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Finding Home (2)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of drinking or alcohol? Some angst. Some Tonfoolery. (Get it? Tony + tomfoolery? Lol.)

Author’s Note: Hello, everyone! OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE THE REACTION I GOT FROM THE FIRST PART??? I wanted to say thank you to all of you individually, but I couldn’t keep up with it anymore lol. So, I’ll take this opportunity to say THANK YOU SO FRIGGING MUCH OMG!! I’m so glad to see that so many liked and enjoyed this fanfic, thank you!!!

Lol, moving on: sorry, this took a while. I had to do some Marvel research and fix the backgrounds of all the characters in this AU, mixing their MCU with a bit of the comics + reality checks, and lemme tell you, these are some fucked-up pasts. Not good for a supposedly light series of one-shots. But I’ll do my best to incorporate as well as respect that. Let me know if there are any mistakes! Enjoy!

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

2: accusation

n. a charge of wrongdoing.

This was a miracle. Arriving early, and to an empty classroom? You gave yourself mental applause as you stepped inside your first period, occupying your usual seat by the window. Looking out and pulling your jacket closer to yourself, you realized the world was quieter in the mornings. It could be that class didn’t start until twenty minutes from now, and most students didn’t arrive until five minutes before, but mostly, it was the gray sky, gloomy and heavy with cotton ball clouds, with winds growing harsh and cold but staying hushed. Others may see it as a darkening world, but for you, it was tranquility.


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@sectumsemprat a (late (i’m sorry omg)) birthday present for jocelyn!! you said forever ago that you liked hogwarts era drarry so here’s some slytherin!harry yule ball fluff. i hope you like it<3

“You ready, then?”

Draco looked up. The image of him and Harry in the mirror looked rather good if he were being honest, both of them done up in their dress robes and their hair slightly more in place than usual. Well, Draco’s was always in place. Harry’s on the other hand—   

Draco flicked a stray lock of hair from Harry’s forehead—Merlin, it just wouldn’t stay put—and straightened his robes. “Ready.”

Harry grinned at him through the mirror, looking slightly nervous but happy nonetheless. They’d arranged to meet the girls in the common room in a few minutes so they could all walk down to the Great Hall together, Harry bringing Daphne and Draco Pansy. 

“Just as friends,” he’d been sure to clarify to everyone. Pansy herself didn’t need any reminding, as she’d declared to Draco a month ago that she was extremely gay and if he had an issue, he could fuck off right then. There’d been no need for that, as he’d assured her he didn’t care who she liked as long as their crushes never overlapped. 

Which also was not an issue, judging by the information Pansy had gotten out of him after that. 

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Little Me | High School AU | Part 3


I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year x
In case you are confused about this the “-” in the middle of each pref means that it’s on another time. 

Read part 1 here

Read part 2 here

W A R N I N G - T R I G G E R I N G


“….O, by this count I shall be much in years, Ere I again behold my Romeo!” You read out from the script, crossing your legs, waiting for the next replay. As the silent felt on both of you, you let out a frustrated sigh.  ”Luke did you even practice?” You questioned, letting your script fall from in front of your head, towards your lap. Looking down from his script, he ran a hand through his hair. “I did practice some.” He mumbled, sinking further down his chair. “Fine. What is your next line?” You asked, teasing clear in your voice. “I eh..” He fumbled with the words, looking up at you for help. “Farewell I will omit no opportunity. That may convey my greetings, love, to thee.” “Right.” Luke remembered, his mouth changing to a straight line. “If you don’t have any interest in acting, why did a boy like you choose to be in the play?” You asked, making him lean forward towards you. “Why did a girl with such a lack of outgoing radiance choose to play the part as Juliet?” He fired back making your eyebrow raise. “Touché.” You leaned forward as well. “ I guess I’m full of surprises just like a football jerk like you.” “Oh so were going this way I see?” Luke asked, his blue orbs burning into yours. As you was about to say something cruel back, a knock from the door made you both snap your head up towards it, seeing Mrs. Chanre opening it. “I hope my favorite couple is ready to practice on stage.” She cooed, looking hopefully at you both. “Yeah we are.” You smiled, standing up from your chair. “Right Luke?” You asked sugar sweetly, making him groan. As you went on stage, Mrs. Chanre freaked out about so many things, but both you and her were surprised to see that Luke actually remembered the lines to the songs you were performing on stage. After practicing lines and music, all the student went home expect two.


“Sorry I didn’t practice.” Luke mumbled behind you, as you sat at the end of the stage, looking out at the empty audience, at the exact same spot you guys met only 3 weeks ago. “It’s ok.” You shrugged, looking behind you. His tall frame hovered over you slightly, before taking a seat next to you. “Y/N can I ask you a question.” “Yeah.” You shrugged, removing your hair to the right side of your shoulder. “You’re such a quiet girl. Why did you choose to try out as the part as Juliet?” Luke asked making you chuckle. “Everyone has this theory about me. Everyone thinks I’m this absence quiet girl. I feel like I’m so much more than that. I wanna show the whole world that I actually got some talent inside of me. I know this seems very weird because of my part as Juliet, but I’ve got stage fright – or I used to.” You corrected, your mind memorizing back in kindergarten when you forgot the words as the part as Cinderella. “ I feel kind of the same way.” The words made you snap your head up in confusion. “You forgot your lines when you played Cinderella?” You asked in confusion, making him laugh. “God no… But I have a passion as well. Everyone thinks that I’m just a selfish womanizer jock who doesn’t do anything else than hook up with girls, go to parties and play football. I feel like I’m so much more than that. I really enjoy singing. But the other jocks just laugh at me when I mention it. Not some of them though. It was Michael’s idea getting me the part as Romeo.” Luke explained, making your eyes go wide in surprise. “Remember Michael the light guy?” He asked making you nod. “Him, two of the other jocks and I consider starting a band.” “That sounds awesome.” You smiled, making him smile as well. “Yeah I feel like it too. We’re working on some punk pop music.” “Isn’t Michael the one with pink fluffy hair?” You asked with a raised eyebrow. “Oh yeah.. So much for being punk.” Luke trailed of making you laugh as well. Again a silent felt over you, but now it wasn’t as tense as the last one. “How about we go practice at my house tomorrow?” Luke suddenly announced, making you smile. “Yeah that’s sounds good.” You smiled, standing up with your backpack. “See ya later football jerk.” You snickered making him groan, but wave anyways. 


Walking down the path of books in the library you let your fingers slide over the different books, sighing happily about the peaceful atmosphere. As you grabbed one and pulled it out of the rack, you gazed on the front page, before pulling it back on its original place. As you was about to do it a figure made you almost drop the book in shock, your eyes going wide. “Hi Y/N.” Calum waved on the other side of the bookshelf, making you scuff. “Not you again.” You mumbled placing the book on its original place, walking down further against the bookshelf. “I’m still here.” Calum stated from the other side of the shelf, making you groan slightly. “What do you want?” You asked, crossing your arms, as you both got to the end of the bookshelf. “I was just wondering if you could like, eeh.” Calum trailed off, pulling on his hair slightly, “I was wondering if you could teach me some of the cool tricks you can do.” “What do you mean?” You asked in confusion, letting your arms fall to your sides. “You know, out at the field. You’re fantastic with a ball.” Cal explained making you blush. “You’ve seeing me playing?” You asked making him nod. “I could possible teach you some, yeah sure.” You mumbled making him smile. “But don’t get too excited I’m not that good.” You stated insecure, making him scuff. “You’re kidding.” Cal said in disbelief making you shrug. “The way you tackled Maranda. It was awesome.”  The words made a pinkish flush come across your cheeks as you let out a “thank you.” “The games for both boys and girls are up soon, and I really wanna make some good work.” “I know.” You mumbled, nodding. “Coach Hanson hasn’t been talking about anything else than that stupid game for so long.” You stated making Calum laugh. “He’s a bit of a pain in the ass.” Calum commented making you laugh. “Yeah but he’s a good coach.” You giggled, making Calum nod in agreement. “And he for sure loves you.” Cal winked making you blush.


“You’re late again.” You stated, as Calum came running down the field, his direction towards you. “I’m sorry, Mrs. I don’t even remember her name cause her classes is so boring, hold us back even though the bell had ringed.” He said out of breath, throwing his bag pack to the ground, before collapsing next to it. Laughing down at him, you placed yourself on his stomach, making let out a “puff” sound. “Shouldn’t we be practicing?” You smiled down at him, your hair falling down almost tickling his cheeks. “Yeah, but I’ve got a walrus sitting on my stomach, which make it slightly difficult to remove myself.” He commented making you gasp in a fake shock. “You idiot.” You groaned, smacking his chest lightly before removing yourself from him, pulling him onto his feet. |“Luke!” Maranda whisper yelled, making Luke look up at her from his seat, both of them skipping class.   What now?” Luke whined, lifting himself from the stool. “Look.” She pointed, making Luke scratch his eyes before looking towards her pointed finger. “Please tell me I’m just having a nightmare.” She whined, letting her head fall back. “Well as far as I can see it’s Y/N and Cal running around the field with a ball.” Luke replayed dumbly, making her groan. “For how long have they been doing this?” She hissed making Luke shrug. “I dunno. They’ve been teaching each other different tricks. He’s becoming really good and so is she.” Maranda gave Luke a death glare. “We gotta do something.” She exclaimed, stamping her foot on the ground in frustration. “ I don’t know, the guy is madly in love with her.” Luke said without knowing, but realized what he said; when he saw Maranda’s shocked expression. “You’re kidding right.” She said quietly, but with death in her voice. “Holy shit.” Luke muttered, making her groan, pulling on her hair slightly. “I can’t believe you guys. We need to separate them.” She stated, looking up at Luke. “Why?” Luke asked in confusion making her groan again. “Because she’s playing on the different team compared to us. She’s dangerous. And I don’t like it.” Pulling onto Luke’s arm, she gave you guys a last glance before heading towards the changing rooms down under the audience chairs of the field. “Come on I’ve got an idea.” She smiled, making Luke smile back unwell.  


”Wow your room is. Girly.” Michael said in surprise making you laugh. “Yeah, I like the color pink.” You trailed off, making him nod in agreement. “Did you draw all these?” He asked amazed, pointing towards the wall over your dresser, where you had filled it with different drawings and doodling. “Yeah.” You breathed, walking over to stand beside him. “I enjoy making it, like to express myself. Most of the doodling is made in classes.” You confessed, making him laugh. “Mrs. Woodsy is dry biscuit I understand.” Michael nodded walking over to your bed. “But what about the thing you were doing in class today.” “What about it.” You asked confused, sitting next to him, placing your bag by the bed. “That doodling I saw you making.” He refereed, sneaking his hand down your bag, taking your notebook out of it. Browsing through your notes and doodle, he finally found it, showing it to you. “Oh.” You said quietly, looking towards where his thumb was pointing. “You can talk to me Y/N I want you to know that.” Michael cooed, slightly rubbing your back. Letting out a big sigh, you fell back onto the back resting your body on the madras. “There was a point in my life where my parents were so close to get a divorce. There were fights every night, and I had to go in to my little brother’s room, trying to comfort him. We were both crying together and I don’t know why but I felt like it all was my fault. After some bad episodes, I did it for the first time. Then a second time, and when my vision started to blur I knew I had to stop. I haven’t done it since. But after it, I had the feeling that I had to demonstrate against anything that appreciated me.” You mumbled the last part, looking over at Michael too see his depressed face. “I’m sorry Y/N.” Michael mumbled, not knowing what to say. “It’s ok.” You smiled. “It’s the past. Now do you want some cookies? “


“I’m almost at you’re house Y/N.” Michael mumbled, with his phone in one hand, and the other controlling his bike. “Are you crazy.” You screamed through the phone, making him jump slightly on his bike in shock. “You told me to come.” Michael laughed, as he turned at the corner, now seeing your house in view. “Yeah, but I didn’t expect you to come at 11AM! You protested, trying to find some clothes in your room. “You’ll survive.” Michael concluded, before placing his bike up against your garage. “I’m at your porch now.” Michael smiled, looking up at your window. “The door is open.” You mumbled, occupied with something else. “Okay.” Michael said in satisfaction, opening the door to your house, practically inviting himself in. Hanging his jacket on one of the racks, he headed towards the stairs, wondering what was taking you so long. “Y/N I don’t even care if you’re naked, I’m coming in.” Michael stated, smiling to himself at his comment. “No plea-“ Before you could alarm him about anything Michael opened your door, but when he saw you he was frozen. “Y/N?” He said in disbelief but it came out more as a question. “Yeah, you mumbled quietly, removing some of your hair out of your face. “What’s wrong?” You asked, even though you knew the answer .“Y/N.” Michael breathed. “You’re a babe!” He exclaimed, blinking his eyes repeatably, trying to memorize the moment. “I’m not.” You protested, making him scoff. “I’m just not wearing my usually clothes okay?” You said, referring to the not so emo outfit you were wearing, the make-up simple instead of war paint, and the hair loose instead of your hoodie covering your curly locks. “I think I’m in love.” Michael mumbled, making you furrow your eyebrows together. “I mean- I brought our science project.” Michael smiled, saving himself from another awkward moment. “Uhm can you tell me why, you dress like the queen of death?” Michael asked, as you both sat on your bed, tipping different notes into your laptops. Letting out a sigh you pushed the laptop away from you before looking at Michael. “I’m trapped in the character. Imagine what people would say if I came to school like this. They would think I’m mental crazy.” You explained, before taking your laptop again. “And Y/N?” “Yes Michael?” You breathed looking up at the now nervous looking Michael. “I’ve wanted to ask you for a while now, but haven’t had the balls to ask you.” “Spit it out Cliffo.” You smiled, and he took a deep breath. “Will you go to the prom with me?”


”but watch out, a bird is in the way of the intimidate moment. What the hell is that supposed to mean.” You laughed, leaning back against the armrest of the couch, having your legs lying on Ashton’s lap. “I dunno.” He mumbled, trying to concentrate about his geography assignment but got distracted every time you yelled up about something in the magazine you were reading. “What is your zodiac sign?” You asked, removing the magazine from covering your head. “Y/N I’m trying to concentrate could you please stay quiet for a second?” Ashton asked annoyed, making your eyes go wide. “The answer is cancer by the way.” Looking back at the zodiac signs you found the cancer, but choose to not read it out loud. “The girl is in a trap but watch out; before you know it everything will change.” Raising one eyebrow at the lines, you looked back up at Ashton to see his concentrated look. The way he bite the pencil, his eyebrow furrowing in confusion and when the pencil weren’t in his mouth, it was down on the paper tapping along to a rhythm. “Why are you still working on that assignment?” You asked in confusion and Ash let out a scoff. “Oh sorry Ms I know everything about the world’s continental plates and how they work. I just don’t know how to make this assignment okay?” Ashton exclaimed frustrated, letting his head fall back onto the back of the cushion. You let out a pout as you saw how frustrated he was, and moved your body towards his, placing yourself on his lap. Snapping his head up, he saw you take the paper in your hands, reading the different questions. “Name a place where the continental plate “hot spot” is placed? Ash sweety this is easy.” You smiled, letting him groan some more. “Can’t you just do it for me please.” He pouted making you shake your head. “Pretty pretty please.” His pout got bigger, his eyelashes flashing. “Nope.” You replayed, poking him lightly on the nose with the pencil. Sneaking his arms around your waist, he pressed you down on the couch, letting his hands fall down to your sides to tickle you, and you let out some hysterical laughs rolling around trying to get out of Ashton’s grip. As Ashton stopped tickling you, you let out a sigh of relief, heavy breathings falling from your lips. “I hate you.” You breathed making Ashton laugh. “I really like you though.” He smiled, sneaking his arms around your waist again, kissing you repeatedly on the cheek. “Ash.” You mumbled, trying to get out of his tight grip. “This is getting disgusting.” You laughed. “That’s the point.” Ashton smiled.


Walking down the corridor of the school Ashton let out a shriek as someone grabbed his shirt, pulling him into a class room. “Are the rumors right?” Kathleen hissed, taking Ashton by surprise. “Shit Kath you scared me.” Ashton shrieked, looking confused at her. “I asked you a question.” She demanded her nostrils getting bigger in frustration as she spoke. “What rumors?” Ashton asked in utter confusion, pulling on his hair slightly. “Don’t give me that shit, is it true that some sophomores saw you at Y/N’s house here a couple of days ago?” Letting his hands fall from his hair to his sides, Ashton mumbled out a, “Yeah why?” looking up at her, his eyebrows furrowing a bit. “Are you fucking crazy?” She exclaimed raising her voice. “What did you do, wait no I don’t wanna know it.” She breathed, holding her head in her hand. “We were just making homework.” Ashton trailed off, making Kathleen scuff. “You could have been making homework with me?” she questioned pulling on her hair in frustration. “Well maybe I like her, did that thought come across your little piece of shit that you call your brain?” Ashton asked in frustration, tired of keeping secrets anymore. “You what?” She asked pulling her hand up towards her chest, being taken aback. But all of the sudden in the intense debate, Kathleen saw a shadow behind Ashton. Seeing you stare back at her in a mix of blank and confusion, she breathed heavily before a smirk came across her face. “Why are you smiling?” Ashton asked in a stern voice, but was taking by surprise as Kathleen grabbed him by the collar, pressing her lips to his. Whilst kissing Kathleen made them turn around, making you get a full view of them, and as she pulled away from Ashton, her back towards you now, Ashton caught your eye. Not only were you wide eyed but Ashton was as well. “Y/N” he breathed, as he saw your eyes get watery but he didn’t had a chance to say something else as you ran out of the classroom, wanting to get away as fast as possible. 

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Nalu Fluff Week 2016
‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’
prompt:  festival
rating:  k
word count:  1462

Natsu stuffed a gob of fluffy cotton candy into his mouth.  He chewed the melting mass of sugar with the enormous piece of kebab still in there.  He hadn’t wanted to attend this particular festival, but Lucy begging him with puppy-dog eyes and promises of food had swayed his mind.  Food was what he’d concentrated on.  He ate everything that crossed his path and was now trying food in combinations.

“Mmf, an’ ooh!”

Lucy gave her head the tiniest of shakes.  As often as she’d yelled at her partner for talking with his mouth full, he’d never absorbed the lesson.  Not once.  She sighed and face palmed.  "I can’t understand what you’re saying with a mouth full of meat and sugar!“

"I wanna try that!”  He pointed to another food stand.  It had a smiling picture of a squid holding smiling miniatures of itself on skewers.   Lucy shuddered at the macabre image but allowed Natsu to drag her over.

Purchasing a dozen grilled squid, he gobbled three without breathing before handing Lucy one.  Natsu offered one to Happy who then snatched two and flew away cackling.  Before he had time to get upset, the vendor handed him the rest of his order.  Natsu hooked Lucy with his elbow and walked away smiling.

“We gotta try some games next!”  Natsu nudged Lucy and grinned.  "I’m really good at targets.“

"So am I,” Lucy asserted, “Let’s see who hits the bulls eye most!”

“Great idea Lucy!  What do you wanna bet?”  Natsu tossed his empty skewers into a nearby trash can and then rolled up the sleeves of his outfit.

“Do we have to bet?”  Lucy sighed.  "Why is everything a competition with you?“

"It ain’t, but you must be chicken.”  Natsu chuckled, “You’re scared of me winning.”

“Oh, no I am not.  Winner gets to boss the loser.”  Lucy waved her arms.  The tiny purse dangling from her wrist swung and thumped against her side.  It was made out of the same blue silk as her festival kimono, patterned with tiny pink and yellow flowers.  She smiled sweetly, tucking a stray blonde curl behind her ear.  "Until we get home to Magnolia.“

"Yosh!”  Natsu pumped his arm in excitement.  "I win and we don’t have to take the train back!“

"That’s only if you win.”  Lucy surveyed the aisle of games on offer, her hands on hips.  "There’s so many to pick from, which one looks good to you, Natsu?“

"I dunno, there’s a lot to pick from.”  He turned around in a full circle.  "This festival is bigger than I expected.  We’re gonna have to take a full tour before we decide what game we’re gonna battle over.“  Natsu extended a hand and waggled his fingers, waiting for Lucy to grab hold.

Together they strolled up and down the crowed avenues of the festival.  The press of people encouraged Lucy to stay close to Natsu.  She smiled as he made an effort to shorten his steps, allowing her to keep pace.

"Let’s play that one!”  Natsu pointed at a small booth painted red with a pair of lips displayed on a banner overhead.  There was a long line of mostly men but peppered with women, winding over and around the back of the stall.  A handsome man and attractive female sat behind the counter of the booth.  

“Uh, that’s not a game Natsu.”  Lucy tried to steer him away, but he forged ahead, refusing to let go of her hand.  Again she tried to dissuade him, “Are you hungry?  I could buy you  some candy apples and rice balls?”

“Naw, this is what we should compete at.”  He pulled her closer to the booth.  "I’m gonna win for sure.“

"How on Earthland do you think we can compete at kissing?”  Lucy flushed brick red.  "I don’t want to kiss some stranger!“

"Well, duh!  You won’t be.”  Natsu frowned, staring at Lucy and then the pretty boy behind the stall.  "You’ll haffta kiss me.“

Her righteous ire sputtered and died.  "You want to kiss me?”  Lucy licked her lips, lost in her imagination.  The crowds were gone and it was only her and Natsu holding hands and looking at each other.  He smiled and stepped closer.

The dragon slayer smirked at Lucy.  "How else are we gonna compete against each other?  We’ll see who’s better at it, and the person who cries for mercy is the loser.“

Lucy lost her smile.  "Oh?”  Her anger and pride flashed in her eyes.  "OH?“  Her voice gained an octave.  "Now it’s on Mister Dragneel.”  Lucy grabbed Natsu by an ear and dragged him away from the kissing booth.

Lucy released her partner once they’d walked off the festival grounds.  She found a quiet clearing ringed with tall trees and bushes dotted with dark purple flowers.  She stomped a few more feet away from Natsu before turning to face him.  "Last chance to reconsider this challenge.“  Hands on hips, chest heaving with indignation, Lucy glared at her best friend.

Natsu fiddled with his scarf, down-cast eyes watching his sandaled feet scuffing the dirt.  "I’ve got just as much chance at winning as you do.”  He raised his head and pouted.  "All those other games were just stuff you do by yourself.  I wanna …"  His words trailed away.  Lucy watched him gulp, and it was like she could feel the painful lump in her own throat.  "I want to have fun with you, and I thought we could make it kinda like a game.“

Lucy deflated.  Her anger was rapidly replaced by concern.  "Kissing isn’t a game.”

“I know.”  Natsu bit his lip, trudging closer to Lucy.  "But when I saw the kissing booth, I  saw how I could get what I want.“


“I’m not as dumb as everyone thinks I am.”  Dull red seeped up his neck and cheeks.  "I know what it means when you invite me out to a festival and you insist on dressing up in a yukata.  I know what it means when all the girls gather round and whisper advice to you Lucy.“  Natsu plucked at his matching robe.  "I chose to dress this way because you would like it.”  He hated the quiver in his voice but continued without pause.  "I know I like you.“

"…”  Lucy stood there struck dumb by the one thing she never expected; Natsu confessing.  She knuckled away a stray tear rolling down her cheek.  Her heart thundered.  Had she only heard what she’d wanted to hear?  Was she lost in a daydream again?

Natsu saw the tear and reacted the only way he could.  He dashed to his partner and gathered her up in a hug.  "I’m sorry I made you cry.  I just wanted you to know, you don’t gotta like me back.“  He put more warmth in his hug, leaning his head on her shoulder.  "I’m sorry Lucy.”

Lucy squeezed Natsu back.  Finally she found her voice and spoke softly to him.  "I’m not crying.“  She let her fingers play with the curls on the back of his neck.  "One tear isn’t crying.  I was just kinda surprised is all.”  Lucy took a deep shuddering breath.  "I like you too, just so you know.“

"You sure about that?”  Some of the brash in Natsu’s nature asserted itself.  "Most happy people don’t cry.“  He broke their embrace and settled his hands on her shoulders, searching her eyes.  "Do you like me how I like you?”

Overcome with emotions, Lucy could only nod her head, afraid to speak and choke on her words; or worse yet, cry a flood of tears.

A wide beaming smile broke on Natsu’s face, chased by a fleeting sly grin.  He licked his lips and moved his hands to cup Lucy’s chin.  Slowly he breached the distance between them, landing a feather soft kiss on her shiny pink lips.

Lucy sighed into the sweetest kiss she’d ever received; tender, slow and pure.

The two parted and stared wide-eyed at each other.

Lucy reached out to lay her hand over Natsu’s heart.  "Mine’s beating just as fast.“

"I,” Natsu kept his gaze fastened on Lucy, “I think our next kiss will be even better.”

“There’s only one way to find out.”  Lucy blushed, sure that the spark of excitement she saw in Natsu’s eyes was the same as hers.  "Maybe a kissing competition wouldn’t be so bad.“

"I knew you’d see things my way.”  Natsu grinned, proud of himself.

“Mmm, will you be singing the same tune when I win?”

“This is what you call a 'win-win’ situation Lucy!”  Natsu crowed, “Any which way you look at it!”

A huge cunning smile stretched Lucy’s lips and she grabbed the front of Natsu’s robe.  "Then shut up and kiss me.“

tails & talons - the slow burn

I waited so long to finally write this chapter x) Have some feels. \o/
Also shandisworld’s amazing art gave me an idea for his hair which I added here hehehehe. You’re all welcome. ;)

Part (12) of my NaLu Florist/Tattooartist AU series
check out the amazing art for this fic: here
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The scent of heaven - or what heaven most likely smelled like - still lingered in the air. With a full tummy and a happy sigh, Lucy Heartfilia dropped down onto her beloved couch, lifting her laptop from the small table in front of her and lovingly placing it into her lap.

She deserved this.

After all, she had just cooked what could only be described as the best Spaghetti al Vino Bianco in existence. A quick glance at the brazen wall clock told her that it was just past 10pm, so she had enough time to indulge in an episode or two.

Or more. It was Saturday, and it wasn’t like she had any plans…

The thought of a certain rosy-haired someone came creeping in, menacing questions about what he might be doing right now that was better than her company, and she quickly distracted herself with the touchpad, scrolling along the page to keep her thoughts in line.

It didn’t work too well.

Lucy gave an annoyed sigh. She had managed to distract herself all day - had cleaned the flat, had finished reading her copy of The One Plus One, had even rearranged some furniture in her bedroom. But he always managed to sneak his way back into her mind as soon as she became careless and let her thoughts wander.

He probably had gone out on a date after all.

With a huff, she slammed her finger down to left-click on an episode of New Girl. Some light-hearted soap opera would be best. Especially since the finale of Game of Thrones this week had left her a wreck. She wasn’t sure she could ever get over the tragedies. This show would be the end of her. If the wait for it didn’t kill her first.

The doorbell rang.

This was new.

“What the hell…” Lucy mumbled to herself as she was forced out of her cozy position. “…at this time…”

Whoever it was, she would have to get rid of them. After all, she was already in her pyjama shorts and an old t-shirt with heart prints. Her messy bun completed her look of self-pity. The only thing that was missing was a bucket of ice cream, she realized with a chuckle.

No one would want to stick around with her like this anyway.

Surpressing a yawn, she opened the door.


“Hey, Lucy,” he smiled sheepishly.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

His face fell.

“Should I leave again?”

But something in the way he held himself, in the way his head dropped and his shoulders sank, made her reconsider her initial reaction. Natsu seemed horribly down, even with his usual charme still present on his face.

“Sorry, I was just… so surprised. How rude of me!”

“Ah, it’s you, so I’m not surprised.”

He grinned, propping himself up on the doorframe. His eyes dropped from her face and fixed themselves on a point far too low for her taste. He was still smiling. Even bigger, now.

“Are you drunk?”

“Just a tiny bit,” he mumbled and lifted his hand in front of her face, spreading thumb and index finger to show her just what exactly a ‘tiny bit’ was. 

“So you decided to visit me, of all people?”

“Dunno. I just… wanted to see you, that’s all.”

Lucy’s heart nearly failed her. How could he say such a thing so casually? Or was he that drunk? He seemed fine to her. Buzzed, certainly, but still fine. She could feel heat take over her skin.

“Ah damn, I should just leave. I really don’t wanna waltz in and turn your day to shit.”

“What’s wrong, Natsu?”

Pure concern shone on Lucy’s face now, and she stepped aside to let him in. “Let’s get you inside, okay? You’re not 'turning my day to shit’, promise.”

“Well…" Longingly, he peeked at the couch he had admired the last time he had picked her up. Suddenly, a grin played around his lips. "If you insist.”

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This Means War. Part Two.

Other MMFD Fanfics by me- HERE

This Means War. 

Set the summer after their first year of college is over. 
The gang get into a pranking war.


Part One •


This Means War. Part Two


I was on edge.

It was Saturday morning and the gang was supposed to be meeting up at the chippie at noon.

Half of me wanted to stay at home, lock and bolt my bedroom door. Was Chop really going to ‘prank’ me? Maybe Finn was over reacting?

However baby Bouchtat was screaming the place down and I was about seven seconds away from screaming or shooting myself in the head. Both of which would not end well.

When Finn dropped me at home after, well yesterday, he kind of made up an excuse and went home.

So I didn’t get any more info about what had happened with Archie when Chop had pranked him. Over a cheesecake? I never knew Chop pranked anyone?

Archie had ignored my phone calls all last night. Chicken shit.

What was Chop going to do?

It wasn’t even my bloody fault.

Such bullshit.

I swear to fucking god if Chop does anything to me, I am pranking Finn and Archie.

Even if Finn, delicious sexy as fuck Finn, is my boyfriend I am not letting him get away with it.

One of the two of them was to blame for this.

If that ball hadn’t hit me and knocked me down then the frisbee would never of gone off course and the entire cake fiasco would never of happened.

Which one was it? That was the bloody question!

The two of them had been acting dodgy since it had happened. Maybe it was both of them.

Finn had run off home when normally he would of stayed at mine until Mum kicked him out.

Then more often then not an hour or so later, once he had driven home and then walked back, he would climb in through my bedroom window and stay the night.

I was pretty sure than Mum knew that he snuck in most nights but she didn’t say anything.

Plus if she did I could say she must be loosing it, from the lack of sleep all of us are getting from the new addition to our family.

You would think that after six months, more than that now, we would have no more interuppted nights of her screaming.

Apparently Karim and Mum made some kind of super baby that still wakes up multiple times a night attempting to break some kind of loudness record each night. That was bullshit too.

At least it was summer now.

Which meant I didn’t have to get up early for classes.

Didn’t have to stay up late to finish essays and homework.



As I waited outside I noticed that I was’t the last one here. Where’s Chlo’?

The other four were all sat down at the back of the Chippie.

It took me more than one try to push myself to finally open the door and walk inside.

Finn and Archie had their backs to me and Chop and Izzy sat opposite them.

Oh god Chop.

The closer I got, I heard Finn speaking.

“I mean it Chop” he sounded angry. Fucking hot. Gush “Don’t do it, it won’t end well for any of us

Chop though, well he rolled his eyes.

“Well I’m still doing summet no matter what you say Finn” he glared at my boyfriend. Oh god what is going on? I knew that I should of stayed at home today.

None of them had noticed me come in until Izzy looked up as Finn huffed in annoyance.

“Rae!” Izzy jumped up and hugged me “Finn’s told Chop no funny business” she whispered in my ear so only I could hear.

“Ok” I gave her an off smile as she pulled away with one of her huge ones.

“Alright girl” Finn stood and kissed me on the lips.

Oh god those lips.

They almost made me forget that Chop was sat in the same room. Oh, there are the nerves back again.

I should of been annoyed at him for leaving me yesterday once he had taken me home, but he was to damn sexy to be mad at right now. He had one of those button shirts on that made me hot under the collar. Damn him.

“Raemundo” Chop smirked at me. Oh bollocks.

“Chop” I glared at him.

“I told you, no bullshit today Chop!” Finn laced our fingers together as we stood at the edge of the table.

“I didn’t agree!” Chop shouted while I said “I didn’t even do anything”. Ok, maybe I shouted to. Louder. Sue me.

“Shut up you lot or you’re out!” The woman behind the counter shouted.

“I mean it or me and Rae are off!” Finn ignored her and shouted at his friend. I smiled. Sexy.

“Dunno what your smiling at Raemundo, it will happen”

“I didn’t even do anything, it was one of these two” I pointed to Finn and Arch.

“Oi!” They both shouted.

“I am not telling you lot again!” The woman was getting annoyed now.

“Well, its been nice catching up but I have other people to see and places to be” And with that Chop waltzed out of the chippie. Leaving all of us stunned.

“He doesn’t even have any other friends!” Archie laughed.


“Don’t just stand there Rae!” Mum shouted. Was that sick on her shoulder.

I was going to tell her, I swear I was but then she huffed and threw the dirty baby blanket at me. Oh gross.

“Oh my god Mum!” It stunk of baby sick. Great.

“I’ll go and get your washing then”

As soon as I had walked through the door, after Archie had dropped me off, she had been banging on and on about absolute shite.

“You do that” I muttered as she disappeared up the stairs.

I don’t know what she was moaning about. I put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket that she put in my room. Jesus.

All of a sudden there was a loud clatter followed by a scream. Holy shit what was that?


“Oh bollocks” I quickly ran up the stairs.

“Holy shit” I burst out laughing when I got to my bedroom door.

There was my mum standing inside my room with a right face on. She was covered in bright green…. wait is that slime? Holy crap.

“What the hell Rachel!” She wiped the goo that was covering her eyes away.

“What?” Don’t laugh again. She will smack yah.

“What is this?” Good question.

“Wait a second” I got closer and with one finger felt the green goo covering my Mum. What is this stuff.

Oh my god “Did you let Chop in here?” Is this what he meant when he left the chippie. This was the place he had to come? Oh bollocks.

He did this?” she pretty much growled.

“Well it sure as shit wasn’t me!” I told her. I know I was mental, but I wasn’t that fucking mental. Give me some credit.

It was all over the cream carpet, up the walls, over the door and some had even splashed onto my bed.

If that stuff has ruined any of my CD’s or posters I am going to fucking kill him!

“What Is happenin’ Lin-da?” Karim’s voice came from the bottom of the stairs. Oh god.

“No!” Mum tried to push me out of the way so she could shut the door before her husband saw her but he made it upstairs before she could.

One look at her and he started laughing so hard he bent over. For a second I was worried he was going to fall over. 

“Not funny” she angrily crossed her arms over her chest. Sending blobs of slime flying.

“Its a little funny” I told her with a chuckle.

“What is this about Rae? Why is my house looking like a kids gameshow?”

“Chops a twat!” What else was there to say?

“Nothing else to add?”

“I….he…..” No.

“Right, this needs cleaning up!”

“I’m not cleaning it up, It wasn’t me who did it!” Not happening.

“Karim, pull yourself together, Jesus” he was now on the floor trying to breath through his laughter. He even had tears running down his face. She is going to kill him if he ain’t careful.

“It was Chop who put a bucket of slime on my door, and you’re the one who let him in, in the first place, so its kind of your fault”

“Don’t push me Rae” she wiggled a slime covered finger at me “He told me you forgot some cd and he drove over to get it for you”

“And you believed him?” I couldn’t believe it “Didn’t you wonder why he had a bucket when he came up?”

“I didn’t bloody see it Rae, he had a bag, thought it was for footie or something!”

“You should never of let him in here!” He never came over unless the rest of the gang are here anyway. What was she thinking?

“Well, I won’t again, will I!”

“Mum” I sighed and picked the bucket up that was laying between our feet. It still was at least a quarter full. He is such a twat.

Where did he even get this stuff?

“Leave that where it is Rae” Mum told me with amusement to her voice “What’s his phone number?”

“Chop’s?” Oh my god is she going to have a go at him? I wish I could see his face when he answers the phone to my Mum screaming at him! That would be bloody priceless.

“Actually” she clapped a hand on my shoulder.

“Mum” I shreaked and jumped out of her touch. I didn’t want slime on me. Thank you very much.

“Do you still have his old house number?” huh?

“Wait” I laughed “you mean his parents phone number?”

“Yes, I am going to have a word with Mrs Peters” Amazing.

“You’re telling on him” To his mum?

“Look at me Rachel” It was a right sight to see, and that had been so close to being me. Jesus “Of course I am, that little shit” she stormed past Karim who was hyperventilating as he laid on his side on the carpet.

“Mum, you’re going to get slime all over the house!” I shouted after her. Blobs had already fallen off of her and were now on the carpet and wallpaper. Oh boy.

She simply shouted without turning “Well, he will have to just come over and clean the place up won’t he!”

“Oh my god” I muttered as Karim finally begun to get a hold of himself.

“That, bester, ever, sawn” he got out.

He wasn’t wrong.

It was one of the best things I have ever seen too.


Piano Lessons

Asgore is invited over to Toriel’s house to give Frisk music lessons

Toriel stretched and sighed as she straightened her back. The oven was on, the freshly made pie slowly turning golden brown in the blistering heat. Her chest rose and fell with a heavy breath as she thought about the occasion– Asgore was coming over to spend time with Frisk. Things were still tense between the old monarchs, the scars, despite being old, were far from fully healed. But, it was what Frisk wanted, and she couldn’t say no to her child, especially when she asked so nicely.

Three knocks echoed from the foyer, waking Toriel from her thoughts. An ‘I got it!’ chimed from the living room, Frisk absolutely giddy to spend time with the larger goat. The retired queen wiped her hand off of her apron and walked into the dining room, watching as Asgore picked up and hugged the ecstatic human.

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remellarkable-deactivated201504  asked:

Drunk Drabble challenge if you choose to accept it: Everlark accidentally get drunk in a really fancy restaurant.

Lololol ok. I can’t guarantee the quality of this because it’s well past midnight and sangria, but I’ll give it a try…


“It’s not that expensive, Katniss.”

She folded her arms across her chest indignantly. “It is!”

Peeta sighed, reached across the table to lace his fingers through hers. “I don’t care how much it costs, and it doesn’t matter either way. Will you just let me buy it? For us? For tonight?”

She looked at the menu again, swallowed heavily at the price. If the wine cost that much, how much did the meals cost? How much did the tablecloths cost? Probably more than her entire years salary. “But it’s-“

“Katniss, please,” he interrupted her. “Just let me, ok? How often do we do anything like this?”

Katniss studied her husband of one year in the low light of the fancy-pants restaurant they’d come to for their anniversary, at the way his blue eyes practically pled with her to say yes. She knew how hard he’d tried to make this night perfect, and she also knew he’d been dying to try the food at the new restaurant on the corner of Arena and Capitol Streets for months. Sighing quietly, she leant back in her seat, and knew she couldn’t deny him this. If he wanted this particular wine from the Burgundy region of France to go with their meal, who was she to say no? After all, it was his anniversary as much as hers, and with the hours he’d been putting in at the bakery, and into their own home renovations, he deserved it. So, with a simple nod of her head, she said yes.

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What's He Called, Daddy?

I was holding the family snake last night and was inspired.


They wanted a puppy. Well… Ian wanted a puppy. Mickey didn’t care and he wasn’t looking forward to having his boots chewed up and doing all that training, so he was actually silently relieved when Ian got off the phone bitching about how the landlord wouldn’t allow a dog in their apartment.

But Ian still felt the need to expand their small family of three; the redhead, Mickey and now three year old Yevgeny, who was being raised by both men since Lana was deported. They went to the pet store, Ian holding Yev’s hand as they walked along all the enclosures. “Yo, what about this one?” Mickey pointed toward one of the glass displays in the reptile section.

“A snake? Why?” Ian turned up his nose.

Mickey shrugged. “I dunno… he looks chill.”

“Ball pythons are in fact very docile and usually mellow creatures,” an employee pointed out as she walked up to them. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Yeah,” Mickey said, watching her move to open the snake’s enclosure. She gently lifted it out and it curled around her arm where she kept it for a moment so he could get comfortable being out. Mickey petted his scaly smooth body gingerly with the back of his finger until she unwound the snake and handed it to the man where it recoiled around his wrist. “I like’im,” Mickey turned to his boyfriend, his eyes pleading.

“Well… he is kinda cute and Yev seems interested,” Ian admitted, laughing at the toddler reaching trying to touch the reptile in his father’s hand. “What’s it like to care for one of these things?”

“It’s actually a breeze. Get him a good enclosure and the proper light and make sure he always has water in his dish and you’re good to go.”

“What about feeding?”

“For his age and size, I’d say two mice once every week and a half to two weeks.”

“That’s all?” Mickey looked shocked and he was sold. “C’mon… he’s so cool and I want Yev to not be scared of snakes and stuff.” The fact that Mickey actually sort of had a great motive for this was enough to sell Ian as well.

“Is he safe to have around our toddler?” Ian asked. Mickey smiled to himself and had that twinkle in his eye when Ian referred to Yevgeny as ‘their’ son. He really was theirs after all. Ian loved the boy like he was his own flesh and blood.

“Sure, just make sure he’s always supervised. Also, these guys are head shy and don’t like a lot of sudden movement so try to teach the little one to be gentle.”

“Alright. Will he like… try to strangle the kid?” Mickey asked.

“They do coil tightly to get comfortable so keep him from getting around his neck. But no, he won’t actually try to constrict. He knows he can’t take on something so much bigger than him so…”

Mickey eyed the snake who seemed quite comfortable in his hand. “We’ll take him.”

“Awesome! Follow me and I’ll show you what else you need,” the employee said, leading them to a nearby isle.

“What’s he called, daddy?” Yev asked Mickey, looking at the snake intently.

Mickey thought for a minute. “Carlos.”

“Aww, Mick… because of-”

“Shut it,” Mickey cut Ian’s question off. But it was true. He was naming the pet after the person that supposedly stopped him from being arrested before and gave him an opportunity at a future with his child and his boyfriend. “It’s a cool name.” Ian just smiled and rolled his eyes; he wasn’t brushed away when he rubbed Mickey’s back for a short moment. Not anymore.

A week later, Ian came home and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw the snake laying on the toddler. “Mickey! Quick! Get him off!”

“Shh! Chill,” Mickey huffed, pointing to a napping Yevgeny on the couch. He had his blankie over him and on top Carlos was curled in a pile, sleeping as well. Yevie’s little fingers were still curled in a petting position on the edge of the family pet’s body as he laid in a relaxing sleep with Carlos.

goldenreel  asked:

Clubbing prompt for McKirk: you’ve been grinding on all my friends but not on me it’s been four hours I’m drunk my ego is hurt I want an explanation

Holy cow, I am so sorry this has taken me so long, darlin’. Hope it’s worth the wait…

This was definitely a turn-up for the books.

Usually when Jim went to a club, he didn’t lack for partners. He danced with anyone and everyone who wanted to dance with him. Usually he ended up going home with someone, or at the very least ducking into a bathroom or the alley behind the club. He looked good and he knew he did, plus he was a good dancer, exuded charisma, and apparently sent out pheromones like a tree in springtime; he’d had more than one person tell him that they were drawn to him because they could see that he was “DTF.”

Actually, that wasn’t something he deliberately set out to convey. It was just that he wanted, needed, craved physical contact, and sex was the inevitable conclusion of that. The fact that most of his partners never gave him more than a first name—some didn’t even give him that—and then just walked away when they were done hurt him more deeply than he admitted even to himself. But it was something, anyway, some sort of connection, however fleeting, so he clung to it. It was something he never tried explaining to his friends. He just rolled with it, dancing with everyone and having sex randomly and pretending it made him happy.

But tonight…tonight was different.

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