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“Mhm~” He’s very glad that someone gets it. “Takes real talent to suck ass at something so hard you’re basically makin’ an art form out of it!”

Should he be proud of his ability to be terrible at things? Probably not, but here he is, grinning at the lovely stranger who seems to understand.

“I dunno about spite, but I’m brilliant at fucking stuff up beyond the limits of an average guy!”

campnoodles  asked:

Trash queen do you have any suggestions on how I should come out to my mom that I'm bisexual?

That depends. How do you think she will react? If you think she’ll be accepting or positive towards you then may I recommend something fun, like busting into a room and shouting “I’m here to chew gum and be sexually attracted to both men and women AND I’M ALL OUTTA GUM”

If not… Man I dunno. I’m not even out with my own parrents. And not even because I think they’d react particularly badly. I just don’t think they’d understand. And it probably won’t even matter unless I get a girlfriend………. but then…… >.>;; if I suddenly get a girlfriend when they think I’m straight…….. that might get awkward fast.

If you have any ideas about how to come out to your parents, I’d be happy to hear it. XD;;;