i dunno i think this might be the last one

Think I might have read too much fic last night cause I had a series of odd dreams, one of which was Castiel trying to write a poem to Dean and Gabriel giving him the suggestion to write about his “fanfiction green eyes”.

All I can vividly remember is Cas saying “I dunno, they’re just…green. What rhymes with green?” and Gabriel pulling a lolly out of his mouth and excitedly saying “peen!”

Then Castiel head-desked and that’s all I can remember of it.

  • Iron Bull: Nice job in that last fight, Solas. You really kicked the crap outta that guy.
  • Solas: I suppose.
  • Iron Bull: What, you don't think so? You ripped him a new one! It was great.
  • Solas: Unless the fight is personal, violence is a means to an end. It isn't appropriate to celebrate.
  • Iron Bull: I dunno. Gotta wonder about someone who fights as much as we do and doesn't have fun with it.
  • Solas: We have fought living men, with loves and families, and all that they might have been is gone.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, but they were assholes.