i dun this

“But what’s going to happen when all these people you watch or listen to are gone? Fame is fading, you know. The same way life is. They won’t always be here to pull you through.”

“Then I will live on for them. When the last album has been released. When their last youtube video fades to black. When their familiar voices no longer echo through my home. When they lay down the paintbrush, the pen, the paper for the last time… then I will live on. I will turn to ways they encouraged me: concerts, videos, poems, books… I will turn to what they encouraged me to have: strength to be myself, an opportunity to laugh when nothing else can make me smile, a reason to feel when the world is numb. I will create in their footsteps. I will work my life away. In the hopes of affecting just one person in the same way they once affected me.”

I’m deep in clone Shiro theory rn, but I want him to be happy and loved if he is real. Shiro never thinks about his family so maybe he doesn’t have one..a family can be 1 original and 50 clones ok. also @ilovelocust had a cute idea of Keith giving Shiro clone a pep talk and I couldn’t not use it


Interviewer : Lets’s say you wake up, just having an off day. How do you get yourself up ?

Josh : When I’m sad he ( Tyler) will just come up to me and give me a big old hug. And then when he’s sad , he doesn’t love to be hugged as much , so I’ll bring him like a Redbull. And that’s like the equivalent to being embraced . So that’s how we basically get each other back in the groove.

Tyler:  *Smiles wide and nods gently to support Josh’s words.*