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One of many things I don't like from the UT fandom is how most of they (and I think you too once on one if the ET pages. Not that I'm being rude though) potray Sans as very compelling, especially when it comes to humoring his brother (like he threats people into befriending Papyrus and forcing them to eat and compliment his horrible dish that prevents constructive criticsm). I mean, he's almost never compels or threaten anyone in-game, he even kinda ask genocide players to pretend to be human.

compelling as in evoking interest, attention or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way?

I dunno, I think there are a lot of times where Sans is trying to convince you about how cool his brother is, or tries to convince you to stay underground, at least that I noticed when I played both pacifist and genocide

(though in ET Sans gives Asriel that look when he’s trying the lasagne, because despite they time they’ve known each other, let’s just say Sans might still be trying to get a little bit of payback for what Asriel did as a flower/god of hyperdeath) 

odd thing to dislike a fandom for but to each their own I guess?

On Hats

(the shortest drabble)

Takes place during Percy and Vex’s time in the crow’s nest last episode. Fluffy angst? Angsty fluff? I dunno what genre this is but here, take it from me. 

Vex’ahlia appreciated her lover’s mind quite a bit. Even when the complexity of things he described went beyond her, she could simply enjoy the cadence of his voice and the way he got swept up in sharing his interests with anyone who would listen. 

And that was what had her asking Percy about their ship, not because she particularly cared or needed to know, but because he was smiling as he answered her questions. She watched him more than the things he pointed out; his cheeks were flushed from the wind, his hair sweeping off his forehead, his blue eyes sparkling. He wore happiness well, she thought.

He had been pointing out the purpose of one thing or another when he caught that her attention had been diverted. He made an inquisitive sound, looking back at her. 

Vex grinned. “I’m just thinking how well a tricorn would suit you, dear.”

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Looking for Discord RPers

( Said this blog was going to be for IC stuff only, but I lied.

With my new job I’m finding I don’t have nearly as much free time as I’d like to do my gamey stuff and rp, and thankfully Discord and a particularly great partner have made things easier during the transition, but I’m always looking for more people to link up with!

Specifically, I’m looking for people willing to RP via Discord throughout the day, basically whenever either of us has the chance to drop a post. I’m a fan of adventure-y stuff, drama, slice of life, whatever but what’s most important are people that are actually engaged. If you’re just gonna poke me once and then from then on it’s up to me to hound you to post or even say hi, it’s probably not gonna work out.

Anyway, I prefer longer term stuff to help give my character (Elijah Ballard, info about him on this Tumblr and the RPC wiki linked therein) some background and contacts for future stuff in and out of game, but am probably up for most anything, so if anyone out there is interested or in a similar situation to myself feel free to drop me a line. (Send me an ask or something with your discord handle, I dunno, I’m still new to the whole Tumblr thing.))

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I just wanted to get this off my chest: I am convinced the marauders made friendship bracelets for each other. Like, they'd sit in a circle like 10yo girls at a sleepover and make friendship bracelets for each other. I wanted to tell you and know what you think of this.

First of all, we have to remember there wasn’t a lot to do in the 1970s, especially without magic during summers…so YES I ACCEPT THIS @paisley-pear. Because you know James. He has to be engaged all the time. He can’t be bored. He has to be doing something. The perfect extrovert. The outgoing Gryffindor. He always is playing pranks not just to amuse others but to amuse himself. 

“What’s that?” James asked aggressively; his voice, as always, was too loud for the tiny space of Peter’s bedroom. 

“What’s what?” Peter asked, shuffling over to the bookcase to try to shove a tissue box in front of the bright purple title that had caught James’ eye. 

It was no good. James caught up the volume around Peter’s curls and yanked the cover open with a brutality that made Remus - a long time mender of his favorite battered secondhand books - wince. 

“Friendship…bracelets?” James sounded out the words as Peter tried to hurriedly stem the flood.

“That’s my sister’s. Shannon, you know. She’s always coming in here and leaving things around and I must have just -”

“What’s a friendship bracelet?” James demanded, interrupting as usual.

Peter fell silent, perplexed, and looked helplessly over at Sirius who was stretched out over the comforter of his twin bed, boots hanging off the end as he played with a long string of muggle chewing gum. 

Sirius glanced back over at Peter under a lock of dark hair that had fallen out of his carefully styled bangs. “Don’t look at me,” he griped. “You know you can’t leave things like that out around James.”

Peter gaped at this unfairness. “I didn’t,” he began, but James interrupted again as Remus went wearily to the foot of the bed, shoved Sirius’ legs out of the way, and sat down. Peter’s bedroom was small, and the bed was the only furniture to sit on. 

“So if they’ve got bracelets, right, then why do you need a book about them?”

“It’s a book of…of patterns and stuff,” Peter said helplessly. “Look, I don’t know! Like I said, it’s Shan’s. I’ve never even opened it!”

“Well why have you got so many pages on patterns?” James asked in perplexment. 

“I dunno!” Peter said bewildered. 

“And all these charts. Seems a bit barmy to put all these charts on the patterns in here. Don’t know anyone who likes bracelets that much.”

Peter laughed weakly. “Yeah. Course. Well they’re hard to make anyway it’s hours of-”

“Wait, these are making instructions?” James said sharply. A huge grin hooked from ear to ear as he began thumbing through the patterns with greater interest. “Really….”

Remus groaned and leaned back against the wall. Sirius only rolled his eyes. “I told you. I told you.”

“See here?” James was thrusting the book under Peter’s nose, as he was still the only one standing in his immediate, energetic vicinity. “It says the colors mean things. Like this? This one is Remus. White for wisdom, and yellow for smarts.”

Remus tried not to look pleased, but he couldn’t help sitting back up. Grumblingly, Sirius swung his legs down and sat up too, swallowing the gum with an audible gulp. 

“Oh and here…we’ve got light grey. Patience and understanding. Maybe that’s why your eyes are grey, Moony!” 

This time Remus did roll his eyes.

“Do me!” Sirius said suddenly. “What colors have I got?”

“Well obviously you’ve got dark blue,” said James sniggering a bit. 

“What? Why!” Sirius looked anxious. “Wot’s that mean?”

“Fertility,” James tried not to choke, but when Remus snorted, the three of them lost it and howled as Sirius repeated: 

“I don’t get it! What’s so funny! Is this because I snogged Violet? She was a lousy snog! What’s so funny? Stop laughing!”

“Well, Peter you’d be orange for enthusiasm,” James beamed.

Peter felt a little shy. “Really? You think so?”

“Course,” Sirius butted in, slightly ruffled. “You’re always game for the pranks.”

“And here,” he said to Sirius a bit more kindly. “You can also have red in yours for strength.”

“What have you got?” Peter asked, since James was obviously dying to be asked.

“Hang on,” frowned Remus, who had up to now been silent. “You haven’t given Peter both of his. And I’ve gotten three.”

“Well we can take one of yours back. You can just be white and grey, like the moon.”

Remus went very white, and pressed his lips together.

“Nah,” Sirius said, reflexively bumping Remus’ shoulder to pull him out of his anxiety and guilt. “Let him keep the yellow. Else it’ll be too boring.”

“Fine,” said James, oblivious as usual. “How about pink for Peter? It means friendship.”

Peter snatched for the book. “It does not! You’re making that up!” But there it was, as James’ smug finger pointed out, in black and white. 

“I can’t have pink,” Peter moaned. “That’s a girls colour, that is.”

“Colour is just colour,” Remus said patiently. 

“Well you’re alright what with having normal colours,” Peter replied sulkily.

“And if anyone should have orange for enthusiasm, it should be you, Prongs,” Sirius added.

“Hey!” Peter blushed. “Now I haven’t got any!”

“Give the book here,” Remus said commandingly, and Peter handed it over automatically. “I’ll figure it out.”

There was a breathless moment while Remus studied the purple pages with their white textboxes as seriously as he had studied any star chart. 

“All right then,” he said authoritatively. “We’re all getting two. I’ll take white and grey. Sirius can have the dark blue and yellow. James can have the red and black - black is for silence.”

“But I’m not silent!” James protested at once.

All three of his friends looked at him sardonically. “We know,” Remus said finally. “It can help you grow. And Peter - you can have orange and green. Green means fortune.”

Peter grinned suddenly. “Yeah, alright then.”

Remus carefully closed the book and put it on the windowsill by the bed that Peter used in lieu of a night stand since the door opened too far in to be able to have one. 

“That was stupid,” Sirius said after a moment. “We just had a pretty intense debate over what dumb colour chart we were in a girl’s plaiting book.”

“It wasn’t stupid,” protested James at once. He turned to Peter. “Where’s Shannon’s room?”

“Down the hall,” Peter said without thinking, but when James bolted for the door he trailed after him anxiously. “Why?”

“Well obviously,” James threw over his shoulder. “We’ve got to get the string and stuff to make these.”

It was Remus who found it, in the end, after a ten minute search through a child’s bedroom. It was in a large purple sandcastle bucket on her miniature plastic desk. Everything was in a snarl. 

“Let’s take the lot,” James said decisively, and they trooped back to Peter’s room and sat in a circle on the floor, Sirius toeing off his combat boots and Remus pulling off his sweater as they peered together around the purple book, begging each other not to turn the page yet as they meticulously knotted and braided each other’s friendship bracelets.

A decade later, deep in Azkaban prison, Sirius fingers the almost snapping threads of faded blue and yellow, knowing that somewhere a tired failed interviewee was doing the same.

Has anyone noticed that Lynn really doesn’t show any interest in boys (besides Hugh, who was an anomaly and should not be counted) yet she’s probably the Loud sister who gets shipped with boys the most? I don’t think she even cares about boys except when a sport is involved.

I dunno where I’m going with this. I just think it’s interesting.

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Killervibe no. 32 please!

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

For four people who knew each other this well, there was an awfully awkward silence hanging over the table where Cisco, Caitlin, Barry and Iris sat. Normally, the four of them could carry on a conversation about anything, but in this fancy French restaurant with its smothering rich aroma, they were all at a loss for words. The grouping in which they sat was important: Cisco and Caitlin and Barry and Iris.

“Come on,” Barry had told Cisco. “A blind date. It’ll be fun. It’s this friend of Iris’s and she’s awesome and you’ll love her.”

Iris’s words to Caitlin were similar: “It’s this friend of Barry’s, he hasn’t been on a date in a while, but he’s really sweet and I just know you guys will get along.”

Although none of their statements were exactly lies, Cisco did not see it that way.

“You lied to me,” he said to Barry across the table. “This is not a blind date. This is a setup.”

“Technically, a blind date is also a setup,” Iris said.

“We didn’t lie,” Barry argued. “She is a friend of Iris’s. You two do get along great.”

Caitlin was fiddling with the sleeve of her purple dress. “I think what Cisco means is, it’s a little dishonest to set up two people who already know each other without their knowledge.”

Cisco nodded. “Right. It’s one thing to set up two people who you think might like each other, but with a pre-established relationship, you don’t really know what you’re dealing with.”

Caitlin started to say something, but just then, their waiter- Theodore, his name tag declared -swooped in and deposited a basket of complimentary rolls on the table and took their orders. He left, and it was as if someone had pressed play on the conversation.

Iris leaned forward. “Listen, you two are perfect for each other.” The two faces across the table regarded her skeptically. She glanced at Barry. “Back me up here.”

Barry had torn into one of the rolls and had taken a huge bite just as Iris turned to him. He swallowed and coughed, his face slightly red. “All of the employees at Los Tacos think you two are a couple.”

“Betrayed by my closest friends,” Cisco said offhandedly. Caitlin’s hands laced together in her lap and her knuckles went white.

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some day when I finally figure out Instigator’s look, I wonder if anyone would be interested in trying a clothes designing contest for him or something

I dunno if many people would tho, since no one really knows anything about him other than ‘he’s crazy and rules the underworld’

Hell it’s not even earth’s underworld, but I’m still developing that world so I don’t even have a name for it yet. It’s kind of like a parallel earth but the layout and names of places are all different, and it contains magic and supernatural stuff.

Honestly I’m super excited about sharing that world with all of you but I just don’t even know where to begin. Right now I’m in the process of converting pony OCs in to workable characters for it.

possible thing?

I guess it would be like a match up, but with your major arcana?
I have 10+ tarot decks and I don’t get to use them too often, so I was thinking along the lines of telling me about you, picking the deck you’d want to be used for the match and pretty much just a one card draw from the 22 major arcana cards to see what would come up? maybe listing what Persona characters have that arcana, what the card means…

I dunno if anyone would even be interested in that.
would you guys be interested in that???

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Why do you think Danny never has green skin when almost all of the other ones do? Even plasmieus has green tinted skin.

Interesting point. I didn’t notice that. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Danny is the “good guy”… or… I dunno. His age. Or maybe it’s part of his ideal form. He gets inexplicably tanner, which is weird since he’s supposed to be a ghost… and his skin gets darker… very interesting…

(Anyone have ideas?)

Sam & Rafe Story DLC

Full conversation & original post here [x]

Ya know what… I would love some DLC that featured that two year gap in time. Not just for them interacting together, but seeing each of them in a different element, and shedding more light on their characters then the main games story-line was able to (especially Rafe in that regard, whom we saw very little of).

Seeing things from Sam’s perspective. Seeing Sam away from Nate, working some on his own, as well as with Rafe, and Nadine and company. Seeing how Sam and Rafe operate as a team, and perhaps Sam having to do some shady stuff with Rafe on certain missions. Seeing the conflictions he has about everything, about wanting Nate with them, but knowing he wouldn’t approve. About wanting to tell Nate anyway, but thinking it’s better for everyone that he doesn’t know. About his relationship/partnership with Rafe, and about Rafe in general. About what they’re doing, and their motives behind it. Conflicting thoughts and feelings everywhere! Finally confronting Rafe about it and whatever conversation that might spark (ohman… I can just imagine how it might go).

I’d also love to see more flashbacks, like when Sam met Rafe, and more of young Nate and Sam, showing more past and present parallels. Also how much his stay in prison - and working with Rafe - changed him and his outlook on life. Changed how he views the world, how he views himself, or his view of people in general. Seeing him interacting with more unsavory characters, but somehow fitting in a little too well. Maybe, he actually enjoys it a little too much. Maybe that bothers him more then he cares to admit. Maybe besides wanting to fulfill a childhood dream and see his brother again, the fear of becoming just like these people also drove him to his final decision. Maybe, however, he was already too close for comfort. Maybe it was already too late. In fact, I’m sure it was. The damage had already been done.

Then there’s Rafe. Again, seeing things from his perspective too would be awesome, as would learning more about him in general. There’s so much we don’t know. I’d like to see some of his life outside the obsessive-treasure-hunting. Seeing where he came from and what shaped him. Why he is the way he is… why he’s so angry and insecure and just not quite right.

Personally, I think having been born into great wealth, people instantly labeled him as the Rich Little White Boy who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Which - in reality - isn’t untrue. So he must be nothing more then that, right? That’s what everyone thinks, and Rafe hates that. That much is painfully obvious. So he spends his life trying to prove he’s more then just what people see at first glance. However, no matter what he does on his own to try and escape that two dimensional stereotype, it is still all anyone ever sees. The effects that has on him are very clear even in his adult life. People still treat him like the little boy who never earned a single thing on his own. That, in fact, he probably couldn’t do anything on his own if he tried. I imagine it gets under Rafe’s skin all the more because somewhere deep down he thinks they’re actually right… so it’s not just about proving them wrong, it’s about proving to himself that he can do it, that’s he’s more, that he has agency and a will of his own (Sadly, and perhaps ironically, he goes about this by employing the help of others and using his families vast wealth to fund his endeavors. Which is not in and of itself a bad thing… but considering Rafe’s mental state and his reasons for doing it all, I imagine if he sat down and thought about that he’d probably hate it, and hate himself for it too). Some of this is made obvious in the main story, but I want more then just subtext and speculations! I also wanna know what exactly his families business is, and since he runs that whole operation now, does that mean his parents passed away? What was it they did exactly? Criminal enterprise? High class thieves? Probably something of the sort. Would make sense (right now all we can do is make educated guesses though).

((oops, kinda went off on a Rafe-tangent. lol))

Beyond learning about his past, I’d also really like to see Rafe interacting with his friends (I use that term loosely. lol) and allies more. Especially Sam, whom - perhaps even against his better judgment - he began to trust and feel more relaxed around during those couple of years… before it all went to hell and came back to bite him in the ass. You know that what Sam did, apart from being angry at the betrayal itself, just added more fuel to the fire of his bitterness and jealousy towards Nate! And his anger levels in general. He had to be angry at himself too for letting it happen. For letting himself trust Sam too much, for maybe getting too close. To both of them really. Perhaps vowing that would never happen again. He won’t let them take advantage of him, or get the drop on him again! If only he’d applied that sentiment to all his allies from then on… he might have succeeded.

Anyway. Just getting a taste for how he operates when shit isn’t hitting the fan 24/7 would be cool to see. I’m sure even in his down time Rafe is still, ya know… Rafe (#UnchartedsAngriestSmol). I think he’s probably always a bit of a loose canon, and despite the fact he could buy anything, and do anything he wants, I believe he has a difficult time finding true happiness or validation in life. He probably doesn’t enjoy “down time” like other people do. Honestly, I think Rafe probably has a difficult time being idle at all. Sam, if there, would totally be telling him to just chillax for once in his life. The treasure ain’t goin’ anywhere. So enjoy the calm moments while he can. This is a conversation I’d really love to see. For all the things they have in common, they are also so sharply contrasted personality wise, and seeing what they’d each draw out of the other would be fascinating. Perhaps even saddening and heartwarming all at once.

Although, I could very well be mistaken. Maybe Rafe totally loves sitting on some picture-perfect-beach sipping pina coladas out of a coconut. lol And maybe Sam would be the anxious one wanting to get back to work. *facepalms*  Frankly, I’m probably wrong. They’d probably both be hyper focused on the treasure, and Nadine would have to intervene and use her Mom Voice to get them both to take a break once in a blue moon. Because obviously they’re no good to the mission all strung out and pissy. lol  SIDE NOTE: omg I wanna read that fic! Nadine forcing them to go on a vacation for the greater good. And the boys both being super annoyed like -Rafe: *pouts*  “This… is so stupid”  -Sam: *sigh*  “Yep. Totally”, and them weirdly bonding over it. lol xD  Anyhow, yeah, it’s difficult to say anything for sure since we didn’t get to see enough of any of these characters, much less them interacting together. Which again, is a shame. Regardless, I still think they’d have an awesome dynamic.

Honestly, I think there’s a part of them deep down that would secretly enjoy working together more then either of them would openly express. Even in spite of Rafe being a bit scary and unhinged sometimes. Even though Sam likely annoys Rafe very often. Though perhaps in an endearing sort of way. Maybe Rafe acts annoyed but is secretly fond of Sam’s bad jokes and whatnot. lol  Hell, maybe Sam - too - kinda likes it when Rafe goes all Full Metal Jacket. xD Maybe they’d hate to admit it, but they both kinda enjoy the others company. Even whilst both plotting to stab the other in the back and take all the treasure and recognition for themselves. *facedesk*

Although, Rafe claimed that’s not his style, so I dunno. It’s true that Rafe never outright betrayed anyone first, and is - weirdly - overly trusting of his allies. To the point it keeps screwing him over. We see this happen even after what Sam did, which you’d think would have made Rafe less trusting of others. Admittedly, it’s also true he is the one usually driving them to make that choice, cuz ya know, he’s kind of a giant asshole and all, but it’s still really interesting, and not a trait we often see in villain characters. So maybe it was never Rafe’s intention to betray Sam. We only know that ditching Rafe and working against him was Sam’s plan (Was it his plan from the start? Maybe. Currently only Sam knows the answer to that). Although, we also know he had very personal motives for his betrayal that went deeper then just gold and glory, or even however he felt about Rafe, good or bad. In the end, it was always all about him and his brother, a childhood dream, to finish what their mother started. Finding Avery’s treasure was a chance to prove something, to himself as well as the world, a desire that became an obsession, one that ended up defining him for a long time.

Good God! He and Rafe share so much of that in common it’s kinda of ridiculous! Neither of them actually give a shit about the treasure itself (lord knows Rafe sure as hell don’t need it), yet they’ve dedicated their lives to finding it. Investing years of their lives, risking life and limb just for a chance at finding clues. Why go so far if the treasure itself doesn’t matter? Because for them it’s personal, so  very  personal, and directly linked to their sense of self worth. Just the details are somewhat different. That’s why neither of them could let it go, and why it almost destroyed them both, as well as the people around them. Seriously, just… I could go on, and on about these two for forever, tbh.

I picked up on this early on. Sam and Rafe, despite differing personalities, share a lot in common. If they ever looked close enough to figure that out I think it would probably bother them. Maybe they’d feel sympathy for each other, maybe they’d reach a deeper understanding of the other, maybe they’d be at risk of suddenly getting too close… and regardless of whatever they’re feeling deep down, they’d probably hate that, even resent the other for it, deny it means anything, and try to run from it. After all, they both have more important things to worry about, right? In the end, they both suffer from tunnel vision regarding their life goals, goals that have blinded them from seeing other opportunities, or seeing themselves (or even others) in an honest light. Which screws them over on so many levels. They’re both selfish and flawed human beings, who think they deserve the “treasure” more, think they’re better then the other. Yet they need each other (for now).

We’re not alike. I don’t care about you.
I’m using you. I’m better then you.

They’d both think to themselves, and think they mean it, believe it’s just fact… but is it really that simple? Maybe it is, but I doubt it. Nothing about these two characters is simple. I tell ya what, I sure as hell would like to find out! I mean, seriously! This is dripping with potential! I really believe it would be a very interesting and engaging story, full of conflicting emotions (both from Sam and Rafe, as well as the audience), angst and humor galore. Yes. good. All the shades of gray. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Seriously, I wanna understand their motives and emotional state more so. In regards to each other and as individuals. I wanna see the best and the worst of them. I wanna see them overcome their demons, only to later succumb to their darker natures. I wanna see them fail and succeed in grand and personal hardships alike. I wanna see them struggle together, get angry at each other, actually get along a little too well sometimes, and hating the fact they’re enjoying this adventure again, but for the first time in a long time, and enjoying it together (until it all falls apart of course…). I wanna see them being clever badasses, and sassy little shits, and breaking all the rules together. I wanna see all the different sides of both characters. The softer sides… and the darker ones. ♥

I feel like Samson would’ve been a fucking gem if he was the Commander. Like, you thought Cullen was bad at handling nobles? Just wait until Samson starts frothing at the mouth and swearing at the top of his lungs when an uppity noble gives him lip. Samson has zero fucks to give. 

I dunno, Commander Samson just seems so interesting, since he seems to resent authority, but now he is in a position of authority. He doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who would ever be “proper” - I tend to think Samson would still be foul-mouthed and unpleasant, even as a Commander. Yet he inspires genuine loyalty among his men, and he treats his mage and Templar recruits with equal fairness. 

I think Samson would keep himself in check only because if he doesn’t deserve to be here, he shouldn’t be here, but he’s not going to let anyone regret giving him another chance. 

 *  beauty  caused  .      question  ,,,  if  i  were  to  do  something  like  a  texture  pack  or  a  font  pack  with  my  favorite  things  and  upload  them  for  download  on  deviantart  (  for  free  ofc  !  )  would  anyone  be  interested  ?  i  dunno  i  just  really  want  to  do  some  free  stuff  along  with  my  commissions  .  as  much  as  i  need  the  money  ,  it’s  not  my  entire  focus  ,  i  really  do  like  to  help  .

11/2/2016 - Bloodbath Radio mini!
  • Met: Heeey, hello!
  • Good morning, good afternoon, good night!
  • This is your ghastly host, DJ Met,
  • It's time for Pitch Station's Bloodbath Radio!
  • Met: Well!
  • This corner here is quite different from the usual Bloodbath Radio!
  • it's mini!, I say. mini!
  • Met: By the way, mini! is almost like "Man! Iwishicould Notgetmy Innardsdestroyed!"
  • With that said, welcome!
  • Mogeko: And I am the fluffy cuddly DJ Mogetan~
  • Met: Even though it's a horrible creature, I think it can also be a pretty decent punching bag! Ya~y!
  • Mogeko: Why are you so mean!?
  • Met: So, I've been receiving your messages in preparation for this program! Waaah~! (Clap clap clap)
  • Met: This is a listener called "yura"'s message!
  • "Good evening, Met-chan!
  • Lately, the fall season has been getting pretty rough.
  • Some people say that Fall is the --- season; what would be your idea of Fall?"
  • Met: Oh, that's easy!
  • Fall is beat-up season!
  • No beat-ups, no life!
  • Yeah!!!
  • Mogeko: I think that's what you say all year long...
  • Met: Shut up! I'll beat ya up too, ya bastard!
  • Met: ...A-hem! Next message!
  • This is a message from listener "Snail"!
  • "Please tell us which type of girl ya love the most!
  • Hmmm-mmm! That's a tough question alright...
  • Met: Wellll, I love all cute girls! <3
  • But hey, aren't ALL girls cuties? <3
  • Met: But also, girls with very strong temperaments are the ones I like even MORE!
  • Mogeko: What about Mogetan?
  • Met: To the next message~!
  • Mogeko: WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!?!?!?!
  • Met: This one's from listener "Guro-loving minor"!
  • "Do you always beat people up unarmed?"
  • Met: Nonono!
  • Even though I also really like doing it hands only~
  • But yeah, I do have a favorite weapon!
  • Met: Ta-da! My beloved weapon! Met-chan's steel pipe~~!
  • Mogeko: Uh... Why's there already blood on it?
  • Met: It's from the last Mogeko who showed up!
  • Met: O-kay, next! This one's from "mushi!"
  • "Why did you become a ghost, Met-chan?"
  • Met: Because I died! Of course!
  • Mogeko: Ulp... Mogetan's friends are all dead... Hic...
  • Met: Wanna do it too? Becoming a ghost!
  • We're accepting new members all year round! Yay! YaaaY!
  • Translator's note: ("iei" is also the word for those portraits of dead people the Japanese usually put beside their mourning shrines. Untranslatable puns ahoy!)
  • Met: ...Eh-hem!
  • From listener "SUSHI LOVE"!
  • "Do you have a person you really like, Met-chan? What kind of person are they?"
  • Met: ... The person I like?
  • Met: Thaaaa~t's obvious!
  • It's Big Sis Hanten!!!
  • Met: But of course, that'll go unrequited forever.
  • That gal...
  • Met: Oh, nevermind! If you tell anyone that, you'll die!
  • To the next one! NEXT!
  • Met: From "When will Roachykins melt his icy heart?!?!"!
  • Met: "DJ Met-chan, good evening!
  • I really love the Ivlis/Satanick/Licorice family but,
  • how should I go about taking care of them?
  • If there's a way to solve this mess, please tell me!
  • Thank you very much!"
  • Met: ...Hm.
  • Met: This is about the Devil!
  • Anyway, I dunno much about that, not being interested in guys and all...
  • Mogeko: Porn niches?
  • Met: Ah, I got it!
  • Met: So, next week, I'll call a guest over!
  • Who? Devil-chan in the flesh!
  • Mogeko: Eh? You'll call him over?! He'll come here!?
  • Met: If I called him, it's be one hundred percent chance of him coming over! So let's go!
  • I'll do it! I'll do it!
  • Mogeko: I get a real bad feeling about this...
  • Met: So! To the next one!
  • Met: From listener "HIMIKO"! "What are Kurotsuno-chan's three measurements?"
  • Met: ...
  • Met: Of course I know that! They areeeee~~.......
  • Mogeko: ......
  • Mogeko: ...Hm? Met-chan?
  • Mogeko: !?
  • Mogeko: Eh? Huh...? Ah...
  • Mogeko: (I see... There are a lot of things in this world that must be left untouched, moge...)
  • Mogeko: Mo... Mogehahahahaha! It turns out Met-chan is in no condition to continue! So, this is it for today!
  • Mogeko: T-this was Bloodbath Radio, with your host, DJ Met, and the fluffy cuddly Mogetan!
  • Mogeko: So, 'til next week!
  • Mogeko: Huh? Will there really be another program next week?
  • Mogeko: .......
  • Mogeko: B... Bye, bye!

Ok, this is in reply to this post by @kuroophile, that says Sheith is gross and disgusting because Shiro was Keith’s superior at the Garrison.

And I’m only gonna get in on this cause this feels a bit more like actual character discussion than just anti Sheith stuff. And just like the anti Sheith show their point of view and ask for understanding, I wanna show my personal Sheith shipper point of view so that maybe we all understand eachother better. So… BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF SHEITH!

First of all I have to say that I totally agree with that post, I would be very surprised if it turns out Shiro and Keith are in a romantic relationship already, not just cause HOLY SHIT AN ACTUAL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO DUDES IN A KIDS SHOW THAT’S NOT JUST VAGUELY HINTED AT, but also because it seems unlikely character wise (at this point atleast.)

And even though I definitely see Keith, the dude who dun live by anyone’s rules and likes to do his own thing, as someone who wouldn’t care about stupid military rules and be totally down with being in a relationship with his so called “superior” at the Garrison if that’s what he wanted, I do see Shiro as someone that would be like “Oh no! Not on my shift!”.

So I think shipping wise, if anything of that nature ever happened between Keith and Shiro during their Garrison days (assuming this is actually where they know eachother from), it would be just the beginning of something, a certain spark, nothing more.

Honestly, Shiro doesn’t seem to me like the kind of guy who would initiate something like that with anyone anyway. Sorry, but I can’t really see him actively hitting on somebody. Dude’s all business. And he just strikes me as someone who dunno what he’s got, and even less how to work it haha. He’s probably surprised when people have crushes on him. 

So I think we’re safe on the whole ‘Shiro pushing for a romantic relationship’ thing, with anyone. The way I see it is that It will have to come from someone else and he’ll have to take time to warm up to the idea. After all these things require a bit of selfishness, and Shiro is all about everyone but himself. That’s my impression atleast. (It would be interesting to see him actually pursuing a romantic relationship with someone in the show, whoever that may be haha. I have no idea how something like that gonna look.. Like Li Shang from Mulan probably.. )

I think everyone need to remember that Shipping is not “Can’t you see these two are dating/fucking right now in canon this very instant??” Shipping is wanting to see two characters end up in a relationship, cheering for a couple, thinking they’ll be good together for whatever reason that may be, exploring the idea of them being together or how it might happen or happened (specially when you ship a gay ship and know it’s very unlikely to see any romantic gay love expressions in the actual show, and even more since this is a kids show. So usually the fans have to complete the picture on their own and everyone have different ideas and impressions and not all of them are gonna be 100% in character.)

And usually in fiction you don’t want a relationship just be given to you like “here, they’re a couple. just accept it”. But you wanna see it grow, you want to see it develop, challenged, blossom.

At this point there’s no romance in VLD, between anyone. We only saw these one sided little crushes. But probably in the future we will see some actual love stories develop between some of the characters. And atleast for now, I think Sheith is definitely a legit player in that arena.

Garrison was in the past. 

At the point where we meet Keith and Shiro they’re not a part of that system anymore. And they’ve been out for about a year. (separately)

So why get stuck on the Garrison days? Specially when the paladins themselves are clearly moving out of that mind set.  

Like, seriously, in the very first episode when Lance addresses Shiro and says

Does Shiro just decides for them as a senior officer should? No, he says

And that’s what they keep doing through the entire season.

That little exchange was there to make a point:

The paladins are teammates, and all of them are supposed to grow to be able to take a leadership role when necessary.

They’re all supposed to be equals, some just might be better at making decisions in certain situations, getting people to work together or have more experience than others, so they take a leadership role. But the Garrison army hierarchy doesn’t apply to them anymore.

(And trust me, army relationships just don’t work the same once you’re out of it, they completely change.)

Now, Shiro is the kind of guy who just feels he’s responsible for everything, all the time. And he’s a bit older and has leadership experience. That’s also what he projects to people and what he probably feels people expect of him. So naturally he takes the leadership role upon himself.

But that’s where I think Shiro needs to grow, to not feel so responsible for things all the time or like he’s the one who has to keep it all together and always be in control. To be able to say “You know what? It wasn’t my fault.” Otherwise I don’t see him ever getting over his issues. Specially when at some point he’ll probably remember more of the horrible things he had done for the Galra.

Shiro needs to step down from leadership for a good reason. The dude needs to chill and rest a bit (just hopefully not forever…)

Also, honestly, I don’t feel like we get the Officer/Soldier vibe from Keith and Shiro at all. Even tho Keith says “yes sir” to him once and Shiro addressees to him and Lance as “cadets”, that yeah means that he was their superior at some point. But i’d say the vibe we get from Keith and Shiro at the time we meet them is a bit closer to an Officer/Second in command than Officer/Soldier.

Whatever their relationship is, it seems a bit too close to just be Officer/Soldier.

The look on Keith’s face when he finds Shiro, the soft “It’s good to have you back” feels a bit too personal and intimate to me.

(I dunno, I had some amazing commanders and officers who I really admired and looked up to and was kinda buddies with, and I only was like that with the one I was actually inlove with haha, but that’s just me..)

But… Keith is the only one who we can see that intimacy through. Shiro treats all of them the same. So I dunno what’s the deal there. I guess we’ll see.

And you can’t take Keith out of Sheith. Keith is a rule breaker, the dude’s a rebel. He’ll do what he wants and no one can tell him shit. He probably can be controlled only by the things he lets be in control of him.  

And even though he listens to Shiro, my guess is that it’s not because of Shiro’s role as a leader, or because Shiro is or was supposed to have some authority over him, or because he’s older or more experienced, but probably because at some point Shiro did something as a person, that made Keith really respect him or really touched his heart. (unless they actually know each other from very young ages, then it’s a bit different, yes.)

And notice how Keith doesn’t even listen to Shiro alot of times. Keith has no problem to go against Shiro’s opinion and orders when he thinks he knows better.

“The black paladin” was all about that.

Where’s the imbalance in power everyone are talking about?

Keith knows very well when he should listen or not listen to Shiro. Yes, I’m sure he admires him, I’m sure he looks up to him. But he does not see him as an authority figure that he can’t go against and always knows better than him.

Infact, seems like Keith feels like he’s the one who needs to take care of Shiro and feels responsible for him. Keith is probably the only one out them all who can see beyond the picture of the “admirable perfect leader who’s got it all together all the time” that Shiro tries to sell everyone, and see him as a person that’s not really ok, that has weaknesses and is prone to making bad decisions because of them.

Keith is the only character we’ve seen aware of the fact that Shiro is not ok.

That alone should tell you that he does not see him through some sparkling blind trusting admiring eyes, like the rest of the team maybe does at this point. (Although even with the rest of the paladins it seems more like a friendship, where Shiro is just the responsible friend. Besides maybe with Pidge that strikes me as kind of older brother relationship.)

And yeah obviously Keith is currently very depended on Shiro, and it’s evident he feels insecure without him. But it’s probably more because he’s aware of his own character flaws, and his own insecurities. People get depended on their friends and partners and people who are their equals like that also.

Seriously, their relationship seems to be much more on equal grounds than what alot of people assume. But it’s still not completely there..

Keith needs to step up a bit, and Shiro needs to step down. But this is exactly where I see these two characters going in the future. We still have like what? 5-6 seasons to go? You think they all just gonna stay in status quo all that time? And hey, season 2 who’s gonna be leader? Keith. Who makes him leader? Shiro. If Shiro doesn’t die and actually comes back to Voltron, do you think he’s just gonna be “Forget it I changed my mind, you suck, move over Keith!“ or will he still think Keith is a good leader and will have no problem working under Keith, or work together with him as co leaders? Won’t they be equals then? And Is Keith a vampire? Is he gonna stay in his “very problematic” late teens forever? Are they gonna take down Zarkon’s 10000 year old empire in a month or two? Free every planet in the universe that’s under Galra control in two days?

I mean cmon, we just seen the beginning of their journey. THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE.

In the original Voltron, Sven was Keith’s right hand man. Sven was probably older, probably more experienced, yet Keith was the leader, and they worked as close partners.

VLD didn’t exactly start them at that point, but I feel like that’s where it will go, if Shiro sticks around that is.

“Right hand man” is not a commander/subordinate, teacher/student relationship. It’s a close partnership.

And I think that describes Shiro’s and Keith’s relationship alot better, even now.

Like I dunno, I really do hope Sheith becomes a thing. I mean we’ve seen so many of those big brother/little brother, mentor/ student, type of relationships between guys. Where one of them exists just to die or disappear so that the other can be motivated and take his place or something..


What about a relationship where you grow up to be equals with your hero? Where you end up fighting side by side as teammates, Where the mentor/student thing disappears and now you’re just a lethal duo that’s kicking ass.. Where you become your hero’s hero too. 

It’s a dream, yeah, cuz what are the odds of VLD being that LGBT supportive, but I’d absolutely love to see a romantic relationship between two guys, who take care of one another like that, who both admire eachother but also know each others weaknesses and flaws and when one falls the other picks him up and vise versa. And yeah, I see Sheith as something that can grow into that and is already like that in some ways.

What’s gross and disgusting about that?

[Clandestine] - PKMN

Words: 2158


Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon

“What is this?”

Laying on the table was a CD held within a plastic case. The label was blank; it almost looked unused. Next to it was a pink portable CD player, set with a pair of earphones. 

Plopping herself down on the other side of the table across from her junior, Blue gave a sly smirk as she gestured towards the objects on the table. “See for yourself.”

Gold eyed at the disk warily, tawny orbs darting back and forth between the CD and its owner. Rarely did Blue ever grace anyone with her presence what with her constant traveling to whatever world wonder that caught her interest at the moment, nor would she choose to visit Gold of all people when she did decide to come back on the radar. Her mischievous expression further unnerved him.

“That’s not gonna explode or anything, right?”

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