i dunno how to do backgrounds

pidge: keith i have a gay problem and need the help of a gay who is more experienced

keith: ok. what is it?

pidge: i like this girl but there’s no way she likes me back and i dunno what to do about it

keith: nothing. absolutely nothing. you do nothing, and then you do your best to ignore it but it’s just eating at you and it’s so hard to pretend it’s not there so then you watch ten thousand heteronormative hallmark movies but eventually you start getting daydreams about how great your life would be if you actually were dating and how much fun you’d have doing the cheesiest coupley stuff and you aren’t even paying attention to the hallmark movies anymore they’re just lights and sounds in the background of your daydreams but we’re in space so you don’t even have the hallmark movies so you just go straight to the daydreams and you get this idea in your head that if you two date you’ll finally be a happy functional person and you won’t have any more problems ever and you know that’s not true but you still wanna believe it anyway and now the crush is getting bigger and bigger and you’re even more of a mess and you talk to your friend about it since he says he’s always there if you need someone to listen so you think that’ll help a little bit but it turns out it doesn’t because your friend is an asshole and says “well why don’t you just tell him?” but if i could tell him then this wouldn’t. be a problem, shiro!

keith: (breathing heavily)



pidge: actually i think i’m gonna go to lance

keith: …good plan.

So my favorite Reaper76 headcanon is that Gabriel is a HUGE NERD (which is like, strongly implied btw - http://segadores-y-soldados.tumblr.com/post/157378862270/reaper-and-soldier-american-cultural-references ).

But only Jack knows this. After being Gabriel’s “best friend” for 30-ish years, Jack knows WAY TOO WELL how nerdy Gabriel is. And he loves it of course, because Jack is just as big a nerd and he loves everything Gabriel is.

But literally no one believes Jack because “Commander Reyes is such a badass.” or “Commander Reyes is so cool.”

So Jack suffers as Gabriel blatantly drops obscure sci-fi movie references or fucking video game quotes into his everyday conversations and NO ONE GETS THEM except Jack.

Gabriel: You gotta redo this budget, Jesse - your numbers don’t make sense, Mason.
Jesse: okay, cool, I’ll do that, boss - who’s Mason?
Jack *in the background*: Someone needs to stop him.

Jesse: I dunno what ta go as for Halloween this year. Any suggestions, padre?
Gabriel: Do you like lobsters?
Jesse: I - wha
Jack: …
Gabriel: how do you feel about shirts with only one sleeve?
Jack: Gabe.
Gabriel: do you feel like the ocean’s grey waves?
Jesse: ya’ll seriously lost me like a calf in a herd
Gabriel: it’s alright, Delores - how do you feel about Paint It Black in instrumental form?
Jack: *head in hands* oh my god

Gabriel and Jack pass Winston:

Jack: Hey Winston -
Winston: Hello, commanders!
Gabriel: Sup, Rajang?
Winston: …I don’t know what that means, sir.
Jack *so mad because he gets it*: Dammit Gabriel
Gabriel: No worries, Caesar. How’s that Tesla Cannon coming along?

Gabriel and Jack debrief Genji:

Gabriel: really glad you’re going to help us out, Genji.
Genji: Thank you, sir. I will do what I can to help cut out the corruption in the Shimada clan.
Gabriel: I really respect that. So you can use a katana, shurikens, and the Sharingan?
Genji: uh, yes, the katana and shurikens, I am very proficient in. What’s a sharingan?
Gabriel: Don’t worry about it. Angela is working on new cyborg upgrades for you.
Jack: whyyyyyyy

The worst moment is when Gabriel says that he “death blossomed the enemy squad” in the middle of a Blackwatch report and Jack practically starts sobbing with laughter because he knows Gabriel just dropped a fucking Last Starfighter reference and everyone else thinks Jack has lost his damn mind.

But the overall worst part is when Gabriel’s references work into Jack’s brain inadvertantly and then EVERYONE thinks Jack is a huge nerd.

Ana: Well, that mission was tough. Do you think we’ll see more from Null Sector after this?
Jack: Nevermore.
Ana: …what
Gabriel: *dry wheezing cackle* mierda, joder, holy shit
Ana (on the comms): Rein, Torb, you won’t believe this
Gabriel: how the fuck can you not like Poe??
Jack: Whitman is better -

Quizzing Ben Winston (or, Shading and Cross-fading)

Four Hangout, 9 November 2014  (long post!)

Ben: A lot of people also talk about decisions, and who makes those decisions in One Direction. That’s something we touched on earlier.
(singing) Decisions…
Ben: These days I guess, is it just always your call on everything, from albums—
[Liam: Modest.]  [Niall: No.] —to what you do— (Ben laughs) go on, Liam—

Liam: No, it’s us, it’s us, I’m just kidding. It totally is, it totally— Before we start, some strange stuff going on—

I’ve started something, now we’re here.
Ben: Maybe correct that.

But yeah no it is totally us. Like I say, it’s amazing like, and the thing is these days it’s not even us trying to put our [—?] in everywhere, people ask us. Like when we worked with you on the videos, for example, if we like a shot, you go ‘do you like that, or don’t you like it?’ You’ll give us a piece of advice for something. I think we’re given a lot advice on certain things, but ultimately, we call the shots. …I actually call the shots, in total.

Niall: I really like your video for Night Changes.
Ben: Thanks very much.
Niall: It’s very nice.  Louis: Mm.
Ben: I’ve just shown them the video of Night Changes, and I think it’s quite exciting.

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Concepts Photos for Steampunk AU I’m planning~

Any opinions on if i should continue this?

(Sorry for the rough sketches <3)

Okay, so there are a few things I’m trying to practice here.
Namely backgrounds, scales, and dithering because I rarely do those in my pixel art.
Scales I’m a bit more comfortable with, but dithering isn’t something I usually incorporate into my pixel art, if ever.
It’s just not something I picked up but I would like to at least try it.

Now backgrounds are what I consider my biggest weakness.
It’s rare that I make an actual background and that when I do it’s a bit…simple.
Like the mountains here could probably be more detailed, but I’m honestly not sure how to make them look more like real mountains.
I just feel like they could be…more. Ya know?
I dunno. Tell me what you think.

No Foolin’

for @just-canadian

“-Gladdy, have you ever been in love?”

He doesn’t mean to listen, truly. He’s simply passing by. Gladio had forgotten a book at his home the night before. He’d simply meant to return it. The door to the manor is wide open when he arrives, the peel of Iris’ laughter ringing through the halls. This assuages any fear that something might be amiss. The book is in his hand. All he must do is place it on the table and leave. And yet.

“Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!”

Ignis wavers. Whatever Gladio’s answer might be is not his to hear. It’s a private moment between him and his sister, no matter what he says. He places the book upon the table and hesitates.

Ignis and Gladio have been Ignis and Gladio for a little over two months. They didn’t broadcast what they were, nor did they hide it. When Ignis grabbed for the larger man’s hand in mixed company, Gladio brought the curl of his knuckles to his mouth, pressing soft kisses there. No one said a word nor did he ever hear a whisper. Still, they had never spoken large words, never labeled what they were. He didn’t need to put to voice his own feelings. He knew what they were. They laid beneath his skin, the depth of his feelings burning like sagefire. To dwell on it too long was to burn in it.

“Iris…” there is a thread of warning in Gladio’s voice, but the eldest Amicitia could barely do more than censure his sister. It was an empty threat, and even so young as she was, Iris knew it, too.

“I bet you haven’t,” Iris continues. “I bet you haven’t because you’re mean and no one likes you.”

“Tch, just because I told you couldn’t go play with the neighbor’s dog.”

“That not it,” Iris says, her voice carrying. “It’s because you yell a lot and girls don’t like that.”


“They don’t.”

Gladio’s chuckle isn’t as loud as Iris’ laughter, but they are both louder than most people. It’s no strain to be still and listen, Ignis reasons, it’s unlikely that either will hear him.

“Oh yeah, and how do you know that, huh?”

I’m a girl.”

Gladio makes a rude noise. “Dunno, maybe you look like a lady. But you don’t act like one.”

There’s a crash in the background, followed by the sound of feet running on solid marble.

“You can’t just kick me and leave,” Gladio bellows. “Come back here, cheat!”

Ignis sees a swirl of color sprint across the hall, red and black, dashing behind a tall pillar.

“Then tell me,” Iris whines. She’s hidden, and Gladio is single minded in his chase. He walks across the hall, as well; Ignis is much beyond his notice, too focused on his quarry.

“You coming out if I tell you?”

“Maybe if you tell me, I’ll come out.”

It’s a circular sort of logic, but a brilliant one and Gladio hedges, checking behind the wrong pillar as Iris skitters away. Were his heart not his throat given the subject matter and possibility of being caught listening, he would have been impressed.

“Yeah, okay,” he says. “Definitely, yes. Love em’ before, love them now, gonna love him later if he’ll let me.”

He can see Iris’ eyes from where he stands, sliding across the hall to stand directly in front of her brother, they are saucer wide and full of interest. “No foolin’?”

“No foolin’,” Gladio echoes.

He can’t let his presence go unnoticed any longer, so he clears his throat, watching Gladio turn and pale as he sees him standing there.

Iris doesn’t give her brother any further trouble, the picture of both innocence and decorum, as she skips off to leave them alone. Gladio looks to be as dumbfound as Ignis has ever seen him.

“So,” he begins. “I hear you’ve been in love.”

Gladio groans. “I’m gonna kill her.”

“You forgot your book at my house, careless,” Ignis hums, suppressing laughter. “And perhaps you should thank her. There’s something to be said for the object of your affection knowing they’re object of your affection.”


I had to reproduce some backgrounds from the Steven Universe ‘Beach Party’ episode for a work thing, so I tried to get them as close as I could.  A lot of the tonal/texture stuff was tricky because of how Flash works, but it was a good challenge to try to match them.  I do like the overall look of the Steven Universe series, so it was cool to spend some time taking a closer look at how they put things together in order to get the most impact from a simpler style.

edit: yeah I dunno why the fullsized version of that first pic doesn’t animate and yes I am annoyed about it but oh well

Art raffle +150 followers


ok… i am going to do… another art raffle.. and maybe a stream in the weekend.. i dunno.. here the prizes:

1st place: 1-2 characters full body with: color shades and background(even if i’m not that good XT) (example below)

2nd place: 1 character fullbody with color and shades NO BACKGROUND (example below)

3rd place: 1 character fullbody lineart (example below)

how to partecipate:

-you must be following me ;

- like = 1 entry , reblog= 1 entry

( like + reblog = 2 entryes ; only 1 reblog counts)

- no NSFW requests for the prize

-no offensive requests for the prize

the art raffle will end the 6th of february


i will draw any character that u want^^

i will be drawing ONLY with MY style

I’m home…

I dunno who is welcoming who but i like it <333

Sorry about the circle in the background, in the last days/hours i’ve been spamming them like crazy ^^’ (i didn’t do them, mind you. Well except Roy’s lame ass circle (well.. the way i made it, not the circle itself))

Little note: When i made this, Ed was standing on his tip toes, so you can imagine how ridiculously short i made him. And damn boy that hair is long. Geez. Don’t regret that tho.

Don’t kill me Ed, plz. I luv you very much bby. I know how you feel buddy, i’m shortest one in the family too *i’m cry*

smolangrybi  asked:

How on earth do you draw so well? These all look like they could be in the show! You're amazing!

thank you but i dunno i kinda fell off my game so to speak… i used  to be a  bit  better, i think it’s my settings..  and trying to replicate the background style seems beyond me atm but i’m trying


i….. i just like her a lot… she charmed me with her inconvenient to draw face and delightful to write character…. and ford keeps appearing in the background every time i do anything with her, dunno why

blindspotgreece  asked:

Do you think Jane meet Reade in Quantico If yes i want to see this flashbacks There will be awesome. In addition you know how many years is the training in Quantico. I hope Jane is a FBI agent in season 3 and not a consultant. This explain and the 2 years time jump because two years is too many. Martin gero want Jane to become FBI agent and this need time.

Do we think Reade left the team to teach at Quantico?! I dunno honestly. After that finale I think it is more likely that Patterson and Tasha leave than Reade.

But anyway, I think given Jane’s background and her experience with the team, they probably found a loop hole for her and she didn’t need to go through what other potential agents go through? I mean seriously, she a better agent than 90% of the agents who’s been there for years. So I think she gets to be an agent almost right away if wants it. (It helps that the boss is head over heels in love with her) 😂

lrsmls  asked:

Heyy! :) This may be a little random but some time ago, you mentioned that you do drawing nights with a friend. Before, I had never even thought about that but damn, that must be just sooo relaxing. :D None of my friends really draw though. :/ How did you get the idea to do that? :)

Yee! drawing nights are so good, even if it’s with one or even 5-10 friends. It accumulates a creative atmosphere, a collaborative perspective. I dunno if anyone else has this feeling but drawing with and among others is more satisfying than working alone.

The idea, came along when my friend suggested once if i’d like to go over to hers and do some drawing. we both find drawing in each others company is creatively more stimulating and fun, and we have the music on or have the tele on in the background, we talk and laugh have something to eat, sometimes we just get distracted and end up watching Kung Fury or some really ridiculous films on netflix but hay XD 


Since JPOG’s ended, here’s a new game I played. It’s called Everything, and you can play as pretty much that. Most of what you’ll do is move around your environment and form groups with other things, but there’s some philosophical background to it all. I dunno, I’m not as good at explaining it as the game itself is. In the first episode, I play as a deer and learn most of the game’s mechanics, including how to make friends with other deer.

anonymous asked:

can you explain a bit more about the corruption thing in reapertale? im a bit confused with that. and also how did Chara become how they are now? did they just run off while dying or did some magical entity do something i dunno sorry for the questions

You can find the background information on Chara and such in the Reapertale Masterpost :)

The corruption thing is basically the world becoming darker/adopting negative attributes/becoming chaotic. So the thing that Chara did– it was a really huge deal. The fact that they were able to snuff out Life meant that, at that moment, all new life ceased to be. All the births afterwards are stillborn, which would have caused grief and madness and chaos, and half the humans prayed to the gods while the other half shouted in absolute rage. The flames of life that kept everyone alive dimmed weaker; everyone felt this. People became more susceptible to darkness, their fear and confusion causing them to lash out and despair– and they take it out on each other. The effect only amplifies because of Chara and Flowey sowing chaos and despair around the world.

With the gods, they have a similar type of corruption. Even if Chara hadn’t directly confronted them like they did with Toriel, they are still being affected.

Asgore, the Sky God, the King, becomes weak and meek and of melancholy will. Undyne changes to a Goddess of War who knows no mercy, and sees a battle/war as a means to an end, rather than being something glorious (she’s furious, imbued with rage, she wants to protect her family, who was responsible WHO?! JUSTICE WILL BE DONE– she is on the warpath). Alphys becomes a foolish Goddess of Knowledge, which I’ll be drawing out a comic to illustrate. Muffet becomes greedy and asks for insanely high prices for her deals, due to the mortals now being so desperate as to throw away everything. The gods become what they shouldn’t be, their light being tainted by the darkness. That is the Era of Corruption.

BROKEN FOOT: @redworld96

She didnt really request it from me, but I remember her asking for someone to draw fanart of the guys comforting Donnie after his awakening.

Sure the brothers would comfort the shit out of their dorky brother, but after a while Donnie will just feel like he’s suffocated. Its just how Donnie is in my eyes. He wouldnt like the attention, but will deal with it anyways, of course with griping buuuut his brothers could give two shells about it. They are just glad for their genius to be okay <3

I tried my best on the background, but all in all Im pretty proud of how this turned out.

I might do some brotherly bonding fanfictions, if anyone wants me to, I dunno yet. I suck at fluffy, cutesy moments. x..x 

Anyways I hope you guys like this. Please reblog if you do, itd mean a lot to me! 

Iris in The Flash 3x20“I Know Who You Are” thought


Can we talk about the injustice that is the Joe/Cecile Can’t-say-I-love-you-back plot? So…they have Joe talking to Barry about how Cecile blindsided him, how he isn’t sure he’s ready to say it back, that he’s not ready to move on from his first wife etc. Barry. Rather than, say, oh, I dunno, his own daughter who would be affected by the relationship ten times more than Barry ever would be. Considering, if they get married, Cecile would be her stepmother. And that she, maybe, would have some residual grief to seeing his father move on despite outwardly being supportive of it?

Also, maybe, it could’ve finally given her more to do than stand around in the background of the show lamenting over the fact that she may or may not die in the future and watch her friends fail time and time again to stop the future from happening. Maybe we could have had a nice West family moment between father and daughter discussing how they shouldn’t be afraid to live out their futures no matter how short they can be (though that is getting a tad bit redundant at this point in the show but I digress).

So, yeah, I think the plot would’ve been better served to Iris.


Lewis: Fuck, it’s you I hate the most.

Arthur: ???????? ???????? ?????

I just made this out of boredom and I honestly can’t think of making a full color/background out of this sigh. So in a generous way, the lineart below is free to color. Be sure to credit me and show it to me too~

Also yes, it’s based on that famous Kill la Kill screenshot lol.