i dunno pirate stuff

30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 11: Favourite Pirate Flag

Since Kid’s jolly roger turned out not to be the little cool stitched mouth thingy, Ima go with the mark of the sun :P

I liked the fake Kid one purely cus of aesthetic reasons, but the Sun Pirates one has that awesome meaning behind it too. And it does look pretty cool actually. I think it’s like the only Jolly Roger that all the members of a pirate crew have brandished on their body, and I find that pretty cool. Cus it just looks beautiful on all of the fishies, wherever they have it. So yeah, its just awesome <3

Initial Impressions of The Dark Swan's House
  • Me: That's a nice table to do stuff on. Like crafts maybe.
  • Pirates, I dunno just spitballing.
  • Me: Those tasteful countertops seem the appropriate height for...activities.
  • Me: Is that another table I see?
  • Me: Bet that slightly creepy locked door leads to some other surfaces in the underground lair area.
  • Me: What kinda bedroom situation we have up those stairs?
  • Me: Speaking of stairs....