i drive him wild

There is nothing more sexy to Harry than the visual of Ginny post Quidditch practice or game. The tangled windblown hair, the blazing look of focused concentration coupled with her post workout scent… drives him wild.

I encourage any fic writers out there to have a go with this prompt. ;)


“I am NOT staying, Sam!” you scream, twisting under his arms, throwing your items in the rather large bag he has splayed out across your bed. Spinning on his feet, he grabs your arm, spinning you to face him.
“YES- YOU ARE.” he half growls. Raising an eyebrow at his growl, you cock your head to the side, the look making him nervous. When you lift your hand, you cringe at his noticeable wince. You have never hit him, nor has he you, but the fear of rejection is there- and it is enough to drive him wild.
“What do I have on this hand?” you ask patiently, his nervousness increasing at your calmness.
“Your wedding ring.” He answers immediately. You nod, stepping forward while taking his left hand, stroking the small golden band affectionately.
“and with that wedding ring, I gave you a promise.” You begin, tilting your head back so that your eyes meet his. “A promise to accept your life- your past and your present, no matter how crazy, unbelievable or hectic.” He pauses before nodding.
“And you have.”
“I have to go.” He just shakes his head, bringing your left hand to his lips to kiss your ring finger.
“You made your promises, and so did I” he whispers, gently shushing you when you go to argue again. “I made a promise to protect you- no matter the cost, and to make sure you are safe, first and foremost- no matter the situation. I have lost too much to this… Profession.” He states, his gentle face contorting almost darkly, the sight making you shiver.
“I can’t lose you too.” He states, the beautiful smile you fell for gracing his lips as he pulls you to him. “You are the only reason I continue to fight- My only reason to come home.” Melting into his embrace, you nod.
“Alright- Just this once.” You murmur into his chest, his body shaking with laughter.
“Just this once.”