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I need to find mr new vegas..so i can nicely ask him to stop playin johnny guitar so often 

  • Person: What are you thinking about?
  • What i'm Actually thinking: Zendaya, an amazingly bold woman who slays everything she's in needs more credit in Spider-Man. She didn't have enough lines but she stole my heart and i need to see more of her in the next movies or else i'll die.
  • What i say: I dunno, movies and stuff.

//Soooooo I decided to do some do-dads about handplates. Hopefully y’all will enjoy these, tbh I enjoyed doing these.//

//Handplates is by @zarla-s and NOT ME. I’ll just occasionally be uploading some shiz related to it.//

//Drew this while traveling; I decided to remake it digitally later on, but i’ll just post this anyway//

“I just dunno how you do it. Ya really think we’ll get out of here?”                      “OF COURSE! I KNOW SO. REMEMBER WHAT WE SAW?”

//An ECHO cover….tbh, this one is completely referenced, yes I did draw this myself, but i’m not even gonna take credit for it on this one. Dontgettriggeredatme//

//Aaaaand here is my grand finale! This took ages, and it isn’t even perfect XD welp, I tried. I’m surprised I got the lost soul effect right the first time.//

Then and Now

hey here’s some @dilfosaur 2demons AU because I love that shit


“Can I ask you kind of a weird favor?”

Hanzo shrugs one shoulder, his gaze kept on the tiny bonfire between himself and McCree. “I suspect that you will ask me regardless of what I say,” he responds. Which is true–something he has learned about McCree in the past six weeks is that McCree is a very forthright person, when the situation allows for it.

McCree does not take offense, though, instead chuckling as he swigs deeply from a steel flask. He offers the flask to Hanzo, and Hanzo takes it gratefully. Alcohol has simply not been the same since his change 10 years ago, but McCree somehow always has a full supply of a whiskey so potent that even demons can enjoy drunkenness. On some nights, that becomes close to a necessity. 

He drinks, and McCree regards him for a moment. Then he asks, “Can you show me what you look like? What you really look like, as a human.”

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Pirate! Lan Fan inspired by my dearest friend, @xyriath and her fic “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

I really like how that story is going so far, and I felt like doing something for it. Sure, I should’ve gone with RoyEd but then, Lan Fan is just too great to ignore. No, she hasn’t appeared on the story, yet, but I know that when she does, she will be awesome!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

skam-fest (balloon squad livestream): TRANSLATION

disclaimer: we dunno danish. huge shout out to @maksisskambackwards for norwegian-english translation for the boys and Håkon. (they didn’t want credit and I said hush) grammar fixes by me ;) 

Everybody introduces themselves. And Håkon says that they’re still producing and thats why everybody couldn’t be there. Håkon likes Eskilds character the best.

Mutasim: Hei hei. My name is Mutasim and I play Mutasim. And I don’t know what else to say. My favorite character is Chris - girl Chris. Good actress.

Cengiz: should I introduce myself? I’m Cengiz, its like Ghengis Khan. (pronunciation of his name) I’m 19. And turning 20 today. No yesterday. What else should I say. I’ve never done any acting before. So this is very new for me. But its very fun to be here and speak before you. My favourite actor is many actually. I think like Håkon over there that Eskild has been really good. Chris. Really all, many are good. And I also think Vilde. Of course I like all the characters. Sana is a really important character. I support all of them. All my colleagues are great.

Simo: Hi, I´m Simo and I´m Sana’s brother, Elias. My favourite actor, I wanna say first everyone is amazing. But if I have to choose one it would be Sana.

Yousef: My name is Yousef, and I play Mikael. My favourite character is maybe Even. An (unpredictable?) character.

Adam: Hi everybody, I’m Adam and i play Adam. I’m 18 and really an artist and suddenly I’m an actor. My favourite is Jonas or Marlon. I’ve known Marlon for many years. We used to skate together and are buds. And one day he was like, “Adam I’ll be in this new show on NRK,” and we were like,  “okay… Is that cool?” And it was really fun to watch how it turned out.

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" if David Bowie hasn't slept with Styles yet, then he doesn't resemble Jagger.” VERY LONG THREAD of parallels

Alright if you want it so badly… You really wanna go there…

You really want me to give you the dirt…



Any Rolling Stones fans, please don’t take this the wrong way, i will not say one is better than the other. This is just for us to celebrate their similarities. And as the song goes “ Mick Jagger could be Harry’s dad. Vas Happenin’ mum? Vas Happenin’ Mick? “

Exhibit a)

Them laughing together sure is something.

Awe cuddling and relaxing. Nice!

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So @gneisscastiel and @daughter-of-the-rain-and-snow and I were discussing this gif of Castiel’s wing imprints, which… his wings just look HUGE, amirite? Which, naturally, led to a discussion of, “Well, you know what it means when an angel has big wings, right? *wink wink* ” and then they prompted me to write about Dean and Castiel having a discussion about how Castiel is “well-endowed”, so here it is. :D 

Please enjoy a little bit of brevity after this season’s tearful premiere.

(Gif credit to @codestielckles)

Dean puts out a hand to stop Cas, tugging him to a halt just outside the doorway to the kitchen. 

“So, Cas,” he says, as casually as he can muster, which is, of course, Not Very. “Maybe this is crossin’ a line, I dunno, but I… I gotta ask, man. The curiosity’s been killing me. How big are we talkin’?”

Castiel squints at him, doing the (totally-not-endearing) head tilt thing. “What do you mean?”

Dean does not fidget. He doesn’t. He just shifts his weight a little bit, rocks on his heels, and then, belatedly realizing that his hand is still on Castiel’s arm, drops it and rubs his palms across his jeans. “Well, I mean, you said before that your true form is huge, right? Like, Chrysler building size?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, so I’m just wondering: how big is everything else?”

Castiel still looks like he’s not following, so Dean rolls his eyes and gestures to his own shoulders, sweeping out a hand over the top of his shoulder and then wiggling his fingers to indicate feathers. Castiel’s face clears with understanding.

“Oh. Yes. Well, in my true form, I would estimate…” His eyebrows draw together thoughtfully for a moment. “…about 300 yards, from end to end?”

Dean stares at him, blank, and Castiel huffs a quiet noise of amusement.

“…about two and a half football fields, I believe, if that makes it easier to picture.”

Dean whistles quietly between his teeth, impressed. “Son of a bitch.”

Castiel nods and stands just a little bit straighter. It’s subtle, but Dean would almost swear that Cas is puffing up with pride. “I’ve always been ‘above average’, I guess you could say, in comparison to some of the other angels.”

Dean grins and punches him lightly on the arm, barking a laugh. “Hell yeah, you are! I always knew you were packin’! Go you. Okay, so that’s your true form. And now…?”

“Well, since I’m using a vessel and I’m not currently in my true form, everything is scaled down, obviously –“

“Obviously,” Dean agrees, nodding sagely, as if he has the slightest friggin’ clue  how angel proportions work.

“- but I would still say…quite large. Several yards, at least.”

“Dude. That’s awesome.”

Castiel nods, looking pleased and just the slightest bit smug, and Dean takes a moment to build himself up for the next question.

“Okay, so maybe this is weird,” he blurts out, but he’s gotta ask before he loses his nerve and it takes him another eight years to get around to it again, “and feel free to tell me ‘no’, I dunno how angels are about this kind of shit, but can I… can I see?”

He can’t help the hope that creeps into his voice, but his heart sinks at the regretful expression that crosses Castiel’s face.

“I don’t think that’s wise, based on our past experiences,” Castiel says. He raises a hand towards Dean’s face, passing it in front of his eyes – Dean almost thinks Castiel is going to touch his fingertips to Dean’s eyelashes for a second, and his eyes flutter in anticipation – before dropping it. 

Dean nods, thinking painfully of what had happened to Pam. And yeah, he gets it, but he still can’t help wilting a little with disappointment. 

“Yeah, okay,” he sighs. “You’re right.”

Castiel is watching him thoughtfully, chewing just slightly on his bottom lip. It’s a ridiculously human thing to do, and it gives Dean ridiculously inappropriate ides.

“But maybe…maybe you could feel?” Castiel says hesitantly.

Dean perks up immediately, head snapping up. “Really? Dude, that would be friggin’ awesome!” He doesn’t even bother to disguise the eagerness in his voice this time. “Just tell me what to do.”

“Close your eyes,” Castiel instructs, looking amused. “And keep them closed,” he adds, almost like an afterthought, like Dean’s stupid enough to want his eyes burned out of his skull by looking at Castiel’s wings, no matter how awesome and cool and badass they might be. “And hold out your hands.”

Dean snaps his eyes shut, curiously holding out his hands, palms up and cupped. He startles a bit, surprised, when he feels Castiel touch his hands, taking them gently and turning them around so that his hands are in front of his chest, palms facing outward - raised as if trying to protect himself, or ward something away. Which, yeah, that’s not a real comforting thought. But he trusts Cas, so he waits, trying not to grin too stupidly as Castiel releases his hands and moves away, footsteps shuffling farther down the hall.

He waits. And waits, hands held up, ears straining.

The first brush of a feather against his palm makes him jerk even though he’s expecting it, recoiling automatically against the alien sensation, but he immediately wrenches his hands back up and reaches forward cautiously. He presses his palms against soft feathers. They’re buttery soft, and silky, and Christ, some of them are friggin’ long - it takes an entire sweep of Dean’s hand, from up by his head to down past his knees, to follow some of the feathers to their end. He stretches out his arms and carefully feels his way along Cas’ wing, trying to get an idea of the size, and wow, Cas hadn’t been kidding. His outstretched wing, just one of them, fills the entire hallway from floor to ceiling, and it seems practically never-ending. It takes him many awkward, shuffling steps, feeling his way gently along Cas’ wing, before he finds the end of it where there’s finally no more feathers, only the empty hall. 

Cas’ wings are awesome, just like he knew they would be. But also, more sobering, they’re damaged. There are places where feathers are obviously missing, and if even Dean can tell there’s something wrong - Dean, who doesn’t know a damn thing about angel wings - then it’s probably pretty serious. Some of the feathers are rougher, sticking out at odd angles, and he combs them back into place with his fingers without even thinking about it. Castiel makes a pleased, grateful noise, so Dean keeps doing it whenever he stumbles across one.

Finally, Castiel’s wing twitches under his hands and gently pulls away, and Dean lets it go, dropping his hands a little wistfully. 

“You can open your eyes now.”

He does, immediately searching for Castiel’s unsure gaze and holding it. His face splits into a grin, and Castiel seems to relax a little, some of the tension in his eyes easing away. 

“That was awesome, Cas. You’re really somethin’ else.”

“Thank you, Dean,” Castiel says quietly, offering a small smile back.

The moment stretches out until Dean notices it and clears his throat, jerking his  head towards the kitchen doorway and effectively bursting the bubble. “So. Yeah. I guess we got sidetracked. Coffee?”

“Coffee,” Castiel agrees readily.

Dean laughs and claps on him the back, steering him through the doorway. “And man, let me just say, if you ever need a volunteer to help take care of -”

He pauses for a second, catching sight Sam standing at the kitchen counter. No one had passed them in the hallway, so Sam must’ve been come in earlier and been in here the whole time - probably trying to drink all the coffee so he can scurry away and leave the pot empty, again, the bitch.

“ - morning, Sam,” he says, cheerfully. He’s in too good of a mood to hold a coffee-related grudge at the moment.

Sam jerks when Dean addresses him, some of the coffee in his cup slopping over onto his fingers, and Dean pauses, taking another look at him. 

Sam is standing stiffly, eyes fixed wildly on Dean and Castiel. He’s holding his coffee cup in a death grip, not drinking from it, not even reacting to the coffee splashing onto his fingers. His shoulders are hunched up around his ears, body weirdly tense.

Dean frowns. “Sam, are you okay - ?”


He shoots for the kitchen doorway, powerwalking like a middle-aged woman trying to beat the neighbor to the newspaper, and then he’s gone, leaving a trail of slopped coffee in his wake - a trail that Dean will have to mop up later, the asshole.

“Huh,” Dean mutters, narrowing his eyes. “That was weird.”

He glances at Cas, but Cas looks just as confused as Dean feels, giving him a small, perplexed shrug.

Dean shakes it off and moves towards the coffee pot. Weird brothers will have to wait until after his caffeine fix. “So Cas - tell me about your four heads.”

“I love you, Hiccup, although my stiff lips will not let me make the kind words I hear other mothers speaking…I cannot change or regret the wandering Warrior I am.”

 -Valhallarama, How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel

“We can’t leave you here…because you may be a jellyfish in a skirt, but you’re OUR jellyfish, and that’s the way things work with us.” 

-Camicazi, How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword

“People can change!” said Hiccup, his eyes lit up with enthusiasm. “You have to believe in people and then maybe they can change!”

-Hiccup, How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero

“What was it about Hiccup’s voice that cut through the fog of fury and made Toothless turn and stare…? The mist of the Red-Rage that had descended on the little dragon lifted as if by magic.”

-How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword



-Stoick the Vast, How to Speak Dragonese

I dunno, I thought the second movie was a lot closer to the books than most people seem to give it credit for. I definitely thought it had more of the characters’ personalities and the atmosphere of the books than the first film. Hiccup for one was spot-on, with that same mix of naive optimism and intelligence. Astrid was a little more playful while still remaining a warrior, and though she and Camicazi are completely different characters, I felt she had more in common with her here. Valka’s arc was very similar to Valhallarama’s, and the whole concept of mind control of the dragons was reminiscent of the Red-Rage.

Sleepless nights

Title: Sleepless nights

Author: @deanwinchesterxreader


Summary: The reader is having trouble sleeping at night. Dean would rather not sleep at all.


Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1913

Warnings: none.

Tagging: @deanssexyassbutt@sherlock44@anokhi07@supernatural-jackles

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I’ll be more active now. Just gotta post this speedpaint. I promised myself that i would draw everyday and be free. I won’t be serious in studies anymore unless exams. I’m not sure if i’m gonna do the meet the artist since i dunno what to share much. I dont have a specific bag either. WAHH i only completed seven’s route in the christmas dlc but it’s okay hehe! I am obsessed to 707 onwy ;3;!!

Speedpaint - soon

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Well,this took my like a week to get along with Medibang.I’m impressed on how much I’ve improved on my comic and colouring.I actually loved this part and I thought I could redraw it to make it funnier, and it actually turned out to be great!I dunno what I’ll get, but I had fun experience as a cartoonist…working alone.

Reference here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuNwL_OoEBk 6:31

You may reblog this,but please ask my permission and credit me.Thank you very much.


It’s here, people

the day where one of the most legendary kpop groups debuted ELEVEN YEARS AGO

ELEVEN!! that’s amazing… they’ve lasted this long with no member changes or anything! I mean, shinhwa has 19 years to now with no member changes or anything, but you gotta admit, 11 is pretty badass because

that was 11 years of hard work

11 years of teamwork

11 years of being together

and to those VIPs from debut to now, you deserve an award as well

you’ve stayed with them through stupid scandals, drama, hardships and happiness

and they’d gifted you all with 11 years of happiness.

11 years with this man (KWON JIYONG [this fandom has so many layers and i can say that one of them is Not Knowing What The Fuck Is Happening, But Loving Them For It Anyway])

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11 years with this man (DONG YOUNGBAE [i can say with confidence that i use that facial expression at least once a day])

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11 years with this man (LEE SEUNGHYUN [once you get into this fandom, you stop questioning what they’re doing and just go along with it])

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11 years with this man (KANG DAESANG [dunno what’s happening, but that’s okay. ily anyway])

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11 years with this man (CHOI SEUNGHYUN [don’t ask me what he’s doing bc i doubt anyone knows])

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(you don’t know how easy it is to find gifs of big bang acting crazy bc they’re basically Crazy™)

these gifs aren’t mine (im not that skilled – i’ll stick to the text that i type. with fingers. and keyboard.) credits to owners!


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being memes

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*whispers* i love them

i’m signing off now. again, credits to owners of the gifs – none of those are mine


they deserve it. :D


Dear Star Wars Diary,

Today, I went to my fourth and final big screen viewing of TLJ. It was bittersweet because I will likely not be watching this movie in its entirety again until I own it. What follows are some musings I had as I watched it for the last time, in all its theater-experience glory.


I don’t want to get into the whole “Kylo Ren is abusive and a mind rapist beh!” debate because it’s stupid, on several levels.

I just want to make the point: Snoke is the abuser and the not-an-actual-thing mind rapist in this story.


On my first viewing, I thought the opening bombing scene was insanity. Like, it was awesome and beautiful, but totally insane. I was seething: “Tallie! What happened to protecting all the bombers?! Also, why did you send so many?”

[Numbers, of course, increase the chances for success. But still. Surely they didn’t have to send ALL the bombers? Leia’s rank over Poe should’ve disengaged the bombers. I don’t know if this is supposed to be addressed with Poe’s cutting off communication with Leia or in an implication that the Resistance squadrons and bombers are simply more loyal and/or responsive to Poe, which is a troubling notion.]

But these are small quibbles in a bigger picture because you know what? The bomber scene is probably one of the most memorable moments for me as a female moviegoer of Asian descent. I’m not someone who actively seeks/looks for cultural representation or diversity in movies of any scale. But I have to admit…I was really moved.

The images: a lone bomber flying toward destruction and glory; a sole survivor with dogged determination and belief in her cause; calm composure in the face of Death.

Ugh. My heart.

I do like Rose, but I was more affected by Paige’s death than I felt I should’ve been, and I think it’s because I felt an added touch of pride. Here, for the film’s first lesson on failure, our teacher is a female character with a face like mine. And she literally has a single spoken line: her comrade’s name.

That is awesome.


-Sensing Kylo through the Force

-Leaving Holdo on the Raddus; watching Holdo die

-Staring down the TIE fighters on Crait (Seriously! I can’t believe those TIEs stayed airborne!)

-Feeling Luke’s death

These are just my personal favorites. Carrie Fisher got some good one-liners in for Leia. But I think she was never more powerful than in her silent acting. It’s just so exquisite. I trust how J.J. Abrams and co. will handle her absence from IX, I really do. That being said, I personally feel like Leia’s death will have to be written in: after her performance in TLJ, it’s just not plausible to have Leia alive but not at the center of the action, nor is it plausible to have her alive and just never show up in the entire movie, to just have her constantly be referred to by other characters.There’s no closure there, and this is a character who demands closure of some kind in this trilogy.

People have theorized on a funeral opening the film or occurring early, and I think this is generally a good idea. It really sucks to have her die off-screen. But under the circumstances, I don’t think it would be wise to have a scene where her ship explodes or something of that nature because it seems unnecessarily cruel but, more practically, could take time away from moving the story forward; everything would have to sort of revolve around that and stall. But if the death occurs off-screen and we open on a funeral, it’s a better jumping off point for the narrative and characters. If Leia’s life in IX was going to be a plot device, particularly as it pertained to her son’s arc, then her death (harsh as it is) could also conceivably serve the same purpose.


I’ll be honest: I was never a big Luke Skywalker fan. I liked him by virtue of the fact that I was supposed to because he was the hero in the hero’s journey storyline. But I didn’t feel any deeper connection to that character, although I did feel like he began to ascend to legend status in RotJ and I always liked him best in that movie. So, that’s sort of where the character ended for me; I never read any of the old EU and I didn’t have him built up in my mind the same way some people obviously did.

I absolutely love that Luke became a legend in his lifetime after RotJ. But I love that he succumbed to hubris even more. It’s so real, so human. The higher you go, the harder you fall. What I really can’t understand about all these butt-hurt fanboys, who expected Luke to always be Luke the Legend and never-stop-nevering, is that not only did you get a humanized presentation of your hero, but he did in fact re-ascend to legend status in TLJ. That isn’t bad story-telling; that’s amazing story-telling!

I can’t believe there was anyone who didn’t get chills when Luke Skywalker stalked out of that burning cave to the staccato of a stirring John Williams march. Like, where the fuck are you in your head?

Luke the Legend projected himself across worlds to bring hope to his sister, who had finally used up all of hers, and to a rag-tag group of rebels forsaken by their allies. Luke the Legend projected himself across the galaxy to apologize to the nephew he had wronged, preventing Ben Solo from adding to the blood already on his hands, thus saving him in the only way he could.

Luke the Legend gave his life to save those he loved.

What is so fucking character-destroying about that?!


Two of my favorite characters from TLJ were Holdo and DJ. One of the most common complaints I’ve heard/read about the them is that two excellent actors were wasted.

That is so insulting. That’s a back-handed compliment. “Oh, hey, Laura and Benicio, you guys are really super great and talented. But you were shit in TLJ. They did you real dirty.”

Because, actually, both Holdo and DJ were there in case the GA got lost and confused about the whole “failing is learning” theme. It’s a credit to the talents of Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro that they actually did as much as they did with what little screen time they had. Darth LeakyLungs from RotS had all the screen time in the world and I don’t even remember his name! (Wait, was he even a Darth? I dunno.)

Look, you can tell me that you weren’t able to care about either character. That’s fine. That’s legit. Not all characters, big or small, will resonate with everyone.

But don’t you dare tell me they were pointless or that the actors were wasted, because that’s a terrible lie and you know it.


Ahhhh, my most favorite topic.

Every time I’ve gone to see TLJ, I’ve gone in trying to be convinced that this was the end of Kylo’s arc. He’s done for. IX will be all about his actual, for real downfall, he will no longer be conflicted, he will die and he will die in the Dark. It’s finished.

Wonder of all wonders, I’ve never been more convinced of a redemption in some shape or form. It’s that final shot of him, the literal final shot of him, hanging his head, staring at the ground, where there is nothing JUST LIKE WHAT’S LEFT OF HIS BUSTED HEART.

Here’s the thing: if they weren’t intent, from the outset of this trilogy, on sending Kylo Ren on an arc of some kind (the anti-hero’s journey to Rey’s hero’s journey where they meet in the middle), then they wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to portray him as conflicted in TFA and they definitely wouldn’t have devoted AN ENTIRE MOVIE to humanizing him, all without resolving the conflict he started with. If anything, TLJ should’ve left him on a slightly less ambiguously conflicted note.

The point is if he were slated to stay and rot in hell, we would’ve left him in TLJ on that long-suffering, rage-fueled scream after Luke disappears. That’s the perfect note to end a going-nowhere arc on. If it ended there, I would 100% be on board with Kylo Ren: Irredeemable Asshole. Prepare for him NOT to finish what Vader started. (What does that even mean, btw? I’ve always wondered. What did Vader start that he didn’t finish? The 2nd Death Star?)

But we freaking didn’t leave him there! Oh no, we left him broken to bits on some dirty floor in the middle of nowhere. Furthermore, if he wasn’t going to be redeemed, we certainly would NOT have been shown that he’s still Force-connected to Rey, who now –lacking Leia– must serve as his only (corporeal) thread to the Light.

I just want one thing: Let Kylo Ren turn however he’s going to turn –Gray, Yellow, Pink, Blue, whichever color– just do it early-ish. I cannot sit through another entire movie of Flip-Flop Kylo only for him to make an actual decision in the closing five minutes.

Talk about doing a character dirty.


I don’t know why it was this one of all viewings, but today when I was watching the Austen Proposal, all I could think was, “Ehrmygawd, Rey! You need a hug! And he needs a hug! Just go hug him!”

I love Reylo, but I’m exhausting myself on this ship lol. I love and generally agree with all the metas on why it couldn’t go the way she wanted it to or the way he wanted it to. But I just kept thinking, as I was sitting there watching their sticky, weepy-eyed faces for the millionth time, Seriously. Go hug him!

Like, after being hit in the face with the blunt truth, what if Rey had said fuck it to the hand and just thrown her arms around him? It wouldn’t have fixed their problems, obviously; it actually probably would’ve made them worse.

But it would’ve fixed mine for the next 2 years!

Vanish in the Dark Pt 1

Pairings: None at the moment(A.K.A I have no idea where I’m going with this.)

Warnings: None right now, maybe language?

Word Count: 2600+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: So far I have the first four parts written, but after that I dunno where I’m gonna go. All I know is this is gonna be a long one, and while I’m writing as I go, I’m really excited. I’ve started a tag list, so let me know if you’d like to added and I’ll be more than happy too add you! Also liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going. Thank you guys!  ❤️

Once again, the gif is not mine, credit to the owner.

*Prologue* | *Part Two*

Steve sighed into his bowl of oatmeal, watching Bucky and Sam bicker once again over who gets the last of the Lucky Charms. Natasha sat beside him, munching on an apple, throwing in a few quips herself which only cause the two start back up again. Clint had walked in, took one look at the two that stood at the center of the room gripping the box in each hand, and walked right back out. Steve was starting to think he had the right idea. 

“Could you stop egging them on?” He huffed at Natasha, who added another reason why Bucky should get the last bowl. Natasha only replied with a smirk as she took another bite from her apple. Steve rolled his eyes, knowing that she would only stop when she got bored. And from the look on her face, it wasn’t going to be a while before that happened. With the mounting tension, he thought he’d have to jump in and stop the two from having a smack down in the center of the kitchen. Just as he was about to tell them about the second box that was hiding on the top shelf in the pantry, a bellow from down the hall caused all four to stop and look in the direction.

Tony came sprinting into the kitchen, a piece of paper in hand, and looking unbelievably irate. He slammed the paper down on the island, causing the four to jump. They’ve seen him mad before, but this was a whole new level they never knew he had.

“Anyone want to tell me what the fuck this is?” He snarled, pointing at the paper. All four blinked, none knowing how to answer that question when they hadn’t the slightest clue why he was so angry. Natasha was the first to move, picking up the paper to read the words carefully. A scowl spread across her face as she read the words, unsettled from the amount of information that was typed on the paper. She turned the page over, eyeing the strange triangular symbol on the back of the white page. It didn’t spark a recognition in her mind, but the words spoke of how well the messenger knew them.

“Where did you get this?” She asked passing the paper over to Steve. Tony’s jaw clench as he tried to calm down enough to form a coherent sentence.

“It was in my lab, sitting on top my latest project. Along with a list of reasons why that prototype was not going to work and what I could do to fix it.” Tony scoffed. He was a bit bitter that someone managed to break into his lab, but was even more peeved that person had the audacity to leave a list of his failures he wasn’t even aware were there. “I checked all the tapes, there wasn’t a sign of someone breaking in the compound last night, not even a blip.”

“How is that possible?” Natasha asked leaning against the island. Steve stayed silent, rereading the words as he tried to wrap his mind around the content. If what this was saying was true then things were a lot worse than they thought.

“I don’t know, Romanoff.” Tony snarled, running a hand through his hair. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. already told that nothing out of the ordinary happened, that nothing was shut down. Yet somehow, someone broke into my lab, had time to tinker around with a prototype, and write a hand written 2 page essay on what was wrong before leaving, all while being capable of not setting off a single alarm!”

“Hey!” Steve boomed, switching into his Captain’s command voice. “Look, I get how upsetting this is, but don’t take this out on Natasha!”

Tony turned around, mouth open ready to argue. He stopped short at the withering glare Steve gave him, rolling his eyes at the blonde.

“Fine. Whatever.” He waved them off, snatching the paper out of Steve’s hand. “This is still a problem, however. Someone broke in last night. Someone knows things about us that have never been released to the public. Someone-“

“Knows of the deal between Hydra and that Abstergo company.” Steve finished. He was becoming just as unnerved about the whole thing as well. Bucky and Sam tensed, their eyes flickering to the pages. Tony passed the paper over, hardly sparing them a glance as he continued.

“They want us to meet them tomorrow afternoon. In New York. The only thing I can think of that’s going on that day is the press conference in Manhattan.” Tony was talking about the press conference that the famed company Abstergo Industries was having to speak about the advances they were going to take in the company. Their partnership with Hydra was not public knowledge, but they had heard it through the grape vine that something was happening between the two groups. The Avengers looked in on the company, wondering why Hydra took interest in them. What they found had appalled the group. They learned about some of the experiments that Abstergo took part of, and with this partnership with Hydra, they knew they’d have to do something. This request for a meeting was not something they expected however.

“Is that a good idea? I mean we have no idea who these people are.” Natasha questioned.

“I’m having F.R.I.D.A.Y. run a search for that symbol, clearly it means something. But if what they say is true, and what they know is right, then we might not have a choice.” Tony bit out. He wasn’t happy about how everything went down. However, he knew there was more important things than his bruised ego right now. Well only slightly more important. “I’m also going to up security. I can’t believe someone could sneak in.”

Steve sighed, pushing his unfinished bowl of oatmeal away. “Look, right now we need to worry about what the note said. If it’s true, then we’re going to have a lot more problems on our hands.”

Natasha nodded. “If they’re able to teach someone to become a trained killer in just days by a machine, I can only imagine what they’d do with Hydra’s less than legal experiments. Throw in the serum, they’d be unstoppable.”

Bucky tensed at that, flashes of his past coming up. He shuttered to think what could happen if this all went how the two groups wanted it to go. He passed the page to Sam and stepped up.

“I think we should go meet them.” Three sets of eyes turned to him. “The note said that if we refused, then it was fine. They don’t want anything besides stopping two groups from growing stronger than before. It’s clear they have no ulterior motive. They just want to stop them. And I agree. Hydra is already a problem, throw in the limited things we’ve learned of Abstergo and I’m sorry. I can’t let another one of me come into this world.”

Steve and Tony stayed silent for a moment. Neither wanted to agree to this, but Bucky had a point. They needed to stop this before it started. And if this other group was the key, then so be it.

“Sir.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. called, pulling their attentions away from each other.

“What’s up F.R.I.D.A.Y.?”

“I’ve done the search like you’ve asked, and I’m afraid you wouldn’t like the answer I’ve come up with.”

“And what exactly is that?”

The AI paused for a moment, before flickering on the tablet laying on one of the counters. Tony picked it up and brought up the hologram.

“It would seem that there is no current information on the symbol. Instead I found only older information. It’s an old symbol that was used dating back before history could record it. There are hints of used back in the Roman era. Perhaps ever before then. You can find old remnants on buildings, ruins, streets, and even some hidden tunnel entrances. The main known locations are Italy, present day Istanbul and recently found, Egypt.

There have been of course, other findings across Europe, and parts of Asia. There was talk of the symbol even having reached here to North America. But the symbols were suddenly wiped from existence somewhere in the 19th century. Across all countries. The only reason we know of them are because of the ones that have been found are from recent excavations and a few codecs that can only be found in ancient libraries.”

“As much as I love having an impromptu history lesson, cut to the chase. What does the symbol stand for?” Tony asked, a bit annoyed at the lengthy build up.

“That’s just it, sir. The only small bit of information I can find of it, besides the recent locations is a name. They called themselves The Brotherhood.”

“The Brotherhood?” Natasha asked.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.-“ Tony began, flipping through some of the images that showed the symbols on buildings. They were faint, a bit more intricate in design that the simple symbol on the paper, but he could tell what was there.

“I’ve already ran a search of the name. It came up empty. I had to tap into Abstergo Industries database to find out more, to see if they knew this symbol. I searched for what I could without tripping their sensors, which isn’t much. What I did find, however, is a bit appalling. It seems that Abstergo Industry is actually a front for an old order that too dates back to the beginning of history.”

Steve raised a brow; This was getting more interesting the longer the AI rambled on.

“They were once known as the Templar Order. An old group that wanted to control and use the people so that they might have order and ‘peace’ in the world. They wanted the world built in their specific image. They cared little for what happened to the common people, just as long as they, the Order, had control.”

“Sounds like another group we know of.” Bucky muttered, watching Tony flip through the files that flashed up on the screen. The AI continued.

“The Brotherhood was once their greatest foe, the group fighting back against the Templars. The Brotherhood stood for the freedom of the people.”

“What are you getting at F.R.I.D.A.Y?” Tony could tell the AI was hesitating from telling them the truth.

“The Brotherhood was also known by the Templars’ as the Assassin’s Order.” The group stood straighter as the word.  “They were a group of highly elite assassins that targeted the Order, to keep them from growing into power. They fought each other since practically the beginning of time, at one point the Brotherhood was nearly defeated. It was around the Revolution they grew in size once more but somewhere down the way-“

“The Brotherhood disappeared.”

“Yes, and that’s why I find- odd. How did they manage to fall off the face of the earth after centuries of fighting the Order? Why is it that now, they’ve stepped up? But more important, how have they managed to keep themselves hidden for so long, even after the number of successful assassinations?”

A screen popped up, faces with list of their information, the words deceased in big red letters across the face. There was a long list, over 40 from the first page with several dozen pages. The four in the kitchen stood wide eyed as they looked over the names of many dignitaries and higher ups. Natasha stepped up pointing at a member of Parliament.

“I though he died of a heart attack two years ago.”

“No, he was killed by poison. The Order, Abstergo Industries, were the ones who performed his autopsy. The reports were falsified for the public, but the Order kept his real cause of death hidden. If word got out, then there would be more panic then necessary. As it turns out, this member of the Order also had a hidden agenda the Order was not fond of. His death was not missed by them. It still did manage to hurt them. Apparently, they lost a quite a bit of their influence in Britain because of it.”

Natasha pointed to another, a senator who had been said to have died in a car crash two months ago.

“Slit throat that was covered up by the crash.” The AI went through a quick list of the ones that stood out the most to the group, and with each one the team was left even more amazed, and frankly, scared.

“How is this possible?” Steve whispered, frowning when he recognized two of the Senators. They pressed for the Accord, but were never linked to Hydra. This made it all seem even more terrifying knowing there was another group out there that was just as influential as Hydra.

“As I stated, I’m not certain. Abstergo Industries knows that Brotherhood is still out there, but somehow the Brotherhood work in the shadows. They’re off the grid. There have been no known sittings of the Brotherhood since before the 19th century. That is, until today.”

Sam whistled low, impressed. “They’ve managed to keep a low profile for so long, eliminating well-known figure heads, and managed to break into our compound without tripping one of the alarms.”

Tony turned to glared at him, but Sam only shrugged. “Think about it. If they’ve managed to do all this, unnoticed by any of us, then they must be damn good at their jobs.”

Steve grit his teeth, not like the truth to Sam’s words. They had to be damn good. He turned back to the hologram that had pulled up the information to the press conference that was scheduled for the next afternoon.

“What about this, what is that you can tell us about the two joining?”

“As you stated earlier, Abstergo Industries has a way to put people into the past, to learn from members of their Order. They can learn how to fight, how to kill, and how to lead by simply laying down in a machine for a few hours a day. They can learn to become masters of fighting in the matter of weeks. All with out sustaining injuries. Their members are willing and wouldn’t need to be wiped to have them do the dirty work of the company. Throw in everything that Hydra knows, and willing to bring to the table; The two would both be unstoppable. The only good thing that comes from this, is a kink in the system that Abstergo Industries still has yet to fix. They call it the bleeding effect.”

“The bleeding effect?” Tony asked, flipping through a few files that pulled his interest.

“They machine they use sends them through memories. If the subject spends too much time in the machine, their brain is unable to differentiate between what real and what was a memory. They’ve lost several members to the madness that it brings.”

“The only silver lining I guess.” Steve muttered.

“I suppose, however, the Brotherhood has made great strides in keeping the Order in line, even though they themselves have not been out in the open. I suggest you take them up on this offer.”

Tony snorted and shook his head.


“I know, F.R.I.D.A.Y. You’re right. This is too important to ignore.” He turned to glare at the paper that sat on the island once more, the symbol of the Brotherhood facing up. It was taunting him, they managed to do the impossible. It was a blatant show of skill. And a tease that they’d never be as good as the Brotherhood. Tony was not one to back down from a challenge. Clenching his jaw, he nodded. With a swipe of his hand, he closed the hologram.

“Looks like we’re going to a press conference.”

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A post to say THANK YOU

Every time I have done a post like this is because I was tired and sad about something that happened to me in the SwanQueen fandom. Well this time I want to do it to say thank you, because I think you deserve this.

As all of you know, I had to leave SwanQueen fandom due to all the hate I got for long time. And if I have to be honest, I know it was because I didn’t want my fanart was reposted and used that way.
I didn’t mind at the beginning because a lot of people credited me but i dunno what happened and I had to read words like “This is on internet, is free, so I do what I want with your videos and your fanart”. I have also seen how people sent my fanart to Lana or Jen, saying they made it or they sent it to contest saying they were the owners of my fanart. I also have felt so used in this fandom and I have been there seeing how people stole my fanart only so that the actresses faved it, yeah, for attention, spaming them so so much with my work.

It’s true that, I have lived good things in the fandom. Not all has been hate. I have felt lot of love, a lot of people defended my fanart and me, I have lived beautiful moments with Swen at conventions and I will never forget all of you guys (you know who you are). But I said “this is enough” by february. When I got lot of anons saying that I was the one who has copying another fanartist (not true at all… but well…i can’t do anything about it) and I had to be there, seeing private messages about certain people spreading hate about me in chat groups, saying I am mean, I am a diva and stuff like that.

I have never said anything about this but I need to tell you this to tell you the whole story and the reason of this post.

All changed a bit when I started to make fanart and videos for the Supercorp fandom. Well, honestly? I freaked out for all the respect to fanartists. I am in a group on facebook where people defend what you do if your art is stolen or they don’t credit. And little by little the wounds were healing a bit.

I know that right now, it’s impossible to me to come back to do Swanqueen fanart because they made me this, they made me hate Emma and Regina but I guess that I need more time. But I want to be there for all the people who supported me in the past and that’s why i will go on making Swanqueen fanart and videos in the future... so my first thank you is for all those Swen who always have been there on social media and at conventions. I will never forget that guys. For you… goes all my Swanqueen fanart that i will make from now on. I will never forget the cool things I have done for this fandom, the fanart I donated for charities, I had the privilege to make videos with Fyval’s songs, I lived the most beautiful moments when Lana, Jen and Bex RTed my fanart… all the good people I met online and in person… so yeah… for you is worth it to go on.

My second thank you is for Supercorp fandom.
Oh guys… all of you… crazy people that I adore with all of me. Thanks for treating me this way, for loving what I do, for your support and somehow you make me a better fanartist because this love goes both ways. So thank you for healing some wounds that I had in the past, for being so respectful. Thank you.

And finally my last but not less important… THANK YOU. For my Clexa kru.
I started to watch the 100 so late, march 2017. So imagine… a lot of time after Lexa’s death… but I felt so inspired for Clarke and Lexa, and when I started to see all the fanart created by this fandom… wow! overwhelmed. The quality of the fanart was amazing! I was and am really amazed for it and when I decided to make fanart… honestly? I was really nervous because I didn’t know if you’d like it… hehe, yeah silly? maybe.

So… (cough cough), my kru... I have never felt this feeling. This warm feeling that you guys, are giving to me, every day.
Your comments, your respect for what I do, your fight when something happened with my fanart and although I didn’t ask anything you knew it and you did something. Not just one, three or five people but a lot of you. And I am overwhelmed guys. Because you have healed my misslane’s heart somehow and the words “thank you” is not enough to make you know how much this means to me.

I am so happy to watch the 100 (and a lot of you told me “don’t do it”) but I think this is the best thing I have done in a lot of time.

I don’t mind the number of likes, RT or views… that doesn’t mean anything at the end. It’s just fave or RT. But what I will keep forever in my heart is every single one of you. Your support until the end, your beautiful words i got every every every day. i feel so loved in this fandom, so freakig loved and respected and for me is a pleasure to spend hours in front of the computer creating things for you guys and keeping Clarke and Lexa alive.

Thank you guys. Without your support maybe I’d give up. who knows.

But what I said is true. A fave, a RT… don’t mean anything at the end. Because people forget and move on. What it’s important to me, in all the fandoms I have been is how they will remember you in 5 years. For me is so beautiful when someone from Xena or Smallville fandom tell me that they loved what I did, and this happened 9 and 12 years ago. What counts for me is when people feel something with what I do and they remember it in the future. That is the most beautiful thing about being a fanartist or vidder. Touching souls and when you told me that you feel it… this is the best compliment ever.

Love you all and I will always remember this beautiful and wonderful support from all the fandoms I have been.

thank you. every one of you.

“The snow won’t stop falling, so Dad said he’d stay here with me until it stops. He’ll probably leave again when it does, so I kinda hope it snows forever. ”

NieR is a peculiar little game that came out in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was published by Square Enix and developed by now defunct Cavia Inc. NieR is what most would consider a flawed gem and a cult classic. In this guide, I’ll tell you what NieR is about, why I think it deserves your time, and I’ll briefly go over Drakengard, the series that ties into NieR, and the “sequel”, NieR: Automata.

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