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Building characters up for the big ending of the book without really knowing how the “final battle” is actually going to play out

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When you saw Noctis step out of the truck with Talcott, you had nearly forgotten how to breathe. You choked—that was him. There was no mistaking it. It had been over a decade since you had seen him. There wasn’t a day you didn’t think of Noctis and you hated how your love for him had never left. 

The flames died down to quiet embers, but they still burned. It never went out.

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“When the fire dies
Dark in the skies
Hot as a match
Only smoke is left.”  

Finally an entry that follows this year’s prompts list, I know it’s pretty cliché but I just wanted to drown n-a-d-h-i-e in feels and I had no better idea so ( 人´∀`* ). And a bonus speedpaint here because I spent my whole evening struggling to render it so you guys have to see it for me lol (I really need to fix my computer soon, though). 

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i usually stick with my personal friends if i ever wanted to do a collab! and i’m not trying to be mean/selfish here, is just that its hard and not comfortable doing it? if you just walked into someone and ask em out to do a collab? i dunno.. its hard. other artist may know how this feels,

so, i’m really sorry anon! i hope you can understand, its a compliecated feeling. (╥ω╥)

Do you think Harry produces his patronus sometimes, and pretends it’s James’ ghost?

And he just talks to him. Tells him about the last few months. The last crazy event he was part of. Tells him about his, Hermione’s and Ron’s adventures, and it’s very therapeutic.

He especially does it a lot when Sirius dies. He asks the patronus to send Padfoot messages for him. To tell him he misses him a lot. That he still dreams about moving in with him, like Sirius said he could, next Summer. Because that’s all he can think to do not to go completely mad.

And sometimes he talks to Lily like that, too.

When Remus dies, he produces the patronus again, after the war. It’s really, really hard to conjure up, now. And Harry asks Prongs to relay his messages to Lupin and Tonks for him.

One day, when Teddy is still small, he does it with him. He tells his godson that if there is anything he wants to tell his parents, he can do it in front of his patronus.

And Teddy is excited. He starts talking! Hi mum, hi dad! He tells them how he doesn’t really know them, but promises he loves them very much anyway. And talks about how he thinks about them a lot. That everyone is always telling tales of them, and that he can’t pick a favorite!

That’s when the patronus just

it disappears.

So Teddy turns to look at Harry

And he’s just there, looking at Teddy with this expression—and he’s weeping, and takes his godson in his arms…


Me and my plant are feeling alright today

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