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Happy birthday, Jack McBrayer! You voiced two characters I love and adore! Wander, especially, wouldn’t be who he is without your voice behind him. You took a wonderful character and brought him to life for us on screen in the sweetest, squeakiest way. I can’t image him voiced by anyone but you.

I’m also so excited to hear Clumsy Smurf voiced by you when the Smurfs movie is released to digital, and the return of Fix-it Felix next year! (And hopefully the return of Wander in the future, too!)

I wish you all the best in years to come.

@savewoy, @disneyxd

Ambassador thang: Mordida

(Jeje imma try to be an active ambassador, @hetaliafandomhub! Let’s see if this works out, although I always forget everything >:v)

Dear friends, a word of advice to you all. If you are throwing a birthday party, or anything involving cake, you may want to invite one of your Mexican friends. This is wonderful, as we will show up late and bring ten kilos of food as we dance the night away to our (eurghhmatameplis) reggeton.


If you are, say, blowing out the candles on your cake, be wary. There is a chance that that one Latina will chant “MORDIDA, MORDIDA, MORDIDA-” over and over again.

You have two options. a) gtfo as quick as possible or b) get your face slammed into the cake.

For it is tradition.

Feliz cumple~!


The funny thing is when I was at the Grammy’s , people were actually texting me and sending me photos of the TV, because when they were on the wide shot , way back in the room and I’m in the front row you could see my hair. “

- Josh about his yellow goodDYEyoung hair on the Grammy’s


Interviewer : Lets’s say you wake up, just having an off day. How do you get yourself up ?

Josh : When I’m sad he ( Tyler) will just come up to me and give me a big old hug. And then when he’s sad , he doesn’t love to be hugged as much , so I’ll bring him like a Redbull. And that’s like the equivalent to being embraced . So that’s how we basically get each other back in the groove.

Tyler:  *Smiles wide and nods gently to support Josh’s words.*