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Spend most of the weekend out of tumblr

And now coming back I feel like


I am happy you all can enjoy my stuff, even more the silly draws I make and now have the guts to post here XD 

So yeah, enjoy the ride ^^

I dunno if y’all are following the official Terry Pratchett page on facebook or not but ever since the US election results came out they’ve been posting text images like these:

[Quote: “Always remember that the crowd that applauds your coronation is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.”]

and honestly the thought of Terry Pratchett throwing shade from beyond the grave is all that’s keep me going some days.


I reached 1k+ followers and I wanted to do some ruffle art or maybe give away? Well, I have to prepare first when I got time.

Thank you for the support you guys, I dunno what else to say, since I am not a woman with big words when coming to this. I wanted to say I am very happy for sticking with me. I had a lot of challenge to the rest of my path, it may be tough but I am very motivated because of you guys, especially to all my friends and to my closest. Without their words to give you determination, to keep moving on.

When I finally organize what to do for the 1k followers, I will post it.

Thank you again you guys, love you all.

My shitty doodle of the Gallaghers

k1ngp0tat0  asked:

Are you implying you act out potential erotica scenes with ETD?

It’s nothing quite as sexy as it sounds but yes, he has been known to help me figure out the mechanics of something when my brain is “lets do this!” and the editing part of my brain goes “really tho, really

We also used to do it in the erotica house, but to a lesser extent. Things like muttering “10 inches is the literal length of my forearm, this is not going to work” or 

“Hey Janet, do you think a swivel chair could hold two adults doing XYZ”

“I dunno Sharron, probably not…“

Followed by a crash.

Cause sometimes google just doesn’t know it all.

‘Kay so, I just wanna say a quick thank you to y'all cause you’re pretty amazing and your characters are amazing and I dunno.. I’ve been feeling a lot more comfortable with posting stuff and creating shit lately and I think it’s cause y'all are real supportive and create a nice environment. So, thanks you guys! And thank you for following me, too.

Just gonna throw some more angel demon AU at you peeps~


Backgrounds are *fun* (please note sarcasm) at least I’m getting a little better?  

FE Heroes Unit Planner
Skill inheritance helper

hey i dunno if anyone who follows me plays FE: Heroes but ! this is a… spreadsheet calculator type thing I made today in response to the Inherit Skill update! hopefully it helps people make choices about what units to spend on giving other units skills..! heres a list of features:

  • All? heroes up to the Sibling Bonds banner and Ursula
  • Lv. 40 5* base stats, with modifiers previewed in real time
    • Also previews damage bonuses from the Dragon Fang, Ignis and Glacies skill families, based on modified stats!
  • Base stat rankings compared to other units with the same…
    • Color
    • Weapon
    • Movement Type
    • Weapon and Movement Type
    • Just all units at the same time
  • All? weapons, with stat modifiers and descriptions, filtered based on hero selected
  • All special and support skills, similarly filtered
  • All passive skills, split into A B C categories and .. you get the idea
  • Preview of SP and unit cost to learn the selected skills, with an option to leave some out due to having already purchased them

i couldn’t have done it without the wealth of raw data out there online; on r/FireEmblemHeroes, the fe:heroes Gamepress page, and various other smaller sources…

umm i hope people find it useful!!

Ivar Ragnarsson X Reader

Modern AU

Ivar had been staring at you for almost the whole of maths and you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of looking at him. You were feeling a bit angry and Ivar ‘The Cripple’ Ragnarsson was hardly going to make you feel better. This morning the girls had got a lecture from the teachers about the shortness of skirts because apparently we’re all sluts or something. You didn’t understand why anyone cared, it’s a skirt and it’s not going to affect what you do. But you’d hardly been listening as the teachers said they were worried for your safety, as if some pre-pubescent boy was going to find his hand down your pants.

You saw it as an insult that they’d even consider that you’d get off with the boys in your year. They were hardly models or even half decent at that. Ivar Ragnarsson wasn’t ugly, he was actually very attractive. But there was a catch, as there always is. He was possibly the biggest fuckboy you’d ever met. Not to mention he was so annoying that when he spoke it made you want to cry.

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