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I just filmed and edited a video for youtube?? I dunno if anyone would want to watch me talk, but I think ill upload it anyway. like this if you’d want me to share it here!

Sigiling Selfies: How to Anti-Taglock Pictures of Yourself

So @dontusemycauldron mentioned this to me at some point, and it took a few days for it to really sink in. They told me how some people put sigils on their photos to prevent people from using them as taglocks for things like cursing. And I went, “well holy shit, that is fucking clever,” and proceeded to do it with every single one of my selfies I’ve posted to Tumblr. Not because I’m concerned, but I like to put faith in preventative measures. 

I decided I was going to show you guys how to do it - at least with SAI, because that’s the program I tend to use for art things now (and I can’t find a good crack of Photoshop anymore). However, any art or digital media program that makes use of layers and transparencies can be used for this technique.

First off, you want your sigils. I made two personal ones, and I also made two for Tumblr use. However, I’m going to recommend that you create your own sigils with your own statements of intent, if you can.

“This photo is bound from being used as a taglock.” 

“This photo is not successfully used as a taglock for cursing.”

Ideally, you want digital sigils with transparent backgrounds, so you can avoid as much visual disturbance to your picture - you don’t want people to see or know there is anything over top of it, right?

Anyway, now on to the (SAI) tutorial!

Open your selfie and your sigils; you can switch between them along the bottom of the SAI window. Copy and paste the sigils onto your picture. I do this by clicking on the sigil’s canvas, hitting Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, then selecting the canvas with the selfie and hitting Ctrl+V. I can show the screen commands, however, for those that aren’t so tech savvy:

The “paste” option is also in the “edit” menu, as you can see. When you’ve done that, your selfie should look something like this:

Well, you know, you won’t look like me…but your sigils will have pasted in the top left corner of your picture. And they’re very obviously visible. BUT fortunately we’re not done with it yet. 

Arrange your sigils over top of the face part of the selfie, however you want. I didn’t specify before, but the icon that looks like the cross with the arrows on each end (highlighted in blue here) :

…that’s the move tool; click on that, then on each separate layer, and you can move the layer around as you wish.) You definitely wanna do this before you change any of the transparency of the sigils, while you can still see them. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you arrange them, just as long as they are on your face. Mine look like this:

It almost makes a heart shape, lol. So, those familar with SAI know where to look to see the layers. Mine were on the left-hand side by default, I know that is something you can change, however. They look like this:

On the bottom you can see the separate layers - your picture, and the sigils each on their own layer. Above that, you can see the “mode” and “opacity” tools. Those are the ones we care about.

Experiment with the mode if you want - it isn’t required, but it can help. I like to put mine on “overlay,” because it adds to the visualization of the sigils seeping into the picture and blending in to it. You need to click on each separate sigil layer to apply the mode. That makes it look like this:

And with that we’re almost done! Finally, just change each of the sigil layer’s opacity to 1% by clicking on the opacity bar and dragging it almost all the way down. You want them to not be at zero because they still need to be on the pictures and not “off,” but if you put them at any higher than 1%, you can still see them, and you definitely do not want people being able to see the sigils. Once you’re done that the selfie look like this:

Can you even tell there are sigils over top of that? There are. Four sigils, now, actually, lol. And this is how the layers look over on the side in SAI:

As you can see, the mode has been set to overlay on both, and they are both at 1% opacity. From there, save your picture (file, save as), feeling free to specify in the title that one has been magic’d. Then, you can upload them without any worry!

Of course, this can be done with sigils for other purposes - I just made this post with the intention of preventing selfies being used as taglocks, because that’s what I did to mine today. However, you can easily apply any sort of glamours to your selfies, if you desire. 

I hope this helps anyone, or inspires anyone! Let me know if you have any more questions, or if I wasn’t so clear about things! This is my first time making a tutorial for any art program, I dunno if I did any good… But, yeah, just let me know if you have more questions or anything! :)


Ok so I was honestly going to upload so many pictures of Sangwoo’s face this chapter because holy shit it was fucked up. I’ll restrict myself to these. Now I know I said I thought Sangwoo was going to be low key sympathetic and maybe give Bum a hug but I dunno what I was thinking because that would’ve been way too ooc and to be honest I love what Koogi has done here.

Sangwoo has literally snapped and that’s caused him to reject Bum which in turn has caused Bum to snap. To be honest in a relationship as co-dependant and reliant on approval as theirs it was bound to happen. The thing is though, I don’t think Sangwoo is going out of his way to be intentionally cruel to Bum here. It’s his mindset. Sangwoo rejects weakness and values strength above all other things. He potentially murdered his parents because they were abusive towards him so he can’t see Bum’s apparent acceptance of his uncle’s treatment as anything other than consensual. If I was to put money on it, if Bum had tried to hurt his uncle I think Sangwoo would’ve been a lot more sympathetic. He’s disappointed someone he’s put so much time and effort into could allow themselves to be treated in such a way and I guess he thinks that reflects badly upon him which is why he reacts the way that he does.

Chapter 26 also gave us a window into Bum’s history of self harm (another thing Sangwoo will probably think Bum lied to him about) and it’s definitely up there in my list of emotionally charged scenes in media. Bum has been rejected by Sangwoo and so he literally rejects life because without Sangwoo it’s not worth it. Tbh I don’t think Bum will have cut himself that deeply and he’s probably just fainted from the panic attack caused by Sangwoo’s rejection. However Bum hurting himself is the thing that sways Sangwoo. It’s almost as if he’s triggered his protective instincts again because Sangwoo genuinely looks scared. This is the turning point in their relationship. Bum has made a statement that he doesn’t want to live in a world without Sangwoo/doesn’t want to burden Sangwoo with someone so disgusting now it’s up to Sangwoo to decide whether to agree with Bum or to save him. Obviously he will decide to save him but this is the ultimate turning point in their relationship - much more so than Jieun ever was or ever could be. It’s incredibly fucked up but after chapter 26 there’s not going to be any turning back for either of them.

susan pevensie

(don’t ask me why her hair look like this i frankly dunno, i just wanted to have fun with my copic markers so eyh here you go hahahaaaaa *buries self in fear*)

george costanza is gay! his many relationships with women always fail either through acts of self sabotage or because no woman ever seems good enough.. he created an imaginary ideal woman and maintains that he just needs to find a girl who fits the very specific bill but no woman ever will! his obsessive objectifying adoration of women is clearly performative and when faced with openly gay men it affects him deeply.. he feels drawn to lesbians as he admires their freedom of sexuality which he wishes he had but he can still play off his attraction to them as sexual…this is just the canon


So I made an improvised Femlock cosplay cause I recently purchased contact lenses for a cosplay and I though why not cosplay Sherlock as well?

Well, this is how it turned out after some hours with my camera and Photoshop.

It makes me nervous upload this cause I dunno if I look like a female versión of him at all D:
Hope you like it!

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Rhodey: What’s happening here?
Carol: I…I want to go to space.
Rhodey: For how long?
Carol: I dunno. Maybe a year.
Rhodey: This is what you want You’re sure.
Carol: Yes.
Rhodey: Then… Then you gotta go. You gotta go. I will be many things for you, Carol Danvers, but… I’m never gonna be the one that holds you down.
Carol: Will you feed my cat?
Rhodey: No. Absolutely not.

– From Captain Marvel v6 #1 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, art by David Lopez, coloured by Lee Loughridge

Normally I dont upload Cosplay on this blog( though Cosplay is art, too).
But I received 3 asks, if I will show my McCree Cosplay on this blog, so here ya go.
It’s just a make up test. Me as young Jesse
To see the final cosplay I would recommend you to follow @lydinecosplay
 This is my Girl’s and my Cosplayblog, on which we’re going to upload a lot of Young mchanzo pics ♥

I know the wig looks black, but its brown, dunno, I think my cam fucked up xD’

Have a nice weekend ♥
love ya 

noodlerooster  asked:

hello! Catprint just updated thier website and im trying to do individual sizes and different finishes for my prints but cant seem to figure it out? Has anyone made an updated catprint tutorial on orders?

Kiriska: Okay, let’s go!

1. Get ready to upload some stuff.

2. On the left is the list of files you’ve uploaded recently, as well as the option to upload more. On the right is all of the specifications for your job, including size, paper type, finishing, etc.

You cannot have different sizes or paper types per job, but you can have multiple jobs per order! This has always been the case. So let’s take care of 4x6 postcards first.

3. You can upload multiple files at a time now thank god.

While stuff is uploading, you can tab over to paper and choose your preference, as well as how many copies of this job you want. So I’m getting 20 copies of each postcard design I attach to this job, on glossy light cardstock.

I almost never do finishing or envelopes, but if you do, go ahead and set those settings too. Then review everything in Summary. My files are still uploading, so there still isn’t anything attached to the job.

4. Once your files have uploaded, attach them to the job.

Once you attach the files, you can choose your settings for front/back imaging and bleed.

You can attach the same file to the job multiple times if you want more of one design than another. I explained this previously here.

To upload more files or attach a file again, just navigate back to your list of files from the left:

By the way, don’t forget to rotate any images that aren’t oriented the same way as the others, like if you have mostly vertical designs, but there’s this one horizontal one (below). I prefer rotating the images before I upload them instead of using the rotation tools here, but I dunno that it makes much of a difference.

5. Once you’ve got all your files attached, you can go to the summary again, then add the job to your cart:

6. Now you’ve got your glossy postcards ready to go! If you need to also get stuff in a different size or paper or finish, you need to add another job:

7. If you’re wanting to add a similar job to the one you just did – say, you want the same files but on a different type of paper? You can just duplicate the job and change the paper type (and other things, like quantity). 

You can also just copy the specs of the job – say, you want the same paper, but just want to change the size and all the files, etc.

That’s it, I think! It takes a little getting used to, but multi-file upload makes this whole revamp worth it for me, lol. Good luck!

New to Catprint? (=`ω´=)

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SO this has been me the past month. 

Again, I’m going to be selling at the Salt Lake Comic Con! It’s this week! I’m at table Green 25, come and say hi! 

Avengers Tower

Tony: Do you live here now, Anya?
Anya: Logan brought me back here, Mr. Stark.
Tony: Right. The abduction case. How’s it going?
Anya: Dr. Covington took my teacher…away. Somewhere, another lab, we think. That’s it. I’m stuck.
Tony: So look at your cards. What do your cards tell you?
Anya: My what?
Tony: Your index cards. Notebooks. Private wiki, I dunno…evernote? Whatever you use.
Anya: Use for what?
Tony: Oh, my God. You don’t have a file system.

– From Avengers Assemble #24 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis, art by Matteo Buffagni, coloured by Ruth Redmond


Ok guys I’m sorry I’m not uploading some stuff but here’s some bnha sketches done in october/november uploaded on twitter,  if you’d like to follow me there here’s my account GAYNESS SHRINE
I’m working on commissions, deadlines for projects THAT I WILL SHOW YOU ASAP, I just need time to define everything.
I’m also working on some merchandise to sell at japan expo, obviously I’ll have BNHA Stuff. If time helps I will make a sort of BNHA charms pre-order if you’re interested, I’ve never done something like this so…dunno? I hope you’ll be interested :^ I could upload here on tumblr some preview!