i dunno what to buy

Jensen wouldn’t call himself a forgetful guy. Sure– he can’t remember what someone said ten minutes ago, or what he had for breakfast that morning, but he remembers the important things. He never forgets his and Danneel’s anniversary, or his friends’ birthdays. He remembers to put his cell in his pocket and to floss his teeth at night. But there’s just one thing he cannot for the life of him remember to grab each and every day …


His necessary-for-life gum

His I’m-going-to-be-grumpy-the-rest-of-the-afternoon-if-I-don’t-have-this gum

Jared always has some, but Jensen doesn’t chew the same flavor … and he’s not a picky guy either, but … he loves his gum.

He was already grumbling about it when he came on set– running into Misha right afterwards and deciding to vent his annoyances to the man. To his surprise, Misha smiled and pulled out a pack from his pocket– the exact same flavor and brand that Jensen likes.

“Thanks, Mish” he laughed, taking a piece and quickly popping it into his mouth.

The rest of the day, he found his friend whenever the old piece lost its flavor and turned into a chore rather than a treat.

Misha would just smile and give him another piece, seeming more than pleased to share.

Finally, as they wrapped filming, Jensen found the guy one last time, asking him for some “gum for the road.”

Misha grinned and tossed him the rest of the pack just before turning to walk away. Jensen called after him, asking him if he was sure.

Misha stopped, swiveling round on his heels and looking at Jensen with a laugh. “Yeah … I didn’t buy it for me.”

i got some decently bad news a few hours ago and i was crying in this secluded hallway and this guy showed up and he was like “you good?” and i was like “yeah” and he gave me a cherry halls and he was like “i dunno whats wrong but go home and buy a cake” so i did that .. and i’m chillin’ now. everything is mostly sorted

senator-organa  asked:

10, 30, 80

10. how would you describe your style?

with this emoji: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

30. whats your favorite candle scent?

hmmm i dunno, I don’t buy a lot of scented candles? and when i do i tend to go for something different every time. i think the only time i went back and bought the same scent again it was strawberry.

i used to have a really nice mocha scented candle tho. sadly i didn’t use it for so long that it lost its smell. :(

80. what is your biggest pet peeve?

probably when people pronounce ‘loch’ like ‘lock’. i hate that. >:(