’s of some comfort—I’m certain I’m very high on your list of people you fret over.

⋆ hey, what can i say, bud?

⋆ kinda got the idea you tend to be. the bad things that happen to other folks. more often’n vice versa

⋆ dunno where i might’a picked that up from

Speaking of the writing process, and that text wall I just threw at you guys with scrapped notes - I really really wish I had come up with the human-mage-summoning-an-elemental thing like eons ago for the actual story. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful it was suggested to me now, and I’ve already got 1000 ideas for one of my extras, which will then lead to another extra being added (actually a chapter that was already written and then tossed).

But like, the implications that could have had for the main storyline… and it would have made another event to happen so much more… I dunno - convenient? Convenient isn’t the right word.

Anyway, there’s a scene that’s going to happen in the future where having that scenario would add more proof of it’s believability. And would make the scene I cut eons ago actually work in the story. And it would add more relevance to that flippant comment Grillby made forever ago.

But at the same time, the scene that scenario would replace is probably the bridge scene, which is also needed. The bridge scene establishes the plausibility of Grillby having a position of leadership or power, starts his rivalry with Thistle, and is the main reason Gaster was captured and kept. Without that scene, a lot of the ensuing plot falls apart - more falls apart than can be added, even!

Ahh man. I dunno. I’m both upset with my tunnel vision and content with how things turned out. Guess that’s just one more thing to remember when I’m editing back over this story later.

In another universe the Alpha survives as the Meta.
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i heard you like Sesshy~ XD

that edgy butt there decided to see why you like him so much… but he got caught XD

luckily, Sesshomaru is having a good day, and knows where this little shit should be, and is giving him back XD

so, here ya go! XD hope you like them!

i did not expect this to get this many notes XD
thankies everyone!!! :D



This chapter just had so many good things in it. The first of those being that they didn’t dwell on the whole boobs thing that happened. Izuku freaked out a bit like a teenage boy might, and they got on with the chapter.

I of course loved that Izuku went staraight to Iida when he realized what it was he wanted/needed to do, and I loved Iida’s kind of “okay sure but why” reaction because it’s such a… I dunno like he’s more than willing to help even though he has no idea what Izuku could want? And I love that Uraraka points out that Izuku just lit up.

And I love that the solution to Izuku’s problem with OFA was so simple. It wasn’t this big thing where he wasn’t thinking about it right or whatever, ot was as simple as changing the medium he was using to express it. And I LOVE how they did it.

(Also, Aizawa is protective as hell and I love him for it because his instant reaction is always like MUST SAVE PEOPLE he’s adorable)

But! Something I really liked with All Might/Toshinori was how he reacted, or rather, didn’t.

At this point in the manga, it’s like he’s switched places with Izuku. Izuku has just figured out how to use his ability and be a hero, and Toshinori is trying to figure out how to not be a hero. He’s out of his elemnet in as much as Izuku was at the beginning and it’s so fascinating to see.

Oh and let’s not forget proud Dad Might because his son figured things out

I just really liked this chapter okay

TUMBLr being closed?

I keep hearing news about tumblr being closed soon enough cuz of yahoo. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m going to do. I’ve posted more art here than any other site I’ve used and I’ve spent most of my time here. I even got new friends and met lots of amazing people here.
How can I cope with losing this?
I dunno where I would even go since I would be starting at zero once again.
No it’ll be worse.
I might not get to see you guys again.
People I’ve followed even. I might not get to remember them cuz I can’t track back.
They would have disappeared from my life…..
If there’s anything I want right now, it’ll be having tumblr stay online and open to everyone.
I don’t want it to be closed. Lots of stuff already happened to me this year and I don’t think I might handle more up problems like this.
Someone save tumblr.


Guess what finally FINALLY came! Yep, the thank you cards!

I also got some sorta business cards/autograph photos. I’ll be bringing these to conventions I go to from now on. The idea was that on one side would be Pepper’s photo and a little space for him to bite his signature, and on the other side would be contact info in case I ever needed to give that to someone. I dunno how well that concept comes across, but eh, they’re cute, right? Catch me at a convention for one of those! The next ones I’ll be at are Animazement and Momocon.

I got both things printed on matte, recycled paper, with no glossy ink and spaces for Pepper to bite where he has no chance of ingesting ink.

The thank you post cards will be sent out this weekend!