i dunno how to describe it

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Whats it like to give head? It sounds hard and not pleasant and sucky

it just depends?! it can be great, it can be less than great, it can be easy, it can be hard, it can be be a turn on, it can be a tad gross…….its pretty much exactly how you’d imagine having a dick in your mouth to be lol

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce a hiatus. Lately my muses have been little shits and abandoned me when I could probably really use the distraction. On top of that, I’ve been hit with some serious news and my depression is killing me. I’ll answer some questions I guess..

Does this mean I’ll be disappearing for good or for a long time?

No, I hope to return when I can and as soon as I can. I’ll still be around occasionally and if my muses are cooperating then I’ll respond to drafts and asks..

Will you inform us if you decide to drop your muses?

Of course.. I highly doubt (in fact I can almost say I’m 99.99% sure) I won’t be dropping any of my muses unless something happens to me… which lbh even i can’t predict at this point. I’m just hitting a really rough patch..

Can I drop our roleplays and/or you?

Yes. If you’re a single-multiship blog or you just don’t want to have to wait around for our threads then it is okay to drop our threads and stop roleplaying with me. I completely understand because I’ve been a really shitty roleplay partner the past few weeks; and I know how excited some of you are for our threads. I’m sorry.

What accounts will this affect?


Is there another way to contact you and/or talk to you?

You can follow me on my personal here (which can get triggering or lewd) or you can IM me for my skype/kik and maybe even my number.

What’s going on exactly, Kitty?

I’ll tell you under read more if you’re really curious.. I’m going to warn you there’s going to be mention of suicide, death, cancer and such.

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He was too content and he wondered how it could be that no matter how much he loved his mum and Joe and Pop Bill and Nanni Grace and Georgie, that nobody would have got him on that sofa at 5:46 in the morning. Except his dad. And that was the problem with Dominic Mackee. That he would promise the meaning of life with just a look in his eye and a tone in his voice. Tom would have followed the bastard anywhere.
—  The Piper’s Son, by Melina Marchetta

A mosquito just bit me and died. They don’t normally do that, right? But why now? Omg could it be that they’re trying to kill me and to release the poison they have to die? AM I GOING TO DIE? My hand stings even though I washed it and applied some alcohol. And I think my finger is getting stiff OMG I’M REALLY GOING TO DIE!

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👏 [[im sorry i just saw that meme.. i apologize.. ;; i dont know what the song would be.. you can choose. :>

Send “👏”and I’ll describe what a fusion between our muses would look and act like. | still accepting |


They are extremely stable, and get the job done. They like long moonlight walks, star gazing, and wearing cute turtlenecks. They are super attractive like how did this happen? will kick your ass.

Bonus Fusion Song: Fireflies by Owl City

dunno why but seems fitting for them//

Dæmon stuff!

So as I am a terrible blog-runner and I can’t come up with a great topic for headcanons, I’m instead going to describe some of the people I know/ their dæmons. Why? I dunno, I just want to.

My two dearest friends are a river otter and a barn owl. I think it confuses people why we all hang out together; more to the point, I’m sort of the odd one out personality-wise. I’m more assertive and arrogant than they are, but that helps for us all to balance each other out. However, it’s easy to forget that despite how cute otters are, or feathery floofs owls are, they’re still extremely effective predators.

This guy I knew in high school was a bobcat. We got along like a house on fire; we had the same kind of sense of humor. He was a tad more playful than me, and sometimes our similar egos would clash, but overall we were two peas in a pod.

I have a friend-of-a-friend who’s much older than me, she’s like thirty five, and she would have this massive bird of prey. Personally I think she’s a golden eagle, but I’m not positive about that. She’s proud and very independent. I’ve always been impressed with what a strong personality she has.

Fanfic Meme

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1. What is your favourite sentence you’ve ever written? Why?

“It was the kind of fading that was gentle and light, the kind that carried her elsewhere instead of making her disappear.“

- Moving On

I dunno why, I read through most of my fics and I just really loved this line. I guess maybe because when people have a character fade away, it fades into nonexistence, and I didn’t go that route. 

2. Are there words, phrases, or images that you return to in your writing?

I write a lot about eyes and smiles and hand squeezes :’) I also tend to describe Mari or Adrien as incredibly bright (in the sense that they brighten the world) as well as describing one as the other’s world.

3. There’s that saying about how good writers just up and steal stuff. Have you ever read anything so good that you just had to have it and put it in what you were writing? What was it? What would you want someone to steal from you?

Uh… Okay honestly it’s 3:30 am and I can’t remember what exactly I’ve read of other peoples’ works and have tried to implement in my own. Like a 99% chance that I have done it multiple times though. Okay well I guess one thing actually is that I’ve tried to become more descriptive of things thanks to a couple people I’ve rp’d with before. That counts, right?

If someone stole something from it, I would want it to be… the way I work around a central point in my story so that it can be perceived as something else until it’s finally confronted. (ie. Writing about red as if it were ladybug’s suit, but ultimately being revealed as blood or some other red substance). Idk, I’ve always really liked those kinds of twists, and writing them is so fun.

4. Multi-chapter fic or oneshot? When writing multi-chapter (if you do), do you plan everything ahead and then write, or do you just write as you go along?

Oneshots. Idk, I’m not very good with keeping up with things and updating regularly, so one-shots are better for that.

I usually like plan multi-chapter fics a quarter to halfway through and then flail about to get the rest of it off the top of my head lol.

5. What motivates you to continue a fic you’ve already started and shared?

The people that enjoy my writing. Me. The need to improve and just keep going, because I can’t do that with a lot and this is something I can do it with semi-easily. It’s something I can do without being told “You need to try harder” or “Mhm, you’ve been on your computer all day instead of doing ______” and it’s just really nice vwv

6. Is there anything in your writing you’d like to change or improve?

I’d just like to write at a consistent pace lol. Definitely improve descriptions and symbolism within a work too :>

7. Is the fic you like to read the same as the fic you like to write?

Hrmm… I like to read stories that are similar but still able to be diistinguished from each other. Like…. coffee shop aus for an example. Love em, and people have so many unique ways of using them!

I mostly like to write fics that i have’t seen anyone else really do I guess, and I like reading those kinds of fics too. Sorry I’m a bit confused by this question.

8. How many fandoms do you write for? Are they all for one medium (television, books, film, etc.) or more than one? If more than one, is there a different feeling to writing for one as opposed to another?

Hmm… well, I’ve written for two, but only write actively for one, which is Miraculous Ladybug. I’m going to get into writing for Voltron soon! Both are television shows.

I feel like writing for Voltron will make me feel less guilty because the characters have already gone through so much that what I put them through in comparison won’t be as bad. The show itself has also had darker themes and is for an older population in comparison to ML.

9. Is there something that you want to write that you haven’t yet? What’s stopping you?

Oh yes, definitely! Many things! I guess my motivation keeps dying out. I’ve also been kinda emotional, and while I do find ideas and motivation in it, I usually lack the energy. And, other times, I just want to sleep and do nothing. (Also my lack of planning really bites me n the butt and makes me not want to work on things//)

10. What’s the one no-good trope that’s #problematic that you just can’t break up with?

Ummm…… The Miscommunication trope? Where everything would just be okay if you talked things through and didn’t go all roundabout

11. Post a link to one of your fics that you think has been overlooked and would like for more people to check out! :)

Trading Advice - It’s some Mari and Nino friendship ;u;; I think I posted at a bad time originally lol

Edit: idk i tag anyone that wants to do it lol

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Countries I have lived in:  The Motherfuckin United States of Fucking ‘Murica

Favorite fandom: I kind of hate the term “fandom” but 40K I guess, or Overwatch.

Languages you speak: American English, Pig Lattin, bad Spanish.

Last article you read: A review of the Primary Arms MD-ADS

Shuffle your music library and put the first three titles here:
Mind Eraser, No Chaser - Them Crooked Vultures
Wrong Floor - Cliff Martinez
Vardo - Beats Antique

Any phobias or fears: Heights (now) and super deep water. (I’m fine on a boat. I love deep sea fishing)

How your friends would describe you: “FUCKIN TODD!”

How your enemies would describe you: I dunno if I really have any.

Would you take a bullet for someone: Not just anyone, but yes.

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: A new back pad for my wheelchair

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In a round table interview, Candice was saying how there's a specific westallen moment in flashpoint that's really cute (I'm sure you reblogged the quote) and her face while describing it was too precious. I can't wait to see the scene! Kinda bittersweet that this is another westallen moment that will be erased when Barry fixes the timeline tho :/

I think I remember the quote you’re talking about and I’m excited to see the scene too. I know it’s gonna suck that she probably won’t remember it but I dunno my excitement about it weighs more than my disappointment

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What does your voice sound like?

I answered this earlier, silly. If you’d rather not go hunting, I can give it to you again? “Hmm, idk how best to describe it. I have been told it’s nice, soothing? -shrug- Some people also say I have a tinge of an accent but idk about that. Of course, you can’t hear your own accent as well as others so who knows!” Perhaps I’ll have to post it sometime. I dunno.

  How would one describe HOMESICKNESS?

    —The distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home.

  Lance quite agreed with the SICKNESS part, he wasn’t exactly sure how to place it, he felt… lost. Nauseous ( Kind of like HUNK anytime they did the simulator back at Garrison ) But WORST OF ALL, he felt ALONE. Misplaced. UNWANTED.

  Yeah, sure, he was as much a part of VOLTRON as the rest of the team was, and he knew in his head that the UNIVERSE needed them, needed Voltron to save them from the Galra’s clutches. He KNEW that.

  But his head and his heart were TWO DIFFERENT entities as of the current moment. So, that didn’t really help matters much.

  Lance sighed gruffly as he sat on the steps in the Cryopod chamber room.. place, his long legs stretched out as he leaned back on his elbows. His stomach lurching as he thought about what his family might be doing right now.

     ( To be honest, he didn’t even know what TIME it was on Earth. )

 Was it morning?
     Was his mamá whipping up pancakes and eggs for breakfast while his papá sat at the table a read the newspaper?

 Was it afternoon?
        Did his little siblings just get home from school? Bouncing around the kitchen telling his mamá about their day? Or were they riding their bikes up and down the street, playing tag like they used to.

  Was it nighttime?
         When the kids were already in bed, sound asleep after their exciting days, and left his padres to their own devices? Whether it be a soft conversation while sat at the dining room table, or a comforting silence in the living room, simply enjoying each others company.

              Did they miss him?

  Lance jolted upright, cursing his mutinous thoughts. Of course they missed him. They were FAMILY. They had to miss him.


   Lance shook his head, he needed to STOP THIS, he needed to stop MOPING. He wasn’t the ONLY ONE missing his family. Everyone else here had families, some of them somewhere ELSE ( Like back on Earth or WHO KNOWS WHERE ) and others had lost their ENTIRE FAMILY ( or PLANET for that matter )

  Needless to say, Lance had no right to be moping around like he was. But he couldn’t help it.

                     “Man, I miss them.”


fyi: I`m a Russian gal with a more or less sensible skill of writing who wants to expand her abilities of writing in English. I desperately need a beta (or an editor, whatever) who will help me with that, mostly by proof-reading my works and giving me advice on how and how not to properly describe things, yadda-yadda. So far there is not much to see, but I’m ready to “create” (ugh) more. Pls, write me if you’re interested! 

tl;dr i need someone who will tell me if i’m writing shit or not, and if i am, then help me to GIT GUD 

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Countries you’ve lived in:
Favorite fandoms:
LOLILO/NMTD and Wrestling. I don’t even like the wrestling fandom that much, tbh. All my fandoms are pretty messy, lmao. 
Language(s) you speak fluently:
Favorite film of 2016:
  I don’t think I’ve seen any movies that have come out this year? Unless I’m totally blanking. 
Last article you read:
  Something online about Nikki Bella being cleared to wrestle again. 
Shuffle your music and put up the first three songs:  
   Distance - Christina Perri
   End Up Here - Cher Lloyd
   Unsettling Differences - Blue Smock Nancy 
How would your friends describe you:
  An asshole. But like, a lovable one. Hopefully a lovable one. 
How would your enemies describe you:    
  I only have like, three enemies. One of them would describe me as a freak and a few gay slurs, and he has, and I dunno about the others. They’d probably agree I was an asshole - and a flaky bitch, lmao. 
Who would you take a bullet for:
   My nephew. 
If you had money to spare what would you buy first:
   A new place to live. Or like, dinner. I’m hungry. 
Tag 10 people you’d like to get to know better:
   @pinayrps @eriofrp @sammerdoowrites and then my usual peeps who i already know but oh well @antidivarps @geekygoddessrps @angrps @brennaroleplays@nayroleplays @clexawrites

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Asriel(transform back into his kid form)*Go to check on the one called Mania*:Howdy! You're one of the friend/brother of Happy right? I'm Asriel, but maybe you already knew that? Anyway can I ask what you have to say about you?

* Friend….Brother….?…. I dunno about that…..

* Also I have no clue who you are… and you want me to tell about myself?

* I dunno…. I’ve been alive for a little bit… I guess I gained SOME personal things about myself…. but I don’t know how to describe?

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FAVORITE FANDOM: II would have to say the Soul Eater fandom? Yeah, that;’s the only one I’m really active in. That and the Castillo fandom.
LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK: English and basic Spanish.
FAVORITE FILM OF 2015: None, not a huge movie fan.
LAST ARTICLE YOU READ: Hell if I remember.
SHUFFLE YOUR SONG LIBRARY AND PUT THE FIRST THREE TITLES HERE: Chase the Morning, Change (In the House of Flies), After You’ve Gone (bioshock)
HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU:I dunno, actually. I mean one of them keeps calling me a ‘bean’ if that counts.

HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU: That[’s not something I’d like to dwell on.
WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR SOMEONE: Naw, man. I like living. I got shit to do.

New 2016-2017 TV Shows: 5 Best Trailers
Some of the the new 2016-2017 TV shows are already building buzz (and millions of views) with their trailers. See promos for the new offerings here.

This article highly recommends, “This is Us”, a show that features 5 main characters (a married white couple expecting triplets, an overweight white woman, a black man who just found his birth father, a white actor).

The article describes the show as:

In what’s bound to be a touching drama, all the main characters share the same birthday, all lead intertwining lives, and all undergo huge turning points — whether it’s losing a newborn child, struggling with weight issues, or quitting a hit TV show.

Notice how one of the main characters’s stories is omitted? In the hierarchy of huge turning points, I would… I dunno… class finding your birth parent for the first time in your entire life more important than at least quitting a hit TV show. But that little summary is completely omitted from the show’s information on this website. 

But you know why.

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venus, sun, rising, 9th house, 11th house?

venus - what’s your aesthetic?: for colors, white, red-brown, peach, coral, and gold. musically, dream pop and classical. visually.. lots of german shepherds in a log cabin with bright, cheerful decor. flowers, wool, my cool grandma’s handmade rugs, a little hobby farm. lots of things i guess!!

sun - describe yourself in 3 words.: this chihuahua png:

rising/asc - how would you describe your style?: im too fat to wear the clothes i want bc you can’t thrift much in a 2XL and everything cute is exorbitantly expensive. uhh i guess if i could wear what i wanted, preppy but mixed with more items that make me Visibly Not Straight like docs and flannels and tegan and sara merch lol

9th house - what’s your favorite quote?: gosh i dunno.. i have a words tag and that’s full of stuff that i find meaningful

11th house - what sign(s) is your best friend/squad?: nikki is an aquarius and im too bad with birthdays to know anyone elses because adhd rules everything around me