i dunno i decied to do this


Made a demonic guardian for myself to join that delightful bandwagon. (I mean, I’ve been on the demonic guardians au bandwagon for what feels like ages but it took me this long to finally make an official one for me like all the cool kids are doing, ma am I cool yet–)

He was gonna be Hertz’s big brother at first since they’re both radios but that quickly spiraled downwards and Deci kind of became his own thing? I ‘unno. Also what even is shading, I hate shading so much, take these random zigzag lines I like to call shading and kill me with them.

Edit: WOOP I made him too girly oh god I have such a horrible habit of making super girly/cute boys end me now. But yeah he identifies as a male. My bad. ;v;