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Some Strings Attached

Ugh so there was a post going around that I’ve now long since misplaced but it was like “I just saw you go upstairs with someone else and I know we’re only fuck buddies but I’m gonna go punch them in the face” and I was HERE FOR IT. If somebody remembers the post, link me. In the meantime, have some Sterek getting together fluff.

“Just tell Derek you want to date him,” Scott says, as if it’s the simplest thing in the world.

Stiles bugs his eyes and flails his hands in wordless frustration, because the correct response to this patently ludicrous advice eludes him. He had come for sympathy, not pie-in-the-sky delusions. “Scott. Bro,” he finally gasps. “How could you even suggest that in good faith? No way! Bad plan!” He slashes his arms in a demonstrative X. “The only reason we’re even hooking up is that I made it super clear I was down to fuck, no strings attached! I’m not ruining a good thing by announcing to Derek Hale that I’m 85% in love with him.”

“Why?” Scott genuinely seems confused, the sweet summer child. After falling into a happy triad with Allison and Isaac after their first semester at UCLA, he doesn’t really understand the definition of “unrequited.”

Stiles turns his attention to a hanging thread on his t-shirt, sourly tugging it loose. “He’s out of my league. I mean, with the baseball, and the smarts, and the sarcasm, and those eyes…” he breaks off with a sigh. The last thing he needs to do is remind himself of how gone he is on Derek. “Just, he’s popular. Dictionary definition of too cool for school. And the three people he actually deigns to hang out with here are all just as cool and good looking as he is. Do I need to remind you I’m not? I’m a gawky, nerdy Sophomore. I’m lucky to even be his fuck-buddy.”

Scott makes a face, incredulous. “I dunno, he must like you well enough if he’s still sleeping with you after all this time. What’s it been, six months? And you guys hang out, too, you’re always telling me about how easy it is to chat with him after you bone. So it’s not just sex.”

Stiles grimaces. “Yeah, but it’s not…”

“… a real relationship,” Derek says into the phone, hearing full well the heavy dejection in his voice. So sue him; the admission is more than a little depressing. “He just wants to be fuck buddies.”

“How do you know?” Laura asks reasonably. “Maybe this Stiles person would be interested in dating you, too. No offence, but you’re not great at reading people. I mean, he’s interested in chilling with you even after you hook up, and clearly he enjoys the physical aspect. Did he actually ever say he wasn’t looking for more?”

Derek heaves a sigh, rolling his eyes even though she can’t see over the phone. “Yep. About two minutes after the first time we slept together he said, ‘no strings attached, obviously.’ So, you know, pretty safe bet that it’s no strings attached.”

“Oh,” Laura says. For once she doesn’t have a snappy comeback.

“Oh,” Derek agrees. Dejectedly.

She gives him a sympathetic little hum, and then asks, “and he’ll definitely be at the sorority barbecue?”

“Yeah.” Stiles and his broad shoulders and his long fingers are definitely going to be at the party.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go,” his sister says softly. “If you really like him, and he’s just looking to get laid…”

Derek groans. Not go, and give up a chance to hook up with Stiles? Smart, maybe, but not something he’s capable of doing.

The problem is, he’s liked Stiles forever. Or at least since he first saw him, laughing uproariously and running around with his friends with an actually broom between his legs, playing “Quidditch.” Derek would have been way too embarrassed to do something like that on the front lawn, but Stiles made it seem like the most effortlessly awesome thing a person could get up to.

No, compared to Stiles, Derek is practically a social recluse, an awkward jock with only about three people who he gets along with at all. Stiles definitely doesn’t want to get saddled with a boyfriend like him. He’s lucky they’re even hooking up after all this time.

“Derek, I mean it,” Laura says. “Look out for yourself for once.”

“I know, I know,” Derek grumbles. “But it’s not my fault he’s…”

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Another Man’s Treasure

A/N: This is a completed five-part mini-series because @alrightpetal and I have this thing about making Harry super vulnerable and flawed. So here you go.

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

…I’m gonna show you tonight! I’m alright! I’m just fine! And you’re a tool so, so what?

You belted your heart out up on stage, pumping your fist in the air to empower your words even further. It was a good thing you knew all the words, too, because your mates had bought you so many drinks your vision was crossed and blurred you couldn’t have read the lyrics to an unfamiliar song. Then you would have just been a blubbering fool butchering a karaoke performance. And that would have been embarrassing.

Singing yourself blue in the face—and drinking yourself into oblivion—served as the perfect outlet for your aching heart. Hours earlier, you’d been dumped. Or more accurately, replaced.

It’d been a week since you’d heard from your long-term boyfriend, and while you knew he was on holiday with his mates—a holiday you hadn’t been invited on—it was still odd that you hadn’t heard from him at all. Not even a text to let you know that he’d made it to Amsterdam. You didn’t expect too much communication; you trusted him to treat you right, but, silly you, you thought your boyfriend might actually miss you and want to say hi.

Last night after seven and a half days of nothing, you completely lost it and called him forty-seven times in a row. And not a single one was answered. So you rang your closest friends and they came over, laptops and tablets in hand, and intense cyber-stalking commenced.

It only took thirty-four minutes for your good mate Lindsey to unearth a damning post on Insta that your boyfriend was tagged in by a girl you kind of knew. The picture itself wasn’t awful; honestly you couldn’t make out much besides silhouettes and drinks. Even the caption wasn’t much; all it said was, “this guy” with a random slew of emojis. But the funny thing was, when you tried to search for it yourself, nothing came up. Meaning you were blocked. You weren’t meant to see this picture.

Twenty-two minutes of super-sleuthing was enough time for your oldest friend Ashley to find every social media account the girl had, and then eventually uncover her phone number.

In thirteen minutes you had a text drafted to her that was so long it was broken into five different parts when you hit send.

And one minute and fifty-four seconds is all the time your boyfriend—well ex-boyfriend—allowed you to speak to him today before he told you he was coming back tomorrow and there’d be no need for you to come see him. Tomorrow or ever again.

So your mates did what they knew best. They took you out, got you absolutely smashed, and then got you up on stage to pour your heart out. Somewhere in between I Will Survive and Total Eclipse of the Heart, you got a bit weepy and ended up calling your brother from the toilet. It took you awhile to realize you weren’t actually sobbing to him but his voicemail, and as soon as you did you pulled yourself back together and headed out for another drink and a rousing rendition of Since U Been Gone.

The few other patrons in the pub were hardly paying attention to your drunken warbling on stage, only breaking from their conversations when your mates would cheer at the end of each song, some of them even offering half-hearted claps. If they were annoyed, they certainly didn’t let on. Most likely, they pitied you; for Christ sake, you pitied you.

When your song ended, you finished the rest of your drink and began flipping through the songbook. Liberation was surging through you and you wanted a song to match your mood; something to serve as a proper fuck you to the twat you’d wasted the last few years of your young life on.

The book closed on your fingers, and you stumbled back in surprise. Were books automated now too?! You still weren’t over the automated tills at Tesco, would you now have to get used to robotic books closing on you when they’d had enough?!


You looked up, your blurred vision slowly coming into focus as you swayed on the spot. A robotic book didn’t close itself on you, a person had closed it. Which was rather rude of them.

[Y/N],” he repeated. Finally he came into view and you cocked your head in confusion.

“Hazza?” you slurred, taking a step closer to get a better look. You nearly toppled off the stage, but Harry was quick to grab you by the waist and steady you before easing you down.

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2tired2care  asked:

Pst hi I LOVE YOUR FICS you have no idea how much they give me life <3 <3 I came across this really cute (and frankly heartbreaking) AU: "[burgler gently wakes me] you live like this?" (stolen from a post I saw on fb) and I kinda just need Stiles to do everything he can to make Derek's life better? THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

It IS frankly heartbreaking… which means I’m totally into it.

(now also on AO3!)


Derek definitely went to sleep alone. He always does, these days. It doesn’t explain why he drifts awake in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone lightly poking his shoulder.

It’s probably not a good sign that when he opens his eyes and sees a gangly teenage boy in a red hoodie and grubby-looking black fingerless gloves standing over him, he doesn’t startle. His claws don’t come out; his eyes don’t flash. He just feels… resigned.

“You live like this?” the guy says, soft. Almost pitying. “I mean. You actually live here?”

That seems too obvious, not to mention too insulting, to merit a response. “What are you doing here?” Derek asks instead. His voice comes out low and rough. This is the first time in days he’s had any reason to say anything. “This is private property.”

The guy shifts on his feet and sticks his hands under his armpits uncomfortably. “Okay, straight to the awkward questions. I like that.”

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a love spell, or something like it

inspired by a post sara reblogged (this one, specifically) and the resulting conversation about different love spells, where she suggested i write the fic. i said no, go away, it’s late. then i stayed up and wrote the fic.

This doesn’t make any sense.

Though they’d never admit it—Dean especially would never admit it—they’re practically witches themselves at this point. Sam isn’t deluded enough to think otherwise. He has a fair share of spells up his sleeve that he knows by heart by now, a few more he’s working on remembering, and some he still struggles with the incantation, but at the end of the day they frequently speak Latin and throw herbs into flames, so, logically, they’re witches, or close enough to it.

And it’s because of this (and his own unfortunate experience that no one must ever speak of again, thanks) that Sam knows a love spell when he sees one.

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“You don’t know me, Nurse!” Dex yells, turning and slamming the door on his way out.

Nursey sinks down into his chair, hands shaking with the adrenaline rush that always comes after a blowout with Dex. He grabs his headphones, tugs his sweatshirt on, and laces up his running shoes. He’s feeling like he could run six or seven today, after a fight like that, but he doesn’t want to overdo it, so he’ll stick to his usual three.

He refuses to allow himself to think for the first mile, focusing on his breath and the sound of his feet against the pavement. It’s warmer than it should be, this time of year, but the air is still cold enough to feel that bit of chill in his lungs.

By the second mile he’s working through the argument in his head, parsing through everything leading up to it and trying to figure out what started it. He can’t figure it out, or maybe he just doesn’t remember. Whatever started it, Dex had surely ended it. You don’t know me, Nurse. A lie if Nursey’s ever heard one. He knows Dex.

I know Dex, he’s repeating through the third mile. He doesn’t know why he’s so hung up on it, except that it’s total fucking bullshit. I know Dex. I know him. I do. Fuck him for thinking I don’t. Fuck him.

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Blattella Germanica

Summary:  A quick fix it fic set in a nebulous future after 6.15 where Emma and Killian have been reunited. A way to reconcile the events of those episodes in a way that doesn’t retread old ground and helps better explain behavior. 

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 1600+

Notes:  A belated gift for @gentlesleaze  hopefully this helps make up for some of the salt you received instead. I’m sure I’ll write you something better one day but I hope you like this blurb. 

On AO3


There was something to be said for reunion sex. Explosive tangles of lips and teeth and limbs. Aggressive clawing and slapping flesh, just all consuming need, I miss you, I love you, I’m so happy you’re back. Saying with her body what she couldn’t put into words, I’m sorry spoken in the rough tug of his hair, forgive me painted in teeth along his neck, I’m with you in the rough slide and rasp of skin on skin.

Afterwards was harder. Sweat drying and breath calming and the words wouldn’t come. Goodnight whispered into her hair, slow measured breaths as he gave into exhaustion. Her ring winking mockingly in the light of the moon through the window.

“I love you.”

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Bio professors are weird

So this year I had my first Bio course in college. I had anticipated interesting statements, but I waited to post them until the last day of class, which was today.

Here is the best of out of context quotes from my biology course:

- Next time you get surgery go to a surgeon who will do it outside because hospitals are a DEATHTRAP

- Male ducks just have to look pretty, it’s their job

- Those two groups aren’t going to be swapping gametes, are they?

- Not all insects are bugs!

- I don’t know your name so it’s not going to help your test score

- Jellyfish aren’t good at making fossils.  They die and in 10 seconds they’re like snot.

- All the genes to make a T. Rex are in a turkey.

- You could probably make a Terror Bird out of an ostrich.

- Years in Earth’s history is like dollars to the American government.

- If you were walking around on the surface of the planet back then, you would be dead.

- If you just pretend you’re not breathing oxygen you can pretend you’re on Earth about 3 billion years ago.

- It has -zoic in it because the people making this up just HAPPEN to be zoic.

- By the end of the Cambrian it’s a party!  You’ve got forests, giant centipedes, lizards…

- They’re multicellular but they don’t have any fancy bits

- You’d feel pretty good walking around in the Cambrian.  At least until something comes and tries to eat you.  Probably wouldn’t feel good after that.

- Mammals show up but they’re these pathetic little egg laying things

- Sauropods are walking around, and they keep changing their names, which is frustrating

- YOU SHALL NOT PASS! *strikes the ground with a tree branch*

- Some volcanos are more oozey and some are more explosive.

- It’s hard to fossilize snot

- I’M A LIZARD!  I’m not a lizard, but if I was-

- Am I gonna die in a swamp or a marsh?

- When Motorola first came out with the Razor -  man, that was such a cool flip phone…

- You’ve gone so deep you’re in Hell or something.  I don’t know.

- You’ve done that to poor, defenseless cats before.  Because it’s fun.

- Three years of this slide and I was clueless as to why people were laughing

- … and if you don’t know what I’m talking about good for you.

- Let’s talk about fly sex!

- Now I’m not an expert on fly sex, but–

- I dunno what’s with science books and sexual behavior but they like that!  Now let’s look at rats!

- Next time you have calamari just remember you’re eating seafood with an I.Q.!

- Plants don’t move they prefer to put down roots.  *silence*  I thought that would be funnier.

- Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll never amount to anything because you’re single handedly increasing the entropy of the universe.

- When I was a grad student I figured out what the metal in a human was worth on the market and it was about $1.87.  Probably around $5 now.

- You don’t want to take a long nap on the wet forest floor you might wake up recycled.

- Something happened, it was explained, I don’t remember.

- If it’s GREEN, YELLOW, or RED, it’s gotten more acidic! *while pointing at a map of the ocean that is entirely green, yellow, and red*

- If I put you on a NASA rocket sled and accellerated you to 300 mph in 3 seconds you’d be DEAD but while you were dying you’d be saying ‘oh but I’ve been faster on an airplane’

- Maybe we should introduce mutagens to increase our rate of evolution.  Like alcohol.  Or at least that will just make you forget.

Let's talk about cusps!!

Cusps, or cusp signs, are these really kick ass people who are born at the very end and very beginning of their sign month. Here’s how it goes for those who don’t know. I’ll go ahead and add in my own opinion of them since I am one and that seems to be how these things go xD

Aries-Taurus: AKA the Cusp of Power- April 19th  to April 24th    Y'all are just cool beans. Seems like you got all the good traits of both Aries and Taurus. You’re loving and compassionate, but hardworking as fuck. It’s really refreshing actually.

Taurus-Gemini: AKA the Cusp of Energy- May 19th  to May 24th        I don’t know much about you guys, but I’ve only met a handful of you and I really like talking to y'all on an intellectual level. You have a tendency to be FREAKISHLY smart. Always testing the smarty pants animal on those stupid animal quizzes that they force you to take in school. Also you’re super sweet to those you know. I have one really good friend who is a Taurus/Gemini cusp and she’s the type of person who like… talks to people in line at the supermarket if she’s in the right mood since Geminis tend to be really friendly, but Taurus’ are pretty introverted so they have to be in the right mood to do it, ya know?

Gemini-Cancer: AKA the Cusp of Magic- June 19th  to June 23rd YOU!!! ARE!!!! SO!!!! CUTE!!!!! My god you’re literally the epitome of adorable and shy and creative and its just. yeah. You make the best art in the world and I’m always so excited when you get excited about something you made because its just… contagious excitement. They get over things a lot faster than Cancers do which is nice, but they’re more homebodied than Geminis which, as an Aquarius/Pisces cusp (I get along best with this sign, couldn’t you tell?) is kind of annoying at times because they wanna stay home more than not, but they’re good parents??? So it works.

Cancer-Leo: AKA the Cusp of Oscillation- July 19th  to July 24th    You know… I was always kind of confused about the definition of this cusp?? Like… oscilation…. what the fuck kind of cusp is an oscillation??? Well…. a cancer/leo cusp is a good way to explain it. Personally, I’m terrified of these cusps. My cusp and this cusp DO NOT get along very well because I’m a very shy, easily frightened person and this cusp is basically a Leo on fucking steroids. They get angry a lot, but they’re angry in like…. a prideful way???? I don’t really know how to explain it. Just. Don’t get on their bad side. From what people say though, they are really caring and extremely passionate. They make crazy good politicians and lawyers and like… powerful debating people.

Leo-Virgo: AKA the Cusp of Exposure- August 19th to August 24th Hi. This cusp confuses the ever loving shit out of me. Like.. Really a lot. They’re the most introverted extroverts I’ve ever met in my life and I never know what to do with them??? You’re all like “Let’s go out!!! And!!! Read this book in the corner because I’m tired of being out and about……” Um…. what? You love having fun, and you love expressing your feelings once you’re comfortable, but you never quite have a grasp on the exact way to do it and sometimes that really bothers you. Oh. And you REALLY. Don’t like being criticized. Like… at all. Somehow I’m friends with the most of you though so who knows.

Virgo-Libra: AKA the Cusp of Beauty- September 19th  to September 24th     I’ve only met like.. two of you, and you’re so freakin chill I never know what to do around you, but apparently you worry a lot from what I’ve read. You don’t show it though. Also, you’re actually really pretty I promise. Virgo/Libra can either be super cocky about their looks or super modest. I’m sorry this is so short Dx

Libra-Scorpio: AKA the Cusp of Drama and Criticism- October 19th  to October 24th   So I’ve never met a Libra/Scorpio cusp now that I think of it. So this is totally off of a search of things I found. Bear with me.– APPARENTLY. 1. y'all are really freakishly pretty. 2. y'all are really cool, but you don’t give up information very easily so there’s that. and 3. You really like love, but you also have a tendency to be super serious at times (not as broody as Scorpios though)

Scorpio-Sagittarius: AKA the Cusp of Revolution- November 19th  to November 24th    The epitome of the “indie hipster” cusp. They’re suuuuuuper creative. Really arty people. Tend to have a LOT of things to say about a LOT of different things which sounds like everyone, but them more than ‘normal’ I guess? I don’t really know how to explain it. These cusps are the ones that are most likely in my opinion to go into like…. journalism or like… political activism because of how wordy and creative they are. They can be really nice too if you’re on their good side but if you’re not they can destroy you from the inside out so be careful.

Sagittarius-Capricorn: AKA the Cusp of Prophecy- December 19th to December 24th    My dad is one of these!!! They’re kind of weird, but winter signs tend to get along better than the other signs so its okay xP THEY! ARE! SO! FUNNY! A lot of people don’t understand their humor though which I find really sad, but if you live with them for a while or are around them and you understand their humor and such, they’re freakin hilarious. They keep their emotions bottled, and they stay pretty happy around people they just met. They don’t like to admit to weakness either. Like…. ever. At all. They love with their entire heart, and if they aren’t feeling it, they’ll tell you if they don’t like you.

Capricorn-Aquarius: AKA the Cusp of Mystery and Imagination- January 15th  to Jan 22nd   So these people scare me. Ever had those people who just like… omit an aura of power around you? Yeah that’s a Capricorn/Aquarius. They really do scare me, but apparently they make really good actors because there’s a ton of them in Hollywood. They’re crazy good at whatever they do. Most of the time they test into the like…. flamboyant or 'party animal’ type on the aforementioned middle school animal tests.

Aquarius-Pisces: AKA the Cusp of Sensitivity- February 18th  to February 22nd    This is me!!! I am this!!! Hi!!! So we have a tendency to be freakishly creative, but really sensitive and that’s why. I don’t know if all Aquarius/Pisces cusps are like this, but I’m really really attention deficit and energetic which makes us come off as dismissive or frustrated. We do well in positions of leadership and control, but we have to do things our own way. Doing things someone else’s way is REALLY NOT OKAY with someone in this cusp. Most of the time because we’ve already thought through the most logical way to do it and saw that your way is wrong. We’re freakishly smart too, we just don’t like to show it. :P 

Pisces-Aries: AKA the Cusp of Rebirth- March 19th  to March 26th     So from what I’ve gathered, which isn't very much so bear with me…. but from what I’ve gathered you like your alone time, but you also REALLY like to party when you’re in the mood for it. Like you won’t go down without a fight if you wanna party and someone tells you no. I think that’s the Aries part? Like…. you get freakishly passionate about the things you do which comes very strongly from both sides. But then its HOW you do them that’s very much Aries-esque. Like…. I dunno how to really explain it well, but you’re very aggressive lovers, and you fight with your whole body. And yeah. There isn’t much of a better way to explain it than that. I’d say you need to chill, but I feel like if you tried to chill you'd just get really depressed and a depressed Aries is like the freakin end of the world and no one wants that. 

So yeah. Cusps are really cool. A lot of people don’t know they’re cusps. A lot of people don’t know anything about cusps. But cusps have a tendency to be about ten times stronger spiritually, but about ten times weirder when compared to the average sign. So there’s that. It’s really cool and this post is going to get super duper long if I go on about them. So I’m going to stop while I’m ahead even though this post is already like a million miles long. I hope this helps anyne who has asked me about cusps??

I edited a couple things in here so that they’d be a bit more accurate. I reread a handful after it started to gain a couple notes and realized some of the little excerpt thingies sounded like I was ragging on the cusps a little.

Just Friends (part four) - Stiles Stilinski

Your knee was bouncing like crazy on the couch of your living room.  Your nerves were eating at you like angry gnomes in the pit of your stomach.

“I’m sorry-” Stiles tried.

“No don’t” You shook your head, looking behind you to the kitchen where your mother currently was.  She’d invited him inside, and Stiles didn’t have the time to say no before your mom ushered both of you into the house.

“y/n I know you didn’t want me to be here and if you don’t want me here then I don’t want to be here if I’m not wanted” You wanted to protest, but you just shook your head, and avoided his gaze.

After everything you’d literally gone through earlier that day, you thought that this wouldn’t happen.  But here you were.

Then your mom came back out, smiling as she sat in a chair across from you.  “So” She said cheerfully.  “How long have you been together?”

“We’re just friends” You said, voice dangerously close to a mutter.

“Okay, well then how long have you been hanging out?” She asked.

“I don’t know” You lied with a shrug.  Even though you knew it was a month and a day.

“Alright… are you going to let Stiles here talk?” Your mom asked, and you looked to your lap.

“Miss y/l/n, it was really nice meeting you, and I’d like to talk again, but my Dad’s been expecting me home for dinner, so I think I should head out” Stiles said while standing.  You secretly sighed with relief.

“y/n can walk you to the door, we hope to see you again Stiles” Your mom said, and you just nodded, walking behind Stiles while your mother went back to the kitchen.

“y/n I’m sorry- I don’t want you to be mad at me” He said, a hand on your arm as you stood in the doorway.

“I’m not-” You glanced to the other room, seeing your Mom was in the kitchen, then whispered.  “I’m not mad at you Stiles, okay? I’m just glad Jerry wasn’t around”

“So I can come by more?” Stiles asked hopefully, smiling a little bit.  You bit your lip.

“I-I don’t know Stiles” You said with a head shake.  “Can we talk about this another time?” Stiles got the hint that you were done with the conversation, which happened quickly with this topic.  “Just.. just give me a few days and I promise we can talk about it again, okay?” He nodded.

“Can I hug you?” You giggled a little, and nodded your head.  Stiles leaned forward, tugging on your arm and pulling you against his chest.  Both of his long arms wrapped around your back.  Your nose was pressed into the crook of his neck, arms laying on the front of his chest.  Stiles set his chin on your head, and after a few seconds, you realized you were swaying back and forth.  You let your eyes slip shut, just enjoying this that you have right here.

“Stiles” He hummed in response.  “Thanks” And that was that.  You pulled away, hands holding each other’s fore arms.  Everything that you’d needed to tell him, came in that one word.  He opened his mouth to speak again, but you heard the garage door in the back opening.  Meaning Jerry was home.


“You have to go” You rushed, and he stuttered  string of syllables you didn’t quite catch.  “Now, please” You begged, opening the door, and you pushed him towards it.

“y/n what’s-”

“Please just please go I’ll call you and we can talk about whatever you want I’ll answer any questions just right now you have to go” He paused, sucking in his lips and nodding.

“Okay” He said, walking out the door.  You were about to close it when he turned abruptly, taking your hand.  Your eyes shot up to his, and for the five seconds you stared at him, you realized no one had eyes as beautiful as his.  His hand squeezed yours, and then he let go.  “We’ll talk later” He said, walking off to the Jeep.  He got in quickly, and waved a little before driving off.

You stood at the door for a few extra moments, leaning on the frame and staring as his Jeep became a smaller and smaller dot.  You breathed out heavily.

Why’d you miss him?


You had quickly ran up the steps, entering the room, and closing your door silently.  You collapsed back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fingers fumbling over your stomach.  You fell asleep curled up on the mattress.

You woke up two hours later to an obnoxious vibration and the sound of ducks.  Your eyes flickered open slowly, and you yawned as you grabbed your ringing phone.  You glanced at the screen, but pretty much knew only one person would call you anyways.

“’ello?” You mumbled sleepily into the speaker.

“Hey sunshine, did I wake you up?” You shook your head, then realized her couldn’t see you, so you made an ‘nuh uh’ sound into the phone.

“What time is it?” You asked quietly.

“About eight thirty, why gotta be somewhere?”

“No, no just wondering” You said, and rolled over to be laying on your side, curled up slightly under the covers, your phone laying on your cheek.

“So… care to explain earlier?” You licked your lips.

“Yeah okay” You said softly.  Stiles was patiently quiet, waiting for you to speak again.  “Um, Jerry came home” You said plainly.

“Yeah, and what is it that’s so wrong with him?” He asked with a slight chuckle.

“He just uh… he gets drunk and asks dumb questions” You said.  “I didn’t want to embarrass you”

“Please, I don’t know if there’s anything that could possibly embarrass me, I handled your mom right?” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” You lied.  If Jerry met Stiles, you didn’t know who he’d beat the crap out of first, you, or him.

“So… I can still pick you up for school tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah okay” You shrugged.  “Just text me when you’re here, and I’ll just come outside to meet you” You told him.

“Alright, I can do that” Stiles said.  “I’ll swing through Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on the way, what’s your favorite doughnut?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t know I probably like any kind”

“Probably? Doughnuts aren’t like any other food, they’re a gift from the Gods”

“I’m an atheist Stiles” You chuckled, and he laughed with you.  You suddenly wished that you were there with him, hearing his laugh in person.  It always seemed to warm you up, lighten the mood.  But here, you just felt cold, and lonely.

“Alright, well should I be hanging up on you and letting you sleep?”

“Eh, we all know I’ll be up all night anyways” You said.

“So we can play games?” Stiles asked, a hopefulness in his voice, which made you smile.

“Yeah okay, what games?”

“Chutes and Ladders?” You rolled your eyes.

“Stiles” You scolded playfully.  “What games can you even play over the phone?” You asked, rubbing the corner of your eye.

“Truth or Dare?” He offered.  You thought for a moment.

“I think that’d just be truth or truth” You said.  “But sure, if that won’t bore you” 

“Yeah, sounds cool” He said.  “So, miss y/n, truth or truth?”

“Hmm” You pretended to contemplate.  “Truth” You answered with a giggle.  

“Favorite color?”

“(your answer)” 

“My turn” You said.  “Best memory?”

“Scott peeing on my sand castle in the first grade” You giggled.  “If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want it to be?”

“A turtle” You said.  “Not little, but big enough that I can carry them in both hands” You said.  “I’d name him Jelly” Stiles laughed.

“How creative of you” He said.  “Can I have a turtle too?”

“If I name it” You replied cheekily.

“Okay and what would you name it?” You thought for a moment about it.

“Alexander the Fourth” You replied after a few seconds of silence.  Again, Stiles laugh erupted from the speaker.  Your heart fluttered for an unknown reason.

You went on playing the game for another hour, your voice growing quieter as the night grew closer.  Your mother and Jerry had come upstairs and retreated to their room just down the hall.  You didn’t want to get into trouble for being on your phone, so you continued conversations in a whisper.

“Okay, goodnight y/n” 

“Hm?” You jolted, not remembering the past few minutes.

“You fell asleep, I’m going to bed now”

“How long was I out?” You asked, checking your phone.

“I dunno.. ten minutes tops” Stiles said through a yawn.  You held back your own.

“Okay” You said softly.

“Alright, well.. goodnight”

“Stiles wait-” But he’d already ended the call.  You pulled your phone from your ear, looking at the screen as it faded for a moment, before showing you your home menu.  “Goodnight” You sighed.

Maybe you’d talk to him later.

i’m so sorry i haven’t posted in a few days and i like to post at LEAST once a day… maybe i’ll write a quick little imagine to make up for that.  also.  WHERES MY STYDIA FANS BC THAT KISS(ES)!? DAMN! YES! words cannot describe how happy i feel.  my skin is clear i’m smiling at strangers and i’m flirting with cute peeps.  *high fives self* for once i’m thanking jeff davis.  have a good night everyone 
xoxo ~ jordie

On the twelfth day of #PAIN fic...

A/N: *distant team gtnw screaming* Oh, it’s no big deal, everything’s fine we’re calm we’re cHILL. 

TODAY IS THE DAY. THE LAST DAY OF 12 DAYS. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Honestly, thank you so much to every single one of you that has made this such a fun, albeit #painful, ride. We genuinely can’t tell you how much we appreciate your indulgence in our love for this universe and your super kind words about each and every thing we post like WOW WE DON’T DESERVE YOU.

And guess what?! Your patience is about to pay off because PART THREE IS COMING AT YA TOMORROW, Y’ALL. GET YOURSELVES READY (you’re not ready) BECAUSE HERE WE GO.

So… it is with great excitement (and a few tears) that we present DAY TWELVE.

Word Count: 2,175

“Seniors! Seniors! Seniors! Seniors!”

Everyone was shouting in the hallway after being released from the gym post-student assembly, and you and Lin were desperately trying to escape the crowd, holding onto each other as both of you scaled the very edge of the hallways.

“This way,” he pointed towards a less populated route and you trailed right behind him, fingers still laced with his.

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Twenty Questions

Marvel Writing Challenge: @canumoveyourseatup-no vs @oneshot-shit

Prompt: kissing scene from The Notebook

Paring: Bucky x reader

Word Count: 2953 (I’m a wordy nugget I’m sorry)

Warnings: language, bit of angst/self depreciation, fluff!!!

A/N: Ahh I’m so nervous to post this don’t mind me I’m just an awkward potato! Honestly, passionate romance and I go together like pickle juice and marshmallow fluff… aka they don’t go together at all. But I did my best, modified a few things, and came up with this. It was way more difficult than I anticipated, and it’s probably not as romantic as people may expect, but I wrote what I’m comfortable with and I’m pretty pleased with the result. P.S. italicised text indicates thought.

Tagging: @oneshot-shit @annadier @whatsbetterthanfantasy @spn-worm @marvelwritingchallenge

Originally posted by moan-s

The two of you walked in silence, the sun slowly drifting towards the horizon as you made your way towards what you hoped was the direction of the Quinjet. Ruins of the HYDRA base were strewn everywhere. How you and Bucky managed to escape the explosion alive was beyond you, but Steve instructed you to set off the detonators, so you and Bucky got the job done.

If only you hadn’t managed to bury your escape route, lose your comms, get chased into the forest by surviving HYDRA agents, and completely loose your bearings after finally killing the bastards.

To say this wasn’t your best mission would be an understatement.

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anonymous asked:

im glad about the way you see bakugou. so many people take the fact that he has a temper and then goes. temper=angry lover=frivallous/casual sex life. and im like?????????????? like headcanons are fine but complete misinterpretations of characters that become popular in the fandom and get seen as canon just makes me sad

Well, I understand this tbh, some popular headcanons are kind of cringy to me too - personally I’m under the impression that if Bakugou were ever to decide he wanted to involve himself with someone else it’d be because he’s really, 100%, completely and utterly convinced that’s something he definitely wants in his life and he can’t do without, and that just doesn’t fit with casual relationships? He’s too focused in a one-track-mind way on becoming number one, a “distraction” of that kind wouldn’t work for him

Then again it’s not like this stuff is canon, everyone’s free to see him as they wish haha

Anon said: What’s your favorite bnha crack ship?

…………………………………… TetsuKami - it??? kind of started because of their quirks??? A lot of my ships started because of the quriks actually, but yeah their quirk compatibility intrigues me - are they perfectly compatible? Or would Kaminari just straight out kill Tetsu if he ever used his quirk on him? Metal and electricity have some fancy things they can do together, if Kami could electrify/magnetize Tetsu without killing him they could be an amazing team?? I thought about this so much that I started thinking about a possible friendship between the two (they come from the same prefecture too!!) and in the end it turned into a ship rip


That depends on which bokuroteru we’re talking about and just how much you mean to change! 


Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O* I’m glad you liked it!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said: yamaguchi (my husbando) looks so freaking cool in your style!! i love it so much!! aaaaaaaaaaaa

BOI thank you!!!! I haven’t drawn him enough for it to be comfortable yet, so I’m glad I’m doing something right hahaha

Anon said: I thought you should know that you and your posts are the reason I wake up every morning and I love you!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! I love you too!!!! And I’m glad I can help you like that???? oh my!!!!

Anon said: I love you!! Your art makes me really happy! I hope you’re doing well!!

THANK YOU!!!!! I hope you’re doing great too, anon!!!!!

Anon said: I read the last anon asks, and the one about the rare pairs made me laugh, because I find that haikyuu! And BNHA are two fandoms where there is barely any ship wars. Yeah, some are more popular, but you could pretty much ship whoever you want and everyone is like “yeah, that’s good” because every character in both series are so well developed, that you see them as actual people and not just cookie cutter archetypes who can only be shipped with a single/certain type of character, and I love that.

Right? Fandoms in which my multishipper heart can have its way are my favorite t b h, I’d been looking for something like this since khr ended a real long time ago and now I have two what a good so many possibilities I’m Glad™

anonymous asked:

innocent reylo in college with some chubby rey maybe?

(Sorry this took me a little bit. Eh, I don’t know how this turned out either but yeah. No kink, so no worries.)

Kylo again, banging at her dorm room door looking for her roommate. The tall, sporty blonde that didn’t like her very much. The feeling was mutual, but Rey tried to make the best of rooming with her. It was the kind of compromise she had to make for one of the more spacious student dwellings.

Really, the two young women navigated around one another with relative ease, seeing as Phasma was gone half of the time, and ignored her when she was there. It was her friends constantly knocking at their door that frustrated her the most. Particularly Kylo. Hux, Mitaka, they could take a hint. Kylo? Not so much.

“I said she’s not here.” Rey sighed in exasperation, ready to close the door in his face, but a large hand reached out and pushed it open instead, causing her to stumble back a little to, unwillingly, allow him entry.

“I guess I’ll wait then.” Came his airy reply as he eased passed Rey and plopped down on top of her roommate’s bed. His long, broad form taking up the entirety of the small mattress, much like Phasma did.

Rey knew there was no use in arguing with him. She didn’t know much about him, but one thing was for damn sure; Kylo Ren was as stubborn as a mule. Probably as dumb as one too.

As long as he shut up at permitted her to continue studying, then who the hell cared? He already looked half asleep anyways with his hands folded behind his head and his breathing shallow.

With another sigh, Rey closed the door and made her way back over to her bed, where papers were scattered and her laptop was open and ready for use. She climbed in with a soft creak of the frame. Her cheeks felt warm. She spared a brief glance in Kylo’s direction, but he didn’t seem to notice. If he had, he wasn’t going to make it known.

He was probably too busy daydreaming about whatever it was dumb boys his age dreamt about, anyways. Summer break, six packs of beer and giggly 10s in their bikinis.

Rey wouldn’t be participating in those sorts of activities this summer, just as she had skipped out on all of the fun the year before as well. College was really taking its toll on her, not only emotionally but physically.

As a freshman, she could’ve easily competed with the likes of Phasma’s trim figure. With all of the late night study sessions, cheap junk food and lack of time for any real physical actively beyond hustling across campus to catch one of her classes, naturally it would start to catch up on her. It did.

This summer, Rey swore up and down that mid-year break would be dedicated to getting back into shape. Or at the very least into a shape that vaguely resembled what she used to be.

“So…” Kylo spoke up a few moments after Rey had begun to type away at her laptop, getting back into the groove of her assignment. She looked up, noticing that at some point the male had rolled onto his side to face her direction. “You’re majoring in engineering, right?”

He was staring at her, hard, and she could’ve sworn that she saw his eyes wander, and it immediately made her feel uneasy. Rey picked up one of her pillows and squeezed it tightly to her stomach and chest in an attempt to hide the parts of herself that she was the most insecure. Small tits and a round tummy that only emphasized just how underwhelming the former were.

“Yeah? And I’m trying to study, so if you don’t mind…“

“Just trying to make conversation.” Kylo rolled his eyes and maneuvered onto his back once more, but his attention remained on her.

Rey did her best to ignore it, but there was this strange nagging desire to respond to him. She didn’t know why. Perhaps she wanted an excuse to take a much needed a break from studying, or that she had always been curious about the guy(though you’d never get her to admit it out loud).

She always just assumed that he was like his counterparts, the well-off kids that thought that they were better than everyone else because they had a little bit of money and class to their name. It didn’t help that he had a reputation. Getting kicked off of every other sports team due to instigating fist fights? Not a good look.

And yet…

“Phasma’s probably going to be out for awhile, so there’s really no point in waiting around.”

“I know.”

She looked up again, furrowing her brow. “Okay? So you’re just going to lay there then?”

Kylo retrieved his hands from behind his head and briefly sifted his fingers through his hair before propping himself up onto his elbows. “No, hence the trying to have a conversation thing I said a second ago.”

“Why the sudden change?” Rey squeezed her pillow tighter when she noticed that his eyes were crawling once again. Her questioned appeared to have confused him, which had effectively hindered him from burning a hole right through her.

“What do you mean?” He asked, taken aback.

She let out a soft, mirthless snort and turned her attention back to her laptop, tucking a piece of hair that had fallen loose from one of her three buns behind her ear. “Meaning, you’ve never tried that before.”

Kylo sat up straight, throwing his legs over the edge of the bed, elbows now propped against his knees. He was staring at her again, but this time as if she’d sustained a head injury over the last couple of months. “You’re kidding right? I’m always trying to talk to you. Is your head really that far up your ass?” (It almost sounded like a genuine question.)

This gave Rey pause. Her rounded cheeks puffed out slightly, her fingers curling against the keys of her laptop. Surely he was mistaking her for someone else, because she could remember a single instance in which he…

Shit. He had.

Rey bit down lightly on her lower lip. Too prideful to apologize, especially since she wasn’t even that sorry to begin with. “Can’t see why you’d want to talk to me anyways, but whatever.”

Finally she found reprieve from his gaze now that he was looking down at his hands, twiddling his thumbs.

“Dunno, just thought you were – cool, I guess.”

Cool? She was cool? Not only was that description unsuccessful in making any positive impact on her, but he didn’t even sound convincing when he’d said it. She could recall a time when she was described as beautiful and intelligent. These days, she was should’ve felt lucky to get a compliment at all.

No, Rey, you deserve so much better than that.

Thaaanks.” She drawled sarcastically, saving her entry. She wasn’t getting anywhere, so why even try? After a moment, she pushed her laptop shut.

Kylo flinched, and what an amusing sight that was. A big guy like him caught off guard by a ‘soft’ snap. Rey couldn’t help but to let out a soft giggle, but she quickly bit her lip again in her hopes to suppress it.

Enticed by the Sound of her laughter, Kylo’s lips formed a lopsided little smile.

“Actually, I kinda wanted to ask you a question—”

Rey quirked an eyebrow. If he wanted her to relay a message to Phasma for him, she’d rather not play that game. She’d been asked out in high school through similar means, and she had always found it endearing that a boy was too shy to speak to her in person. Not so cute anymore now that she was simply the chubby, nerdy messenger girl.

“I’m pretty sure Phasma isn’t seeing anyone.” Rey shrugged her shoulders, ignoring this weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was her turn to be caught off guard by the sound of his laughter.

“Uh, yeah, I know that, and I really couldn’t give a fuck. Funny you should say that though. Before you rudely interrupted me I was going to ask you if you were seeing anyone.”

Rey froze. Now she understood. He got a kick out of being a jerk, didn’t he? Was she seeing anyone? Please. She’d like to be. To have someone, anyone, show her interest to restore a bit of self-confidence she’d lost over the last couple of years.

“That’s none of your business, dude.” Rey felt her cheeks growing hot with embarrassment and a little bit of anger. What was more pathetic? Avoiding the question or just telling the truth?

“Maybe not, but I kinda need to know…”

Need to know? For what reason? She offered him a skeptical once over. She didn’t like how he felt entitled to that kind of personal information.

“Oh yeah? Why do you need to know my business, hm?”

“Do you? Have a boyfriend?”

They stared at one another. Kylo seemed no more willing to tell her why he wanted to know so badly than Rey was willing to admit that she didn’t have a boyfriend, and probably wouldn’t in the foreseeable future.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: I’m Not Your Bro

So I’m a sucker for Gay!Chloe headcanons and @ladyserendipitous came up with a fantastic one that I simply had to write :P

Words: 785

“Adrien, darling, there you are!” Chloe waved from her seat in the cafe. “Not that I don’t totally adore seeing you, but can we make this quick? I have a nail appointment I can’t afford to reschedule.”

Adrien pulled his scarf off, fell into his seat, and huffed before he took a gigantic swig of his coffee. “Okay,” he said, leaning his elbows on the table and pressing his fingers into his temples. “I think…we need to have a little discussion…about your Instagram post yesterday.”

Chloe pouted in thought and tapped her finger against her lips. “Yesterday…Instagram post yesterday, oh! You must be talking about that new clutch that I bought. Adorable, isn’t it?”

Adrien glared. “Chloe…”

“No? Hm. Are you talking about the new Versace dress I got? I thought you didn’t like Versace – ”

“Okay, Chloe?” Adrien hissed, leaning over the table. “Please tell me that you didn’t think I wouldn’t notice the fact that you were kissing my ex-girlfriend in one of your posts.”

Chloe took a swig of her coffee and raised her eyebrows. “Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about that! Wasn’t it cute though? We went ice skating.”

“When in the hell did this even happen?” Adrien whined. 

“Well,” Chloe started to explain. “A couple of days after you broke up with her, she called me asking where she went wrong, if I saw any signs, if you told me anything, yadda yadda, blah blah, boring boring. And because I’m such a good friend, I didn’t gossip to her about you. Instead, I felt sorry for the poor thing and took her out to use up all of my membership credits at the spa. It made her feel a lot better.”

Adrien lifted a brow. “You do realize you’re glossing over a very important part of this story…”

“Ah, well. I guess we sort of clicked? She’s a gorgeous woman, Adrien. Super funny. Wonderful sense of style. She’s a superb singer, did you know that?”

Yes!” Adrien exclaimed. “I do! I dated her! Kinda the point here!”

“Well you were silly to break up with her,” Chloe scolded. “Oh, and we went for lunches and boat rides on the Seine, and she took me to a show a couple of weekends ago, and she’s the funniest texter, Adrien. And we kissed yesterday when we went ice skating and it was so romantic, you should’ve been there.”

“You can’t just pluck up my exes Chloe, that’s so not cool!”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Oh please, that’s such an arbitrary opinion…”

“This is classic bro code stuff,” Adrien explained, pointing his finger against the table cloth for emphasis. “You’re not supposed to hook up with your bro’s ex. That’s rule number one.”

“I’m not your bro!” Chloe huffed. “I’m a beautiful angel coming to scoop up some horribly repressed but stunningly beautiful woman who clearly needed a female touch.” She chuckled to herself. “Repeated female touches…”

“Chloe for God’s sake…”

“Plus that rule shouldn’t count if said ex initiated the kiss and decided for themselves that they’re batting for a different gender. If anything, I’d like to see this bro code. There are a few amendments that I think should be made.”

Adrien covered his face with his hands and suddenly had the sense that he was losing his hold on the conversation. “Can you at least…I dunno, ask me first? This is so awkward.”

Chloe smirked. “It’s only awkward because your heteronormative brain says that it’s awkward.” She leaned over the table and placed a perfectly manicured finger in the middle of Adrien’s forehead. “We agreed we would try to work on this.”

“Why is this getting flipped on me?” Adrien complained. “Chloe, I only broke up with her a month ago.”

“Oh so now there’s a time limit for this sort of thing?” Chloe sighed and placed a hand on her forehead. “Ugh, this is simply too much. You’re going to have to give me all of this in writing. I can’t possibly be expected to remember this all for next time.”

“Well it’s too late now! The damage is done.” Adrien paused for a moment and blinked in confusion. “And what do you mean for next time?”

Chloe smiled sweetly. “Oh darling, you shouldn’t crease your brow so much. You’re going to cause wrinkles before your time. You have your image to think about, you know.”

“Oh my God, this isn’t happening…”

“Mm!” Chloe pulled out her cellphone and started flipping through her pictures. “Do you want to see pictures from when we went to the Louvre? She’s simply adorable, look how excited she got when we visited that new exhibition! Just the sweetest, most precious thing.”

Male Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN Route: Day 5 {Hour 21:12 + Yoosung Call}

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♩ ♬ ♩ ♬ ♩ ♬ ♩ ♬ ♩ ♬ ♩ ♬

Hour: 21:12 ZEN vs Jumin

Zack spent the rest of his time looking out the window watching the storm slowly reach a calm. Now only rain was drizzling onto the flooded sidewalks and a gentle breeze was swaying the burnt tree branches. He held his phone in his hand and sighed in annoyance. What was he so upset for? It wasn’t like he was attracted to ZEN. Ha! 


Well maybe just a little. Well it’s not like it even mattered. J-just attraction is all nothing else. 


No that was a lie. Zack gripped his forehead and let out an exasperated sigh. This was stupid and ridiculous. It was too much trouble to be thinking about all of this. Right now he just needed to focus on the RFA, not high school butterflies and crushes. AGH! It wasn’t a crush! Well it was but… Forget it! 

His phone buzzed and suddenly the computer lit up. He looked down to see he was getting a barrage of emails and text messages. Guess the power and signal was back on. He got up and checked all the items in the freezer before checking the computer. Everything was up and running. He rubbed his face in annoyance, he just wasn’t in the mood to do anything for the rest of the night. He was pissed off at ZEN and pissed off at himself. 

He unlocked his phone and saw a chat open. He could just ignore it. Shit. Fine he wouldn’t he was too addicted to talking to these people. 

He froze when he saw it was ZEN. Dammit… He already swiped to join and it was logging him in. He could just press the home button but- 

ZEN>: Ah, I had such a great workout!
ZEN>: Zack! Heheh how’d you know I was done? You stalking me~? Hahaha!

If he logged out now it’d be too obvious that he was trying to avoid him. Dammit. 

     <: I think everyone would know you’re done working out.  
     <: You seem like the type of person who posts his workout on all the social media’s 

ZEN>: Someone’s being a bit sassy heheh! 
ZEN>: But
ZEN>: You’re right. 
ZEN>: Sit tight little prince~ I’ll show you! 

     <: Little prince? What? 

ZEN>: Hahaha! I don’t even know why I put that. 

Jumin Han>: Oh brother. 

     <: Jumin, hello, did you get hit by the storm? 

Jumin Han>: I didn’t but my company did. Everything is fine of course. 

     <: I see. 

ZEN>: Here ya go!

ZEN posts a picture of himself drinking a beer and wearing a towel over his shoulders. 

Jumin Han>: You drink, smoke, and exercise. 
Jumin Han>: You might as well stop acting as if you’re healthy for all of that leads to nothing. 

ZEN>: Hey! It does! I don’t smoke all the time! 

     <: And the beer? 

ZEN>: We can’t all be pure. 

     <: It’s not like you’re getting drunk all the time so I guess it’s okay. 

Jumin Han>: You are just another man forgiving his actions because of his looks. 

     <: Oh damn. 
     <: Someone bought the wrong cat food for El. 

Jumin Han>: Elizabeth 3rd. 

ZEN>: You are being more of a jerk than usual today. 

Jumin Han>: I’m just stating a fact. You are not a good role model. 

ZEN>: Oh whatever, you’re own dad isn’t a good role model. He just picks up beautiful young girls who are stupider than a bag of rocks. 

     <: Okay let’s stop now. 
     <: We’re all in a pissy mood. Let’s just shut up and change the subject. 

Jumin Han>: I am nothing like my father. I am a good role model. 

ZEN>: No you’re not! You flaunt your money and live alone with a cat. That’s nothing to strive for! 

Jumin Han>: But I am successful. 

ZEN>: Oh my god you infuriate me. 

Jumin Han>: And you can be successful as well if you do the commercial. 


Jumin Han>: Cat’s are truly the joys of life. 

      <: I mean they’re cute but dogs 

Jumin Han>: Don’t even finish typing. 

     <: Oh. 

ZEN>: Hey, jerk, leave my prince alone. 

Jumin Han>: This again? Your prince? 

ZEN>: Ha! I’ve just been messing around. 

Jumin Han>: It seems you make poorer decisions than I thought. 
Jumin Han>: For one your ‘pet name’ is confusing. 
Jumin Han>: And secondly you keep letting the fact of not getting along with cats prevent you from a great business opportunity. 

ZEN>: It’s not that I don’t get along with them, it’s that I AM ALLERGIC. Why can’t you understand that? 
ZEN>: And besides, I just say my prince because he looks like one. He knows it’s friendly don’t you Zack? 

     <: ya 

Jumin Han>: Perhaps you’re allergic to cats because you were evil to them and God plagued you with a curse. 

ZEN>: What even? 

Jumin Han>: You can overcome this obstacle with love. You would be doing a service to these blockades if you did. 

ZEN>: I’m allergic! 

Jumin Han>: That isn’t the only thing I’m speaking of. 

ZEN>: ??? 

      <: So… I understand the allergy issue. It really does suck. 

ZEN>: See! Zack always gets me!

Jumin Han>: Whether it be professional relationship or not you must understand that there are limitations to your fame. 

ZEN>: What are you even going on about? 

Jumin Han>: So choose wisely and take opportunities while you can. 

ZEN>: Choose wisely in what? Your stupid cat commercial? You know what? 
ZEN>: I’m done talking about it. 

Zack lowered the phone. Was Jumin reiterating what Jaehee had said? He sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. This sucked, it was like everyone but ZEN knew what he was feeling. Maybe to feel better he could just blame ZEN for his sudden obliviousness to all this. No. He wouldn’t even though he childishly wanted to. 

ZEN>: So Zack? I take it the storm has moved onward. Is everything okay? 

     <: Yes, a tree caught on fire but everything is good. 

Jumin Han>: How rude to dismiss my generosity. 

ZEN>: Wow! A tree caught on fire? That’s insane. 

Jumin Han>: It’s rude to ignore people trying to help you. 

ZEN>: Geez, you go about it so annoyingly. 
ZEN>: You can’t win me over like that. 

Jumin Han>: I thought you wanted someone else to win you over. But if you insist. 

ZEN>: Wait! 
ZEN>: No that’s not what I meant! 

Jumin Han>: I’ll send you roses. 

     <: Kinda old school. 

Jumin Han>: Have you ever received flowers Zack? 

      <: …..No :( 

Jumin Han>: I’ll find a way to send you roses then. 

ZEN>: Don’t! 
ZEN>: Don’t send me roses and don’t send him roses! 
ZEN>: Zack if you get roses 
ZEN>: burn them! 
ZEN>: And get rid of the ashes. 

     <: seven days… 

ZEN>: What? 

    <: I dunno it sounded like they were cursed 
    <: It was the first thing that came to my mind okay! 

ZEN>: Hahaha! Cute! You are my prince. 

     <: Um… can you stop calling me that? 

Especially when you don’t mean it. Just stop. 

ZEN>: Oh.
ZEN>: Sorry about that. 

     <: It’s fine. 

Jumin Han>: Either way you’ll still have ashes. 

ZEN>: shut up. 
ZEN>: It’s like you’re saying I can’t succeed without your help. 
ZEN>: You offered to advertise my musical and then go on saying that I shouldn’t ignore the power of money. 
ZEN>: You’re just wasting your breath. 

Jumin Han>: It’s like you have something against me. 
Jumin Han>: Are you perhaps
Jumin Han>: Jealous

ZEN>: No, you’re just annoying. 
ZEN>: I’m doing fine without your help. 

Jumin Han>: Congrats. 

ZEN>: You know what? I’m tired of thinking about you so much

Jumin Han>: Weird. I didn’t know I occupied your mind so much.

ZEN>: and your insufferab

Jumin Han>: Is it me who you actually have feelings for? 


     <: This is interesting and also frustrating. 

ZEN>: He’s probably smiling right now! It pisses me off. 

Jumin Han>: I am. 
Jumin Han>: You know me so well darling. 

ZEN>: I don’t need you to do well!

Jumin Han>: Ya

ZEN>: I’m done. 
ZEN>: You’ll see! I’ll do amazing in my new roll! 

Jumin Han>: Ah so I motivated you. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna break my phone!!!! 

Jumin Han>: I’m happy to be of service. 

ZEN>: Gah! 

Jumin Han>: What a fun conversation. Perfect before I go to bed. Good night. 

     <: Night. 

Jumin Han>: Thank you. 

        Jumin Han has left the chatroom. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna cuss

     <: It’s cool. That was kinda frustrating on my end too. 
     <: buuuuut that being said
     <: I’m smiling too. 

ZEN>: I don’t mind if you’re smiling. 
ZEN>: You being here helps, prince
ZEN>: Oh sorry. 
ZEN>: Zack. 

     <: It’s fine. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna go practice. 
ZEN>: Get some sleep yourself :)

     <: Yeah I will. 
     <: Thanks. 

ZEN>: Heh! See ya! 

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

     <: You’re the prince. 

He closed his phone and sighed. What an annoyance. He watched the flooded streets send it’s small waves of water run down the hills. He felt his phone buzz and let out an annoyed grunt. Without looking who was calling he picked up. 

“Hello?” He said tiredly. 

“Oh!” It was Yoosung. “Sorry did I wake you?” 

“No you didn’t. Just relaxing is all.” He said as leaned back and rested his head on the pillows. 

“Oh good! I was calling to see if you’re okay. I mean I checked the weather again and saw it finally passed.” 

Zack slightly smiled. “Yeah, thanks, it’s all good here.” 

“Oh I’m- cast cure you shitty idiot!” 

“Woah. Damn.” 

Yoosung sighed and then made a blabbering noise. “Ah u-uhm s-s-sorry I didn’t mean to get all angry. It’s just been a… trying battle.” 

“Heh, well don’t break your keyboard.” 

“No way! It’s my lifeline. B-but I uh called for another reason.” 

“You mean my well being isn’t at the top of your list?” 

“No. I mean yes!! Ah I mean-” 

Zack chuckled. “I’m kidding.” 

“Ah… you’re mean.” He faked crying. “You and Seven always tease me.” 

“You’re an easy target.” Heh, Yoosung was pretty cute. He was pretty ni- 

No stop. Now wasn’t the time. 

“That’s! Not…. it is true isn’t it. Ah! I don’t want to forget, uhm I called to ask if you could get me ZEN’s autograph? I mean I’m sure if you asked he would gladly give it to you. Plus he knows where you work so you can ask in person.” 

“Gonna sell it?” 

“Well…. no. Actually I want to flaunt it. I can go around saying I’m friends with someone famous. And have him write “To my loving friend and brother, Yoosung.”” 

“You’re… not serious are you?” 

“Yes totally serious.” 

Zack pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ahm… yeah okay.” 

Yoosung chuckled. “Great! Okay I need to pre-order something so I’ll let you go! Good night!” 

“Night, loving friend and brother Yoosung.” 

“Nnngh…. yeah… okay I hear it now, I’ll think of something else.” 

Zack laughed and hung up. Heh, Yoosung. 


He really was cute and nice. 

I like you a latte

A SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown

Simon hadn’t seen Penelope all summer and he missed her like crazy.  She was like his other half – in the most platonic way possible, of course.  Meeting at their favourite coffee shop had been her idea, and as far as Simon was concerned, the idea was a good one.  He pushed through the door and a wave of cinnamon warmth washed over him, almost like the world was breathing a sigh of relief.

           Penny hadn’t arrived yet, so Simon joined the queue and stared up at the menu.  He wasn’t big on the hot drinks this time of year, and besides they always burned his mouth to the point where he couldn’t taste for days.  He scanned the cold drinks and settled on the most chocolatey one he could find.  He stepped forward to order, fumbling with his wallet.

           “How are you today,” said a soft voice.  Simon looked up.  And up.

           The barista was tall, or at least that was the first thing Simon noticed.  Tall and sharp.  He had warm brown skin and black hair long enough that it reached his shoulders, even pushed back like it was now.  Simon was so busy noticing how silky that hair looked that he almost forgot to respond.

           “Um – good.  I’m good.”

           The barista wore an expression that wasn’t quite a frown, and his eyebrows were arched in expectation.  A sort of curious indifference.

           “Oh, right,” Simon stammered, “an iced double chocolate mocha, please.”

           The corner of the barista’s mouth twitched upward as he tapped Simon’s order into the till.  “Was that everything?”

           Don’t panic. He’s just weirdly hot, no reason to panic.  Not even when he smiles like that and it makes you want to melt.

           “Yep, that’s everything.”

           “What was the name?”

           “S-Simon.”  Stop stuttering you idiot!

           The barista scribbled on a cup and passed it to a shorter girl (well of course, everyone was shorter than him) beside him. Simon dragged his eyes away from that mouth and that hair and down to his nametag.  Baz.  What kind of a name was that?  A hot one, Simon reasoned.

           Once his drink was ready Simon sat down at a table not far from the counter, taking a sip from the straw.  Perfect.  He tried to calm down and not stare at the gorgeous boy at the till.  The line was thinning, the other tables filled up. Simon kept an eye on the street, watching for a trace of Penny’s purple hair in the crowd.  He took another sip, glancing down at his cup, and nearly choked.

           There was his name written in beautiful looping handwriting.  Beside it was a heart.

           The blood rushed to Simon’s cheeks.  Could it be a mistake?  A slip of the hand?  He snuck a peek at the counter.

           Baz’s gaze dropped immediately, and his blush matched Simon’s.

           Nope, not a mistake then.  Definitely a heart.

           “Sorry I’m late.”  Penny slid into the seat across from Simon, who shook his head to clear it.  

           “S’okay,” he assured her, “I’ve only been here a few minutes.”

           “I’m gonna get a drink, be right back.”  She bounced over to the counter.  A new barista had taken Baz’s place at the till. Baz was now over by the lids and straws, wiping down the countertop.  As Simon watched, Baz’s eyes rose tentatively to meet his own.  Simon smiled shyly.  Baz did the same, then went back to his wiping.  Simon looked down again, barely able to contain his grin.

           Another careful glance and he found Baz was grinning, too.


Baz didn’t normally make moves like that, drawing hearts on the cups of cute boys.  He usually just blushed his way through their orders and forgot about them later.  But then again, they weren’t Simon.  Baz hadn’t been able to stop thinking about yesterday’s shared glances since the beautiful Simon had left with a tiny wave.

           So when those same bronze curls bobbed into the coffee shop just before noon, Baz could practically taste his heart jump into his mouth.

           He was almost relieved when the new girl, Trixie, got to the till first.  Baz did his best to hide behind the coffee machines, as if that were possible considering his height.  Why was Simon back?  Was that girl Penny coming again?  Was she Simon’s girlfriend?  

           “Everything alright?”  Agatha appeared beside him, mixing a latte.  “You look like you’re… failing to hide.”

           “Look who’s here.”

           She peered over the machines, standing on tiptoe to see.  “Is that the bloke you wrote a heart on yesterday?”

           “Not on him, on his cup.”

           “Damn.  You really know how to pick ‘em, don’t you?”

           “What is he doing here?”

           “What’s he doing in a coffee shop?  I dunno, Baz, if I had to guess I’d say he was getting coffee.”

           “Two days in a row?  And dressed like that?”  Baz snuck a peek at Simon, who was wearing a white collared shirt and ironed black pants, a very different look from yesterday’s jumper and beanie.  It wasn’t even cold enough for a beanie.  The adorable bastard.

           “Maybe he’s on a break or something,” Agatha shrugged daintily.  Everything she did turned out dainty.  That was just Agatha.

           “Where do you think he works?”

           “You should ask him.”

           Baz glared at her.  “I can’t ask him where he works, that’s like a date question, not an I’m-serving-you-coffee question.”

           “Well, then I guess you’ll have to get him to go on a date with you.”

           “Have you lost your mind?”

           Agatha tossed her platinum hair over her shoulder. “No, but I’m worried you might.” With that she stalked away.

           “Hey Baz,” came Trixie’s high-pitched voice from behind him, “can you hand out the order please?”

           Baz groaned when he saw the name on the cup. “White mocha for Simon,” he called, hoping his voice hadn’t cracked or wavered, or sound too bored.  Or too excited.  Or too anything.

           Simon appeared from around the tower of to-go cups. He grinned at Baz, and Baz did his best not to pass out on the spot.

           “Hi again,” Simon murmured.

           “Hi,” was Baz’s lame reply.


           “No one with you today?” Baz ventured.

           “No, actually I came to speak with a manager. I was hoping to see about a job.”

           Baz froze.  “H-here?”


           Baz felt as though his blood had frozen and melted at once.  “Oh,” he managed, “that would be… cool.”  Cool?  Really? That’s all you’ve got?

           “Yeah,” Simon repeated, not dropping his gaze from Baz’s.  After a moment he took his drink and sat down, his gaze out the window.  Baz tried not to stare.  His stomach was doing flip-flops, and he tried to make sense of his brain.  He should be happy, shouldn’t he?  The boy of his dreams might end up working with him, that would be… good?  Or maybe Simon would decide that Baz wasn’t so great in person, and then Baz would be stuck falling more and more in love while Simon fell more and more out of it.

           He thought about what Agatha had said, about asking Simon out.  Would it be too soon?  Maybe not, it happens in the movies all the time. But this wasn’t the movies.  This was real, and the real world had a tendency to go very, very wrong.

           But maybe it would be better to bite the proverbial bullet and skip the hypothetical “work relationship”.  Then again, Simon wasn’t guaranteed to get the job.

           Baz stood there wiping the counter in repetitive circles as his mind went in the same shapes as his cloth.  To ask him out, or not to ask him out.  That is the question…

           A napkin slid into his line of vision.  Baz stopped wiping.  It took him a moment to register that there were words on the napkin. No, not words, numbers.  Numbers in that perfect, heart-fluttering sequence that could only mean…

           As Baz looked up, he caught one last glimpse of Simon, grinning and blushing as he pushed out the door.