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superwhatlocked replied to your post “why the hell can’t they cure crowley or dean with human blood like the…”

Dean is not a knight he is THE knight, he is now essentially Cain. No he cannot be cured with human blood, Crowley can but he doesn’t want to be cured, he rules hell!

Yeah, I mentioned that about dean in one of my reblogs, I don’t think he’d be curable due to the mark and such, as for Crowley, he may rule hell, but I don’t think he’s happy, as we saw him say to Dean in the finale “Do you ever think to yourself… ‘is this it?’” (or something along those lines. i have a terrible memory)

He’s addicted to the human blood because he likes what it brings to him in regards to feelings, as much as he wants to rid of this addiction, so that he may rule hell like he use to, i think the fact that he goes back to shooting up blood speaks volumes to how much he… i suppose 'craves’ the emotions of humanity. i don’t even know the point i’m trying to make. Either way, it’s not what 'Crowley would want’ because he’s a demon, and if the boys were to ever change Crowley, they wouldn’t ask him (they didn’t the first time), they’d just do it.

lkgjhadkjghfakh the point to my original post wasn’t just about Dean and Crowley though, it was in general and a suggestion, because I feel like they’ve left this big plot point out, I know they were pre-occupied with other things in s9 (obviously) but they never once thought to mention it again? or just finish Crowley off while they were at it? (with Kevin doing it, since they couldn’t risk doing it with sam cause of the trials) -shrugs- idk, s'just my lil opinion :)