i dunno what to even call this


This might be me being bias cuz Shatt is magnificent but I noticed a thing, I kinda felt Matt was too cheerful to have gone through what he has when he’s with the team, of course he’s happy to see Pidge but at times he almost seems over the top I dunno (its cute and adorable he deserves this happiness) but imagine this happiness is partly his actual emotions but also was used as a front to keep him steady and keep going to remind him everything is okay, he made it through the worse, though when he sees Shiro he actually calms down and his eyes soften and its like he’s found someone who understands what he’s gone through and he doesn’t need to be spontaneous or like he even feels like he needs to be formal around Shiro because he doesn’t know how to react and shakes his hand and calls him sir but then Shiro pulls him into a hug and Matt hugs him back and I just I need more Shatt moments and them supporting each other through their trauma in times where they are not putting on a smile and being strong for everyone

Like Matt didn’t tell Pidge what happened to him he’s brushed it off BUT HE DEFINITELY HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE MISSION WITH THAT REBEL MEMORIAL LIKE of course he wouldn’t scare her at first and tell him how many times he’s almost died, how many times he wasn’t sure if he’d ever go home just god Matt is just as messed up as Shiro and no one even notices how much pain Shiro has been in either

Like he went off the grid for a reason how important was his role in that mission why was that bounty on his head?? I need to know????
Draco Malfoy:

- Last picture on Instagram: (7:55am this morning) Harry, dressed in nothing but low rise sweatpants, standing in their kitchen cuddling their grumpy, fluffy white Persian cat, smiling into its fur. Caption: “Look at how disgustingly adorable both my cuties are, look at them.. 😎 ” followed by half a million hashtags including ‘#Bae, #KittyLove, #SaintPotter and #LookAtHisHipBones.

- Last Snapchat sent to Harry: (6:35pm this evening) Double-picture snap 1) Picture of a rack of lacy red bras. Caption: “Pansy forced me to go lingerie shopping with her FML”. 2) Himself in a changing room wearing the shirt he wore to work that morning, the satin tie and a lacy green thong, his back turned to display his arse, looking over his shoulder at the mirror. Caption: “I don’t hate how this looks. Thoughts?” [Harry screenshots it.]

- Last Snapchat received from Harry: (6:40pm this evening) An undecipherable, blurred image with just a part of Harry’s shoe visible. Caption: “MOTHER OF MERLIN, I JUST RAN OUT OF A MEETING TO GO HIDE MY BONER, YOU TOSSER.” followed by an IM on the chat window - “Buy that fucking thong, Draco, buy it right now.”

- Last link shared on Facebook: (4:18pm this evening) Ten Gorgeous Destinations to Consider For Your Next Holiday. Caption: “Harry Potter, pick a date, we’re going to Hawaii.”
Harry - Just say when, baby.
Draco - What the fuck have I told you about calling me that in public?
Harry - I dunno, call you that more often?
Draco - Please go away.
Harry - But I love you!
Draco - I will unfriend you. And block you.
Pansy - Would you two get a room?
Harry - We have a whole flat, Parkinson.
Narcissa - Draco are you in Hawaii
Draco: No, Mother, I’m very much still in London.
Narcissa: Ok wear sunblock even under your swimwear or you will burn
Ron: This is officially the best thing ever.

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More Voltron Quotes Inspired by Shit My Friends Have Said

Lance: *glaring at person*
Another friend walks up: “What are they doing?”
Me: “Oh, they’re staring and judging that one person.”
Friend: “Okay, so…?”
Me: “But they’re staring and judging them in Spanish.”
Friend: “Oh shit, what did they do?!”

Pidge: “I would sell my soul to have free wifi wherever I went, but that would indicate that I had a soul to begin with, so…”

Hunk: “Oh jeez, I’m so full. I will never eat again. I can’t even look or think about food.” *Literally two seconds later* “Holy shit, is that cake? Get out of my fuckin’ way!!”

Shiro: “Can I sue my parents for giving birth to me? I didn’t ask to be born, and this fucking sucks. Just launch me into space with some Doritos and, I dunno, a cat or something and we’ll call it even.”

Keith: “Will you stop being happy for one second because it’s really pissing me off.” *Friends stare at them* *Realizes what they just said* “Uh, I mean, yay I’m sooo fucking happy for you!!”

Allura: *stuffing face full of food, getting it all over the place*
Friend: “Gross.”
*With mouth full* “Excuse me?! I’m a fucking princess!!”

Coran: “I would shave, but I’m already at my prime sexiness, so why would I change that?”

littlestartopaz  asked:

What about the humans' reaction to the aliens though? Like, Deoxys is a thing, so can you see some of them going "Are you a Pokemon? Oh! What are your types?! What do you mean you don't know what we mean?"

“please human, slow down, our translators are not fully calibrated yet, could you repeat yourself slower?”

“yeah okay so! questions!!! are you a pokémon? and what is your type?”

“okay human i think i got it this time, no, i am not a pokémon, i have never heard of them! i thought my species were the first aliens you humans made contact with?”

“no no no, pokémon isnt the name of a alien species, its like.., oh how do i put it? see that pidgey over there? yeah, that bipedal feathered blob, yeah the one who just flew away. Thats a pokémon!”

“oh, it must be the translator then! well, I dont think i am a pokémon? at least not the way you put it. im not from this planet, but i am a living creature, if that is what you mean. that is to say- im not a robot”

“no…. thats not quite what i meant either”

“could you elaborate, human?”

“well, pokémon are what we call ALL the creatures on our planet(except us humans) everything living, sometimes even if it is in one sense mechanical or made by humans, is a pokémon! one pokémon is even confirmed to not be from our planet, so its an alien- like you, so you must be a pokémon too, right?”

“an alien pokémon? could you elaborate? i have not heard of humans making contact with other aliens”

“oh yeah its called Deoxys, it came and destroyed some stuff but Rayquaza chased it away or something, i dunno i was like 5 year old then… lemme just find a picture…HERE!”

“h-human thats not a ‘Deoxys’ thats a Thre’ticaton! its one of the most dangerous space faring species on this side of the galaxy!! o-oh no is it still on this planet? its not safe! they can completley destroy a ship and regenerate whenever they get hurt! that Rayquray-thing, if it chased it away, its just gone to regeneratre! WE NEED TO LEAVE THIS PLANET THIS INSTANT, ITS NOT SAFE, IT MIGHT HAVE GONE BACK TO GET MORE”

“its not-”


“some 12 year old caught it like 5 years ago, its no threat”


Requested by: @weallhaveadestiny

“Hello there! Hope you’re okay! Was wondering if you could do a reader x bill skarsgard where reader meets bill for the first time in stockholm, she doesn’t know he is an actor, and he wants to keep it that way. But, fans get involve. Rest is up to you if you feel inspired :) xx “  

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader      

A/N: Okay.. this is the first time I’ve write something with Bill, I‘m having a really bad crush on him and I can’t deal with him an his green eyes and everything. He’s such an amazing actor! I was in shock when I saw him as Pennywise.  Sorry for my horrible english, I swear I’m trying my best. :c

Title: Fika

You had spent the last twelve hours on a plane traveling to Stockholm on a trip that you had planned with your friends, they were dead tired and seemed that no one were interested in spending their first day out of their country exploring the big city, but you were an energetic girl, you used to be quiet and reserved in some things but your energy for everything was very impressive, you were that kind of people that just seeing them transmitted good vibes, so you decided to go out alone, you were not going to miss a single day of your trip.

You left the hotel where you and your three friends were staying and started to walk on the sidewalk with your hands inside your coat, you took some pictures of a big park, you loved to take pictures and publish them in your Instagram account, just for hobby. You also were a big fan of coffee, so you had made a promise to taste one from every place that you visited; on your way, you found a small cafe “Yummies coffee & bistro” you read in the entrance, you approached just when the first drops of rain had begun to fall; it was a rustic place, with some wooden little tables, each one adorned with a small desert plant in the center, there were plenty of Christmas lights everywhere that along with the light coming from the outside lit the place to perfection.

A guy with big green eyes who was sitting at one of the tables in the background watched you closely when you came in and gave you a small smile, you smiled back and chose a table by the window with a view to the outside and you sat to see the rain, you were sunk in your thoughts when the waitress’ voice took you out of your cave.

“Välkommen, fröken, kan jag erbjuda dig något att dricka? ”(literally I’ve translate this in google HAHA sorry) and in that moment you regretted not knowing Swedish, the young waitress left a menu on the table

“Sorry?” you said shyly in english

“Oh! Excuse me miss” she start speaking English” let me looking for another menu for you” she said taking back the menu that she had placed on the table before” May I offer you something to drink while I’m back?”

“I can wait, thank you” you said giving her a wide smile”

Several minutes had passed and it seemed that the waitress had completely forgotten about you; you decided to entertain yourself a few minutes checking your social networks on your cellphone, nothing new, just a few notifications from your family asking you how you were and some likes in the photo that you had uploaded just when you arrived in the city.

“Hello” you heard a manly voice next to you and turn yourself to see him. It was the green-eyed guy from before, he was too tall and was wearing a black coat

“Hi” you said gently, you didn’t know him, you had never seen him in your life before this day

“Are you waiting for someone?” he asked you doubting “I’ve seen you the last ten minutes and it seems like the waitress just forgot about you”

You laughed vigorously at his comment “No, I’m not expecting anyone, apparently she’s looking for a menu in English, I think she’s translating it herself” the man laughed

“I can help you order if you want, May I sit?”

You nodded “of course” He sat in the chair in front of you while looking at you

“You’re not from here… American?” he asked

“How did you know?”

“Your accent, your way of dressing, your essence” he laughed softly

“Are you telling me that I transmit Americanism?” you looked at him frowning

“Sort of…” you both laughed “I’m Bill by the way”

“I’m Y/N”

“Well YN, I don’t mean to bother you, I’m just trying to be a good citizen, let me call the waitress” He raised his hand and a different waitress appeared, she gave a menu to Bill and he started looking “anything special? “. He asked you

“mmmh” you said with your arms on the table “I would like to try… I don’t know, maybe something typical of the country?  What do you recommend?”

“Maybe a köttbullar?” you look surprised

“what is that?”

“Meatballs, actually, Swedish meatballs, they’re good, especially in this bistro”

“Okay, I’ll eat it” Bill ordered in Swedish and the waitress said that she was coming back with your food”

You both continued talking and laughing for a while “What brings you here, Y/N?”

“Well, my friends and I plan a trip every year, this time we decided to do something bigger and come here, we all agree to want to know Stockholm, I love the weather”

“Really?” he asked you frowning “but it’s rainy and I doubt that you can do much today”

“Well, that didn’t stop me to come here”

He laughed “Why did you come alone?  Where are your friends?

“We arrived just today and they were all dead tired to get to know the city, but I couldn’t stop thinking that I would be wasting my first day in Stockholm just because I didn’t sleep on the damn plane” You smiled at him.

“Cool” he said looking through the window “they will love the city, of course, if they decide to leave the hotel someday” you both laughed and the waitress arrived with your food

“Have you lived in here your whole life?” you asked him while giving a look at your food, it’s looks amazing and smell delicious

He kept thinking for a few minutes “something like that, I moved to America seven years ago, but right now I’m visiting my parents like every year”

“really? Why would you move to America? I mean… Stockholm is wonderful”

“Work” He said with a simple smile and you thought that he wasn’t ugly at all… 

“What do you do?… I just want to be sure that you’re not trying to kidnap me or something” He let out a playful giggle. The waitress approaches to remove the empty dishes and a group of girls appear

“Shit…” He whispered

“Mr. Skarsgard” said one of the girl, was about seventeen years old, Bill turning to see them smiling “ Could you signed this for me, please? “

“Sure…” He said, taking a sharpie and signing a Pennywise poster, you really had no idea what was going on or why these girls came out of looking for Bill and asking him for autographs and pictures, they thanked him and then left  ”What were we in?” he asked, you smiled at him  “What’s going on?”

“What about those girls?”

“mmmh, dunno, fans I guess” you look at him without understanding, he snorts “I’m an actor, that’s why I moved to America”


“Yep” he sighed “I was going to ask you if you’ll have a Fika with me before these girls showed up, but now I don’t know if you’re going to accept it”


He smiled shyly “Sorry, I was trying to sound Swedish, that’s how we call at the coffee time”

“Oh… I would have said yes, even without knowing that you were an actor Bill, god, it must be tired to have to live with those girls behind you all the time, uh?” you crossed your arms

“Exhausting, annoying, but sometimes it’s fun, I mean, when you’re not trying to invite a girl who treats you like a normal human being, to go out”

You laugh putting your hand on your stomach “I’m full, I had planned to just have some coffee”

“Well, now we have one pending”….

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Playing Twister :D Black Hat/ Flug
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> I'm making an english version of these one so...don't use the translator xD<p/><b>Dementia:</b> WHO WANTS TO PLAY FUCKING TWISTER?<p/><b>Flug:</b> Dementia, language.<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> What is this Twister thing?<p/><b>Dementia:</b> Oh, it's a game where you put your left hand for example in one spot of color and all the players do the same. You get it?<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> Obviously, who do you think I am? A moron?<p/><b>Flug:</b> *whisper* Maybe...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> WHAT?!<p/><b>Dementia:</b> LET'S PLAY!!!<p/><b></b> *After putting everything in order*<p/><b>Dementia:</b> Flug, put your left hand on the red spot.<p/><b>Flug:</b> This hurts...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> WEAK!!!!<p/><b>Dementia:</b> Ok boss, your right leg on the green spot.<p/><b></b> *Obviously they continue playing until they end in a very compromising situation*<p/><b>Flug:</b> Ah...Sir...I think that you are tired...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> NONSENSE. I LOVE THIS GAME. DEMENTIA WHAT'S NEXT?<p/><b>Dementia:</b> Flug, your right leg on the blue spot, between Black Hat legs.<p/><b>Flug:</b> Eh...it can be different? I-i mean, can I put my leg in other side?<p/><b>Dementia:</b> No. That will be against the rules >:v<p/></p><p/></p><p/><b>Black Hat:</b> ARE YOU AFRAID TO LOSE?!<p/><b>Flug:</b> Maybe ;-; ...Well yes.<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> DEMENTIA CONTINUE!<p/><b><p/><b>Dementia:</b> Black Hat put your right hand on the yellow spot, next to Flug's head.<p/><b>Flug:</b> *sweating a lot*<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> What is it, doctor? Maybe thinking in something "special"~<p/><b>Flug:</b> No sir, n-nothing...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> Well...that's being unfortunate...<p/><b></b> Suddenly all the lights are off. Flug can feel the touch of skin pulling away a piece of his bag, exactly where his mouth is...Then the softness of some lips on his owns. Moving in circles and asking for permission to enter.<p/></p><p/><b></b> He opens his mouth slightly...The lights return and Black Hat is not on top of him or even in the room.<p/><b>Flug:</b> What happened?<p/><b>Dementia:</b> I dunno...well yes but I don't want to tell you xD<p/><b>Flug:</b> Black Hat just kissed me?<p/><b></b> He touches his lips, waiting for some signal there, saliva, a little bit of blood...nothing.<p/><b></b> That night the scientist decided to pull of his bag to do a little check up in his face.<p/><b></b> Like manually he check his lips. A smile is forming, there are sharp forms of tooth.<p/><b>Flug:</b> Boss...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> You were calling?~<p/><b></b> _—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—<p/><b>SPANISH:</b> <p/><b>Demencia:</b> ¡¿QUIEN QUIERE JUGAR AL PUTO TWISTER?!<p/><b>Flug:</b> Demencia, esa boca.<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> ¿Qué es el twister?<p/><b>Demencia:</b> Oh, es un juego, donde por ejemplo, pones tu mano derecha en un color indicado y todos hacen lo mismo sólo que en diferentes colores y con otras partes del cuerpo ¿Entendiste?<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> Obviamente ¿Qué crees que soy? ¿Un idiota?<p/><b>Flug:</b> *susurro* tal vez...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> QUÉ<p/><b>Demencia:</b> JUGUEMOS<p/><b></b> *Después de poner todo en orden*<p/><b>Demencia:</b> Flug, pon tu mano izquierda en la mancha roja.<p/><b>Flug:</b> Esto duele...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> DÉBIL<p/><b>Demencia:</b> Ok jefe, su pierna derecha en la mancha verde.<p/><b></b> *Continúan jugando y obviamente todo termina en una situación comprometedora* (todos terminamos así en twister)<p/><b>Flug:</b> Ah, señor, creo que está cansado...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> TONTERÍAS. AMO ESTE JUEGO. DEMENCIA ¿QUÉ SIGUE?<p/></p><p/><b>Demencia:</b> Flug, tu pierna derecha en la mancha azul, entre las piernas de Black Hat.<p/><b>Flug:</b> Eh...¿Puede ser diferente? Q-quiero decir ¿Puedo poner mi pierna en otro lugar?<p/><b>Demencia:</b> No, eso va en contra de las reglas >:v<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> ¡¿TEMES PERDER?!<p/><b>Flug:</b> Tal vez...bueno, sí ;-;<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> DEMENCIA CONTINÚA.<p/><b>Demencia:</b> Black Hat, pon tu mano derecha en la mancha amarilla, al lado de la cabeza de Flug.<p/><b>Flug:</b> *suda bastante*<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> ¿Qué pasa doctor? ¿Pensando en algo especial~?<p/><b>Flug:</b> No señor...n-nada...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> Bueno...eso es ser desafortunado~<p/><b></b> Las luces se apagan de la nada. Flug puede sentir el tacto de la piel al levantar un pedazo de su bolsa, justo donde está su boca.<p/><b></b> De ahí la suavidad de unos labios contra los suyos, moviéndose en círculos y pidiendo permiso para entrar en la boca ajena; Flug separa los labios ligeramente, sintiendo la humedad de la lengua contraria al rozar con la suya.<p/><b></b> Las luces vuelven y Black Hat ya no está sobre él, ni en el cuarto.<p/><b>Flug:</b> ¿Q-qué pasó?<p/><b>Demencia:</b> No sé...bueno sí sé pero no te wua a decir :D<p/><b>Flug:</b> ¿Acaso Black Hat me besó?<p/><b></b> Se toca los labios, esperando una señal, ya sea saliva o un poco de sangre...nada.<p/><b></b> Esa noche, el científico decidió retirar la bolsa para una pequeña revisión al rostro.<p/><b></b> Como algo manual, se revisa los labios, una sonrisa aparece, puede ver la marca de unos dientes afilados.<p/><b>Flug:</b> Jefe...<p/><b>Black Hat:</b> ¿Llamabas~?<p/><b></b> -----------<p/><b></b> Pos sí, ambas versiones, quería utilizar el tema del Twister porque cada quien lo juega termina en una situación/posición rara.<p/><b></b> Además no me sentía muy bien por temas con mis amigos y la familia; y escribir me hace feliz... así que disfruten, supongo...<p/></p>
What Medieval English Monarch Am I Looking At?

Henry II:

  • Pointy beard
  • Fancy
  • Looks either bored (re: regal) or kinda pissed there’s no in between
  • There’s like no depictions of him from life I can find I dunno

Richard I:

  • ARMOR 
  • Shields and junk
  • Kinda resembles Jesus?
  • Very square face
  • Looks into the camera like he’s on the Office
  • Probably no depictions of him from life either


  • Nice hair
  • Looks like he would murder you and probably would
  • Fancier than Richard tbh

Henry III

  • He honestly looks like a remix of the last three guys I dunno what to tell you
  • Blonde
  • Looks kinda Done™

Edward I

  • Okay he looks even more like Jesus than Richard I did
  • Suspicious Eyes

Edward II

  • I’m pretty sure this is just Henry III again
  • Okay his face is like marginally longer in most of his images but like
  • Good luck

Edward III

  • He looks like a judgmental warlock
  • He’s old in a lot of images but even when he’s not his beard game is the strongest I’ve seen yet

Richard II

  • Bling Jesus™
  • Doesn’t actually look that much like Jesus
  • Baby face
  • Two emotions: Friendly and Stayed Up Past 2 AM

Henry IV

  • TOWEL HAT (it’s called a Chaperon) 
  • Highkey judging you
  • Seems good natured but he isn’t going to be having Any Of Your Shit Today

Henry V 

  • Profile game: Strong
  • Haircut game: less so
  • Had facial scarring so Right View Only

Henry VI

  • Looks like you just killed his dog in some of these portraits tbh
  • Simple Hat 
  • Nervous™
  • Looks optimistic or sad depending

Edward IV 

  • Small eyes
  • Refined™
  • Small hands too
  • Way too many necklaces man calm down
  • Looks like he would kill you but honestly can’t be bothered so

Edward V

  • Baby child who looks like he’s 45
  • Lots of pictures of him being murdered that’s cute
  • Angelic™ (I think that’s the vibe they were going for, they ended up with Creepy)

Richard III

  • Looks highkey uncomfortable 
  • Doesn’t actually want to be here
  • Resting bitchface
  • He’s also got that same hat in literally every single image that isn’t from Shakespeare

Henry VII

  • Has three faces: Soft Murder, Disappoint, and Smug
  • Ripped off the York hats
  • Looks like a dad actually 
  • For some reason his eyes don’t go in the same direction very often

Henry VIII

  • I feel like most people know what Henry VIII looks like but
  • “I’m not fat, I’m voluptuous”
  • Actually got rid of the York hats finally
  • Highkey seductive this man has no shame 

Edward VI

  • See Edward V artists THAT’S how you paint a kid
  • Wearing his dad’s clothes rip
  • Cute 10/10 would hug

okay, since i keep seeing people doubting that durmstrang and beauxbatons are co-ed and NOT single-gender schools:

here’s your proof that there was at least one girl in durmstrang delegation

(you can argue that it doesn’t say here that she was from durmstrang, but let me remind you that it’s their first evening at hogwarts and the boy seems to be somewhat familiar with this girl. as if she was his classmate. as in, from durmstrang)

here’s your proof that there were at least two boys in beauxbatons delegation

just think about it, there’s not that many wizarding schools for them not to be co-ed. don’t let that sad attempt called screen adaptation of the goblet of fire fool you. like, i dunno, imagine you’re a french wizard. according to the gof movie logic, the only way for you to get a wizarding education is to go abroad because guess what!! the only school in your country teaches only witches! doesn’t this sound ridiculous and questionable to you, because it certainly does to me.

also don’t you find movie’s portrayal of durmstrang and beauxbatons highly unsettling. with beauxbatons being all like “blue floaty robes and butterflies are a girl thing” and durmstrang being like “north!!!!! extreme masculinity!!!!!!!!! NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!11″ just. why did they have to do this.

tl;dr please support co-ed durmstrang and beauxbatons ok thank you for your time

Editor-In-Chief and Single Dad Shiro Part 2 (1, 3, 4)

  • Shiro’s daughter insists to go with him to work and who was Shiro to deny her that? However, she tells him if she can stay at Keith’s.
  • So when they arrive, they make their way to the Marketing Office only to surprise the two employees inside: Lance and Keith.
  • Lance stands up and stammers “G-good morning, Sir!”
  • Keith looks at Lance and stands up himself. He sees Shiro looking at his desk full of dinosaur figures mixed with space ones and he gets nervous. It didn’t look too professional but Lance said. it. was. okay!! 
  • “Is that a new dinosaur? Can I play with it?” Shiro’s daughter points at Keith’s desk. Keith smiles at her as she touches his toy.
  • Shiro clears his throat. “Do you mind if she stays here? She’s kinda a bit taken with you.”
  • “I’m going to marry Keith.” the little kid announces, grinning so wide at her future husband. She takes Keith’s hand and squeezes it and Keith doesn’t know what to do when her father is his boss and is right in front of them!! Lance teases her though “Ooooh, someone’s got a crush.”
  • When she starts pre-school, Shiro feels relieved because he doesn’t have to worry much about her getting into places she shouldn’t be at work. 
  • One day, Shiro gets caught up with a very important client and he couldn’t pick up his daughter. He asks Keith if he could pick her up, it’s just a few blocks away from work. Keith agrees since he can’t really say no to his boss. It happens quite often that on his 7th pick up, he calls Lance as he waits outside the school. 
  • “Is it just me or it is a little way too weird that I’m way too involved with our boss’ personal life?”
    “A bit, yeah. You go with them for ice cream for god’s sake.”
    “Oh my god.”
  • It’s a little late when Keith’s locking up the Marketing office when he notices that his boss’ daughter is sitting outside of her Dad’s office.
  • He sits beside her and says “Where’s your Daddy?”
  • “He’s still inside calling someone important. Something like sponsor or something. I dunno.” She dangles her feet mindlessly.
  • “I heard something happened at school today.” Keith starts.
  • Shiro’s done with his call and he’s quite happy with the current deal so when he opens his door he sees Keith with his daughter sitting on his lap. He takes a step back and slowly closes the door, but opens it only slightly for him to hear what they are talking about.
  • “Margaret said it’s weird I don’t have a Mommy,” his daughter shares. “But I have a Daddy though and I love him lots. I know he thinks I don’t know but I do. I remember things even those I don’t want to.”
  • “What do you mean?” Keith asks, adjusting the little girl on his lap.
  • “My Mommy didn’t want me. She said I was,” she pauses to do air qoutes with her stubby lil fingers. “unplanned. I don’t even know what that word is. But I think that means she doesn’t love me because if she did, she’ll be here. But she’s not. So she doesn’t.”
  • Shiro frowns. So she knew all along. However, Keith’s response surprised the heck out of him.
  • “Your Daddy loves you a lot though and I’m not sure if I count, but I love you,” Keith says and Shiro’s heart just wants to melt. “I mean, obviously, I’m just Keith from Marketing but just because you don’t have a Mommy just like the rest, doesn’t mean you’re not loved by other people. Your Daddy works very hard for you and—” he pauses and panics. “Oh, no don’t cry, sweetheart.”
  • His daughter turns around to hug Keith and sobs her heart out. She looks up and sees him by the door.
  • “Hey, baby girl. Let’s go home.” he says softly and it startles Keith. He takes his daughter and she buries her face in his neck.
  • “Uh, I’m sorry. She was alone and…” Keith starts to explain.
  • “Would you like to have dinner with us?” When it seems like Keith’s about to say no, Shiro continues, “We’re having Japanese. I insist.”
  • “Alright,” Keith sighs and smiles. No one can really say no to Japanese.
  • When they walk their way to the elevator, Shiro goes, “She really likes you, yknow?”
  • Keith just laughs, “Not a lot of people tend to like me so, that’s a first.”
  • “Make that two of us then,” Shiro smiles and if he feels accomplished that it turned Keith into a tomato, well, his daughter doesn’t have to know.
  • “My Daddy likes you a lot, Keith,” his daughter suddenly speaks up and Shiro wants to die on the spot. But it seems like she doesn’t plan on stopping. “He said he likes you in that red leather jacket and that you look really handsome. Also Daddy likes your smil—”
  • “OKAY OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH.” Shiro panics and covers his kid’s mouth. God, now he can’t even to look at Keith. 

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anything for you j-dog

  • ‘yes i have abs they’re just under this protective layer of fat’
  • he recruits hunk into making allura 10,000 years worth of birthday cake
    • ‘look dude she missed ten THOUSAND birthdays and we don’t even know if they had cake on altea,, this is pretty much our duty’
    • ‘ha duty’
  • give me that sweet Big Bro content 
    • like him going around and trying to make a dress for pidge because she showed him some pics of her from before the garrison
      • it takes a couple of weeks to find the material but in the end he produces a dress so blue and amazing that not even pidge can make a sarcastic comment 
      • ‘they don’t call me the tailor for nothing pidgeon!!!’
  • let him jsut,,,, talk about his insecurities 
    • i don’t know or care how it happens but in the end its just hunk and pidge saying ‘we’re sorry, we didn’t know. that’s not an excuse but,, we honestly didn’t know you felt this way man. you act so confident all the time so we just assumed…. we’re sorry.’
    • then lance just sniffs and wipes away some tears (guh) and just laughs ‘it’s okay,, let’s just,, hug it out’
    • and then they do just that
  • allura teaches him how to use the pool!!! and its AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    • cuz that b got a fucking swimmers bod and he needs to stay Active
    • ‘princess, i, really am sorry for, flirting with you all the time. i was missing home and,, i dunno,, not to sound rude,, but you are very beautiful so,,, *sighs* i’m sorry. i overstepped my bounds.’
    • but then allura would just smile,, cuz she’s amazing
      • ‘its okay lance. if it makes you feel any better,, your charms would never really have worked on me because, i am,, what pidge calls, ‘hella gay’ so you no need worry’ 
    • and then they bond ever their respective gayness thank you for your time
    • *keith voice* what does that even mean
    • *pulls out one gun* ‘prepare for trouble,,’ *pulls out the second one* ‘and make it double’
    • ‘shiro,, do you think we’ll make it home? do you think my family is looking for me? shiro? SHIRO???’
    • *shiro voice* can you be like mcdonalds and give me a BREAK
  • lance: *flirts with alien*
  • alien: *flirts back*
  • lance: *blinking noise followed by an immediate blush forming on his cheeks*
    • keith: ‘wasn’t that like,, a guy alien??’
    • lance (in a DREAMY AND LOVESTRUCK VOICE COUGH COUGH): ‘does it matter?’
      • bonus: keith.exe has stopped responding 
I Never Planned on You: Tom Holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: I’m sorry, i feel like this was really crappy :-( this isn’t part of my broadway!tom series, it just happens to be v similar 


requested: mrsdoradominguez-barnes:

Question can you do another Tom Holland imagine where the reader is on tour with newsies and lands a role on civil war so when filming wraps up in Georgia the civil war cast go and see the reader perform on newsies and Tom falls in love with her

Words: 2000+

Warnings: does poor character development count???

summary: your relationship with Tom only comes to light when he comes to see one of your performances on Broadway

let me know if you’d like to be added to my tag list!

requests are open!

It had been a long journey to the big screen, and you couldn’t quite believe how lucky you’d been to make it this far.

It was stressful at first, the juggling of auditions and performances every night. It had been months of self-taping audition cuts between matinee and evening shows as your fellow cast members watched from behind the makeshift tripod, cheering you on silently.

The call came in late May. Someone from Marvel had finally seen all of the videos you’d been sending for the past three months and asked you to fly to Georgia for two days to screen test with some of the actors the film.

Your decision was an easy one; all you had to do was send in your two-weeks-in-advance notice stating that you’d be gone for three days at the most, and then you found yourself in Atlanta, caught in a whirlwind of new people to meet and new lines to read.

That was the beginning of the end, you supposed. You used to just be the girl who ended up on Broadway, performing for nearly-full houses eight times a week, which you weren’t complaining about, but if you were being completely honest with yourself, you couldn’t imagine was the end of the line for you.

You had barely touched back down in JFK two days later when they called you again to let you know that you’d gotten the part, and can you start next week? And of course you said yes. How could you not? It was a minor role, but it was just the tip of the iceberg that was your future. In a span of a few short days, you had gone from the small town girl on a big city stage to a small town girl who’d soon grace movie screens across the globe.

The hard part was leaving your home behind. You’d lived in New York for four years; your parents had moved the family up to the city when you were fifteen and had booked your first show on Broadway. You spent most of your teen years busy with never-ending rehearsals and homeschooling in between.

When the show closed only months after its opening, you were fortunate enough to already have something else lined up, and from then on, you spent your time building quite an impressive resume. Four Broadway shows and three Off-Broadway were definitely worth noting, especially at your age.

When you were eighteen, desperate to feel a sense of independence, you went on the hunt for a new apartment and a couple of roommates. From there, you found Anna and Sam, two of the sweetest, most supportive girls you’d ever met, and you couldn’t be more grateful to have them in your life.

Six months ago, you booked the role of Katherine Plumber in Newsies, your first lead role, and it had, thus far, been the best six months of your life. You loved your co-workers, and you loved that you were able to do what you loved eight times a week.

That was why leaving was so hard. It was only two months, tops, but it would be two long months without the people you loved most in a city where you knew nobody, doing something you had never done before.

You had quite the send-off, though. Anna and Sam, along with your wonderful parents, surprised you with a party full of everyone you loved, which meant the little rooftop garden on top of your building was full of cast members, crew, close friends, and your immediate family, including your brother who’d come back from teaching in Korea just to celebrate you.

You complained at first, said it was too much for a two month endeavor, but everyone insisted that it was a momentous occasion (though you knew Sam would’ve made any excuse to use the rooftop garden for a party). The night ended with teary eyes and long, tight hugs all the way around and strict instructions from your show’s producer to come back home whenever you missed Katherine too much.

The next day, your roommates and your family accompanied you to the airport, all getting out to say goodbye and wish you luck on your new adventures.

“So. This is it then, huh kiddo?” your brother asked, smiling softly as he wrapped an arm around you.

“Guess so. I still can’t believe this is happening. I feel like my life is actually about to start,” you mused, leaning into his body.

“You know we’re so, so proud of you, don’t you, sweetie?” your mom asked with a watery smile.

“Aw, mom! You’re gonna make me start crying again,” you pouted teasingly.

“She’s right, Y/N. We can’t wait to see where this movie takes you. We’ve always knew you would go so far,” your dad smiled, reaching over to rub your shoulder.

“Thanks, guys. It’s just gonna be so weird being away from home for so long. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you guys.”

“You’re gonna go be a star, just like we always knew you were, alright Y/N? We’re sad that you’re leaving, but it’s only two months! We’re all just a phone call away, and you know you can always come home when you need us,” Anna grinned, pulling you to her and into a hug.

“I love you guys,” you mumbled into her sweatshirt.

“We love you too, Y/N. Now get out of here or you’ll miss your flight!” Sam giggled, hugging you when Anna released you from her tight grip.

You hugged the rest of your family with one last goodbye, then turned to security, getting in line before turning back around to send one more teary wave back to your family.

When you arrived in Atlanta, you were catapulted straight into shooting and nonstop work that you barely had any time to think about how much you missed home. In the rare moments that you did, though, you found solace in your young costar, Tom Holland.

You knew he was like you, that he’d started in the show business at a much younger age than you, and therefore he’d know what it was like to have a spotlight on you at all times. He also knew how hard it was to be away from home. He was from England, much farther than Manhattan, and you had to wonder how he was able to cope with being so far away from his family for so long.

He was good at taking your mind off of the matters that plagued your thoughts, like whether or not everyone was missing you, or how your replacement was doing in Newsies so far, or if your brother was alright, all by himself in Korea. With a quick wit and a natural inclination for humor, he was your beacon of light through your stressful times.

You’d finished filming much earlier than him; his role was a bit bigger than yours- who knew Spider-Man would be such an integral part to the story!- so he had another few weeks before he was done, and then the filmed bits would be off to be put together into a coherent story.

He’d gone to see you off at the airport the morning after you’d finished filming, sending you off with a big hug and a promise to come visit before he had to go back to London.

It was three months after you’d gotten back You were twenty now, and back at Newsies, playing the role you loved and missed so much. Backstage was chaotic, as it usually was at half hour, but you sat in your cozy dressing room, the eye of the hurricane, listening to Bing Crosby croon from the speakers of your vintage turntable as you prepared for the show.

You were always one to prepare early; you firmly believed that the earlier you got in costume, the more time you’d have to get in character. You breathed deeply, your essential oil diffuser letting out puffs of lavender-scented mist as you leaned back in your chair, closing your eyes for a moment of deep relaxation, one of the last moments you’d get before your fellow cast members started flocking to your room for last minute snacks or lozenges or cups of tea before the show began.

When the show began thirty minutes later, you got lost in the magic of the show, for once not worrying about what the audience thought of you. The stage lights did a great job of blocking the house from view, anyway. It wasn’t until intermission that you learned exactly who was sitting in the front row that night.

“Hey, did you see your friend out there?” Ben, one of the younger guys, asked, taking a long pull from his water bottle.

“Huh? Which friend?” you asked, distracted. You were trying to get the pin right on your skirt so it would hold the bottom up during your upcoming tap number.

“Oh yeah, that guy! The one you were filming with when you left us earlier this year,” Sky explained, stretching his leg out above his head.

“What? Who is it?” you asked, interest piqued. It could’ve been any number of  people; even though Tom was the one you tended to gravitate towards during the shoot, you’d made friends with most of the people in the cast.

“I dunno, I just know that I saw him in the trailer for the movie,” Ben shrugged, setting his water back down on your coffee table. “Anyway, they’re about to call places, so let’s go.”

You grinned triumphantly at the fixed pin, but your mind ran with ideas of who could be in the audience. You were hoping it was Tom. He had promised he’d come see the show, after all.

You made it through the rest of the show with hardly any bumps, putting a little more pep in your step now that you knew there was someone special to impress in the audience. And if imagining Tom was the one sitting in the front row impacted your performance at all, nobody had to know. .

You were back in your dressing room letting your hair out of its pin curls when you heard a quick rap on your door.

“Come in!” you called through the bobby pins in your mouth.

“Hey there, love,” a sweet, English accent spoke from over your shoulder. You whipped around, forgetting all about your hair that was half curling wildly, and half still contained under a dozen more bobby pins.

“I was told someone I knew was here. If only you’d told me, I would’ve tapped a little harder for you,” you grinned, standing to give Tom a hug.

“You were fantastic, Y/N. Honestly. I  had no idea you could dance like that. And your voice! My God, woman! Where were you hiding that all this time?” he laughed, pulling you off the ground to spin you around.

“Thank you, Tom. Seriously, I really appreciate you coming to see the show.” Your grin hadn’t slipped off of your face for even a second as he held you in his arms.

“I told you I would, didn’t I?” he asked, squeezing you tightly.

“Yeah, I just thought you meant that as a courtesy, not that you’d actually fly to New York to come see me!” you exclaimed.

“Hey, who said I was here for you? Maybe I’m here to see your pal Ben chomp on a cigar for two and a half hours straight,” he joked, eyes shining.

“Mhm, you know you love me, Tom,” you smirked, punching his arm lightly.

“Yeah,” he whispered, brown eyes boring into yours.

“What?” you asked, grin faltering.

“I love you, Y/N,” he repeated, bringing a hand up to cup your face. “Seriously, somewhere between our deep midnight talks and stupid pranks, I completely fell in love with you and I didn’t realize it until you left. I knew I had to come see you somehow and tell you how I feel, but they kept me in Atlanta longer than anticipated. As soon as I was finished, I booked the first flight here.”

You smiled, reaching up to grip the the hand on your cheek with your own. You sighed, leaning into Tom’s body heat.

“You know, you have know idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that, Holland,” you smiled, then leaned up to capture his lips with your own.

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Right, so now that I have revealed myself to be actual Ladybug trash, time to make this one post that’s been on my mind for a while. If you don’t follow me for Miraculous Ladybug stuff (a.k.a. all my followers) then sorry about this.

So, a big fad throughout the fandom at the moment is giving Miraculouses to the supporting cast, and I am SO BEHIND THIS. It would develop the show beyond the status quo and freshen it up spectacularly across seasons, because if it keeps being a magical girl monster-of-the-week show with wacky antics ad nauseum then I’m going to probably lose interest fairly quickly. Some of the most popular miraculous assignments are Alya receiving the fox miraculous, Nino receiving the turtle miraculous ( @thelastpilot ) and alternatively Lila receiving the real, actual fox miraculous. I’m going to throw my two cents in on what thematically would work with the rest of the show.

First of all, we know three miraculous holders for definite and one for almost definite. Marinette is Ladybug, Adrien is Cat Noir, Master Fu is the unnamed turtle hero and the likelihood is Gabriel is Hawkmoth/Papillon. The thing is, if you look at miraculous holders and their miraculouses, a pattern of character starts emerging.

Let’s start with Marinette.

Marinette is, in short, a clumsy klutz with terrible luck, who normally you wouldn’t trust with giving an ounce of responsibility to – not because she wouldn’t take it seriously, but because she seems totally incompetent. The ladybug miraculous, on the other hand, is the miraculous of luck itself, with the most responsibility of all the miraculouses – and indeed, when Marinette transforms into Ladybug, almost all her clumsiness goes straight out the nearest window and she gains HUGE amounts of responsibility – she’s the one responsible for cleaning up the mess after an Akuma attack. The miraculous is not given to Marinette because she’s the best person for the job – far from it, she acknowledges in the origins episode Alya would be a far better fit. However, what’s important is that she has the capacity to grow into the role of Ladybug – and she well and truly does.

Now, let’s look at Adrien.

Adrien is a rich kid who’s incredibly lucky – he’s had everything fall into his lap from a young age, and has had competence (fencing, multilingualism etc.) drilled into him, at the cost of not being able to loosen up and socialise. His miraculous transforms him into Cat Noir, the poster boy for destruction and bad luck, with a kwami, Plagg, who’s constantly getting himself into the kind of destructive shenanigans you’d expect from Marinette through his own hedonism. See the pattern? Adrien and Marinette both receive the miraculouses that don’t represent them – they represent everything they aren’t – but everything they could be if they developed.

Now let’s look at Master Fu and Gabriel, because they’re a little different, but equally as important.

Master Fu, on the surface, seems like an ideal fit for the turtle in terms of alignment. The turtle in symbolism represents age, wisdom, protection. Master Fu stands for all these things – but Master Fu is a miraculous holder beyond his prime. He is at the end of his development. I have a feeling if we ever saw young Fu, we’d see him as a figure of youthful energy, who just wants to let loose and have fun, possibly even be anti-authoritarian when it comes to adults. This should sound true of another character in the show, and I’ll get back to that.

Gabriel, if everything is hinting at what we think it’s hinting at, however, does not fit the butterfly miraculous at all. The butterfly represents stages of life, and change, moving on, transformation. It’s heavily hinted Gabriel’s wife is dead – at the very least, Hawkmoth/Papillon has Adrien’s mother’s picture in his locket. Hawkmoth/Papillon’s goal now seems to be to attain the miraculouses so he can resurrect his dead wife. He’s not accepting death, and he’s not accepting the creed of his miraculous – he’s rejecting it, twisting it, corrupting it, thus becoming the supervillain who uses his Kwami’s powers against their will.

When a miraculous is granted to an owner, they can choose to learn from it, or reject it. But most importantly, they are granted to people who lack the qualities their miraculouses represent – their character flaws are what the miraculous works to iron out. That being said, let’s look at Lila.

Lila is a compulsive liar. Her Akumatised form is presumably the actual hero that emerges from the fox miraculous – a hero of lies and illusions. This is unhealthy for her – the miraculous isn’t helping her overcome her weaknesses, it’s only accentuating her character flaws. Lila will never grow as a person if she truly becomes Volpina.

So who actually needs secrets, lies and illusions in their life? Well, it’d be someone for whom truth is all-consumingly destructive. Someone whose self-destructive pursuit of the truth puts not only herself, but other people in the line of fire, and whose Akumatised form represents truth at all costs. I’m talking, of course, about Alya.

This is why fox!Alya appeals to me so much – because Alya would be able to learn and grow from the fox miraculous, because it represents traits that she needs to attain. Now, let’s look at the other popular miraculous assignment – turtle!Nino. That thing I mentioned earlier? Here it comes again.

Nino is the epitome of youthful vigour in the show – everything from his style to his DJing to his horribly outdated slang in the English dub (seriously, who the hell is a Totally Radical Dude in the 21st Century!? No-one. No-one is who.) His Akumatised form is Bubbler, a childish clown who tries to exile all adults. If there’s one person in the show who NEEDS the turtle miraculous and its traits of wisdom, age and protection, it’s Nino. This miraculous was MADE for Nino – right down to the outdated slang, providing an added meta bonus to the English dub that Nino becomes a massive allusion to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is why I love fox!Alya and turtle!Nino – because they work thematically with who has already received miraculouses. This begs the question – what happens to Lila?

I’d like to suggest something I think no-one else has thought of. I present, a digression: Peacock!Lila.

Peacocks are about vision, kind-heartedness and integrity – the peacock miraculous represents everything the fox miraculous doesn’t. If Lila became the peacock miraculous hero, she’d learn and develop SO MUCH MORE than if she became Volpina. She’d truly have the redemption and character arc that she needs – she’d learn there are more ways to solve a problem than lies, and that truth can be just as valuable. Likewise, this is why Peacock!Alya would actually be unhealthy for her – because it would only drive her even deeper into her already destructive drive for truth and justice.

This is what I call the Miraculous Character Development Theory. I dunno, it was just a thing that occurred to me.

tl;dr: fox!Alya and turtle!Nino work thematically and so does the rather outlandish peacock!Lila. Sorry this has been a mile long post about a god damn kids’ show. I have… several problems.


A/N: Hey guys, sorry I’ve been so inactive! I’ve had a bit going on and have had family visiting and everyone wants to know how I’ve been! Here’s something I thought up a little while ago.

Word count: 680

Pairing: Dean WinchesterXReader

Warnings: None, it’s just a little bit of fluff with some hints at leading toward smut at the end


It had started out with the generic Sweetheart that he used on everyone. Man, woman, child, goat… It didn’t matter.

Everyone was Sweetheart to Dean Winchester.

Of course, he wouldn’t say that. He’d dispute the fact until he was blue in the face, but that didn’t change the idea that he called too many people Sweetheart for it to have any term of endearment attached to it.

Then came–gag–Princess.

“Princess, would you like to watch a movie?”

“What should we get for dinner, Princess?”

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Princess.”

Okay, the last one might have been okay every once in a while, but he got to the point where he used Princess just as frequently as he had once used Sweetheart.

And it made her sound like a little girl when he said it, not that he meant it to sound that way, but it gave off some vibes that she wasn’t completely sure she was into.

So then came the combo of gorgeous and beautiful.

These two were often interchangeable, and definitely more manageable.

“Your ass is so perfect, gorgeous.”

“Even with blood all over you, you’re still beautiful, beautiful.”

The names made her blush whenever he said them, but she still didn’t quite feel like they completely suited her.

More often than not her hair was thrown in a ponytail, a tee shirt and jeans over her body, and a pair of SWAT boots on her feet.

Far from the average woman that came to mind from the words gorgeous or beautiful.

And she knew that Baby, or any of its variations were off limits. Baby, Babe, Babygirl… And she wasn’t particularly fond of Sugar, Honey or Darling.

Needless to say, she was quite picky with her nickname. She didn’t even really see the need for one, as she had a name for a reason. But he insisted that she had a nickname of some sort.

“What am I supposed to call you then?” he had sighed after she had finally admitted to him that gorgeous and beautiful didn’t really feel like they fit.

“I dunno. You’re the nickname giver,” she shrugs with a sheepish grin. “Just pick something that’s actually me.”

“I’ve tried and you don’t like any of them,” he pouts, leaning back against the headboard of the dingy motel bed.

“She’s old school. Maybe something like lovebug or dear,” Sam chimes in his input from the other bed, looking up from his computer.

“No, she’s my girl, you don’t get to pick her nickname,” Dean shoots back, and Sam raises his hands in defeat.

“Just trying to help,” he says before he returns to his research.

She smiles at the older Winchester, settling herself on his lap.

“I think you finally found a good one,” she says, pressing her forehead to his as her legs slipped on either side of his.

“I did?” he asks, his hands settling on her hips with ease as her nose pressed to his.

“I’m your girl,” she returns, smiling at him.

“My girl,” he ponders aloud. “You’re okay with that?”

“Yeah, I think so,” she agrees, grinning before pressing her lips to his.

He responds in earnest, sliding his hands from her hips to her back, where he inches them up her shirt.

She releases the softest of moans against his lips, pulling away to rest her forehead against his cheek. His kisses always took her breath away, so passionate and filled with love.

She leans in for another kiss, her hands carding through his hair possessively.

“Guys, I’m literally right here,” Sam’s voice cuts through the haze she’s already been drawn under.

“Sorry,” she giggles, shooting him an apologetic glance.

“Don’t like it, get another room,” Dean says lazily. “I’m gonna kiss my girl as much as I want to, whether you’re in here or not.”

“Dean!” she scolds, but he just grins and sweeps her into a deep kiss.

“Fine! I’ll go! Just… Don’t be loud tonight, that’s all I ask,” Sam groans as he begins to gather his things.

“No guarantees, Sammy.”

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Maybe Danny and Stiles enroll into the FBI in the same year/group/? (I dunno what it's called) and they later establish the whole supernatural wing of the FBI.

That would be awesome! And all the other recruits would be like, “Why are these guys getting special treatment from the trainers? Always being seconded for special secret operations?” 

And the trainers are, “They’re from Beacon Hills.” As though that’s supposed to mean anything. 

Years later both Danny and Stiles are still working at field agent level, which makes no sense, because they speak to their superiors with an authority that they really shouldn’t dare, and whatever weird little department they’re running–it doesn’t even have a name–seems to get first dibs on all the newest equipment and technology. 

Someone jokingly calls them Mulder and Scully. 

The next day Stiles is wearing an ID with “Dana Scully” on it. Not even the director tells him to take it off. HE just glares at Stiles boss–Rafa McCall– and McCall just shrugs. Stiles wears it for months. 

Clearly they’re very good at what they do, it’s just that nobody else knows what that is. 


Alright gang, I have been on tumblr a LONG time (six years) and as a newbie to the Voltron fandom I have read quite a few posts about ship wars and ‘paedophilia’ claims. Sadly, this is not new, happens in many a fandom. Here is a handy guide on how to avoid the haters (and not be a hater yourself).

Writing this up because I am a veteran tumblr user, if you will. And I know that some of the youngins might appreciate the advice.

How to have a good Tumblr time!

Number one: Use your blacklists. I cannot stress this enough. One particular person crapping all over your ship? Blacklist their name. You don’t like a particular ship, BLACKLIST IT. Keep your dash a happy place for you.

Number two: If people are crapping on your writing/artwork/creative posts, block them. Easy as that. If it’s anonymous, I’m pretty sure that you can also block that. If all else fails, turn off anon for a while. It doesn’t mean that the haters have won. It means that you’re taking care of yourself. Also, try not to take what they say personally. I know it’s hard but you are contributing to fandom and doing a great job of it! You make so many more people happy then people you piss off by writing/drawing/creative outlet-ing(?) your ship.

Number three: If you get an anonymous hate message on tumblr, IGNORE IT. People do it to get attention and I dunno why, it makes them feel better somehow??? I don’t know. Ignore it. Don’t answer. No point, won’t help you and it certainly won’t change their mind. It’s just going to get you worked up. Also you answering won’t mean that you can shut them down with your words. They don’t care. They just want to see you get riled up. Don’t give them the satisfaction. 

Number four: Remember that you are allowed to ship your ship. One, they are fictional so….yeah. And two, ship whatever makes you happy.

Number five: If all else fails, stay out of the tags. Keep your beautiful followers who make you happy and use your tumblr power to continue to draw/write/creative outlet to your heart’s content. No one has the right to make your tumblr experience a bad one.

Number six: SPREAD POSITIVITY. Get a hate message? Ignore it and write a post about how much you love your ship! Write a fic, draw some art, do other stuff or just lurk and reblog your ship! Whatever you need to. Kudos some fics, reblog some artwork. Spread love, not hate.

Remember kids, BLOCK everyone and IGNORE people who spread negativity. You don’t need that sort of crap in your life. Trust me, once I culled and blocked, life became so much better.

How to not be a hater in FOUR HANDY STEPS

Number one: Don’t be that person who tags your hate. Come on. We’re all human here. People have feelings. Feelings can be hurt. What do you gain from hurting people’s feelings. Really. Come on. Don’t like it? Don’t go into the tags. Don’t tag your negative posts about another ship. Keep it in your own ship tag if need be (if you’re comparing but even then…no need).

Number two: Just because you have an opinion that X ship is crap because of whatever reason, it doesn’t mean that you have to state your opinion. Freedom of speech is a thing (in America, I dunno I’m not from there) but it doesn’t make you immune from people calling you out on your crap. If you feel like you HAVE to put your opinion out there for whatever reason, again, don’t tag it. Saying ‘I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT, LOL WHATEVER’ does not make you cool.  

Number three: Here is a RADICAL NOTION. Wait for it. You can write about how much you love your ship….WITHOUT crapping all over another ship. I know. It’s crazy.

Number four: Don’t actively seek out people and hate on them. What are you? Five?

That’s all from me. Feel free to message me if you need. Just know that if it’s hate, I am not going to respond.