i dunno if this will upload

Aaaayyyyy soo
Today was kind of a shitty day for me???

so i dont think i will be uploading any art?? Because every drawing that its on my blog was made the same day it was posted.

Soooo yeah

Dunno. I’m kinda down _(:3」∠)_


Ok guys I’m sorry I’m not uploading some stuff but here’s some bnha sketches done in october/november uploaded on twitter,  if you’d like to follow me there here’s my account GAYNESS SHRINE
I’m working on commissions, deadlines for projects THAT I WILL SHOW YOU ASAP, I just need time to define everything.
I’m also working on some merchandise to sell at japan expo, obviously I’ll have BNHA Stuff. If time helps I will make a sort of BNHA charms pre-order if you’re interested, I’ve never done something like this so…dunno? I hope you’ll be interested :^ I could upload here on tumblr some preview!


these are like the three stages of me drawing a thing. I dunno why I upload it again… I just uploaded them (except the rough sketch) but yeah… I want to show you the evolution. 


Rhodey: What’s happening here?
Carol: I…I want to go to space.
Rhodey: For how long?
Carol: I dunno. Maybe a year.
Rhodey: This is what you want You’re sure.
Carol: Yes.
Rhodey: Then… Then you gotta go. You gotta go. I will be many things for you, Carol Danvers, but… I’m never gonna be the one that holds you down.
Carol: Will you feed my cat?
Rhodey: No. Absolutely not.

– From Captain Marvel v6 #1 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, art by David Lopez, coloured by Lee Loughridge

Avengers Tower

Tony: Do you live here now, Anya?
Anya: Logan brought me back here, Mr. Stark.
Tony: Right. The abduction case. How’s it going?
Anya: Dr. Covington took my teacher…away. Somewhere, another lab, we think. That’s it. I’m stuck.
Tony: So look at your cards. What do your cards tell you?
Anya: My what?
Tony: Your index cards. Notebooks. Private wiki, I dunno…evernote? Whatever you use.
Anya: Use for what?
Tony: Oh, my God. You don’t have a file system.

– From Avengers Assemble #24 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis, art by Matteo Buffagni, coloured by Ruth Redmond


Remember that Color!Sans sticker @superyoumna made a while back? well i wAS MESSING WITH LAYERS, EFFECTS, THAT STICKER, AND MY GRANDMA’S ARTING WHEN THIS HAPPENED!!!

Didn’t seem half-bad, so I shifted the skel around for, I dunno, wallpapers or what have you.

Been cleaning up and found this Mass Effect fanart from 2013 that I never uploaded anywhere, not that it’s of any value, I haven’t even bothered finishing it but there’s something that I still like about this one, I dunno.

It’s a scene from that ‘bar’ that Garrus was talking about at the end of ME3. Damn I loved that game back then c: