i dunno if anyone will do this bc i am just blehpitty bloo

yo dudes

i’m celebrating october (hALLOWEEN YAY) by doing my first ever blog of the month! i also hit a goal recently so i’m pretty happy and… yeah. let’s do this thing.


✧ you must be following me: creeper extraordinaire
✧ ya have to reblog this, mateys
✧ no likes or i won’t hug you (but you can like it to save for later)
✧ all fandom blogs accepted (although loki makes me happy tbh)
✧ rebloggable until October 13th *i may extend this deadline tho*

what i'm searching the high seas for:

✧ awesome posts
✧ fantastic theme
✧ a lot of good fandoms like loki, supernatural, loki, doctor who, sherlock star trek, star wars, loki, lotr, did i mention loki
✧ multifandom or one fandom
✧ but mainly an adorable lil cutiepie blogger

what you shall receive:

✧ a follow from mE yAy
✧ a spot on my updates tab + navi for an entire month
✧ promos (not one every single minute but you can ask a lot)
✧ help with questions about themes (i know a lil html), polls, life questions, ✧ the universe, etc.
✧ and chocolate that is the most important thing you will ever get

alrighty mates that’s it i really hope you wanna join aND HAVE A SPOOKY CHOCOLATEY MONTH YAY