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sooooo my brain decided to go fucking overboard with the ginger!Jack idea and came up with an AU… where Jack is half leprechaun and Mark is half fox monster in Korean folklore(are u guys familiar with the term yokai or nine-tailed fox from Japanese folklore? it’s something similar to that but much harmless, more trickster-like, often described as very attractive in human form…creature…thing…). and this doodle is for you anon… if you ship septiplier that is….. if not… ok… *crawls into the cave she came out of*

I know I come up with random and weird stuff shh… sssshhhhhhhh

Water Night (last minute entry for #ItsStillBeautiful and idea I once pitched to @confusedkayt)

The clouds were dark before Hannibal went to bed: heavy, restless, turbulent. It was fruitless to hope it wouldn’t storm, but he hoped. The safe house was thin and narrow and a chill would seep into the walls. No one would sleep well tonight.

He laid half-awake in bed, watching the shadows of the rivulets running down his window. The clouds had not waited long to divulge their contents. They had slit open, straight down the middle, like an invisible seam being pulled apart, and had not slowed their flood yet. He held his hand up to the shadows, watched the water run down his veins, between his knuckles, soaking him without ever touching him. He shuddered.

He’d watched the water pour from Will like this, not long ago, not long enough. He’d seen his eyes glaze with shock and exhaustion and feared, oh, deep in his breast. He’d cupped Will’s cheek, held him together there where he was so near to separating. “Stay with me,” he’d murmured. Will grumbled, barely audible, “Where else would I go?” He’d tried to find humor in it.

Water crashed against his window, smacking into his reverie. Hannibal turned over, bundling the covers up close to his ear. If only he could sleep without fearing the abyss, without remembering the wet, endless drag down… He screwed his eyes shut and thought of Will smiling when he ate rice today, smiling even though it hurt…

Footsteps. Padding around the bed. He hadn’t heard the door open. A weight on the mattress behind him. The covers opening.

“S’cold in my room,” Will muttered, sliding in behind him.

“Will!” Hannibal started, shifting to give him room.

“No,” Will grunted, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him back where he was. A hand, the slightest touch at his shoulder would have sufficed. Hannibal felt sweat break out on his neck. He swallowed tightly.

Will sighed, settling in behind him, resting his heavy head on the pillow, gravity pulling him forward til his nose brushed Hannibal’s hair. He pulled in close, very close, balancing on his good shoulder. Hannibal grit his teeth. He barely breathed.

“I could change the thermostat if it’s too…” Hannibal trailed off feebly.

Will said nothing. Then, “Don’t you think I could have changed the thermostat myself if I wanted that?” His voice growled, soft and low.

Hannibal stayed very still, didn’t speak, didn’t breathe.

“Go to sleep, Hannibal,” Will muttered. His arm was still around Hannibal’s waist, his hand splayed on his belly. A lump bobbed in Hannibal’s throat. Reluctantly, he dared to breathe. Will’s hand stayed on his belly, rising with his chest, settling with his diaphragm. Will sighed, gentle, relaxed. 

The water dropped to a gentle trickle. It could barely be perceived anymore, by shadow or sound. Hannibal dropped into sleep, cradled, not abandoned to the abyss.


This world’s a treasure, but it’s been telling us to leave for a while now.


Some guys at the bar thought I was a bartender cause of how I dress but they paid me so its been a good holiday, I’m coming home before anything weird happens though.

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