i dun like this edit tbh


14 / of Kim Jongdae || 161118 N-Pop Cherish

「  døes it bøther anyøne else
      that sømeøne else has yøur name  ?¿  」

      •|¡|•   Ø   !+¡   ].[

「  videø credit  」

1. No they’re still doing it (well…we’ll see for sure once 2018 gets here) I was talking about an old article from like….phase 1 or 2 or something? It was a screenshot on reddit. I brought it up in reference to how things seem to have changed re: their perspective on ads/profit/capitalism and also apparently, making a TV show (now they want to do it, back then they didn’t).

2. My current tags page is so old and out of date. So is my about. They’re all a mess tbh. I’ll try to get to editing it back into something workable…maybe sometime this weekend.

3. WGtP = We Got the Power. I dun like writing it out every time.

4. You’ve probably already found it by now but here. And they’re promising a part two. Whoo.