i drew this wohooo

next prompt from here was /2-decapitation-magnus anyone/
i decided for abigail, because i’d LOVE to see more stuff with these two
/if anyone cares about music while drawing, i was listening to this song in my chemistry class while drawing this picture, and there is verse which goes like that:
-forgive me my strange translation-

/i forgot everything
when i kissed her
she laughed then
until my ears started bleeding
i lost my head to her
if it was ever mine to begin with/

and it really inspired me


day 08! well, i planned something else, but then i chickened out.. ^^;

maybe pickles found some special plants with some special effect, and maybe nathan is immune because of his native american genes, unfortunately, charles isn’t immune..

day 01, coffee shop AU

day 02, idol/fan AU

day 03, anonymous love letters

day 04, angel/demon AU

day 05, bartender AU

day 06, spin the bottle AU

day 07, stuck someplace together in winter

day 08, sex pollen AU