i drew you a bath

If there is one thing one must understand upon knowing Crowley, it is that Crowley is almost always cold. Hell is a cold, cold place despite their demonic connection with hellfire. It stinks of a million unwashed and slowly molding socks, and all the demons are freezing, icy skin brushing against each other as they shuffle and try their best not to come in contact with the walls.

He’d blame it on his reptilian tendencies but to be honest, he has felt cold even before he became the Serpent of Eden, even before The Fall. 

Heaven is not exactly a very warm place either. All white walls and white pillars and nowhere to fucking sit–it hadn’t been comfortable then during Crowley’s time as an angel and it still isn’t comfortable now, even after all these millennia, when Crowley had visited unwillingly, disguised as Aziraphale and supposedly burning to his death. 

(The air conditioning had been miracled to the maximum setting. Crowley has no proof but he blames it entirely on the poor taste of that bastard, Gabriel.)

The point is, Crowley is cold most of the day, on most days, and no one knows this–

–except Aziraphale, who one day just comes out of Crowley’s bathroom swaddled in a bathrobe (imagine Crowley’s devastation. imagine the painful screeching stop of his brain, of his reality, at the sight of Aziraphale in a robe and nothing more. A sliver of Aziraphale’s chest is bared for all to see. The hair on it is light, and it looks soft. Crowley could cry.) and with a delighted grin, tells him, “Crowley, dear, I drew us a bath.”

Crowley’s jaw falls open. “You drew what?”

“A bath,” Aziraphale repeats with a happy wiggle. “Come now, while the water’s warm, darling.”

And with that, Aziraphale disappears back into the bathroom and leaves Crowley to stare after him on the sofa, mouth still agape. He doesn’t know how he’s able to do it but Crowley stands and walks to the bathroom somehow, and when he peeks into the open doorway, his already open mouth falls even wider in disbelief.

Like Aziraphale has promised, he’s beaming up at Crowley from the tub, soaking in what seems like very warm water indeed, warm enough that the whole bathroom’s gotten steamy and the mirror has fogged up. There is a box of chocolates on the table next to the tub. There are clean towels in reach and there’s wine and glasses on the floor and–

–dear Lord in Heaven. There are flower petals, in the bath water. Some of them have stuck themselves so greedily on Aziraphale’s skin.

“How–when–Angel, when did you come up with all of this?” Crowley demands, flustered. When he swallows, he can feel the dryness of his throat, itching for something. “I was in the sitting room with you all day!”

“You were busy on your phone, dear,” Aziraphale supplies easily, sitting up a little. (it makes the water fall away from his chest. there’s a rose petal right above his nipple. Crowley swallows harder.) “Trolling people on the comments of The U-Tube.”


“YouTube, yes, that’s what I said.” Aziraphale sighs, and then sends him an expectant look. “Well? Aren’t you joining me?”

Crowley fumbles. “In. In the bathtub? Naked? With you?”

“Crowley, we’ve had sex,” Aziraphale reminds patiently.

“Still,” Crowley shoots back weakly, but finally, he begins undressing until he stands naked in front of Aziraphale and studies the tub, considering his options. Though he doesn’t miss the way Aziraphale’s eyes go hungry as he watches Crowley strip . (he has two choices. he can sit opposite Aziraphale, face to face, and fall apart slowly underneath all of Aziraphale’s tender looks. or he can sit with his back to Aziraphale’s chest, back to chest and skin on skin on skin on endless skin, and fall apart very fast.)

Crowley strides towards the tub, back facing Aziraphale as he lowers himself into the water, and chooses to die a quick death. He can’t help the groan that escapes him as he’s slowly enveloped by the water, just hot enough to leave an impression and soothe the aches Crowley didn’t know he had on his body. It’s a gentle collision against Aziraphale’s firm chest as Crowley sinks, and he finds it easier to close his eyes and melt against the body under him than he originally thought.

(but their legs are tangled under water. Crowley is hyper aware of the smooth softness of Aziraphale’s thighs, and of the plains of his back fitting so perfectly to the rest of Aziraphale’s body. there is nothing fast about this chosen death.)

“May I?” Aziraphale asks gently and even when Crowley doesn’t know what he’s asking for, he nods anyway, giving Aziraphale the permission to do anything and everything to him. Crowley feels the touch on the back of his head then, undoing the messy updo of his hair and letting it fall down in waves of crimson over his collarbone. 

“There,” Aziraphale breathes out, captivated. One of his hands twirls itself around strands of Crowley’s red hair, the other hand mindlessly tracing patterns on Crowley’s wet arm that makes Crowley’s eyelids flutter. “That’s lovely. You’re so lovely, darling.”

“M’not lovely, you’re lovely,” Crowley mutters back and tilts his head to the side to let Aziraphale play with more of his hair. His voice slurred from all this dizzying pleasure. He feels boneless. He’s so relaxed, how can Crowley feel so relaxed? “S’niccceee, angel.”

“Oh?” Aziraphale asks, pleased. And just the tiniest bit smug. “How nice?”

“Very nice,” Crowley drawls out, hissing the vowels and delighting in the way it makes Aziraphale giggle. The bath water sloshes as Crowley turns to place a clumsy kiss on Aziraphale’s jaw. “Nicer than heaven, even. Loads better than heaven.”

“Better than heaven,” Aziraphale echoes with a thoughtful hum. His fingers still play with the red red red hair, and his hand still writes old poetry on Crowley’s wet skin. The smile can be heard from Aziraphale’s voice alone. “You know what, Crowley, I think you’re right.”

Fluff Friday Starters
  • “You’re amazing—you know that?”
  • “May I kiss you, please?”
  • “Would you like to go out for dinner soon?”
  • “Will you marry me?”
  • “Stay the night—please?”
  • “We’re gonna be parents!”
  • “You look—stunning in that dress/suit.”
  • “You have really pretty eyes.”
  • “You have a nice smile—you should do it more often.”
  • “It’s chilly. Here, borrow my coat.”
  • “I’ll always be here for you. You know that, right?”
  • “You’re it. You’re the one. I don’t want anyone else. Ever.”
  • “Shh—come back to bed.”
  • “I’ll do the dishes. You relax tonight.”
  • “Come on, I drew you a bath. Go relax. I’ll handle dinner.”
  • “You look beautiful tonight.”
  • “Whoa—you, uh—wow—that’s—that really suits you.”
  • “You can kiss me if you’d like. You don’t have to ask.”
  • “Come lie down. You look exhausted.”
  • “Need a neck-rub? You look tense.”
  • “Are you okay? Anything I can do to help?”
  • “What do you say we take a vacation. Just the two of us.”
  • “What do you think of (insert place) for our honeymoon?”
  • “What would you think—if I said I wanted to try for a baby?”
  • “Dance with me?”
  • “I want you to meet my family.”
  • “I think—we should move-in together.”
  • “I’m sorry it took me so long—but I’ve fallen in love with you.”
  • “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
  • “How am I supposed to get any work done when you look like that?”
  • “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”
  • “It’s alright—I’ve got you—you’re safe now.”
  • “Don’t cry. It’s gonna be alright.”
  • “Please be careful. I need you to come home safely.”
  • “Kiss me and I’ll forgive you.”
  • “I’m not going anywhere.”
“Stress Sex”

Request: Hey doll❤️ I’m so nervous about my upcoming exams tomorrow. Would you like to do a Bucky imagine form where you’re dating and you’re also really anxious about some tests and he tries to make you feel better and tries to calm you down but nothing seems to work. So he prepares the bedroom to give you a massage after he dragged you away from your work, but the massage slowly leads to something more intimate and Bucky makes the sex all about you with kisses, touches and things like that ? Thanks ❤️ - @tieddown-withbattleshipchains

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff, smut

Word Count: 1229

A/N: this is the final request before i start my “Troop Leader” series. that taglist and my permanent are open


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You had been studying for hours. You went from the library at your University, to your small, shared apartment and you still had no idea what any of the material meant. With a loud sigh, you shoved your books away from you, and buried your head in the plethora of pillows surrounding you. You willed the tears not to fall, but they didn’t listen. Steady streams of salty, hot tears were leaving trails in their wake. You couldn’t do this. You couldn’t pass this final. Lost in your thoughts, you failed to hear the hesitant knock on your bedroom door.

“Babe, maybe you should take a break. You’ve been at it for hours. You can go back to it after you relax and maybe eat.” You heard the soothing voice of your boyfriend, Bucky, come through the door. You pulled yourself off the floor and made your way to the door. When you opened it, you saw Bucky’s face fall.

“Oh, My Love, come here.” Bucky pulled you into a strong hug. He held you as you let out heartbreaking sobs. He felt so bad. He couldn’t explain the material to you, but he could help you relax.

He led you to the bed and laid down next to you. He pulled you into a spooning position and wrapped his strong arms around you. He was humming in your ear and stroking your hair with his cool metal hand. Your sobs had started to subside. Your breathing was still hard to get control of.

“Let me help you, My Love. You’re working yourself too hard. You need to take a break. Your test isn’t for a few days. You can take the rest of the night off and go back at it tomorrow. For now, just let me pamper you.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his proposition, but you didn’t have time. You pulled yourself out of his embrace and sat yourself back on the floor.

“That’s sweet, Buck, but I have to study. My test might not be for e few days, but I need all the help I can get.” You were a stubborn one, and Bucky knew it. He was going to have to literally pull you away from your work.

“Fine, you leave me no choice. You’re coming with me.” He came and scooped you up bridal style. You tried to fight him, but he was so much stronger.

“I drew you a bath and you are going to take it. Then we are going to cuddle in bed for the rest of the night. No more work Your got it?” Bossy Bucky was coming out and you knew better than to argue.

“Yes, Sergeant.” You sighed out.

You quickly got undressed when he put you in the bathroom. He helped you into the tub. It was nice and warm. He had started to burn your favorite lavender scented candle. You hate to admit it, but this was nice. You really needed to relax.

Once you were ready to get out, Bucky wrapped you up in a towel and picked you up once again. You giggled like a girl in love. He was seriously cute. He made his way to the bedroom, and he meant to set you down to get you pajamas, but you didn’t let go. You pulled him into a soft kiss.

“I love you, Buck.” You whispered against his lips. you could feel his increasing smile when you said those words.

His hands were slowly roaming your body, and you felt his trapped erection against your bare core. He was peppering kisses along your neck and you were slowly rocking your hips against his. You let out a small moan at the much-needed friction.

He pulled away to discard himself of his clothing. You dropped your towel and made your way to the plethora of pillows at the head of your shared bed. Once he was fully naked, he climbed his way up to you, leaving small kisses in his wake. He stopped directly over your dripping core. His hot breath fanned the area. Your hips bucked, looking for release.

He moved his mouth to kiss at your thighs. He sucked and bit, leaving marks behind. He moved his face inward and dragged his tongue across your slit. You let out a surprised gasp. He made his way to suck on your outer lips. he knew how to make you moan for him.

He moved his way to your clit. His nose nudged the sensitive bundle of nerves. At this point, you were dripping. Before you could ask, he enclosed his lips around your clit and gave it a harsh suck. Your back arched painfully off the bed.

“just like that, baby! Yes!” you screamed out for him. He moaned and groaned. The vibrations were heaven against your sensitive core.

He started moving his tongue in and out of your entrance. You were on the brink of your orgasm when he pulled away. You whined and made grabby hands for him. He just laughed.

“relax baby, I want you to come around me.” He pulled himself up so he could align his throbbing cock with your core.

He was already a deep red and precum was dripping from his tip. He moved his dick up and down your pussy, coating himself in your wetness. With slow movements, he aligned with your entrance and pushed in. Your walls stretched to accommodate his length. He moaned when he was fully sheathed inside you.

Your hips bucked, telling him to move. He kept his pace slow, languid even. He was savoring every inch of you. You had one hand in his hair and one rested on his pert ass. It made him even harder when you squeezed him. His hands caressed your face and he was nibbling on your ear. You wrapped your legs around him so he could go even deeper inside you. He was still slow, but it was the perfect pace. You could feel every drag of his cock against your velvet walls. And it felt beautiful.

Your breathing started getting faster and you were becoming flushed. Bucky knew you were close. He propped himself up on his knees and thrust into you hard. You gasped out at his action. He moved his metal hand to your clit and rubbed small, fast circles. Just the way you like it.

“Bucky, baby, I’m gonna come!” you screamed out.

With one more thrust he had you coming around his cock. It took a few more thrusts for him to release his hot, thick seed inside you. You were completely blissed out. He pulled out slowly and went to grab a wash cloth to clean you both up. When the coarse fabric hit your aching core, you jumped a little. You were still sensitive to any small touch.

Bucky’s face was red and he looked just as blissed out as you. He put the washcloth in the laundry bin and got back in bed with you. He pulled the sheets up and brought you into his arms.

“I love you, Y/N. You need to learn to relax more.” He told you as he pulled up your Netflix.

“I’m feeling pretty relaxed right now.” You retorted sleepily. He heard him giggle and then you were fast asleep before he could even pick a show.  

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Pairing: Jeonghan x reader

Genre: angst with fluff ending

Word count: 1.9k

Warnings: swearing, insecurities

Request: could you please do a jeonghan scenario where he says mean things unintentionally and you take them to heart?? like the things he tells you become a habit?? thaaank you !


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It’s My Job- Lin x Reader

I’m not putting any warnings, because if period talk bothers you, you need to be educated on the female body. 


You were laying on the bed cramping when the bedroom door opened. Your husband of six years rushed into the room, barely looking up until he saw you still in bed.

“Morning, (Y/N). You feeling okay?” His hair fell against his shoulders, slightly wavy from where his hair band had been the night before. Stubble adorned his cheeks, and the ever-present bags under his eyes were a light purple. He stripped off the t-shirt he wore to bed and tossed it in the hamper before crawling over the bed to you.

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Itโ€™s winter now and you bath in your shower. White hot never made much sense until the very first time I drew us a bath. I taught you to grit your teeth until thereโ€™s nothing but dust, and when we were licking our wounds and out of the tub you told me that not all pain must be overcome. But I still bite my tongue until it bleeds. I still chase the worst of the pain; still look for the limits of life and love. No hurt can increase forever, can it? Eventually you wonโ€™t be able to love me more, will you? There is always a limit if you push hard enough. There is always a reason to push.
—  Mt, on Limits

Update (English version)

Girl to Mo: Why is your book soaked? It’s crumpled…

Mo: If you won’t accept it, then don’t. Stop asking annoying questions.

Girl: Humph! Why are you so rude?!

text message from He: Come and find me, you won’t regret it~

Mo: Shithead…

-Mo walking to He-

Mo thinking: Shit, I’m just looking for him to settle some business, yeah, that’s why…

Girl to He: Why are your books soaked?

He: I had to fish them out of the river~

Girl: I’ll give you mine~

He: No need to~

Little Mo is here~

Mo: You’re shit, don’t touch me.

He: I drew a picture of you. Look~ This is you bathing, I will hang it on my wall back home~

Mo: If I were your mother, I would have hit you long ago!!

He: If you don’t like it, I’ll give you a realistic photo~

Girl in the back: Hey!! Let go of He Tian!

-Zhanyi classroom-

Jian: Xixi… I was forced to run 5 km… My legs are sore, it hurts, help me massage them…

Zhan: It’s not that bad, as long as you aren’t dying.

Jian: You are so heartless… I’m going to lose my legs…

Zhan: Hey… I’ll help you, don’t cry. Turn around.

-begins massaging-

Jian: Ah, gentle~ Ah, ah… Ahh…

Classmates: Why is he making sounds of pain and pleasure?!

(This translation isn’t 100% accurate)

chapter 0-246 /247 /248 /249 /250 /251 /252 /253 /254 /255 /256 /257 /258 /259 /260 /261 /262 /263 /264 /265 /266 /267 /267.1 /268 /269 /270_text /271_text /271.1_text /272_text /273_text /274_text /274.1_text /275_text /276_text /📖_text /278_text

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While I love the idea of a Harry/Sally Sterek, I also would love to read a Jess/Marie Sterek. Stiles & Derek meet on a double blind date, each is supposed to date their best friends other best friend (idk who Harry & Sally would be? Scott? Lydia?) but they're really into each other (ofc one of them has just gotten out of a relationship with a married person) & so they each ask their friends if they would, maybe, be ok, if- cue both of them leaving in the same taxi & leaving their friends.

I feel like Boyd would drag Derek along, while Erica would pull Stiles along for the ride (shhhhh, I’m totally not feeding my Berica feels here, totally not killing two birds with one stone - also, while we’re on the topic, WHAT A HORRIBLE PHRASE. Honestly.)

Anyway, yes. This could go two ways: it could go like the original canon and Stiles and Derek hit it off immediately (Boyd instantly dislikes Stiles and Erica spends most of her time fantasising about how good Stiles and Derek look together. How did she ever think Stiles was good for Boyd? She’s good for Boyd. That’s who’s good for Boyd. She has more snark than anyone. She’s clearly the best here.) And like, we could have nerd!Derek, hopelessly gone on Stiles when Stiles mentions a book he’s reading about Ancient Rome and how he usually sticks to online research but there is something about this book - he wasn’t even looking to learn about Ancient Rome, he was looking for books on the male circumcision but then something drew him in and, “did you know they took BATHS together? Ancient Rome was so gay, dudes.” And Derek is just all heart eyes and reminding himself not to be a grump because this guy is gorgeous and is maybe even interested in gay history and, “that’s um…..my book…..I wrote that.” Cue them leaving together and staying up talking all night. Well, Stiles talks all night. Derek mostly listens and shyly holds Stiles’ hand.

Alternatively, you have Stiles and Derek who are there to date Boyd and Erica but they take an instant dislike to one another and spend the whole time arguing about everything. Derek hates the way Stiles chews and Stiles can’t just stand by and listen to Derek dismiss Batman like he isn’t the greatest superhero in the world. Boyd is thoroughly perplexed when they get a cab home together at the end of the night, pulling at each other’s clothes, still snarking the whole way, because, “didn’t they just spend the whole night insulting each other?” To which Erica replies, “please, that was all foreplay” and immediately texts Stiles to get in there. SLAM THAT ASS, STILINSKI. MAKE SWEET, SWEET LOVE TO IT. Stiles sends a photo back of a giant hickey he’s already left on Derek’s neck with ten winking emojis, followed by another blurred photo of Derek trying to grab Stiles’ phone. 

Boyd wants to be grossed out because that’s his friend and he does not want to think about anyone’s ass being slammed, especially when he gets a text from Derek asking if he could stay away from the apartment tonight, but then Erica is smiling at him and the whole world just falls away…..  

(Boyd is even more perplexed to come home to Derek making pancakes for Stiles the next morning, Stiles in Derek’s lap, both of them still snarking at each other (this time about butter vs jam) but hey….whatever makes his best bro happy…..?) 

Survivor || Klaroline

Day 3 - Post-canon

It was weird, to be the last one standing from Mystic Falls; no one expected little Caroline Forbes to outlive them all. She had made friends over the decades, sure, but it wasn’t the same as someone who’d known her literally all her life. The closest she had left to a life-long friend was…well, not a friend.

She didn’t want to draw attention to herself, not with pictures of her face looking exactly the same littered toward the front of the funeral home. As Caroline drew closer to the casket, the pictures drastically changed. Family portraits, selfies at birthday parties, dancing with a man who looked at her like she hung the moon - Elena had aged well through the years and seemed happy, too.

But sixty years after Damon sent her away from Mystic Falls, Elena succumbed to her all-too-human fate.

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starrechords  asked:

micky fifteen minutes after mike moves in: hey mike i drew you a bath but i didn’t know how many bubbles you like in your baths so i just used the whole bottle is that okay?

SDNJHGJHLLJHGCHGJVHGCGHFGXFGFDGATSDYGDJGFGFDGFDHFCHCFTCFYUCJGFCGFUHHGCHGCHVGHGVJYGYU he totally over does things at first,, he gives Mike a bunch of food and he eats it cuz he doesn’t wanna be rude but it’s too much n he throws up from over eating lmao

Micky absolutely DOES use a whole bottle of shampoo sfhgjjh

He buys mike lots of pillows n blankets, probably a weighted blanket for his anxiety, he piles the couch up with soft pillows n blankets hfdgfh

He buys mike a bunch of tea lmao like herbal teas n stuff shgdvhj he just over does everything n Mike’s too nervous and polite to say it’s too much


@empiraios​ said — “Come on, I drew you a bath. Go relax. I’ll handle dinner.”


        since the last time chuck had attempted dinner dom isn’t too fond of the idea of having chuck anywhere near a knife. or even resembling one. but that had been almost a month ago now and since then dom had shown him proper cutting techniques. what to do and what not to do when cutting meats, fruits, ect. but even now he holds back a whine as chuck beams at him. the tub runs slow in the bathroom and he knows he isn’t winning this one. but the kitchen is his sanctuary. it’s hard to give up. 

          …fine. but if you need help, just…come bug me or somethin’. kay’? rather reluctantly dom leaves it up to chuck, wondering what sort of dinner he has in mind. either way dom will enjoy it, even if he doesn’t. 

fluffy starters. // accepting.