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Your friendly neighbourhood medic and security chief would like to remind you to stay safe this festive season!! Happy Lunar New Year again everyone!

5 ways the signs say “I Love You”


“I’ll wait.”

“Just because.”

“It looks good on you.”

“You can have half.”

“ I want you to have this.”


“We can share.”

“I made your favourite.”

“Drive safely.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“I’ll help you study”


“I think you’re beautiful.”

“You don’t have to say anything.”

“Stay over.”

“I’ll do it for you.”



“It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look”

“Don’t cry”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“I made reservations”

“Go back to sleep.”


“No no, it’s my treat.”

“It brings out your eyes.”

“I was just thinking about you.”

“I’ll pick you up from the airport”

“No reason.”


“You can borrow mine.”

“I made this for you.”

“You’re important too.”

“I want you to be happy.”

“Can I kiss you?”


“Sit down i’ll get it.”

“ Is this okay?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Call me if you need anything.”

“Sorry. I’m late”


“It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyways.”

“After you.”

“Call me when you get home.”

“ I don’t mind.”

“I’ll meet you half way.”


“Can I hold your hand?”

“I like your laugh.”

“Do you want to come too?”

“ I noticed.”

“It can wait until tomorrow


“That’s okay. I bought two.”

“We’ll figure it out”

“I picked these for you.”

“I was in the neighbourhood”

“I’ll walk you home.”


“I dreamt about you last night.”

“Well what do you want to do?”

“It’s two sugars right?”

“Stay there I’m coming to get you.”

“ What do you want to watch first?”


“Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

“It reminded me of you.”

“Try some.”

“I did the dishes.”

“ You can tell me anything.”

I found the ways to say I love you from http://p0ck3tf0x.tumblr.com

It’s @celesoran‘s bday!!! Please accept this small Speed Demons ficlet! :D

On a scale of one to ten, one being the least worst, and ten being the absolute most terrible, a rowdy bar in the rougher part of town on a Saturday night is probably on the higher end of Asahi’s discomfort spectrum.

He knows Daichi and Suga love this place, though, because it reminds them a little bit of the old days, the scent of smoke and danger always lingering in the air, the possibility of fight or flight always right around the corner. Asahi doesn’t miss those days nearly as much, and he knows the two of them are more or less happy in the relative stability they have now, but he does understand the notion of rose-tinted glasses born from nostalgia.

Asahi likes the quiet, though. That’s why he watches from a booth in the corner of the room, nursing a soda and snacking on admittedly delicious chicken wings, while Daichi and Suga jostle for elbow room at the crowded bar. They’re both already tipsy, and are making a game out of swatting each other’s asses and then acting like one of the other rowdy bar patrons around them is the overly friendly culprit.

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So yeah apparently sometimes a car needs repairs and the bill is higher than [insert stoner joke here]. And I would happen to need a little help! Because yeah. I like to drive safe, for myself and for others, and having lost my secondary job, I am relying exclusively on W.almart paychecks right now and this is not the best when they don’t give you more than 15 hours a week.

Basic rules:
Prices are in USD.
Contact me by inbox here or at @dontshoottherakk​ ​!! If you don’t have a tumblr account, you can also email me @ ngabrilov@gmail.com with ‘commission’ somewhere in the subject ;v;
I will send a paypal invoice with all the detail on it so we’re all safe. I will need the email address you use for paypal! Payment is only through paypal.
No refunds once the commission is started.

Human characters – fanart and OCs. Tell me about your OCs. Tell me about your faves. Tell me about your trash babies. Tell me all.
Ships ayyyy
Minor animal features.

Sexual content.
Underage pairings.
Mecha/full anthro.
Extreme gore.

No backgrounds, as these are sketches!

Additional characters on the same picture are +50% rounded up! 

Honestly I love drawing fanart, I’m super into Borderlands and Overwatch at the time and I have a lot of other fandoms I’m into. However, I won’t do anything M.LP related.

I’ll start with 5 slots at a time, and if there is a need for it, I shall open a waiting list ;v

Any signal boosting is most welcome! Thanks a lot, folks!!

Kicked Out (part 1) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

“Mum? How could you do this to me?” I beg, tears falling freely from my eyes.

“I never loved you! We didn’t want you!” She screams at me, “Get out of my house!”

Her outburst takes me off guard. I scramble to pick up my things quickly and sprint out the door and into my car. I lock the door afraid of the woman that I once thought would never hurt me. I pull out of the driveway and into the streets. I continue driving until I feel safe. I pull over on the side of the road. I place my head on the steering wheel and I let all of my emotions pour out of me. Then the sound of my ringtone fills my ears, I pull my phone out of my pocket and I instantly pick it up without checking who the caller is.

“Hello,” I say voice raspy from the tears that are caught my-my throat.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” My older brother, Joe’s, voice comes booming through the speakers of my phone, echoing my-my ear.

“I-i,” I begin but when the tears threaten to fall again i change my sentence, “I don’t think she would like me talking to you anymore.”

“What do you mean? Where are you?” He says, his voice sounding rushed and determinded.

“I don’t know where i am,” I say eyes traveling around the unfamiliar surrounding.

“Y/N,” Joe sighs, “Please let me come find you.” I can almost see him running his fingers through his hair.

“What if I don’t want to be found?”

“Does Zoe know where you are? Hell does anyone know where you are?”

“How would anyone know where I am, if i don’t know where i am?” I ask, suddenly feeling like a drunk and depressed person has passed my thoughts.

“Did you know mum and dad didn’t want me?” I ask, a single tear falling down my cheek slowly.

“Of course they want you,” He says. The sound of shuffling and opening and closing of doors doesn’t quite reach my ears.

“No, She told me herself.”

“Fuck,” Joe says distractedly.

“I don’t know why you and Zoe didn’t get rid of me sooner.”

“Because your our baby sister and we love you so much.”

“Please help me Joe!” I say sobs racking my body.

“Y/N, You need to take a breath,” The sound of an engine starting graces my ears.

“Are you coming for me?” I ask calmly.

“Yes, please just stay still.”

“Okay,” I sigh all the fight in me vanishing. A car pulls up behind mine a few minutes after. Joe stayed on the line, but i didn’t say anything else. I close my eyes not wanting them to meet the disappointed blue ones of my brother.

we are fast-car-fast-crash: squealing tires, burning metal, the stench of gasoline, and through it all a vague thread of tragedy. when his lips meet my skin they leave skid marks and peels of rubber. i always swore i wouldn’t be a wreck – i always swore i would drive safe. but if there’s one thing this boy has taught me, it’s how quickly you lose control of the wheel.

i stop his mouth with my fingers – his eyes, twin headlights, say that my hand is not what he wants to taste.  he has no reverence, no cruise control, only drive down backroads doing ninety. when i wonder why i am here all i remember is the leather of a steering wheel against my palm and the feeling that i was guiding my own course. that feeling has evaporated like fumes of gasoline.

i force breath into my lungs – it has to be said, someone has to test whether or not the brakes still work. you know how everyone’s always saying to seize the moment? he nods once; with my palms on his back, i can almost feel his engine idling, power lying dormant in a pause like he’s at a stop sign. essentially, he is.

someone has to say it, someone has to tip the scales, someone has to play traffic cop, and if it’s not him it’s me. i think it’s the other way around. the moment has seized us. does that make it real?

i’m staring into those headlights and i’m hypnotized – he could always make me blind to the consequences of where i choose to place my focus. it depends. what is real to you? his fingers trace patterns on my skin like wheels on pavement – i am his joyride tonight and every night. am i real?

his eyes like light, light, light: as real as any glowing thing. glowing like fire, like combustion. destruction, a carbomb.

then it is real.

quickly, before his lips lull me into silence: and does that make it right?

he looks at me a split second longer, eyes blinking like headlights flashing (and flashers mean take caution). what is right? he waits for an answer; when i don’t give him one, he shifts back into gear and drives.

as the needle on the speedometer rises, it occurs to me that this will only end in crash and burn and an ambulance that is too late. and that is the answer to his question.

that is right.

- 10:13 joyrides // abby, day 244 // prompt for anon

Creepypasta #1085: I’ve Loved Reading Stories. Let Me Tell You Mine

Length: Super long

When I was a kid - well, a young teenager - I frequently spent my Saturday nights babysitting my siblings. As the eldest of three, I assumed this responsibility with no pay nor thanks to speak of. It was simply expected of me; one of my contributions to the family.

I babysat so frequently because, well, my parents needed it. They’d had marriage problems in the past, and their counselor told them they should go on a weekly date. You know, revive the magic; rekindle the flame; all that good stuff. Yeah, it sucked to be robbed of a weekend evening, but it wasn’t much of a burden. My parents were happier than they’d been in ages, and they both seemed genuinely excited for date night each week. I would have rather been doing other things, of course, but I’d seen my aunt and uncle go through a nasty divorce a few years back and I desperately wanted my parents to stick together.

And so it was that on the night of December 3rd, in the year 2006, I stood at the open front door of my secluded Colorado home, waving goodbye as my parents backed out of the icy driveway.

“Drive safe!” I called out, steam pouring from my mouth. I don’t know if they heard me or not. Wrapping my arms around my torso in response to the wintry mountain air, I entertained myself for a few brief moments by exhaling forcefully and watching my breath float away into nothing. And there was truly nothing around me, not a car or a creature in sight. It wasn’t long before I grew bored and turned back into the warm house, nose tingling from the chill.

Georgie and Kate were eating their dinner at the kitchen table. As I watched them, I couldn’t help feeling like an only child. Georgie, three years my junior, was severely autistic and about as talkative as a bag of bricks. He only spoke when he really wanted something, and only then in the simplest of words: “milk and samwich” was code for peanut butter and jelly with the crust cut off, which he was presently devouring. Kate, meanwhile, was still a beautiful bouncin’ baby, just shy of two. The nine-year gap between them is glaring, but to this day, my parents swear to me Kate wasn’t an accident. Kind of like back in high school, when I swore to them I had no idea how those magazines got under my mattress.

But I digress. The kids finished dinner and I set them up with their entertainment for the night: Georgie in his room with the PlayStation 2 (a hot commodity in those days), and Kate in her crib, in front of Sesame Street. Myself, I ignited the basement fireplace, dimmed the overheads, and curled up with a book by the light of our Christmas tree. God, that was a nice house. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss it.

I read, in perfect contentment, for nearly an hour. Night had fallen by then, and the room had become toasty. I was beginning to doze off when I heard Georgie’s heavy footfalls descending the staircase. I sat upright and looked at him expectantly as he waddled into the room.

“No more knocking,” he said, brow furrowed in annoyance.

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I… honestly am full of too much emotion right now to describe how this night made me feel, how this fucking incredibly kind and talented and sweet and considerate man made me feel tonight. (also big shoutout to @hikasho who let me scream with them and helped me keep my cool agdusjsg E im so fuckin glad i could share this experience with you!!!)

the show was UNBELIEVABLE, they were so into it and intense it was incredible, we met so many nice people and the bands they played with were out of this world, and i got the tour shirt!! AND THEY DID A DAVID BOWIE COVER WHICH KILLED ME INSTANTLY

meeting him was absolutely the most heartfelt and honest meeting ive ever had with someone I admire, hands down. there were autograph hounds waiting for him but he came out to see us anyway because he cares so so much about his fans, the people who care about him, and he took SO MUCH time with everyone?? like he was making actual conversation with us and making adorable monty python references, and he asked my pronouns unprompted!! that was incredibly important for me, that doesnt happen in my daily life and to have ezra, exhausted from an intense concert and putting all the gear away and still out talking with us at 1am, he took the time to ask right away what my pronouns were, and that will always be special to me. i almost wore the exact shirt hes wearing in the pics, and when i excitedly told him so he said “oh wow really? this is the first time ive worn it!” and he was just so happy and calm and sweet with us, and gave the BEST hugs on the entire planet, of that i am certain. and like i was there with E and it definitely seemed like he wanted to talk with us more, like he kinda lingered with us? and he gave me another hug and like grabbed my hand and held it softly and im so very compromised right now.

he also asked if id be at the show in san diego tomorrow and i said maybe, and he seemed so excited that i might go that it made my mind up right there, so i guess im seeing them again tomorrow XD i told him to drive safe down there, and then he asked me how i was getting there and told me to travel safe as well, and im just way too full of love and admiration and gratitude for this man. gah.

(in the last pic he said “lets make shapes with our hands like beasts” and i was like yes ezra of course lmao)


Summary: You’ve known Jughead for a large portion of his life. You were there as his family struggled when his father got fired, and you were there when they all went their separate ways. Jughead kept to himself most of the time, and since your brother was a Southside Serpent, you took it upon yourself to look after Jughead’s father. You get closer to his dad, as well as Jughead, falling for the writer. You realize, to get things back to the way they were, you have to step in yourself and do the mending. But after all this time and with problems of your own, can you get Jughead and his dad back on their feet?

Word Count: 1512

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Back on His Feet Masterlist

If you knew PJ well, after what happened yesterday, he’d go seek comfort from his best friend.


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Starlight (Part 1)

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Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x You
Word Count: 4.4k
Date Posted: 04-19-17
GIF is not mine.

A date with your boyfriend, Taehyung, after almost a week of not seeing each other.

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The fallen leaves from the tree next to your window were heard as they fell. The sound was peaceful, totally perfect as you study. The way the leaves fell from the thin branches to the dry concrete ground made you think of how great a day could be. Your eyes were distracted by a simple beauty—the leaves, the tree, under the sunlight were a marvelous sight. Instead of studying, you clicked your pen from side to side as it’s trapped between your fingers. As you familiarize yourself with the distraction, you decided to turn your head the other way, but it was a bad thought because now, you’re facing your bed. You faced downwards where your books and open notebooks are.

There were some notes left on the floor. Some pens were right below your desk. You didn’t pick them up a while ago since you were busy studying for the upcoming finals next two weeks. You’ve been studying since the last two days whenever you have the time to.

You heaved a sigh as you pushed yourself from the wooden desk located by the window. The chair made some unpleasant noise as it scratched the floor from the friction. You clicked your tongue on the roof of your mouth making a ‘tsk’ sound. Exiting the room, you looked at your phone from the coffee table at your small living area. Your lips formed—well, involuntarily—a small smile. The corners curved upward unknowingly which made you giggle.

Making small steps toward the coffee table, you somehow made your way to your temptation which was your phone. You thought of what to do with your phone because first, you didn’t want to play games because it will eat a lot of time, second, surfing the net would do the same thing, and third, you can’t call Taehyung, your very, very kind boyfriend because he’s busy with his classes. As much as you missed the man who’d made you laugh for a lot of times, you just didn’t want to call him while his busy. As much as you missed playing with his coffee-colored hair, but you didn’t want to become clingy.

However, looking at his contact information on your phone didn’t help… at all. It only made you miss him more. You were tempted to call him. Just one press from the screen and you’re connected to a call, but you didn’t although everything was so easy to do. Easy to be done, but difficult to face the repercussions. You were about to lock your phone when he suddenly called. You smiled—this one, totally voluntarily. You made him wait until three rings just so he would know you truly were studying and not waiting for his call.

You answered the phone. “Tae?”

Your voice came out a bit hoarse probably because you’ve never spoken since morning and you hadn’t drunk water or anything.

“Babe,” he said back. “I miss you… so much.”

The yearning could be heard from his voice. It sounded like he really did miss you. A taint of exhaustion could be heard as well. His words never came out as something forced which was nice. You could hear his slow breathing from the phone. Small details, you thought. The small details from the call were incredible.

You closed your eyes. “I miss you, too… so much.”

You said it the way he did—yearning heard and a touch of exhaustion. Everything was done sincerely, though copied. You closed your eyes tightly and opened them. Your hand wandered from your nape to your forehead due to frustration and longing.

“I miss you a lot,” you repeated. “We haven’t seen each other for four days, how come you never called?”

He breathed out. It was amazing how everything small could be heard from the line. “I’m sorry,” he said, totally sincere. “You just said you didn’t want anything to distract you from studying since your finals are coming. I’m sorry. I didn’t know we’d miss each other this much.”

“Why are you so sorry?” you answered with a small laughter. “Why is this phone call so dramatic? I’m trying to brighten up the mood here!”

He laughed. “You’re cute.”

Right,” you replied, your voice touched with a hint of sarcasm. “Tell me something!”

From your forehead, your hand went to cup your chin as you wait for him to speak. Your elbow was resting on the small coffee table while you sat on the cold carpeted floor.

“What should I tell you?” he asked. “Nothing happens whenever you’re not with me. Everything about me feels alive when you’re by my side. Now tell me, how could I tell you something?”

Your jaw was left hanging when he said those words. They were a bit corny but you felt your heart melting from the sweetness. You were melting as well. The heating of your cheeks became prominent—coming out as a shot of hot pink on your pale cheeks.

“You’re so corny, why are you even like this?” you hissed adorably.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like that,” he said and you were sure he said that while smiling.

You could hear him smile through your phone call. You start to imagine him holding his phone and his other hand would be caressing his forehead lightly like some troubled teenager who’d gone through a small conflict.

“You did,” he assumed. “You liked it.” He laughed.

You laughed with him for a while. “Where are you, anyway?”

“In my car—”

“You’re driving?” you hissed furiously.

He cleared his throat. “Actually, no. I’m not driving. You should just let me finish,” he said with a chuckle. “I just exited the school building so I rested here for a while, but I decided to call before I go home.”

Involuntarily, a smile formed from your lips. It was cute. It was just the right amount of cuteness because he thought of you. He thought of you and called you when he could have just left the university first, went home and then call you. He chose to call you and it made you melt.

“Knowing that we haven’t seen or contacted each other for four days straight infuriates me,” he said and you can hear him lean on his seat.

The tapping of his finger on the wheel was heard in the call. Every small detail, even the shuffling of his feet as he tried to refine his posture, was caught in the phone call.

“It frustrates me,” he added. “And it frustrates me more that you’re not speaking,” he added again as he snickered. “I want you to speak, too. That’s why I called you,” he pauses, “to hear your voice.”

There it goes again. You melted… again. You didn’t know four days of his absence would drive you this crazy.

“I just want you to talk,” you told him as you exhaled dreamingly and added, “just like what you were doing a while ago. Just talk to me and I’ll be alright. I could go studying for straight six hours after this call.”

You laughed with what you have said and he laughed as well.

“Ah, you are driving me crazy,” he muttered.  It’s good that we’re feeling the same thing.

“Have you looked outside?” you asked.

“What? Why?” he asked back.

“Nothing really… the weather’s just so fine today. I thought that you might find some peace while looking at it—outside, I mean.” He wasn’t talking back so you decided to continue. “I was looking outside from the window in my bedroom and everything looked like nothing would go wrong.

“It’s just… for a moment,” you ran your fingers through your hair and carried on, “I found harmony throughout my entire being—the decisions I’ve made myself, the faces of the people I’ve missed, and more. And I haven’t tried looking out for myself for weeks now—or months, even. It just felt nice, so I thought maybe you could see outside the way I looked at it. I say this because I know how much you love nature,” you ended with a laugh.

You said everything slowly and in a very assuring manner, just like how you wanted to say it. It’s not every day when you could speak this open to your boyfriend or someone close to you. You felt, somehow that this was a great time. You took the opportunity and told him what you’ve felt for a while he’s away.

He exhaled. “And that, baby, is what I wanted to hear from you. I wanted to hear you like that.”

You smiled at what he had said. “And I want to be with you when the weather’s like this,” you continued. You heard him snuffle from the other line. “Before you say anything and get cocky, yes, Kim Taehyung, I am asking you for a date right now.”

You could see him nod from the other line as he said back, “Of course I’d get cocky. A very beautiful lady asked me out,” he said with a hint of smugness in his tone. “Yeah,” you hear him start the engine, “so you better hang up before I could drive—and drive while I’m having a phone conversation with you. You wouldn’t want that.”

“Yes, I wouldn’t want that.” Satisfaction can be heard from your voice and you knew he’d be happy hearing you like that, like someone who endearingly care for his life more than one could.  “So, bye now and I love you and… drive safe.”

“I surely will especially now that my girlfriend’s asking me out.” You could see him wiggle his eyebrows and you laughed at the thought. “Bye, babe. I love you, too.”

Waiting for him to arrive at your house, you decided to change your clothes and fix yourself. You applied a small amount of makeup displaying a natural look, the look he’d always like and you’d always loved for yourself. You remember once, that one time when a friend of yours actually told you that you wouldn’t be getting boys with such amount of makeup but you doubted it. You knew there would always be people who’d appreciate one’s appearance—regardless of the amount of makeup. The makeup didn’t matter much. One’s charm did; personality as well. And you found a person who would love you anyway.

The nostalgia hit you, almost making your teary-eyed. Before you could even stare at yourself more in front of the mirror, you walked outside your room, leaving the books, notebooks, papers, and pens on the floor, table, and bed. On the other hand, you thought you looked fine with your sky blue dungaree and pastel blue sweater. It made you look lighter in terms of complexion. It made you look brighter as well.

When you exited the room, you quickly made way to your refrigerator. You felt bad because you hadn’t touched it since last night. You took out a pint of coffee ice cream from the freezer and a spoon from your cupboard while waiting for Taehyung to arrive.

You turn on your television as you walk you way to your living area with a spoon caught between your lips. Some news were on-air but all about politics which you weren’t interested in. You changed channels pretty quickly until you found what interested you—a cartoon show. Right, a mind of a five year-old kid.

“Ahh,” you said under your breath when the conflict started to meddle into the story. You scoop some ice cream with your spoon and stuff it inside your mouth. The coldness had a knee-jerk reaction. You winced. “That’s why one shouldn’t hang out much with someone you know had some kind of hidden agenda. Uh, this is so sad.”

Your attention instantly diverted when a signature knock sounded from the door. Putting your spoon back into the container, you put on your comfy slippers and made a run to the door. You opened it and saw your boyfriend smiling at you widely. You hugged him right the moment you saw him.

Your eyebrows knitted. “I miss you so much,” you said, totally tipping your toes so you could reach his nape and play with his hair, and yeah, whisper to his ear. He hugged you back, an instant reaction from him. He caressed your waist and back with his hand.

“I miss you, too,” he whispered into your ear.

You pulled away first and looked at him intently. He looked tired but happy. You blinked fast when you saw dark circles under his eyes. It made you feel uneasy as if you felt responsible—that you weren’t there when he felt tired or anything. You held both sides of his face.

“How come I actually restrained myself from seeing such art?” you said with a smile, playfully pinching his left cheek.

“And I am happy that I met an art as well,” he expressed as he put his thumb on the side of your lip and brought it to his lips which made you blush. “Someone’s been eating… coffee ice cream.” He said it slowly as if trying to decipher what flavor of ice cream you were eating. “Your typical choice of ice cream,” he added.

You took his hand and pulled him into your small apartment. Suddenly, it wasn’t just an apartment to you when he entered. The carpet on your floor made sense. Its color, orange, totally creates a sepia-themed living area. The color he chose to remind you what your favorite scenery was, nothing spectacular, just a view of a marvelously picturesque sunset.

He sat on your couch and eyed the ice cream right in front of him. You took it from the table and offered it to him. “Want some?” you told him and waited for him to hold it. You sat next to him comfortably and looked at him eat.

“Are you… really going to watch me eat?” he said while chuckling.

You scoffed adorably, “I haven’t seen you for days.” You used it as an excuse.

“So, are you going to take us both out or are we staying here?” he asked while he wiggled his eyebrows.

“You make this look so naughty,” you told him which made him laugh.

He put his index finger on your forehead and pushed you lightly. “You’re making dirty thoughts. That’s why.”

Right,” you said sarcastically. “I make it dirty. I’ll put on some shoes and we’ll head out.”

He ignited the engine and it made you all excited. You looked at him with pure happiness and it made him look so soft. Your smile made him smile. For a moment, you felt that between you, energy flowed differently—everything reflects. You’d smile; he’d smile. When he smiles, you’d smile. Laughs remained to be present as well.

“I loved our little phone call,” he stated sincerely. “It’s probably the first I’ve ever felt as if I truly needed someone to talk to me. Like, someone just called me to tell me something I never thought I needed.” Unknowingly, he added, “I love you… for that, for everything.”

You giggled unintentionally and pushed yourself to the window next to you. “Stop it,” you said while laughing. “Our ‘I love you’s might become said without enough feelings in it. We’ve been saying it too much.” You smiled at him, trying to escape the melting feeling in your heart.

“I said that with much sincerity,” he defended. “While I’m driving here, not knowing where to go exactly, mind telling me where exactly should we go?”

You nodded with enthusiasm. “Yes!”

You told him to go to the restaurant where you ate at during your first date. You knew near that restaurant, there’s a beach that no one really visits much since people go to popular beaches these days. While he was driving, you opened the window and as it slid down, you smiled when you felt the wind as it brushed through your skin as something you missed. Like something you could touch.

The leaves from the trees that passed by seemed to have fallen as well. People walking on the sidewalks were happily talking as to what you have seen. You saw a number of citizens taking a run with numbers behind their backs which made you think it was a special project to promote something. You saw one with the name ‘Kim Tae-yeon’ which is the name of your best friend. You shouted from the window when your car passed by, “You can do it, Kim Tae-yeon!”

Taehyung laughed from your silliness. The both of you arrived at the restaurant in no time. He took the key and went outside, turned around to open yours. While you were busy trying to remember how the restaurant looked like last time, at the same time you were trying to take off your seatbelt, you were totally out of your train of thought. Your heart was pounding fast in a very good way. You were enthusiastic and at loss of thought.

“Hey,” Taehyung interrupted your blankness with him tapping your arm lightly. He took off your seatbelt which made you look at him sweetly. You loved him being caring like this. “Let’s go?”

You nodded and went out of the vehicle. With fast footsteps, you entered the restaurant with him. He lead you to where both of you sat during your first date. Now, everything felt like it was back then. Back when everyone thought things for you would be impossible—that you wouldn’t enter college, wouldn’t get a boyfriend, and wouldn’t bring anything good to your family… just back then.

You looked around. The walls were repainted and reconstructed. Some fashionable blocks were added to the walls and the paints were ombré—a beautiful sight, graduating from light to dark. A color of white turning into sky blue and then deep blue as it hits almost the floor of the diner. It looked good as it was near the beach. There was an aquarium on the side. The lights were beautifully arranged, hanged from the sides, the windows, and the ceiling. The counter was surrounded with bar-styled seats. The top was filled with wine glasses and different types of wine, making it look a bit classy. The menu on the very top, attached to the wall, slightly slanted for the view of the customers, were printed with a nice calligraphy. The floor that was once just concealed with plain tiles before but was now covered with artistic slates and a little container at the sides for tall plants. Everything was stylish—even more stylish than before.

Your forehead furrowed when your eyes fixated at Tae. “Have you been here again?” you asked, meant it like, if he’d been here after your first date. Did he visit this place without me? How come he’s not surprised with the difference?

He pursed his lips trying to deter what my reaction would be and asked, “If I say ‘yes’, would you like it or not?” He smiled. “To be truly honest, baby, I’ve visited this place once a month after we dated here for the first time.”

“It’s so beautiful,” you told him. “I mean, it’s always been beautiful before… but this much of difference is astonishing. How come you go here without me and not take me to a date here once a month?” You asked sounding a bit upset.

“Well, first, it renovated for three months and you’ve wanted to go to newly-built restaurants in the city so I considered putting what you like as top-priority.” He even popped the ‘p’ which made you roll your eyes in defeat. The waiter came as soon as he said that. He managed to tell the waiter what you liked regardless of you, not telling him a thing.

A lot more people were attracted to this restaurant. It became more of an attraction since it’s totally breathtaking. People took selfies at the well-designed wall. There’s when you realize that there’s a whole chalkboard provided for the customers to write how they feel. There were different colors of chalks arranged neatly by the board. It made you look at Taehyung.

“Tae,” you called him. “I want to write there while we wait for the order.”

You pointed at the destination where other people were and where mostly kids were—at the chalkboard. He nodded and smiled at you.

“Do you want me to come with you?” he asked, almost standing.

“No, it’s fine.”

As soon as you said those words, you quickly made your way to the chalkboard area, picking a color you wanted to use to write with. You wanted to use dark blue to compliment the color of the restaurant, but you found out there’s no longer a color of it left. There were yellow, green, pink, and other colorful chalks. You were about to pick the green ones but then a kid put back the dark blue chalk into the small wooden box. You smiled and took it quick, your inner child-ness appearing. You wrote at the very top where there’s only a small space left: First date.

“I’ve never felt this full my entire life,” you said as the two of you exited the diner. You looked right which is where the beach was. “Let’s head there.”  You took his hand and intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked at your hands with fulfilment, raised it up so he could see which made him smile.

“I don’t know what made me stop myself from seeing you,” he said. “I don’t know how I’ve even controlled myself when you, Y/N, a very beautiful lady is making me happy like this… every time we’re together.”

When the both of you reached the beach, you took off your white sneakers and held it with one hand. You decided to walk bare foot on the white sand. The beach was empty and peaceful. The breeze of the sea made your shiver in a good way. The feeling was somewhat eccentric but you loved it anyway. The salt, the breeze, the sand—all of them gave you peace. The wind sounded very pleasant. The clouds weren’t showing the sun much, but it was enough for you to see light. You watched your feet make their marks from your last steps behind. Your foot was buried into the glistening white sand as you take a step. The wind touched your skin, from the very tip of your nose, the flesh of your pale cheeks to your whole body making you feel a bit cold, but just alright. The remarkable effulgence of the marvelous sun was a stunning sight. A gist of nostalgia hit your emotions very beautifully as you watch the small splashes and waves of sea by the seashore. You hear a small group of people from the street performing a song suitable for the feeling. You hummed with them which made Taehyung look at you with eyes full of transparency.

You rested, seated on a huge rock and beside you were Taehyung, both of you still connected with your hands. The sun started to set and for once, you felt from than three emotions filling you. The nostalgia wasn’t enough. The brilliance wasn’t enough. Your eyes were totally fixated with the sun setting in front of you. The sun was slightly hidden behind the light clouds while the birds disappear as they fly. They disappear suddenly, as if being enveloped into the ethereal beauty.

You inhaled lightly and said unknowingly, “When I told you to look at the outside the way I see it, I meant it. I wanted you to feel what I felt. I wanted you to see what I saw. I wanted you to know what I was thinking during those moments. When I heard the leaves fall from those thin branches, I thought of nothing but peace. When they fell to the ground, I felt everything about me at once—all those things in the past that I’ve loved, doubted, and took motivations of. I didn’t want you to feel troubled like I felt for a while, but I wanted to feel peace.

“I may be your girlfriend, but not everything that happens around you… I’m aware of,” you looked at him for a while and gave him a faint smile when he looked back, “there are secrets we ought to keep and when we struggle to keep them, I hope you find a way to maintain yourself in a way I have redeemed myself in a short while.”

He held your hand tightly when you finished telling him what you’ve had in your chest since this morning. He kissed your hand lightly which made you smile. It was gentle. It was so like him. It felt like everything in this world was only about the two of you and this scenery—nothing else.

“I love you,” you said slowly which made him stood from where he had seated. You looked at him as he walked in front of you. His hand went from your cheek to your nape. His other hand clipped some of your hair to the back of your ear. He then put his hand on the small of your back.

He leaned in and placed his forehead on top of yours. His breath, you felt it. He was so close to you. He closed his eyes tightly and opened them gently. He then said, “You”—he exhaled heavily—“are totally driving me crazy.”

There it goes again. The melting of your heart was felt from your chest. He leaned in forward and kissed you slowly, gently. He nibbled your lower lip lightly which made you put your hands on his nape. You kissed him slowly, riding the rhythm. You felt him caress your back and at some point, he’d place his hand on your waist and circle it, mold it of his creation and caress it as if it was his. And at the moment, at this very moment, nothing was present except the two of you. You only felt him, the mild heat from the sun hitting your arms… that was it. The breeze that had you shiver did not matter. The two of you kissed the moments you never had for yourselves for the past days.

He pulled away and said, “I love you, too… so fucking much.”

You laughed at him, “Language, mister.”

“Now, let’s get you home.”

Sassy!Stark Part 7

Pairing: dad!Tony x daughter!reader, Nat, Sam, Steve

Warnings: Angst, anxiety tw

Word count: 1,901

A/N: My encounter with the rude creep who forced me to go park somewhere else and opened the door to my car after I had already gotten in and the subsequent panic attacks inspired this. Don’t read this if you get upset by reading about stuff like this!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Originally posted by fighting-myown-demons

You hated driving in New York. The traffic was fucking insane, people ran across the streets without even bothering to look left and right and the parking situation was the worst of it all. Just finding a parking spot took forever. It had taken you a solid half an hour until you had finally found one - there was no sign declaring that it was a private parking spot, so without giving it another thought, you got out of the car and rushed into the hair salon.

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I’ve loved reading your stories. Let me tell you mine.

by reddit user Sergeant_Darwin

I’ll be posting new, different stories on my personal blog, please be sure to follow @sixpenceeeblog

I read my first nosleep story when I was a freshman in college. I was in bed one evening, surfing the web and I decided that I wanted to scare the shit out of myself. The internet is home to a lot of strange things, as I’m sure many of you know, and I found a few of them that night—but nothing piqued my interest more than this community.

Reading all of your experiences over the years has been strangely cathartic, for I too have known horror. I’ve never been in a haunted house, or caught a glimpse of anything paranormal; I’m not even sure I believe in such things. But no demon or monster or vengeful spirit from the depths could tell me more than what I already know: evil walks among us. I have more than glimpsed it. I have stared it in the face.

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[This fic was requested anonymously, enjoy! Warning: Contains mild smut]

           "I said I’d be there didn’t I?“ I asked, mildly struggling as I held my phone to my ear with my shoulder and lifted my suitcase into the trunk of my car.
           "Don’t use that tone with me, I’m not there to punish you for it,” Jared chided and I rolled my eyes tossing my backpack into the trunk as well.
           "Well you act as if I am days away, I’ll be there in four to five hours depending on how traffic treats me,“
           I got in the car and put on my seatbelt, taking a mini break from the hustle and bustle of travel.
           "Is it my fault if I missed you?”
           He said it light heartedly but a pain clawed my chest and I closed my eyes. I wanted to be there already, I wanted to be with him already, I wanted to hold him. We talked on the phone all the time but it wasn’t the same, god it was insane to think he could possibly miss me as much as I had missed him. I just wanted to tell him everything right then and there but we’d have time for that later.
           "I missed you too, I…“ I took a minute to compose my voice.
           "Hey,” he said softly.
           "What?“ I murmured.
           "Just get here already-”
           "AND BRING BACK MY SHIRT, I KNOW YOU TOOK IT WITH YOU!“ I heard Shan faintly yell which brought my spirits back up.
           I laughed lightly and so did Jared, “I’ll meet you at the restaurant, I love you,”
           "I love you too, drive safe,“ he said.
           I tucked my phone into my bag and typed the address into my GPS before I set off for Vegas.


           I had gotten ready at the hotel and I was all but shaking with the anticipation of it all. The place was absolutely jammed, but when I managed to squeeze through to Fiamma Trattoria the crowds were less immense. Moving over to the hostess she looked up at me with a small smile.
           "Can I help you?”
           "Yes, I’m with Thirty Seconds to Mars,“
           She looked a little skeptical for a moment and I quickly reached into my clutch to pull out the I.D Jared had sent me.
           "Ahh, yes, right thi-”
           "Would you mind just telling me where they’re seated? I kinda wanna make my own way there if that’s okay,“
           "Of course, they are just in the back corner booth to your right,” she said kindly and not in a forced way.
           I thanked her, moving in the direction she said. I saw him before he saw me and for a moment I just stood a little bit away and watched him with a small smile. He looked like Jesus with his long locks and the golden backsplash behind him. He looked good in his black suit jacket with embroidered sleeves, they all looked really good, and they all looked like home.
           Shan noticed me first and he must have nudged Jared under the table because he turned his head and found me. A slow grin spread across my face and he stood up from the table as I closed the distance between us and almost tackled him back into the booth.
           There are little things the body craves that you don’t realize until that craving is satisfied. Like I hadn’t realized my body had craved the strength of his hug until he had me in a bone-crushing vice, I hadn’t realized I had been craving his cologne until it wrapped around me like a blanket, I hadn’t realized I had missed his lips so much until the covered mine. Every cell in me had craved him and now he was here.
           "Jesus guys, save it for later,“ Shan teased, and we reluctantly broke apart.
           "Hey Shan,” he enveloped me in a tight bear hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
           "How ya been Y/N?“ Tomo asked giving me a hug as well before we all sat down.
           How exactly had I been? That was a tough question, so I answered instead with how I was now as opposed to how I had been.
           "I’ve been good, I missed my idiots,”
           Jared’s hand grasped mine under the table and I turned my head to look at him. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at me in a way that only he could. Giving his hand a tight squeeze I reached up with my free hand to take off his sunglasses and tuck them into his coat pocket.
           "That better?“ He asked.
           "Worse, actually,”
           The guys laughed and I rested my head on Jared’s shoulder.


           I gasped as Jared yanked me into one of the empty dressing rooms and he locked the door behind us. For a second I stupidly stared wondering what his deal was before the light went on in my head and warmth pooled into my belly.
           "They’ll be wanting you soon,“ I whispered.
           "Well I want you, now,” he growled.
           He moved to me as I moved to him and we collided in a feverish display of unbridled desire. His hands were everywhere, his tongue moved against mine in a way that made my knees weak and my pussy wet. With an expert speed I unbuckled his pants and reached into them to curl my hand around his shaft.
           A small groan escaped him and I smirked nipping his lower lip as I stroked him.
           "I missed you, baby,“ I whispered.
           He backed me into the dressing table and I hopped up onto it, his mouth burning a trail down my neck as his hand moved between my legs. My breathing hitched but I ensured never to take my eyes from his.
           "You’re so wet for me,” he whispered, and I wrapped a leg around his waist to move him closer.
           "We don’t have much- oOh,“ I gasped, gripping the lapels of his coat and resting my cheek against his as his middle and ring finger moved inside of me while his thumb rubbed my clit.
           "Make that sound again, I missed that sound,” he purred, his teeth sinking into my shoulder.
           "Please fuck me, I need you to fuck me,“
           He was more than willing to oblige and he was quick to pull a condom from my bag and slide it on. And in one lithe movement he yanked my undies to the side and shoved his cock inside of me. I tried so hard not to leave any mark on him that the camera’s might pick up, I tried so hard not to make a noise in case we might be found out, all I could do was bite my lower lip and move my hips to his as he rammed into me fast and hard. I had been away from him for three months so it didn’t take me long to cum and when I did he quickly covered my mouth and laughed lightly in my ear.
           "Mmm, I like it when you scream for me Y/N, but you have to be quiet now,” he said huskily.
           "Jared to stage in fifteen minutes, Jared to stage in fifteen,“ a voice said over the walkey I had been given.
           I clutched onto him as he pounded into me harder and after a few more minutes he came. We stayed that way for a couple of seconds, panting, holding each other, our bodies still joined. He tenderly moved, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear and his lips brushed against mine gently.
           "When are you leaving me again?” He whispered, and I stroked his hair for a while before we finally parted and began to clean ourselves up.
           "I umm,“ not before a gig, I really shouldn’t.
           "I… I’ll actually be leaving when we hit Toronto… and I won’t be able to rejoin you guys until Tulsa,” I said quietly.
           He was silent for too long of a time.
           "December? You’re going to leave until December?“ He asked.
           "I have to, as shitty as it is this is how it has to be right now. I could have a real shot here to make this business great and in a year or two-”
           "A year? Two,“ he said flatly.
           I turned to look at him, "I don’t want to leave you, but travelling is necessary right now and when everything is more stable-”
           "Y/N what are you saying here?“
           I looked at him in mild confusion, "I’m saying that how things are now is how it’s going to be for a while-”
           "I don’t want you to go, these past few months I’ve barely seen you-“
           "When you go on tour or to a movie set it is the same thing!”
           "No it isn’t!“
           I sighed, "That’s because I was your assistant, I went with you everywhere, you paid for everything, but now I have a chance to be successful too. I have a chance to do something good, you’re the one always telling me to chase my dreams and provehito in altum. So what if we’re apart for a-”
           "Is it wrong that I want to be with you?“ He demanded.
           "No! That’s not what I’m saying-”
           "If we barely see each other I don’t even get why we’re together,“
           I flinched, physically recoiling from him. I could tell by the way he stepped forward and his eyes softened that he didn’t mean it, not completely anyway.
           "What are you saying here, Jared?”
           "Jared Leto to stage, Jared Leto to stage,“ the irritating voice crackled out.
           Biting my lower lip I looked down at my feet.
           "Y/N I… look I… I gotta go,” he whispered, wanting to say more but he reluctantly left.
           "I do too,“ I croaked, remaining in the empty room for a little while longer.


           I watched him on the widescreen backstage, wiping a few stray tears from my cheeks. I loved him so much, I loved him more than I could ever love anything, but if this is where he wanted to end it then I would be okay with that. I would be okay with the precious few years we had together even when we weren’t a couple, I’d be okay with the memories, I’d be okay knowing that for one incandescent second I had the heart of an ethereal being. Just knowing him would be enough.
           Deciding to go back to the hotel to grab my things and drive back to LA I turned away from the T.V.
           "I’m sorry, I’m going to do one song that is completely different tonight,”
           I whirled back around to the T.V. Is he insane? He’s being broadcasted live; he can’t just deviate from the set like he’s playing a regular gig or something.
           "Now, this song is for someone very important to me. She, almost transcends a description to be quite honest. She told me something though and I didn’t really want to listen, I still don’t, but I want to support her. This song is my way of telling her to provehito in altum, do what you gotta do, but come back to me… because you’re home and I’ll be waiting.“
           My hands had moved to cover my mouth as the tears came at a much faster pace. I could scarcely breathe as the music began to play.
[Come Home- One Republic *Note: I listened to it and imagined Jared singing it and thought he would do a fire fuckin’ cover. Hopefully you agree*]
           "Hello world
           Hope you’re listening
           Forgive me if I’m young
           For speaking out of turn
           There’s someone I’ve been missing
           I think that they could be
           The better half of me”

           I was shaking, a strangled sound between a sob and a noise leaning towards happiness escaped me. Clutching my chest I slowly moved up the stairs to the side of the stage where I could see him standing.
           “They’re in the in the wrong place trying to make it right
           But I’m tired of justifying
           So I say to you

           Come home
           Come home
           'Cause I’ve been waiting for you
           For so long
           For so long
           And right now there’s a war between the vanities
           But all I see is you and me
           The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
           So come home

           I don’t know where the camera was but suddenly my blotchy and tear streaked face was on the large screens behind him but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

           “I get lost in the beauty
           Of everything I see
           The world ain’t as half as bad
           As they paint it to be
           If all the sons
           If all the daughters
           Stopped to take it in
           Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
           It might start now yeah
           Well maybe I’m just dreaming out loud
           Until then

           Come home


           I waited in the same room he had left me in until his set was over. When he walked in I didn’t give him time to say anything before my lips were against his and my arms were around his neck.
           "I love you, I love you,“ I whispered between kisses.
           He lifted me into his arms in a tight and bone crushing hug, "Just come back to me, I’m with you Y/N until the end, just come back,”
           "I will,“ I rested my forehead against his and closed my eyes.
           "I love you, Y/N, you pain in the ass,”
           I smiled, dusting his face in feather light kisses before looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
           "We’ll make this work, I want this to work because I want you,“ I hugged him tightly.
           "You have me, Y/N, you’ve had me for years,”
           I closed my eyes, feeling him kiss my hair and hug me tighter. I never wanted him to let me go.

Colors [Part 7] (Suga x Reader fanfic)

Genre: Angst/Mafia Au (M)

Word count: 3000(ish)

Part 1/Part2/Part3/Part4/Part5/Part6 / Part 8

Part 7: First time

Originally posted by suga-com

Hyung…” A small voice echoed through the room waking up Jin abruptly from his nap. He finally had a chance to get some sleep.

“Hyung” the voice called out again, this time, a little louder.  Jin woke up to see a face floating above his head. Too close for his comfort, to be honest, Jin sighed. The boy, as usual, wore his big ear to ear smile.

Jimin was 5years younger than Seokjin.  Hoseok had brought him in the headquarters when he was only 14.When Jin had first seen him he was a thin little boy with chubby cheeks and a shy demeanor.  He hadn’t looked at anyone or talked to anyone.

He had only cried a little when Yoongi had asked him why he did it.

Why did he kill his own father?

In between sobs, he had said he didn’t want to do it. That his father wouldn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop. He had to stop him.

That was the first time in 7years Jin had seen Yoongi show some kind of sympathy towards anyone. After that, He had only asked the kid two questions

If he regretted it?

And If he wanted to be a part of us?

Now the boy was 17. Sadly, He didn’t grow much tall. He was still inches shorter than Jin and other members.  But what he lacked in stature he made up for it with his face and mad skills. He had a sharp tongue and a good intellect and a face woman would drool over. In only 4years of working with Yoongi, Jimin gained a reputation of having the highest kills in the quarter. In no time, he became Yoongi’s favorite. Yoongi always treated Jimin like a little brother he never had. He never showed it but Jin saw how often Yoongi would ignore Jimin’s mistake or let him off easily without even as much as a slap on the wrist.  To put in a much simpler term, “Jimin was a spoiled brat”. He would get away with hitting or kicking his hyung’s, bad mouthing them, He never listened to Hoseok or even Jin as a matter of fact. He only ever listened to his older Hyung, Min Yoongi.

“It’s 5:30 in the evening! And I just came back. Let me sleep” Jin said turning over and burying his face in the pillow.

Even though Jin’s work wasn’t as hectic as Hoseok or Jimin but still being Yoongi’s right-hand man wasn’t a very easy Job. Sometimes he wondered if  killing was easier than sitting on a chair for hours and reading 20 different files every day. It probably wasn’t.

“There’s a meeting and Yoongi Hyung has called everyone downstairs. He seemed pretty serious” 

Jin sat up on the bed and looked at Jimin who wasn’t smiling anymore. Something was always off when Jimin looked serious.

“What is it this time?” Jin asked with a serious look on his face.

Hyung wants Namjoon out of the group

                                              - 4 YEARS LATER-    

“Are we leaving?” I asked Hoseok as we walked down the quiet hallway. The same hallway I had walked in from a month ago with the same Hoseok who had led me to Yoongi.

It felt like Déjà vu.

“Are we leaving?” I asked again, a little louder this time. 

Hoseok just sighed.

“AH! You talk so much! Do you ever shut up?”

Déjà vu!

“Of course, we’re leaving! You ask such dumb questions”

I bit my lips. It was a dumb question. We were leaving that was obvious.  The only problem was that Hoseok would come back soon and I, I wasn’t sure if I would come back alive or in pieces.

I stayed quiet rest of the way. On the lift, Hoseok looked at me with some kind of amusement

“WAH. that’s a pretty dress. Jin Hyung does have a sense of fashion I gotta say!” 

I wore a knee-length, dark pink dress.  Yoongi had taken one look at the dress and scoffed in return.  Jin said I had to look presentable if I met Namjoon. He liked to keep things classy. He liked people dressed with class and style.

Even if he was gonna murder them later on.

“You know who you remind me of.,” Hoseok talked while I was still lost in my train of thought.

I looked at him but he wasn’t looking at me. He was staring in front of him and smiling.

“My sister,” Hoseok said now looking at me.

“You have.. a sister?” I said with a little surprise. There was nothing to be surprised about in all honesty but thinking about these people having a family was a bit shocking.

“she’s younger than me. Lives with my family in Gwangju” Hoseok said proudly.

“She going to graduate from high school next year!” he continued

It was almost impossible to think about Hoseok like a caring older brother. How you could possibly be a hardcore mafia henchman on one hand and go home and act at like a good son/big brother at the same time.

Maybe they were just good actors.

The lift door opened and we got out. Hoseok led the way. We stopped in front of the big metallic door.

Memories came flooding back from a month ago when Hoseok had dragged me to the same door to take me inside. Now he’s taking me out. 

He put in the code for the lock and the door opened with a big CLUNK

He pushed the door open and for some reason I was expecting light to hit my face but instead, it was darkness.  It was really dark outside. I only saw the light of the headlights.

A black Toyota

Of course, it had it had to be that car.

Together we walked towards the car and Hoseok opened the back door of the car and placed the duffle bag on the back seat and closed the door.

“What are you waiting for a goodbye kiss? Get in the damn car!” he said and I jumped at his voice. Opened the car door and sat in without even looking who was on the driver seat.

“You look pretty in pink Jagi..” I was startled at the familiar voice. I looked to my left and saw Jimin smiling widely.


Where were you all this time?

I missed you!

Don’t take me to Namjoon, please.

“Thank you” was the only words I could form.

“Drive safe Jiiminie! And y/n..” Hoseok said bending a little and poking his head through the  open window.

“I hope you ‘live’ a long happy life..” he said with a small smile. A sad smile.

It was a long drive. For some reason, the air in the car grew thick even when the windows were down.  We didn’t talk the whole time. Not even a ‘how are you’?’ Hello’? Was passed. It felt like we were strangers sitting in a car.

“Are you scared?” Jimin’s voice broke the silence.

I looked at him and saw him looking back at me through the corner of his eyes while Both his hands were on the steering wheel.

I couldn’t help but smile a little. The way he had asked that question as if he already didn’t know the answer. 

“What difference does it make?” I said with a long sigh and stared outside.

“ I know you’re scared but I-“

“‘You’ what?”  What are you gonna do Jimin?” my tone was accusing. But what else was I supposed to say.

“Y/n I-“ Jimin gnawed his lower lip as if doing that would help him find the answer.

“What are you gonna do? Save me from Namjoon? Or Save me from Yoongi. Jimin, You couldn’t do anything, you couldn’t save anyone” I had never meant to say that in an angry way. But somehow it just came out like that.

I wanted to apologize.

But then I reminded myself why should I be sorry? I was the victim In this shit storm all along. Why should I be apologetic?

We both didn’t talk rest of the way. He didn’t even, as much as, look at me. I felt like a horrible human being.  But it was better if we didn’t talk. Makes things much easier.

After what seemed like an hour or 2, the car finally stopped.

It was too dark to see where we were. I could only make out a few tree in the far distance.

“This is it,” Jimin said while removing his seat belt.

There was a feeling of relief and the feeling of my heart sinking in my stomach at the same time.

This is it.

“So, what now?” I asked Jimin who was still staring ahead in the darkness.

Nothing,  he said Absolutely nothing.

Jimin was quiet for some time. Not saying a word and just staring into nothingness.

“Jimin.. say something? What am I supposed to do now?”

What is wrong with him? Is he still angry about what I had to him said earlier?

“Jimin-ah!” I grabbed his arm and tried to shake him out of the trance. And then I saw it.His face

His eyes were puffy and the nose was a little red. He was crying.

He looked at me and smiled through his teary eyes. One hand reached my cheek and caressed it gently. How long I had been dying for that touch.

“Y/n..” Jimin’s thumb stroked my cheek

“Jimin you’re scaring me? why are acting like this?”

“I’m sorry..”

“Jimin i’m-

 words were cut short when jimins lip crashed  onto mine. My eyes widened at the sudden feeling his tongue slightly brushing onto my lower lips. His hands gripping the back of my neck tightly.

i gave into it and kissed him back.

so that’s what a real kiss feels like?

And then I felt something cold sting my neck. Like a small prick, like when you get pricked by a needle. A light, an immediate pain.

Jimin let go of the back of my neck and I saw him holding something in his hand. I couldn’t make out what he was holding. Things started to go blurry.

His face was blurry. I could only see his red hair. My head felt heavy and eyelids started to become droopy. I tried to hold onto his shirt but he gently removed my hand and said something.

He was saying something.

“It was.. necessary y/n.

…I had no choice


   y/n.. you’ll be fine.”

“Jimini-ah..” was the last thing i said before fading into the black.

“I think she’s hot” someone spoke in a raspy voice and let out a hearty laughter

What’s happening? I can’t move. Why is it so dark

“That she is! Namjoon will like her for sure” someone else said. Another voice. Two people.

“She wasn’t even part of the deal remember.. Yoongi had made it clear”

Yoongi? Deal.

I was supposed to take the bag, To Namjoon. I can’t even talk. What is wrong with my body. It feels like I’m paralyzed.

“Like Namjoon ever listens to Yoongi. If he ever listened to Yoongi he would still be a part of Yoongi’s group and anyways Namjoon does what Namjoon wants to do”

“That’s the scary part though. Namjoon has no code. I feel sorry for the girl”   the second voice said this time.

“Say that in front of him and see what he does.. Anyways what did that boy ,whatshisname, Jiman?”


“Yeah what did he say?”

“Not much. He just handed the half conscious girl and the bag and left”

“Why the ‘girl’ I don’t understand?”

“I guess Yoongi is too scared to send one of his own men to Namjoon..” 

“He has a good reason for that”

Somewhere in between their talks I passed out again. I woke up and passed out. I was on the back seat of some car I could tell.

Next when I woke up I was in a room, on a bed.

Still half awake and tired I tried to get up and walk around. The room was small but nice and cozy. Unlike the one Yoongi had given to me.

What is happening? I tried to remember that had happened in last 5 or 6 hours. The people in the car talked about Yoongi and Namjoon.. and Jimin.

My throat was parched and eyes were still heavy. I tried to walk towards the door when suddenly it flung open making me take a step back.

The light coming from the outside was too bright. I had to squint my eyes a little

 A lean figure stood at the door way. I couldn’t see his face because of the bright light.

The person walked in closer and I backed up a little towards the bed. He walked closer and closer until I could see his face completely.

“Why don’t you come downstairs y/n. Bedroom isn’t quiet the place to have a conversation.”

Pink hair, tanned skin and dimples on his cheek.  He smiled widely and sinfully. Something wasn’t right about his smile. He stood so tall; I wondered if he was taller than Yoongi. He certainly looked taller than Yoongi.

“Oh so silly of me..by the way” the man said moving a little closer now and giving me a toothless smile. 

He extended his one hand in front of me as a gesture of handshake.

“I’m Kim Namjoon. Everyone here calls me Namjoon. It’s a pleasure to meet you y/n”

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10:59 PM
I looked at the clock hanging on the dark blue wall, just above Namjoons chair, where he sat with his legs crossed. His i-phone in his hand, he was playing some kind of game on it with full concentration. Mouthing curse words under his breath time and again when he would lose the game.

I sat in front of him on a small chair, nervously clutching the hem of my pink dress. My hands were starting to get sweaty.

The duffle bag sat on the table between us.  Zipped open, the contents of the bag fully visible.

Big heavy looking black guns.

I had no knowledge about guns. To me guns were just machines used by humans to kill other living beings.

And there were so many of them in the bag.  I had no clue i was smuggling a bag full of guns.

“You had no clue what was in the bag, did you?” Namjoon said while still concentrating on his game

He read you.

“I was just told what to do I I  didn’t..didn’t- “  I started to stammer and Namjoon scoffed.

Why was I so nervous? I wasn’t so nervous when Yoongi had pointed a gun on my head and threatened to shoot me.

“Relax sweetheart.. I haven’t even threatened you  properly yet” His eyes. They weren’t normal. Now I knew. Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin they all had some kind of light in their eyes. Namjoons eyes were nothing but darkness.

“How old are you y/n?”

“I’m 19″

“19? Damn you’re young!” he cut me off.

Then in swift of a motion he got up from his seat and propped himself up on the table setting aside the bag of guns.

“Let’s just cut to chase and get to the main point, do you know why you’re here y/n?”

I was kept captive by a Mafia gang leader who wanted to see me dead but ended up sparing my life in return for smuggling a bag of guns to you.

“Yoongi said-“

“That he would spare you your precious life in return for giving these to me”

I nodded my head.

“You didn’t understand my question Y/n! so let repeat it again.. Why are YOU here y/n?”

I really didn’t understand what he was trying to get out of me.

“I was. I was told-“ I tried speak but words got stuck in throat. If I give the wrong answer will he shoot me?

“fine. I’ll tell you” Namjoon said standing straight up now.

“You see those guns y/n” he said while pointing at the bag of guns laid out on the table.

“Yoongi’s favorite puppy called ‘Taehyung’ stole those guns from my warehouse. 20 guns! He came in the night and somehow went past all my bodyguards without noticing ,and stole 20 damn guns “his voice started to get louder booming across the room.

“Yoongi promised he would return all my guns with some kind of compensation money, because of all the distress it caused me and I agreed”

“I was more than happy about the whole compensation money I would’ve forgotten the past but then what does he do?”

He stood dangerously close beside my chair.

“He sends you..”

The way he said “You” with so much disgust and repulse it tingled the hair on the back of my neck.

“He sends you because your life is absolutely worthless to him..”

And to ‘me’. I could hear it without him even saying it.

“He didn’t have the decency to send one of his own men. Because he’s too scared for the life of his men”

Where was he going with this?

“And that’s why you’re here y/n.. Because you are just too worthless to everyone”

He stood behind me now, his hands creeping up on my shoulders and chin rested atop of my head.

“But don’t worry y/n.. to me, right now, you’re more important than anyone  else in this whole building”

Worthless I was. To Yoongi to everyone. To Jimin probably. If I was so worthless why was I so important to Namjoon.

“Why?” I asked in a soft voice. It was barely a whisper. But I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

I could feel lips curving into a big smirk above my head

“Why? Because you’re the key to get Yoongi Hyung here! You will bring him here for me..”

I didn’t understand.

“How? Yoongi hates me.. he couldn’t care less about me?”

Namjoon walked over to his chair and just shrugged


 And then I felt a hand creeping at the back of head but before I could turn around the hand gripped a fistful of my hair and buried its fingers in my scalp, making me stand up.

I let out a squeal in pain and the hand just tightened its grip making me walk towards  Namjoon.

“I think Yoongi hyung has does have a sensitive spot .. and I’m going to test it”

Then he nodded at the man behind him and the man turned me around but before I could get a clear view of his face..

The silent room was filled with the loud sound of skin hitting skin.

His fist, my face.

The cold floor.

The taste of blood and the sudden jolt of pain spreading through my face.
The world getting slow and the loud cry of pain coming out of my mouth

..so that’s what getting punched feels like..