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You said in a recent reblog that you had a "buddy" theory. Care to explain?

It’s just a silly head canon I had (but don’t really anymore) that when Amara gave Dean what he needed it was Mary to help him get towards his self acceptance arc but also that alongside this Dean and Cas had kind of gotten onto the same page in their relationship and understood each others’ feelings a lot better since the ‘Lucifer is gone” / ‘I could go with you’ etc of 11x23.

They acted like a canon couple the whole first 2 episodes, just without actual kissing (it now makes sense that I felt like this was 1 long episode given that the final 2 episodes are now back to back and seem to be 1 long episode? It makes bookend-y sense). 

The hug, the way he introduces him to his mom, with the whole harp thing, the wink(?!), the husbands phone conversation, the ‘you brought your mother?’ whole eye-conversation…. it just all was like ???

Then after these two episodes it just felt like every time Dean said ‘buddy’ to Cas it was like a code word for something along the lines of ‘can’t talk freely’ or ‘can you talk freely?’. In 12x02 when Cas responds with “are we still discussing the same thing?” like there is another potential layer to this conversation, but Mary is right there and Dean brought it right back on track… in 12x07 when Dean opens with the question about a “buddy” comedy with Crowley ie. “is Crowley there?”.

It was just a little idea I had that is totally not a real meta thing ;)

Ray: When you become famous, you’re called a legend because your leg ends.

McJones: What.

Ray: Your leg. It ends.

McJones: I’m not a linguist but I think that’s wrong.

Ray: Are you saying your leg doesn’t end?

McJones: I mean, at some point it does, yes.

Ray: Then what’s the problem?

  • Carrot: Nobby has a very strange patchwork of knowledge. It’s anybody’s guess as to what he knows about ANY given topic.
  • Carrot: Hey Nobby, who’s the Editor in Charge of Oddly and Humorously Shaped Fruit and Vegetables at the Times?
  • Nobby: Josia Wintler, because he’s been doing it since the first edition. Why?
  • Carrot: And what street is the Times office in?
  • Nobby: I dunno, Lancre or something?
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Dear people who think dating someone with a Service Dog is weird,

Yes. We all know it’s a little awkward to be out and about with someone who constantly gets screamed at by little kids and followed around because “oh my god you brought a dog to Walmart”

But please keep in mind that we are people too. And that dog is there to save our lives.

If you ever have the opportunity to date/be friends with someone with a service dog, expect the following:

- Increased “getting ready time”. We aren’t just getting ourselves ready.

- Extra time before going into a store while we put our dog’s gear on. (Some people let their dog ride in the back seat and therefore, it’s a lot easier for them to just grab the dog and go. Some of us will have our dogs ride in crates for their safety though. People really like to pull out in front of me, for instance, so I prefer to crate my dog in the car to keep her safe. She’s also more comfortable in her crate while travelling.) so expect us to need a minute to grab our stuff after we get parked.

- Yes. People are gonna be nosy. They’re gonna shout and we are typically a big attention source.

- I dunno about a lot of SD handlers but I know that I carry a backpack with stuff for my dog in it. Her mat, a first aid kit in case of an emergency, lots of water, our doctor’s note, vaccination records, and dog license papers in case of an access issue (no, not “registration” papers because they do not exist") but just be warned. There’s some days where I may look like a backpacker.

- If my dog alerts me and I leave promptly, I’m not trying to abandon or ditch you. My dog just told me I need to do something relating to my illness and I may need more space than what is available right in that very spot. Feel free to come with us to wherever we end up going, unless we tell you to please wait until we get back.

- People may stop us to ask about the dog. I hate it too but my anxious ass will not allow me to ignore people when they ask me a question because it’s “rude”. Plan for extra minutes in the store if this happens.

- I personally like going to restaurants that have booths where I can hide my dog from the public so I don’t have to hear “THERES A DOG” every five minutes while I’m eating. Please do not suggest that we eat at the most crowded place in the city. Some of u don’t mind siting at smaller tables, but I’d rather hide my dog while I’m eating to save myself the frustration of everyone in the restaurant throwing a fit.

- Yes. My dog does wear shoes when it’s hot out. People will point it out. Ignore them.

- Somedays I’m just not going to want to go out. Please understand that this is no fault of your own. It’s usually because I don’t have the spoons to deal with the public.

Please never ask if we can “just not bring the dog today.” It’s not an option. Don’t even try.

Generally please don’t treat us badly and please don’t use it as a “holier than though” thing.

You don’t need to say “oh yeah I date someone with a service dog!” Unless someone asks. You don’t need to announce it to the world. We are people too. Don’t use us as an excuse to be a “model citizen”.


  • Kevin: All I'm saying is maybe this one isn't totally your responsibility.
  • Neil: But they are. You know this thing's gonna get out of control. That makes me responsible.
  • Kevin: All right, I'm with you. And I also gotta say this newfound heroism is making me very attracted to you.
  • Neil: Shut up.
  • Kevin: No, seriously. Do you just wanna try making out for a sec? Just to see how it feels.

I honestly find it really encouraging that people still rp fantrolls in 2017. I’m not all ‘LOL you still rp fantrolls?’ like…nah man, if you can still get into characters based on something you love/once loved and your passion for those characters outlives the source material..I dunno, I just think that’s really cool.