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First Kiss: Jaemin


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Thank you for requesting! I really hope you like this because I think it’s the best one I’ve written in the series :’-) good writing is very rare for me so I’m just uysaibhdisbidhsa - anyway enjoy! Also this was written for @jaeminnana and @jaeminniemouse because well, it’s obvious lmao 💕 💕 💕

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this gif literally fits in so perfectly with this scenario like ???? you will see what I mean when you read it my heART

  • So your first kiss with Jaemin would literally be your first kiss ever
  • And you weren’t even dating at the time
  • He was just your childhood friend, who had grown from the awkward and shy child he was to this confident and handsome teenager
  • Although you were complete polar opposites, you remained close friends throughout those changing years
  • And although, Jaemin had become a guy who was easily irritable and a little bit too cocky for his own good, you couldn’t help but fall for him
  • Of course you’d never tell him this though, god no
  • He already had a line of girls falling at his feet and swooning at the fact he was an idol and a student, and you weren’t intending on joining that queue any time soon
  • Little did you know that Jaemin felt the same way
  • Unable to resist your awkwardness and easily flustered self, he only just  managed to keep his feelings in check and only admire you from afar
  • You never realised how he stared at you whenever you spoke, or always slid his arm around your waist whilst you were walking, nor did you notice how he always spoke to you in a sweet and calm voice (even when he was teasing you) unlike how he usually spoke to everyone else
  • It definitely came as a shock to him when he suddenly blurted out one day: “Jaemin, how are you supposed to kiss someone? Can you show me?”
  • The question was innocent and laced with the obliviousness of affection for you, but to Jaemin, who literally choked when you said this, it came as a huge shock to him
  • You were both both studying at his house, sitting quietly next to one another as you tried to revise for your upcoming test
  • For a while now, your mind had been occupied with thoughts of only Jaemin
  • Maybe it was just teenage hormones or maybe it was just you realising how much you really really like Jaemin, 
  • But your heart couldn’t help but flutter every time he said your name or smiled at you
  • Having little experience in love or relationships would be something Jaemin always teased you about and would jokingly use it against you too
  • But his heart would melt at your question
  • He’d internally coo and sigh, cursing the universe for making you so adorable and innocent and yet still having the ability to make him feel all kinds of things in just a few words
  • Gulping, he leaned back of his chair looking at you seriously with an eyebrow raised
  • “Uhmmm, Y/N, shouldn’t you be asking someone else that? Like, I dunno, one of your girlfriends?”
  • “What? No! I’m not kissing them!”
  • Your eyes widened slightly, and you gasped at what you had just said
  • You had basically just asked him to help you by showing you - in literal terms too
  • Jaemin would chuckle at you, grabbing your hands and giving them a shake as if he was trying to get you back to normal
  • “Oh, c'mon Y/N. Not having your first kiss yet, it’s not that big of a deal. Let’s-let’s just carry on with this work yeah?”
  • He’d smiled at you sympathetically
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help you, to be honest he had always wanted to kiss you
  • But that was exactly the problem - because he wanted to kiss you anyway, he didn’t want to change things between you or make things awkward
  • You eyes dropped and you forced a smile, blushing with embarrassment for being turned down
  • Even if he wasn’t going to show you, you really wanted to be told how to do it
  • “Please Jaemin? I don’t want to embarrass myself when I actually kiss someone I like, I just need some tips….”
  • Your voice started to get quieter and you cursed yourself for thinking that he’d agree and saying something as bold and weird as that
  • Watching as your shoulders slouched and your mouth twitched, a sign of yours he had noticed that you’d do whenever you were uncomfortable, Jaemin frowned, feeling a little awkward and guilty at your state
  • Quietly you’d hear a sigh and “fine then” and see him jokingly roll his eyes
  • Almost immediately you sat up straight a smile on your face, thankful that he had changed him mind
  • “So the first thing you need to know about kissing, is that you only do it when you’re married and in love okay?” - Jaemin & a slap from you
  • “Jaemin!” “Sorry, sorry okay!”
  • He’d turn his chair to face you onwards, gesturing that you do the same, and then moving closer to yours and pulling your chair between his legs slightly, so you were closer to him that you were expecting
  • In his head, he’s literally yodelling screaming with joy and his heart is racing, but on the outside, he looks chill af
  • You on the other hand, are doing a cRAP job at hiding your nervousness - you’re sweating and panting and red as hell
  • “I don’t really know how to explain this but…look I’ll just show you and you, you can see, yeah?”
  • His voice is low and deep, as he laces one of his hands with yours rubbing your fingers with his thumb warmly
  • Not trusting your voice to speak for you, you nod cutely, smiling at him fondly
  • His hand still laced with your fingers, he strokes your cheek with a finger
  • His fingers trailing fire over your too-sensitive skin, tracing the line of your jaw and the hypersensitive place by your ear
  • He bent closer to you, now close enough that you could feel him shaking a little bit as if he wasn’t sure if you would change your mind or push him away
  • But he didn’t realise how caught up you were in the moment
  • Giving you a shy smile, he untangles his hand from yours and slides his arm down to the small of your back and pulling you closer to him
  • When you made no sign to discourage him, he chuckled whispering “just enjoy this, yeah?”
  • You could feel his breath on your cheek and your eyelids fluttered closed at their own accord, as he closed the gap
  • His lips began a gentle exploration of your mouth, peppering soft kisses at each corner
  • “Relax - I don’t bite, Y/N”, he caresses the side of your face to get you to soften your jaw
  • Uncertain of what to do, but fully aware of how amazing it felt to have him kiss you, you unclenched your teeth and began kissing him back
  • You didn’t really know what to do or how to kiss him back well, but you could feel the sparkles in the pit of your stomach and firecrackers exploded behind your closed eyes
  • A hand cradled your head in just the right position to deepen the kiss, the kiss now turning from a short peck to show you how to kiss to a deeper, more meaningful kiss
  • His lips briefly left from yours to start their own sweet explore, touching the curve of your jaw and the Collins of your neck 
  • Jaemin’s lips were warm and soft but he soon broke the kiss, pecking you once more before leaning back at grinning widely at you
  • Both of his hands grab your hands and he plays with your fingers shyly, avoiding your gaze and smiling to himself
  • Your cheeks are burning, eyes wide in shock and you bite your lip trying to hold back from saying something stupid and potentially ruining things 
  • “I-I really liked that Y/N”
  • “Me too…”
  • A silence feel between you two, both your minds occupied with thoughts of one another
  • Eventually he looks up at you and smiles again, a hopeful glint in his eyes
  • “I’ve waited a long time to do that to you, Y/N. I hope you realised that”
  • “Wait, really? You have?”
  • “Mhmm…do you uhmmm- feel the same way perhaps" 
  • He laughs awkwardly, his gaze avoiding yours again but then immediately returns when you simply say "yes”, a bold side coming from you
  • A smile stretches across is face and he claps his hands in joy before reaching out to squeeze your cheeks and coo at you
  • “Oh yes! You’re so cute Y/N! Ooo wait, here have another kiss!”
  • Jaemin leans back in again, kissing you on your cheek to which you flushed deeply at and giggled 
  • And that was basically how Jaemin had grown from the awkward and shy child he was, to this confident and handsome teenager, and now to your idol and utterly charming boyfriend 
  • This was so cute to write omg I think I may have just swerved myself into Jaemin’s lane lmao join me in hell guys

First Kiss Series:


Based on the one word prompt “Cake” sent in by @rainyclodstoday (ty!!).  I seriously considered writing a fic based on the Melanie Martinez song but decided, “NO! NO ANGST. ONLY FLUFF,” and I ended up with this. I hope you enjoy :)

Summary: There are few problems chocolate and a considerate boyfriend can’t fix. Even if it’s the middle of the night.

Word Count: 1259

Read on ao3

Nico had always enjoyed solitude. No matter how happy he was or how many people there were in his life that he cared about, alone time had always been important to him. Will apologized sometimes for always being so busy but Nico didn’t mind all that much. Will made an effort to spend as much time with Nico as possible despite the fact that he was working his ass off to become a doctor, and Nico appreciated that. They had fallen into a rhythm in their relationship that they were both happy with.

Nico regularly got plenty of time to himself in their apartment while Will was at school and interning. The longest of these times was Monday nights, when Will had to stay out until 10pm, which meant it was usually the most productive time for Nico.

Nico would get the bulk of his own schoolwork done and usually managed to clean a bit of their apartment before burrowing in their bed and reading or watching some TV. One Monday, Nico found himself so engrossed in a history documentary that he barely registered the door opening from across the apartment.

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Playing A Game

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Characters: Y/n(GENDER NEUTRAL), Dean, Sam, Crowley

Pairing: Sam x Y/n(not really), Crowley x Y/n

Warnings: Fluff…that’s it. Sorta crackish, I dunno…not much tho. Just fluff and a bit of kissing.  

Word Count: 808

Summary: When both Winchester’s take an interest in Y/n, the outcome is unexpected.

A/N: Ok, requested fic by @hannahriley12​-Its fine! I’m actually only on season 6. Can I have one where the reader is a hunter and sitting in a bar. Dean starts to hit on the reader but the reader takes in interest in Sam. Sam like rubs it in deans face a little since he always gets the girls. Sorry it’s a little weird. Thank you! So, we all know I’m not a Sam person, so this was just rather…unrealistic to me. So I sorta changed stuff up and made it a little different. Hope u don’t mind!! And hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche@notnaturalanahi@wayward-mirage@riversong-sam@nerdflash@miss-miep@impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481@chelsea072498@deals-with-demons@plaidstiel-wormstache@impalaimagining@deathtonormalcy56​ @scorpiongirl1 @the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn@squirels-angels-and-moose@meganwinchester1999@cubs2019-blog@lucifer-in-leather@p–trick​​ @straightestgay-voice@professsionalsinner


They’d both been ogling you from afar.

It was slightly hilarious, the way they both just stared and practically drooled, not noticing the other doing it.

You knew it was only a matter of time before at least one of them got up and tried to hit on you.

Less than 2 minutes later, Mr Hottie With The Eyes walked up to you, smirking as he licked his lips.

You weren’t going to lie. He was gorgeous.

Like, stunning gorgeous.

He sat at the bar, on the stool next to you as he ordered himself a beer.

“Hi there”.

His voice was full of determination and confidence.

Just what you liked in a man.

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Robot Heart [Tony StarkxReader] 1

Summary: Sometimes you wonder if your boss even has a heart, or if it’s just the arc reactor.

Pairings: Tony Stark x reader

Warnings: Shades of angst, language.

Word Count: 1,437

A/N: Angsty angst angst-angst. Apparently a series? I thought this was going to be a one-shot, but again, I’ve been a wordy mother fucker. So I have no idea how long this will be. Or where it’s going in the end, really. Inspired by this song. Heavily inspired. Because I always think of Tony when I hear it.

One; Two;

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Tony Stark is a narcissist.

Tony Stark is an egomaniac.

Tony Stark is the definition of vanity.

When you told anyone that you had applied to be Tony Stark’s new personal assistant, this is what you were faced with—‘Tony Stark loves himself’ in varying syntax. You would roll your eyes and ask how that made him different from your last boss, an international rock icon who died of an overdose while you were at your mother’s funeral. Every time people would point out Stark’s vanity, asking why you would want to work for ‘that man,’ you felt like they were ridiculing your decision, belittling your character, insinuating that you were too stupid and too weak to be prepared for what you were getting yourself into.

And that was just when they found out you applied.

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anonymous asked:

the kirishimas are really annoying frankly they dont deserve to be in the goats. touka is so violent to him even despite his past abuses and trauma and ayato is a disgusting person who'd almost kill his own sister. i dont like touka but doing that to family is so gross. i think he completely deserved getting his bones broken but i think kaneki should hav done more to make his suffer even more and touka should have seen it

also they are so thirsty for kaneki and hinami it makes me want to laugh about how big of losers they are kaneki and hina deserve better people who are supportive and kind to them not these disgusting barbaric siblings who are a disgrace

Hello anon thank you for your really sweet message. Here’s a little something for you:

Long af rant under the cut. 

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I had no idea how to converse with any of the people I was stood with. We’d all kind of awkwardly repeated our names to one another as we made our journey to the bar, but I still couldn’t remember most of them. It just didn’t process.
Curls was getting in the first round, like he had promised, and everyone was kind of looking around the group as we crowded against the bar like, what the fuck are we doing here? I didn’t think anyone wanted to continue the session, even if it was with drinks in our hands.

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Three Cheers for Five Years

This is my fic for @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge! I had number 17. Blue Chair Bay Rum!

Warnings: Angst. Just the usual.

A/N: Stole the song title from Mayday Parade, but it’s not really based off the song. Guess you could spin it a little if you tried. And I know I promised Wayside Inn today but I needed to get this posted! Chapter 2 is queued for Saturday afternoon!

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You + Me Part 3

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Thank you all for your patience, I’m sorry I’m not posting much. This is the final part of this series, i hope you all like it.

Please note that I do not condone cheating in any situation.

Contains SMUT

PART ONE              PART TWO

The warm breeze blew your hair across your face gently and you brushed it out of the way.
The Teller-Morrow lot was crowded with people as everyone waited to send off the club.
They had received the signal they had been waiting for and were about to head out to deal with the situation.
You felt sick with nerves and you dug your fingernails into your palms anxiously.
You had known being a part of SAMCRO was dangerous, especially for Jax, but you hadn’t really realised the way it made you feel til now.
He had always kept you seperate from club business. Most of the time he just turned up at your house in the middle of the night. Hell, you’d only just met the Club and this was the very first time you’d been to the clubhouse.
And suddenly the severity of the situation dawned on you; Jax might not come back.
You’d cleaned blood off his clothes many times, and you’d seen the scars on his body, but the risks that came with this life had always been a distant thought for you.
But now, as you stood in the lot surrounded by the friends and family of SAMCRO those distant thoughts became a reality.
Opie stood next to you and he nudged you gently, noticing the change in your stance.
“You alright?” He asked quietly.
You covered your eyes from the sun and looked up at him.
“Make sure he comes home?” 
Your voice was quiet and he could hear the fear and the worry.
He wrapped an arm over your shoulder and squeezed you tightly.
You both knew he couldn’t make that promise.
Jax walked out of the clubhouse with Abel in his arms and your eyes followed him as he moved across the lot.
All you wanted to do was run to him and wrap your arms around him, kiss his lips and tell him you loved him.
But you knew you couldn’t and so you watched as his wife walked to meet him and jealousy flowed through your veins.
You couldn’t help but notice his cold eyes as he looked at his wife and passed her their son.
That didn’t stop her, though, and she quickly crashed her lips against his.
Opie squeezed you tighter and you smiled up at him before turning to watch Jax again.
His mother was next and she hugged him tightly before he moved on.
Tara scowled as Jax walked towards you and you fought the urge to run to him.
He exchanged a nod with Opie as he neared before his eyes met yours.
He stopped a couple of feet in front of you and his eyes never left your face.
“This will all be over soon babe, I promise.” He said solemnly.
You smiled warmly at him, your eyes sparkling with love.
“Just come home, Jax.” You said and he nodded.
Opie squeezed you gently before moving forward and slapping Jax lightly on the chest before heading to his bike.
“I love you.” You said, more confident now that you were alone.
Jax smiled at you and nodded.
“I love you too, (y/n).”

It had been just over two hours since you had watched Jax pull out of the lot, the trail of bikes following behind him.
‘Worried sick’ had never had more meaning, and you had spent the first hour curled up on the bed, your mind going into overdrive with all the possibilities and outcomes of the situation.
But you had quickly come to realise that there was nothing you could do, and sitting around worrying about Jax wasn’t going to help anyone.
After checking with Gemma that she didn’t need any help you had dug out the pile of homework from your bag that needed grading.
It was a task you always seemed to put off til the last minute and you knew it would be a good distraction.
You had gotten through a decent stack of maths papers, now filled with dozens red marks from your pen, when a knock on the door caught your attention.
You frowned slightly before dropping the paper in your hand to the bed and getting to your feet.
It took only a few strides to cross the room and you swung the door open widely.
Almost instantly your face fell as you looked at Tara, smug smile on her face and her arms crossed over her chest.
You cleared your throat awkwardly before speaking.
“Tara, hey, whats up?” 
She looked you up and down before stepping past you and entering Opies dorm, where you were staying.
You watched her closely as she moved around the room, her eyes searching for something.
“So, (y/n), tell me how you know Opie.” Tara said, her back still facing you as she scanned the papers on the bed.
You shrugged, even though she wasn’t watching you.
“His kids go to my school, I’m a teacher.” You said casually, unsure of where this was heading.
Tara turned to you, a coy smile on her face and her brown eyes watched you closely.
“What is a teacher doing hanging around with a criminal?” She asked you.
You could sense the bitter tone in her voice and immediately your guard was up.
Everything Jax had told you about Tara played through your mind, and although he never spoke badly of her you knew that she hurt him more than either of them realised.
“I dunno,” You shrugged. “Whats a doctor doing, married to a criminal?” 
She raised her eyebrows at your words and the corners of her mouth turned up into a wicked smirk.
“Thats just it, isn’t it (y/n), we’re married.”
She stepped closer to you and you looked at her coldly.
“I’m his wife. And you..” She looked you up and down again. “Your just a distraction.”
You raised an eyebrow and smirked.
So she knew. Or maybe she just thought she did. Either way, you were tired of this bitch.
She spoke before you could and she stepped closer again, almost closing the gap between you.
“He doesn’t need you drooling after him. Your no one, (y/n). Stay away from my husband.”
You laughed bitterly before glaring at her.
“Oh honey, he cant stay away from me even if he tried.” You said before shrugging and moving closer.
“But I’ll keep that in mind, when he’s fucking me tonight.”
Her eyes burnt with anger and her fists clenched but before she could swing her fist a small voice called out.
“Mommy?” She turned to see Abel standing in the doorway, watching you both with a scared expression.
She glared at you coldly.
“Stay away from Jax.” She warned before pushing past you and taking the boy into the hallway.
Your eyes burnt as you diced the onion, the strong sting making your eyes water.
But you pushed through it, slicing the onion rapidly.
“What did that onion ever do to you?”
You turned, still wielding the knife in your hand and saw Gemma leaning against the wall with a smirk across her face.
“Something wrong, sweetheart?”She asked you.
You smiled and shook your head.
Her eyes burnt into you, studying your face closely.
“You know, theres someone else here tonight that doesn’t seem too happy.” 
You turned back to the board and continued to hack at the onion, ignoring Gemmas comment.
She walked further into the kitchen and leant against the bench next to you.
“You have anything to do with that?” She asked you.
You shrugged. 
“Its okay, (y/n), i never liked the bitch anyway.” She whispered.
You looked at her, disbelief on your face, before you both broke into wide grins and you laughed lightly.
She turned to face the bench and grabbed a knife and a chopping board, and reached for another onion.
And so the both of you stood, smirks on your faces, eyes burning, and cutting onions.

It was almost midnight and there was still no sign of the boys coming home tongiht. Your gut was twisted with worry and you had almost chewed off your lip.
You had barely eaten your dinner, despite all the time you and Gemma had spent making it, swapping recipes and tips in the kitchen, while Tara glared from the clubroom.
And after sitting with the family, the friends, the crow eaters, you had finally managed to escape to your room.
You had taken a hot shower, attempting to let the hot water wash away your fears.
But now you were tucked into bed, wearing only an old SAMCRO shirt and still, the worry was pitted in your stomach.
Your eyes stared at the ceiling. The room was dimly lit from the lamp on the nightstand and your hair was splayed out around your head.
The faint music could be heard, playing loud at the bar but you were glad you had some sort of peaceful place amongst this chaos.
At some point you must have fallen to sleep, and it was when the door opened that you sat up suddenly, your eyes wide.
Jax stood in the doorway, his white shirt stained with blood and his kutte held tightly in one hand.
He met your eye and you both froze for a moment, staring at each other before you threw the covers back and leapt out of bed.
Jax closed the door and locked it before moving towards you and you practically ran across the room.
His hands wrapped around your waist and he lifted your body off the ground.
Your legs wrapped around his waist and you ran your hands through his hair before his lips crashed down on yours.
His kiss was desperate, hungry, and his lips moved in harmony with yours.
A soft moan left your lips and he pushed you against the wall.
Your hands roamed to the hem of his shirt and you tugged it up, parting his lips to lift it over his head.
The blood on the shirt caught your eye and you paused, looking at the shirt and back at Jax, your eyes suddenly wide with worry.
“Its not mine, babe.” Jax told you, knowing what you were thinking and you kissed his lips once more before tossing the shirt to the floor.
“I was so worried, Jax.” You whispered against his ear.
His lips trailed down your neck, sucking at your skin hungrily.
His teeth grazed against you and you moaned and pushed your hips against him, desperate for more friction.
Jax growled and moved you away from the wall.
He carried you across the room and laid you down on the bed.
You blushed as he stood at the edge of the bed, his eyes taking in every inch of you.
The shirt you were wearing had moved up your body slightly and you smirked and sat up. You lifted the shirt over your head and tossed it across the room, enjoying the way his eyes studied your bare chest hungrily.
“I love you.” He said quietly.
You smiled at him and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, right in front of him.
You turned your head to look up at him and you reached out to unbuckle his belt and you tugged his pants and his boxers down his legs, letting them drop to the floor.
His member stood proudly and you licked your lips as you wrapped your hand around the base.
“I love you too, Jackson.” You whispered.
Your tongue flicked out and you ran it along his length, from the base to the tip.
He groaned softly at your touch and you smirked before taking him in your mouth.
You moved your hand with your lips as you pumped him, your tongue running along the underside of his length.
He leant over you, watching your lips move around him and you glanced up, meeting his gaze as you sucked him off, taking more of him into your mouth.
His hand reached into your hair and he pulled it into a makeshift ponytail with his hands as he watched you.
You bobbed your head up and down his length, and the further you took him into your mouth the more he began to unwind.
“Fuck, babe.” Jax moaned as you sucked around him.
His tip brushed against the back of your throats and your eyes watered as you took him.
His hand gripped your hair tighter as the sensations shook through him and you sucked harder in response.
Your eyes met his as you moved your lips, your cheeks hallowing as you pulled away.
All you could hear was his soft moans and his heavy breathing and you began to move faster, desperate to taste him.
“Oh god, (y/n),” he moaned and you would have smirked if your mouth wasn’t so full.
You wrapped your hand around his base and squeezed gently, moving your hand with your lips as you pumped your mouth up and down his length.
You could tell he was close and his hands gripped your hair tightly, and his eyes were locked on your face.
You met his eye and when he brushed the back of your throats once more he moaned as he released inside your mouth.
You sat still as his body shuddered and your mouth filled before you moved your lips away slowly.
Jax watched you and you met his eye as you swallowed, licking your lips and his fingers were still in your hair.
“God I love you.” Jax said and you beamed up at him before leaning back on the bed.
His eyes ran over your bare body, moving hungrily across your skin.
Jax spread your legs and licked his lips as he looked at your bare core.
“Your so beautiful. Do you know that?”
You didn’t answer him and he didn’t wait for one, he knelt on the floor in front of you and smirked as he met your eye.
His fingers moved to spread your lower lips and you moaned softly at the touch.
You were already wet from anticipation and you shuddered as he blew gently against your clit.
You reached down and grabbed his wrist and tried to pull him up, you needed him, now, but Jax didn’t budge.
“So impatient, babe.” He smirked and he ran a finger through the wetness of your folds, making you gasp.
“You wanna cum, baby girl?”
You moaned in response and Jax reached to lift your wrist to your core.
“Make yourself cum, babe.” He whispered.
You bit your lip as you glanced down at him.
Of course you’d gotten yourself off before, but never with someone watching you so intensely.
But you loved Jax, and god you were so turned on.
You moved your hand to your folds and spread them, dipping a finger in to your wetness and spreading it to your clit.
Jax licked his lips as he watched you work, rubbing your clit gently in circles.
It didn’t take long to being yourself to the edge and you moaned softly as your fingers moved against yourself.
“Not yet.” Jax ordered and you whimpered softly.
Slowly, you felt his fingers on you and he slid one inside of you while you rubbed yourself and you moaned at his touch.
He slid it in and out of you expertly and eventually added a second finger, thrusting them in and out of you.
“Does that feel good?”
You moaned in response and he smirked, his fingers fucking you rapidly.
Your fingers began to slow as you neared orgasm and you arched your back.
Jax moved your hand away and leant down. His lips wrapped around you and his tongue flicked around your clit softly.
You moaned and he moved faster, his tongue running circles and his fingers thrusting.
You couldn’t hold on much longer and you moaned out loudly as you reached orgasm.
Your body trembled as it ripped through you and his tongue lapped at your juices.
Jax stood, licking his lips and he was hard once more.
Your eyes found his and you both smirked at each other as he knelt on the bed between your legs.
He hovered over you and you grabbed his face gently and pulled his lips to yours.
You parted lips and his eyes locked with yours and you felt his length rub against you, running through your folds.
You bit your lip as he stared into your eyes and he pushed himself inside of you, making you gasp.
Jax groaned softly as he entered you and he slid out slowly before pushing back in slowly.
“I love you.” You moaned and Jax kissed you hungrily as his thrusts deepened.
“I love you too, (y/n).” He whispered.
Your legs wrapped around him, pulling him in deeper.
His thrusts became faster and you moaned, dragging your nails down his back tattoo as he pounded inside of you.
“Fuck!” You moaned as he entered you, the sound of his skin slapping against you filling the room.
His lips sucked at your neck, leaving a trail of bruises down to your breasts as he pounded into you mercilessly.
“Jax! Fuck!” You moaned.
It didn’t take long for you both to reach orgasm and you you both released at the same time.
Jax rode out your orgasms as your body shook around him, waves of pleasure rolling through you.
Both of you were gasping for breath, sweat coating your skin and he rolled off you, both of you staring at the ceiling.
“Not bad, Teller.” You sighed and Jax laughed loudly.
He rolled onto his side and kissed you deeply before leaning back, his fingers stroking the side of your face.
“It’s over now babe, lockdowns lifted.”
You nodded, smiling gently.
“You okay, Jax?” You asked.
He smiled at you and nodded.
“Never better.” He said and pecked your lips.
A knock on the door made both your heads turn and you looked at each other, puzzled.
Jax stood and pulled on his boxers before tossing you your shirt from across the room.
You pulled it over your head quickly as he crossed the room and opened the door.
Tara practically had smoke coming out of her ears and the moment she laid eyes on Jax she raised her hand and slapped him across the cheek.
You stood, the shirt falling down over you and walked across the room, anger shooting through you.
“Fuck you, Jackson!” Tara seethed, her finger prodding him in his chest.
His face was cold, his soft lips curled up into a snarl as he glared at his wife.
“Go home, Tara. It’s over.”
Tara scoffed and pushed past him and turned towards you.
“He doesn’t love you, whore.” She snarled at you.
You laughed and crossed your arms over your chest.
“If you’d come ten minutes earlier you woulda heard him telling me he loves me while I was sucking his dick.”
Tara fumed and marched towards you, raising her hand.
You dodged her fist and swung your own, your knuckles cracking against her jaw.
She gasped and clutched her cheek and Jax watched with raised eyebrows as you stepped closer to her.
“He’s mine now, bitch.” You snarled.
Tara stared at you before turning to Jax.
“I’m taking the boys with me.” She muttered and began to push past him.
Jax grabbed her arm as held her back before snarling his words to her.
“The boys stay with me.”
Tara looked between you and Jax before marching out of the room and down the hallway.
Silence fell between you as you and Jax looked at each other.
Slowly, he stepped closer to you, his arms reaching out and holding your sides gently.
“It’s all over, (y/n). It’s just you and me now.”
You smiled up at him and draped your arms over his bare shoulders.
“You and me.” You repeated and pressed your lips to his.

Mutsumi Asuma

I think I made it somewhat clear on who I hope Kae will end up with.

The lovey man Mutsumi-senpai.

He was the only person to be able to recognize her after she got skinny. Not her best friend, not her brother, not even her own parents could tell who she was.

Mutsumi: “You changed? I guess during the time I didn’t see you, you loss a little bit of weight, but… I could tell?”

Kae: “You’re the only one. Even I couldn’t recognize myself….“

Mutsumi: “Because…the nice parts about you still haven’t changed. It’s still you serinuma-san.”

Even after she gained the weight back, when Nana and Shinomiya were trying to get her to lose the weight so she would be ‘pretty’ again

Mutsumi: “ Um…why are you doing this? She just looks like she got a tad bit chubby…”

Shinomiya: “Go get your eyes checked out!!”

(But what stuck with me and why he’s my favorite was not only what he has done but what type of person he is overall.)

He’s interested in what she likes. Even if he himself isn’t, he wants her to enjoy herself with what she’s into. He also doesn’t think her interest are weird or she’s weird for liking them(anime/Manga and also her being a fujoshi)

Kae: “I became nervous trying not to show off my bad side, I wasn’t able to really have fun. I’m…truly sorry. Thank you very much for today.”

Mutsumi: “Hold on. I’m not sure why you’re apologizing…? Is there a problem? Isn’t it fine to have something you like? That’s what I think. Besides, serinuma-san’s eyes are sparkling a lot right now. This side of you is completely fine.”

He never treated this like a competition. Basically Kae is a ‘prize to be won’ You may say that’s because he didn’t really have feeling for her in the beginning, but even after he realizes them his attitude on this still doesn’t change.

When he does something nice or kind for Kae it’s not to score up points with her, but because he’s just the type of person to put others before himself.

Remember when they all had to beat Kae at the video game to be able to go out with her? Well remember when he won? He had the chance to be with her, but that was never his intention from the start. He wanted to win to stop her. For her own sake, since she’s not ready to give them an answer yet. And he doesn’t mind that, he’s willing to wait no matter how long it takes. Because he truly loves her. (And he’s pretty much the reason they are all waiting for her answer, but only when she’s ready)

Kae: “S…senpai…I hope…Well be a good match…!”

Mutsumi: “Serinuma-san, don’t force yourself…I only wanted to win…so I could stop you. It’s okay. We’ve decided to wait until you’re ready to make a decision. Besides, we’re having lots of fun. Spending time with you like this is not a waste of time for us.”

He enjoys the other characters. From what we’ve seen is they all view each other as rivals (while that’s not entirely a bad thing) but senpai views them as his friends, and he genuinely enjoys their company.


“Same here. I like all of you.”

“Yes… I do like her. Also Igarashi-kun… I like you as well. As well as Nanashima-kun and Shinomiya-kun…I love you all.”

Also when Takeru asks them why they all hang out together.

Takeru: “Huh?! You all hang out despite being in different years and classes…What brings you all together?”

Nana: “Huh?”

Mutsumi: “We’re friends!”

Nishina: “I dunno if you’d call us that…”

Shinomiya: “…”

Igarashi: “We’re rivals vying for serinuma-san attention. We’re all waiting for her response.”

He was the only one who wasn’t suspicious of Takeru until Takeru was shown to be up to something. Now what I’m trying to get at is he wasn’t suspicious of him with out a good reason to be. During this time everyone else only saw Takeru as a threat because Kae might go out with him instead of them.

However when Mutsumi knew something was up(Takeru pretending to be sick) he made it clear to Takeru not to take advantage of Kae’s kindness. He only interfered to protect Kae, and not for his own personal benefit like the others.

Mutsumi: “How ‘bout today you feeling better?

Takeru: “Uh yeah. I’m alright, thanks.”

Mutsumi: “I see. That’s good. You must have a lot of stress, dealing with work too…must be tough.”

Takeru: “It was my decision so…”

Mutsumi: “I see. I respect that. But why is it that…you act sick even when you’re not.

Takeru: “..!!”

Mutsumi: “ I see…so I’m right.”

Takeru: “Uh…Whaaa? What do you mean by that?!

Mutsumi: “Yesterday…a car was waiting at the school entrance…that was your manager’s car, right? I don’t know what you’re up to, but…don’t take advantage of her kindness. That all I have to say…”

And even after Takeru manipulates Kae, kidnaps her, also trys to force her to marry him, and tried to taser her Mutsumi-senpai does everything he can to save Takeru from the crumbling cliff. Why? Because he knows how important Takeru is to Kae. He even shield Takeru with his own body as they fell down. Mutsumi-senpai was willing to put his life on the line so that Kae wouldn’t have to lose someone she cares about.

Mutsumi: “Serinuma-san…If something were to happen…anything at all…I’ll be there to protect you serinuma-san.”

He wanted to protect Kae and he’s in a coma after doing so.

In the end I really hope Mutsumi-senpai will be alright. And these are just my thoughts on why I think Mutsumi-senpai is the one who Kae should pick.

(Please Junko-sensei just let him be okay.)

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so uh i attempted a follow up for the drabble thing i wrote the other day so yeah…

“Okay, Agent Mulder, this is what I could find for you.” Mary pulled a long, baggy article of clothing from the rack that looked vaguely like the skin of some exotic animal.

“Fred Flintstone?”

“We needed to run with the redhead thing for Agent Scully. Redheads stick out, especially ones with non-redhead costumes. She wasn’t a big fan of dyeing her hair so this is what we came up with,” she defended.

“This was the only one?”

“I suggested that one princess… Ariel?”

“And you’re still alive?” He looked impressed.

Mary giggled. She’d been dressing the two of them for undercover ops for years and knew how frustrated Scully got when forced from her pantsuit safety better than anyone.

“Well, when I told her, this costume didn’t have as many rips in it as it does now.”

Mulder gave a laugh. “Okay, thanks Mary.”

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Part 4 - Orientation

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe:

Part 1 (Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole)

Part 2 (The Tres Spades)

Part 3 (The King, The Prince, and the Lion)

Part 4 - Orientation

Teorus leaned close to Soryu, who sat staring at me in a catatonic state. He reached out with a gloved finger and poked the gangster’s cheek. Behind him Karno silently gazed out the penthouse window, admiring the view, as sounds of Aigonorus slumbering filled the suite.

In front of me stood Leon, Huedhaut, and Tauxolouve. They’d been taking turns staring into my eyes, looking for stars, but to no avail. It was clear that my existence was a bit of an enigma to them as they bickered amongst themselves, trying to formulate a plan to get me home. Even though in this world, I was no fallen goddess, they were still able to tell that I was out of place.

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Pick Your Battles

A/N: This fic includes mentions of sexist jokes. If these things really get you going, maybe I would suggest reading because Joe has some good defense against it, imo. I dunno lol you’ve been warned. 

Disclaimer: A few of Joe’s Wiltshire friends make a cameo in this story. I don’t know them personally (obvs) and I have no idea if they would say any of these things (i mean hopefully not). 

anyway, please ENJOY and let me know what you think

It was a chilly December night in the middle of downtown Bath. The crisp air held the heady aroma of beer, and hot metal from the large space heater set out on the pub patio. A small breeze whisked away the plumes of cigarette smoke that wafted up from the other patrons.

Raucous laughter exploded from a small group sat together on a large bench, their bodies huddled together slightly.

“So, I said, what’s the big deal, mate? I thought it was meant to be that size!”

Y/N held on to her ribs as a cramp set in from laughing too hard, her hand swiping away at stray tears.

“Oh, god. Stop it,” she managed to get out, between giggles. “I’m dying.”

This only spurred them on more.

“Don’t wet yourself, love,” Joe teased, trying to contain himself.

“Shit, that might not be a bad idea,” Lewis chimed in, rubbing his hands together. “It’s fucking freezing out here. At least she’d be warm.”

“Yeah, for .2 seconds before it freezes over,” she retorted. “And you know what, ice crotch just doesn’t sound appealing right now.”

Joe snorted just as he swigged the last bit of his drink, coughing and laughing. Y/N patted his back sporting a huge smirk on her face.

“Alright, well I actually need to go piss,” Joe said, getting up from the table. “You want another drink while I’m in there?”

Y/N chuckled, “Only if you wash your hands before getting it.”

He rolled his eyes and pulled a stupid face, “Nah, I’m not. And I’m gonna make sure to stick my finger in the drink, too.”

She grimaced and the rest of the boys laughed, “Gross. I don’t know what you have. You might have diseases!” She yelled at her boyfriend’s retreating form, everyone almost cackling when he gave her the finger without even looking back.

“What? We don’t get the offer of another drink?” Jack exclaimed. “Load of shit, that is.”

“Hm, sorry to say, but I’m just prettier than you,” Y/N teased, dramatically flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“Debatable,” said Matt, smirking, earning a smack on the shoulder from Y/N. “Rude.”

“Anyway, who’s got the next story?” Lewis asked.

There were grumbles around the table, before Matt spoke up again.

“I don’t have a story. But I have one-liner jokes that are pretty good.”

“Alright then. Let’s hear it.”

He cleared his throat and smirked, eyeing everyone at the table, “How do you annoy your girlfriend during sex?”


“Phone her.”

The boys snorted. A nervous laugh escaped Y/N’s lips.

“If your wife keeps coming out of the kitchen to nag at you, what have you done wrong?… You’ve made her chain too long.”

Y/N shifted uncomfortably as the men erupted into laughter.

“Go on then, Matt! Give us another.”

“What’s the difference between oral sex and anal sex?… Oral sex makes your day, and anal sex makes her whole week.”

She clenched her jaw and her fist tightened. A dark anger starting to boil in the bottom of her belly. Her mind started to numb and the chatter around her turned into white noise. She took a slow, deep breath.

“OH, this is a good one. What you do ca-“

“Actually, you know what, Matt,” Y/N stopped him. “These, um, jokes… are making me really uncomfortable.”

The table suddenly became silent.

“And I would prefer if we changed the subject,” she leveled Matt with a hard stare.

He began to splutter, “Oh. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to upset you. Just trying to make everyone laugh.”

“No, it’s fine. I just… I don’t really find those kinds of jokes funny,” she smiled grimly. “You know, being a woman and all.”

His mouth closed with an audible pop.

“Sorry about that. Took bloody ages to get these pints,” Joe’s sudden appearance made all four of them jump. His eyebrows shot up, looking around at the group as he handed out the drinks. “Everything alright?”

“Yep, just fine mate,” Lewis said, almost too quickly. He grabbed his beer and took a long swig. The rest of the boys followed suit. Slowly, Y/N took her own drink and sipped, finally dropping her gaze from Matt.

Joe’s eyes shifted to each of them before sitting down, slinging an arm around Y/N’s shoulders. “I washed my hands, by the way. Just for you.”

“Hm?” she looked up at him slightly dazed, before comprehending what he meant. “Oh. Yeah, thank you, baby.”

His eyebrows furrowed, concern and confusion etched into his features, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Y/N side-stepped out of the bench seat, Joe’s arm sliding off her. “I’ll be right back, need to use the little ladies room.” Before he could even think of saying anything, she was already inside.

He whipped his head back to the boys, all of them looking slightly guilty.

“What happened?” Joe asked sharply.

Jack was the first to speak up, “Well, we were just chatting shit and Matt was telling some jokes and she got upset.”

Joe blinked, “What kind of jokes?” He looked at Matt. “Oh, not your bloody one-liners!”

Lewis and Jack groaned.

Joe felt as though his eyes could literally roll into the back of his head.

“I bring my girlfriend here to meet you all, and you think the best first impression is to tell the most sexist jokes in your arsenal? What the hell, Matt?”

Matt arms were crossed tightly as he looked at his shoes, “Not my fault she has a stick up her arse.” He looked up at Joe, “The jokes were funny.”

“They were funny when we were 17 and didn’t know any better,” Joe snapped. “Would you say that shit in front of your mum? Your sister?”

“Of course not!”

“Then, what makes my girlfriend any different?”

“Exactly that. She’s your girlfriend. I thought she’d be chill.”

Joe threw his hands in the air in frustration, “She is chill! Y/N has literally been bullshitting with us all night. But suddenly she’s not, because how dare she not find your shitty jokes funny.”

Matt just sat there, quiet.

“For fucks sake…” Joe stood up, straightening out his shirt. “I’m going to go check on her. I’ll be back.”

He left his friends sitting at the bench, all of them feeling slightly awkward.

It didn’t take long for Joe to find Y/N. She was sat at a booth in the far corner of the pub, her fingers tracing circles into the wood of the table.

“Hey you.”

He smiled when her bright eyes met his. She gave him a tiny smile back.


He slid in next to her, wrapping an arm around her, “What’s up?”

Y/N sighed softly, “I’m sorry for getting upset…”

Joe frowned, “No, don’t apologize. They told me what happened. You had every right to be angry.”

“But, now they probably don’t like me,” she let out a soft chuckle.

“Bullshit,” he swept a strand of hair behind her ear. “They love you. Matt just got his little ego knocked down a bit because he’s not as funny as he thinks he is.”

Y/N nodded slowly, still tracing patterns on the table top. Joe gently grabbed her hand, bringing it up to kiss her knuckle. “Are you ready to go home?”

“Yeah,” she sighed again. “I’m sorry for ruining the night.”

“You didn’t ruin anything, love,” he got up, helping her out of her seat. “Matt on the otherhan-“

“Um, Y/N?”

Joe and Y/N turned to the sound of the voice, surprised to see, no one other than, Matt.

She looked him right in the eyes, “Yes?”

“Yeah… Look, I’m sorry,” he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “The other boys and I were talking about it and the jokes were a little…”

Y/N shot him a look.

“I mean, they were very out of line. In my defense, I’ve used them for years and they always get a laugh on a lad’s night out.” Matt sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets, “But I can see why you wouldn’t find them funny… at all. And I’m really sorry. You won’t have to worry about me saying shit like that again.”

After carefully listening to everything he said, Y/N nodded and took a deep breath, “Well, that’s a start.”

Matt nodded as well, and chuckled nervously, “So… am I forgiven?”

Y/N kept her gaze cold as Matt’s anxiously waited for her response. Joe had to look down at their feet to hide his laughter, but his shaking shoulders betrayed him.

She began to smirk, “Yes.”

Matt grinned, whole face starting to light up.

“But, do it again, and I’ll deck you.”

Joe and Matt let out a sharp laugh.

“How is that any better from what I was saying? You just threatened me!” Matt teased.

Before Y/N could retort, Joe spoke, “And, she’ll put your arse on the ground. Careful.”

Matt just laughed and headed out to the patio again, Joe and Y/N in tow.

He squeezed her hand before crossing the threshold, a look in his eye and small smile on his lips.

For some reason, she knew what he meant, without even saying anything.

Pick your battles, Y/N. Not all can be won in one night.

Tricks (Reader x everyone I guess)

A/N: Okay but consider mafia au, where you’re running with ya gals. Dedicated to @hammerhead-cindy cause we discussed this lmao. I hope you like it.


Originally posted by lovers-of-edm

How did you always get roped into these things?

You wove through the crowd at the club, slipping past waves of strangers to try and get to the bar. It was humid, stuffy, smoky, sweaty and fucking lit. Too bad you were present on business. The crowd was jumping and moving to some amazing beats that you couldn’t help but nod your head to. As soon as the beat dropped it everyone synchronised and began to grind with a loud approving roar.

“You guys just had to call on me tonight of nights.” You groaned as you finally made it to the bar and put your hands on it so no one could push you away. The bartender caught your eye and you gestured for a particular drink. Not that you were going to drink it of course.

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In Your Dreams (Day 9)

Connor McDavid x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: Implied sexual themes, one bad word, mentions of sad

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: After being stood up, Connor comes to the rescue.

Author: Cymbelline

*I know people don’t call him this, but I do and I like it :D

Originally posted by leondraisaitll

“He stood me up, again.”

“How many times has this happened?”

“Enough to make me question how much I really mean to him.” I mumbled.

“I’ll be over after my game, talk to you later.” Connor was quick to hang up, making me sigh with some sort of defeat and disappointment. 

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Of Babies and Bite Marks

So I wrote this for a mishmash of prompts ages ago. It’s shamefully, or maybe shamelessly fluffy. You’ve been warned. Sorry for the length, I don’t really want to put it on AO3. (Yes, the baby got a name change in case you read this before.)

(BTW I don’t have kids and I don’t necessarily even want them. I don’t buy into the whole ‘children as the be all end all’ trope, but I had the idea of Dorian and Cullen babysitting and thought it was funny. Also, since I don’t have children all of the child rearing/behavior bits might not be accurate. If that’s going to bug you feel free to chalk it up to elf-blooded qunari baby physiology, or skip it all together, thanks.)

Kadan, are you sure this is a great idea?”

Dust turned to look at Bull, giving Enansal a gentle stroke on his back and shifting his chubby, sleeping bulk so that his sling sat more comfortably on her chest. Bull had a large satchel full of the baby’s necessities over one of his muscular shoulders.

“What do you mean? This would hardly be the first time we had someone watch the baby for the night.”

“Yeah, but he’s teething. Qunari kids are nothing to mess around with while they’re teething. Even the professionals are scared.”

Dust waved the hand not supporting Enan at him, showing off the freshest round of bite marks she had earned and hadn’t had time to have healed yet.

“Shockingly, I realize that, but Dorian and Cullen volunteered, and if they’re ever going to have kids of their own they need the practice. Plus I need a night off before I throw the little ogre off a balcony.”

Bull laughed, watching her press a kiss between Enan’s horn buds.

“I dunno, I mean maybe Krem and Harding could babysit?”

“Harding’s in the field and Enan isn’t a one person job.”

“You aren’t lying.”

They were making their way across the battlements of Skyhold toward Cullen’s quarters, earning the occasional covert smile from passing guards and visitors. Covert because Inquisitor Lavellan wasn’t really comfortable with the doting parent image - she left that to Bull, who was perfectly happy to accept it.

“And we’re right across the courtyard, it’s not like someone couldn’t come get us if they really couldn’t handle it.”

“Ha! The ‘Vint admit that he can’t handle taking care of an eight month old baby? Not likely kadan.”

She grinned, and it was a wicked expression.

“Oh, I know.”

Damn she could be evil.

“Still, I mean, are you sure? We could just-”

Dust stopped and he followed suit. She grabbed him by his harness, pulling him down until they were eye to eyes.

“Bull, when was the last time you tied me to the bed and fucked me until I couldn’t form words?”

His eye went wide, and his heartbeat sped up. He took a deep breath, catching the musky scent of arousal under talc and milk and the mild scent of baby spit.

“Uh… I can’t remember.”

“Exactly! Dorian and Cullen will be fine, and so will Enan.” She let him go, shifting the baby to a more comfortable position in her strong arms and sauntering off in the direction of the Commander’s quarters. He let her go ahead of him so he could watch her walk.

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Family man -Derek


Y/n is at work so I’m home with our daughter Bri (brianna) she’s In her room doing god knows what a fifteen year old girl does alone. Better not be sending no damn nudes to any boys. Not that, that’s own my mind I should check on her I run up stairs to her room

“Bri what are you doing” I open her door “what in the hell is on your face Brianna Nicole”

“Makeup” she smiles innocently

“I thought I said no makeup until your 18”

“Well mom said I could”

“Yeah well I’m your father”

“I’m more scared of mom than I am you dad” she smiles

“I don’t want you wearing makeup bri that’s final” I try to say sternly

“Please daddy, all the girls wear it” she gives me those puppy dog eyes and just like her mother she knows how to get me to say yes “God dammit bri, a certain amount only”

“Yay thank you daddy!” She screams and hugs me “And just between us, I agree with you moms pretty damn scary ain’t she?” She laughs

“Can I do your makeup?”

“Do what, hell no bri” again she gives me those puppy dog eyes and gets me to give in once more. She points me to sit at her desk and I do so, damn woman just like her mother

“Did mom ever do your makeup?”

“No. but she’s painted my nails before” I frown

“Stop frowning dad, you’ll have wrinkles”

“What do you know about wrinkles, im thirty nine bri it’s natural to have damn wrinkles”

“Wow you’re really young dad ” she smiles “how old were you when you and mom met?”

“Uhm. Don’t use this against us in the future, I was 24 she was 18”

“Holy shit dad that’s pedophile like”

“Watch your damn mouth Brianna”

“You say it”

“I’m also an adult”

“You don’t always act it”

“I’m gonna to ground you”

“What why?!”

“You’re back talking” she rolls her eyes so I flick her, she continues doing my damn makeup until Her phone rings, I didn’t want her to have a phone but not y/n fucking insisted she needed a phone

. “Hi mom” she answers, ahh speaking of the female devil “he’s next to me why?” She has a worried look on her face “okay here, mom wants to talk to you”


“Why do you sound like your both in trouble? What’d you do?”

“Nothing babe I swear, except for miss little smart mouth over here is back talking”

“Oh she’s fifteen Derek get used to it, what do you want for dinner and do not say whiskey and pizza or so god help us both”

“Damn chill ma, Buffalo Wild Wings I dunno why don’t we just go eat when you get home”

“Fine, you two both better be ready” we hang up and bri looks at me with a disgusted look

“what?” I laugh

“Ma?” She shivers “gross dad” I roll my eyes at her. She finishes the makeup

“I look like a god damn drag queen” she starts laughing

“Wow you are one sexy beast” she Laughs sarcastically why is she so much like her mother.


I pull into the drive of mine and Derek’s house, I go in

“Guys I’m home lets go!!” I shout, Derek bri both come down stairs

“Mom look I made dad look sexy!”

“Oh good god my own husband looks better I. Makeup than i do” he comes over to me trying to kiss me “get away you weirdo” he laughs and kisses me anyways, I take a picture of it then one of all three of us, my weird little family it’s growing tho also!

“Bri go change into something decent”

“Why” she whines

“Because you’re not wearing short shorts and a tank top to dinner go” she stomps up the stairs “brat” I mumble, Derek comes back from the kitchen with a Makeup free face

“How was work”

h “Long and tiring” I wrap my arms around his neck “I couldn’t wait to get back to you guys” he leans in and kisses me and moves to my neck

“Uhm ew guys I’m right here” bri says “keep it in your pants dad” Derek smacks the back of her head

“watch your mouth” We leave and go to Buffalo Wild Wings, Derek Drove bri was being a hyper little shit

“Mom, you were 18 when you met dad that’s child molestation!”

“Brianna Nicole” I laugh “no it wasn’t I was of legal age to date your father”

“Wasn’t so much of dating at first” he mumbles I smack him

“What?” She asks

“Nothing he was being stupid bri don’t listen”

“Did he say you weren’t planning on dating?” Her mouth falls open “DID YOU GUYS JUST PLAN ON FUCKING AND NEVER SPEAKING AGAIN?!”

“Brianna Nicole luh! Watch your mouth! ” I look at her “speak like that again you’re grounded for two months”

“Sorry sorry…” she says

“And it wasn’t like that, your dad is a music artist that type of thing happens at concerts which is why you’re never going to one” I say

“Sides, I knew from the moment I met your mother I wanted more than a one time deal Bri” Derek says so not helping

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, that when I saw your mother I was literally out of breath, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her and what I said as the immature adult that I was ‘god fucking damn she’s hot’ so your uncle kev and then invited her back stage and it’s history from there” he looks at her through the mirror

“So you knew from the minute you saw her you loved her?” Her smile widens

“Yeah I guess so” he smiles, we get to Buffalo Wild Wings, Bri starts shivering once she gets out of the car “should’ve brought a jacket”

“Don’t mean rude dad”

“Derek for heavens sake give your daughter your jacket” he groans and gives it to her

“Way to be mature dad” she scoff

s “How many sir?” The host asks

“Two and children’s menu” he says

“Dad I’m not a child” After their argument we finally got a table, Derek next to me and Bri In front of us.

“How are your grades at school?” I ask, she had a half day today

“I’m failing biology”


“I’m trying I just get things mixed up mom it’s hard and the teacher won’t help me” I sigh and nod, note to self call the school.

Half way through dinner, Bri is talking about some boy at school while Derek tries to keep his cool about, I notice his hand on my inner thigh he’s always in the mood at the worst dam. Times I smack his hand away

“So guys I have something to say” they both look at me “you can’t be mad”

“What babe?”

“Mom you look pale are you okay?”

“Yeah just feeling a little nauseous I’ll fine” I say “but -hold that that thought excuse me Derek ” Derek moves and I go to the bathroom and find myself throwing up. I was never this sick with bri. Which makes me think maybe I’m having a boy. I wash out my mouth and wash my hand and go to them

“Are you okay y/n?” Derek asks worried “bri help your mom out to the car while I pay”


“Wait guys,” I say they both look once again “I’m pregnant” bris mouth falls open and Derek quickly stand up tripping over his feet

“Are you serious right now y/n?” He asks

“Yeah, were having another baby Derek” he Hugs me and kisses

“I’m gonna be a sister?!” Bri asks excitedly

“You’re not mad or anything?”

“No mom I’m finally gonna be a big sister!” She practically screams, Derek pays and we go home, Derek knowing from my first pregnancy he stops at the store and grabs two big jars of pickles , ice cream and cotton candy. Once we get back home Bri goes to bed, leaving it just Derek and I, Derek comes down from changing and telling Bri goodnight, she loves her dad tucking her in, she’s a daddy’s girl even though they don’t always get along. I catch Derek taking picture of me with my ice cream and pickles

“Hey asshat”

“Hey babe” I roll my eyes at him and continue to eat my pickles, he sits next to me pulling me closer to him “I can’t believe we’re having another baby”

“Happy?” I ask looking up at him

“very fucking happy” he kisses me and steals a pickle fucker. “Now I can talk about something new with the guys” I laugh

“What have you been talking about?” I ask

“How much Bri is like you”

“Oh really how so?”

“She’s sarcastic, she can get me to do anything just like you can, and has your eyes your laugh and smile, and Attitude ” he says “it’s a certain look you guys pull on me that gets me to do anything you fucking want me too” during his talking I finished my pickles and put a mint in my mouth I hate pickle breath

“Like what like this” I moved everything to the coffee table and straddle him “let’s have sex”

“Babe no” knowing exactly what face he means I pull the pouty puppy dog look “no” I’m not going to give up, Bri is in bed , I’m in the mood I always get what I want

“Derek please” I whine “let’s do it while we can before I get to fat”

“You’re not going to get fat, our baby is growing” he says

“Youre no fun” I turn off the tv and turn everything off and go upstairs to room

“Stop pouting just because I said no” he says “I can tell you’re tired and don’t feel good” I hate that he was right. I sigh and change into some shorts and a Tshirt

“I hate that you right” he lays next to me and rubs my stomach making me fall asleep.



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“Oh my god, I can’t believe he’s an actual, real human being.”

You could only nod your head in agreement as you stared at the television screen. You and one of your closest friends were watching Captain America: Civil War (for what had to be the hundredth time) and you had to admit, the visuals in this film were far more appealing than any of the previous films. Especially the scenes involving Captain America and the tight gray t-shirt.

“Honestly,” she continued as she stared at the screen (she’d paused it on the helicopter scene), “how is he real? He is actually the definition of perfection.”

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Prompt for klance? Once finds a drink aboard the ship and doesn't know that it's considered Altean liquor and it's hard.

A bored Lance was never a good Lance. When he was bored, he would go searching for something to do, and it was usually not somewhere that he was supposed to go.

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Always Keep Fighting - Jared Padalecki x Reader

Title: Always Keep Fighting

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word count: 2,951

Warnings: Language, Bullied Reader, Self Conscious Reader

Summary: Reader does not want to show Jared, her boyfriend, how much his Always Keep Fighting campaign affects her because she doesn’t want to look vulnerable. Jared finds out of course.

A/N: Hey, so guess who’s back from the dead? (no pun intended) So, I was planning on uploading this next week but decided against it. Here we go, hope you like it~! xx’

The clicking sound was the only thing that could be heard in the silence that had surrounded you, save for the occasional sniffles or sobs that left your throat without you really wanting to. You were alone though, nobody was home so you did not have to worry about having to explain why you were crying.

Well, Jared wasn’t home anyway. Because it was him that you lived with. You had been together for about a year now and when after a good few months you both realized that the relationship was getting serious he asked you to come and live with him. So here you were. In your shared bedroom crying your eyes out.

It was more like happy tears, though. Happy and proud, if you could describe them as that.

You were in your bedroom comfortably laying on your bed with your laptop on your legs; scrolling through the internet for what seemed like minutes but was in fact hours. You got carried away easily but it was not just some silly thing to pass your time, no. You were on Facebook, on Jared’s page, scrolling through pictures and videos when of course one with him wearing his Always Keep Fighting T-shirt and asking the fans to write him in the comments all the good things that the campaign had done for them.

One comment followed the other and soon you had ended up reading at least half of them ,and they were many, and of course unable to stop your tears.

You couldn’t help it, though. Reading all those comments made you realize just how important this was. You realized that it actually helped a lot of people going through really hard phases and you couldn’t help but smile even through your tears at reading all of their ‘Thank you’s directed to Jared and all of the things they said to thank him for helping them through their hardships.

You brushed away a few tears with your sleeve and kept reading a couple more of their comments. You honestly couldn’t be more happy and proud about him than you were right now. Sure, you were proud ever since the beginning of this, when he told you of his idea for the shirt but seeing actually so many people being affected (in a positive way) by it meant a lot to you. It did mean a lot to you that you could see so many people finding the comfort they were looking for in all of this. The comfort that you always looked for.

Maybe you had never said it out loud or confessed it to Jared, or anybody else for that matter, but all of this did have an effect on you, too. You actually were just like those people, going through a difficult period in their lives and in need of somebody to tell them that this would be over and that all they had to do is to keep fighting.

You didn’t dare say it to anybody, especially Jared, but this campaign really affected you. Just like with all those people.

You could not deny that you had had a hard childhood. Being always a shy person you didn’t get to have many friends but were nonetheless happy with the few you got, because you knew that they were just like you and you felt accepted among them. It was when you had to move that things started going downhill. It was around the time you had to go to high school and being the new student plus shy and self conscious in a completely new high school really was a bad combination. The high school years were literally the worse of your life. You didn’t get to make many friends but aside from that, being bullied was actually a nightmare. You were not like the other girls, really pretty or popular - most of them were actually sluts if you were honest -, and you surely did pay attention to the lesson and were a good student. But that only provoked them all the more. You didn’t know what you had done wrong, you never payed attention to them or said anything about them but obviously they didn’t need a reason to pick up on you anyway. And what hurt the most was the words they said at you. If you concentrated well enough you could still hear them, ringing in your ears.

Worthless. Useless. Fat. Ugly. You could still hear them say those words to you and they honestly hurt like bullets going through your skin. Even after all these years it was hard for you  to believe that they were not true. What they would keep telling you, constantly pointing out with laughter, was not true. Even now when Jared would compliment you, you found it really hard to believe it because all the things they kept telling at you had been imprinted in your mind. So much that you had come to believe them. Brushing off with a fake smile Jared’s compliments was all you did, not wanting him to suspect anything. Not wanting him to think you were weak.

Jared. Oh Jared. Ever since the beginning of your relationship you always had doubts. You always had doubts on whether he really liked you or not. On whether you were good enough or not. On whether all of this was real or just a dream you’d soon wake up from. Jared was handsome, in all meanings of the word, really good looking, nice and kind, sweet and all around perfect. And on top of that he was famous, and you were not. You really found it hard to believe why he would still be with you or why he had picked you out all of those girls that were there that first time you met.


You were drinking your coffee in silence and peace- well, you wished you could say silence and peace but that was not the case. No, not at all. The coffee shop that you visited almost every day and would rarely have many customers in the morning was now full. You were lucky enough to have come really early and get your coffee and sit on the far corner of the place where you could at least enjoy a little bit of privacy and-

Obviously that was not going to be the case today.

“Uhm sorry? Is this seat taken?” a gentle voice made you look up from your book to a man standing in front of you with a gentle smile that seemed all the more to widen when you looked at him, and glasses and a beanie on.

“Uh, no. No it’s not.” you said looking at him with almost narrowed eyes, thinking that you surely had seen him somewhere before.

“Uh then, would you- would you mind if I sat? The shop is full and the only nice and remote place to sit is this.” he said and you nodded, motioning for him to sit.

“Yeah, I have no problem. Just- I guess I could put some space between us in case, I dunno, you’re a serial killer or something” you said with a laugh, trying to break the ice and managing to as you heard him chuckle.

“Well, I don’t know. What would make you think so?” he asked with a smile (all too familiar let’s not forget) and sat down.

“Eh I guess because you’re looking for a remote area here while there are plenty of other seats” you said with a small shrug.

“Hey now, you are the one sitting in the remote area before I arrived. How do I know you are not a serial killer?” he smirked at you playfully and you laughed.

“Well, maybe because I am not the one wearing black glasses even inside a shop and hiding my true identity?” you asked with the same smirk.

He laughed fullheartedly and you could help but smile too “I guess you’re right on that one” he said and immediately took off his glasses.

“Name’s Jared” he said extending his hand for you to shake.

The smile almost fluttered from your face but that was impossible when you had Jared Padalecki right in front of you “Uh name’s (Y/n) and… I know” you said in a low voice.

“Oh so you’re a fan?” he asked with a smile and you nodded, mumbling a soft 'yeah’.

“Whow. Didn’t know we had such cute fans in our show” he said with a big smile and you would be lying if you said you were not blushing at hearing that.

“Thanks, I guess” you mumbled looking down at your hands and biting your lip.

“So… you’re not going to ask for an autograph or something? Photos? Even about what is going to happen next on the show?” he asked looking at you with a curious look when he saw you not act like any fangirl would.

“I- Well, you are here to drink your coffee and relax, obviously away from the spotlight. Otherwise you wouldn’t have wanted to sit here, away from eyesight. So I guess a nice chat would be enough for me-” you said and immediately added “- but t-that is if- if you want to of course. I-I could just read my book and not bother you at all” you ended up stuttering.

“Wow you truly are something unique” he looked at you with an awestruck look on his face.

“No, no I’m not” you mumbled mostly to yourself but of course he heard it.

“Pff nonsense” he scoffed at you “Do you really realize that you just refused all of that just because you’re thinking of whether I am in the mood or not?” he asked and you shrugged sheepishly.

“Well, I guess other than a serial killer you are human too, so you deserve some peace once in a while” you said with a small smile and he chuckled.

“Oh so now it is verified that I am a serial killer?” he raised an eyebrow, smirking at you “Damn, do you know how adorable you look when you blush?” he asked and it only made your cheeks burn even more hot.

“Hey, listen here you mister-!” you managed to gather all the courage you had “Just because I acknowledge you the right to being human doesn’t change the fact that you are still Jared Padalecki and standing right in front of me and that is kind of a deal, ok?” you said with crossing your arms, eliciting a laugh from him that only made you smile.

The conversation soon drifted from there to other topics and before you could realize it you had both been talking for hours. You got to find out that you had lots of things in common and as you expected it he was a nice guy and down to Earth, completely normal and modest, not a show off because he was famous and above all really sweet and funny.

One thing lead to another but when he had to go you couldn’t hide the disappointment you felt…

… nor the smile that spread on your face when he took your phone to add his number in your contacts, a heart next to his name and a wink along with a kiss on the cheek that had you blushing for hours.

-End of flashback-

You smiled even through your tears at the memory of that first meeting and the butterflies that you had clearly felt dance in your stomach. The nervousness you felt when a couple days later you called him so that he could have your number too and of course the relief and big smile that spread on your lips when you heard him say that he had been hoping that you would call him and that he couldn’t stop thinking about you. So cliche but true.

Even if it was hard for you to believe. It still is, but Jared always had a way with words, always, so there were moments that you believed that what he said was true.

Not that you were going to admit to him the doubts you had about yourself and your whole appearance in general. Who didn’t have their insecurities after all? But you just couldn’t voice them to Jared. Neither that nor how much his campaign was affecting you. He was most probably going to think you were weak and you honestly didn’t want to look so vulnerable in front of him.

So you just kept your thoughts to yourself. Smiling proudly whenever someone mentioned the Always Keep Fighting campaign and how much it helped them. And of course always finding the comfort you needed, and lacked during high school, in him and all of the things he said to the crowd whenever he spoke about it.

But you never were going to tell him, no. That was for sure. You-

“Baby?” Jared’s low voice made you jump, the laptop almost falling in the process.

You looked up from the closed screen to see him standing in the door of your bedroom with a deep frown on his face, his eyes gazing at you with a hurt look… or maybe a look of pity. You felt angry at yourself for not having realized that he was back.

Great now how do I cover this up? you thought bitterly to yourself clearly knowing that he had seen you crying.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n), what’s wrong? (Y/n) please tell me!” he started saying full of worry.

“Nothing Jared, don’t worry” you muttered shutting the computer off.

“No, no it’s not nothing. You were crying and that clearly is something to me!” he said firmly “Baby, please don’t shut me out. Please talk to me” he said and looked at you with puppy eyes.

“It’s n-nothing J-Jared, pl-please j-just-” you couldn’t utter more words as more and more tears started rolling down your cheeks and sobs escaped your throat, shaking your whole body.

“Oh no, no baby, no. Please don’t- (Y/n) please don’t cry- It’s ok- I’m - I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry if I did something wrong I-” Jared found himself unable to say more as he wrapped his arms firmly around you and you clang onto his shirt, face buried in his chest, crying your eyes out.

His face was buried in your hair an he was biting his lip really hard in order to keep the tears in. Seeing you like this broke him. He knew - or at least that’s how he had met you - to be the strong one in your relationship, maybe sometimes you seemed to be a little bit self conscious but Jared always took matters into his own hands to change that.

“Jared” you mumbled softly and he pulled slightly away so that you could move your face and look up at him “Thank you” you muttered.

“Wha-” he breathed out but before he could say more you cut him off.

“Thank you for all you’ve done. And thank you for offering me so much… much more than I could ever imagine and much more that I could ever deserve. Thank you” you rested your head in his chest again “Thank you for showing me that life is worth it and thank you for showing me how important it is to Always Keep Fighting.”

“(Y/n)…?” he trailed off “Baby, what do you mean with all this? What did you do? You’re scaring me…” he said in a whisper-y voice, fearing to hear what you might have done.

You chuckled slightly and wiped away your tears “Nothing, nothing. I just guess I needed to let it out but… I was probably wrong” you muttered looking down at your hands.

“What? No, no (Y/n), no! Don’t you dare say that again, ok? You have to let it out, baby. You must let it out, ok?…” he hesitated for a while before he spoke up again “Is this about the campaign?”
“Yeah” you muttered “I- I’ve been through a lot as a child, Jared. You- you kind of know that but- I just never had the support I needed to keep me going and this- this just is so motivating and it honestly made me think that I am worth it and that- I- damn I look so pathetic right now” you gritted your teeth, burying your face in your hands.

“No” Jared said firmly “No, you don’t. Don’t you ever say that, ok? You don’t look pathetic baby because you’re not. You’re human and it is completely normal. You just reached your breaking point and it is completely ok… That’s what you were trying to hide from me all this time?” he asked softly.

“Yeah” you only mumbled.

“Oh (Y/n), why though?” he asked looking deeply in your eyes and blushing a few stray tears from your cheeks.

“I- I just didn’t want you to think I am weak, Jared.” you said in a low voice and bit your lip.

“But baby, we all have our weaknesses. I do too. Everybody does. That’s what makes us human. Some show them, some don’t. But just because you showed them to me doesn’t mean I am going to think less of you. If anything…” he smiled “…Now I realize more that I love you more than anything else on this world.”

“I-I love you too, Jared. Very very much” you mumbled and he smiled, leaning down to kiss your lips softly yet firmly, like a promise.

A promise that he was always going to be there with you, even if he had to be far away, to remind you to…

Always Keep Fighting.