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“Haunted”-My-Ass [Bucky x Reader]

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Summary:  “I was scared and I ran” - “so you left me?!”

Warnings/Themes: Profanity, Humor, spoops

Author’s Note: Here’s a little treat for everyone in the spirit of Halloween! Have a good one, folks~ I’ve been on a writing spree and I dunno how long it’ll last! haha c:

Y/N = Your Name

“Get behind me, Barnes. I need you to watch my back.”

His facial expression turns neutral and he gives an affirmative nod, sliding his hands away from your waist as he obeys. “Enemies no where to be seen. Where the hell are they?” you mutter, looking incredulous. He smirks. 

Playing along with your little freak-outs has always been fun. 

“Well, I think they might be hiding. You know we’d find them if we actually moved.” He chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. “We’ve been standing here for the past 20 minutes, sweetheart.”

You seem to not pay attention to him, grumbling to yourself as you take Buck’s hand and drag him forward. “I hate this. I hate this so much.” Another chuckle resonates from your companion. “Yeah, you’ve said that already, babe.”

Your head whips around, nostrils flaring and eyes narrowing in anger. “Would you just listen to me for one second?!” You point an accusing finger to his chest before turning back and taking a few strides forward. An owl hoots loudly and it makes you jump. You stop in your tracks, eyes wide. “You know what? You lead, I’ll watch your back.”

Bucky’s eyebrows shoot up, still highly entertained by your frantic talking. Here you were, a highly-skilled assassin who works for the avengers- someone who has practically shot a gun like it was second nature, cowering before a forest. As you two moved forward, he couldn’t help but think about today’s earlier events:

“A what?” You ask through gritted teeth, glaring up at a certain billionaire. 

“A haunted scavenger hunt!” Tony Stark replies, grinning like the fucking Cheshire cat. “You can even partner up with Robo-cop, here” he adds, pointing to Bucky. He knows exactly what he was doing. He knows that you hated everything revolving the supernatural. 

Hydra? Sure, you’d kick their asses in a heartbeat. Ultron? Been there, done that. But, Ghosts? Fuck. That. 

“C’mon, it’ll be fun, [Y/N]” Bucky chimes in, smiling genuinely. He didn’t know about your fear of the dark. He was just happy to be out and celebrating something. You turn to him, pouting childishly and shaking your head. “no, no, no. No way in hell.” You wanted to celebrate with him, you really did. It would be another step towards acclimating him into modern times. However, shitting your pants was not how you wanted it to go.

It goes silent for a second before Tony smirks knowingly. He turns to you, pure mischief in his eyes. “Tell you what, Buttercup: if you complete this little journey- if you even finish the first ‘leg’ of the race, you get to spend the rest of the night in the tower eating all of this” he makes a show of clearing his throat and looking up at the ceiling. “Friday, be a dear, won’t you?” he calls out. The wall of the kitchen practically pushes forward, turning until it shows the other side. 

Your jaw drops instantly at the sight. Wherever the hell and however the hell Tony got all of this, you didn’t care. Heaps of candy and delicious treats pile high on a marble tabletop. Things from gobstoppers and Hershey bars to foreign candy you couldn’t pronounce the name of- but it all sure looked fucking good. You get a closer look, reaching out for one of the giant bars of kit-kats, but Tony ‘tsk’s in disapproval. “Do we have a deal?” he asks, pushing a scavenger map towards you. He points to the area that says “Forest of Screams” and his eyebrows wiggle up in down. Damn him. Damn him to hell.

You were afraid of everything, but your sweet-tooth outweighed the anxious feeling in your gut. “Let’s go” you growl, pulling Bucky along with you. ‘I hope your happy, stomach. I’m doing this for you’ you tell yourself.

“You alright there, Doll?”

You clutch on the back of Bucky’s shirt, staying close as you two ventured forward. He seemed concerned now. Your gaze seems to be darting every which way and guilt of taking things too far bubbled up in his chest. “We can turn back” he whispers, gently tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ears. You shake your head, looking back into the dark pathway. “I don’t want to go back there. I think I saw something” you choke out, shivering at the thought. 

He sighs, trying to ease the tension with a soft smile. “Alright, want me to carry you the rest of the way?” 

You blink at the offer, grinning appreciatively. “Yes please!” Not even after two seconds of Bucky kneeling down, you hop up onto his back and swing your arms around his neck. He laughs lightly, supporting you up by your thighs. 

“I don’t think this place is actually haunted, [Y/N].”

“I think you should shut the fuck up, Bucky. You’re gonna anger the spirits. Don’t mock them” you chastise, looking around once again on high alert. He scoffs in response, walking forward with ease. 

After a few minutes, you can’t help but become drowsy. The warmth of being in a snug hoodie while being so close to Bucky brought a sense of calm over you. Your eyes start to close, face buried in the space between his shoulder and his neck. 

Something jolts you awake though, a wind picks up and brushes through the trees. It creates the sound of shuffling which shakes you. Then you could’ve sworn you heard a voice of someone. A little girl? Whatever it was it asked quietly: “Leaving so soon?”

“Buck, did you hear that?” you mumble, hugging him tighter. His eyebrow cocked in confusion. “Hear what? I didn’t hear anythin’” he murmurs. 

“Don’t leave.” The voice was loud and clear this time. You tremble when you see that Bucky heard it and he begins to walk more briskly. “Probably just some teenagers messing around with us” he assures, but his shaky voice had the opposite effect on you. 

Then it happens.

Something cold and wet touches your skin from where your hoodie had ridden up. You dared to turn and spot the assaulter. It was indeed, a little girl in a tattered white dress. She looks helpless but her ghostly complexion and sharp grin tells you otherwise. “RUN!” you shout, slapping Bucky’s back in pure horror. Bucky does as told without glancing back. Although you notice that the girl wasn’t moving from her spot and you were well far from her, Bucky was moving too slow for your liking. You let out a muffled scream, scrambling to get off of Bucky’s back. He panics at your sudden movement, running a bit more and finally halting when you’re struggling too much. “[Y/N] stop, stop. I can’t run with you-” he’s astonished when you jump off of his back, running forward for dear life. You hear him call your name frantically as he chases after you but you don’t fucking care. The exit sign is only a few steps away. 

You breathe heavily and ram into Steve, startled at first, but quickly relieved to see a friendly face. “Have fun?” he asks, smiling innocently. “No. No I didn’t. I don’t want to do it again either!” you shout, throwing your hands in the air. 

A guffaw of laughter ensues behind you and you turn to Tony, who was clutching his sides. “Oh my god, did you see your face when I just turned on the sound system? I wanted to go out in costume and scare you myself, but I didn’t have to!” He clicks a little remote in his hand and the sound of the owl from before echoes throughout the forest. 

“Tony, you son of a bitch!” you yell before sending in a flurry of punches. “You fucking scared me with that little girl!”

He pauses.

“What…little girl?” 

Your eyes widen, looking at him for some sign of mockery, but he’s dead serious. “You’re….you’re kidding me. There was a little girl in white with some sharp-ass fangs who sent me and Bucky running!” He shakes his head to confirm he had not part of your encounter and your face pales in complexion. “Okay, I guess I’m not going to sleep ever from now on.” You turn for companion. “Bucky let’s go- Bucky…..shit.” You panic once again, staring off at the dark forest in terror. “He’s dead. I killed him. I left him there with her. fuck. fuck. fuck. How are we gonna have our movie night? Or get married? Is it gonna be a “Corpse-bride” situation? I can’t marry a ghoul” you mumble to yourself frantically and pace back and forth. However your heart slows down when you see him run out panting. 

He stops in front of you, falling to his knees to catch his breath. He looks less than happy about you running off. Ignoring his salty expression, your eyes tear up and you pull him in for a hug. “Bucky I’m so sorry! I saw a girl and I was scared and I ran. I didn’t know what to do I’m sorry” you cry out hysterically, as if you were greeting a soldier coming back from war. 

He blinks for a moment, contemplating your words. You saw a thing in the woods and you left him as bait? He looks hurt now, not even caring about a potential real-life ghost going after him.  “So you left me?!

Out of earshot, Tony and Steve were shocked by the news, deciding to close that part of the scavenger hunt and possibly send in a team to investigate. Steve looks more confused than scared, but Tony is trying his best not to piss his pants. 

“Well, looks like you made it through! Grab your candy and enjoy the night off, kiddo!” he exclaims, hiding his fear and tossing you the keys to the kitchen. He waves a goodbye before walking away in a hurry, eager to leave. When he asked the event planner for a haunted forest, he didn’t think she would actually give him one. He decided that it was fair to not push you into one of these things again next Halloween.

Both you and Bucky are all but calm now, trying your best not to remember the terrifying events. “You owe me half the stash” he mutters, faking a grumpy expression. He hauls you up onto his back again, carrying you back to the tower. “Only if you promise to never leave my side tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or any time of the rest of my life” you answer, clinging to him tightly. He smirks, stepping onto the elevator. “I think I can manage that.” You both smile on the way up, avoiding all mirrors during the ride  (Gotta be safe. If you can’t see the ghost, they can’t hurt you, right?) and hoping for a more relaxing night. 


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Ben Grimm (The Thing) x Reader


Prompt: There isn’t one, but I was having feeeeeeeeeels. Forgive me.

Note: Takes place before the events of Fantastic Four, so he’s not made of rocks yet. Just precious human Jamie Bell. (Yes, this is the reboot. Forgive me.) Will do part 2 if requested ;)

Failing. How could he be failing math? Algebra 2 wasn’t that hard. Well, that was what he thought before Mr. Pym handed him back his latest test. It was an E.

“An E,” he complained to Reed in the garage after school. “Can you believe that? If I get one more freakin’ E, coach’ll take me off the baseball team.”

“That sucks, dude,” Reed sighed. “I could help you out if you want, but I haven’t taken Algebra since last year, so I might be a bit rusty.”

“I dunno,” He sat down on one of the lawn chairs, rubbing some sleep from his eye. “I just…A baseball scholarship is my only hope of ever doing something if this,” he motioned to the matter shuttle they had built. “doesn’t work out.”

“No, I understand,” Reed nodded, studying their machine as he best friend talked. He paused, thinking. “You know, you could always study with one of the student tutors. They do it for volunteer hours, so there isn’t a charge.”

“That’s not a bad idea…”


“I’m Ben Grimm,” Ben signed himself in to the school’s after school tutoring program a few days later. “I’m uh, I’m looking for an Algebra 2 tutor,”

“Algebra 2…” The girl at the school library’s desk scanned the check-in notebook. “You’re with (Y/N) (L/N), over at the back table.”

“Okay, thanks,” Ben said. He grabbed his baseball bag and walked back to the table. There she was, knitting something on a pair of circular needles. “(Y/N) (L/N)?”

“That’s me,” you looked up and took him in. Not too tall, maybe 5’7”, but pretty muscular. The baseball bag was a dead giveaway. Student athlete. Probably failing a math class and needed help before he was cut from the team for low grades. It was a pattern. “And you are?”

“Ben Grimm. I was hoping you could help me out with Algebra 2 homework,”

“You’re in the right place. Take a seat, Ben. I’ll get you taken care of.”


Every day after school and before baseball practice, Ben met up with you in the library for at least an hour, sometimes more. You would go over notes, vocabulary, and go through his homework. You helped him study for tests and make up work he had been missing. In a month, he had flipped his grade from an E to a C+. Better than passing. Passing by a lot.

And though he knew he didn’t really need your lessons anymore, as you had taught him plenty of tips and tricks, he still came in every day.

“(Y/N), I have to show you something,” He said, an excited grin on his face. He sat down at the back table and set his latest test in front of you. On top of the paper, there was an A in bright red pen. You smiled brightly.

“You did it!” You stood up from the table and hugged him tightly. His cheeks burned a bright shade of red. “I’m so proud of you!”

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” He smiled. You pulled away from him and took a second to look at him. “Listen. I uh, have a big baseball game coming up this Saturday, and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come?”

“I’d like that,” You smiled softly, nodding in agreement.

“Well in that case,” he reached into his baseball bag and pulled out his jersey from the previous year. ‘Grimm’ was written on the back in big bold white letters. “I brought this for you to wear. It’s kind of a tradition for our girlfriends to wear our old jerseys.”

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”

“I am,”

“How about I try that jersey on for size?” You asked. He nodded, smiling. You turned around and he slid it over your white t-shirt. You buttoned the front, leaving the top three buttons undone.

“While we’re exchanging clothes, I made this for you,” You handed him a knitted orange hat.

“Thanks,” he said, slipping it onto his head.

“I think orange is your color,” You said, sitting down at the table.

“Yeah? I kind of think so too,” Ben nodded, smirking. “But uh, it is a yes, right? To the girlfriend thing?”


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Hi, i just wanted to say that i love your art and i wanted to know if you vould answer a question of mine. I just finished BMC and i confused as to what happened to Rich and why he set a fire. What happened? Ive been trying to find the answer but to no avail :(

Well we know what happened to Rich, and it was that because of the fire he was put in a full body cast (as we see in one of the last scenes when Jeremy wakes up in the hospital with Rich in a bed next to him) As to why, Jeremy’s squip states that “Rich was under a lot of pressure at home. With his squip disabled due to the alcohol, it seems he lacked the proper… coping mechanism.” But it’s likely that they are lying, as Jenna states “Rich had barely touched a drop” in The Smartphone Hour and Rich’s squip was clearly active during the Halloween party. Conclusion? I dunno.. I think something might have triggered Rich to want to get rid of his squip, and in retaliation his squip made him burn down the house. But tbh, I don’t really know.

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With the Mario + Rabbids game officially announced last month, it's not as bad as we originally feared it would be. However, I would prefer a crossover with Mario and Rayman. How would you imagine said crossover turning out if that ever happens?

I dunno. I guess it depends which Rayman you’re thinking of. Rayman from Rayman 2 and 3 or Rayman Origins and Legends? 

I can’t imagine how the story might go, but I can imagine their powers. I mostly think of the one from Rayman 3 because of the power ups. It’d be really cool to see them use the others power ups. Kinda like this.

  •  Gwen tends to carry a Sharpie or some kind of marker on her person most times and when she gets bored, she’ll start doodling on DJ’s arm.
    • Once she absently writes a pretty bad expletive in tiny little letters - his Momma sees it - and he never hears the end of it.
    • She thinks it’s hilarious, but it takes him awhile for him trust her to doodle on him again.
  • DJ definitely goes all-out for the holiday season.
    • Their apartment looks like the set of a Hallmark movie.
    • Gwen rolls her eyes and grumbles but secretly enjoys how enthused he gets. 
    • He also bakes a lot during this season and she’s his resident taste-tester, so she’s more than fine with it.
    • Plus he strings up mistletoe everywhere, the cornball.
      • Not that she’s complaining, though.
  • Gwen gets a huge offer to commission a portrait for some kind of authority figure, but she has to travel across the country to the edge of Quebec for a couple of weeks.
    • DJ is so happy for her and encourages (and borderline pesters) her to go.
    • She does, and they FaceTime every day, but it’s not the same.
    • By the end of the third week, Gwen is missing her homely little apartment and her parakeet and her friends, but she’d be lying if she said that she didn’t miss her big lug more than anything.
    • When she finally gets home, tired but satisfied with the work she did, the first thing DJ does is pretty much throw himself into her arms.
  • The bonus from Gwen’s big commission is enough to allow them to go on a little, mini-vacation.
    • They decide to go to Banff National Park in Alberta and spend a few nights in one of the lodges.
      • The fresh, crisp air is rejuvenating - Gwen gets up early to paint and DJ tries to bond with the wildlife.
    • He throws together picnics for them to enjoy while they sit on the grassy hills overlooking Lake Louise.
      • It’s a beautiful day and the food is great (if he says so himself) and Gwen, who is pretty well splattered with paint, gets color all over everything. 
      • Afterwards, they both lay with their elbows propped on the grass and they talk about everything and nothing.
      • It’s ridiculously tranquil and picturesque but Gwen’s too full to gripe about the predictability of it all.
        • She eventually gets up to start sketching the landscape because it’s too beautiful to resist.
        • When she glances back, DJ’s dead-asleep. Gwen grins and turns back to her sketch, shaking her head. What a doof. She loves him.
Red Rider - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1175

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Some of you have seen the video behind how this came to be written today. My little cousin basically IS JoJo and she inspired this shit today. I couldn’t not write it. This is completely unedited. All mistakes are mine and mine alone. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” JoJo ran in, jumping up and down on your bed. All she had on was one of Dean’s old black t-shirts with a pair of socks and she had her hair tied back just a bit to keep it out of her eyes, otherwise it was a hot mess. “It’s Christmas! There’s presents!”

You groaned in your sleep while she bounced, never one to be a morning person. Of course, you had just spent all night wrapping her billion presents followed by some extracurricular activities with Dean. “Go torture Uncle Sam.” Dean grabbed her hips and yanked her down onto his chest as she squealed. “He’s the only other one here besides you who doesn’t like sleep!”

“Unca Sam is already up! He told me to get you guys!”

“Of course he did.” Dean groaned and threw his head back. “Alright. I surrender. I’m up. We just gotta get Mommy and that’s gonna be a much harder task. You up for it?” JoJo pursed her lips in thought for a moment and nodded, pushing herself off of Dean and crawling on top of you, putting her lips next to your ear.

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Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.


Shameless + tumblr text posts


Parts 1(x), 2(x), 3(x), 4(x)

aspectating-deactivated20160410  asked:

any tips on how to take notes for sophomore year, annotating, setting personal goals, and supplies and even how to get more involved? 😩 I know it's a lot, I apologize but I want to succeed in the future and go to a good college. 😳

///kneels down to ask for forgiveness

i am so sorry this is such a late reply ahhh i haven’t really checked tumblr for a while (everything is running on queue), but i hope that this can still help you!

  • i personally don’t have any particular methods for annotating, as i’m still figuring out a system for myself as well! i typically just kind of attack the book with anything that comes to mind as i read, but HERE are some great resources that I’ve reblogged!

as for setting personal goals:

  1. pick 1-2 BROAD things that you want to achieve in the upcoming school year (ie. raise gpa)
  2. the reason i say 1-2 this is because the more broad goals you set, the harder it will be for you to focus on achieving each one! just like how i never want more than 8 subjects/topics/items on my to do list~ but i think having one solid goal you’re working towards is really effective! because this goal is supposed to be rather general
  3. for your general goal, create a list of the steps that you need to take to reach that certain goal. if it’s something like “raise gpa to a ___” include things like “develop a study method that works for me” “start homework right when i get home every day” “sleep more” “ask questions if i don’t understand something” “do more practice questions” etc. 
  4. and if needed, break up those individual goals into even smaller steps you can take! because “develop a study method that works for me” is also kind of vague, so you can do something like “experiment with sq3r” “try pomodoro” etc etc.
  5. some people like using “don’t break the chain” trackers to help them stay accountable for certain tasks!
  6. also i dunno if it’s applicable, but i have a ton of resources on my blog (tumblr is a wONDERFul place) listed HERE - including study tips and lots of time management/productivity/organization resources ^-^

supplies wise~

  • i also have a supplies tag HAHAHA. i have a thing for stationary it’s almost ridiculous LOL
  • but personal advice: find a system that works for you. not everyone likes using binders (i don’t!), so think about what would work for you in the long run. i use a color coded folder + notebook combination (none of my teachers last year required a binder - you might need one depending on your teacher though), and it works pretty well for me~
  • i think this is pretty obvious in the sense that it’s all over tumblr haha but a planner is super duper important to have!
  • if you use pen a lot, white-out is savior
  • feminine emergency kit is good too because u know those days….
  • I’M SORRY THIS IS REALLY GENERAL you didn’t really specify what you meant by supplies so i’m not sure which direction to go ;;;;

to be more involved -

  • it sounds simple, because in a sense, it is! to be more involved, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. i’m not sure how every school works, but on a day before school starts, students are able to walk around the booths that clubs have set up and sign up for their emailing list! if you don’t have something like that, i’m sure clubs will announce their meetings throughout the school year.
  • making the effort by going the first club meeting is really important! it’s pretty easy to think “ehhh not feeling it today” when they announce a meeting over the loudspeaker, but !!! just go to one meeting and see how you feel about that club and their mission statement, and if you want to continue from there.
  • also, unless you already have a direction/something you know you’re passionate about, then i strongly encourage attending meetings of a variety of clubs. this way you can test the waters and see which ones appeal to you the most! then you can narrow down the number of clubs you’re active in by the time you enter junior/senior year ^-^
  • and if you have any outside school interests (ie. sports, choir, etc.), try and see if your community offers any resources for you to participate! i tried out robotics during my junior year, and it was actually pretty fun c:

AND NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR WANTING TO SUCCEED. go you for having the initiative/motivation - but always always rememeber that school is NOT everything and that your wellbeing is number one!

HERE is a post i wrote for an incoming freshman, but it’s so general it could honestly apply to any grade level (it touches more on mental health etc. so ^-^)

gOOD LUCK and if you have any more questions (like more specifics about the supplies? heh) i will try my best to answer in a timely manner next time orz 

Joe Sugg imagine || Rumours. ||

Anonymous said:

Can you do one where there are loads of rumours on social media that y/n is pregnant when she’s actually not, and Joe gets annoyed cause it’s upsetting her and he actually does a video to say how upset it’s making y/n and he says everything truthfully, thanks x

- - 

Anonymous said:
could you do one when Joe and Y/N are together and there are a lot of rumours over social media and the news that Y/N is pregnant when she’s actually not. And she gets really really upset. And then after a while Joe secretly does a video explaining how hurt she is and tells them the truth about everything? Sorry if that’s confusing 🙈 I love you x

- - - 

You looked at your phones screen as you tweeted your new main channel video was live, as the tweet sent, you sighed. Putting your phone down you didn’t bother scrolling through your mentions.

A few weeks ago the fandom had exploded with people saying you were pregnant, because you had a really bad case of the flu and didn’t vlog for a week (you weren’t a daily vlogger anyway) and it started speculations, which in turn made people look for any type of hint or possibility in the vlogs – Joes and your own.

A screen cap when viral very quickly of someone mistaking the light blue cap of a sharpie sticking out from something on the nightstand for a pregnancy test cap.

Everything had just snowballed into a giant ball of rumours that were feeding off each other, you stated clearly in your own videos you were not pregnant but no one seemed to be listening to you. You even left a comment on your video saying; ‘Guys, honestly. I am not pregnant. Please stop looking for hints or clues to something that doesn’t exist.’ to which you got hundreds of replies of people saying you were just hiding it because you hadn’t told everyone you wanted to yet or you wanted to keep it a secret for three months.

The fact none of it was true and no one was listening to you, had stressed you out and upset you. You tried not to let it bother you, but when ninety-nine percent of your comments were about you being pregnant it saddened you.

“Babe.” Joe said, seeing you staring off into space as he walked into his bedroom. You snapped back to the real world, “sorry, what?” You asked and he came to sit beside you on the edge of the bed. “I know it’s hard, but you have to just ignore it so it passes.” He put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into him, he kissed the side of your head.

“I know… It’s just, getting harder and harder. I don’t know what else to do – no one is listening to me.” Your voice was low, “I might take a breath from Youtube.” You admitted out loud for the first time, but you had been thinking about it a lot the last few days.

“Oh, honey.” Joe rubbed your upper arm with his hand, it was annoying and hurting him how much this rumour was hurting you. He didn’t like seeing you upset. “I dunno.” You said getting up after a minute of sitting with him. “I think I’m going to take a long bath.” You really needed to do some deep thinking.

“Is there anything I can do?” He asked you and you shook your head. “No, but thank you.” You lent over and kissed him lightly, before leaving the bedroom to take a hot bath in Caspars tub…

~ Joes P.O.V. ~

Watching (Y/N) leave the room and close the door behind her, I looked at the clock. It was time to export and upload my Sugg Sunday. Sitting at my desk, looking at the video that was a stupid Q and A. I looked up, seeing the framed picture on my desk of (Y/N) and I, on Christmas last year.

I shook my head, taking my headphones off I stood up and I grabbed my Tripod with camera still attached. I pressed record and I sat down on my bed.

“Hello everyone.” I said but not in my usually cheerful tone, it was more a serious tone. “This wasn’t the video I had planned for today, but we need to talk.” I wasn’t sure how to word this. “As most of you probably know there’s a rumour going around that (Y/N) – my girlfriend is pregnant.” I took a breath, thinking about the sadness in her eyes all the time recently.

“It’s just that: a rumour, it is NOT true, there is no baby Sugg on the way. Despite (Y/N) telling you this, you keep insisting she is. Listen.” I said, looking at the lens. “I’m telling you straight up right here, she is not pregnant and I would definitely know if she was or wasn't” I pointed out. “We’re not hiding anything from you guys, there is no big secret.” I stopped to think about my next choice of words.

“It was kind of amusing at first all the crazy speculations you guys were coming up with, but now, guys you need to stop.” I pointed out. “You have no idea what it’s doing to (Y/N). You’re really upsetting her.” I sighed, running my fingers through my hair as I thought.

“She looks sad, all the time. She doesn’t want to check her social media accounts anymore and right now, she’s thinking about taking a break from Youtube.” I wondered if she’d mind me making this video, but then I didn’t care if she did or didn’t.

I didn’t like seeing her in any state but happy and I would do everything in my power to see she was happy again. “Once again, (Y/N) is not pregnant, we are not expecting a baby anytime soon.” I bit my lip again, “if you guys could please just stop with the rumours. She’s trying her hardest not to be bothered by it, but she is – I can tell and it’s hurting me, knowing my girlfriend is upset and I can’t make it better.” Pausing again, I cleared my throat. “So I’m asking very nicely if you could please, please, please. Stop harassing (Y/N) about these rumours?” I made a begging motion with my hands. “Please guys.” I added one more time. “I’m sorry this video wasn’t the best, but I needed to let everything out… I love you guys, (Y/N) loves you and you’d be one of the first to know IF she was pregnant. But that time isn’t now.” I stopped again, before filming an ending.

I edited it quickly, before exporting and uploading to Youtube…

~ Your POV. ~

Sitting in the warm water with the bubbles piled around it, you had pruned a little from sitting in so long, your phone started to vibrate like crazy on the edge, you picked it up with your dry hand and seen the Twitter icon appearing quickly, you made a face.

Opening the app, you seen apologies popping up with a hashtag #WereSorry(Y/N)…

… Coming from the washroom in your fluffy (colour) bathrobe you seen Joe stood by his nightstand turning on the lamp as the night had set in. “Joe.” You said, your eyes had tears in them and he looked up quickly. “What’s wrong?” He moved quickly around the corner of the bed seeing you.

“Nothing.” You whispered, putting your arms around his middle quickly. “Thank you so much.” Your voice still low and he realised what you were talking about. “Anything for you my love, it had to stop and what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t at least try?” He asked, putting his arms around you, he held you close and kissed the top of your head…

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nah it’s cool! you might have to wait for the SoRiku ones cause I think I have an Idea for that. Also THANKS ASSHOLE I spent half an hour last night sleepily, and with increasing horror, contemplating Omegaverse Kingdom Hearts because I am a disaster. (I am strictly refusing to think about the Disney characters, thank you very much.) 

This is the Halloween bonus thingy from Ikesen Japan

I was thinking that they might have secretly “revealed” the order release of the last three guys? Because with the exception of Yukimura, the chibi bats from Mitsun to Nobu are attained in the order of release. After the “default three”, we get Yasu, and then Hide, and then Shingen, and then Kenshin, and Mitsun was the most recent release. 

Dunno why they pushed Yukkin off to after Hide instead of after Masa, but still, you know? 

If it really IS a “hint” of the actual order release, I think nobody’s surprised the next one in queue is Akechi. It’s who gets to be last is the one I was wondering about, LOL. 

Cooking with Ford

Fandom: Gravity Falls
Prompt from: @askundertalepost  I hope you like it!
Note: I pretty much live for Mabel and Ford bonding fluff, and so I asked if anyone had some prompts to give me. This is one of them.


The startled yelp, followed by the sound of metal clattering to the tiled floor of the kitchen, compelled Ford to set the book he’d been reading down. With Stan and Dipper currently in town, there left only one culprit for the cringing metallic racket.

“Mabel?” he called, standing up and glancing in the direction of the kitchen with concern. “Are you okay?”

“Fine!” she responded. “Just made a bit of a mess! But I’ll clean it up, don’t worry.”

Not entirely settled by her reassurance, Ford went to investigate. He paused in the kitchen doorway and stared at his niece, who was gathering the fallen pots into her arms. An overturned stool and an open cupboard door told him all he needed to know.

Her little arms holding as many pots as she could carry, Mabel straightened up and noticed her great-uncle watching her. “Sorry,” she said with a sheepish smile. “I was getting a pot and I lost my balance.”

“I can see that,” said Ford, doing a quick sweep to make sure she hadn’t injured herself. Satisfied that she hadn’t, he added curiously, “What on Earth are you doing?”

“I was gonna make some spaghetti,” she said cheerfully. “My tummy is a-hollerin’ for some spaghetti.”

Ford glanced over at the counter, where the necessary ingredients to make spaghetti were neatly arranged on the surface. He glanced over at the twelve-year-old girl with a stern expression. “You know you can’t use the stove by yourself.”

“I wasn’t going to,” chirped Mabel, peeking overtop her pile of pots with innocent, hopeful eyes. “I was just getting everything ready and then I was gonna ask if you wanted to help.”

Ford crossed his arms, eyebrow arched. “Oh really? Why didn’t you ask before you set everything up? I might have said no.”

Mabel grinned triumphantly. “You said ‘might’! That’s past tense! That means you will help!”

Ford could not help but chuckle. “Perceptive.” Noticing the girl was wobbling slightly under her heavy burden, he walked over and relieved her of the pots. “I must say, spaghetti does sound good. I can’t remember the last time I had it.”

“We’ll have to fix that,” said Mabel determinedly. She paused and glanced down at the floor with a speculative expression. “Um, we better wash one of the pots. I dunno when Grunkle Stan last cleaned.”

“I shudder to think how much dust, dirt and germs have built up,” said Ford with a shiver. He dumped the pots into the sink and selected one to wash. When he was certain it was squeaky clean, he filled it with water and set it on the stovetop. He cranked the flame to the highest setting so that the water would boil quicker. “I’m afraid I’m not a man of culinary skills, so you will be leading this expedition.”

Puffing out her chest, Mabel declared, “We’ll make the greatest spaghetti ever.”

Her enthusiasm infectious, Ford smiled and ruffled her hair affectionately. “We’ll give it our best shot.”

“We didn’t have any meat, but there were some leftover vegetables in there,” she continued. A crease of concern appeared on her brow. “Is vegetable sauce gonna be okay? I know Grunkle Stan likes his meat…”

“He’ll simply have to deal with it,” said Ford, lightly smoothing the wrinkle off of her forehead and causing her to giggle. “But I really don’t think he’ll mind. Especially if it’s something you made. I’ll start chopping the celery.”

“Okay,” she said cheerfully. “Can I cut the carrot?”

“Be careful,” he cautioned.

Mabel needed the stool to reach the counter and properly slice up the orange vegetable, and Ford kept a watchful eye on her as he sliced the celery and onion. But they made it through the chopping process smoothly, to Ford’s relief. “Nice job, dear.”

“Thanks!” Mabel slid the pieces of carrot towards her uncle, who scooped them up and dumped them into a pan, already containing olive oil, along with the other vegetables and minced garlic.

“We’ll let that heat up,” said Ford, stirring the mixture around.

“I’ll put the noodles in the pot,” spoke Mabel, reaching for the bag of noodles. In an ungraceful manner, she dumped them into the boiling water and the scalding liquid splashed up onto her hand. “Ouch!”

Snapping his attention towards his niece, he immediately noticed her cradling her hand to her chest, face pinched with pain. “What happened?” he asked anxiously, moving over to her side and taking her hand in his.

“Burned myself,” she muttered, flinching at the throbbing ache.

“Let’s take care of that.” Lifting her into his arms, he swept her over to the sink and cranked the tap to the coldest setting. Mabel dutifully stuck it under the frigid stream and let out a sight of relief.

“That feels nice. Thanks, Grunkle Ford.” She glanced at him with a sheepish expression. “Sorry. I should have been more careful.”

“Accidents happen, especially in the kitchen. You needn’t apologize.”

Eventually Mabel removed her hand and Ford set her down, turning off the water. “How does it feel?”

“All better,” proclaimed Mabel. “But I think I’ll let you take care of the spaghetti. The pot is made at me because I dropped it.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Ford with a laugh. “Why don’t you open the cans of tomato sauce?”


Soon the cans of sauce were open and she brought them over to Ford, who was stirring the spaghetti noodles. Once the sauce was added he gave everything a big stir before leaving it to simmer.


Mabel clapped her hands over her mouth as a bubble of tomato sauce burst, splotches of red liquid splattering onto Ford’s face. It was thankfully not hot and Ford only cried out in surprise, not pain.

“Wonderful,” he muttered, removing his glasses and wiping them clean with the him of his sweater. He noticed Mabel struggling not to laugh out loud and he gave her a mock glare. “Think that’s funny, do you?”

Before she could respond, another bubble of tomato sauce rose up and burst, as if on cue, and coated the front of the girl’s sweater. The two stared at it for a moment before bursting into laughter.

“I think we better get a lid over that,” giggled Mabel, going to retrieve the top that matched the pan.

“Before we end up with more sauce on us than the spaghetti,” joked Ford.

A few minutes later, the spaghetti was finished and the sauce was simmering safely with the lid firmly in place. Mabel set her hands on her hips and smiled proudly. “It smells so good.”

“I think we’ve accomplished our goal, dear.” Reaching out, Ford combed his fingers through his niece’s long brunette hair and he added in amusement, “You’ve got some tomato sauce in your hair.”

“Aw, nuts.” Scrunching up her nose, Mabel felt the chunk of sauce clinging to her strands. She looked up at Ford and grinned. “You’ve got some in your hair too.”

“Guess the kitchen isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning up,” he returned, turning off the heat underneath the tomato sauce. “Don’t want this to burn while we wash up.”

“Grunkle Ford? Thanks for cooking with me.”

Ford turned to see his niece looking at him with brilliant smile, one that was brighter than the sun as far as he was concerned. “Anytime, dear. Though I can’t say we’ll always get such good results. Come. Let’s get this gunk out before it hardens.”

He extended his hand and Mabel happily linked up with him.

Spaghetti and Grunkle Ford all to myself. Best day ever!

Madoka Magica Theme Songs!

Madoka: Sis Puella Magica!, See You Tomorrow, Sagitta Luminis.

Homura: Inevitabilis, Puella in Somino.

Sayaka: Conturbatio, Decretrum, Symposium Magarum. (The last one is Oktavia’s theme.)

Mami: Credens Justitiam, Mirai.

Kyoko: Confessio.

Charlotte: Wo Ist die Kase?

Walpurgisnacht: Nux Walpurgis

Kyuubey: Kyuubey no Eigyou.

(Please tell me if I missed any songs, or reblog this and add the song I missed!)

Hear Me Out

(Inspired by this picture, basically these tags in story form. No angst)

Dipper scraped out the last patch of dirt. His toes ripped through roots and dug up mealy earth, damp and riddled with pill bugs. He screwed in the last of five candles and lit it with the quick flick of a match. 

With a mulchy stick he dragged a pentagram through the forest floor. His small footsteps beat a dreary, smothered rhythm. His breath hitched. His palms sweat.

The stick was thrust aside in agitation. It clattered off into the underbrush, vanishing. Dipper cracked his journal open, swallowed, and read. “Hic ego voco hoc daemon. Oblationem sufficit. Opus magnum vocat vos.

Dipper shut the book, and his eyes, as a howling wind extinguished all five candles. The ghost of their light lingered, blue and deathly cold. Bushes rustled with the frantic scattering of creatures. The mulchy earth below stunk suddenly of fire, tar, and gasoline. 

Dipper stumbled out of the summoning circle as its center started to cave. A murky black substance pooled at the depression, taking form, sparking orange, and producing the demon in one spurt of caustic light.

“Check out the lips on you, kid. It’s been a good two-thousand years since someone wooed me like that. I’m touched!” Bill blinked, now the dominant source of light, and inspected his quaking summoner. “What’s it this time? Looking to give up your body again, or would you rather I humiliate you some other way?”

“Y-you won’t get the chance this time, Bill. I read the journal! I know your games.”

Bill threw his arms out and laughed. Violent gusts of wind thrummed with each syllable he spoke. “Ha! Then you know I’m not bound by contract rules. I lie, kid. Demons lie.”

“I know that. I-I know all of that!” Dipper asserted. He held tightly to his hat, wind tearing at the brim. “You don’t have to follow through on a contract, I get it. But you’re still bound by demon etiquette.”

The wind stopped. 

“Haha, what?” Bill stared down at Dipper, unblinking.

“Summonings, as in.” Dipper flipped through the journal, pages rustling and folding. “This ritual summons you, and you have to hear me out.”

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Tag Game

Thanks @smstransformers for tagging me!

A- Age- 15

B- Birth place- California

C- Current time- 7:06 p.m.

D- Last drink you had- soda

E- Easiest Person/people to talk to- @dragondoodle0268, @toasterbathtime @fangurldayandnight and @smstransformers

No F I guess….???

G- Grossest memory- I had MRSA…it was bad…

H- Horror- no thanks fam

I- In love- eh, kinda think I might be aromantic, but at the same time I’m not sure

J- Jealous of people- maybe fictional characters?

L- Love at first sight?- might be real, might be fake I dunno

M- Middle Name- Lynn Glenice (separate names)

N- Number of siblings- 3

O- one wish- for my gay robots to be real

P- Person you last called- My Mom

Q- Question you are always asked- “So um…how do lesbians have sex?”

R- Reasons to smile- my cat

S- Song you last sang- i dont fucking know

T- time you woke up- like 8?

U- Underwear color- lol what?

V- vacation destination- maybe france

X- X-ray- naw

Y- Fave Food- Cosmic Brownies

Z-Zodiac sign- Scorpio

I tag @fangurldayandnight and @dragondoodle0268 @toasterbathtime