i dunno just look at it

I dunno, I was just really digging how my tattoos are looking all together. I keep having people describing my arm in ways that are way cooler than I was expecting.

A couple favourites are “Dude! Your arm looks like the start of a quest!” and “…Your arm looks like it’s the start of some reeeeeeal arcane magic or something.” and possibly my favourite, a rendition of my entry into the D&D Monster Manual:

Challenge Rating: 8
Physical Description: This creature often covers itself with eldritch runes and scripts of various languages whose significance is unknown. Otherwise secretive about its appearance and will hide or otherwise lie in wait to ambush its prey.
Weakness: When presented with an interesting math problem the Hraf will become distracted attempting to solve it.


“It pisses me off when people talk about Y/N that way,” Jeffrey says to the talk show host. “It’s not necessary, it’s not okay, and a lot of the time it’s just plain fuckin’ rude.”

“Yeah,” you agree as you nonchalantly chew gum. “Some of the things some pricks have said to me have been pretty fuckin’ hurtful, to be honest. There was one guy - some balding, heavy-set, middle-aged prick - who said that I look like a porn star who only does scenes of - hmm, how did he put it,” you ask yourself sarcastically, “Oh yeah, ‘scenes of hardcore lesbian anal fisting’.”

The host and the audience are stunned into silence, with some gasps echoing in the studio. “What- Why- Why would he say that?!”

“I dunno. Honestly, I’ve never watched a hardcore lesbian anal fisting movie, so I don’t know what those women look like, but apparently they look like me.

“Everyone’s always telling me to act more ladylike, and have more self-respect or shit. Which is bullshit - I respect myself plenty. I think they just want me to look or dress ‘normal’,” you make sarcastic quotation marks with your fingers, “or in a more ‘feminine’ way, and I’m not going to do that just to please people I don’t know and don’t give a shit about. If I want to chew gum, I’ll chew gum. If I want to shave part of my hair because I like how it looks, then I will fuckin’ do that. If I choose to get tattoos, then that’s my choice. My appearance doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have anything to do with anyone else.”

Jeffrey gives you a proud fist bump. 

maddith replied to your posSo does the fishman bring thane krios dejavu feels…

Wasn’t thane’s creation influenced by Abe sapien and isn’t fish man Abe sapien influenced as well?


I can imagine that thane’s design had that influence because hellboy came out first but none of that is mentioned in the mass effect art book so i can’t really say for sure

But Thane’s design was in fact inspired by real life exotic fishes and lizards so i honestly think it’s just a coincidence that he look a bit like abe

Both have fish features thus they’re gonna have similair traits shrugs

Speaking of did you know they had ideas of thane being able to shape shift his face

Thane that’s..That’s not what a human looks like

weirdo-with-notmuch-purpose  asked:

Hi! I love your FTGo story. I saw that you were planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year. Are you excited? I've done it a few times myself. Hope things are well with you and I look forward to what comes next in FTG.

I’m very excited! I’m working on the outline for the story I’ll write as we speak. I’m hoping that makes it easier when it comes time to actually write. 

Lots of fluff for FTGO! in the next few chapters (and smut haha) There will be a bit of angst, but it won’t be big and it’ll be taken care of quickly. I… I really can’t resist putting angst in my stories. I have no idea why I can’t just write fluffy, lol. I need some variety I guess? I dunno, kinda just let the story unfold how it will with a bit of guiding along the way. 

Anyways, yup! Super excited! This’ll be my first year so I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. (And hopefully getting another story out of it. I’ve had this idea for months, but haven’t found the time to write it)

TVD 2x09 Review

1. You have no idea how long it took find a link

2. 1490 when Katerina gave birth to a girl but the father who we never see is not a Silas shadow because shadow selves weren’t a thing.

3. I feel like Katerina watching her daughter being taken away could’ve been a lot more emotional but I dunno that’s just me.

4. “She’s in denial.” “Shut up. Damon.” Paul’s delivery was actually kind of hilarious.

5. LOL Bonnie looks like she’s thirsting after Luka.

6. Why does everyone keep saying that Katherine lies? She doesn’t lie, she’s actually quite straightforward. Do this thing for me or I will kill this person. She’s not lying about killing that person.

7. “You have the Petrova fire” why? Because she said it would be painful to desiccate?

8. I LOVE Stefan’s expression when Caroline tells him she told Tyler she’s a vampire.

9. “The doppelganger was created as a way to undo the spell” but shadow selves tho.

10. Nina’s English accent is terrible.

11. Lol the Rose and Damon “fighting” is supposed to be foreplay but Rebekah and Stefan did it much better.

12.  There is also no reason why so many men fall in love with Katherine.

13. “Are you mad?” “YES, Caroline, I am a … little mad.” Lol it would’ve been cool to see Stefan as a dad.

14. The way Bonnie stares at Luka though. This could’ve been something.

15. Why did Rose call Slater a lowlife. Does the show not know what a lowlife is. And considering that he is meant to have an encyclopedic knowledge of vampirism he should know that Elijah is not dead.

16. “It could’ve been anyone I suppose but I like the poetry of Caroline.” What poetry, though? That doesn’t work for this.

17. Also everyone who tells me Nina is a great actress because of Katherine needs to watch Orphan Black ASAP

18. This episode is actually kind of boring.

19. The sincerity in Stefan’s face when he tells Elena he’s not going to let anything happen to her and Elena’s agitated, “That’s the problem” is great. I enjoy it because earlier in the episode, Elena is distant and won’t let Stefan drive her to school (since he’s going to the tomb) and just standoffish but it’s because she’s trying to find a way to make sure he won’t do what he just promised.

20. I don’t understand how Klaus went from England to Bulgaria and killed Katherine’s entire family but couldn’t find Katherine on the way.

21. Hmm, it’s funny because a couple of days ago people were asking me about Teen Wolf and who‘s parent-child relationship I believe the most and I still stick to what I said about Melissa not feeling like Tyler’s mom and more like a part of his squad or maybe a much older sister but when she has to pretend that Scott is dead and she cries? Like I felt that scream.

This is just … … I guess.

22. I don’t know why Jeremy is surprised to see Bonnie talk with Luka, my guy you’re playing pool, like you weren’t even sitting with her to talk.

23. No but really this is kind of a really boring episode.

24. Poor Slater, I I liked him.

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When you thought, MAPPA can't give you another shit and they literally wrecked the whole fandom. I cannot wait to look forward for next episode and I'm pretty optimist for their wrapped up. On the other hand, seeing antis speculation on last episode is getting ridiculous. They have failed to speculate as they make their own version in their imagination. From chari's only using nina argument and proved false so they started questioning moral to... i dunno let's see last episode!

I actually feel in the same way as you, I feel like they are not trying anymore and just are saying the same arguments established by someone else, and saying it any time they have to bring some points, there is obviously a lack of ideas from their side of the fandom, right? Then you have that thing of them feeling like this anime and the characters had more potential and a lot of more bullshit that ended up being the same as always. 

When people bring back these kind of arguments is when I notice that, again, they obviously do not know what they are watching, and this applies in many ways for all of them. But they do not get the meaning behind it so I will let them that as a homework, in order to give them more ideas since they obviously do not have more at this point. *sighs* 

I do think it’s easy to speculate according to you own standards or your own tastes, this applies for the charinina fans itself, and of course me too, but what about to speculate according to plot instead of just rambling and spreading hate or just some kind of political discourse? It is not like this anime was difficult to not be able see what is gonna come for the end of the story, and I feel like that is the reason why are they so mad about everything, but is not the first time I see people be so wrong about an argument, anime or a whole manga. How lame still lying to themselves even at this point. Poor souls. 

Let’s wait for the last episode! I know there are a lot of surprises for everyone.


A bunch of random Gintama sketches. Look at that varying level of skill, man. And look at all that unnecessary writing.

Most of them are kinda screencap redraws. The rest are very uncreative poses. Apparently, I just plain can’t draw Sougo for whatever reason? I dunno. And the Kagura in the fifth pic looks older than she should be for whatever reason.

So I was re-watching the new ep again

And I dunno about you guys but didn’t Bakugou’s gauntlet punch seem a bit bland in the anime?

It just looked like those movies with poorly written action scenes where one character punches another character and sends them flying, then the frame quickly switches to the guy that got punched but they’d be on the ground or something.

This scene can actually be interpreted as anything. Someone could actually think that Izuku is trying to dive away from Bakugou’s horrible body odor or something lmao.

But compared to the manga….

Oh man, this scene had so much depth in it. The punch looked like it actually hurt really bad compared to the anime.

Izuku’s face was distressed, he was writhing in pain and you could actually see a bruise forming, Bakugou’s face was scary as heck. It’s funny how a single page can actually look more painful than the moving pictures though.

I need to find mr new vegas..so i can nicely ask him to stop playin johnny guitar so often 


My wardrobe from college fits Amanda way too well

(I also gave her my phone case because I’m self indulgent as f u c k)

Really quick lazy doodle of Prompto enjoying the summer! :>

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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!