i dunno it made me think of what peter said in series two

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ahahah i always cry/laugh at myelf thinking a year ago that twelve and claras relationship would become bro-y and tehy'd ruin whouffle and now they basically took whouffle and turned up the notches like 100fold and made it one of the most romantic and complex dr/companion things ive ever sen on doctor who tbh give me series 9 now and give me all of twelve and clara all the time forever i am so here for thisand im so into peter and jenna

After everything Clara did for the Doctor - splitting across his timeline to save his life over and over again, and managing to convince the Time Lords to give him a new regeneration cycle - I knew he would forever feel an intense gratitude towards her. But for me, all it took was the intense owl stare he gave her post-regen, focusing on her like she was the most fascinating and important thing in the universe, and I knew whatever feelings he had before, he still had, and they were all that more intense.

I dunno what people remember about the buildup to s8, but I do remember one sect of fans really wanting 12 to be mean. They were tired of the nice Doctors, they said! What they really meant was “I want him to be mean to Clara”. And while the two had their ups and downs, I can come out of it saying “you got your grumpy Doctor but Clara was one of the last people he wanted to be mean to”. You know the one time he actually did a thing that genuinely hurt her feelings? Yeah, that didn’t end in smug Doctor victory. That ended in tears and sad faces on both sides.

11 and Clara had a cute relationship, but it wasn’t a very complicated one (it didn’t exactly have the time nor the reason to get all too complicated). 12 and Clara changed the outer shell of one of them, and in addition to make the alien more alien, intensified everything in how he felt, especially towards his tiny companion. He trusted her more (he lifted the veil, after all), he relied on her more, he wanted to be with her more (if the montage that starts The Caretaker is any indication). He loved her more.

[Besotting intensifies]

I’m really excited about s9 because it’s said to be the glory days of 12 and Clara. I find no reason to not believe this - not only are we, the audience, comfortable with both the characters in the leads, but they seem to finally be comfortable with themselves. They eloped at Christmas, come on.

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I noticed that you said you don't like Shredder being white in the new movie but think about it. Do you really want to see an actual Asian actor waste his talents on what white men perceive Asians to be like? TMNT was created by two white men so the whole thing is racist to begin with because it's nothing but cultural appropriation, fetishizing Japanese culture because it's "exotic". I'm sure Asian people are more offended by that than anything this new movie is doing with its casting. Fact.

I think you’re well-meaning, anon, I really do… and honestly, this type of stuff I usually avoid talking about on Tumblr since I don’t normally like the way most people around here treat such sensitive subjects, but I feel I need to respond. I thought about it for a bit, and hesitated, but eh… whatevs, I’ll bite. So, here goes.

First of all, why do you think I feel so strongly about Asian characters being changed to White characters in so many Hollywood movies? It’s because I AM Asian, myself. I don’t telegraph it online, because I usually feel uncomfortable if people on the internet know too much info about me, but in rare instances like this, I feel the need to state the fact that I’m Asian so that people know where I’m coming from.

Now, I won’t pretend to understand the notion of cultural appropriation, and I’ve never heard of it outside of Tumblr, but I will say that I typically don’t really care if people from other cultures become interested in my own. I really don’t. And that’s just my own take on that. Having said that, I can tell you right now that people in my own family, as well as other Asian people I’ve known in my life, have no problem with TMNT or the fact that it was created by two White men (Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird). Sure, some stuff they originally wrote was a bit off the mark (Tang Shen isn’t really any Japanese name I’ve ever heard of, for example), but I really don’t care, because it’s obvious that there wasn’t any ill-intent. I’ve faced actual racism and discrimination in my life, and it’s hurtful. If somebody wants to make a comic about ninjas and Japan, despite not being from there, though? Honestly, I don’t think that’s a big deal. I’m interested in other cultures, too. I think it’s better for people to gain interest in other cultures rather than be told “no, this isn’t for you, stay in your little isolated spot of the Earth”. From what I can tell just by browsing around Tumblr, I know not everyone feels the way that I do, but I’ve never met anyone irl that has ever been offended by TMNT having Japanese influence and not being made by Japanese people.

Now, expanding on that a bit, TMNT is a worldwide phenomenon, and I can assure you that people in Japan are NOT offended by TMNT. TMNT is actually quite popular over there, and even received its own two episode anime OVA.

And even here in the U.S., one of Peter Laird’s closest friends is Japanese-American Stan Sakai, who is a fellow indie comic book writer/artist and creator of the Usagi Yojimbo series, which has crossed over with TMNT multiple times not just in print, but in animation as well.

Now with all THAT said and done in defense of TMNT as a property (and one of the fandoms I’ve cared about for the longest amount of my life, so I definitely felt a need to defend it), I’ll touch upon why, no, it’s NOT a good thing that Shredder is White.

I’ll admit, I’m not the type of person that jumps on a movie for not having enough representation of any minorities like I know a lot of people tend to do (and I’ve found that I can empathize and relate with any character regardless of their ethnicity, culture, sex, age, orientation, or even species), but I DO, however, feel that it’s incredibly insulting when a character that already represents a minority group (especially one that I’m a part of) is changed to something else, particularly if changed to a White character (as is most often the case), since that’s what pretty much the majority of people in American movies are to begin with.

Now, there’s a number of reasons why I feel so passionate when it comes to Asian characters being White-washed in Hollywood movies. Firstly, because it’s a gross misrepresentation of the character. Secondly, because the potential for an Asian actor or actress to get work off of that role has been tossed away (and lemme tell ya, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of demand for Asian actors/actresses out there, especially for starring roles). It happened with The Last Airbender, it happened with Dragon Ball Evolution, and it’s now happening with Michael Bay’s version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And slightly off-topic, but I seriously want to punch anyone that justifies this by saying that whatever Asian cartoon character is being White-washed “looked White” to begin with, because that’s a load of shit. They don’t have to have exaggerated stereotypical features to “look Asian”. But that’s a topic for another time.

So, in conclusion, TMNT is an awesome franchise full of awesome and creative characters, and Michael Bay is a dick for changing Oroku Saki into a White character named Eric Sachs. For what it’s worth, though, I am at least happy that Karai is being played by Asian actress Minae Noji, and wasn’t changed to, I dunno, a White chick named Katherine or something.

I’ve given my opinion on the matter. Now I just hope I don’t get eaten alive for doing so, because I know Tumblr can be a harsh place when people disagree with you. ^^;

The December Perspectives: Holly (Izzy POV)

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

Synopsis: Set of 7 alternating POV fics set between Friday, December 6, 1996, two days after “Glue” (S2XE7), and Friday, December 13, 1996, Rae’s birthday. Each will be from the perspective of someone in the gang (Rae, Chloe, Izzy, Archie, Chop, Finn, and Danny). The character relationships will pick up where S2E7 ended and hopefully tie into wherever they are when S3E1 takes us back to Lincolnshire. 

Inspired by the holiday season and a need to channel my excitement about series 3 confirmation

Fic Master Table of Contents

Christmas Jumpers (1) | Fairy Lights (2) | Pine Scented (3) |


Tuesday, December 10, 1996: Holly

Izzy leaned forward on her desk, eyes slipping in and out of focus as she stared at the quote scrawled across the chalkboard, 

“We are all born mad. Some remain so.” - Act II, Waiting for Godot

The white edges of each letter blurred against the black surface, smudged into a grey hue by lingering chalk residue. Izzy licked her lips absentmindedly and daydreamed about the night before. She had been almost home when Chop’s car rumbled up next to her, the modified engine purring like an oversized lap cat. He barely shifted the gears into park before leaping out and rushing to wrap her in his arms. Their embrace lingered, Chops long arms and broad torso engulfing her in warmth. When he finally pulled away, the chilly night air against her neck and face was startling. 

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