i dunno guys i tried i tried

“Papyrus ?”

Heh, I wanted to draw this for a while !!

Also, I’ll be on hiatus until the the end of the next week-end, then no stream and not a lot of post, since I dunno if I’ll have internet where I’m going ^^’ If yes, I’ll try to answer the asks and reblog and post some stuff, cause heck yeah, I’ll continue to draw, can’t survive without this anyway !
Then see ya all guys, take care ~

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How in ever loving god do you draw hair? For some reason I just can't perfect this somewhat easy task. (I know I could google it but I'm on Tumblr right now sooo I'll ask you instead)

Actually anon, you should’ve asked google because I never had a proper way with things 😂 but i’ll try to put a structure in my usually unstructured ways. 

Here we go:

So of course, start with the bald head! be sure to have the whole head so it’s easier to place the hair on it!

Now after we got that beautiful round head, we choose where “the parting area” will be.

There! now that we have it marked, start drawing the hair. All of them must be rooted from the parting area

pff they kinda look like antennas ahahahhaha ANYWAYS, TIP ON DRAWING HAIR GUYS. USE FREE-FLOW!! I’m not sure how to explain this but here’s a pic

Let your hand flow naturally. if you add too much pressure or too much control in the lines, they will look stiff! 

Next, if you are going to line art your hair. YOU  DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SKETCH ENTIRELY.

Let your lines flow naturally, don’t trace your sketch! Tracing will make the line stiff.   

I guess that’s that guys…it’s probably a bit confusing but this is my first time making a how to so 😂😂😂 Also, btw, this is how i do it. But other artists probably have different ways lol. Hope it’s helpful *crie*

give yourself over

Kakasaku Week 2016, Day 7: Warmth

A/N: This is wing!fic. Which. I don’t even know where this came from. Like. At all. Don’t ask me to explain why there are wings. I don’t know. Why do some characters have them and others don’t? Reasons of which I am not aware. How might the ability to fly affect the way certain characters fight? I actively did not think about it. Yes. I do do a lot of world building for my fics, can’t you tell?

Just a heads up that there’s an attempt at self-harm. It isn’t particularly graphic, but I wanted to make sure to let you know so that you can make sure to take care of your own well-being. So, if you want to avoid it outright, it’s in the second scene (.

I can’t believe that it’s the last day of ks week!! I’ve written something like 25,000 words in seven days, which I never thought I’d ever actually be able to do, so thanks so much to everyone who liked and reblogged and messaged me. I couldn’t have done it without your support and love. Thanks especially to @bluefurcape and @lunamiru for organizing this whole shindig and being awesome, lovely cheerleaders.


Naruto sneezes for the nth time that evening. “Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan,” he whines from the dubious safety of the other side of the fire, “aren’t you finished yet?”

Sakura rolls her eyes where she’s still straightening barbs on Kakashi’s left wing. “Don’t be a baby,” she chides.

“But Sakura-chan—“ Naruto sneezes again “—the down makes my nose itch.”

“Tell Kurama to suck it up and deal,” she orders.

Naruto subsides with an exaggerated sulk, and Sakura settles back into the soothing rhythm.

Time passes. Eventually, Sakura nods her head at her work, pleased. “You’re all good, Kakashi,” she tells him.

He tucks his wing back in and pulls himself up from where he’s been stretched out on his stomach, back into a sitting position. Sakura takes a moment to appreciate the way his forearms flex with the motion and his shoulders roll back, relaxed, as he finally settles crosslegged and sits back with the bowl of soup Sai offers up. She shakes her head at her lack of self-restraint, and turns back to pack up her oils and brushes and glues.

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Title: We are buried in broken dreams (we are knee deep without a plea)
Word count: 7046
Relationship: Robert Sugden/Aaron Dingle
Summary: He copes; it’s just what he does. He shoulders on, marching through the chaos, that is his own mind and just copes. Until he can’t, and well, it all goes to hell from there. 

(Or the one where Robert has a mental break and is forced to confront his demons.)


*Warning for: a character having a mental break, and unreliable character narration (third person).*

sooooo my brain decided to go fucking overboard with the ginger!Jack idea and came up with an AU… where Jack is half leprechaun and Mark is half fox monster in Korean folklore(are u guys familiar with the term yokai or nine-tailed fox from Japanese folklore? it’s something similar to that but much harmless, more trickster-like, often described as very attractive in human form…creature…thing…). and this doodle is for you anon… if you ship septiplier that is….. if not… ok… *crawls into the cave she came out of*

I know I come up with random and weird stuff shh… sssshhhhhhhh

DA Lore Thoughts: “Curing” Dwarves?

So guys, I dunno if anyone has talked about this before or at any great length, but… what happens when someone tries to make a dwarf tranquil? They have no magic, so has anyone in the canon verse tried doing this (that we know of)? I mean, they can tough lyrium– does extended contact or magically enhanced contact “awaken” those songs of the Titans deep within the dwarves?

I openly admit, I only played The Descent once and none of my dwarven Inqs. made it past Haven (my bad). Still, you have to wonder– did someone think “let’s deal with this troublesome dwarf the normal way, even if they don’t have magic” and accidentally created a Sha-Brytol? Do the dwarves who handle lyrium for selling to surface dwellers “sing” more strongly to spirits like Cole?

I’ve just been thinking about all of the crap that could potentially go down in DA4, and if the Carta figure out how to make essentially surface-dwelling Sha-Brytol…. could be bad times.


Some guys at the bar thought I was a bartender cause of how I dress but they paid me so its been a good holiday, I’m coming home before anything weird happens though.

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Idk if this is a prompt or if you still accept promps but if so: Sexy-smutty modern au jily??? (Like netflix and chilling) 😆😆😆😉😉😉😏😏😏 (sinning is nice if u wrote it :))

Anon said:
omg so how about a jily au where “james does not know what netflix and chill means so he comes over fully intending to actually netflix and chill and ignores that she’s wearing nothing but her ridiculous mismatched knee high socks and one of his jumpers" 

so… this is that and even though the prompt says it, it’s rated m because SO MUCH SINNING

When Lily realises that she has a crush on James Potter- an honest to god, heart fluttering, palms sweating, chest aching crush- she swears, violently and loud, and then proceeds to hide away from humanity for the next couple of days.

She’s an adult who works from home ok? She can do things like this without anyone questioning her motives.

Eventually, when she’s gone through almost two bottles of wine and hasn’t worn anything but fun patterned socks with large t shirts in almost a week, she figures that it’s time to do something about it. Her crush. On James.

She’s going to need more wine. Possibly something a bit harder too as well.

In the end, Lily doesn’t do either of those things, and after just one glass, she’s texting James to come over the next day so they can watch It’s Always Sunny on Netflix and hang out.

Okay, so maybe the text she sent said ‘you, me and Danny DeVito on netflix?’ She’s taking a proactive approach to dealing with her crush. A hopefully to be hands on approach since she actually took a step towards doing something.

Doing him something.

Doing something with him that involves a hands on experience.

She probably should stay away from the wine.

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Bokuto Forgets His Birthday
Bokuto Forgets His Birthday

Bokuto Koutarou: Absolutely not a party owl. Captioning under the cut

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I am a trans guy that has been out for a bit. I use the labels: trans, nonbinary, and demiboy. I'm wondering if there's a correct way to word that or if I should just say trans demiboy. I've been thinking of writing my pronouns as he/they at my support group on my name tag. I dunno. I tried to come out as nonbinary before trans. It didn't work out so well for me. I tried to be pure neutral and that just wasn't me. Anyway, thanks for listening. I'm fine with they/them but only slightly so... Eh.

Labels are compleatly your choice and so are pronouns. If you’re most comfortable with he/they then that’s what you should say you want to go by. I’m sure that your support group will be fine with it and that they’ll help you be more comfortable! As for your labels, nonbinary genders do all come under the transgender label so if you want you can just identify as transgender, then if you ever want to specify you can say that you’re a demiboy. Or you can just use the term demiboy or nonbinary. It’s compleatly up to you. Trans demiboy does also work if that’s what you want to go with!


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I always used to think that Reese dumped that Andrew Benton guy (was that his name?) from 104 in that prison in Mexico based on the warden's comment from 121. But then I realized that Reese had already tried framing Benton for drug possession and failed due to that asshole's rich white dude privilege. It's reasonable to assume that Reese murdered him then. And tbh, death is an appropriate punishment for serial rapists. Do you think Reese killed Peter Arndt as well?

the first time i watched the show i was pretty sure he killed benton at the end of the episode, and that didn’t change on subsequent rewatches. don’t really have a concrete reason for it. just my gut reaction. maybe i like to think reese would kill him.

i got the impression that the show wanted us to think reese took arndt to mexico, but yeah, i like to think he killed him, too. once again, no solid reason for that. mayhem trio gettin murderous revenge when someone hurts someone they care about is a good theme and i support it.

Water Night (last minute entry for #ItsStillBeautiful and idea I once pitched to @confusedkayt)

The clouds were dark before Hannibal went to bed: heavy, restless, turbulent. It was fruitless to hope it wouldn’t storm, but he hoped. The safe house was thin and narrow and a chill would seep into the walls. No one would sleep well tonight.

He laid half-awake in bed, watching the shadows of the rivulets running down his window. The clouds had not waited long to divulge their contents. They had slit open, straight down the middle, like an invisible seam being pulled apart, and had not slowed their flood yet. He held his hand up to the shadows, watched the water run down his veins, between his knuckles, soaking him without ever touching him. He shuddered.

He’d watched the water pour from Will like this, not long ago, not long enough. He’d seen his eyes glaze with shock and exhaustion and feared, oh, deep in his breast. He’d cupped Will’s cheek, held him together there where he was so near to separating. “Stay with me,” he’d murmured. Will grumbled, barely audible, “Where else would I go?” He’d tried to find humor in it.

Water crashed against his window, smacking into his reverie. Hannibal turned over, bundling the covers up close to his ear. If only he could sleep without fearing the abyss, without remembering the wet, endless drag down… He screwed his eyes shut and thought of Will smiling when he ate rice today, smiling even though it hurt…

Footsteps. Padding around the bed. He hadn’t heard the door open. A weight on the mattress behind him. The covers opening.

“S’cold in my room,” Will muttered, sliding in behind him.

“Will!” Hannibal started, shifting to give him room.

“No,” Will grunted, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him back where he was. A hand, the slightest touch at his shoulder would have sufficed. Hannibal felt sweat break out on his neck. He swallowed tightly.

Will sighed, settling in behind him, resting his heavy head on the pillow, gravity pulling him forward til his nose brushed Hannibal’s hair. He pulled in close, very close, balancing on his good shoulder. Hannibal grit his teeth. He barely breathed.

“I could change the thermostat if it’s too…” Hannibal trailed off feebly.

Will said nothing. Then, “Don’t you think I could have changed the thermostat myself if I wanted that?” His voice growled, soft and low.

Hannibal stayed very still, didn’t speak, didn’t breathe.

“Go to sleep, Hannibal,” Will muttered. His arm was still around Hannibal’s waist, his hand splayed on his belly. A lump bobbed in Hannibal’s throat. Reluctantly, he dared to breathe. Will’s hand stayed on his belly, rising with his chest, settling with his diaphragm. Will sighed, gentle, relaxed. 

The water dropped to a gentle trickle. It could barely be perceived anymore, by shadow or sound. Hannibal dropped into sleep, cradled, not abandoned to the abyss.