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Hi! By reading the uk mags and follow the narrative the whole mood of solo liam gets to -1000°. But solo liam is coming, that's for sure. Actually chiam and the baby happened to keep him & her relevant by simon tactics( it's the shitiest way to do it, but that's showbiz+closet).All is about $$$. So i expect a shittone of music etc. from liam and a shittone of endorsements/anything re cheryl/baby. It makes you think at what cost we get solo liam. Any solo or 1d actually😔 Happy mom anniversary!

Hi anon,

Yeah but then you can choose not to read then and then solo!Liam feels rise up to a million tho the impatience is real - I do both and get a bit pissed off and also impatient. 

I dunno what’ll happen when an announcement is made, I have my way of thinking relating to it, which have said before, but I may not be correct and lets face it a lot of the media that we’ve had, like articles for weeks/months when we’ve not actually seen them together since end of November or on SC but that could’ve been taken at anytime, has been pie in the sky made up fantasy. 

I don’t believe in the US that Cheryl etc., will be a talking point or factor (see Rollacoaster and the snippets so far which focussed on the Trump story), and probably that applies elsewhere.  They may think and say he’s in a relationship with her if that’s the case at the time,  but that’d be it.

In the UK its a different matter, but that’s because the media have a relatively small pool of celebs and desperados like Cheryl who’s love life feels like a national sport to comment on each time they go kaput, and you can argue the rights and wrongs of that all day long.

And I do feel that solo Liam and his album will have a very similar tone to Zayn and mind of mine. His story/ their story. 

But i can say all this and an announcement or whatever tomorrow or next week and what comes after this may send us elsewhere so we’ll have to see. 

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Hey, Kyle. So, I recently found out my dad's views on trans. Highly transphobic, but when I said such he said that transphobia is being afraid of them. "I'll talk to them, I just don't agree with what they're doing." He says there is no point to accepting this. They don't accept themselves. They're changing their GOD GIVEN body. He says it's pointless for me to be arguing about this with him. Because, "You're not a tranny". (Part one)

(Part two) I told him that it actually was my place to argue. I want him to be a bigger part of my life and I wanted him to respect my trans friends. He said, “I will respect them, I just don’t agree with what they’re doing.” I dunno. I guess the whole point is. I

(Part three) I dunno, is it even worth coming out? I mean he said it himself he doesn’t care what I do once I’m supporting myself. He also said that: “I don’t have to accept it. You’re not trans.” And as far as he knows, I’m not. I mean, I have it better than most trans guys. I have split custody. If he kicks me out, I can just move in with my mom. If he hits me, he’ll loose custody over me. But even so, I feel like I’ll probably just end up in a emotionally and verbally abusive situation.(End)

This sounds like a really intense situation and I think any advice I give really won’t change anything other then you and your family need to go see a therapist together and discuss the transphobia going on within your family, you need to talk to someone and figure out a game plan on how you want to come out, how you are going to cope if worst case scenarios happen because I’m not going to tell you to sit inside and not come out and continue to live as someone you are unhappy with.

Things cannot get better unless we make an effort, sometimes we have to be the winds of change, we cannot wait for them. I would seek out a therapist either at school, ask your parents if they can take you but I think given the little background i have here this is a situation reserved for a professionals opinion.


Model Behavior

Summary: Jack is getting ready to do a photo shoot for Alicia’s friend.  Bitty comes along to keep him company, when Bitty suddenly becomes the model. Jack’s reaction to the photo is… interesting.  A quick little ficlet which takes place during Jack’s senior year.  Also on AO3

Jack hated photo shoots. Absolutely hated them, but Alicia had a favor called in and he found himself in a position of not being able to say no. And so, begrudgingly, Jack Zimmermann was on his way to Boston for a one-day shoot.

“Like an actual shoot shoot?” Bitty asked wide-eyed as he told him about it over some ginger peach pie the evening before.

“Yeah. It’s for some clothing line. They’re going to dress me up like a puppet and then I have to stand there, and smile like an idiot.”

“I dunno, it sounds so fun to me. I’d love to model!” Bitty said then sighed, “Alas, I am vertically challenged.”

“Euh… do you want to come with me?” Jack asked pushing his pie around the plate with his fork.

“Really? And like watch?!” Bitty practically bounced off his seat.

“I guess so, Bittle. Don’t make me take it back.”

“No! I’ll behave. I promise! It’s going to be so much fun.”


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So I’m not sure if anyone has said something on this. But y'all know how in The World Was Wide Enough, Burr screams “WAIT!” before shooting, I’ve only seen people make the comment that “you can’t stop a bullet.” but I’ve recently been thinking to much on it and I’m pretty sure it’s just Burr regretting the one thing he didn’t wait for and actually took direct action on (in the play at least). I dunno. That’s my two cents I guess.

Oh my god I was just leaving the office for lunch and this guy asked where I was going and I meant to say either “to stretch my legs” “to spread my wings” but what I actually said was “oh, I dunno, just want to get out of the office, you know. Spread my legs” and as soon as it came out of my mouth I could feel my skeleton leaving my body and corrected myself but it was TOO FUXKING LATE


Cheering up Sans

This makes no sense at all because it just randomly came up my mind at night

And then I spent way too much time with shading and lights..oh well

The Archaeologist and the Skull

A very silly #microfiction…

“Hey buddy.”

The voice appeared to be coming from a skull that sat on one of the tomb’s dusty shelves.

The archaeologist leaned in to take a closer look. He leaned in very close indeed.

“Whoa! Bit hecking close there, aren’t we?”

“I dunno,” the archaeologist stared over the top of his glasses at the skull. “Are we?”

A small tongue flicked out of the skull’s eye and licked him on the nose.

“I guess so, bucko.” Said the little gecko sitting in the skull’s eye socket. “I guess so.”

“Oh,” said the archaeologist, “I thought you were a talking skull, but you’re just a talking gecko.”

“Oh, the skull talks too. She’s just shy.”


“No. She’s actually a real extrovert.”


The archaeologist didn’t lean back at all, but kept leant up close to the skull and the gecko.

They stared at each other.

“Hey, buddy?” Said the gecko. “You know we’re in a tomb, right?”

“I do!”

“So … why are you wearing sunglasses?”

“They’re prescription.”

“Reaaaaally?” The gecko could not raise an eyebrow because it didn’t have any. But, for the sake of understanding its tone, please imagine that it had eyebrows and it was raising one.

“No.” Said the archaeologist. “They look pretty cool though, right?”

“Heck yeah.” Said the gecko. “They do.”

“Rad.” Said the archaeologist, radly.

“Hey, bucko.” Said the gecko. “Can I trust you?”

“Of course.” Said the archaeologist. “I have a PHD.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It stands for Pretty Heroic Dude.”

“Badass. I’ll trust you then.” The gecko continued in a whisper. “This skull is hella magic and some really evil folks want to find it to do An Apocalypse.”

“Oh no.” Said the archaeologist, his square jaw bristling. “I would hate to do An Apocalypse!”

“Then you must steal this skull, friend!”

“I *will* steal this skull-friend!”

“Great.” Said the gecko. “Ooh. When you leave, duck your head into your coat and put the skull on your head, so it looks like you’re a skellington walking out…”

“I like the way you think.”

So the archaeologist walked out of the tomb with a skull on his head, so he looked like a skellington and the other people at the dig were well freaked out.

And this was just the first of their many adventures.

ch 100

Took a quick look at the MS translation - there’s a few more, but the one mistranslation that rubbed me the wrong way was Banjo. What he actually said to Hinami: 

“Nah, I’m too afraid to take my eyes off her. I’m scared that she’ll just up and die the moment I fall asleep. I’ve never actually fixed human bodies, you know? Dunno if I’m even helping her with this…”

I think another big one was Kuramoto’s “I thought he trusted me”, instead of “believed in me”. The rest were mostly odd embellishments in Furuta’s phrases (e.g. he didn’t really call the reporters “headless chickens”)

Conversations That Probably Happened

Odin:  “Man, the contractor’s almost done fixing up my wall.  He’s probably gonna want me to actually pay him … Hey!  Loki!”

Loki:  “Yeah, bro, what’s good?”

Odin:  “Go, like, I dunno, fuck up his horse or something.”

Loki:  “Fuck his horse?  Okey dokey.”

Odin:  “What?  No, I said–and he’s gone.”

V might be autistic?

Now, hear me out before you go saying that this ruins V’s entire character for you. I say this because I am autistic, and I share two key traits with V. Bad handwriting and being empathetic to the point of blaming myself for others problems. I feel like it’s very possible for him to be autistic because of my shared traits with him. And that maybe, the problem V had with his mother is that said mother was actually disgusted with how V was autistic. I dunno though, it might be true, it might not be. What do you guys think?

when u accidentally call him daddy in front of people…………….


Rin… I love you.”

Prompt:  A romantic holiday that involves confessions and fluff and romance! :)

Rushed to complete this at like 5 am for the RH exchange haha,, It’s a gift for  thenotsoreluctanthero

“Come on, Ginny’s not bad,” said George fairly, sitting down next to Fred. “Actually, I dunno how she got so good, seeing how we never let her play with us.”
“She’s been breaking into your broom shed in the garden since the age of six and taking each of your brooms out in turn when you weren’t looking,” said Hermione from behind her tottering pile of Ancient Rune books.  — Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Drawing fanart is irresistible when watching a Harry Potter marathon! I believe I got an anon the other day asking me to draw Ginny, so I thought I would.

  • Ron: Sup?
  • Hermione: I dunno. A lot more things are down than are up. Clouds ozone and a roof as opposed to the ground and rock and dirt and all that shit and if you go down far enough you get to the sky anyway. So real question: what's down?
  • Ron: My self esteem and confidence right now.
So umm.. Prince Shiro?

OK, I love all these Keith is Shiro’s knight/hero things!!

And you know, it might not be just AU stuff… Cuz that is kinda actually not a bad theory? Since we dunno much about Shiro either.. 

And like, he’s got the white hair, the “scar” that was never actually described as “a scar”… (can totally be an alien mark just like Allura and Coran have, and you know hair dun actually turn white from trauma…)

So Shiro being Altean royalty or something (whether he’s aware of it or not), is not that farfetched I think..

And I think if you watch the first episode you might think that Shiro actually recognizes the Galra ship when he says “It can’t be!” (but then Tim and Mitch said it was just “it can’t be.. aliens”, but you kno, it wouldn’t be the first time ppl on staff lied to avoid spoilers..)

And if Shiro is Altean/Pollux royalty then Keith can be like his bodyguard that was sent with him to protect him or something while they are hiding on Earth for some reason maybe…

Because that honestly would explain their kinda strange relationship SO WELL.

Because they dun really come off as brothers or childhood friends, there’s too much respect on Keith’s side for that?

If they were something like that, I’d expect there would be a bit of friendly banter or teasing between them. There is a bit of brotherly attitude from Shiro’s side I think, but there’s nothing but love and respect on Keith’s side. (and that is not how you portray brothers or two people that grew up together, sorry. And these writers wrote alot of “brotherly relationships” before, they know what they’re doing.)

And if they only know eachother from the Garrison, with Shiro just being Keith’s flight instructor, maybe that’s not enough to explain the love and care Keith has for him, or how they seem to have some serious history together. (depending on if it was Keith’s second or first year when Kerberos happened, they might not have spent alot of time together at the Garrison even.. ). Their relationship certainly feels deeper than Cadet/Instructor.

But if Shiro was an actual alien prince and Keith was his knight or bodyguard, and they were like fugitives or something, then it would explain why Keith always listens to Shiro, even tho he’s not exactly depended on him (depended on him just to calm him down.. that’s it), and why he kinda insists that Shiro will be the leader all the time. And that would explain the respectful distance, the protectiveness, and the deep care he has for him. (in some other way than him just being totally inlove with Shiro I mean.. although it doesn’t have to be one or the other obviously haha) 

Also I think it would explain alot about Shiro’s personality, and why he feels like he’s the one that has to take everything upon himself all the time and be a leader to everyone. Kinda like the same way Allura is… Because we don’t actually know what made Shiro be this kind of person.. And seems like he was like that even before he was abducted by the Galra, so it’s not just him trying to protect his team because he’s the one that’s been through the most out of them all.

Maybe the “natural born leader” means he was actually born into a royal family hmm hmm..

And you know Sven/Ryou was ruler of Pollux in the 80′s.. by marriage ofcourse.. but still.

So hey, who knows? I’m so on board for that tho.

I mean.. Hot Pilot, Sexy Teacher, Gladiator Champion, An Actual Prince… all in one guy? Like holy shit, what can’t Shiro be? haha

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I know you said that you dont think the potinal lapidot fusion will be a perma-fusion but, i feel like its at least a possiblity because, one of SU's biggest frist plot twist was garnet being 2 games all along, and I feel the reverse would make for a good twist aswell, 2 gems we got to know sepratly becoming one new charater than here to stay. i dunno theres just so many ruphire paralells not to be possible.

Oooh, that’s interesting!

It’d definitely be a good twist and a clever spin on the Garnet situation (considering how many parallels there already are between Rupphire and Lapidot, as you rightly said) - it’s certainly a very viable idea :)

Personally though, I’d rather they didn’t fuse permanently because I love them so much as individuals.  Also, I think that Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship, although paralleled by Lapis and Peridot’s in many ways, is also actually quite different to the Lapidot relationship.  Ruby and Sapphire spend literally every waking moment together and can’t bear to be apart.  With Peridot and Lapis, they clearly have an extremely strong bond like Ruby and Sapphire and absolutely love being in each other’s company, but they also sometimes enjoy spending some time apart - such as when Lapis goes with Steven in Alone At Sea, and when Peridot goes with her friends in Too Short To Ride.

I do think though, at the very least, they’d really like being fused with each other and would probably fuse a lot.  Another possibility could well be that they don’t ever want to fuse with anyone else but each other; which could also be seen as a different spin on the Garnet situation.

This is the result of the poll !

Honestly I put “sexual scenes” like a troll thing…… But people actually chose that X’D 

Have I been trolled back ? I dunno, but it fascinates me haha !

Anyway I’m a little relieved !!
Yeah sorry I’ve said that many times but romance or sex isn’t part of the story~
Thank you all !

Also I get to see where my followers lives around the world AND I FIND THIS VERY NEATTO 

Everyone is doin Gemsona’s so I propose a new idea: Beachsonas! That’s right,  yourself or a character  that would be a Beach City citizen! 

Here’s me Jen, the manager at the ‘Bready for more? Bakery right here in Beach City! (PUNS FOR DAYS) Always up to cater for the numerous Beachapaloozas and the like, draws in their spare time too. Also #1 fangirl of Garnet, best bros with Jamie. We talk about how wonderful she is a lot. All the time….Everyday. ANYWAYS, Is always up to help for anything just say the word! :D

(And yes I work in a bakery because of the ‘loaves’ HA)

“They say that whether it burns you or not is up to you,” said Granny. “I used to watch them as a kid. My granny told me about ‘em. Some cold nights you see them dancin’ in the sky over the Hub, burnin’ green and gold…”
“Oh, you mean the aurora coriolis,” said Oats, trying to make his voice sound matter-of-fact. “But actually that’s caused by magic particles hitting the–”
“Dunno what it’s caused by,” said Granny sharply, “but what it is, is the phoenix dancin’.”

– on the phoenix dancing | Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum