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BTS Reaction|Watching Porn Together



After asking him he’d simply say “yes” acting as if it weren’t a big deal, but once you guys are watching it he’d get super turned on by the video itself, and the sight of your thighs clenching together, fidgeting.

“Come here” he’ll say while turning off the video and pulling your body underneath him.

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He would be nervous at the thought of it but would agree to it. Instead of watching the video himself, he’d watch you the whole time instead. Enjoying the way your eyes fixate on the screen, and the way you squeeze your legs together under the blanket, he’d move incredibly close to (nearly hovering over) your body.

“Can we try something else?” He’d whisper while rubbing his hands between your thighs.

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He’d act awkward at first towards the idea, but would eventually agree. While watching it, he’d imagine you two doing the same things to each other in the video, which would cause him to touch himself.His mind would race once he notices you touching yourself too.

“Lets do something else” he’d whisper in your ear while shutting the laptop"

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He would be so turned on by the idea. He would be even more turned on by the sight of you rubbing your hand across your thighs while clenching them together, noticing that you are hesitating to touch yourself.

“I’ll help you” he’d whisper while pulling you closer to him right before his fingers slides into your underwear.

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Watching porn while laying right next to you would be such a tease that he would get frustrated with you as you continue to watch the screen instead of paying attention to him as he touches you, clearly showing signs that he wants to spend the night doing something dirtier than watching a video.

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Laying extremely close to each other while watching the video and not touching each other would not be enough. You’d both end up trying to please each other with your hands which wouldn’t be enough either. Soon he’d end up turning off the video and the night would end with both of you fucking.

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He would eagerly agree, excited to try something new with you that’s dirty. While watching the video he’d get super turned on by your heavy breathing, and the sight of you biting your lip as he moves closer to you, which would be driving him wild.

“Can I touch you?” he’d whisper while planting kisses on your neck.

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I was listening to spring day(piano version) while writing this, so if its not smutty enough, sorry

Kris scenario - Addicted to you


Genre: smutty smut smut

Summary: Waiting for Kris to come home is so draining! When you need some “release”, there’s only one way to get it.

Warnings: steamy phone sex, naughty public touching, teasing, riding, slight g-dom(ish)

endless dial tones, voicemails, and quick text messages. That all I’ve gotten from Kris for the past three months. I’ve been missing him for so long, but there wasn’t much to do. I figured I’d just try to call him while we are both awake at least.

“Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.” I whispered. The line went flat until I heard a familiar voice on the other end.

“Hey, Baobei. How are you?” I sighed in relief as he spoke.

“Better now! I feel like you‘re a million miles away.” I whined. He laughed at my response.

“Y/n, our timelines aren’t that bad, right? At least we’re both awake at the same time.” He said. I know where he’s coming from and I know he’s trying to keep in touch, but it’s so difficult! I’ve never done long-distance before and I just worry we’ll start to lose the spark.

“I just miss you. I wish I could be with you right now. I love your presence.” He hummed in agreeance and I just continued, letting the words fall. “I miss how warm you are at night. I never noticed before, but our bed gets oddly cold! And I’m not big enough to stretch out over a California king bed.” He laughed again at my lonely state. I love when I make him laugh. His tough-guy image just melts into the gentle Kris I love.

“I miss your smile, Kris. And your lips…” I trailed off, getting lost in my own imagination. I could hear him humming through my phone, which makes me shiver.

“I miss your lips too, Baobei. I love kissing you, and touching you, and…” He stopped himself before he went too far into the dirty side of his brain. I just smirked, knowing I can drive him just as wild as he does me.

“I love that too, baby. It all I ever think about at night. I just want to press against you and never let you go. Kiss you when and wherever I want. I love the way you kiss. It’s like I’m the only one that has ever mattered to you.” I bite my lip as I started to feel a bit hot and bothered at the sound of him on the other line. I just knew he wanted to touch himself if he wasn’t already.

“God, Y/n. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to just get on a plane and see you for one night. It’s all I need.” His voice was getting rough and desperate with each word. “You’re like a drug. I just need a fix. I want to feel your skin against mine and you’re tight little-” He stopped when he heard me moan out loud. Everytime He starts talking dirty I can’t help myself.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” He questioned. I blushed at his words, even though he was right.

“Maybe… Why don’t you finish what you were saying? my tight what?” I teased. His breath hitch and I could hear the soft sound of him stroking up and down his shaft.

“Your tight little pussy. I haven’t been with you for a while. I just know you’re throbbing right now. So wet and warm.” My head fell back as I inserted one finger into my heat.

“Mmmm~ I wish I could have your finger inside me. Your hands make me shiver every time.” I spoke softly. My other hand started to grab the sheets. I rubbed my thighs together to get some friction. Kris whispered dirty little secrets through the phone. I stroked my thumb up and down my clit while my index finger pushed further into mine. 

“Add a finger., baby,” He said, my knees buckled as I added another. I bit down on my lip, trying not to ruin the mood with a loud moan. I whimpered and arched at the amazing picture in my mind. My legs around Kris’s shoulders, his hand pleasuring me like no one as before. His soft lips giving pen mouth kisses to my clit. His warm tongue licking my wetness. 

“Kris!” I whined out loud. I needed to cum, fast. His moans are like music to my ears, I loved everything about this moment Even though he isn’t here, he still satisfies my every need.

“Scream for me! Let me hear your cries. I know you want me to go down on you. Kis your wetness. Making you mine. Scream!” I called his name at the top of my lungs. I switched the call to speaker and placed my phone next to me. My hand moved from the sheets to my breast, squeezing it like Kris does. My legs started to shake as my orgasm started rising fast.

“Cum, y/n. Let it all go.” I stopped holding back, I opened my legs wide and vigorously fingered myself, listening to Kris groan with pleasure. I closed my eyes and saw him between my legs, thrusting in and out. Curse words flowed out of my mouth, I pulsed as my high rocked my body. Both hands touching my center. Kris erupted with moans and skin slapping. 

I took a breath out, feeling my orgasm start to slow down into my regular state. I grabbed my phone to the sound os Kris’s panting filling the room. 

“How do you do that?” He said after I took him off speaker phone.

“What do you mean?”

“You give me intense orgasms without even being here. Who else does that? You’re amazing, baby.” I smiled devilishly to myself. He does the same for me. His voice groaning always takes me there. We made some small talk for a while until he had to get ready for the set. 

“I’ll call you later on if you’re still up, okay? I love you.”

“Okay, babe. I love you loo.” I hung up and tossed my phone onto the nightstand. I let out a long sigh and figured I should clean myself off. I got into the shower and washed all the sweat off of me and an idea sprung into my head. why not just go visit him? I finished washing and got out to dry and check my schedule for the weekend. Clear!

“I’m going for it!” I grabbed a suitcase and packed enough clothes and toiletries for a couple days. I specifically grabbed the matching bra and panty set Kris bought me. I got online a booked a ticket to Vancouver. The earliest flight was three hours from now.

I grabbed my phone and called an Uber to pick me up. I continued to pack all the essential I needed and hurried to the Livingroom. I turned off all the lights and grabbed my house keys as I heard a knock at my door. I opened it to see a woman about the same age as me.

“Uber for Y/n?” I nodded and followed her to the car. She even offered to carry a bag for me and put it into the trunk.

As she drove to the airport we made some small talk. Mainly because a late night Uber call isn’t very common for someone who’s sober.

“Vancouver, wow! I’ve always wanted to go to Canada myself. Of course, I prefer the cold.” She said nicely. I smiled to her and explained further as to why I was going. She seemed very sweet and car rides are only awkward if you make it awkward.

“And here we are. Do you need any help with your bags?”

“Oh no. I’ll be just fine. Thank you so much! I appreciate it.” I said before getting out and grabbing my luggage. I checked my phone to see two texts from Kris

Getting ready for filming now. I miss you!

Call me later for round two if you’re awake ;)

I smiled devilishly to myself, knowing I’d actually be with him for a second round. I checked in and got my ticket to give to the man at the front desk. I Checked my bigger suite case and decided to just take my purse with me on the flight. I waited outside the boarding gate and just looked at what’s happening on SNS.

“Flight 432 is now boarding. Group one please come up to the gate.” I quickly gathered my things and walked to the check-in. I walked through the tunnel and stepped onto the plane to take my seat. With a deep exhale I relaxed into the seat and waited for take-off.

“Would you like a drink?” The flight attendant said with a smile.

“Yes. I’ll just have an iced tea please.” I replied. He nodded and went to get it. 

The flight went by much faster than I expected. I figured a quick power nap would be a good idea before we landed. The fasten seat belt sign came on and the flight attendants informed us that we were now officially in Vancouver. I started to feel anxious to see Kris again after a long time.

The next hour was such a rush. Getting off the plane, figuring out which studio Kris was filming at, and finally pulling up to where he was.

I stepped inside and found loads of people rushing around. I was stopped by two huge security guards. I saw my plan split at the seams. I had no idea how I was supposed to get in. 

‘I’m Kris’s girlfriend.”

“Does he know you’re here?” The guard said with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, no. But only because I’m surprising him.” I explained. Just then a guardian angel came to my rescue. I spotted Kris’s makeup artist and called for her. She turned and rushed to where I was.

“Y/n! What are you doing here? Oh. Guys, she’s with me. It’s fine.” She took my hand and the guards nodded and walked away.

“I’m here for Kris. It’s weird not being around each other for  three months, you know?”

“I can understand that. He never shuts up about you. The boy is smitten.” She said, rolling her eyes jokingly. “Oh, actually they should be finishing up here in like, 20 minutes. Do you wanna wait in the trailer?”

“Okay!” The two of us walked to the hair and makeup trailer and caught up while we waited for Kris to come back from set. I looked at the clock ti see it was going onto 11 o’clock at night.

I quickly turned my head when I heard voices coming from outside. I smiled when I heard Kris’s footsteps coming closer and closer. I stood up as he opened the door and walked in. He looked over to see me standing there with his makeup artist next to me.

“Y-You came?” He said completely shocked at the sight of me. I nodded and walked over to him. He met me half way with a tight embrace. I held onto him with all my strength. I didn’t even notice Kris’s makeup artist get up and leave until we broke our hug. He just held my cheek and kissed me. The feel of his soft lips made my heart race. His hands rested on my hips and pulled me closer.

Before I could grasp what was happening, I was pressed against the wall and Kris’s hot lips kissed all over my neck. His hips pushed against mine to keep my on the wall, and his hands cupped my breasts. I combed my fingers through his hair and moan out loud. I didn’t care if anyone heard it. I was completely overtaken by his touch.

“Kris? Are you in here?!” I froze at the sound of three heavy knocks at the door. Kris looked at me and smirked. He slowly let me off the wall and onto my feet again.

“Yeah, I’m here!” The door opened and the director walked in with a massive grin on his face.

“Great shoot today! I was thinking of something for tomorrow when we film some of the car scenes.” He went on explaining all the wild action scenes he wanted in the movie and Kris just nodded at everything he said, clearly wanting to have some time alone. 

“But that can all be explained in greater detail tomorrow. Again, great work today, man.” The director patted Kris on the arm and left the two of us.

Kris turned and reattached his lips to mine. I’ve been craving this for months I just needed the feel of him. We stumbled backward and landed on the couch in the corner.

“Wait, baby. Ad much as I’d love to take you right her and now. My girl deserves to be on a quality bed.” He said. I knew he was right, so I let him up and he took my hand, leading me to his car. I got in and Kris slammed the door shut, getting into the driver’s seat. 

He drove us to the apartment he decided to rent for the time being. He let one hand go of the wheel and figured it’d be fun to mess with me. His hands rubbed up and down my thigh squeezing a few times. I was just about to open my legs a little more when we pulled into the garage. He quickly opened my door and pulled me behind him, eager for a release of all the sexual frustration we’ve been holding in.

He opened the door to the apartment and in no time at all he tossed my top to the floor, pulling me in for a heated make-out. His tongue brushed my bottom lip wanting access. I held the back of his head and kissed him deeply. 

His hands unbuttoned my jeans, sliding them off before lifting me up and wrapping my legs around him. I kept a firm grip on his shoulders as he walked us up to his room. He turned around and sat on the bed, letting me straddle him. I never wanted this perfect moment to end.

I pushed my body weight onto him forcing him to lay on his back. I kissed down his jaw and nibbled on the little spot on his neck that drove him crazy. His grip on my thighs tightened and I moaned against his neck, vibrating the exposed vein.

“Y/n…” He moaned into the air. I stood up, off the bed and faced him.

“You are wearing a few too many layers,” I said eyeing his shirt. He started to strip down until I stopped him halfway. I snuck my fingers into the hem of his underwear, looking him in the eye as I pulled it over his rock hard member. I smirked at the power I had over him. It feels good to know He’s been as pent up as I was. 

I took his hand, bringing it to my panties he bought me before leaving. He eyed me up and down and pulled them down my legs slowly. I took a few baby steps closer to him and spread my legs over his lap, crawling back onto the bed. His hands held onto my back and unhooked my matching bra. He just stared at my naked body until I finally leaned down and kissed his lips gently.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling us further onto the bed so his legs were completely on the covers. I ‘accidentily’ grinded down when he got into a comfortable position. His head fell back, giving into my every touch. I rubbed our centers together until he couldn’t take any more teasing.

“Tell me what you want Kris,” I said in a seductive tone.

“I want to fuck you. I want you so weak, you can’t stand tomorrow.” He said with darkening eyes. I smiled and sunk down, just enough to let his tip enter me. I hummed at the small amount of friction. Kris wanted more. He turned us over and held me down.

“You have no idea how difficult is it to just think about the things I can do to you day in and day out. You are not going to tease me tonight.” His voice made me even wetter than I was before.

His thumb brushed my entrance and he smoothly thrust into my in one movement. I held my palms to his chest, feeling his pec muscles flex. I slowly moved my hips up to match his stroke.

“Mmm~ Just like that,” I said encouraging him to move faster. He picks up his speed, just like I wanted. The bed rocked with each sensual thrust back and forth. His hands wander my body gently, touching as much as he could. I held onto his shoulder as he started to get rougher.

“Wait, wait, Kris.” He stopped and looked at my with confusion. I pushed him back and straddled him again, facing him. I moved my hips in vigorous figure eights, feeling his thick cock move inside me.I bounced up and down as Kris gripped my hips again, moving me up and down.

His eyes were directly on my chest while he smirked to himself. I leaned back, letting him get a better view. His lips pressed to the valley of my breasts and we started to feel that familiar built up. I clenched onto the sheets as my orgasm pulsed through me. Kris grunted as he started his high as well. I held onto him instead, leaving no space between us.  It was the most amazing feeling. By far the best orgasm I’ve felt in a long time. I moaned Kris’s name like it was the only word I knew. 

He pushed himself into me a few more times, riding out the last bit of euphoria. His panting started to get heavier with each breath. I felt his erection soften and pull out of me, letting me fall back against the mattress. He laid out next to me, catching his breath.

“Well, you were right,” I said

“About what, baby?”

“My legs feel like jelly,” I said with a laugh. Kris laughed with me until he facial expression changed into a serious look.

“So is this it? Are you going back tomorrow?” He asked

“Well, my plane doesn’t leave until later at night, so I can for sure watch your stunt scenes tomorrow before the flight. He held my hand and looked down at my fingers.

“It won’t be much longer, I promise. As soon as filming is over, I’m coming home. I hate being away for you for so long.” He said with a sincere expression. I brushed back a few stray hairs out of his face and tilted his chin to look at me.

“No matter how long it takes, I’ll still be here.” He smiled and kissed my lips once more.

“God, you are just so addictive. I don’t know what it is, but you just have this permanent place in my mind. I’m pretty sure the crew is sick of me talking about you.” He said relaxing beside me. I hummed in response and Kris covered me with the blankets. We finished off the night with sweet whispers and stolen kisses here and there. There is no one else I would book a last minute flight for. He just has that hold on me.


tease || draco malfoy

requested!! finally started to write again woop woop. so excited hopefully you like this lol. smut smut smut! draco is just HOT so whyy not;)) enjoyy hmu if you wanna talk!!xo

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The tall, lean figure shifted in his seat making me look; my eyes scanning the side of the handsome face. Scanning the features of his face, every freckle that was laid upon the skin. That tiny birt-

“What are you staring at?” a voice brought me out of my little daydream. His eyes catching my own a spark of love, and lust? Twinkled in his exquisite grey orbs. A small smile dancing on his; kissable plump lips.

“I- I wasn’t staring!” I stammered, now a small blush appearing on my cheeks just like candy floss. I felt my body tingle with adrenaline, my head swooning with love and embarrassment. My foot tapping against the wooden floor, impatiently trying to get the conversation to stop.

“Why are you lying love? I caught you with my own eyes” he smirked whiles leaning in and placing a kiss on my exposed neck. The delicate touch made my heart beat, roar against my chest; my breath hitching in my throat. Feeling a tight knot tight in my throat eating it way up, higher and higher.

I felt his him working up all the way from my neck to my jaw prepering it with kisses. I wanted to let a moan out when I remembered we were in class and Snape could walk any minute now.

I pushed him away receiving a groan from the tall boy, a frown lingering on his lips.

“Come on now, what was that for?” he asked half whispered even though we were at the back it did not mean no one could hear or see us!

“Draco we are in a room full of people and Snape could walk in any minute no- speak of the devil himself” I didn’t finish my sentence as Snape strolled into the classroom the coldness evident on his face.


It was half way the lesson when I felt his hands find its way on my thigh. I cursed in my head, what was I expecting? Draco just to be sat there with hands to himself? Of course not, he does this every time I don’t let him kiss me or if he feels horny. Which must be the case.

His hands painfully slowly creeping up higher to the area I want him the most at, but I knew better than that. So I pushed his hands off and glared at him. But just a proud smug smile crossed his face whiles listening to Snape, obviously knowing mine acknowledge.

I grunted beneath my voice and I heard a quiet chuckle as a response, I just shook my head and carried on taking notes from what Snape was explaining.

I nearly screamed out when I felt two fingers plunge into me, I bit my lip not to release any moans as the room was filled with people! That little shit!

“Feels good, doesn’t it love?” he whispered to my ear biting my ear lobe. I was already soaking wet and dripping down his hands, he shoved a third finger inside me.

“F-fuck” I whispered looking down at the table so no one could catch how flustered I looked. He kept pounding his fingers in me, it felt like I was about to reach my peak when he pulled out his fingers, making me whimper slightly.

“Miss Y/L/N you may find my class boring, but I would like for you to concentrate in my school and not to be half asleep. Five points from Y/H for the lack of concentration” Snape’s monotoned voice snapped and he turned around to carry on writing on the chalk board.

I felt my body heat risen as I looked down at my hands, luckily my hair covering my face so people couldn’t see the deep red blush that tingled on my cheeks.

“you’re such a dick Malfoy” I mumbled quickly trying not to get caught by Snape again.

“Just for you my love”


I was walking to the great hall for lunch when I was suddenly pushed to the other side of the hallway.

“What the hell?” I shouted an obvious angry tone lacing through my voice. When I caught the eyes of a certain Slytherin; rolling my eyes at him.

“What is it Draco?” I asked tapping my foot impatiently.

Without hesitation I was found smashed against the wall, arms pinned against the wooden door, pain shooting through my shoulders against the pressure. My body automatically responded to his. I could feel the stirrings of teenage lust humming through his veins. The thing of it was, this did not feel like just any old case of teenage lust. It felt like more. The scent of his was intoxicating… aftershave and apples all mixed into one. His body was starting to addict me, and the very cologne that was his scent wafted up to me on that misty summer night.

His lips soon forced themselves against mine, and I immediately found my mind comforted, but my emotions went wild, and I could feel my feet being lifted off the ground, sending me into a crash of exhaustion and sheer need of him before me.

Teeth gently tugged upon my lower lip, sucking and pulling, taking my mouth as his own, allowing me no chance for air, no chance to relive my rushing mind. More time passed of fiery kissing before I realised my feet had actually been lifted off the floor, my back pushed roughly against the door, my chest pressed against Draco’s. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, without moments more of hesitation, his lips fit upon my ear like a jigsaw puzzle.

Fluttery kisses planted themselves tenderly but soon faded to rough nips upon the earlobe. I finally moaned aloud, no longer being able to refrain or control myself. His tongue began to trace every contour and crevice of my ear, pushing my arousal further by the minute. He knew just how to drive me wild, and I both hated and loved him for it.

“Ah! D-Drac-O! Ah!”

My words came in dismembered fragments, almost incomprehensible, but Draco knew he was doing a good thing. One bony hand slipped up, lifting up my shirt high above my head, as the other pressed firmly against my smaller back, driving and grinding my hips into his, finger pinch roughly at my nipple, causing me to groan all the louder, trying to focus on the pleasure upon my chest and the pleasure swelling in my neither region simultaneously. His hands remained as he began to bite my neck roughly, continuing to grin and grind against me, had on against hard on in a battle to reach the height of our ecstasy.

It started slow, smooth rhythms, paced and calm. Yet slowly, completely out of my control, our pattern grew rigid as we both grew more and more desperate. His hips bucked upwards and back; pounding me roughly against the important.

I could hear the door moving the back and forth in the small space it had, the light slamming becoming repetitive and louder as we grew louder s well, making it harder to breathe and making my region ache all the more. Quicker and harder he began to thrust, sending wave after wave of pleasure as my body shook with the oncoming orgasm.

We both moaned when we climaxed deep breaths heard in the room. I rested my head on his shoulder; I felt him wrap around my naked waist making me shudder from the gentle touch.

“I love you my little Y/N” he whispered to my ear and kissed me on the forehead, making me grin like a little child.

Taking It Slow [Eggsy Unwin Imagine, Continued].

A/N: Part two to Annoying Interruptions! Hope you all enjoy, it’s a little short, sorry anon! :( Thanks for requesting! <3

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader. 

Warnings: None. Just kissing and implied sexual content. Nothing explicit. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone and you belong to you. 

P.S: I have checked this and edited, but if there are any mistakes, please forgive me! 

The minute you and Eggsy reached your room, you snapped, “what the hell, Eggsy?”

Eggsy chuckled, crowding you against the door of your bedroom, a mischievous look in his eyes, “you can’t say you didn’t like it, baby.”

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Hi! Wife here! Husband and I had an adventure this past weekend we thought our loyal Tumblr followers might want to hear about… We went to a “hoedown” at a Sex Club while visiting Nashville last night! It was the first time we had visited a club of the sort. When we first walked in, it reminded me of any shady strip club we had ever been to; dark, loud, and that inherent naughty feel to the place.

However, as we walked deeper into the club, rooms of all varieties were being presented to us. The Lounge was a large room with sectional couches with several couples enjoying one on one AND group activities! The Fishbowl had one play area and a big picture window with a full view and The Fetish Room proudly displayed a sex swing (first I’d ever seen!) and various chairs and tables with chains and fastening devices. There were also several smaller rooms with couches for individual and group play.

We settled ourselves in The Lounge area. There was a woman sitting next to us sucking on her man’s dick yet looking straight at us. There was a man pleasuring a woman with his whole hand. His whole hand! I’d heard of fisting but never had seen it before! And there was a man seated across the room taking it all in while stoking and pleasuring himself.

It was a lot to take in but as I got more comfortable, I found the few buttons on my shirt and shorts unfastening. Husband gladly opened his pants and presented me with his large, throbbing, erect cock. I stroked him proudly showing his size and magnificence to anyone who wanted to see. Husband pulled one of my breasts out of my bra and started sucking vigorously which he knows drives me wild! I took him into my mouth, wrapped my lips tight around his cock and pumped him in and out of my mouth to the brink of orgasm. As much as he loves to come for me, he loves when I make him wait for it….

And, you too will need to wait… for the end of this story….. 💋

Mommy & Me- (Oneshot)

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Lee Jooheon

word count: 2345

🎧 Cry Baby- The Neighbourhood 

Work sucked. Being a bartender meant giving up your weekends and having to deal with a bunch of drunk assholes that frequently forgot to tip. The guys always came on too aggressive and despite knowing you could probably kick their far-from-sober asses you had to remain pleasant and “professional.”

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White Widow - Part 9

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 (Smut)| PART 10 (Final)

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: When the reader loses her fiance to Hydra, she is sent to the Avengers compound for her protection. Forced to share the guest house with the famous assassin, the Winter Soldier, she must learn to cope with her loss and her new roommate. All this, while trying to solve the mystery of why Hydra is now hunting her.

A/N: SMUT and NSFW. 

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I recovered slowly over the next few days. By day 3 I was even strong enough and not sore enough to walk more than two feet. Not that Bucky would let me though. He was amazingly tender and sweet, waiting on me hand and foot and not letting me do a single thing for myself. If he wasn’t retrieving something for me, he was right by my side. This constant companionship also included falling asleep in his arms every night. A ritual I desperately needed because my little kidnapping and torture incident had only increased the frequency and intensity of my nightmares. They all involved some variation of what happened to me, except Bucky didn’t show up to save me.

I always woke screaming and crying. Bucky would just shush me and hold me tight. He’d always say “I showed up to save you though and I always will.” as he stroked my sweaty hair and lulled me back to sleep.

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Frat Boy (Part 8)

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Summary: Dean and reader finish up their weekend getaway…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Tags: @dancingalone21 @daydreamingintheimpala @pulgapelayo18@perpetualabsurdity  @jessiedangerous

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,685

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: Fluffy, smut, fluffy, smut…

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Imagine your best friend Sodapop comforting you in the bath after you’ve had a bad day.

“It’s okay, honey” Sodapop whispered, laying his head down on your bare shoulder. “Everything is going to be okay.”

“No, no, no… it’s not.” You sobbed, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes. “I’m so hurt.”

“I know, baby, I know. But, he isn’t going to get away with it, you savvy? I’m gonna make sure of it.”

“He is going to tell that he got into Y/N the Prude’s pants, he had it planned, y’know, he had a bet with his buddies. He got me drunk, I don’t even remember doing it.”

“He took advantage of you.” You looked up as you heard the venomous tone to his voice. “And that’s not right and I’m going to beat the tar out of him.”

“I love you” You sobbed, turning around so you could clutch onto him… you only wished he loved you the same way that you loved him. He was gentlemanly, kind, gentle and caring- he’d never force you or any other girl into something she wasn’t ready for. “God, I love you so much.”  

“I love you too.” He whispered, kissing your forehead. “Now close your eyes.”

He picked up the jug of warm water and poured it gently onto your head, washing out the conditioner… your eyes were shut but your tears were still falling.

“There, all better” When you opened your eyes you could see his sweet smile and kind eyes looking into yours.

“Hey Soda” You mumbled, shame tainting your cheeks crimson red. “I wish it were you.”

“You wish what was me?” confusion was clear in his eyes as he tucked a strand of sopping wet hair behind your ear.

“I wish it had been you that took my virginity, and not him. You’re so kind and compassionate, you wouldn’t have forced me into it or tricked me… it would’ve been beautiful.”

“It would’ve been love” He whispered gently, pressing a hand to your cheek as his eyes penetrated yours.

“Will you be my first, again?” You gave a faint smile as your hand enveloped his. “I mean, you don’t have to be, obviously I wouldn’t force you to if you didn’t want to-”

“Of course… but maybe not tonight, or even tomorrow. I want you to be absolutely certain that it’s what you want. I love you, God, I love you so much that it hurts and to think that some guy has done this.” He squeezed his eyes shut. “It drives me wild, I want to kill him.”

“Just love me”

endless-jake  asked:

Ahhh I have another prompt for you if you don't mind, please and thank you 🙏🏻 - in the lines of after they get off the island Jake and MC live together, and one day she just comes home with a dog. 😅🐶

YesS i love dogs so i relate to this. 


My eyelids fluttered open, the early morning light pouring through the windows of our bedroom. The sheet was messily covering our bodies, Jake’s arm protectively around my waist, my head buried into his chest. I press a kiss to his bare shoulder, my eyes coming to focus on his scruffy face, expression peaceful as he continued to sleep.

I admired him for a few moments, finding pleasure in the sight of his chest heaving up and down with each breath he took, his pink lips slightly parted, eyelids shut lightly. He was beautiful and he was mine. 

Somehow, I managed to slip from his tight grip, immediately missing the warmth he provided when the cool air greeted my bare legs. I wrapped my arms around myself, attempting to heat myself up. While Jake’s black t-shirt was extremely comfortable, it never seemed to warm me as well as he could. 

My feet hit against the cold tiles as I escape the bedroom, crossing our humble house to reach the kitchen. I rub my eyes sleepily, beginning to brew a fresh pot of coffee. One thing I had come to love about Costa Rica, besides my newfound life with Jake, was the coffee. Starbucks would never satisfy my caffeine needs again. 

I pulled some bacon from the fridge and began to fry up a few pieces, as well as popping some bread in the toaster. As I prepared our breakfast, I didn’t hear him wake up or lazily join me in the kitchen. I did feel his arms wrap around me from behind, his lips pressing kisses across my cheeks. “Good morning princess,” He huskily whispered, his morning voice still evident.

I smiled at the sound, it was truly music to my ears. “Morning, Top Gun. Do you mind getting the toast out?” I question, his presence behind me suddenly vanishing. I flip the bacon, giving it a few more minutes in the heat. As I turned around, Jake began to pour himself a cup of coffee. I watched as the muscles in his back strained, the sight alone like a beautiful work of art.

Turning back towards the food, I use tongs to pull the pork from the pan, placing the slices on a plate. Jake began to play soft, slow music through our radio, the melodious singing filling the room. I smile, my hips beginning to sway slowly to the beat. His hands land on my waist, Jake dancing with me in our kitchen.

This is what our life had become, sweet slow dances in our home, the two of us hopelessly in love with one another. I turn and press a kiss to his lips, my hands landing on his cheeks. My fingertips trace over his skin as he deepens the kiss, pulling me towards him. Our mouths moved in sync as our bodies seemed to melt together. 

I pull away, grabbing a piece of bacon and feeding it to the man I love. He playfully snags it away from me with his teeth before munching away on the meat. I grab the plate of toast he had prepared for me, chewing on the warm bread. He hands me a cup of coffee wordlessly, and I thank him. I take a seat on the counter, sipping on the hot drink, watching Jake with a smile.

“I love you,” I state suddenly, causing a smile to play at his lips. He crosses towards me, pecking my nose.

“And I love you more,” He replies, my eyes rolling at his statement. 

We enjoy our breakfast, spending our time talking about random topics. Our friends in the States, what time he was leaving for his flight today, and what I planned on doing later. I didn’t have a set plan and I’ve come to love that. I love waking up in the morning, not knowing what the day ahead held. Jake blames my spontaneous nature on La Huerta, but I think it’s always been apart of me.

Once we finish up our breakfast, we both retreat to the bedroom, preparing for the rest of the day. I changed into a pair of jeans and another one of Jake’s t-shirts, mostly because I knew the sight of me in his clothes drives him wild. I entered the bathroom, the mirrors steaming up as he showered. I was tempted to join him, but I knew that he would be late if I did. 

I brush my teeth, my eyes glancing towards the mirror once Jake exits the steamy shower. I grin at the sight before quickly averting my eyes, not wanting him to notice my stare. He joins me at the sink, a white towel the only thing covering his body. He kisses my forehead, his wet hair hitting me slightly. I spit the toothpaste into the drain, rinsing my mouth out with water.

I catch Jake staring at me and wink at him, “Like my outfit?” He nods, pressing me against the wall as he attaches his lips to mine furiously. His hands pin mine above my head, moving his mouth to my neck. He sucks on the skin lightly, sure to leave a mark. A moan escapes my lips, something that I know turns Jake on. After a few more moments, I escape his grasp, his mouth open in shock. “Not now, you have a flight today and you can’t be late for it,” I scold, pushing him away. 

The startled look across his feature results in me pressing a kiss to his cheek then whispering, “I’d be more than happy to satisfy your needs once you arrive home,” I notice his eyes close at my proposal, his imagination running wild. 

“I’m going to hold you to it princess,” He teases, pressing a gentle kiss to my lips.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less. I’m going to head out, I love you,” I respond.

“I love you more!” He calls as I leave the house. 

I aimlessly walk around the streets, taking in my surroundings. I admire each of the brightly colored houses, the bright blue sky, the palm trees scattered around. This is my home, and I’ve come to be in love with it. 

As I continue wandering, I come upon a box of pugs. A woman sits in a fold-out lawn chair next to the small puppies. After holding a short conversation with her in Spanish, I’ve come to learn the pugs are free, she’s giving them away because she can’t take care of the whole litter.

I don’t hesitate, I pick up one of the black pugs, holding him close to my chest. I thank her before turning back towards our house, ready to welcome him into our home. I admire the soft fur of the small puppy, my fingers tracing across his back gently. He already had a place in my heart and I hoped he would win Jake over too.

Unlocking the door of our house, I set the pug on the floor allowing him to roam his new home. I watch in awe as he cautiously sniffs absolutely everything. He turned towards me once he was finished, as if he was confused of what to do next. I took a seat on the floor, tapping the floor in front of me. The puppy ran over to me, stumbling over his own paws a couple of times.

I play with the dog for a few minutes, stopping once he begins to ferociously chew on my finger. Taking the dog in my arms, I pull open the sliding door and sit him outside beginning to try and potty train him. 

Once he refuses to go, I allow him back inside only for the small dog to immediately pee on the floor. I shake my head at my luck, placing him outside in case he went again. Finding some paper towels, I began to clean his small mess. I watch him from inside, making sure he didn’t try to dig under the fence or anything.

I let him back in the house once I’m finished cleaning, taking the pug in my arms. I take a seat on the couch, laying down as I turn the television on. The puppy cuddles up against me, and soon I drift asleep.

I awake to the dog barking and sit up to meet Jake’s stare. “You got a dog?” He questions, glancing between the yapping dog and me. I shrug and smile at him, petting the coat of the puppy to calm him down.

“I did get a dog, but he needs a name,” I state, gripping Jake’s hand. It was almost as if I was a child begging for a piece of candy. He rolls his eyes, putting his free hand in front of the dog, allowing him to sniff him out. After a few moments, the puppy licks Jake’s hand causing a smile to cross his features.

“Can we please name him Buster?” Jake questions, unable to tear the joyous look from his face. I nod in agreement beginning to try and coax the puppy with his name. Jake and I take turns calling him, trying to teach him his new name. He only stares at us in response. 

As Jake picks him up, taking a spot next to me on the couch, he presses a kiss to my lips. We gently stroke our new pet’s back, Jake’s eyes glancing towards me. “I’m so in love with you and our new little baby,” He confesses, brightly smiling at the pug falling asleep in his lap.

“And I’m so in love with you,” I pause before continuing, “You know what this makes you now? A daddy.”

OKAY I’M DONE WITH HIM. I JUST CAN’T ANYMORE.THIS DISRESPECT👆 JEON JEONGGUK.YOU CROSSED THE MOTHERFRICKIN LINE. WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT ???? 😱😱😱 (this screen shot is the definition of : “I want to pull you in for a savage kiss and then kick your ass cause you’re TOO DAMN RUDE)


(Part two of The apology)
Ok so this chapter gets really… tough? Yeah, that’s the word… but it in NO WAY depicts how the guys are in real life AT ALL I’m just gonna say it; shit gets real.


“Can you lift arms baby girl?” He moaned, slipping the oversized Nirvana tee-shirt over you.
Your arms immediately came to your chest, in attempts to cover what you could.
Luke looked down at you, a look of confusion washed onto his face.
“Don’t.” He spoke. “You are, the most beautiful girl I think I’ve ever seen. You don’t have to cover yourself up like that.”
“I know.” You spoke softly. “I’m just.. not skinny like the girls on TV, and I don’t have long blonde hair that falls in my face right when a hot guys walks by, and my bra never matches my panties and-”
Luke stopped you by putting a finger over your lips.
“Stop. Stop comparing yourself to other girls. I personally love girls with curves, and you remind me a coke bottle; a little bit everything all in the right places. And who cares if your bra doesn’t match your undies, they won’t even matter in a little while.” He spoke, muttering the last part.
You slowly let your arms down, exposing your bright pink Victorias Secret bra.
“So.Fucking.beautiful.” He moaned as he started to work on your neck, leaving a mixture of saliva and love bites.
“Oh god Luke.” You managed. You and Calum had kissed before, that was nothing special, but the feelings you had for Luke right now were beyond anything you’ve ever felt for Calum, and it felt so right.
Luke’s mouth left your neck and moved toward you ear.
“{Y/N}, I don’t think the best for us to do it would be your couch. Do you wanna get dressed and come back to my place and watch a movie? You-you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
You bit your bottom lip and nodded quickly, already missing the feeling of Luke’s warm touch.
“Then go get dressed kitten, I’m not going anywhere.” He spoke, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched you leap off the couch
As you got dressed you couldn’t help but think about Calum, though he was probably out at a bar buying someone random a drink, you were still a bit uneasy.
You quickly grabbed a pair of shorts, a tank, and a pair of boots and slipped your hair into a high ponytail before running back to the living room.
Once you got there you were faced with an angry looking Luke.
“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK HOW MUCH HE CLAIMS TO FUCKING LOVE HER HE’S NOT GONNA SEE HER AGAIN!!” Luke yelled into the phone, you’d never heard Luke raise his voice before, but it was a bit frightening.
He yelled again before throwing the phone against the wall.
“Luke. What’s wrong?” Luke held his hands in his hands.
“{Y/N}, I know you love Calum but baby he’s gonna hurt you.”
Luke’s words sounded confident, like he was sure of what he was saying while you were left flooded with confusion.
“Luke, what are you talking about?”
You asked, and Luke frantically ran a hand through his hair.
“He- He’s not stable okay? he bit off more then he could chew and now he’s fucking paying for it. I sounds crazy I know, but right now I need you to trust me okay? Please tell me you can trust me.” He pleaded.
“Yes Luke, I trust you.”
He smiled reassuringly and walked toward you; grabbing your wrist, “Then we gotta go, right now.” He grabbed your arm and began pulling you out the front door.


“So you wanna tell me what happened back there?”
You asked, you guys had made it back to Luke’s place, (with several calls from Ashton and Michael telling him that Calum was no where to be found)
and you guys were currently watching no strings attached and eating ice-cream, you sitting in his lap.
“It was, a miscommunication, that’s all.”
You looked back at Luke with a look of
“Boy please, try again” And you think it worked.
“Calum is just, he’s gotten himself in deep water and can’t swim…”
“That’s not anymore helpful toward getting me an answer.” You laughed.
“I like your laugh.” Luke blurted out.
“It’s one of those laughs that make you smile when you hear it.”
“Your trying your hardest to avoid this question.”
You pointed out, gaming a sigh from
“I just think this is something Calum should tell you, it’s not my place.”
That made you feel weird, like it was a secret that the whole band probably knew, but you didn’t.
You guys sat in silence as a there was currently a major sex scene going on, causing the air in the room to instantly thicken.
You could feel Luke start to shift underneath you, and an unfamiliar but known pressure under you
“You ok Luke?” You asked turning around.
He nodded quickly instead of speaking.
“Do you want me to move?”
“No. Please, don’t move.”
He spoke demandingly
You gave a small smirk and when you turned back around the screen had changed, to yet another sex scene.
You could tell Luke was “frustrated” but you didn’t really know if he even wanted your help. But it was worth a shot.
You turned so one leg was on either side of him,and began to slowly grind on him.
“{Y/N} what are you-”
Luke sentence was cut short due to your actions.
“Do you want me to stop?” You asked softly.
You were currently wearing one of Luke’s old flannels and a pair of boy short panties; driving Him wild.
“You think I can think straight when your doing that baby?”
You stopped instantly, looking Adias in the eyes.
“Luke” You started “Do you want me to stop?”
he looked at you and smiled a bit.
You started up again, biting your bottom lip as you rocked back and forth.
Luke’s moans quickly heightened to
whimpers, his hair was beginning to stick to his forehead and the friction he was currently feeling was no longer enough.
“Such a fucking tease kitten.” He growled, resting his hands on your bum as he gave it a small squeeze. You had never seen Luke like this, so needy, begging and moaning like a man mad.
You slowly started to unbutton his shirt and place small open mouth kisses across his lips and down his neck;leaving small love bites every so often.
In need of more friction Luke pulled her even closer to him, gaining a loud moan from you.
“I’ve always wanted to hear you moan.”
He spoke, causing you to moan again.
“It’s so.. fucking hot.” He growled.
Luke pulled apart the flannel she was wearing, disregarding the fact that there were buttons on it.
“LUKE!!” You screeched.
“Shhhh baby girl it’s just a shirt.” He spoke laughing.
Needing to be in the dominating postion Luke flipped them over; putting him right near your breasts.
“So fucking beautiful.” He whispered, quickly unclasping your bra.
“Oh god Luke.” You moaned loudly.
It was now Luke who was teasing, biting your skin then kissing it lightly to replace any pain you might have felt.
He slowly started inching toward your covered core, teasing her every time he’d get close.
“Don’t tease Luke-” Her sentence was cut off due to Luke’s phone ringing loudly, but he didn’t care.
“You phones r-r-inging.” You stuttered as Luke began to remove your shorts.
“Do you think I should get it?”
He teased.
You shook your head no, but in reality you wanted to know if it was Calum.
“But what-what if it’s Calum?” You asked, causing him to stop.
“Your right.” He spoke, reacher over behind him and grabbing his phone, scanning it.
“Lucky guess babe.”
He spoke before putting the phone to his ear.
“Ah, the man of the hour.” He spoke sarcastically.
“{Y/N}? No, I haven’t seen her, maybe she came to her senses and decided to leave your sorry ass?” Luke spat, you laying perfectly still underneath him.
“Hey, listen I don’t want any trouble ok? I-”
“Calum, calm down she’s not here ok? If I see her I’ll tell her your looking for her alright?” With that, he hung up, leaving a frown on Luke’s face.
“Prince Charming is looking for you.” He sighed, and you started to get up.
“Hey, that doesn’t mean out fun has to end, does it?” He asked shyly,
“No” You smiled “I just thought you’d want to stop..” He smiled at you lightly before it became a smirk.
“Never.” He spoke. Crashing his lips back onto yours.


When you woke up you weren’t in the living room, and Luke wasn’t with you.
You had somehow made your way to what you assumed to be his room, in only your bra.
“Great.” You spoke. You got up and went to Luke’s dresser, pulling out the first tee-shirt you could find.
As you got closer to the closed bedroom door you couldn’t help but hear loud shouting, so you hesitated open it.

“JUST LET ME FUCKING GO BACK THERE!!” You heard a voice all to familiar to Calum’s yell, and then loud foot steps coming toward the room. You didn’t know what to do so you backed up until you hit the edge of the bed.
“Mate I swear if she’s in here-” You heard before the door flung open, a blistering red Calum standing in the door way, causing you heart to jump.
“YOU FUCKING WHORE!” He yelled, immediately causing your eyes to water.
“Calum.” You spoke, standing up from the end of the bed as you made your way toward him.
“DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH LUKE?” He yelled again, Inching toward you so he was towering above you.
You didn’t say anything, instead you looked down at the ground.
“Mate just leave her alone” You heard Luke say behind Calum say.
Calum look back at Luke and laughed.
“So you get to just fuck my girlfriend and I don’t get to say shit? No mate, that ain’t how this shit works.”
Calum looked you up and down once before he headed back toward the living room where the others were.
Michele was currently holding Luke back, while Ashton tried his hardest to hold Calum.
“Get the FUCK off me Michael!!” Luke yelled pushing him to the side so he could get to Calum.
Soon, Calum and Luke were face to face, one pushing the other and yelling.
“GUYS STOP!!” You yelled in between tears.
Things started happening in burts, one thing led to another and Calum managed to punch Luke, knocking him to the ground.
Calum took the chance and jumped on top of him, punching him repeatedly.
You ran down into the living room and tried to help pry Calum off of Luke.
“CALUM PLEASE!!” You begged, slapping his shoulder with as much force as you could muster.
“GET THE FUCK OFF ME.” Calum yelled taking his left hand off Luke’s collar to push you off of him, causing you to fly back and hit the tall brown bookshelf that stood behind you.
Calum stopped for a minute, realizing what he had just done.
“{Y/N}!! Ashton called out, running towards you.
Michael immediately pushed Calum off of Luke, shocked at what he had just done.
“WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!” He yelled, taking the same position as ashton.
“Hey, {Y/N}, hey wake up.” Ashton yelled lifting you from the floor as he smacked your face a bit
“Shit, Mikey she’s fucking bleeding.”
He placed his hand under your head to reveal a large gash in the back
“Fuck man, we gotta get her or a hospital.”
Ashton nodded quickly before picking you up bridal style.
“Let me drive.” Calum spoke frantically.
“I think you’ve done enough Calum.” Milkey snapped before grabbing his keys and rushing you out the door.

Sketch of Vampire!Marco x Jean from a fic called Blue Suits by marras.
Marco doesn’t actually look like this; in the story he’s a really nice and friendly vampire, maybe even a little bit ‘no homo’ if I might add.. xD
but jean drives him wild *cough*

Rose Petals and Guitar Picks

A/N: there’s really no warnings on this ?? Expect like a few mentions of sex/sexual, along with alcohol things but really Just some fluff with some chub!dan because that’s my favorite!!

Dan positioned himself in front of the mirror to look over his outfit one more time, usually he didn’t care about every little detail of his outfit but on Friday nights he did.
Friday nights were something Dan always looked forward to, not because he was away from school but because he was able to go see a fairly small band play a gig downtown.
Their music wasn’t his favorite if he was being completely honest with you, but the guitarist.
The guitarist is what made him keep coming back. He wasn’t sure of his name and he figured he was a bit older than Dan himself.
A few things he knew were the boy had tattoos, a low voice that made his knees weak, and one more thing.
Dan really really wanted this kids attention.

The night went on and the pastel boy was tuning the music and all the noise out. Focusing on only the pretty boy with tattoos.
At times he would only watched his face and how his tongue would stick out when he was concentrating on certain songs, other times he would focusing on his hands and fingers. Fuck, if what they said about guitarist fingering faster the– Dan groaned at himself, why was he having sexual fantasies about someone he doesn’t even know!
He sighed, listening as the song was coming to an end which also meant the night was.
Maybe tonight he’ll get the boys attention.. Dan shrugged off that thought and adjusted his flower crown, then walking off to go grab another drink; don’t worry he’s nineteen.
As he was coming back, he made the stupidest mistake of looking down to check his phone. Dan ended up bumping into someone which resulted in his drink spilling on his jumper and the stranger
“Shit–! I’m sorry!” He groaned, quickly grabbing a few napkins and patting down the mans shirt, probably not the best move to do when you’re at a bar and most people tend to be aggressive in situations like this.

“Hey don’t worry about it sweet cheeks,”
That voice.
He knew that voice and oh my god he felt like he was going to collapse; knees getting weak and everything.

“It’s funny, I was actually coming over here to talk to you.. But I didn’t think our first encounter would be like.. Well this!” Of course the man followed a small chuckle after those words.
“If you don’t mind me asking.. Why did you come over here to talk to me?” Dan looked up at the man, which he still didn’t know the name of.
“Well I notice you every Friday, with your cute skirts and thigh highs.. And might I say you pull it off pretty well.”

Yeah they’re easy to pull off as well.

Dan giggled softly at his own thought; cheeks becoming a dark red. “O-oh, um thanks..” He mumbled, glancing down.

“So gorgeous what’s your name?” This boy is either a flirt or a fuckboy; let’s find out.

“Daniel– well Dan.. Just Dan.” Dan felt so embarrassed, usually he was fine when talking to a cute boy but now.. Now was different.

“Cute, I’m Phil.” He said, a small smile plastered on his lips.

Phil, that name certainly fit well.

“Lovely name.” Dan smiled, his confidence going back up.
Phil smirked a little and chuckled “thanks.. Hey do you need a shirt or something since your jumper seems to be.. Well wet.”

Dan bit his lower lip and shook his head “no I was about to go home anyways..” Once the pastel said those words Phil’s smirked turned into a frown

“Yeah it’s getting kind of late and I don’t like being out unless someone I know is with me.” Dan mumbled, letting out an awkward chuckle.
“Well you know me.” “That’s different.”
Phil shrugged and bit his lower lip,
“could I at least get your number? You are a lovely person and I want to get to know you more,”
“Depends, are you trying to get to know me or get in my pants?” Dan laughed slightly, crossing his arms over his chest and nibbling on his own lower lip.

“Well as cute as your body is, I’d like to get to know you for real. Trust me I’m not just using you for sex.” Phil smirked, looking Dan up and down and biting his lower lip.

The pastel’s cheeks turned a dark red, people usually complimented his face but never his body.. Don’t get him wrong he loves his body and things his chubby thighs and pudgy stomach is adorable, but not everyone did so hearing this from someone as attractive as Phil; well that just made him feel extra adorable tonight.

“Hm, well I trust you enough to know you’re not lying so sure why not.” Dan smiled and grabbed a napkin, scribbling his number on it.
“You trust me?”
“Shut up.” He mumbled shoving the napkin onto Phil’s chest and giggling.
“Hm, I would say make me.. But I’m trying to be a gentleman here.” Phil said honestly, grabbing the napkin from Dan and smiling.

“Glad you’re trying, but really I need to go. So just text me alright?”


And with that final word Dan walked off, letting out a small sigh of content as he did so.

This boy was going to drive him wild.

note: nice I wrote this in like 30mins

after party, s.r smut

A/N: Thank you for the positive responses about the last smut! It wasn’t my best but I needed to put it out! lol This one is not as long in length and it’s kind of a spin off of my “Caught” preference,(i’d link it, but my account doesn’t allow me too!)

Warnings: Smut, Swearing, Visuals, Unprotected sex (Wrap it before ya Tap it)

Words: 2,802

Keep reading

Mutually Beneficial Pleasure

So this post happened from @fromheretoeternity1121 and this ficlete is the result. It is completely unedited so any mistakes are there. I wrote this in all of 10min because I had to get it out, so enjoy this unedited J/C Smut based on the above picture. 

“Claire—” he trailed off looking down at me. His eyes full of lust.

“Let me, Jamie. Let me take care of you.”

I looked up at him in what I hoped was wanton and sexy, but probably was ridiculous. He let out a shuddering breath as I unbuckled his belt and let his kilt drop to the floor.

An incomprehensible slur of Gaelic came from him as he clenched his eyes shut and threw his head back, his hips bucking at the slightest touch.

Slowly, I dragged a fingernail from base to tip, causing even more exclamations in Gaelic to flow from him. I leaned my head against his thigh, blowing ever so slightly against his ever hardening erection. His right hand started to twitch and tap against his thigh by my head, brushing against my hair with each twitch.

I added a second, then a third finger nail dragging them in an unpredictable pattern along his length. Pausing at the tip, teasing with the lightest of touches, then more forcefully down to his scrotum, digging in adding a slight tinge of pain to his pleasure which only increased his haggard breathing, and disjointed speech. When he least expected it, I kissed the tip him.

Looking up, I kept my lips still and slightly parted, waiting for his reaction. He didn’t disappoint.

As I dragged my nails back up, I let my tongue peek out and taste him.

His eyes flew open and his hand planted itself deep into my curls, holding me tight against him.

“Christ, mo Sorcha!”

Smiling, I kissed down the length of him, letting my fingers play in the opposite direction. Up and down, kiss and drag, I kept up a slow rhythm which drove him to insanity.

His stomach clenched with each movement, and his legs began to wobble. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to stand much longer.

I guess he had had enough, one second I was kissing my way back to the tip of him—letting my tongue trail along my path as I went—the next he hand me shoved against the wall, roughly throwing my skirts up.

His speech was husky and in Gaelic. English had failed and left him, I had driven him beyond his capabilities to comprehend anything but the pleasure in which he was experiencing. From the quick, disjointed words that I could make out I heard him say, “too much… your turn… can’t be gentle… want… love…too much…I love you.”

And he wasn’t, gentle that is. He was in me as soon as my skirts were slightly out of his way, and set a punishing pace. I gasped in pain and pleasure as spikes of fire emitted from my core.

He began kissing up and down my neck at the same pace as his thrusts. I threw my head back, buried my hands in his hair, and wrapped my legs tight around his waist.

“Mine…Mo Sorcha… Mine… Always… Can’t get enough… Can’t stop.”

His Gaelic became so heavily accented from his emotion and exertion, I couldn’t make out anything else he said, but it didn’t matter.

This was how it was supposed to be, passionate, raw, full of love. He was doing everything he could to make sure I felt as much pleasure and love as he did, and my heart grew even more with each tender caress of his hand, kiss of his lips, and powerful thrust of his hips.

He was mine, and I was his.

“I love you.” I whispered into his ear, and took his earlobe between my teeth, giving it a slight tug. “I love you and I’m yours, always.”

I could feel him smile against my neck, after he kissed and licked the spot he knew would drive me wild. I clenched around him and felt his thrusting become erratic.

“Let go, my love. Let go and take me over with you.”

He grunted and shook, spilling himself within me. I couldn’t help but shudder in pleasure from the feel and the knowledge that I brought him to this point—driven him so mad with love and lust that he didn’t care where we were or how we were dressed, and gave in.

He cupped my head and slid us down to the floor, still connected. Each breath he took caused a slight thrust and a jolt of pleasure to consume me.

“Tha gaol agam ort, mo Sorcha.” He said breathily and placed a tender kiss to my forehead.

“I love you too, Jamie.” I felt him smile against me yet again. I shifted to cuddle into his chest, basking in the feel of our love making, and felt him grow hard again.

My eyes widened.

“Christ, Sassenach!” he exclaimed. “What have ye done to me? I canna seem to ever get enough of ye.”

I wiggled again, causing him to groan. “Nor I you. Jamie?”

“Hmm?” He murmured against my skin, already trailing kissing down my neck, ready for round two.

“This time, no clothes please.”

“Aye, mo ghraidh.” He laughed, and began picking at the laces behind me.

Black Camaro

Request: Would you like to write a smut with Derek and the reader inside of his car?

Author’s Note: I have two requests for this, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it c:

Warnings: Smut in the Camaro. Oh lord.


I smirked as I walked out of the diner, my eyes landing on my waiting boyfriend. He was leaning against the side of his black Camaro, his infamous leather jacket on his shoulders. His head snapped up when he heard my footsteps and a small grin spread on his lips. I walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, leaning up to kiss him.

“Hey, babe,” Derek greeted, hands on my hips, as I pulled away.

“Hi there,” I said, not moving from his body.

“Ready?” he asked. I nodded and he opened the door for me before heading to the driver’s side and getting in. “How was work?” Derek started the car and began to back out.

“It was okay. We weren’t that busy tonight,” I told him. I looked over at him, studying his profile. His jawline, light stubble, and spiky hair made my mouth water and I bit my lip. “I missed you.” Derek smiled over at me, teeth and everything, and I thought I might collapse right there with desire. “I thought about you aaaall night. And about how I couldn’t wait for you to pick me up and take me home.” My voice had changed, becoming low and seductive as I faced him. I saw him swallow, stealing a glance at me as my hand traveled up his thigh, kneading the strong muscles under his jeans.

“God, Y/N,” he said quietly, tightening his grip on the steering wheel. “You can’t wait until we’re home?” I shook my head, my lip between my teeth as I grinned deviously. “Shit. Sit back in your seat.” I did as told with a slight pout, wanting to touch him. One of Derek’s hands moved to my leg, giving it the same treatment as I did his, sliding it up under my uniform skirt.

“Oh!” I gasped, gripping the side of the door as his fingers ran up and down my already soaked panties, pushing them aside and sliding up and down my folds.

“Best thing about that job is your uniform,” Derek said, giving me a smirk. I tossed my head back against the seat as his finger dipped into me, pumping slowly. He pulled it out to rub circles around my clit, making me moan loudly inside the small interior of the Camaro.

This fucking Camaro. It always turned me on to see Derek driving this damn thing.

He picked up his pace, adding two fingers this time, his palm grazing my clit now and then. One of my hands gripped his strong forearm, nails digging into the leather. Derek was curling them up to hit my sensitive spot and I cried out in pleasure. The knot was building quickly and it was already about to snap. I lifted off the seat a bit to give him better access, my eyes closed in bliss.

“Come on, Y/N, come on my fingers,” Derek nearly growled, going faster. I yelled his name, waves of pleasure wracking my body as my climax hit me hard. He slowed his pace and pulled his fingers out after just a few more thrusts. My eyes were glazed over and I looked at him, breathing heavily, as he licked his fingers clean.


“How much longer until we’re home?” I mumbled. Derek chuckled, a permanent smirk on his face. God, I wanted to touch him, to taste him. I was burning with desire even after the mind blowing orgasm I just experienced.

“About 15 minutes,” he answered, hand going back to the wheel as he adjusted in his seat slightly. My eyes landed on the slight bulge in his jeans and I grinned, unbuckling the seat belt and leaning over the console to whisper in his ear, my hand palming his crotch suddenly.

“I don’t think I can wait that long to taste you,” I whispered. With that, I quickly undid the button and zipper on his jeans and tugged them down. My fingers dipped into Derek’s boxers and I pulled him free, slowly pumping his half hard length until he was sufficiently turned on. I heard Derek let out a small groan, knuckles going white on the steering wheel. I kissed his cheek and then bent down, swirling my tongue over his tip. He let out a shaky breath and I smirked to myself. I wrapped my lips around him, slowly starting to bob up and down, taking more of him as I went. My hand was pumping the part of him that couldn’t fit. I hummed softly against him.

“Oh, fuck!” Derek said loudly as the car jerked to the side. I took him out of my mouth and looked up innocently, knowing it would drive him wild.

“I think you should be concentrating on the road, sweetheart,” I told him, adding a wink. Derek nearly growled as I wrapped my mouth around him once again.

“That’s a little hard when you’re giving me amazing head, Y/N,” he breathed. I chuckled a bit, releasing him once more.

“Well, maybe you should pull over then,” I suggested, licking a stripe along the prominent vein on his dick. Derek’s jaw clenched and I heard tires squealing as he pulled the car off the side of the road and brought it to a halt. His hand tangled in my hair, pulling me from him. I tried to protest, but he pressed his lips to mine hungrily, shoving his tongue in my mouth. I moaned into the kiss, tugging on his hair roughly. I heard Derek slide the seat as far back as it would go and then he grabbed my body, pulling me into his lap so I was straddling his legs. My breasts were nearly pushed into his face, which he didn’t seem to mind at all.

“You just couldn’t wait, could you?” he asked playfully, shaking his head at me. I bit my lip, grinding against him until he finally gave me what I wanted and pulled my underwear aside, easing me down on him. 

“Oh, Derek,” I moaned, fingers gripping his shoulders as I began to move up and down, starting a fast pace. We both just wanted release, and I intended to make it happen soon. Derek groaned, his hands guiding my hips faster as he nipped at my cleavage. “Shit!” I felt my climax building again. Beads of sweat were forming on both of us, and Derek started to buck up into me the best he could in the small space. “You and this damn car,” I growled into his neck, biting the skin. Derek chuckled.

“You just can’t resist me,” he panted. I moaned loudly, about to be tossed over the edge. He brought a hand down to rub my clit, his eyes on my expression the whole time as clenched around him, my orgasm washing over me yet again. Derek soon followed, groaning my name. We rode out our highs together, slowly coming down. I looked down and kissed Derek’s lips lazily before climbing back into the passenger seat. The windows were a bit fogged and I giggled. Derek grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips, giving me a smile.

“How about another round when we get home?” I suggested, biting my lip again. Derek laughed and nodded.

“Definitely.” He threw the Camaro in drive and sped down the road. We arrived at the loft in record time, but we never even made it  out of the car for round two. 

The Wife Ch. 7

Part 3 of “The Nanny” Series

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: The Wedding Night

Warnings: *Smut*… this whole chapter is nothing but smut. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Also, please don’t read this if you haven’t even read the rest of this series. This chapter is meant to be a loving, emotional culmination to the slow-burn romance that built up in the previous chapters. So if you are just looking to get off, then I beg of you to read something else. Please don’t cheapen this for me. Thanks.

Author’s Note: I will say it again… there is zero plot in this chapter. If smut is not your thing, you can totally skip it and I absolutely promise that you won’t miss anything relevant to the story. You can just pick back up with the rest of us sinners at chapter 8.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


I’ve been thinking, as much as I love seeing you in that dress… I really want to take it off you now.” he rumbled into your ear, making you shiver.

“Hmmm… is that so?” you asked teasingly, sliding your hands up to the nape of his neck.

Seung Hyun smiled wickedly & before you could say anything else, he scooped you up into his arms and carried you into the bedroom.  Once there, he set you down, leaned over and began to kiss you.

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