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zach dempsey: lucky charm

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x reader

Warning(s): Really freaking cute Zach Dempsey

Word Count: 299

Gif: @joeck

A/N: I really love @joeck, please go follow them!

It was 5:46 and you just arrived at school. Your mom works early and you don’t drive, so you have to leave early too. Every morning you hear the dribble of a basketball in the gym. You usually just play your music and leave it be, but today, you were intrigued. Who was playing basketball at 6:00 in the morning?

You peeked through the door space. You couldn’t see much of the figure, other than sporatic flashes of the baby blue jersey. You crept into the gym, revealing the school basketball star Zach Dempsey. You closed the door behind you as quietly as possible. You stood by the bleachers, watching him dribble the ball. He jumped up and aimed the ball at the basket. He missed the basket entirely.

“Dammit!” He swore. He chased the ball to the gym wall. With the ball between him and the wall, he rested his head against it. He fist pounded against the mats.

He turned around and dribbled the ball across the court. He jumped up, threw the ball and it hit the backboard. Luckily, it bounced into the basket. You smiled to yourself and physically celebrated the shot. You were sure not to make a noise.

He continued playing, making all his shots. He jumped onto the basket, making a slam dunk. He let out a hearty laugh. You clapped you hands, which gained his attention.

You paused. “I hope you don’t mind,” you started. “I heard the dribbling. I just wanted to see who was up.”

He walked to the edge of the court with the ball against his side. Panting, he asked, “How long were you standing there?”

He wasn’t upset that you were there, not even bothered.

“Well,” you checked your phone for the time: 6:13. “Almost half an hour.”

He smiled. “Did you see me missing all my shots?”

You stepped out from beside the bleachers. “I saw one. Then you got back up and made the shots after.”

He walked over to the bleachers, sitting beside where you stood. He tapped the spot beside him, beckoning you to sit. You did so and he wiped his sweat from his forehead on the collar of his jersey.

“Y'know, before you got here,” he panted. “I couldn’t make any shots. Maybe one out of, lemme see, fifteen. Then the moment I was about to shower and give up, I felt completely at ease. Like, an extra rush of adrenaline.”

You nodded, not really looking at him. You always found him attractive. He was a sweet guy– dumb, but sweet.

“It’s like you’re my lucky charm,” Zach smiled.

rad-puppeteer  asked:

37. defy

Hawke walked on unsteady legs to the prow of Isabela’s ship where Anders was huddled, and handed him a bowl of steaming food. Anders took it with slightly shaking hands.
       “Cold?” Hawke asked.
       “And exhausted. Thanks.”
       Hawke sat next to him and wiggled close to share his body heat, hoping that the faint aura of magic Anders usually seemed to be radiating almost without thinking would calm his restless body and seasick stomach in return.
       “I still can’t believe you really decided to leave with me, and really did,” Anders muttered after a while of playing with his food and leaned more heavily against Hawke. “I never even dreamed… didn’t dare to.”
       “I defy expectations like that,” Hawke said gently, and let out a startled laugh when the long end the red ribbon he had tied into Anders’ hair in Lowtown fluttered in the strong wind and landed on his shoulder.
        Anders fingered the end of the ribbon with an undreadable expression on his face, food still untouched, and then pulled it out of his hair.
        “You’ll want this back,” he said and tried to offer it to Hawke.
       “Hmm? No!” Hawke folded Anders’ fingers around the ribbon. He smiled, suddenly a little nervous and tongue-tied. “No, I want you to have it. I- did I ever tell you about this tradition my family has?”
       “You give out ribbons during disasters?” Anders hazarded, joking to hide his confusion, and was relieved when Hawke relaxed a little and grinned.
       “No. We give our loved ones this… I guess a kind of a favor? Usually it has the Amell crest on it, or that’s what Mother said, but I - well. At least it’s red. You should… you should keep it. If you’d have it.”
       Anders let out a breathy laugh, eyes wide, and clutched the ribbon tighter.
       “If I’d have it,” he whispered, and laughed again. He brushed his freed hair out of his face only to have it thrown on his face by the wind again. He took Hawke’s hands with a shaky sigh and put the ribbon back into them. Hawke’s hopeful and a little nervous smile faltered and fell, but Anders cupped his face with one hand and spoke again before he had time to pull away to try and hide his disappointment.
       “Hawke - Jay, I want nothing more than to keep it,” Anders said, voice serious, intense, shaking with emotion. He pulled Hawke close, digging his fingers into the thick red hair, and kissed him - first once, hard, and then again more softly, once, twice. He didn’t pull back when they stopped to breathe, forehead against forehead, aches and nausea momentarily forgotten.
       “Tie it into my hair again,” Anders whispered. “Please.”
       And Hawke did.

Submitted by @supernaturallymarvellous. I love her. 

Warnings: Scary? Angst?

Fun fact: I write horror when I’m not writing fan fiction. Gonna try to bleed a little of the suspense and terror into the fan fiction so I can get more practice. Might start a new genre.. horrorporn.. that sounds like a bad idea. I’m gonna try it on the next one, no gore. Hel <3 horror!

Listening to Keine Lust by Rammstein.

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About meeting Dan & Phil

It was surreal it…really was. I’ve been watching them for so long :’) and I just wanted to write down my experience:
• It was super sunny, dan’s face looked really soft and bright o wow
• I could see his lil freckles and moles so well
• Phil’s face in the sunlight looks so sharp ? And angular? Amazing
• for some reason I couldn’t stop looking at dan’s eyebrows
• they’re bushy and small aw
• phil’s eyes under the sun are absolutely incredible and SO crystal clear dear lord
• they will hug your mum
• my dad told them I draw them and they thanked me? It’s ok guys?
• dan was wearing his weird Thermal Jacket thing
• he did peace signs and I felt obliged to join in lol
• Phil gives the best hugs the legend is true
• I got two hugs from both of them I cant
• Dan thanked me for watching their vids
• I couldn’t stop staring (lol freak) but ..srsly… it was so spontaneous I couldn’t think everything had turned to jelly
• when I saw them they were walking pretty swiftly and directly side by side
•dan’s voice is LOW
• phil’s skin is SMOOTH and v pale
• Phil said he was jet lagged
• the sunlight made them look like absolute ANGELS
• they are immensely friendly
• they are not as awkward as you think
• they’re tol but smol
• they look v different irl but not in a bad way
• sorry this is long but.. I’m very happy right now I thought this would never happen. Never lose hope folks !

So I just realized something... (Episode 3 spoilers ahead.)

So idk if you guys noticed but, when your are out in the endermen area Olivia said she would be watching through the window, and how she didn’t want to see you get killed from behind the protective glass, right? You get attacked by Soren  but what Olivia sees is 

You getting attacked by an enderman.
If you notice when you wake up in the room she isn’t there.

That’s because she was watching you and saw you get attacked. Olivia is smart and knows she can’t help you herself, so I assume the reason she isn’t there is because when she saw you get attacked she ran to get the other to help. Then after you and Soren talk someone busts into the room and is really confused… 

Its Lukas, not Olivia or Axel, your best friends, Its not Petra/Gabriel who pride themselves on their strength and heroics, its Lukas. He runs in and, He is in there like a good 30 seconds before the others. 

When you where talking to Soren I think Olivia went and got everyone and told them what happened, the others probably where trying to think of what to do, but I think, based on Lukas’s reaction and the fact the others didn’t rush in with him, he probably ran in head first without a plan. And as soon as he has a grasp on the situation the first thing he does is go up and hold onto you.

I really think this is because of what happened in episode one with Petra/Gabriel and how he blames himself for what happened, If you tell him about the fact Petra/Gab is sick. What if when Lukas heard Olivia say you got hit by the endermen while outside in the end he got scared cause of what happened last time he clammed up, and he thinks anything is better then that, and runs headlong into a room that as far as he knows if full of pissed off endermen, but to save you, cause he doesn’t want to lose anyone like last time. And the reason he was so confused when he got in there is because he honestly thought you where gunna be dead or something in there, not in there singing with some guy.

At least thats what I think, maybe I’m just a doodle and everyone else already knows this, but I wanted to share just incase… ;;;


Lostcauses Fic: Train

This stupid stupid fluff is for @zedsdead1001, @erwinsalive and all the other dear Eruris who got shitty anons this week.  (Seriously, what is wrong with some people?) Hope this makes you smile. 

Levi hates trains.  To be fair, Levi hates all forms of public transport, but he reserves a particular loathing for trains.  They’re dirty, noisy, smelly and worse, filled with people.  People who, heaven forbid, might attempt to speak to Levi, engage him in conversation. Levi’s worst nightmare is being stuck on a train with some friendly fuck who wants to pass the time making small talk. Admittedly it’s not a problem he has to deal with too often, his general fuck off demeanour deters all but the most aggressively friendly and hopelessly inebriated.  But that doesn’t stop Levi from hating trains.

Unfortunately the pittance Levi earns doesn’t afford him the luxury of owning a car and sometimes, when the distance is too great or the weather too foul, necessity dictates that he must smother his loathing of strangers and take the train.  Today is one of those days. And fuck has it been one of those days. It’s been long and trying and Levi has had to deal with a whole succession of idiots who seemed determined to be as obtuse and obstructive as possible. All he wants to do is get home so he can close the door of his flat and shut out the rest of humanity. 

The train is busy when Levi boards, crammed with stressed and dishevelled commuters. Levi scowls and wrinkling his nose in distaste. Miraculously he manages to find an empty double row.  He collapses into the seat by the window, saying a silent prayer of thanks to any deity that happens to be listening, dumps his bag on the seat beside him and hitches his most hostile glare into place.   Several passengers glance at the empty seat beside Levi as they board the train, but one scowl is enough to send them scuttling further down the carriage.   

It’s only once all the passengers are seated and the train pulls out of the station that Levi exhales a silent sigh of relief and his expression softens into his usual bad tempered scowl.   

His relief is short lived.  They’re barely ten minutes out of the station when a shadow falls across the carriage by Levi’s seat.

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Band-Aid | J-HOPE (BTS) Imagine

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (BTS)

Genre: Short Fluff (:

Summary: You and Hoseok are playing around until you get hurt.

Hoseok and I were sitting lazily on the curb as we watched Namjoon and Yoongi battle to their death in a game of basketball. “They’re so aggressive.” I sigh. 

“They’re really competitive.” Hoseok smirked. “They’re not even playing right!” I point at the two goofballs. 

“So you’re saying you can play better?” Hoseok smirked. “I’m not saying I can’t.” I countered. 

“Let’s play then.” Hoseok was always the competitive one in our relationship. 

Despite the fact that I was very lazy, I got up anyway. I wanted to show the boys how to really play. 

“Yoongi, you team up with Y/N. Namjoon and I will be a team.” Hoseok split us up into teams.

“Woah! So it’s boyfriend versus girlfriend.” Namjoon laughed and I rolled my eyes. 

Yoongi starts the game off and I guess that left me to defend our net. However, I wasn’t able to prove I knew how to play just by guarding the net. So I decided to steal the ball. 

I make my way over to the guys who were pushing aggressively. I manage to steal the ball quickly and stiffly and I ran as I dribbled. 

I quickly made my way across the court and scored a point. 

“That’s how you play.” I teased and Hoseok rolled his eyes. Yoongi raised his hand for a high five and I gladly high fived him. 

“The game is barely starting.” Hoseok wiped sweat off his face. 

This time I started off and everything was happening so fast. I looked at Hoseok and he had sweat dripping down his forehead. He looked so good when he was breathing hard. Why did he look so damn hot?

“Y/N! Pass it!” Yoongi yelled. 

I realized I was hogging the ball and Namjoo quickly stole the ball and knocked me over. I stopped my body from hitting the ground hard. I landed on all fours and my knees scrapped the ground. 

“Y/N!” Hoseok ran over to me and I laughed. “Y/N! I’m sorry!” Namjoon ran up as well and he kneeled down to my level. 

“I’m okay.  It’s just a scrape.” I sat on my bottom and dusted my hands off. 

“Let’s go clean you up, you’re all bloody.” Hoseok helps me up.

I sat on the countertop of the restroom as I waited for Hoseok to pull out the first aid kit. “Namjoon didn’t do that on purpose you know?” Hoseok took out the Hydrogen Peroxide and drenched a cotton ball with it. “I know. I was just distracted.” I squint my eyes at the stinging sensation from the liquid. 

“Really? What distracted you?” Hoseok throws the cotton ball away. “Just something.” I smirk and look away. 

“Look at these, Bangtan band aids.” Hoseok shows off a box of band aids with their faces on them. 

“Aw. When did they start selling those?” I took the box from him. 

“For a while now. Pick the one you want, preferably your bias.” Hoseok smiles. 

“I want….” I dig through the band aids and see various selections of all the members. “Seokjin!” I pull out a band aid that showed Jin’s smiling face. 

“Hey!” Hoseok pouted. “You don’t want me? I’m your boyfriend. I should be your bias.” He crossed his arms and I laughed. 

“I’’m kidding. Of course I want you on my band aid.” I pull out one with Hoseok on the band aid and handed it to him. 

“There we go. You’re all good.” Hoseok helped me off the counter. 

“Feel better?” His hands were still  around my waist. “No.” I answered. 

I leaned in and closed the space between us. I could feel Hoseok smile in the kiss and I pulled away slowly. 

“Now I feel better.” I smile. 



I wrote Hiccstrid drabble, since no one answered my post asking for some, probably because you were all watching the Oscars

Understandable. I wish I could have watched the Oscars. But I couldn’t. So I wrote this RTTE Hiccstrid dribble instead. I didn’t proof read it cause I have an actual history essay to write. I hope someone enjoys it, I’m not much of a writer but it’s fun to write anyways.

Summary: Astrid finds emotions and relationship stressful (I mean, don’t we all?)

Rating: PG. Totally innocentino

Astrid was buzzing with emotion– not something she particularly enjoyed. On the one hand she and Hiccup were… committed, you could say… official?.. Comfortable. Nothing had really changed but something was acknowledged. That felt good, for the most part. Scary, but the good fluttery kind of scary. On the other hand Astrid couldn’t help feel that this was extremely foolish. For one thing, love is a commitment and it’s difficult. She and Hiccup already have so many responsibilities with fighting the dragon hunters, checking in on the Auxiliary team, running the edge smoothly, training new dragons, keeping Stormfly in shape… She didn’t want her emotions to distract her from her duties. Astrid was a woman of honour; a strong warrior always ready for battle. She could not let anything weaken her senses.

Hiccup had already begun to cloud her mind more than usual. It was easier to dismiss thoughts of him when they were just… thoughts. Now they were pure and clear memories. Kissing. Not in the same way as when they were kids. Astrid was thinking of kissing of all things. Kissing Hiccup. Having his arms wrapped around her. Lounging and watching the sunset. Talking, laughing, holding, kissing. It made her feel warm but it also made a part of her angry.

Astrid, you have to snap out of this she says to herself while washing Stormfly. You have work to do and… responsibilities.

“Hey Astrid!” Fishlegs descended into the training area on Meatlug, both looking puffed and pleased. “How was your day?”

“Just fine, Fishlegs.” Astrid tried not to groan. “How was yours?”

Astrid appreciated Fishlegs, but in this kind of mood she did not want to talk to anyone who was as optimistic and smiley as Fishlegs. She knew it was just a mood and she regretted wishing that Fishlegs would leave her alone.

“Pretty good! Meatlug and I were actually doing some training you’d be proud to hear!”

Astrid pulled up a smile, “That’s great!” She tried.

Fishlegs lifted his head and smiled with pride. “MmmHmm. as much as Meatlug and I love relaxing we also have so much to practice! Isn’t that right, girl?” Fishlegs then began to coddle his dragon, who very much enjoyed the coddling. Astrid couldn’t pay much attention. She couldn’t get feelings and images out of her mind. She loved even the idea of holding Hiccup’s hand. It was so casual but so comforting.


Astrid continued small talk with Fishlegs, trying to sound encouraging. She’s glad someone was training today.

Their conversation passed with a blur and Fishlegs left for his hut as the sun was beginning to set. 

Astrid felt tired too. She and Stormfly had an intense day of training… or at least Astrid tried to train intensely. Her focus was off. She and Stormfly practiced sneak attacks on some Gronckles. While Stormfly got some water Astrid worked on her axe throwing… but she missed more than usual and got frustrated quickly. Later they practiced landing rolls, ensuring for graceful descents onto Viggo’s ships or other quick combative landings. Then some simple yet necessary flying practice.

Hiccup came to her mind every five minutes and it became more and more frustrating until Astrid had to retire early. No point beating a dead dragon.

“I’m sorry i’m not myself today, girl,” Astrid patted Stormfly affectionately as they made their way up to her hut. Stormfly gave a forgiving nudge into Astrid’s palm.

The battle with Viggo and the dragon hunters had been getting more intense. Hiccup was planning day and night, tinkering in his spare time, and pacing when he didn’t know what to do. Astrid worried. She worried about Hiccup’s stress. He always threw himself into everything so completely. Then again, so did she. Was he having trouble focusing as well? What if their relationship hindered Hiccups planning and Astrid’s combat. She could not stomach another failure. Berk, the Edge, the dragons could not handle another failure.

She hated thinking this much.

Should Astrid talk to Hiccup? Explain her concerns? What could they really do about it now? They couldn’t just turn everything off and pretend to be just friends again. No, Hiccup would never go for that and honestly, Astrid wouldn’t want it either.

Besides, they already promised to keep their emotions and overall personal lives out of battle… But Astrid didn’t feel it was working that well… for her. Oh Thor! Astrid sighed. This is ridiculous! Why am I being so…


If it is possible to tense up and relax at the same time, then that is exactly what happened whenever Astrid heard Hiccup’s voice… at least as of recent.

Hiccup was down on the Hanger deck. He looked flustered but happy. His brown hair messy, Toothless stitched to his side as usual, and his smile light. Astrid smiled automatically and waved, feeling that warmth again. “See you in the hall for dinner?” Hiccup yelled.

Astrid paused on her smile for a moment. If she said no it would draw attention to herself and… yes, she’d decided she did not want to confront this. It was a phase. She would move into a more normal state soon. Oh gods, but dinner meant everyone else which meant pretending that she and Hiccup were… the same as before?

Hiccup seemed concerned about Astrid’s hesitation. “Sorry… mmmyeah I’ll see you at dinner,” Astrid said quickly and then retreated to her hut. She didn’t dare turn back to see if Hiccup took that as a strange reply.

Stormfly still had lots of energy but Astrid did not. She plumped down on her bed hoping to find a way to calm her thoughts.

Focus, Astrid. Breathe, Astrid. Stop being stupid, Astrid!

Stormfly was restless and began knocking Astrid’s axes off the wall for attention.

“Stormfly!” Astrid sighed, rising from her bed to attend to her dragon. “I’m sorry, girl, I just need a few moments to think. Is that okay?” Astrid patted her dragon affectionately. Maybe she should have taken her for a proper flight, just for fun. In fact maybe that’s what they could do to avoid dinner–

Knock. Knock. “Hello?” Astrid called in surprise. She was less surprised when she saw Hiccup open the door. She didn’t pull off a casual reaction before, she was guessing.

Seeing him brought her some peace… which frustrated her again. Her emotions were at war.

“Hey Hiccup,” Astrid spoke casually and focused in on him.

“Hey, is everything okay?” B-u-u-u-u-usted. Hiccup stepped in the door and began to walk over to Astrid standing by Stormfly in the corner of the room.

Astrid waved her hand down, “Yeah, yeah, just an intense day of training. Feeling strangely out of it. But I was just thinking of taking Stormfly flying.” As Hiccup approached he reached out and grabbed Astrid’s hand. Warmth. And yet, frustration. But also peace. 

Hiccup looked tired. His eyes were heavy, his hands were incredibly rough, and his posture was particularly slouched. Astrid began to worry. “I think the real question is are YOU okay? Hiccup, you look exhausted.” Astrid grabbed Hiccup’s other hand and led him to sit on her bed. Hiccup smiled sincerely. Exhausted but happy.

“Honestly, I am exhausted, thanks for noticing.” Astrid smirked. “But I’m also really energized. I’m forming a plan against Viggo and I really think it’s going to work… There’s just a few kinks to work out… and I’m also making adjustments to Inferno and Toothless’ tails-”

“You’re doing a lot, Hiccup. Do you rest?” They continued to hold hands. The room was so breathable. Astrid felt safe and secure, despite her worrying about Hiccup. Talking with him could be as easy as breathing sometimes.

“I think we both know each of us need to rest more,” they both laughed and Hiccup rested his head on Astrid’s shoulder. He sighed into her and she let him. They sat in silence for a moment and then Hiccup lifted his head again. “Why are you trying to avoid dinner?”

“What? What do you mean?” Astrid shook her head and looked straight ahead.

“Astrid…” Hiccup tried to catch her gaze, but Astrid avoided. “You’re not doing a great job lying.”

Astrid tossed her arms, “Stormfly has tons of energy and I thought I’d help her burn it out.”

Hiccup was extremely skeptical. As in, not-having-it-at-all.

“Astrid, you’re stressed too. I get it, but you need to tell me how you’re feeling” He was right. They had talked about that too. Being honest. Not keeping things from each other. The thing is, Astrid struggled to be honest with herself.

Astrid let out a breath and looked at her feet. Hiccup lay a hand on her knee affectionately, waiting patiently. She took another breath and looked forward.

“I had no focus today. Or yesterday. Hiccup, I can’t focus. I just keep thinking about… us and worrying about the future and…” Astrid turned to see Hiccup straight faced and serious. “I don’t want the team to fail and get hurt because of us… or me” Hiccup released a breath and smiled.

“Astrid, you cannot carry this entire team on your shoulders. Neither can I. We are leaders but-” Hiccup grabbed both of Astrid’s hands and they looked at each other. “- but we are a team, Astrid. It’s not all Astrid, or all Fishlegs, or all Toothless, or anything. It’s us.” Hiccup smiled softly and moved Astrid’s bangs from her eyes. Astrid was tense and relaxed again. “I-I love you, sure… but that won’t change how we function as a team. If anything I think our team can only become stronger.” Astrid looked down at their hands and smiled lightly. As she breathed she felt the stress, the weight of the world, the weight of the lives of so many dragons in captivity… if she could just get her hands on Viggo right now she’d–

Hiccup grabbed Astrid’s head lightly and kissed her. Her anger gone, she reached for Hiccup and kissed back. She heard Stormfly grunt teasingly but she and Hiccup did not stop. They had their moment. Finally they released, touching foreheads and feeling each other’s breaths.

“I love you too,” Astrid spoke extremely softly, as though the words were thin ice. Hiccup proceeded to wrap his arms around her and they prolonged their moment.

Nothing was solved. There was still immense responsibility for both of them. But Astrid felt better and Hiccup did to. So they sat there and breathed together, eventually heading down to dinner with the gang. The night bustled with stories and laughs. Stormfly got her energy out by playing with Toothless (yes, yes, how ironic.) The night ended with a goodnight kiss when no one was looking. Hiccup smiled like a goof and Astrid figured she did too. She set her head to her pillow with peace and warmth.

Common, Astrid, don’t get distracted!

“Shut up,” she laughed to herself. “I’m not distracted.”

(I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge of Dragons Edge geography. I’m having trouble picturing it in my mind. :P)

Bad Joke- Ironqrow

Ok assume a few things: James has an odd sense of humor, knows about Qrow’s ‘semblance’ and has odd/complete control over his robotics. 

The two of them are just walking through a hallway after another meeting with Ozpin. Their arguing got Glynda to send them both flying and give Ozpin another headache. Neither of them bothered to say a word, the sideways glares were doing all of it. Till the silence was finally broke when Qrow sneezed. Less than a heartbeat afterwards a loud thud resounded down the empty hallway as Ironwood’s arm fell onto the floor. Qrow almost shrilled as he looked at the arm on the floor after he climbed down the ceiling from shock. His eyes looked up at Ironwood. “Now look what you did,” come out of Ironwood’s mouth in as stone cold a voice as his face was. 

“I did not do that! I did not do that!” Qrow began shouting as he began circling. His hands ran through his hair, eye widen in panic and pace increasing quickly as he continued repeating the new mantra. A small noise caught his attention. 

A snicker came out of Ironwood’s lip as the corner turned up. He bent over and picked up his arm. “New ejection option. For when you can’t get out of those tight pinches,” Ironwood explained as he maneuvered his prosthetic back into place. 

Qrow could not believe it. Did that just happen. Did General James Ironwood of the Atlas military force just play a joke on him. “You. You,” Qrow began trying to accept what just happened. 

“That makes us even for that stunt at the banquet last month,” Ironwood said before beginning to walk down the hallway. 

Qrow smirk, “Jerk.” 

I think the world got easier to understand once I realized that the night I found God, all dressed up in her Friday night best and eyes that glimmered like pennies in a wishing well, is also the night I met the devil; he was down on his luck and down on his knees, praying to fall back into God’s good graces again.
The heat between us drips and slides onto the floorboards of the two-seater. My breath smells like old, mint gum, and my lipstick has sank into the cracks of my lips. His hands grip at the leather of the driver’s seat, and his eyes dart back and forth between the road and the promise of what’s to come in my mine.
The Saturday night fever has reached its peak as the kids from the community college journey back to the land of sex and sleep. To be honest, there are many things I should of kept out of my mouth tonight, but, I’m glad I let the words dribble out my mouth and let loose into the air. I’m glad I drank cherry sprite instead of that lime-a-rita bullshit. I’m glad that this is a night I get to remember without associating it with the scent of vomit and cheap perfume.
When the water looks cool and inviting, don’t dive in head first.
You’ll get swept up in a current you weren’t expecting, and your body will be ripped apart by its beauty and strength.
Instead, look at it from a far. Let its cool and calm demeanor tantalize your imagination and captivate your sense of sight.
Not everything must be touched to be appreciated.
(But when that water seems choppy and volatile, throw yourself to its mercy. Touch until you’re both satisfied, until the drought in your mouth has been quenched.)
When I’m with you
the sky melts
into a scene
made for
and the pressure
of last night’s
blunders and mishaps
When I’m with you

jobanana7  asked:

Hi!! Mi birthday is March 31st! I would love a dribble in the wilderness universe... Maybe dome cute pregnant werewolf sutt?? Thanks!

Originally posted by foodiest-stims

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays @jobanana7! To help you celebrate in style, the lovely and generous @chele20035 has written this perfect little drabble, just for you! Enjoy

Another Piece of Their Happily Ever After… a Wilderness Drabble

rated M

“Oh,” Katniss moans. “Your fingers have to be magic.”

“You say that every time,” Annie chuckles. “You just want me to keep massaging.”

Katniss sighs, “You never should have told me that you were a therapist.”

Her stomach ripples at the sound of their voices. Katniss scratches where what could only be an elbow, or maybe a foot is poking out while Annie offers, “You were the one who was asking the questions for your new book. I can’t help it if my wolf won’t let me lie to my Alpha.”

Katniss looks up at her friend. “I’m not your alpha.”

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library — selena gomez.

“Selena…” I murmur warningly, sliding her hand off my leg. I was trying my best to study for the upcoming exam, but she seemed to be having none of it. 

“C'mon, baby, it’ll be hot…” She whines softly, batting her lashes at me. I bite my lip and shake my head, trying to focus on the words written across the textbook. I didn’t need to be banned from the library for public sex.

Selena looks around, making sure that judgy old librarian wasn’t around before leaning down to press her lips to my neck. I gasp quietly, though try to ignore her as best as I could. Perhaps if I pretended nothing was happening, she would quit.

I was so, very wrong. She only continued to suck at the skin of my neck, teeth sinking in and harshly biting it. I whine, huffing silently as I shut the textbook and get up from my chair. Selena looks at me in confusion, and I motion for her to stand as well before taking her wrist and dragging her to a secluded section of the books.

“What are you—” I shut her up by smashing my lips against hers, causing a groan to escape her. She eagerly kisses me back, her hands tangling themselves in my hair instantly. I slam her body against the bookshelf, watching as it rattled a bit before going back to kissing her, my teeth sinking into her bottom lip and tugging at it a bit before releasing it. 

“You’re such a fucking slut, Sel.” I murmur against her skin as I kiss my way down her jaw and to the exposed skin on her neck. She whimpered at the contact, my teeth sinking into her olive skin like it was nothing. I had never been one to play nice with Selena. 

My hands crawl under her silk blouse, loosely held up by spaghetti straps as I found her tits. I was happily surprised by the fact that she didn’t have a bra underneath, and tucked the thought in my mind so I could punish her later for it. I took one of her nipples between my thumb and index finger, rolling the little nub until it hardened under my touch, repeating the action with her other nipple. 

“How wet are you right now, Selena?” I purr into her ear, sliding my palms down her bare skin, dipping them into the hem of her skirt. 

“So fucking wet, baby. I’ve been thinking of your fingers in my cunt all day.” She whimpered as my digits made contact with her clit through the soaked fabric of her panties, bucking her hips up. I rub the little bundle of nerves through her panties, teasing her. Selena whines in protest, her eagerness to get fucked highly visible.

Deciding to be a little lenient with her since she was so sexy when she was turned on, I slipped her panties down her legs, letting the pool at her ankles while I teased her slick folds. Selena whimpered at the contact, trying her best to get some kind of pressure to help her out. 

“P-please don’t tease.” She whines out, and I chuckle, glancing around to make sure no librarians or citizens were around to catch us. 

“Beg for it, babygirl.” I whisper in her ear, gently nibbling on the skin. 

“Please, please.” She whines. “I want your fingers deep in my cunt, baby, I want you to pound me until I squirt everywhere. Need you to stretch out my tight little pussy and fuck me like the whore I am.”

I obliged, sliding two fingers into her instantly. I didn’t give her any time to adjust to being stretched out, instantly pumping my fingers in and out of her at lightning speed. Selena’s legs spread even more to get a better angle, get me deeper into her slutty cunt. Her moans slowly became louder, above a whispering level, so I had to cover her mouth with my free hand. 

“You have to keep quiet if you want me to keep fucking you, baby.” I coo, curling my digits up to hit her sweet spot. She cries out when I do, and I look at her with a warning gaze, stopping my actions momentarily. 

“Are you gonna be quiet?” I ask, and she nods eagerly, dying for me to continue my actions. I began to move my fingers inside of her once more, adding a third to continue to stretch her out. I mercilessly ram at her sweet spot, feeling her clench around my fingers. She was so very close. 

I pulled out when she was near climax, and she lets out a whine at the loss of contact, looking at me with her puppy eyes. I chuckle, turning her over and bending her the slightest so she leaned against the shelf. Sliding her skirt up, a view of her plump ass came to me, and I eagerly gripped at the skin.

My hand smacked her ass, earning a moan from her. I repeated my action, getting down not my knees and spreading her asscheeks apart to see her cunt, in all its dripping glory. Leaning forward, my lips latched onto her clit, sucking at the little bundle of nerves. 

“My baby always tastes so good.” I comment, running my digits along her slick folds. My tongue soon follows, taking one long lick at her cunt. I slightly dig my nails into her hips to remind her to keep quiet as I begin to deliver kitten licks to her cunt, eagerly lapping up her juices. 

My tongue circles her hole, teasingly slipping into it before going out. I did this multiple times before I began to fuck her with my tongue, my free hand kneading her clit vigorously. 

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna come.” She whines out through gritted teeth, trying her best to be silent. I slip my fingers into her pussy, pounding the tight little hole until she came, squirting all over my fingers and the library floor. I lapped up what I could, her cum dribbling down my chin as I ate her out through her high. 

“Excuse me!” We hear all of a sudden, and I turn my head to see an old lady in front of us, about ready to have a heart attack. Selena pulls her panties up and the two of us instantly take off running, laughs escaping our lips. 

A/N: I know this is very late, and I’m so very sorry, I really am, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, babies!


A/N: Just a little dribble drabble I thought of driving home from the lake earlier. 90s country gives me the feels. @impala-dreamer that confidence boosting angel thought is was worth a share thanks wifey!!

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Dean always needed noise. At all times. He constantly has music on. In the car it’s a given, but even in the bunker or whatever dingy hotel he happens to be in the music is always present. If Sam is sleeping, or trying to concentrate or just plain annoyed Dean listens to the same albums over and over, he’ll use headphones. But he has to have the noise.

He’s always liked to be moving too. He’s a doer. Always has been. He needs to keep his body in motion, being still is the enemy.

All of this is because when it’s quiet or his body is still his mind is able to wander to all the places that haunt him. All his pain, all his perceived failures come front and center. All of this had been true for as long as he could remember.

Until her.

Until he found the right girl. And when he did he loved nothing more than to just be. He could lay in bed for hours, the only noise in the room her soft breath when her face is tucked in his neck his arms wrapped tightly around her. Or the sound of her heartbeat when he lays his head on her chest while she runs her fingers through his hair.

In those moments he doesn’t need to move. Doesn’t need noise. She has a magic all her own that silences all the wrong in his life. Past, present and future.