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i’m the secret santa for @twentyeightisalie who wanted bones doctoring so, how about bones delivering them gorn octuplets who came out biting and their proud n happy parents

ok so gorns usually have fellow gorn be their doctors, especially for something as personal as this, but there was an emergency and bones was the only option. it took him an hour or two to get the couple to trust him and no small amount of effort to get those babies safe and sound. they’re very durable and energetic so its pretty normal to have them naked n crawling everywhere after birth. he’s also their favorite doctor (and the family occasionally comms him from time to time).


¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯ -  Meh? just doodles trashy trash

Couldn’t draw properly,too much stress this week. so i did this instead.Is it practice or lazyness?  let’s say it’s comfort zone. \⍩⃝/

Dunno if it could be useful for someone and plz, don’t take this like super seriously, it’s full of anatomy mistakes.i don’t pretend to be good but if u use it  that might be kyote if u credit meh! 8A8

if u have any question, plz feel free to ask. that’s funny how im just putting this shiet here and don’t say anything.like lol.this is poses,expressions and bye.

Translation: Drittsekken (The Asshole) - 12.12

Isak: -if he sleeps, you let him sleep, right?

Eskild: Shouldn’t I wake him to ask how he’s doing?

Isak: No, why should you do that?

Eskild: No, I dunno, you were the one who told me to look after him.

Isak: Yeah, I asked you to check in on him because he’s depressed, not look after him like he’s a baby. Just let him sleep.

Eskild: Okay, now I think he just woke up. Talk later.

Vilde: Hi Isak!

Isak: Hi Vilde.

Vilde: Did you see the message I posted in Kosegruppa?

Isak: Er…oh, Kosegruppa..! No, I haven’t.

Vilde: Why do you laugh?

Isak: No, I..I’d almost forgotten that Kosegruppa existed.

Vilde: You’re still in, right? It’s now that the revue begins. You can’t just join the fun and not the work.

Isak: Of course I’m still in Kosegruppa, Vilde! What do you take me for?

Vilde: Yeah, ‘ceause all the groups have this Christmas get-together, and it went so well the last time we had the rave pregame at yours, so I was wondering if we could maybe do it at yours?

Isak: Yeah.

Vilde: Yes? Is it okay with your flatmates?

Isak: Yeah, surely.

Vilde: Okay, but then I’ll send out invites!

Isak: Do it!

(Vilde is :D and leaves, Isak goes over to Emma)

Isak: Hey

Emma: Hi..!

Isak: Look, there’s this asshole in sophomore year who’s hosting this Christmas get-together with Kosegruppa on Friday. So he’s wondering if you wanted to come, because he thinks it would be really nice.

Emma: I’ve changed to the PR group, so..

Isak: I see.

Emma: But give my regards to that asshole and tell him I’m happy he asked.

Isak: I’ll give your regards to the asshole. He’ll appreciate it.

Emma: Do that.

Isak: Yes.

Emma: Bye.

Isak: Bye.

Rough translation, might go in and edit/tweak later, but now I haffta runnnnnn to work BYE!

The fact of the matter is a couple million people across the entire country gathered to express their outrage at the government and, collectively, did less damage than a gang of drunk Red Sox fans or the average Cracked writer on a Thursday night. These are people who have had their humanity questioned and their personal physical safety threatened by the leader of the free world. I don’t know how you can find their restraint anything less than inspiring, to be frank.

So is it, like, great that this Nazi got punched for saying out loud the stupid things that are in his head? And is it healthy for so many people to celebrate that violent? I dunno, probably not, but I bet far worse shit is happening to a woman or minority somewhere within 50 miles of wherever you’re reading this right now, and that’s what the protest is about, dude.

The 4 Worst Reactions To The Women’s March

I just couldn’t resist after the new update. I loved it so much and I hope Old Xian knows how much her work means to us. 19 days is a fucking blessing, my heart jumps whenever I re-read it.

(Have an older He Tian and Mo Guan Shan cuz I hope they’ll end up together, stay a (gorgeous stupid bitch ass) couple for the rest of their lives and love each other like idiots. I have this headcanon that Satan-Tian has this scars on his neck and hand and proudly shows them off cuz he protected his property back then. Btw, dunno what He Tian did this time to piss Momo off, but I bet it wasn’t just a dick pic XD )


Praise to the shipping gods for apparently, I’ve been good enough this week to deserve the following as a reward…

Sorey and Mikleo discussing the situation, noticeably just the two of them (Edna’s probably on the wagon already so Lailah may or may not be there with them, I dunno), and Mikleo’s fond smile when Sorey is being his adorable self.


I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve last seen the fist bump from all the best angles. *cries* ;A;

Also, just look at that gargantuan amount of trust between them.

*clutches heart*


They did the THING!!!

And in canon, the THING is actually a THING!!

*wrings hands cuz I don’t know what to do with ‘em*

₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

On another note, are we going to discuss how hilarious it is that Meebo just stole some poor guy’s horse? XD;

Keep talking.

I won’t ever tire hearing about this development. x3

Speak his name and he shall appear!

Again, the trust, the faith, just freaking knowing without any doubt that they’ll be able to find each other no matter what.

Yes, I have laid my heart in the right place. <3




Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)

i love this brush and i named it zim


I don’t know all the rules to psychic powers in this world. Like, could someone specializing in telekinesis know a little bit of mind-reading? (I always assumed that’s what Teru did when he cheated at tests). Maybe they go into that later on, I dunno. 

Here Mob’s using a bit of empathy by accident and digs into inner feelings rather than ones on the surface. Mob has such a low opinion of himself I figure learning that someone cares enough to be willing to die for you would be pretty overwhelming.

(Please don’t remove the description on this or it’ll make zero sense. :’’’D )

Goodbye (Joker x Reader)

This is my first oneshot (that I’m posting) so please take it easy on me! I did my best and feel free to send me requests!! I’m dying to get this blog up and running so please help a girl out and like/reblog maybe? I dunno! Let me know what you think guys thank you so much! 


“How can you live with yourself? How can you sleep at night knowing that you took everything from me. You took my heart, my soul, my life. Was this all a joke to you?” Tears streamed down your cheeks as you stared at the cold, expressionless face of the man you loved. Sure, you knew going into this that it was going to be difficult, he was the Joker for Christs sake! The Clown Prince of Crime, the King of Gotham City, the man who stole your heart. He was a bad man, one of the worst, that was for sure but he had always loved you and cared for you, or so you thought.

“I don’t know what you want me to say Y/N,” he said in a deep monotone voice. His icy blue stare pierced right through you. The eyes that once gave you so much kindness were now breaking you down.

“I’m leaving J. I’m going somewhere where you won’t be able to find me. I’m not your pet anymore. I’m going to live a life for myself. I’m going to get a nice job, and house, a man that actually loves me and cares for me. I’m going to be happy J. I’m leaving so that I can be happy. I’m leaving and even though you might not care, I do. I sacrificed everything for you and now it’s time to do something for me. No it’s time to stop loving you and to start loving myself. Bye J.” The tears were pouring and the hiccups were coming but you had to say it. You had to get that off your chest. “You’ve controlled me for too long. It’s my time now. It’s my time to be happy.”

“You won’t do that Y/N. You’re not going to leave, you’re not going anywhere,” he said calmly. “You couldn’t survive on your own Y/N. You need me.” He wouldn’t look at you, sitting at his desk in his office, rummaging through paperwork, anything but look at you. This all started when you walked in on him and some trampy blonde dancer from his club. His moans mixed with her screams of pleasure, that was the moment that ruined your life.

“That’s where you’re wrong J. See you’re wrong because before you, I had a normal life. I had a normal boyfriend who loved me, I had a normal apartment where I had all my normal things, I had a normal job where I made a normal amount of money. I was normal J. I miss normal…” Your voice dragged off as you felt the tears stop. You were just tired now. Tired of arguing, tired of begging, tired of loving. “Just tell me why. What did I do? Why wasn’t I good enough?” The trembling in your voice gave away how truly upset you were.

He looked at you with boredom in his eyes, clearly unaffected by your pleas for answers. “You were fine.” His brief, abrupt answer surprised you as you were simply expecting one of his fury filled gazes. “Are you done here Y/N? I have work to do and you’re being unreasonable. Go back to bed.” You gave him one last look before turning around and leaving the office. You beelined for the bedroom, throwing all your belongings into a bag and heading towards the front door.

“Goodbye J…” Your voice was soft and quiet and exhausted. Exhausted from this life of constant mayhem and chaos. You maybe one day wanted to start a family and this was no way to do it. This was dangerous and you couldn’t stay. Your family had a nice beach house down south, you could go down there until you found a job and finally got back on your feet. Stepping out of the house you took a deep breath. Revelled in the fact that you were a free woman, ready to live the life she always wanted. The walk to the bus stop was refreshing, calming, and extremely relaxing. You were worn out by all the emotions flying through you and couldn’t wait to get to the station.

This big coach bus pulled up in front of you. Ticket in hand, grin on your face you were excited to start this new chapter.

“Y/N what are you doing.” His voice sent chills down your spine, calm and furious. You didn’t even need to turn around and look at him to tell that his expression was filled with pure and utter rage, fists clenched, mouth in a tight line, shoulders rising and falling with each heavy breath.

“I told you I’m leaving J. This is me leaving. This is me doing everything I told you I was gonna do while you weren’t listening to me. I’m leaving far away from you and I’m not coming back.” You didn’t have it in you to turn around, to look into those eyes again. You couldn’t.

“Don’t you dare take one more step Y/N. Don’t you fucking dare. You think you can just leave me Y/N? You are so dumb to think you can just walk away.” You took one big breath and stepped on to the bus, turning away from this life forever. You could hear his angry yelling through the windows of the bus. You leaned your head against the cool glass window as the bus finally started to push forward, officially on your way way to starting a fresh new life.

“Goodbye J.”

Part 2 here!


GINMEME | 3 quotes [1/3]

Weep and ask for help. Lean on me with your runny nose. Cry when you feel like crying. Laugh when you feel like laughing. When you’re tearing up with an ugly face, I’ll give you a good cry with an uglier face. When you’re laughing so hard your stomach hurts, I’ll laugh in a louder voice. That’s how it should be.

anonymous asked:

i have a siamese, and i can't get her to keep her collar on! i've lost two to the void of my apartment and my sneaky little weasel couldn't be more pleased. how did you get pangur to keep hers on??

dunno if I can help you on this!

Pangur doesn’t like collars. the sparkly thing around her neck is a bracelet an old lady gave me for carrying her groceries, and Pangur will only tolerate it for 3-4 mins before growing irritated

anyone else got tips?



eyyee so looks like you guys won’t have to wait till my bday for another post. Still school is very stressful so I dunno if I will be posting so frequently. Also idk if I mentioned this before (probably did) but I literally only do this comic in school when I’m bored and i really did not expect it to take this long I’m barely through the beginning jeez. So as the school year is ending I have no plans to how I’ll manage my time to do this comic. I mean, I’ll have the free time but…. ahh we’ll see. 

I also got 2,000+ followers omg crazzyy. (getting v close to 2,100 by now lol) I haven’t had the time to think of how to celebrate this so maybe something will come later.

Part 30

Start from Beginning


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tbh i agree with you, i dont rly like felix and he did something shitty yes, but that is no excuse to call someone people barely actually know a nazi. Thank you for making these posts, i dunno how i'd say how i feel without messing up somewhere

Thank you for supporting me, and seeing the issue of the matter. it’s always nice to get support when I’m also trying to support someone, even if I’m looking past a flaw they made. no one is perfect. 

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I started writing in fifth grade , I ended up stopping for a while (I dunno why) I'm a junior now and when I try to write, the plot never seems to develop completely, like there's just nothing that comes to mind, any tips? It's quite frustrating :^(

Know the story you want to tell. When you get that little spark of an idea you want to write, ask yourself six simple questions. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. It may seem silly, but it works. 

Who is involved in the plot? Who are your characters?

What was the thing that happened which caused your characters to be involved? What is the inciting incident? 

When did these events happen? Is it over a few days or a few years?

Where are these events taking place? Is it in a small town, or an epic world traveling journey?

Why is the plot happening? Why did the characters have to be involved?

How did these characters get involved, and how are they going to come to a resolution? 

You don’t have to answer those questions immediately or in any particular order. After a while, you may find you have more plot than you need and may end up having to trim some things out. Last but not least, take your time, don’t force it. Writing is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably shit.

This is a very basic breakdown of my personal process. Since writing is, by nature, a very subjective process, what works for one person may not work for others. Hope this helps.

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When 12x11 came out and ppl made gifs paralleling Dean saying he loves that fish w/ Cas being called a fish, it seemd like good fun, but now i feel like there's no ignoring it like there was such an emphasis put on Ramiel being a fisher and hating angels going after Cas and the way it was shot with him preparing to throw that lance it reminded me of ppl who use makeshift spears to fish. I dunno it's a v sugestvie shot, speight did an amazing job. I also loved how we got a flipped image, first of

a prince of Hell throwing Michael’s lance that was created to kill Lucifer and hitting Cas(interestingly, a former vessel of Luci), a good, righteous, humanity loving angel in the Jesus spot, and then when all hope seems lost and Ramiel is about to hit Dean, Sam, the Boy King, Lucifer’s true vessel spears Ramiel, in true Michael fashion. I liked how the tables tabled there (AND we got to see the painting itself, too, so we can compare&contrast) :))

I love this :D

I don’t have anything to add, but filing this under interesting inversions on the story this season. Like, it’s a great example of the way re-telling works - taking all the elements of the same story but turning them around completely.