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Can I have some headcanons for Zen, Jumin, and Saeyoung where them and MC never actually got romantically involved in their routes and just became good friends. But then they had a certain moment where they start realizing they kinda have a crush? Or maybe realize they're super in love with her? I dunno if make sense. Love your blog😍

Cute! Hope you like them:)  Spoilers for all the routes a little.


(Let’s say you never ended up dating, and you visited him as a friend and supported him)

  • You guys became really good friends after the whole ordeal with Echo Girl
  • He really appreciated your support through it all
  • You guys go out for coffee a lot since your breaks always align
  • He always sends you his selfies first to ask which is the best
  • You always mess with him and add strange filters
  • One day, you don’t respond to any of his texts
  • He even tried to call a few times
  • He first thought you were mad at him, but you didn’t log into the chatroom all day either
  • He was getting really worried, and couldn’t stop thinking of different scary scenarios
  • At one point, he realized he really didn’t want to lose you
  • When he got a call saying you had been hospitalized after a car accident, he dropped everything to go see you
  • You were thankfully okay
  • He brought you flowers every day until you were released
  • Nothing changed in your friendship, but he was so much more aware of his feelings


(Let’s pretend the whole three day apartment thing never happened)

  • You’re the only one who didn’t make fun of him when he was going through a tough time with the whole “arranged marriage” thing
  • After the whole ordeal and the party is over, you have lunch with him frequently 
  • He finds he can talk to you about anything
  • He finds it easier to open up to you as time goes on
  • After weeks of getting to know each other, you got really comfortable around him
  • You didn’t realize it, but you became a bit more affectionate about it
  • You gave him hugs when you greeted him, tugged on his sleeve to get his attention, sitting close to him so your shoulders were touching
  • After so long, he started feeling strange around you–not in a bad way
  • He didn’t exactly know what was going on with him
  • He’s watching you play with Elizabeth the 3rd one day
  • Not only does he notice how comfortable she is with you
  • But also that his heart is racing now
  • He is cautious in his advances towards you, but slowly becomes bolder in your friendship


(Let’s say you never tried to make any advances romantically in the apartment. You help him find Saeran as a friend…and stay friends after)

  • He lives closest to the apartment, so you see him around town frequently
  • You always make sure he’s not overworking himself
  • And he always makes sure you’re not lonely by stopping by every once in awhile
  • There always seemed to be an unspoken connection between you, but now it was developing with time
  • It’s on one of the days where Saeyoung is crashing at the apartment that he watches you making something in the kitchen
  • He starts noticing all your little habits and quirks
  • He’s smiling involuntarily
  • His heart is beating weirdly now
  • Low-key panics because he doesn’t know how to compute these feelings
  • He doesn’t act on them
  • But, he does act a lot more awkward around you sometimes
  • In his bolder moments, he texts you cheesy pick up lines 

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Random thing but: I rly like being spooked by King cause I dunno he's.... Really pretty when he's being scary.(and rly cute and sweet afterwards) Is that weird?? I feel like he'd LOVE that *hides* plzhauntmelovelyghost

That’s not weird at all, you’re adorable!!! I bet he loves to spook you and creep up on ya and look all magnificent for ya B) He’d get excited to have moments where he can totally set up a spooky moment perfectly, and he’d love the part after where you two can snuggle and he’ll make up for scarin’ you so much by being a total sweetheart <3

- mod princess

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brown nation which I Watched For You

My all-time ultimate fave character: DIMPLE. Also Bobby. Also Roli because I’m Love Her. 

A character I didn’t used to like but now do: IDEK.

A character I used to like but now don’t: I dunno.

A character I’m indifferent about: Gautam lol.

A character who deserved better: DIMPLE!!!!!!

A ship I’ve never been able to get into: N/A.

A ship I’ve never been able to get over: I REALLY LIKED HYDER AND SAMANTHA RIP ME.

A cute, low-key ship: Hasmukh and Dimple lol.

An unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: N/A.

A ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: Was there one I have No Recollection.

My favorite storyline/moment: WHEN THEY LOST THE DOG. I need to rewatch I feel like I forgot so much lol but oh my gosh.

A storyline that never should have been written: I dunno.

My first thoughts on the show: “South Asian representation!!!”

My thoughts now: This show is one of the most realistic portrayals of Asians in America for me. I loved that it was Realistically Bilingual. I loved the characters. I loved that there are those who immigrated here and still retain their accent, those who were born in America, etc. Also Hyder is Too Good. I feel so proud of this production even though it’s not even Mine. I love.

Send me a show!

another stray smoothie dump thought

So, we keep calling the baby horse story a “pick-up” story (myself included, on occasion), but I dunno if that’s really the case.

For one thing, when we first hear the palomino story in GM Boy, it comes up naturally. Riley brings up her hamster, Lucas talks about horses, Riley seems interested, so he tells a cool story about a newborn horse and how he thinks he might want to be a vet. And this story basically defines him for Riley from then on. Lucas, to Riley, is a super cute future horsey doctor from then on.

But then there’s that moment in Secret of Life, when Riley misspeaks and says “gave birth to a horse.” Maya cracks a joke about it and it’s a huge Lucaya moment because, in the midst of a fight with Riley, Lucas just stops and grins happily at Maya, spinning his fork. (More on that here: http://yeoldeshipper.tumblr.com/post/133226958756/throwing-riley-under-the-bus-in-gm-secret-of )

So, in GMT3, Maya says, “gimme the best you got.” And Lucas kind makes this…mischievous face as he turns to face Maya and then says he DELIVERED a baby horse. Part of me wonders if Lucas wasn’t calling back to the moment in Secret of Life, as if it were an in-joke. The line is delivered in such a way that it could be taken as entirely in earnest, but he’s also leaning in and kinda using that “well, what do I seem like to you?” voice so…idk.

And yeah, Maya dumps the smoothies on his head, but what if it WASN’T because she was annoyed by the “same story” thing? Maya teases Lucas because she likes him. He’s just (maybe) made a callback to a pretty significant moment they shared, albeit at Riley’s expense. That smoothie dump is mockery writ large, and Maya’s means of dealing with Lucas feels for so long has been mocking him…what if she dumped the smoothies because she was tickled as hell? (And maybe a little bit because, come on, let’s face it, they were totally vibing on kind of a diss on Riley in the original moment).

I dunno. Just a thought. Only spitballing, I’m not climbing up this hill to die on it or anything. Maybe Lucas really ain’t got no other pick up line…but after the dump(s), he cracks a joke pretty much immediately, like…(and Maya’s face when he just smiles at her…she’s so shocked by it, like…😂)

BONUS STRAY THOUGHT: isn’t it weird how, in the bay window right after, Maya only tells Riley about the awkward-can’t talk part of the date, and NOT about dumping smoothies on Lucas and then smiling at each other like dopes? Hrrrmmm.

5.02 The Price – First Thoughts

Emma and Regina talking in the tower was by far the highlight. It was funny and bantery and heartfelt. Regina insisting she wouldn’t let Emma use dark magic made me all gooey (even if it was ruined later) and Emma’s sincere thanks was wonderful.

Other than that, I dunno. I really wanted that thing to take Robin. I knew it wouldn’t but I still wanted it too.

Regina and Robin did not need to kiss that many times. Gross.

Charming teaching Regina to dance was very cute.

I’m pissed that they had Regina ask Emma to use dark magic to save Hood. I get that she was desperate and all that, but like I said it kind of ruined the previous moment and I really hate when they have Regina doing shit like that to her.

Have to admit I was a little impressed Hook actually walked away when Emma wanted to get busy, but it’s also a bit ‘too little too late’ in my opinion. His character is too gross for me to ever see him differently at this point. I enjoyed his man pain over the kiss not working.

I still love the way Jen plays dark swan but I’m not thrilled with the story. It’s just lacking something to me.

I’m trying to place how I feel this season. I’ve gone into both episodes with high hopes, not necessarily for SQ, but in general, and I’ve walked away feeling a bit unaffected. Like it’s not really bad, but not that great. I’m hoping it still picks up, but I kind of think at this point I am really just watching for Emma and Regina because nothing else is interesting me much lately.