i dunno correct me if im wrong

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Why is there two species?? That's stupid. I thought it was an election, where only one wins

i dunno man u’d have to take that up with the ttr staff. i think crocodile technically won with the most votes (someone correct me if im wrong) but the ttr team decided to put deer in too

i dont have any problems with it? deer are cute and im just happy we have crocodiles now LOL

because the recent chapter are too serious/doki2 and the next will break all your hearts in so many small pieces QAQ

sets after drama cd vol9

bart,glen,and vince goes to town to see a wedding [on veronica order since rida forbids her to go], glen brings back a flower bouquet? (the trowing flower-thingie) and give to veronica.



eugene used a verry formal *at least for me* language while veronica uses casual ones.its very funny actually..especially when eugene went casual and reply “who cares”. since he said 知らん which basically DUNNO~  xD this baka couple. veronica just ‘oiii’ /rolf

as usual, translation are with cerrazizi help <3 /sankyuu bby

p/s we no speak english /lels feel free to correct me if im wrong!

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i know this basically just means that mc is a girl but im wondering if youre okay with drawing hijabi mc w/ yoosung (lmao i dunno why im making a backstory but mc is probably a college student from overseas and taking their degree at korea)

im always willing to draw underrepresented girls~! though i know a few hijabi who actually identify as nonbinary but still wear the hijab because they want to do it as their duty to their god so not all of them are girls maybe! please tell me if anything is wrong so that i can correct it~


I forgot to post these. My rad as hell friend who mooches around tumblr drawing cool stuff as Yddari (im on my phone so I dunno how to make a link) got me this. It’s a collection of sigils put together by the Icelandic college of art (correct me if im wrong). Its got everything from how to see ghosts to how to talk to ravens. Unfortunately it’s entirely in Icelandic but it should give me incentive to learn. Better yet its being published in English soon so it should be more accessible to people.

WELL WELL WELL!!! what do we have here >:D

Looks like Tom… but wait…. he looks different!

Well kiddies! If that’s what you though you’re right!~

This is what I call Tom’s “Darkkind” and ‘Lightkind",  the equivalent to Marks darkipliers and lightipliers!


Moving along… these are trial sketches and missing many details like lights wings, shirt designs, clothing designs and so on. Not all colors are permanent (or they may be dunno), and yes, i used the color pink :3

I can see Tom’s light as a dirty blonde as opposed to Mark’s light being a lighter blonde~

And i lover the eye colors i chose…. though im thinking of making  Darkkinds eyes darker or changing the color completely~

I think and hope i’m the first to ever so this…. and please don’t be afraid to correct me if i’m wrong~

but yes~ i hope you all enjoy~

I dunno why, but I feel like Zoey introducing Fiona to others would go something like this:

Zoey: This is my tiny girlfriend.
Fiona: Zoey, I’m an average height.
Zoey: She is so small.
Fiona: I’m 5'6", Zoey.
Zoey: So precious, so fragile.
Fiona: I’m like 3 inches shorter than you.
Zoey: My tiny girlfriend is the best. *smooch*