i dunno but here's her costume

so uh i attempted a follow up for the drabble thing i wrote the other day so yeah…

“Okay, Agent Mulder, this is what I could find for you.” Mary pulled a long, baggy article of clothing from the rack that looked vaguely like the skin of some exotic animal.

“Fred Flintstone?”

“We needed to run with the redhead thing for Agent Scully. Redheads stick out, especially ones with non-redhead costumes. She wasn’t a big fan of dyeing her hair so this is what we came up with,” she defended.

“This was the only one?”

“I suggested that one princess… Ariel?”

“And you’re still alive?” He looked impressed.

Mary giggled. She’d been dressing the two of them for undercover ops for years and knew how frustrated Scully got when forced from her pantsuit safety better than anyone.

“Well, when I told her, this costume didn’t have as many rips in it as it does now.”

Mulder gave a laugh. “Okay, thanks Mary.”

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I’ve been asked twice about this, and here is the fruit from that labor. Not knowing much of this character, I do know she’s this kinda shapeshifter (as in I’ve seen her in pictures where she’s something else) and her body ‘makes’ her costume. Yowza. So what I really did here was make this one piece so it wouldn’t be awkward? in public. I dunno. I was thinking of a skirt, b/c if she changes then she wouldn’t be losing pants all the time, but I couldn’t figure a good skirt that would work, so hence the one-piece. Finally I wanted a more….translucent skin (much like my Poison Ivy long ago). It gives texture to her skin.

Think I did okay.


Doodle stuff, and some old anon requests related to Saint Olga au.(alternate universe where Miss Heinous successfully ‘annihilates’ the ones that ruined her school through intensive brainwashing.) Mostly filler/ ‘not canon’/just for fun material before more fleshed out stuff. 

Original Star and Marco being drawn with their warped counterparts. Star tries to hug the conformity out of Lady, while Marco and Sol do a wardrobe swap. 

Purple comic is based on an anon request ‘Sol+Lady preggers scare” to paraphrase. For some reason my mind immediately went to “nope they can’t keep’em.” The following sketch was basically a follow-up on their daughter growing up to be a rogue princess in search of her parents, or something like that. –Insert “I am your father” jokes here.–  I ultimately never completed the comic/angle because the whole thing was too convoluted and/or complicated. I guess if one can iron out the various holes, it could work as one of many possible bad ends, I dunno. I’m a sucker for tragic family stuff. 

Thanks for reading/looking.

Delilah twirled in her red velvet dress, a sprig of holly in her hair that had been done up in curls.  Her shoes were shined black, her face had a little makeup on it (Elsie had come back and helped her.)

“Ya look so p-pretty ‘Lilah!”  Rabbit was sitting on the landing where she was prancing around in her party dress.  He had found a wreath while Delilah was getting dressed, and pulled it off the door to hang it around his neck.

It was dark in the hall they were in, the maids having not yet come around to light the lamps.  There was light filtering up from the ground floor, which was already a bustling buzzing mass of people.  It was a party!  The Walters were having a Christmas party, and people from all walks of life had been invited.  From low-class people that were from Delilah’ school, to high members of the Cavalcadium.

Everyone was dressed nicely, or in some sort of Christmas costume.  Tonight, there was no separation of classes.  All were here to have fun.

Delilah plopped down next to Rabbit, the two of them looking through the banister at the mass of people.

“Ya think Pappy’s got mippletoes down there?”  Delilah giggled at how he asked about mistletoe.

“Dunno.  Maybe he’s under it with Miss Elsie.”  That got Rabbit’s attention.

“You, don’ mind?”

“No.  Not no more.  She’s nice, and she makes you and Daddy happy.  I just don’t wanna call her mom.”

“I don’t fink she’d ma-make ya iffn ya be nice an’ tell 'er.”

“I will.  And I’ll be nice, I promise.”

“Delilah!  You ready?”  Peter appeared at the top of the landing, dressed in a nice suit with a garland around his neck.  Delilah scrambled to her feet and ran over, hugging him around the waist.  Rabbit also got to his feet, excited.  Peter noticed, and felt his heart break.

“Rabbit.  Darling, my little love.  I’m sorry.”


“You can’t go down there.  I’m sorry, I know you’re all excited for the party but.  Those people.  I don’t know how they’ll react.  Some will leave, angry.  Some will be afraid.  Some.  Some will try to hurt you.  I’m sorry.  I don’t think you should come down.”

“But!  But, but I can be human!”

“No!  No, Rabbit, not for this.  You only have one more chance.  Save that.  Save that for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  These people aren’t worth the magic.  Please, trust me.”


“I know.”  He let go of Delilah, and touched his son’s copper faceless face before hugging him tightly.

“I’m sorry.  This was planed before we knew about your magic.  You’ll want to save that for real Christmas though.  Trust me.  These people aren’t worth losing your chance at a real Christmas.”

Rabbit hung his head, but nodded.  He’d do as he was told.  Pappy looked sad as he kissed his forehead.

“You can watch.  Have a party up here.  I’ll come check on you all the time, Delilah and Thadeus and Elsie too.”

“Okay Pappy.  Have fun.”

Instead of watching the party, he went back to the room he shared with Delilah, and lay on the bed.  They were supposed to be able to stay up late tonight, be with the grown ups and part of the party.  That’s when he heard it.  Outside his room, the sound of a portal opening.  He sat up, thinking.

Well, fine then.  If he couldn’t be part of the party, he’d have his own.  Up on his feet, he left the room, and found the new portal that he heard open up.  Wonder where this went?  He stepped through, curious. 


avannak gave me permission to cosplay her Fem Hiccup and here it is!!

What I love the most about this is that the costume does not change! the only thing that really changes is Hiccup’s sex, gender, and hair! 

I added in more braids because i feel like Hiccup would be the kind of girl who would have lots of braids. I ended up forgetting to put on the belts but i realized it AFTER i took off the costume and the costume took WAY too long to put on!

I dunno why, but I just love the racing paint and flower crown too much!

My only concerns are the vest because it was made for regular hiccup and i had to bind my chest to make it and ad Fem Hiccup, MAH BOOBIES ARE FREE!!! Also IM WEARING 4 LAYERS OF CLOTHES, Im supposed to wear this to Sakuracon and the movie premiere in the summer!!! And i think I sweated out all the fat in my body from wearing this! BUT ITS SO WORTH IT!!!

All Fem Hiccup credit goes to Avannak! She’s amazing!

dovahbear3000  asked:

What did Arial look like as a baby? Because people don't just give birth to a (tell me if I'm wrong) 7 year old

Undyne: Ohmigod! Papyrus, go get the baby pictures! This is gonna be GREAT!

Arial: [GROANS] Not this again…

Papyrus: OH! WHICH ONES?

Undyne: I dunno, whatever ones you can find! We took, like, a billion. Oh, here’s a good one!

Look at her!

Papyrus: OH, I LOVE THIS ONE! 

Undyne: Her bones had barely even grown in yet…

Arial: Mom! Dad! Can’t you at least show them one where I had clothes on?!


Undyne: Oh, that one’s cute! But the one with the Viking costume is WAY cooler!

Arial: I like the Viking costume! Let’s find that one!


Undyne: Oh, show them that one! That one’s my favorite.

Undyne: You used to be so little…what happened to that? 


Undyne: Hey, look, here’s the first time she spit up on Papyrus! His face was priceless!


((Arial is actually nine, not seven! But you were close!))

Black Widow -The Scarlett Johansson version.

Guess I wanted something out there for Winter Soldier, and here it is. It was an excellent chance to work on faces and movie costuming. Although I did add a few personal details, its mostly the WS version. I dunno, I like Scarlett’s hair this long for Natasha, but thats me, but of course I wouldn’t mind behive cold war hair either. =)

And red sunglasses on her RULE. Period.