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Fake Chats #153
  • Namjoon: Yoonig-hyung?
  • Yoongi: hmm?
  • Namjoon: aren't you tired? You should go to bed.
  • Yoongi: nah, I'm alright. I got my second wind and I like the sound of these lyrics.
  • Namjoon: and in the morning you'll think they're garbage.
  • Yoongi: I'm that predictable, huh?
  • Namjoon: you're so predictable. Except when you're not. You're predictable in your unpredictability.
  • Yoongi: you're losing me, Joon.
  • Namjoon: I dunno. Write that down, though. Unpredictability. It's a great word.
  • Yoongi: uh-huh.
  • Namjoon: you're always exceeding expectations, hyung. You're so cool.
  • Yoongi: yeah, of course I am.
  • Namjoon: it's good that you know it. I'm glad you're confident and proud.
  • Yoongi: I'm proud of you, too.
  • Namjoon: I wasn't-
  • Yoongi: you lead us all so well, you work really hard, your dancing has improved tremendously, you're always want to be better and it shows. You're a good kid.
  • Namjoon: oh. Thanks.
  • Yoongi: now go to bed, kid.
  • Namjoon: hyung, I'm a year younger than you.
  • Yoongi: Jimin is one year younger than you.
  • Namjoon: point taken. But you're gonna go to bed soon?
  • Yoongi: soon. Goodnight, Joonie.
  • Namjoon: Goodnight, hyung.

“The gaming industry in general is far, far more Liberal than the average gamer. It worries me a bit that Liberal politics is forcing it’s way into games; I just want to enjoy a fun experience, or take part of someone’s artistic vision. Do you think that’s a legitimate worry for me to have?”

Hoo boy.

This is the kind of answer that is bound to cause some amount of controversy, but I also try and pride myself on not avoiding the tough questions, so I’ll give it a shot. 

[Deep breath.]

First, I’m going to assume that you aren’t really talking about politics per se. If League tried to sneak in lessons on how taxes should be structured, or opinions on health care, or state versus federal power, then I’d get that we were being too political for a “mere game.” I’m going to take the leap and guess that what you’re really getting at is how League (or any game) depicts diversity. That’s usually the controversial social issue surrounding games. Please correct me if I have assumed incorrectly.

And on the topic of diversity, I’ll try and answer from the point of view of player value, since that is what Riot tries to use to guide our decisions. 

From the point of view of someone like yourself, it’s likely you came to League (or WoW or Destiny or Zelda) because your friends or the internet told you it was a good game. You probably stuck with it because you could get wrapped up in the gameplay, or found it satisfying to get better over time, or just found it to be a good diversion from work, school, or family. Based on your own description, I’m thinking it’s pretty unlikely that you came to League because you wanted your own political or social beliefs challenged. And I get that, I really do. At the end of the day, this is an entertainment product. It’s something a lot of us use as an escape from the real world. Maybe not everything we engage with needs to challenge our values or make us uncomfortable.

But let’s switch that around and examine the game from the point of view of a player with a different set of values. Just as you may not have the same values as a bunch of game developers living and working in California USA (and again I’m just going by what you’re saying in your question), a lot of gamers out there may not have the same values as you do (or that we do for that matter). For some players (like me), it seems really weird when a game doesn’t acknowledge that the real world of other gamers or the fictional world of game characters are diverse places with different religions, genders, skin colors, and economic statuses. Having an openly gay character or punishing a player for calling another player a racial slur doesn’t feel political to me. It’s just a reflection of Earth circa 2017.

Let’s also keep in mind that gamers live in a lot of different places around the world, and that France, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, and the Philippines have really different expectations about what is comfortable, appropriate or mainstream than you or I might.

So getting back to your original question….

In my opinion, your worry is legit if a game you love (League or anything) loses its way and starts focusing too much on social messages at the expense of gameplay. There are games that make a great social commentary while also being fun, but I’m not super interested in games that make a great social commentary at the expense of being fun. Maybe those works of media are something else and not games. Movies and art don’t have to be “fun” for me to enjoy them. I dunno. I hate trying to categorize things with certain labels. I just want games to be fun.

On the other hand, I don’t think your worry is legit, meaning I don’t think it’s fair or probably healthy, if you want to somehow wall yourself off (in a game or anywhere) from the diversity that the world offers.

I’m going to close my quoting my friend, Jeff Kaplan:  

There was this shift on the team, where we realized we had to stop thinking of Earth as this boring place. It’s an amazingly cool place and what makes it cool is all its differences. We no longer look at the cultural sensitivity as a land mine or as an obligation. We look at it as an opportunity.



but i’m pretty sure you already knew that.

Headcanons about Ryuji and his Piercings! 

Based on this Chart: 

And this screenshot: 

We can obviously tell that Bon has: 

  • Standard Lobe (on each ear) 
  • Orbital (on each ear)

  • Helix (on each ear) 

and (I believe):

  • Rook (on each ear) 

These are obviously canon! 

A personal headcanon of mine (and the only other piercing I can think of Bon having at this point in time)

  • Nipple piercing! 

Originally I just thought that he would only have one nipple pierced - but considering his ear piercings are so symmetrical..maybe he gets them both pierced? (I like him best with just one though <3 )

Later in Life: 

  • I hope he gets a Daith piercing to help with his migraines (that I’m almost 100% certain he has!)
  • I’m also pretty convinced that later in life (when he’s like…I dunno, 18 or something) he’ll get his right eyebrow pierced.

I think he got his piercings for many reasons but none are very deep: 

  • Rebelling (against his parents and society and what not) 
  • to look cool (its the first thing Rin said about him afterall) 
  • to stand out/uphold his image 
  • he probably genuinely enjoys body art such as piercings and tattoos and thought for a long time about what he did want on his body 

(No, I do not think Bon got any of his piercings by losing a bet with Shima.)

I’m also fairly certain he changes his piercings to things he believes would heal him. Like changing the lobe piercings from just the metal to studs (or dangle-y) earrings with specific crystals/stones on them that has specific healing powers. 

For example: 

Because According to this:

Lapis Lazuli helps battle migraines! 

(He would never be caught by anyone other than Konekomaru or Shima wearing dangle-y earrings though!!)

I’m certain he has all different types of healing crystal/stone earrings. He knows how each one helps him and keeps them in a earring box hidden in his drawer. 

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Sometimes I like confessions because they're mine. Sometimes I like them because I support them. Sometimes I like them because they're just all around cute. And that makes me wonder if anyone looks at the notes on their confession and think, like, "Who the hell is this person, liking my confession?" I dunno. Just something weird to think about.

Title: 5 Times Mike Wheeler and Will Byers Nearly Kissed, and the 1 Time They Finally Did

Pairing: Byeler (with Mileven mentioned a couple of times)

okay so this turned out longer than i originally planned. apologies if this has been done before! 

also, @michaelwhee1er this one is for you!! (since you wanted me to tag you when it was complete!)

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~Appreciation Post: Featuring TheGlitchedSystem VAs~

Disto/Anti VA: Disto was the first ever VA I met, and when I heard they’re Anti audios woo boy, it gave me feelings of paranoia and just straight up fear, like any moment Anti could just pop out of my pc and shank me, every single audio they had, nsfw-ish or not, it sent chills down my spine, they were so amazing, I had to follow them on tumblr and show my respect, and they actually followed me back *insert fangirl screams here* anyways after that, I was just listening to they’re audios for awhile, reblogging and praising them because I look up to them a lot more than really anyone I’ve ever looked up to before tbh. I still try to talk to them even to this day but woo boy they can be a lil shit, and love to tease and mess with you occasionally, but nonetheless they’re just a sadistic gore loving bby that kinda needs protection but at the same time you try and they’ll probably tell you to fuck off.

Elly/Dark VA: Elly, oh my god she is a PRECIOUS CINNAMON BUN-ROLL that NEEDS protection, every time, no matter what. Like protect this sweet innocent bby she is too pure for this world ahem, anyways I found her next! I saw a Dark audio pop up and I was like *gasp* ooh new VA? Who dis? So I checked it out and was absolutely astonished at what a great job she did, for a girl doing Dark’s voice she does a DAMN good job, and when she yells as him oh god it makes you wanna run in terror like nope, nah dude, I’m gone. but when she’s not being Dark she is an adorable cinnamon bun-roll who has cute giggles and laughs whether it be maniacal or just plain normal. We’ve talked a lot actually, she’s the one who kept reading aloud what I typed down one time, and woo boy I was like oh my god I’m being noticed apparently, and I’ve given her some virtual hugs too ;w;

Atom/Google VA: Atom, oh my god, they are adorable but at the same time you fuck with them and they will unleash HELL upon your ass, but all in all a really nice bab, they sometimes like to mess with people but not often, they have an adorable giggle as well, but when they laugh maniacally your scared but at the same time your like awww how cuttee. Her Google voice tho woo boy, I’ve taunted him before and got my ass handed to me, Google’s still scary and in they’re own way, because you know what he’s gonna do to you. But again, Atom is actually a bab, a cute bab, and they need hugs and paps, so cute bby. Cute bab. Give them, actually no, give every VA a hug. They deserve it haha.

Jamal/Virus Cry VA: Now Virus, I’ve heard few things from them, and I honestly dunno much bout them but they seem really cool, they can get they’re voice to go reaaallllyyyy deep, when they do the deep voice its like welp noooo naah dude fuck it, I’m gone again. Jamal though, when not in character are all in all a pretty nice person from what I have seen so far, they dun really talk all that much anymore but I’ve heard them a couple times, not really much to say bout them tho since we’ve BARELY gotten to know each other but I still think they’re a really cool VA!

Rad/Bing VA: *deep inhale* R a d is amazing, like dear god I know I’ve said that for every VA basically but its true. Rad actually sent me a friend request and I didn’t ask it was just sudden and I was like oh god what did I do? But they came into my PMs as Bing and said they’d never harm me and lemme tell you they’re Bing audios mmghhhh good shit right there now, I normally just wanna hug the Bing and the Rad too, let’s face it I wanna hug ALL the VAs, not just the characters but the VAs themselves, they take a lot of time to sit down and make these audios and I love every single one that post, heck I reblog everything from there even if I don’t listen to it immediately because in my head I KNOW for a fact its gonna be good whether its Disto, Elly, Rad, Jamal, Total Paragon, or even the newest Schneeps one, I know it’ll be amazing before I even hear it.

Total Paragon/Wilford VA: Oh now this one, THIS ONE, is from what I can tell so far a good babby, they’re Wilford voice is amazing and the stuff I’ve heard from them so far, in character-wise its honestly really amazing and I absolutely love it! If I wasn’t so show I’d ask for an interview from good ol’ Warfstache but again, too shy to ACTUALLY speak. Out of character-wise they seem like a really nice and chill person. I like them, they also deserve hugs, expect this from me, when in doubt, hug the VAs haha.

Schneeps / Crank VA: Now, they’re a new VA to me, we haven’t talked at all tbh, but I’ve heard the introductions from them, and I gotta say the Schneeps voice is preeettty damn good, I love it so much, the giggle at the end of that audio made me squeal though and kinda jump. And as for the Crank introduction, or well Corroded Crank one I gotta say to that one as well, pretty. damn. good. I already wanna hug both of em, VA, Crank, and Schneeps all. I wanna hug them all, I love hugs a wee bit too much haha. I can already tell though, this VA will be a good one. They’re all amazing and I’ve loved the audios from day 1 of finding them and the way they portray the characters is really unique and cool! All in all I really like and respect all of them.

(( This is… Honestly the first time I’ve ever sat down and made detailed posts about every VA, I just felt like I should say all this, I wanna show my respect and support to all the VAs! And yesss…I STILL wanna hug them all, hug-shame me if y'all want but anyways that’s enough from me! Hope this isn’t TOO LONG to read! )) @theglitchedsystem I’ll just tag here so everyone will see it. 

I know special snowflake is supposed to be an insult but honestly??? If I hadn’t known that and someone called me a special snowflake I’d be flattered. Snow is beautiful, each snowflake is unique and looks pretty neat! And being special to anyone, being someone who has a unique “special” personality isn’t a bad thing, it’s super cool beans!

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Dude, what does the EX in Mettaton EX stand for? And for that matter, what does NEO stand for? You have any ideas or was that just a gimmick to make them sound cooler?

Hmm, I’m gonna say they were most likely a gimmick… I mean, doing things to look cool sounds like something Mettaton would do.

But! Wouldn’t it be funny if Mettaton Ex stood for like, Mettaton Ex(tra leg).

 And honestly, I wouldn’t even mess with Mettaton NEO,,, Not Even Once…

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I feel like a large reason why a lot of modern dragon designs are so un-reptilian to a biologically inclined observer is...a lot of these artists and character designers have apparently never really studied non-mammalian anatomy in their entire lives??? Like, looking at the 5e monster manual, a ton of "purely reptilian" monsters OTHER than dragons have really mammal-like legs, toes, faces, etc. Same artists also badly fuck up bird anatomy, so it's not always an overall warm-blooded-animals bias.

Yeah I’ve noticed that as a trend in monster design lately too.

I also think it’s tied to the fact that dragons are increasingly likely to be portrayed as heroic, noble, and “cool” nowadays, and thus can’t be similar to stupid lame ugly reptiles.  By the flip side, there are also mammalian dragons out there who are supposed to be grosser than reptilian ones.

I dunno.  People make dragons look the way they want to look.  That’s absolutely fine.  I just wish I didn’t have to hear them talk about how “big lizards” are dull and lame by comparison every time they do it.

artnerd1123  asked:

9 and 12?

9: Favorite thing to draw?

Women because I can’t draw men (tho I’ll try to practice drawing them this summer). Also lately I really liked drawing witches, they’re cool.

12: Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?

I dunno if they’re weird, i think they’re pretty common. 

So I often make the expression of the character I’m drawing (it would make sense if I’m looking in the mirror to use it as reference, but I don’t, I just make this face without a reason).

Lot’s of times if I put some music on to draw and when it stops playing I don’t even notice?? I’m just sitting here in silence, drawing, for 3 hours. (also most of my song playlist are not songs but animatics, why??? I’m gonna listen to music and not watch them so why are they here?)

I prefer drawing in late hours like 8/9 pm and then I finish around midnight. Sleep is for the weak.

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Rich why do you have a red streak in your hair?

R: i dunno,,,
R: its probably something my squip told me to do to make me “more cool”
R: now that i think about it, it looks kinda stupid

Misc. Word Vomit
  • BOOMER: Why can't we have a cover?
  • BRICK: We don't need a cover.
  • BOOMER: Fine, I need it. For my emotional satisfaction. Of course we don't need it. I just think it'd be fun. Next time I wanna do one. We could be selling newspapers, or Boy Scout cookies.
  • BRICK: Those are Girl Scouts, dumbass.
  • BOOMER: What the fuck do Boy Scouts sell, then?
  • BRICK: I dunno. Homophobia?
  • BOOMER: Lame. Girls always get cool stuff.
  • BRICK: Yeah. Like pregnant. And periods.
  • BOOMER: Are you kidding? They spit blood for a week without dying. That's some rockstar shit right there.
  • BRICK: I'm pretty sure it's just biology. Anyway, you're full of shit. You don't wanna be a girl. Shut up.
  • BOOMER: I do too wanna be a girl. Penises are fucking ugly. They have cute little vaggies.
  • BRICK: Oh my God.
  • BOOMER: Vaggies are cute. I'm into that.
  • BUTCH: Ha! "Into vaginas."
  • BOOMER: ... Maybe I wouldn't wanna be a girl. Then I'd have to put up with getting hit on by shitheads like Butch.
  • BUTCH: Bitch, like you'd be my type.
  • (from http: //essbeejay.livejournal.com/146887.html?view=1318343)

Ever since @horpsesandco introduced me to MirrorMask several months ago, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I am also a daemon nerd. 

What came of this is me imagining Valentine as Helena’s daemon, who always takes the shapes of creatures she draws, and whose personality is basically like Pantalaimon’s but with a bit of image-consciousness added for flavor.

dreamattack replied to your post: i am not trying to start discourse but i’m really,…

not to make any assumptions but I see a whole lot of positivity posts saying support ____ trans men/transmasc people!“ and I doubt that most of them are written by trans/etc people… yeah boys can wear dresses and its cool but i’m never going to touch them or anything feminine/fem presenting bc dysphoria lmfao (if that makes sense)

no god yeah, same, same. i think most positivity posts in general are really…hollow because they don’t…i dunno personally i don’t really give a shit if some stranger on the internet thinks i’m “valid! uwu” that doesn’t really mean anything to me 

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Okay okay so like can I have really sick lance who no one knows is sick and the team is super confused bc he's never just not there so they send someone (idc who really) and that person finds lance seizing on his floor bc of a super high fever? If not it's cool, but I've had this idea but I dunno if I can do it the justice I think I deserves.

ahh sorry idk how long this has been sitting here, but i never got a notif!! ill do this asap and tag u when its done !!

edit: the finished prompt is here! :D