i dunno van

Nina: I’m cold.

Matthias: Here, take this. *gives Nina his jacket*

Inej: I’m cold too!

Kaz: Well damn Inej, I can’t control the weather!


Wylan: I’m pretty cold too, not gonna lie.

Jesper: Same here, maybe we can warm each other up later tonight ;)


Just some doodles. xux;;;;
When Feral mounts EngieWife so much this is what you get, a little kitty. <xD
Yep. Been talking about this with who else? Dear proper-nice-that​.
.) Did some background practicing and made Feral ‘n EngieWife’s tree house. Added that dirty blanket where I think Feral Sniper stays to watch the stars.
2.) EngieWife with their baby. But wife needs to keep papa Feral out coz DEAR GOSH WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN——

To be continued.