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Brendon Urie x Reader : Periscope Predicament

A/N: Sorry! I always try to keep all my fics gender neutral but this one was particularly tricky to do. This one is set for a female reader, my apologies! If any of them are not x gender neutral reader fics, I will be sure to add an author’s note at the top! I’m so sorry guys! Anyways, enjoy reading… This was a fun one to do. :) This one is a bit lengthy too, sorry. But it’s a fun one with a longer plot/story. It involves all of Panic!, which means Dallon, Kenny, Dan, and Zach too. I hope you guys like it! (also a reminder that I am taking requests, it would help with my writer’s block, so feel free to message me pls)

You walked into the room, smiling and happy, until Brendon’s eyes met yours. You immediately caught something was wrong. “I’m ‘scopin,” he announced. You caught the cue and left the room, sighing in defeat and walking down the hallway when Dallon stopped you.

“Hey,” he greeted with a grin.

“Hi Dallon,” you gave a half smile.

“Why so low, y/n?” he wondered, concerned.

“Brendon’s periscoping again,” you groaned. You had been dating the singer for going on two months now, and the only people who knew were the other band members, the security, crew, and Brendon himself. He had told you he wanted to keep it private, not tell the fans and the public until it was the right time, and you agreed with him hesitantly. I mean, there was nothing you were ashamed of and you loved Brendon with all your heart. You wouldn’t care if people hated you or the relationship was ridiculed. You had been together for two months now, and it was actually a miracle nobody found out. The rules were strict but simple. You couldn’t show displays of affection while in public settings, no social media interaction with both of you at the same time, and deny every question someone would ask. It was hard to do. At first, you thought maybe it was because Brendon didn’t love you. You thought maybe he was afraid of telling people you were his girlfriend, embarrassed to be around you, that he didn’t want anyone to think he actually liked you. But the more time you spent with Brendon, you realized that it wasn’t the case at all. He did truly love you and he thought you were beautiful, and he was proud as could be. He just didn’t want you to get hurt. He wanted to protect you, and he couldn’t bear the thought of someone hating on you or saying mean things. He didn’t want you to be just another girl. He wanted you to be his girl.

“You’ve been together for two whole months,” Dallon argued. “He should introduce you already!”

“I know,” you sighed. “But Brendon’s not ready.”

“Will he ever be?” Dallon threw his hands up in the air angrily. “This has been going on forever. He’s being a diva! He needs to grow a pair and stop hogging you all to himself! You think Breezy and I just stayed in the shadows constantly? Huh? No! We had to go through the same things every other couple does! If Brendon thinks he can just escape it, he’s damn wrong. Okay? It’s not something you mess around with. If he’s serious about the relationship, he needs to man up and tell people about it. Because as soon as the press and the paparazzi even notice you and him together, believe me, the rumors they’re going to create will become your worst nightmare. So come clean now or prepare yourselves for a major curveball. I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long.” You stood there, speechless at Dallon’s words, not knowing how agitated he was with the entire situation. Though the more you thought about it, you kind of felt the same way too. This was getting ridiculous. Brendon needed to tell people. You had waited long enough.

You nodded your head slowly and then looked up at Dallon. “You’re right,” you agreed. “Can you talk to him for me?”

“I will,” Dallon reassured. “Sorry for getting so heated, I just… That really needed to be said.”

“Yeah, I get you,” you understood. “Thanks, Dallon.”

“No problem, y/n. Get some sleep, it’s kind of late. I’ll be sure to tell Brendon you’re already on the bus, okay?” he decided.

“Yeah,” you replied. You walked to the tour bus and went to your bunk, sliding under the sheets and dozing off to sleep.

The next morning you woke up and saw Brendon on his Twitter, scrolling through his timeline. “Hey,” he mumbled.

“Hi babe,” you greeted, giving him a kiss on the cheek. You caught him frowning. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he shook his head. “It’s nothing, I’m fine.”

You stared at the bowl of cereal in front of him, untouched. “You haven’t even started eating yet,” you murmured, stirring around the spoon. “Come on, honey. You got to eat something.”

“I already fucking told you y/n, I’m fine!” he slammed his fists on the table, making you jump. You’ve never seen him so angry.

“I’m um, I’m sorry…” you stammered, nervous and afraid.

Brendon took a deep breath and then shook his head. “Look, I’m sorry,” he sighed, his voice softer. “I’m sorry. I just, I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong Brendon?” you asked, cupping his cheek with your hand. “Look at me.”

“I just need some alone time,” he grumbled, pushing out his seat and grabbing his phone, walking off of the bus.

You bit down on your lower lip, just now noticing that Kenny was sitting across from you both, speechless and shocked. “What’s up with Brendon?” you whispered.

“Nothing,” Kenny shook his head.

“Don’t tell me it’s nothing,” you glared, taking a seat by Kenny.

“You really want to know, y/n?” Kenny raised an eyebrow.

“I need to know,” you dug your fingernails into the edge of the table. “It’s driving me insane.”

“I don’t think I should tell you,” Kenny mumbled. “I don’t think Dallon or Brendon would like it.”

“Please, just tell me,” you begged. “Come on.”

“Okay, okay,” Kenny sighed. “Brendon was periscoping last night and Dallon walked in really angry and told Brendon to get off the damn phone and said he needed to talk to him.”

“What?” your eyes grew wide.

“There’s more,” Kenny added. “So Brendon was confused and Dallon kept yelling at him and so Brendon disconnected the Periscope and the fans started getting really wild. They already knew Dallon was angry at Brendon and so they’ve been coming up with all these rumors.”

“Rumors?” you narrowed your eyes.

“Yeah,” Kenny drew in a sharp breath. “They think Brendon’s getting a new bass player and firing Dallon and that he never told Dallon and Dallon just found out on his own. Another one says that Brendon had a one night stand with Dallon’s wife, Breezy. Another one says that Brallon is a real ship and that they’re breaking up. There’s a lot of ridiculous rumors. Brendon and Dallon are trying to let them die down before they release anything on it, but they’re really nervous for the meet and greets and the show tonight. The entire fan base is going insane. They’re demanding answers.”

“This is terrible,” you hid your face in your hands.

“There’s even been a trending hashtag since last night, #BrendonsPeriscopePredicament or something like that,” he groaned. “It’s terrible. We’ve been told to stay in the bus for the morning until the crew tries to sort it all out. It’s just rumors, but what happened on the Periscope can’t be denied. It’s on YouTube too.”

“Oh Kenny,” you closed your eyes tight. “This is all my fault.”

“It’s not,” he reassured. “Dallon just got a little too angry and Brendon overreacted. The fans are just a blowing things out of proportion. They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“I just feel awful,” you complained. “I feel so guilty.”

“Don’t,” Kenny put a hand on your shoulder. “Trust me, this isn’t your fault.”

“But poor Dallon, everyone must think he’s lost his job. And they’re misjudging Brendon, he doesn’t deserve that reputation, both of them don’t,” you ran a hand through your hair, trying to think of something to do, how to help, or just to make it stop.

“Calm down y/n. We’ll get it all solved,” Kenny promised.

They did their meet and greet and nothing went wrong. It seemed as if the fans had enough dignity and respect as to not mention the problem. During the show, everything went smoothly, and it was as if nothing had happened. However, Brendon and Dallon both avoided you all day long, and so that’s how you found yourself in your bunk, sobbing into your pillow, thinking everything was your fault. There was a knock on the door, and you gave a muffled, “Come in.”

“Hey, you okay y/n?” a voice asked.

You lifted your head from the pillow, a tear stained face looking at Dan, the band’s drummer. You groaned and then sunk your face into the pillow again. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled. “This is all because of me.”

“No, it’s not,” Dan sighed. He sat down on the edge of the bunk, flicking your ear and making you glare at him. He smiled. “There she is.”

“I just don’t know how to fix it,” you wiped away your tears, pulling your legs up and hugging them near your chest, as if you were curled up in a ball.

“You don’t need to,” he reassured. “It will die down eventually.”

“I don’t know, Dan. This is different,” you sniffled. “I just feel like I’m the reason Brendon has to lie to his fans.”

“He’s not lying, he’s just not telling them,” Dan explained.

“That’s kind of lying,” you shrugged.

“Look, you don’t need to throw a pity party. You’re better than that. This isn’t you fault, so wipe off your tears and cross the damn bridge already. Okay?” Dan crossed his arms. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t need three silent treatments. Two is plenty.”

“Okay,” you giggled, wiping away your tears. “I’m sorry, I was probably being ridiculous anyways.”

“You’re fine,” he shook his head. “It’s Brendon and Dallon that I’m worried about.”

“What do you suppose?” you wondered.

“What do I think?” Dan asked. You nodded. “I think it’s time Brendon just tells everyone what he’s been hiding.”

That night, Dan suggested that you talk to Zach, who managed most things within the band. You were hesitant at first, but after a small discussion and a quick hug, it was decided that you would talk to Dallon and apologize first thing tomorrow morning, working things out with him, and then meet Brendon and have a discussion with him too. But for now, Zach advised that it was best for you to get some sleep, and then approach the situation tomorrow morning. The next day, you had figured out that Dallon had escaped to some coffee shop, so a call was necessary, but Brendon was just roaming around the bus, probably still grumpy. It was important you talked to Brendon face to face, in person, and a serious discussion. However, you assumed Dallon would understand the circumstances, and you wanted to get this done as soon as possible. You pulled out your phone, took a deep breath, and then searched in your contacts for Dallon’s number, saying a silent prayer in your head as the phone rang. It didn’t take long before he picked up. “Hey,” the voice spoke.

“Hi Dallon,” you cleared your throat. “It’s um, it’s me. Y/n.”

“Oh,” he mumbled. An awkward silence filled the void of the phone call.

“Look, I’m calling to say that I’m sorry. All this chaos and confusion, it was unnecessary and stupid. Brendon and I should’ve just told everyone from the beginning and left it at that. We never meant for all these rumors and speculation. It’s already died down mostly, so you shouldn’t have to worry. I’ve talked with Kenny, Dan, and Zach, and they’ve all said that it’s about time Brendon and I make the announcement and settle things. I’m sorry you got angry over it, and I’m sorry Brendon overreacted, and I’m sorry the fans made all those rumors,” you explained. “I never meant for any of this.”

“I know you didn’t,” Dallon replied. “I just think Brendon made a bad decision and he’s still stalling after all this time.”

“What did you say to him?” you asked cautiously.

“I was just really mad, and I shouldn’t have yelled at him on the Periscope like that. I’m sorry. I get why the fans were like that,” Dallon sighed. “I calmed down and I told Brendon he had to make a choice and tell people you guys were together or accept the fact that one day you’re eventually going to get found out. I tried telling him what I told you. He wouldn’t hear it though. He’s stubborn.”

“Of course he is,” you chuckled. Dallon gave a soft laugh, and you relaxed, instantly knowing he was okay.

“I just think it’s all a bunch of drama. Brendon needs to learn to fix his mistakes,” Dallon admitted. “Because it’s now or never.”

“I’m going to talk to him soon. Anything you want me to say?” you inquired.

“Let him know that I’m not angry at him, and that I’ve tried to talk to him, but he always walks away,” Dallon told you. “And please tell him that when he’s ready, I’m here to talk.”

“Thanks Dallon,” you smiled.

“If you ever need anything, I’m here for you y/n. You’re a sweetheart,” he answered. “I’m glad Brendon found someone like you.”

“I’m glad too,” you whispered.

“See you later,” Dallon laughed. You hung up the call and then decided to go find Brendon. It was about time you two worked things out. You walked around the bus and finally went outside, finding him smoking a joint and leaning against the bumper.

“Hey, Brendon?” you got closer and he turned his head towards you, taking off his sunglasses and sighing.

“Hi y/n. Can we talk some other time?” he asked, blowing a puff of smoke and leaning back against the bus again.

“No, we should talk now,” you insisted, sitting next to him and putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Okay,” he took a deep breath and then another long drag, and looked at you. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” you shook your head. “This was all ridiculous.”

“No, don’t tell me not to be sorry. I am. I was stupid, and Dallon’s right, and I should’ve just told them from the beginning. It shouldn’t have turned into something like this,” Brendon sighed. “I feel like sometimes I don’t think when I make decisions.”

“Don’t say that,” you gave him a quick hug. “I love you so much, and you didn’t do anything wrong. We all make mistakes.”

“I know,” he nodded, taking another long drag. “But lately I’ve been making a lot of them.”

You stared into his eyes for a second, and then smiled, kissing him softly and pulling back, a grin on your face. “Does that help?” you wondered.

“Yeah,” Brendon laughed. “It does.”

“So when are you going to tell them?” you asked.

“Well…” Brendon put out his joint and took his phone out of his pocket, opening up his Twitter and showing you something he had tweeted not too long ago.

“Dear fans,” you read aloud. “Please stay alert for an upcoming Periscope. :) There’s something important I need to tell you all.”

“What do you think?” he inquired.

“Well let’s see what they think,” you scrolled down on the comments, saying them out loud. “Beebo marry me, you’re my daddy, Ryden is real, why did Brallon break up, who leaked Bohemian Rhapsody, who wrote the milk fic, give us Pirate’s Booty… It’s all just a bunch of bullshit.”

“It’s not bullshit,” Brendon glared and then snatched his phone. “It’s inside jokes.”

“What?” you wondered.

“My fans and I are like best friends,” he explained. “The stuff you just read might not make sense to you, but it makes sense to me. It makes me smile, makes me laugh, it’s special.”

“Are you choosing your fans over me?” you inquired, and Brendon chuckled.

“No,” he laughed. “I’m just defending them. Because what they say might sound dumb or stupid or nonsensical to others, but it makes me happy. Because just like me, they’re a little crazy too.”

“I love you Brendon,” you sighed, leaning on him.

“I love you too y/n,” he replied, giving you a kiss on the forehead.

“So when’s the periscope?” you raised an eyebrow.

“This evening,” he answered. “And I need you to be there.”

“I will,” you reassured. “Trust me.”

That evening you tried to look your best. Not so much as for Brendon, but for his fans. You knew how much this meant to Brendon, because his fans are his everything, and he loved them almost as much as he loved you. You hoped everything would go okay. After all, you had messed things up once, and you didn’t plan on doing it again. You found Brendon in the dressing room, smiling and patting down the seat next to him. “This spot is reserved for a very lucky lady by the name of y/n. You happen to know her?” he joked.

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Where’s Dallon? Isn’t he supposed to be here?”

“I’m over here,” Dallon announced, signing posters on a table beside Brendon.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there,” you cringed.

“It’s fine,” Dallon laughed.

“Well here goes nothing,” Brendon grinned. He lifted up his phone and began the Periscope, tweeting it out to his followers, and waiting for the connection to begin. All of a sudden, his face took up the screen, and you smiled knowing there were already 4k people watching. He scrolled through the chat for a little bit, seeing all the anxious fans and how excited they were to find out the suprise. When it reached about 4.8k he started talking. “Okay guys, you all know me, Brendon. Today I have a little announcement to make, but before that, I better clear some things up.”

“Yeah!” Dallon chimed in, leaning on Brendon’s shoulder and putting his face on the screen. “Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but I’m not getting fired.”

“Nope,” Brendon shook his head. “I love that buddy way too much to let go of him. Dallon’s staying for a while guys.” He chuckled as he read a couple comments in the chat and then shook his head. “But I want you all to meet someone else that I love. I wish I would’ve told you all sooner, but I was an asshole and decided to be jealous and keep her to myself.” He stifled a laugh. “I’ve been dating a very special girl for a long time now, about two months, and I think it’s time that you guys meet her. Her name is y/n and she means the world to me, so please be nice.”

“She’s a sweetheart,” Dallon added. Brendon smiled at the responses on the chat and then turned the camera to you. Nervous at first, you gave a hesitant wave, but as soon as you read the couple compliments on the screen, your face brightened up into a huge smile.

“Hi guys,” you giggled. “I’m y/n.”

Brendon moved the screen so that both of you were in the picture, and then began to read the comments aloud. “She’s really pretty? Yeah, I know she is. You like her outfit? I bought it for her, that’s why. I like buying her things. I think it makes me happier than it makes her though,” Brendon teased. “How did we meet? At a concert. How’s Penny and Bogart doing? They’re fine. They’re doing good.”

“They’re really sweet,” you whispered in his ear.

He looked at the screen in silence, smiling at all the questions and the compliments directed towards the two of you, and then he looked at you. “See? Nothing to worry about. They love you already,” Brendon announced.

“I love you guys too,” you replied. The chat started going pretty fast, and Brendon decided it was going to quick to read any comments, so he decided to talk about the whole Dallon incident and clear that up. Then he talked about tour, how things were going, and then somehow turned the conversation back towards you again. You answered questions about your favorite color, food, music, and other things, and then Zach came in and told Brendon it was time for the meet and greet.

“I’ll see you all later. And don’t worry, I’m sure y/n will be around for a very long time. You’ll be able to get to know her better too,” Brendon reassured. “See ya. Stay safe, stay happy, you guys are the greatest.”

He disconnected and then put the phone in his pocket, letting out a heavy sigh. “I’m so glad that went well,” you grinned.

“I’m so glad I found you,” he responded. He kissed you on the lips and then pulled away, closing his eyes shut for a moment. “I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.”

“Okay, okay, that’s really sweet but we got to move guys,” Zach groaned. “We only have half an hour to make it to the meet and greet.”

“Sorry,” you and Brendon chuckled as you raced out the door. Brendon held your hand, squeezing it softly as you guys walked to the parking lot. Sure, dating Brendon was sometimes problematic, but it did come with it’s perks. Much less, Brendon was the sweetest boy in the world. Even though he was sometimes stubborn, egotistical, a bit thick headed, and a massive diva, you loved him so much and he made you the happiest girl in the entire world. You wouldn’t want to fall in love with anyone else. Brendon Urie was your perfect match, and you planned on staying with him for a very long time, no matter how many hashtags, Periscopes, or crazy fans would get in your way.