i dunno i think it's cool

Okay so a quick question for an idea thing.  If I were to organize a Fe Heroes themed zine would people be interested in participating? It’d probably involve having the main characters from Heroes or drawing out your team or something, i dunno. Its just an idea for now, also I don’t really have the time to plan it all out at the moment.  Maybe during the summer if I’m still up to doing it.

Because I will never not enjoy speculating…

It would strike me as strange if the series ends without seeing Michael again.

Lucifer’s explanation of “he’s singing show tunes and touching himself” and God saying he wasn’t in any shape to fight – it kinda makes me think that they’re holding Michael in their back pocket for the end of the show or something. It also seems odd to leave him in the corner while Lucifer is back on the board.

Lucifer and Michael were the original mirrors for Sam and Dean. The big, big difference between them is that when Sam was “cast out” by their father, Dean went after him.

Plus they’ve already shown us how easy it was for Lucifer to hop from vessel to vessel, so even if they can’t get Adam Milligan or young John back, there’s not really an excuse. We could easily say, “well, that story has already been told” or “let’s stop recycling old plots,” but… there’s definitely more that could be said. Chuck and Amara got closure. Lucifer and Michael got tossed into jail.

What I’m really, really torn on is whether or not I wanna see Michael!Dean.

On one hand, seeing Jensen actually play another character (which pretty much everyone else has had a chance to do) would be fucking wonderful. Especially if Lucifer wasn’t exaggerating and we do get to see Unbalanced!Michael!Dean.

On the other hand, between Sam, Dean, and Cas, Dean is the only one who has never said “yes” to an archangel, which kinda paints him as the poster child for free will.

And on the other other hand, Dean is supposed to be the “firewall between light and darkness,” and a nice dose of angel grace would balance out the whole turning into a demon thing.

But… yeah. I’d like a satisfying end to Lucifer and Michael’s story, not a throwaway line that Michael is in the cage masturbating until the end of time

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Fact: I am really passionate about the microbiology of the human gut. THERE'S A LOT OF COOL STUFF IN THERE.

NAHHAHAABAsnncnnc no no thank you!! I dunno how you do it!!

I once saw a science post on my tumblr dash about how your heart doesn’t sit on anything? Its constantly suspended by heartsrings? And yfjhfjfn man even typing this out it freaks me the fuck out like. I saw that and I get so creeped and skin crawly, I feel like I can feel those threads in my chest and they hurt and im afriad to jump up and down cause I think my heartstrings will snap and my heart will fall and I’ll die. 

I had the strangest dream about Omega!Dean in the military who somehow has managed to keep his omega status out of the files.

He gets hurt during a routine training, an injury that would requiere bloodwork to be done, and his commanding officer, one Bobby Singer, sits him down and explains to him that though it’s not at all needed gender designation is routinely checked during such examinations.

Of course, at this day and age, no one would openly discriminate against an omega in the ranks, but the sad reality is that, should such an omega be found in the troops, he or she would get a ‘green mark’ on their file that makes it very difficult for them to get into certain positions or on certain missions.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if his best man, a beta through and through, would somehow be falsely identified as omega and thus be banned from the most prestigious missions? Maybe it would be a better idea to cough it up and deal wth this injury on his own, right?

(The actual dream was a lot more complicated and contained some very icky stuff about the injury, thanks to those trypophobia pictures I carelessly googled, but this is what I choose to take away from the dream)

I imagine that Bobby then points Dean towards a doc, a certain Castiel Novak, who is, let’s say, somewhat lax with the regulations so he can get the meds he needs without any official questions being asked.

But maybe something goes wrong and Novak ends up having to ask questions he really shouldn’t ask and they become tangled in this web of lies, because alphas are, though in this day and age no one would, of course, discriminate against them, not encouraged to go into medical services and so this very beta doctor has a hard time explaining why the hell he’s reacting to his very beta patient the way he is …

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I want to give you an award that doesn't even exist because it's called the, "Game creator who just keeps being cool all the time and isn't even a dick about it- award" I can't give it to you because the academy wrote back and said "how did you get this address. No that doesn't exist and we won't make one for you."

;_; Aw thank you. I don’t know, I feel like I’m more of a dick than people realize but maybe its thinking that makes me try not be a dick but I dunno. Either way, thank you Anon!


Doing some redesigns at work.  I don’t really think of this as being my “style” (although I guess technically it is) but its good/weird to see improvements, I dunno.
I guess I just hope that my personal stuff has polished up at least as much over the same time??   But then, maybe that’s why I haven’t finished anything in ages, heh…


thoughts on greninja

every time I start to think greninja is cool again

I remember

scarf tongue

it’s scarf is a tongue

a frog tongue

that shit is either going to have to secrete so much mucus to keep it moist or else its going to be dried out and wierd and neither makes me comfortable

greninja please

just put it back

Sometimes I think it might have been better if they had made the Dragons TV series with 2D animation instead of 3D. Maybe. Like that style that they used in that sequence in Legend of the bone napper or something. I dunno unless its like really realistic like in the movies, 3D animation creeps me out just a lil. It reminds me of shit like Gary’s mod, or shrek. I think 2D would have been cool. Or maybe I just have a desire to see art like faragonart axonmanage amessicle or jackthevulture animated for a whole entire series omg i’m getting excited thinking about it


aight i was tagged by @lethologicahowell to answer 10 questions and tag people to answer 10 questions i had for them

segues are weird  but here are the 10 questiones

1. What is your favourite song?

lmao idek ive never really had one (considering im quite indecisive) but atm ive been listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack quite a bit

2. Whats the last thing that made you smile?

okay so earlier today i stumbled across an old video i sent to myself and its this 

and almost cried i was laughing so hard

3. Dogs or cats? (or other?)

I like them equally idek theyre both cool but i guess it depends on how im feeling depending on how energetic i am that day

4. How tall are you?

like 5′6 i think or something like that i think it was like 168 cm i dunno

5. What are your opinions on pineapple as a pizza topping?

Disgustening ™

6. Oldest, youngest, middle, or only child?

Only (wouldja believe it)

7. Do you believe in astrological signs and the stars controlling your life?


8. Whats your astrological sign?

virgo (the virgin)

9. Whats the last thing you ate?

Like 4 bowls of soup and im not even kidding

10. Are you allergic to anything?

winter and feelings primarily (some form of seasonal allergy that happens in winter bc y not)

Alright alright now for the questions im asking:

1. do you play any instruments (or multiple)

2. If so which do you prefer (if not which would you most like to know)

3. Do you speak multiple languages? if so which ones?

4. if i said without learning you could speak any language you dont already know which would you want to know

5. how do you feel about death

6. hot chocolate or coffee 

7. are you watching any good shows at the moment?

8. do you know what you want to do with your future?

9. what is your favourite class this year (not by subject but by enjoyability)

10. what have others told you you would be good at

and i tag the following:

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And of course anyone who wants to (tag me in them i want to see your responses!)



Like what’s shown above, the title of the game is Filament. Created with RPG Maker MV. It’s probably the sequel to Underworld Capital Incident. Or it could be just some sort of a mini game before the actual sequel is out. I dunno. But it looks cool so far. The only problem is that I dont speak Japanese…

In the start of the game, its set in a hospital. I think Rinne-dou said that she was planning to set her next game in a hospital so this game could possibly be the sequel

If this game can be translated then I’d be eternally grateful to whoever will translate this. And can someone tell me what’s the name of the new escort?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen/read an Anime/Manga That represents a characters child self as well as Gangsta. Like they have flashbacks and stuff and you just know its them, like not the obvious well it looks like them but you can so very tell the way they group up and how it reflects in their current personalities and how they handle things. 

not like what i usually see where its just tiny version of large character, but like real, genuine development.

I dunno its just really cool

luke and you would be lying in bed one night just lounging around in your apartment and you’d lying on his chest and he’d clear his throat and say “y'know, i’ve been thinking..” and you’d just hum in response and he’d start playing around with your fingers and be like “i dunno, i just spend a lot of time here and if i’m not here you’re usually at mine and i dunno i just, i guess i’m trying to say that we should just move in together or something…” and you’d sit up to look at him and ask “you wanna move in together?” and he would take your excitement in the wrong way and his face would turn red and he’d start panicking and be like “only if you want to! like if you don’t that’s cool like if you think its too soon or whatever i get it, like it’s just a suggestion and stuff.” and you’d cut him off like “luke shut up, of course i wanna live with you.” and he’d be so smiley and he’d kiss you like a thousand times and the next morning you’d get up early to make breakfast for the two of you and luke would stroll into the kitchen while you’re cooking and would be like “i really am the luckiest guy in the world” and you’d be like “yeah?” and he’d be like “yeah, cause I get to wake up next to the most beautiful girl in the world, and even when i don’t, i get to walk into my kitchen and see her looking adorable in my t-shirt” or something cheesy like that and he’d stand behind you with his arms wrapped around your waist while you cooked and he’d hum along to the songs on the radio and the two of you would just be so happy together and i have really gone too far this time i hate myself

i think sometimes i get really into the idea of using my blog for actual blogging and make a lot of text posts usually in the middle of the night and i regret it when i wake up because all of my followers are just going to think that im a freak who does nothing but eat lemon drops and masturbate 

ok but look at her face

This is my idea of what Litten would look like as it evolves! 

“ Litten can attack with flaming hairballs! Its fur is rich in oils and immensely flammable. Litten grooms itself by licking its fur, and then uses the collected fur as fuel for fireball attacks! “ This made me think that Litten would evolve into a fire/poison type. So I gave it this kinda cool look~ I thought it would be this kinda witch doctor sorta thing :3 (might be the wrong word ^^’ I dunno 0u0 Just felt like drawing it)

If you like my stuff, be sure to follow me! I plan on doing a lot more Sun and Moon related artwork x3 I’m gonna do evolutions for Rowllet, and Popplio as well! 

A Soulmate's Spark


“I honestly know what you mean. When i was like nine or ten this kid hated me so much he threatened to rip my ‘dumb hete-whatever eye straight out of its socket’. I find it kind of amusing now that i somehow got so jealous that they threatened to rip my right eye out of its socket just because I have-” she stopped herself. God she wished she never said anything about that. “Er… Never mind…” She looked down at the ground, her voice noticeably quiet compared to how humour filled it was just a bit ago. “They probably just hated that everyone just HAPPENED to think i was really cool i guess… Maybe… I dunno…” Her voice was practically a whisper now, she really wished she hadn’t said that. He’d probably just laugh about it and walk away if she told him that she actually had Heterochromia in her eyes. Just like everyone else does. Soulmates or not there was almost no way he would still hang around with her. She kind of expected that from people before she started wearing a fake colour contact.

As cool as the coat looks, I’m actually becoming quite fond of Blake’s new outfit and how she looks without it. (See center images, and far right)

I dunno why, but she looks just as, if not maybe even more badass and cool with just that intricately webbed top she has.

So, even though she does look very cool and mysterious with the coat, I actually do hope we can see her without it now and then in volume 4. And if we were to judge based off her concept art, I think its quite plausible we will.